Ok, so here’s the deal. We’ve been sitting on this for a long time and we’re SO STOKED TO TALK ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW!

We’re going to the Google Kpop Concert! MBC is bringing Sistar, B2ST, Super Junior, Kara, TVXQ, MBLAQ, Girls’ Generation, f(x), and Wonder Girls to perform at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, and we’re gonna be there, too!

But – here’s what’s cool – we’re not going just for the sake of it or because we’re two crazy fans with thousands of dollars to blow on plane tickets there and back. Nope. Come on! We live in Korea! We can go to concerts here just fine! Fact is, we’re going to this concert on official business. We were invited by YouTube to come to the event and record some of the activity, as well as some special videos before the actual event.

The day before the actual event, we’ve got something very special lined up. So far, we’ve got MBLAQ, B2ST, Wonder Girls, and Sistar confirmed to do videos with us. There are other artists that we’re HOPEFULLY gonna be able to do things with, but everyone’s schedules are really tight. It’s not like they fly in and wander around waiting for people to film stuff with them. This took a lot of work to get set up, so we’re actually quite lucky to be able to do videos with so many artists :D

Big point of this all is where you – you awesome people you – come in: we’ve always been interested in connecting Kpop artists with their international audience, so we asked – when we’re talking on film with the Kpop idols – if we can ask some of YOUR questions as well, rather than just ours. This is your chance to get Kpop Idols to answer your questions, to talk back to you! So, leave your questions for whoever you want us to ask in the comments section below, either on this page or in the YouTube video comments. If we pick your question, then it’ll be pretty cool if you have MBLAQ say your name and Wonder Girls say where you’re from. No? At least I think it’d be cool :D

We’ve got some other surprises in store for this event, and we’re gonna be getting some pretty cool stuff, which – of course – we’d like to give back to you, our awesome viewers! We’ll be giving it, of course, to people who Subscribe to us on YouTube, Follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook, because we like you more than other people :D

Otherwise, we’re not ONLY making videos before the concert. We’re gonna be attending the concert as well, and so should you! Tickets for this event are free! All you gotta to is Request Tickets online on this site on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 7:00PM PDT. That’s it! So get on that page and start refreshing like crazy and, if you get tickets, we’ll hopefully see you there! We won’t be on stage performing any F-art songs, though, so don’t get your hopes up!

Also, just a heads up: since we’re gonna be spending Sunday and Monday at this event, there will be no Kpop Music Monday for the 21st of May. Sorry guise! We’re spending a lot of time working on these videos instead. We’ll upload our special videos for the event ASAP, so hopefully that’ll make up for our not making a Music Monday.

  1. Can you ask B2ST “Can you have a concert in Chicago?”PLEASEEEEEE I LOVE THEM <3 <3 <3

  2. i hope you got the chance to speak with tvxq! can’t wait to see martina drooling over em! XD

  3. I might be late but if you interview Super Junior ask them if they enjoyed wearing those crazy outfits for Mr. Simple. If you could ask B2ST if they understood their group name at first

  4. My question for any band (mostly MBLAQ) would be ‘If you didn’t become a Kpop star what career would you have persued?’

    Jillian from Minnesota~

    Sorry my questions so boring guyz XD

  5. It might be too late, but it would be totally awesome if you could ask the Wonder Girls what the funniest/most awkward experience they’ve had with English was.

    Also for any artist in general, but I’d love if you asked if they are fangirls/fanboys of any of the other acts at the concert… :)

  6. If Mir can just say “Waffle”, I think all A+ ‘s will be happy. Can Mir say Waffle? and How long have they all trained for and what did they feel at their worst?

  7. Can you ask to sistar 
    if they knew they had fans in Europe when they went to France 

    and tell to everybody to stop going to France,  there are other countries in Europe.  (plz the last is important I’m from spain xD )

  8. MBLAQ!!!!   I love it !!!!!!

  9. For SISTAR,

    1. What does your families say about negative articles?

    2. How is Hyorin as a leader?

    3. Soyou, would you join Immortal Songs 2 if given the opportunity?

    4. Do you girls protest to your manager when performning on a certain stage?

    5. Do you get intimidated by other popular girl groups when competing?

    6. Who says what goes in most events?

    7. Have you girls thought about writing your own lyrics?

    8. Are there any incidents where you have been looked down because you come from a small company?

    9. Who designs most of you girls’ outfits?

    10. Which celebrity you’ve worked with left a huge impact on you?

  10. no way i just learned about this the day bfore the show ! T.T no fair
    ah well:) film em well! 
    i woulda loved creeping up on u guys!! i wouldv loved the opportunity! >:) mouahahahahah!
    anyway…. too bad your not interviewing SJ cause if you did i would ask them for ther blood types! , and no dont go in that question more like if they had the hole day for themsleves what would they do?

  11. For MBLAQ:

    What choreography did you enjoy learning most?

    –Madison, Ohio

  12. if you can please ask MBLAQ or BEAST this! 
    1. If they wouldn’t be singers what would they want to do/work with?2. If they could choose any country in the world, where would they like to have a concert the most?

    have a good/safe trip now! fighting!:)

  13. Can you tell GO from Mblaq that he looks like an arabian prince…cause he really does :D

  14. could you ask b2st if they are ever going to (or if they are planning) sing a song in english? pleasse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to know i would love to hear them sing in english
    and could you also ask b2st if they’ll be making their comeback soon, and i really want to know if they are planning on doing another variety show  

  15. could you ask b2st if they are ever going to (or if they are planning) sing a song in english? pleasse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to know i would love to hear them sing in english

  16. Hello i’m a TUNISIAN B2UTY questions for B2ST
    1.Which Arab country do you know or want to visit?
    2.would you like to see Projects that Arab fans are working on for you?
    and lastly i want to tell you that always be healthy and FANS will love you no matter what and we’ll always be satisfied with whatever B2ST does and you are 6 DIAMONDS
    MBLAQ do you want to try a new style of music?last question WG
    Do you want to meet the Arab fans?
    Thank you Simon and Martina I love you ^^ and once my country starts online shopping i’ll buy these shirts ^^
    Oumayma mejri

  17. oh so we can still ask questions!?

    i was about to ask a question but then…. i saw the last comment was 6 days ago….then…i found out that comment was popular that’s why it’s the top comment… OTL  huhuhu!

    anyway so here’s my question
    so PLEASE ask them if they ever tried reading fanfictions about them or about their members or about another k-idol and do they watch any english tv shows and what are they?
    and if they watch your music mondays’ videos and if they do i WANT to know their reactions and feedbacks about the videos they watched!!! xD

    and i think that’s the question i was going to ask yesterday….i think? 

    i would be ROTFLMAO!!!  i really want to see their expressions!!!! fdghrgrhhrfg!

    you are so lucky that you got invited… ;~~;

    Abby Chanel (that’s pronounced as SHA-NEL not CHAN-NEL!!! and i’m not gonna tell you my last name…)
    (ehem…Hamilton) New Zealand

    (even though i know that this comment/question is late… and you’ll probably won’t get to read this since…w8…when’s the concert? anyway i just felt sharing this…and i JUST can’t be bothered to erase this! oh and i’m a new fan btw!!! ….fan of your EYK…. yea…. *awkward silence* …. *slowly waddles away*)

  18. Aww I have finals, and I live close by :'( it’s ok

    Can you ask mblaq’s joon why is he always the killer/guy with a gun in their mvs?

    To all groups: what’s their favorite song and American food? :D

    Chu, the bay area, ca

  19. i hope to see you guys there!!!! :D

  20. can you ask mir of mblaq to say hi and happy birthday  to me? thx cuz noone said it to me at school Dx  and plz ask mir if he watches any anime and if so what anime?

  21. Hi I’m Kathy Chung! :D From USA , Pennsylvania
    For all of them – What did it feel like to audition from the beginning? 

    How would you describe kpop as to someone who’s new to it?

    What is the funniest moment you ever had during a concert?

    Do you have any interesting collections you have?

    Thank you very much if you pick one of these questions :)

  22. If wishes were fishes, how full would you be? …basically I want to know if there’s one big wish they want to occur or something they really, REALLY want.
    Daishia (day-e-sha) from the U.S. of that A.
    I’m going to the concert too, so I hope to see you guys. Me and my friends are coming from San Diego and are gonna drive for eight hour. We’re crazy like that. 8D

  23. Simon and Martina i’m a huge fan of b2st and i was wondering if you could ask the b2st members if they are ever going to do another show like b2st almighty or idol maid pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssse ask them that, and if you could it would be awesome if you could get them to say my name my name is Ashley or to say “Ashley we love you” if you cant get them all to say it than its ok if Dongwoon just says it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and maybe you could get junhyung (or all the members)to say i love you Jasmine because my bff is obssesed with him, or its better if all the members just say “We love you Jasmine and Ashley” omg im so sorry im getting really excited but please if you can i would always be so thankful to you guys btw love your videos go Simon and Martina oh nad also could you ask dongwoon when he’s going to cut his hair ? ok i shold stop because if i dont i’m just going to keep going forever!!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys

  24. hi there guys! this questions were planned by 4 people xD:: Budy (me), Carla, Tania and Veronica. We are from Jujuy, Argentina and retarded MBLAQ fans and the questions are for them of course :D
    1) do you think that MBLAQ’s music style has somehow helped to create an international fanbase and even reached a country like ours?
    2) is leader Seung Ho as strict as it look like?
    3) not really a question, but you promised that you were coming to Argentina >|
    4) ask Joon to say “las queremos mucho” (-we really love you- in spanish xD)
    and that’s it :D
    if you have the chance tell G.O to say “mustache never dies!” xD

  25. can you PLEASE ask Junhyung how he met/fell in love with Goo Hara?

  26. MBLAQ-Do you still keep in touch with HELLO BABY DaYoung, Lauren, and Leo? Also…plz make Mir say waffer for us >:3

    SNSD&WG-Do you ever fear that the overflowing girl groups will out beat you? How do you feel about you American debut and what would you have done better?

    JustWG-Do yuo still keep in touch with SunMi and HYUNA?!?! :O
    TO ALL-Have any of you ever been on an INTERNATIONAL site be it YouTube etc & READ WHAT YOUR INTERNATIONAL FANS SAY? If so WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY BACK?
    -BRITTANY NGUYEN, Clovis Cali :)

  27. does anyone have any extra tickets at all??? i would love to take my daughter to this if anyone would be so kind to give us an extra ticket

  28. Could you ask MBLAQ if…
    -Mir could say waffle?
    -What their favorite part about the U.S is? 
    -What their favorite animals are? 
    -If Thunder could say, “Happy Birthday Courtney!” (My birthday’s May 22nd!)

    I’m Courtney from Ohio ^_^ That last one would be really really appreciated. And I mean really appreciated. xD 

  29. will you ask to dujun batoost, don’t grow old and I’ll meet him 2 next years to marry him. thank you simon and martina…. :D -Ana, Indonesia-

  30.  Oh! Please ask MBLAQ and B2ST if they know where Algeria is situated!! xDD and tell them that we love them so much here in Algeria! <3

  31. Please ask Lee Joon about his ideal type, So Hee about how she take care of herself and if she is reconciling studing with being idol. Also Hyorin`s thoughts about Ailee and about Sistar`s diet. Thank you, Maria

  32. Heeelp, im so confused on the timezone thingy x___x can someone tell me when is the concert starting in like… GMT time orsmth like that? ._. I DONT WANNA MISS IT :c

  33. Simon and Martina~~
    I was wondering if I can get a shoutout from MBLAQ. It will mean a whole lot to me because they inspire me. I’m probably sounding selfish but Korean Music Wave is happening near my birthday. 
    I would love them to say: 편은미 안녕하세요! or 편은미 사랑합니다!
    This would be the best birthday present ever!^^

  34. Simon and Martina~~
    I was wondering if I can get a shoutout from either B2ST or MBLAQ. It will mean a whole lot to me because these groups really inspired me. I’m probably sounding selfish but Korean Music Wave is happening near my birthday. 
    I would love them to say: 편은미 안녕하세요! or 편은미 사랑합니다!
    This would be the best birthday present ever!^^

  35. When you interview mblaq, beast, wonder girls, and sister, can you ask them if they someday come to the Nordic countries? from a Swedish fan 

  36. When you interview mblaq, beast, wonder girls, and sister, can you ask them if they someday come to the Nordic countries?  from a swedish fan

  37. Aww~ so lucky! I wanna go so bad!! but I can’t :(

    I really would like to ask MBLAQ this:
    Would Thunder bring MBLAQ to the Philippines and have concert here?

    And for B2ST:
    I just wanna ask if they would still come here(in Philippines) for their Beautiful Show Concert?

    For any group:Which member are they’re really close to and why?
    Who do you think is the most popular member in your group?

    I’m hoping that any of the groups can say my name..(Alice)Thanks alot! I hope you enjoy on the concert! :D

    – Alice ,Philippines

  38. MBLAQ or B2st
    What was they’re favourite music video to make???  and why?

    Courtney, Mae Sot Thailand

  39. I want you to ask any male Kpop group what is their personal take about “extreme” fan service (kissing other members in their lips, etc)? Cause it kinda bothers me. I sometimes think they don’t enjoy it that much, although they still do it as a form of gratitude to the fans. Thank you. :)

  40. I wonder if this is too late to submit, but if you can ask MBLAQ, B2ST, & WONDER GIRLS when their korean comeback will be! For SISTAR, what are they going to do after their promotion for Alone? Thank you! -Katie from San Francisco

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