Ok, so here’s the deal. We’ve been sitting on this for a long time and we’re SO STOKED TO TALK ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW!

We’re going to the Google Kpop Concert! MBC is bringing Sistar, B2ST, Super Junior, Kara, TVXQ, MBLAQ, Girls’ Generation, f(x), and Wonder Girls to perform at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, and we’re gonna be there, too!

But – here’s what’s cool – we’re not going just for the sake of it or because we’re two crazy fans with thousands of dollars to blow on plane tickets there and back. Nope. Come on! We live in Korea! We can go to concerts here just fine! Fact is, we’re going to this concert on official business. We were invited by YouTube to come to the event and record some of the activity, as well as some special videos before the actual event.

The day before the actual event, we’ve got something very special lined up. So far, we’ve got MBLAQ, B2ST, Wonder Girls, and Sistar confirmed to do videos with us. There are other artists that we’re HOPEFULLY gonna be able to do things with, but everyone’s schedules are really tight. It’s not like they fly in and wander around waiting for people to film stuff with them. This took a lot of work to get set up, so we’re actually quite lucky to be able to do videos with so many artists :D

Big point of this all is where you – you awesome people you – come in: we’ve always been interested in connecting Kpop artists with their international audience, so we asked – when we’re talking on film with the Kpop idols – if we can ask some of YOUR questions as well, rather than just ours. This is your chance to get Kpop Idols to answer your questions, to talk back to you! So, leave your questions for whoever you want us to ask in the comments section below, either on this page or in the YouTube video comments. If we pick your question, then it’ll be pretty cool if you have MBLAQ say your name and Wonder Girls say where you’re from. No? At least I think it’d be cool :D

We’ve got some other surprises in store for this event, and we’re gonna be getting some pretty cool stuff, which – of course – we’d like to give back to you, our awesome viewers! We’ll be giving it, of course, to people who Subscribe to us on YouTube, Follow us on Twitter, and Like us on Facebook, because we like you more than other people :D

Otherwise, we’re not ONLY making videos before the concert. We’re gonna be attending the concert as well, and so should you! Tickets for this event are free! All you gotta to is Request Tickets online on this site on Saturday, May 12, 2012 at 7:00PM PDT. That’s it! So get on that page and start refreshing like crazy and, if you get tickets, we’ll hopefully see you there! We won’t be on stage performing any F-art songs, though, so don’t get your hopes up!

Also, just a heads up: since we’re gonna be spending Sunday and Monday at this event, there will be no Kpop Music Monday for the 21st of May. Sorry guise! We’re spending a lot of time working on these videos instead. We’ll upload our special videos for the event ASAP, so hopefully that’ll make up for our not making a Music Monday.

  1. Can you ask B2ST “Can you have a concert in Chicago?”PLEASEEEEEE I LOVE THEM <3 <3 <3

  2. i hope you got the chance to speak with tvxq! can’t wait to see martina drooling over em! XD

  3. I might be late but if you interview Super Junior ask them if they enjoyed wearing those crazy outfits for Mr. Simple. If you could ask B2ST if they understood their group name at first

  4. My question for any band (mostly MBLAQ) would be ‘If you didn’t become a Kpop star what career would you have persued?’

    Jillian from Minnesota~

    Sorry my questions so boring guyz XD

  5. It might be too late, but it would be totally awesome if you could ask the Wonder Girls what the funniest/most awkward experience they’ve had with English was.

    Also for any artist in general, but I’d love if you asked if they are fangirls/fanboys of any of the other acts at the concert… :)

  6. If Mir can just say “Waffle”, I think all A+ ‘s will be happy. Can Mir say Waffle? and How long have they all trained for and what did they feel at their worst?

  7. Can you ask to sistar 
    if they knew they had fans in Europe when they went to France 

    and tell to everybody to stop going to France,  there are other countries in Europe.  (plz the last is important I’m from spain xD )

  8. MBLAQ!!!!   I love it !!!!!!

  9. For SISTAR,

    1. What does your families say about negative articles?

    2. How is Hyorin as a leader?

    3. Soyou, would you join Immortal Songs 2 if given the opportunity?

    4. Do you girls protest to your manager when performning on a certain stage?

    5. Do you get intimidated by other popular girl groups when competing?

    6. Who says what goes in most events?

    7. Have you girls thought about writing your own lyrics?

    8. Are there any incidents where you have been looked down because you come from a small company?

    9. Who designs most of you girls’ outfits?

    10. Which celebrity you’ve worked with left a huge impact on you?

  10. no way i just learned about this the day bfore the show ! T.T no fair
    ah well:) film em well! 
    i woulda loved creeping up on u guys!! i wouldv loved the opportunity! >:) mouahahahahah!
    anyway…. too bad your not interviewing SJ cause if you did i would ask them for ther blood types! , and no dont go in that question more like if they had the hole day for themsleves what would they do?

  11. For MBLAQ:

    What choreography did you enjoy learning most?

    –Madison, Ohio

  12. if you can please ask MBLAQ or BEAST this! 
    1. If they wouldn’t be singers what would they want to do/work with?2. If they could choose any country in the world, where would they like to have a concert the most?

    have a good/safe trip now! fighting!:)

  13. Can you tell GO from Mblaq that he looks like an arabian prince…cause he really does :D

  14. could you ask b2st if they are ever going to (or if they are planning) sing a song in english? pleasse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to know i would love to hear them sing in english
    and could you also ask b2st if they’ll be making their comeback soon, and i really want to know if they are planning on doing another variety show  

  15. could you ask b2st if they are ever going to (or if they are planning) sing a song in english? pleasse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i really want to know i would love to hear them sing in english

  16. Hello i’m a TUNISIAN B2UTY questions for B2ST
    1.Which Arab country do you know or want to visit?
    2.would you like to see Projects that Arab fans are working on for you?
    and lastly i want to tell you that always be healthy and FANS will love you no matter what and we’ll always be satisfied with whatever B2ST does and you are 6 DIAMONDS
    MBLAQ do you want to try a new style of music?last question WG
    Do you want to meet the Arab fans?
    Thank you Simon and Martina I love you ^^ and once my country starts online shopping i’ll buy these shirts ^^
    Oumayma mejri

  17. oh so we can still ask questions!?

    i was about to ask a question but then…. i saw the last comment was 6 days ago….then…i found out that comment was popular that’s why it’s the top comment… OTL  huhuhu!

    anyway so here’s my question
    so PLEASE ask them if they ever tried reading fanfictions about them or about their members or about another k-idol and do they watch any english tv shows and what are they?
    and if they watch your music mondays’ videos and if they do i WANT to know their reactions and feedbacks about the videos they watched!!! xD

    and i think that’s the question i was going to ask yesterday….i think? 

    i would be ROTFLMAO!!!  i really want to see their expressions!!!! fdghrgrhhrfg!

    you are so lucky that you got invited… ;~~;

    Abby Chanel (that’s pronounced as SHA-NEL not CHAN-NEL!!! and i’m not gonna tell you my last name…)
    (ehem…Hamilton) New Zealand

    (even though i know that this comment/question is late… and you’ll probably won’t get to read this since…w8…when’s the concert? anyway i just felt sharing this…and i JUST can’t be bothered to erase this! oh and i’m a new fan btw!!! ….fan of your EYK…. yea…. *awkward silence* …. *slowly waddles away*)

  18. Aww I have finals, and I live close by :’( it’s ok

    Can you ask mblaq’s joon why is he always the killer/guy with a gun in their mvs?

    To all groups: what’s their favorite song and American food? :D

    Chu, the bay area, ca

  19. i hope to see you guys there!!!! :D

  20. can you ask mir of mblaq to say hi and happy birthday  to me? thx cuz noone said it to me at school Dx  and plz ask mir if he watches any anime and if so what anime?

  21. Hi I’m Kathy Chung! :D From USA , Pennsylvania
    For all of them – What did it feel like to audition from the beginning? 

    How would you describe kpop as to someone who’s new to it?

    What is the funniest moment you ever had during a concert?

    Do you have any interesting collections you have?

    Thank you very much if you pick one of these questions :)

  22. If wishes were fishes, how full would you be? …basically I want to know if there’s one big wish they want to occur or something they really, REALLY want.
    Daishia (day-e-sha) from the U.S. of that A.
    I’m going to the concert too, so I hope to see you guys. Me and my friends are coming from San Diego and are gonna drive for eight hour. We’re crazy like that. 8D

  23. Simon and Martina i’m a huge fan of b2st and i was wondering if you could ask the b2st members if they are ever going to do another show like b2st almighty or idol maid pleasssssssssssssssssssssssssssse ask them that, and if you could it would be awesome if you could get them to say my name my name is Ashley or to say “Ashley we love you” if you cant get them all to say it than its ok if Dongwoon just says it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and maybe you could get junhyung (or all the members)to say i love you Jasmine because my bff is obssesed with him, or its better if all the members just say “We love you Jasmine and Ashley” omg im so sorry im getting really excited but please if you can i would always be so thankful to you guys btw love your videos go Simon and Martina oh nad also could you ask dongwoon when he’s going to cut his hair ? ok i shold stop because if i dont i’m just going to keep going forever!!!!!!!!!!!! love you guys

  24. hi there guys! this questions were planned by 4 people xD:: Budy (me), Carla, Tania and Veronica. We are from Jujuy, Argentina and retarded MBLAQ fans and the questions are for them of course :D
    1) do you think that MBLAQ’s music style has somehow helped to create an international fanbase and even reached a country like ours?
    2) is leader Seung Ho as strict as it look like?
    3) not really a question, but you promised that you were coming to Argentina >|
    4) ask Joon to say “las queremos mucho” (-we really love you- in spanish xD)
    and that’s it :D
    if you have the chance tell G.O to say “mustache never dies!” xD

  25. can you PLEASE ask Junhyung how he met/fell in love with Goo Hara?

  26. MBLAQ-Do you still keep in touch with HELLO BABY DaYoung, Lauren, and Leo? Also…plz make Mir say waffer for us >:3

    SNSD&WG-Do you ever fear that the overflowing girl groups will out beat you? How do you feel about you American debut and what would you have done better?

    JustWG-Do yuo still keep in touch with SunMi and HYUNA?!?! :O
    TO ALL-Have any of you ever been on an INTERNATIONAL site be it YouTube etc & READ WHAT YOUR INTERNATIONAL FANS SAY? If so WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SAY BACK?
    -BRITTANY NGUYEN, Clovis Cali :)

  27. does anyone have any extra tickets at all??? i would love to take my daughter to this if anyone would be so kind to give us an extra ticket

  28. Could you ask MBLAQ if…
    -Mir could say waffle?
    -What their favorite part about the U.S is? 
    -What their favorite animals are? 
    -If Thunder could say, “Happy Birthday Courtney!” (My birthday’s May 22nd!)

    I’m Courtney from Ohio ^_^ That last one would be really really appreciated. And I mean really appreciated. xD 

  29. will you ask to dujun batoost, don’t grow old and I’ll meet him 2 next years to marry him. thank you simon and martina…. :D -Ana, Indonesia-

  30.  Oh! Please ask MBLAQ and B2ST if they know where Algeria is situated!! xDD and tell them that we love them so much here in Algeria! <3

  31. Please ask Lee Joon about his ideal type, So Hee about how she take care of herself and if she is reconciling studing with being idol. Also Hyorin`s thoughts about Ailee and about Sistar`s diet. Thank you, Maria

  32. Heeelp, im so confused on the timezone thingy x___x can someone tell me when is the concert starting in like… GMT time orsmth like that? ._. I DONT WANNA MISS IT :c

  33. Simon and Martina~~
    I was wondering if I can get a shoutout from MBLAQ. It will mean a whole lot to me because they inspire me. I’m probably sounding selfish but Korean Music Wave is happening near my birthday. 
    I would love them to say: 편은미 안녕하세요! or 편은미 사랑합니다!
    This would be the best birthday present ever!^^

  34. Simon and Martina~~
    I was wondering if I can get a shoutout from either B2ST or MBLAQ. It will mean a whole lot to me because these groups really inspired me. I’m probably sounding selfish but Korean Music Wave is happening near my birthday. 
    I would love them to say: 편은미 안녕하세요! or 편은미 사랑합니다!
    This would be the best birthday present ever!^^

  35. When you interview mblaq, beast, wonder girls, and sister, can you ask them if they someday come to the Nordic countries? from a Swedish fan 

  36. When you interview mblaq, beast, wonder girls, and sister, can you ask them if they someday come to the Nordic countries?  from a swedish fan

  37. Aww~ so lucky! I wanna go so bad!! but I can’t :(

    I really would like to ask MBLAQ this:
    Would Thunder bring MBLAQ to the Philippines and have concert here?

    And for B2ST:
    I just wanna ask if they would still come here(in Philippines) for their Beautiful Show Concert?

    For any group:Which member are they’re really close to and why?
    Who do you think is the most popular member in your group?

    I’m hoping that any of the groups can say my name..(Alice)Thanks alot! I hope you enjoy on the concert! :D

    - Alice ,Philippines

  38. MBLAQ or B2st
    What was they’re favourite music video to make???  and why?

    Courtney, Mae Sot Thailand

  39. I want you to ask any male Kpop group what is their personal take about “extreme” fan service (kissing other members in their lips, etc)? Cause it kinda bothers me. I sometimes think they don’t enjoy it that much, although they still do it as a form of gratitude to the fans. Thank you. :)

  40. I wonder if this is too late to submit, but if you can ask MBLAQ, B2ST, & WONDER GIRLS when their korean comeback will be! For SISTAR, what are they going to do after their promotion for Alone? Thank you! -Katie from San Francisco

  41. OMG wonder girls no way >< i think i 'll go crazy…
    ask them to do the J.Y.PEEEE thing in the beginning  kkk
    and say that we watched " the wonder girls movie " and we love it
    also we wish them luck in the next KCA ps : i vote for them so bad like a crazy person
    and we 'll wait for the Korean and the US album ^^
    and say that the Middle East " Dubai " love the wonder girls so plz do a JYP Nation concert in dubai … XD
    and tell them that after BMB i always walk the " swan walk thing " lol

    + 4 SISTAR tell them if they think that any song they 'll do in the future 'll ever defeat the popularity of " Ma Boy " ..
    BTW my favorites song by them is " SO COOL "

    thanks if you do that i 'll make my friend in school watch you and you 'll make my dream come true ^^
    + can you make all the artists say " We Love Middle East " Dubai " and if you make them say my name " Ayda " I 'll die happy i promise plz plz plz ^^

  42. Okay, so I have 3 questions for B2ST
    1. During your Beautiful tour, was there anything about your international fans that surprised you?
    2. Are you still doing the Beautiful tour? If so do you know when you’ll be coming to North America (please do a show in Seattle so I can see you, since you are my favorite band ever.)
    And 3. Would you ever consider dating a foreigner?
    (p.s can you ask them to say my name? I just want to know what it would sound like if they said it?)
    Whoops, sorry my name is Audra, not Georgia

  43. Question for any group~How does it feel to go from a country that speaks predominantly
    Korean, to one that speaks English? Do you feel limited? Does it
    encourage you to better your English skills?
    Hope you guys have fun at the Google concert! :)From Zandra Rojo, California

  44. sorry ….. but i don’t understant anything about this… BEast is coming to San Francisco?????


    MARTIMON PLEASE ask the Wonder Girls when their “Love me Like Money” song is going to come out!! ^O^ and ask B2ST’s Hyensung how he felt about dancing so sexily with Hyuna in “Troublemaker” and if they are together *cough cough, shifty eyes* PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! ((Spudgy also wants these questions asked) 

  46. Hi this question is for MBLAQ. (Or any group, but Mblaq would be amazing.)

    Do they think it would be possible for someone not of Korean descent, say from North America, to make it as a Kpop idol? If they were to learn Korean and go through the training? Would they be accepted in the Kpop world, and by Korean fans?
    I’ve just always wondered. Thanks!
    Olivia Maher, U.S.A.

  47. For any of the bands, but especially MBLAQ since I’m a big fan:
    What is your current ringtone?
    How do they feel about people downloading music over buying albums?

    Jillian from Canada <3

    • Cheondung mantioned that in the interview when they were in Latin America, Brasil if I’m not mistaken. He said it’s kinda ok since it’s difficult to buy Korean albums for those who don’t live in Asia ;)

  48. Can’t wait for the SiSTAR one, I wish they would come to Florida. Asking my mom to drive me out to San Francisco this weekend is a tad short notice.

  49. To B2ST: if you all were stranded on an island and starving and you had to eat one of the members to survive, who would you eat first and why? Who do you think would be the tastiest? – Kristina :)

  50. Hello ! ^^ I’m Shaun Fischmann, from south of France (REPRESENT!). Here’s my question (to any of them) :
    - How do you feel, knowing that people from as far as south of France listen to Kpop, watch K-dramas and shows and try learning about Korean culture ?
    To SISTAR :
    -What did you think of the first time you heard Alone ? (imo, that song is a turning point in their career)
    And also, ask them if they watch your videos

  51. aussie a+ and b2uty here ^^ my friend is dreading this year. HSC has sucked her into a black hole…this being just once concern. SIMON AND MARTINA ALWAYS TENDS TO MAKE HER DAY! THUMBS UP TO YOU GUYS! WOO! however i feel she needs some extra strength to get through this year! :( please tell both or either of the awesome oppas to give ‘shoshi’ strength. their encouragement will give her strength to get through this year ^^ [shoshi is her name by the way...no not a nickname...AND NO she is not named after
    snsd...but off-course you guys would have figured that much unlike
    others LOL AND AND i don't hate snsd im just saying xD] also a shout out to sistar eonni’s! these people are her female inspirations <3

  52. don’t know if this is too late but can you ask them what they think about their names?? I mean Boys 2 Search for Top or Boys of East Standing Tall and Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality really don’t make any sense. Also their lyrics too^^, can you ask about strange lyrics like ‘give it to my Y’ and ‘every day I shock’ What do they actually mean???? Kpop, you make no sense to me, but thats why I love you^^ keke :P 
    Lauren, Australia

  53. omgggzzz if i could interview b2st i would ask them too take of thier shirts first, then tell them they are my insperation, ask them when thier comeback is then i would ask for hugs :P

  54. so freakin’ lucky! you get to interview MBLAQ. sadly i have to skip this one since i already went to the KMF and i’m catching their concert in Seoul. Can you ask them (MBLAQ) if/when they’re going to accept fanclub applications from international fans? (i really want to go to their fanmeetings and i guess they’re only open to official fanclub members)…. can’t wait to see your videos ^.^

  55.  That goes for any male group you interview.

  56. Would they ever date an international or non-Asian fan?

  57. MBLAQ:
    During your recording of Hello Baby, were there words or phrases from the different languages that you attempted or had learned?

    Is there another kpop song by a different group/singer that you wished were initially yours?

    If you were to add another member from another group, who would it be and why?

    Was there a character from a drama or movie that you would have loved to act as?

    If given the chance to film a MV for one of your previous songs that didn’t have a chance to get one, what song would it be and how would you like the MV to turn out as?

    Mary-Anne Toronto, CANADA!

  58. My questions for any of them
    ~ If you could change your group name, what would you change it  to?
    ~ Who is your favorite in your group? 

  59. Simon and Martina~~
    I was wondering if I can get a shoutout from either B2ST or MBLAQ. It will mean a whole lot to me because these groups really inspired me. I’m probably sounding selfish but Korean Music Wave is happening near my birthday. 
    I would love them to say: 편은미 안녕하세요! or 편은미 사랑합니다!
    This would be the best birthday present ever!^^

  60. Seeing that some Kpop idols were aware of Eat Your Kimchi (U-kiss i believe), I would love it you ask if they are aware of your blog or have seen the videos on youtube. What did they think?

  61. MBLAQ- Do you guys still keep in touch with HELLO BABY’s DaYoung, Lauren, and Leo?? :O …Also plz make Mir say Waffer >:3

    SNSD and WG- Do you ever fear that the new overflowing girl groups will outbeat you? How do you feel about your American debuts and what would you have done better?

    Just WG now- Do you guys still keep in touch with SunMi AND HYUNA?!?! :O ….(I really wanna know this one!)

    TO ALL OF THEM- Have any of you ever been on an international site such as Youtube, Twitter etc and AND READ WHAT YOUR INTERNATIONAL FANS SAY????? If so, then what are your thoughts???

                                  -Brittany Nguyen. Clovis, Cali :)

  62. For all the groups:
    How did you feel when you realized that you were traveling across the time?
    -You leave corea on 10 of May, and you Arrived to America on 9 of may-

    For B2ST:
    would you be open to have a loving  relationship with a fan?

    For MBLAQ:
    What country would you like to visit in your free time?


  63. ;u; Can you ask Sistar’s Bora how long she’s been dancing for? ;v;

  64. I was hoping that YG Family will be there someday!! 

  65. Can you ask Sistar how they maintain their healthy and clear skin?

    -Leah , Australia

  66. Get B2ST to say “soo BATOOST!!”

  67. please ask each group who they see as their real competition in the kpop world?  omnya from egypt


    First of all thank you very much for this!, You know how special and important it is for fans to express support for the idols!, Well, I’m not very good with the english but I’m trying :) so hope you understand and pick one my questions ^-^

    * To mblaq: I heard that was really hard to learn the choreography for “Run”, but honestly, What was more difficult?, The choreography or the musical for Hello Baby? (I’m really curious xD)

    To Beast and Mblaq:
    * The A+ and b2utys love the MBLEAST… for beast which is the favorite song of mblaq and vice versa?
    *For “Men in Mblaq” and the “Beautiful show” I saw Thunder and JunHyung dress like mexican, do you know something about Mexico, or mexican fans?, and would you like or are you planning to visit Mexico?

    In general:
    * Sometimes we have hard times trying to translate what are you writting on twitter, Have you ever translated tweets of your overseas fans?

    I’m Viridiana from Mexico (or only “Viri” if it’s difficult)

    P.S. I totally agree with call them BATOOST and ask Mir to say waffur or speak engrish!, also ask him to say Hello Baby in that cute voice pleaseeee~
    Enjoy the concert~!

  69. You know… I think I want to see Simon and Martina more than I want to see the actually kpop bands. o_o 

  70. Ask the idols if they know about tumblr LOLOL.

  71. Please ask Mblaq to say “Hey Leon hwighting!!” and joon to say “you shouldn’t do that” And tell them that ive been a huge fan since their debut :D thankyou so much if you do

  72. PLEASEEEEEEEE!!! ask Beast What do they think about Latino Fans!!??

    I’m so happy for you guys, you deserve this!! :D

  73. When you interview , MBLAQ PLEASE PLEASE ask them what’s their ideal type.

  74. To any group: I know that some famous K-Pop artists have been American, but do you think it’s possible for anyone who isn’t of Asian descent to break into the industry?

    Do you ever read fanfiction about your group, watch fanvideos or dance covers, visit chat rooms, or anything else on the internet?

    Girl’s Generation(if you end up being able to talk to them): How do you feel about TTS? For the members, is it weird working in such a small group after being in Girl’s Generation for so long? Do the rest of the members like the idea of having a subgroup?
    Did you like having an English release(The Boys)? Was it odd singing a full song in a foreign language?

    MBLAQ: Did “Hello Baby” make you want to have children?
    Also, would you rather marry a Korean, foreigner, or doesn’t it matter?

    Wonder Girls: Do you prefer acting or singing? How do you feel about K-Pop’s growth in America knowing you’ve been one of the forerunners(with your movie)?

  75. you should ask lee joon to dance with you guys^^ or ask mir to converse with you in english :D

  76. AJ Ayame from Arkansas, USA again^^
    For MBLAQ:
    1. Mir, What’s your favorite KDrama/JDrama/Anime right now?
    2. If you could still sing, but have a normal life would you give being an idol up?
    3. Joon, you don’t show your abs much anymore. What’s up with that? XD
    4. So far Joon, Seungho, & Thunder have been actors in your videos. Will Mir or G.O. ever show up in future videos?
    5. G.O! I’ve never heard you speak much English. Do you speak it passably or fluently?
    6. Who’s the best gamer? I’d take you on^^
    7. Do you guys go to other idols concerts?

    For Batoost
    Do you guys hang out with MBLAQ? Are there any other bands you guys are friends with?

    Ask all the bands that if they watch your videos/reviews, do they ever take what you say into consideration? (like bad Engrish, poor plot)

  77. MBLAQ- Do you still keep i touch with HELLO BABY’s DaYoung, Lauren, and Leo? Also…make Mir say WAFFER for us plz >:3
    SNSD&WG- Do you ever fear that the overflowing new Girl Groups will outbeat you? How did you feel about your American debuts & what would you have done better?
    JUST WG-Do you still keep in touch with Sunmi AND HYUNA????? :O
    TO ALL- Have any of you EVER been on an INTERNATIONAL site be it youtube, twitter, etc and read what YOUR INTERNATIONAL FANS SAY?
                                        -BRITTANY N. From Clovis, Cali 

  78. ask them what auditions for bands are like, and how they started their music careers

  79. MBLAQ! if you guys would marry someone who would you like to marry a korean or a foreign?
    how does it feel being famous?!
    what are some things do you miss doing as a normal person(not famous)?

  80.  To MBLAQ:
    If you had to write your own fanfic which of your own group members or other groups would you include and what type of fanfic would it be (ex. comedy, romance, action etc.)?

  81. Not quite a question, and I know all the groups’ time is tight, but: it would be epic to see you guys WANC with a group, and, more specifically, get them to do the skip-dance across the screen with you–that would be so fun to see!

  82. ask them, if they would change B2ST into Batoost. ^^ (absolutly serious about it)

  83. hi simon and martina!!

    hahaha… yeaaa… you really should get mir and even joon to have a full conversation with you guys in english hehehehehe.. that would be epic!

    my question for mblaq is i’m just really curious on what made them agree to be in hello baby and also what is the most valuable lesson they learn from being in that show. 

    thank you
    hana, Malaysia

  84. You can ask anyone of the groups this : 
    How do you have enough energy to work when you have very little sleep every day?!

    Ask f(x): How do they feel about their group name? Does it remind them of math or a math equation?

    Ask Kikwang from Batoost to show Simon the American Dance and Simon should dance it with Kikwang :DDD *^*

    Thank you,

  85. Heya! Just call me AJ, my real name is too difficult ._.
    All of my questions are for MBLAQ~ A+ FO LYFE!
    1. Will you ever go on tour in the US? At least in Texas? I can drive to Texas D:
    2. Where can I get a T-shirt of you guise? I wanna support, but it’s hard if there isn’t a shop…
    3. Do you feel you’ve been doing well w/o Rain-seonbae’s guidance since he’s in the military?
    4. Are you guys into interracial dating? Just curious…(I’M SO CURIOUS YEAHHHH)
    5. Will you guys be making another full album? BLAQ Style is my fave album out of all of your releases, & I’d love to see another full album from you guys.
    6.  Are some of your fans a little extreme? I know some fangirls are…crazy.
    7. Have you ever looked at your stage clothes & thought, “….WTF(udge)?”
    8. Ask Thunder to speak English, or better yet…say Hi to me! And ask Mir to say Waffle & English! Tell him his fans think it’s adorable so he won’t feel bad. XD
    9. Do they still have contact w/ their babies? (MBLAQ Hello Baby)
    10. Do any of them like tomboys? You know girls who plays video games & play sports & aren’t are cutesy w/ aegyo. Kinda like a tough 2NE1 attitude.
    P.S. Yang leader..let’s do a piano duet someday! >.<

    I love you 87 Line! Joon, you're not a babo. :) Thunder, you've gotten so manly. :D & Mir, you are my bias! Love you!! A+ :D

  86. Na’Shawn from Georgia,USA asks:
    MBLAQ: “Out of all of the songs you guys have released which is your favorite and why?”
    MBLAQ: What American celebrity is closest to your ideal type?
    Wonder Girls: If you could work with any American artist who would it be and why?
    B2ST: If you could pick any concept for yourself what would it be?

    If you get to interview the other guests then here are my questions for them?
    F(x): How does it feel to finally have a fan club name?
    Rania: Who is the silliest member in the group?
    Super Junior: Who is your favorite Rookie Group of this year? ( they cant pick EXO)
    Super Junior: What would you do if you weren’t a singer?


  88. To MBLAQ: If they’ve ever read any fanfiction about them!
    Lucie from Czech Republic.

  89. If you had to add a 6th member from any other boy group, who would it be?

  90. ask mblaq who is the most important person for each of them.please

  91. Gikwang and the rest of Beast have already visited Australia. ^^ It was for the Kpop Festival in Sydney last year~

  92. Please ask Super Junior to comment about Australia! We were promised a concert, but our dream turned into a nightmare less than two weeks later. ;~; NEVER GOING TO SEE THEM WAHHHHHHHHH

  93. Can you ask them for me please and shout out to Gikwang~ When are you coming to Australia and when are you coming to meet all you AUSSIE KPOP fans~ I LOVE YOU KIKWANG~!! PLEASE SAY BA-TOOST!! I WANT TO SEE WHAT THEY SAY HAHA XD

    Can you ask Gikwang to say ‘I love you Abigail Lopez’ for me~! PLEASE <3

    Thanks EYK! <3
    I love you Simon and Martina.. and Spudgy~ :DDD I won't forget him~ :)

  94. Hi Simon &Martina! I’m from Singapore &I’m 14 this year (: I would like you guys to ask MBLAQ “if you were to express your love for A+ with an object, what would that object be?” also, I hope that you can ask them to say the English name of that object! <3 

  95. Daniele Joy del carmen

    For MBLAQ (each member): Share something (secret skill/talent/fact) that people still do not know of.  And also, could you please ask MBLAQ  (or just MBLAQ’s SeungHo, if there is not enough time) to give me a birthday greeting. It’s my birthday on the 20th and that would really be a VERY VERY VERY (Did I say VERY?) nice gift. :) – Dani, Philippines

  96. Wow this is so cool! When you interview MBLAQ can you pleaseee ask them if they ever feel uncomfortable in their stage outfits or concept photo outifts and if they have any say as to what they wear? Or better yet, ask them what their interpretation of, “Give it to my Y,” means. Cuz I think everyone wants to hear this lol :P Thank you so much guys! :D

    Brianna Hong 
    Maui, Hawaii :D (Aloha!)

  97. Does anyone have extra tickets? ;-; powerhouse sucks major and kept crashing saturday. I’d pay for one if it wasn’t outrageous in price.

  98. This can go for any of the groups, but would you please ask, where their favorite place is in the United States.

    • I forgot to say that my friends and I are one of the few lucky ones to get tickets right before the site crashed the third time. So we hope to see you there. ^_^ though we have a long drive ahead of us as we are coming from Wyoming, USA

  99. Le Question for Batoost :
    Do you ever miss home? if so what do you miss the most?
    –Alexis, NV

  100. Question for The Wonder Girls!!
    If you were on a stranded deserted island with nothing but the clothes on your back but you had a chance to bring one of you group members which group member would you choose and why?

  101. you should ask mir what his favorite manga is and why since i hear he likes comics :3

  102. are you guyz going to stay at SF for a while, since some of us San Franciscians want to met u guyz XD

  103. will you be a fan meet anytime soon? if so where(california maybe) :)

  104. I have a 2 questions for MBLAQ!!
    1.If they could marry anyone in the world who would and be and why?
    2. Have they ever felt afraid of one there fans and if so name a time or situation?

  105. This question could be directed towards any of the groups. :D
    When you travel to California, what are some of the things you like to do on your trips (such as go shopping or visit the beaches) and what types of foods have you eaten in LA that you really like?
    Thanks Simon and Martina for this opportunity and I hope that these artists will enjoy their time here!

  106. you guisee should have a fan meet up in california since a lot of us couldn’t get tickets for the concert because of the site crashed! 

  107. Ohhh!!! I love you guys for doing this!

    Please ask Beast oppas if they could start doing variety shows ^^ I love them and miss their funniness. My bias is Dongwoon oppa though :P Thank you guys!!! EYK Hwaiting!

    P.S. Can you tell all the groups that Kpop is quickly growing in popularity here in Hawaii and a lot of fans are waiting for them to come here are visit us ^^

  108. Question for Wonder Girls!!! To Yeeun, will you marry me? lol, jk.

    I wanna ask them how’s their new Korean album doing? Would they change their concepts? And will a new Yeeun composed song be included? Thank you.

    PS: Do the swan dance with them. And do the booty-tooch dance step with SISTAR too. XD

  109. I freaking love B2ST or Batoost as Simon calls them. I can never go to Korea or the US to see them. B2ST is my favourite band and if they at least said things to your camera and that was said to me. I’d be extremely happy. Eat Your Kimchi please make my wish come true. B2ST : Which member gain the most popularity and which member gain the least..? 
    My bias from B2ST is Dongwoon xD

  110. I could’ve went but the damn tickets were sold out in 4 hours..
    When you go please tell B2ST their my favorite band out of the whole fricken kpop world. <3

  111.  To B2ST &/or Wonder Girls (SNSD & f(x) too, if they can):

    -If you could live one day as one member of your group, who would it be?
    -Have you ever had any Deja Vu moments?
    -Which groups’ concerts do you wish to attend sometime in the future?
    -How long did it take for everyone in the group to become comfortable with each other?
    -Do you guys watch your fan-made clips on youtube (like couple moments, funny moments, etc)?
    -What are some good work-out songs?
    -Who was the first member that you became close to?
    ————–Suo Li, Michigan, US

  112. 1) Have you guys watch any Chinese or Hong Kong drama that you like? If so, which one? And why?

    2)What are some differences of American/Western fans then of Korean/Asian fans?

    3)What are some crazy thing that fans did to you?

  113. I want (no, demand) you to ask Cheondoong/Thunder when will he go back to the Philippines, or is he still planning to visit, at least? Dara seems to be so in love with Philippines, and I wonder if he feels the same way. And please, let him greet his Filipino (Philippine people) in Tagalog (our native language).

    Thank you.

  114. That’s so awesome. I hope you have fun! I need so footage (if you can)

  115. Please guise, do the swan dance with Wonder Girls. It would make my day.. amend that, it would make my life. lol

  116. When you interview Mblaq You should tell them to say “Yolo” Idk I think it would be cute~

  117. For any group:

    Have you ever read any crazy fanfictions about you online?

  118. This isn’t directed at any specific group, but I’ve always been interested since it’s not really discussed in interviews–what’s their input on their songs and the choreography? Is it a collaboration between them and the choreographer? How long on average does it take them to learn their dances? Do they have a favorite step from any of their dances? Do they have a favorite step from ANY Kpop dance? (sorry I just realized this is a ton of questions :/)

    I’m so stoked you guise are going to the concert, yay to you both! I can’t wait to see your videos and hear your stories! :D 

  119. Ask TVXQ if they still stay in touch with the members of DBSK!!!

  120. When you meet f(x) ask then When are they going to make a Comeback because i missed them. also ask SNSD that they inspired me to sing, and that i will not give up on my dream. 

    Thank You, Miguel AKA Miki!

  121.  hmm …what question would I ask these kpop idols if I met them….

    I’ll probably faint before saying anything …but if I managed I’d
    probably ask b2st what do they think about their arab fans… since I’m
    an arab ^^ Syrian to be exact … they probably don’t know Syria exists
    so I was wondering how would they feel about having fans from countries
    they’ve never heard of.

    Thank you Simon and Martina for giving us this chance ^^ … I really LOVE you two !!


  122. Another question to ask any and all:

    Do they find the language barrier frustrating when communicating to foreign fans, especially when they’re touring outside Asia?  Are there any languages they’d like to be fluent in?

    (Kirky from the UK.)

  123. if you get the chance to talk to F(x), would you ask Amber whether she prefers American or Korean food? and maybe what her favorite dish from each is?
    or ask her if she’s going to do more singing lines. i love her singing voice <3

  124. This question would be for MBLAQ. What are some crazy or funny things that happened with Leo, Lauren, or Dayoung that your international fans couldn’t see on Hello Baby? 

  125. Could you ask Mblaq if they would do a song together with Bi Rain ?

  126. i think i would go to the kpop concert JUST to meet simon and martina. 

  127. are you going to be interviewing suju?

  128. Want to ask Wonder Girls about JYP, uh, interjecting at the beginning of all their songs?
    Are they cool with it?

  129. If you get to meet TVXQ (It would be SO cool to see you guys interact) here are some of my questions:

    1. Have you ever  thought about having a world tour, as in, including countries outside of Asia?
    2. When exactly is U-Know time?
    3. To Changmin: How long have you been able to reach those super high notes?

    Thanks for letting us do this, Simon & Martina ^^

  130. To B2ST (BATOOST): 
    1. Name the time or event when you’ve felt the most accomplished/proud of yourselves since trainee life to now.

    2. What was the biggest obstacle that you’ve had to overcome?

    3. Has there ever been a time when you’ve regretted becoming a K-Pop star? (e.g. hectic schedules, obsessed fans etc.)

    4. Do you ever get into really bad fights between your members?

    Btw, I’m from Toronto, Canada. :D

  131. Sorry I wanted to post this again…please choose me Simon and Martina….

    For all the idols if this question is possible…Q: Name one thing you would take from America BACK to Korea. (Like something America has that Korea doesn’t have.)

    Kitty, FL,U.S.A


  133. Omg this is awesome!! But I cant come… :’( If you chose this question I would be really happy. 

    To B2st <3 

    WE LOVE YOU!! <3 So heres my question, you are famous now all over the world, would you like to learn any language? Except English what would it be? And please try to come to sweden, you would be the first kpop band comming here <3
    And if its ok can you please make Yoseob say 'I love you Arbelina?' shes my little sister ( 8 years old, im 13 and love Hyunseung but I want her to be happy ) and she loves Yoseob. Please? <3 I love you Simon and Martina HWAITING! <3

  134. To any group member, what’s your favourite food? And is there any foreign dish you really like?
    - Natalia from Argentina.

  135.  MBLAQ question:
    What is the funniest episode/situation that has happened to you during a performance?

    My name is Hanna Kafi, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Stockholm, Sweden!

  136. When you interview MBLAQ, ask Lee Joon if he’ll marry me. And if he says yes, tell him he has to live up to his response and I’ll be waiting.

  137. To Sistar :
    WOuld you like to have a Foreigner Especially american, Sister-in-law??? LOL I’m definitely volunteering for that.. haha Do you girls like Foreigners ????

    From: JANELLY

  138. How do you feel about the popularity of Korean music? Why do you think Korean music is so popular?
    -Vilma Juusonen from Finland

  139. To MBLAQ / Simon and Martina 
    Hello, my name is Janet I’m 16, a British fan and I live in London. I am currently undergoing my final year in secondary school and have about 14, NO 16 exams in 1 month. My first exam starts on the 22nd May and in all honestly I could use all the luck I could get. I’m under the stress of these and it’s hard knowing your not fulfilling the expectations set. If possible could you give me some advice or any motivational messages? 
    Sorry if this is too much to ask, but I could really use it. 

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, Yours sincerely, Janet. 

  140. General question: 
    What is the best thing that you love about America?

    Irene from Denver, Colorado

  141. Please ask them if they’ve ever read fanfics about themselves and what they thought about it? ^^

  142. This a general questions you can ask any of the groups you will be interviewing.

    “As Kpop’s international stardom continues to grow, What would you like to see happen in the next few years?”
    “International fans make up a large portion of your fan base. With such a variety of fans from all over the world, do you take those fans in account when choosing/writing new songs to be released or are you currently more focused on domestic (i.e. Korean) fans?”

    “In comparison to other Korean group’s musical styles, would you say that (insert group name)’s music is more similar or individualistic? Meaning, that (insert group name) music is on par with current trends or on a completely different level.” 

    -Simon/Martina-I could literally do this all day- tis what I do- I hope you have a wonderful time at the show and look forward to hearing about your experiences. ^^-Nini

  143.  Ask…hm…anyone…but I wanted to ask this question Batoost or Sistar ^^
    “Is that kind of situaton ever happend: group members forgot to take someone from the group on schedules, so he/she must go by him/herself? Thank U♥”
    Lera, Russia, Magnitogorsk ^^

  144. When you interview TVXQ, please ask them if they are going to come to germany.
    Pretty Please *___*

  145. OH MY GOD! This is so awesome!
    Please! When you’ll be interveiw MBLAQ please make fun of Joonie’s english~ >< ♥

  146. To Sistar: Is there a girl group (or female soloist) that you admire and look up to alot?
    - Jamad Toronto, canada <3

  147. Can you ask Mir to sing his favorite Disney song please?
    -Chiara (KEY-ARE-AH) from the UK

  148. To MBLAQ:

    Do you ever get tired of wearing all that makeup?

    ~Kristen, Hong Kong

  149. Question for Lee Joon: What does your mother think about your seductive pole dancing?
    (and yes Simon, I wanna marry him)

  150. Can be asked to all:

    1. Do you know there are lots of fans in Brazil? Do you plan to go
    there? (In MBLAQ’s case, they have already been here, so, ask if they plan to comebak)

    2. What do you think in being on a relationship with someone who’s

    3. Tell us something you do on your free time or when you are alone that
    people doesn’t know and would think it’s something funny or strange.

  151. If you where not in the entertainment business, what would you be doing with your life? Will you continue with your education, which degree?

  152. oh this is important: DO YOU LIKE ICE CREAM???? just randomly popped into my head probably because I am eating ice cream right now^^….. :P 

  153. to B2ST or MBLAQ or BOTH: what do they think about fans like me, fans who are completely in love with them but can’t understand a word they say??? do they think thats weird or awesome, because I think the music is what counts not exactly what they say
    to ANYONE: do they realise how many overseas fans they actually have and that we’re all supporting them???

  154. OH! please ask MBLAQ’s  member to say ” BINGBING A.K SATURDAY I LOVE YOU” especially Mir Oppa ^^ 

    p/s: Bingbing Ak Saturday is just a nickname my real name is Nuur Syadzwani , I know it will hard for them to pronounce so i use my nickname instead , by the way i am from Brunei Darussalam

  155. Martina, your voice is back! Yay :D hehe :)
    Well, my question is for MBLAQ:
    Did you guys ever thought that you would perform in non-asian countries? How do you feel about your overseas fans and what do you guys wish to do in the future for them? Like concerts, fanmeetings..? xd Well, you can use one of this questions, but it would be super cool if you use all of Them :D My country is Venezuela, just in case -i wish- you guys pick one of the questions x)   Take care on the trip and I hope you guys spend a good time there :) And sorry for the bad english xd my first language is spanish :) 

  156. To Beast: Your teamwork is exceptional. What keeps all 6 of you on one track? If you achieve one of your goals (debut, win on an award show, etc.), how do you choose the next goal for the group?

    Anya, Hungary


  158. To Beast: Is there any main difference between Korean and international audiences? Was there a moment when the audience didn’t react the way you expected them to?

  159. To Beast: Compared to Korea, which member seems more popular in the US, or Europe?

  160. Please ask them what they think about the Kpop trend of having only one love interest for the entire band in their MVs? :)

    Eg. MBLAQ’s Mona Lisa, SISTAR’s How Dare You

  161.  To B2ST: How would you like to be remembered?

  162. Can you please ask if MBLAQ’s Joon kicked Thunder for real in “This Is War”? :p


  163. Dude! I’m so going! I’m gonna search for you guys like crazy! OOO YOU SO NASTY~! lol

  164. For Girl Group: If you had a brother, which member in your group would you want him to marry?
    For Boy Group: If you had a sister, which member in your group would you want her to marry?

  165. Actually totally off question and to Simon and Marina instead! Are you guys going to stock up on any goods – like Ranch/clothes/ect when you get to the bay area? :D I hope I get to see you guys! I managed to get tickets, will be waiting with the masses of fans waiting to redeem their tickets >< 

    Could you please ask them what their opinion is on American pop, and if they have any favorite American pop artists (ex: justin bieber, lady gaga, black eyed peas etc.). Since we are always talking about their music it’d be interesting to see what they think about our music(:
    -Mara Youngren-Brown from AK (ALASKA!:)

  167. jazminjhnsn

    Can you ask the WG’s if they plan to continue working with Nickelodeon and the pre-teen audience or aim for a higher aged audience?
    And to Sistar’s Hyorin, how does she feel being called “Korea’s Beyonce” and if she will do more drama’s.
    -Jazmin J fr Florida

  168. What are their favorite and least favorite things about their famous Kpop lifestyles?
    -Mara Youngren-Brown from ALASKA<3 (AK-49 BABY!) :)

  169. I have two questions!

    For Hyorin from Sistar, I wanted to know how she feels having a very “soulful” voice (sort of like Adele) compared to other Kpop stars. Was it difficult for her to start her career because of her voice, or does she encounter any difficulty because of it?

    And my other, more silly question, is for Mblaq’s Thunder. He chose Boy George for the promotion photos for Mona Lisa (where all the members dressed up like someone else). Is he influenced by him and 80′s music/why did he pick him?

    -Justin from Connecticut, USA :)

  170. Can you ask SISTAR how do they feel about they’re sudden raise in popularity lately. Ask BEAST since they have done so many tours outside of asia how do they feel about more  international fans and non-koreans liking kpop. Oh and since hyunseung has a sub-unit with hyuna do any of the other members want to have sub-units as well Oh and do they all still sleep in one room. Could you ask mblaq if they  would like to have a world tour and oh could you ask mir just how big is his manga collection and what is his favorite manga. Oh and can you ask lee joon does he want act in movies more lately. my question for the wonder girls is do they feel fully prepared to enter the U.S. market. thank you 
    Amber from United States, South Carolina 

    also, ive never seen g.o do aegyo before. well, i think he has, but i want to see it :3 please?

    -Tina L, Australia
    PS: Simon and Martina u guys should show them some of ur videos XD

  172. ooohhh!!!can you ask the wonder girls to the swan walk dance with you. it would be totally awesome!!!!!

  173. To B2ST and MBLAQ (but really can be for anyone~ ^^)

    “Do you find the language barriers with international fans frustrating sometimes? Or does it inspire you to find other ways to interact on the same level you would with languages/fans you fully understand?”

    I’m curious to know ’cause I know from my experience sometimes you just really wish you could speak properly in Korean (good example would be Twitter: sometimes you really wish you could join the conversation or show support. Makes you wonder if they notice mentions in other languages, it must be hard for languages they don’t understand). I know that kind of experience has inspired me to understand and learn Korean and Korean culture~ So it’d be interesting to know how they handle the fans they might not fully understand but still want them to know they’re appreciated~ ^_^

    Sammy, Australia

  174. how come I didn’t know about this!! I live in oakland gosh, I have to go, Im black, I’m going to see you~~~~

    omg if youtalk to mir in english he may answer you like he answer lauren in hello baby
    “middle school, high school, engrish~
    omg I can’t wait

  175. Dear Simon and Martina, I am super jealous but also very happy for you guise! Hope you guise can pick one of these questions.

    To Mblaq:

    -What are some songs that you have been listening to recently?

    -Can you share an interesting or funny foreign fan moment?

    -Pick one word to describe the member to your left. 

    -If you had to live in a movie world, which movie would you choose?

    Kathleen from Toronto, Canada

  176. ask them what their funniest moment back stage was 

  177. :D Hopefully I’ll be able to meet you guys there :) hmmm… my question is, to any of the groups, “How does it feel to know that so many people tried so much to get tickets to this concert just to see you, especially those who are flying in from different states?”

  178. i want you to ask this question to b2st ” In the show they were in called idol maids, yoseop had his future read. His fortune was that when he turns 25 he will be in a relaitionship. lol not being stokerish. since he is nearing that age is he having feelings for someone or is that fortune going to be turned out to be fake. second question is to junhyung the rapper lol i would like to know how he and hara met. thankx

  179. Please ask MBLAQ which English word they have the most difficulty pronouncing?

  180. LOL, did you notice at the bottom of the powerhouse site it says to see Simon&Martina’s kpop mondays? LOLOL. And I’m going too! ^-^ Yaaay See you theree(:
    “We hope to see K-Pop fans in the U.S. at Shoreline, and we hope the rest
    of you will tune in wherever you are. For those who are totally new to
    the genre, we recommend that you check out a few episodes of Simon and
    Martina’s YouTube show K-Pop Music Mondays.”

  181. Hey Simon, Martina, and Spudgy!

    I was wondering if there was anything you could do to help me. I tried to get tickets to the free kpop show in Mountain view, and I had the website up all day and when seven o clock came around I refreshed, it said unavailable. I expected this, so I kept refreshing. I kept refreshing for 4 hours trying to get tickets. I made it to the page twice and clicked get tickets and it said unavailable. I don’t know if you can help but I was hoping you could. 
    Aldina Thornberry

  182. Hey guys~ I’ve got a question for MBLAQ, or more specifically for Joon.

    I was wondering, since Joon has been acting in different drama’s, if there is a specific character/role he really wants to- or would feel really confident to portray? 

    And to Martina and Simon (yes, I did it the other way around for a change~), make sure to extra enjoy the concert and interviews for all us international fans around the world!

    - Denice from the Netherlands~ ♥

  183. You two are so lucky!  And absolutely awesome :D  Hope you have a great time there!

    ANY: If you were stuck on a desert island with one person, something you couldn’t live without, your favourite song and your favourite food, what/who would each of these be and why?
    MBLAQ: If they didn’t have their current careers, what careers would they have liked?

    If they remade one of their songs in English, which one would they choose to do for the international fans?

    Any chance they’ll tour in Europe (and come to England)?

    Which country surprises them most for having international fans?

    If they could choose anywhere in the world to go and promote, where would it be and why?

    Are there any foreign languages they’d love to make an album in?

    MBLAQ and BEAST: if they could dance with any female celebrity, who would it be?

    I’m usually known as Kirky.  I’m from the UK.  And on behalf of the UK K-pop fans, I’d like to say we’re looking forward to seeing some of the artists in London this coming Decemeber, and keep giving the world awesome music!  (Please tell all the groups that.  Especially TVXQ, if you see them.  Their music helped me to survive the first few months of living abroad on my own as a teenager.)

    Thank you!

  184. WG<3 I'll have to think of questions…haha

  185. Hi I’m from the Netherlands and I have a question for MBLAQ
    What I really wanna know is, if they have a say when it comes to their hairstyles? Some of them get a lot of different, unique hairstyles and I wonder if they can object or just have to deal with it?

  186. To all: What kind of person would you marry?
    What is your ideal girl/guy?
    Of any kpop idols who do you like the most?
    What do you look for in a person you may want to date?
    Are you ever going to have a concert in Virginia Beach, VA (at the Virginia Beach Convention Center)? 
    Out of all the members who changed the most?
    What are your future plans?
    Who can speak the best English or Engrish?
    What is your favorite type of foreign food?
    Would you send a message to all the fans that couldn’t come?
    Who is your favorite American singer? Would you do a collaboration with them?
    What kind of songs do you like the most?
    What kpop song do you like the most?
    Do you watch Eat Your Kimchi Videos?
    What is your favorite color?
    Out of all the kpop idols who do you match up well with?
    Out of all the kpop idols who think has a similar persona like you?
    If you had a choice, would you take a North American tour?

  187. Ask any of the groups/artists if they are planning a US tour?

  188. Simon and Martina this question is aimed at MBLAQ and BEAST because they are my two favourite groups last year in november they both came to Sydney for the 2011 kpop festival. I want to know if they enjoyed themselves and would they consider coming back in the future. Also if you manage to interview Suju could you ask them if they were disappointed their super show 4 was cancelled for Sydney?  

  189. You should ask Super Junior if it “Blows Your Mind” (bew bew bew bew) to have so many international fans, and which country does it surprise them most to have fans in.

  190. I has question ~ (^_^)/ it’s for Batoost (oh please, please call them Batoost at the interview xD it would make my life and I would send lots of fan mail >:) you hear that? Fan mail… ) umm so my question is: What country, that you still have not been to, do you wan’t to promote in the most?

    My name is Isabel and I hail from the land of the Simon and Martinas (aka Toronto, Canada)
    oh and I do wan’t to marry them, especially Doojoon *pets cat* …my prrrecious!

    Please, please pick my question… oh you don’t want to? Then maybe this will change your minds … *HUG ATTACK* (>^___^)>

  191. Hello Simon and Martina,
    I will really love it if you guise could please tell Mblaq (especially Thunder) if they can wish happy B-Day to my sister Viviana Valdez because she is totally crazy about them. She really loves Thunder. Her B-Day is on May 20, she will be turning 15 years old, and I will like for her B-Day to be special and make my little sister happy. I really love Joon so if you could please tell them to say hi to me, my name is hard to pronounce to a lot of people so Zully should be fine. I really love you guise, my first video I watched was KMM Mblaq’s Cry and from there on I started watching all your videos. I always wait anxiously for the next KMM and right when I get home from school I wait for my sister to arrive and watch it together with her. Your videos let me and my sisters bond together every time we watch your videos. Thank you for your awesomeness and for making videos for us. WE LOVE YOU, from California. 

  192. To: B2ST
    From all the hairstyles you’ve gone through, which one would you want to have again? ^^

  193. ANY: If you could live in any time period which one (and where in the world) would you live in?
    ANY: If you could sing/dance with anyone in history who would it be?
    ANY: If you weren’t an idol what would you want to be?
    MBLAQ: If you could battle with Chuck Norris, would you?
    Sistar: How long did it take you guys to dance well in heels.
    WG: Do you like the retro-ish songs that you promote or do you like other genres better?
    B2ST: Would you like to be called B2ST or BATOOST?

  194. To: Seungho
    Since you’re a tech freak, how do you feel that you get to perform in Google’s headquarters? lol
    And how many gadgets do you own now, all in all?

  195. This Question is for MBLAQ!  how often you get to see your family? ohhhh and when you are coming to Puerto Rico!! haha that an extra question :P   
    att: Jennifer Navas from : Puerto Rico;  hola Mblaq son mis favoritos!!

  196. Hi!!!! Could you please ask Joon from Mblaq if he has been learning more english and if so , can he say something in engrish( maybe about something he did ‘one day’ ) lol ^^!!!!
    Also!!! ask Super junior if they have ever broken out into dance in some random public area…if so, what dance???? Thanks !!! hope my question(s) get chosen!!!! Love you guys keep up the good work!!
    ps. Yes I will be TVXQ’s wife….they will be my husbands ^^ !!!! 

  197. OMG you are so lucky! I wish I could go too! :( Anyway it’s
    really awesome that you will be able to interview all these bands! Especially
    MBLAQ, since they are one of my favourite KPOP group out there right now. :)

    Questions for MBLAQ:

    0. Boxers or briefs?  
    LOL just kidding :D

    1. Among the styles/concepts that they have done so far
    which is the closest to their personal preference in hair style/clothing
    etc…? (Also what is their opinion on make-up (love it/hate it/ bear with it?)

    2. When creating a new album, which is their favourite work
    process? Writing /composing /creating choreography /filming the MVs etc…?

    3. If they could choose to advertise anything what would it be?

    4. If they could switch life with anyone for a day who would
    it be?

    5. If they could travel in time which year would they visit and why?

    6. To Lee Joon: did he ever consider becoming a professional
    ballet dancer?

    It would be really great if you picked any of my questions! 
    Safe trip and have a great time in California!

    Mary-Anne from Hungary

    Ps: Will Spudgy be travelling with you? :)

  198. B2ST) What is the most memorable thing that happened while you guys were practicing for a comeback?
    Wonder Girls) What is your favourite song you performed?
    MBLAQ) You’ve stayed with that badboy look, Do you ever want to try a dorky, cute, flower boy style in one of your music videos?
    Sistar)You’ve been very mature and sexy in your past music videos but are you planning to release a music video with you girls being ‘cute’ using your aegyo?
    All) If you could go to any country to perform where would it be and why?

    Jessica,Canada British Columbia.

  199. Hmmm….

    Ok, here are my questions, for whoever: 1. What Western artist would you like to work with? (Or who is there favorite, something like that. Whichever you two would prefer to ask)2. What is your favorite thing to say in English (favorite word, favorite phrase, etc)?((The reason I ask this is kinda weird. my favorite Spanish word is sacapuntas (pencil sharpener) because…it is just is fun to say. So I’m curious if they have something similar but in English))

    -Audrey from Ohio, USA

  200. umm i don’t know if that type of questions is available or not ! … there’s once that Mir said in Japanese magazine that he would want to work with NEWS (Japanese Band) .. could you ask the rest of MBLAQ’s members if they know NEWS too .. and ask Mir about his reaction when he knows that 2 members of NEWS withdraw from the group .. Sorry! and thank you for letting us ask what we want .. hope you will enjoy with this concert :)
    DHAII …

  201. It would awesome if you could ask someone if/when they will come to the East Coast to do some concerts. I know SM Town did something in NYC before, but some of us live in the southern part of the US(TN) and can’t make it up to NY XD Thanks!!!! <3 Tamsen~

  202. Omg I can’t believe you guys are going to be there! I just found out about the concert last night! Boo…i was at Paris baguette in El Camino Real (not too far from mountain view) munching away when I could have been reserving my ticket at 7:00pm =( Have fun! You guys should totally do a fan meeting for those of us that can’t go to the concert!

  203. Hi Simon, Martina and Spudgy
    Could you please ask B2ST and MBLAQ the following;
    1.How much time do you get to spend with your families?
    2. Did you ever believe that you would be a kpop idol? if not then what did you think you would be?
    3. Which one of your songs had the hardest dance for you to do?
    Hearts forever, 
    McKenna Swartzwelder

  204. Question to Wonder Girls, B2ST, MBLAQ, and Sistar: Do you think you will ever some to Christchurch, New Zealand or any place in New Zealand???

    Question to martina: When did you get your voice back?!?


                          “Hi (INSERT GROUP NAME HERE), are you guise aware of the ginormous       number of people who hear your music and kpop in general?”

     – Giselle A. from NJ, USA

    ~~~~~~~~Please ask my question (* 3 * )/ ~~~~~~ Thanks ^^ ~~~~~~~

  206. Can you ask B2ST when they are planning to have a Beautiful Show here in California? And give a shoutout to all the hardworking students at Davis, California. Keep up the good work! A great fan of theirs loves their music, but unfortunately will not be able to attend the concert. (My name is pronounced Ana + e in case you do chose my question ^^)

  207. Can you ask Mir from MBLAQ & Yoseob from B2ST to shout out to Annie Weller from ALBERTA, CANADA? (maybe make them say ilyyyyy LOL jkjk) or ask them if they’re ever going to come to Albeta ): akadfgdg I would cry tears of joy ajfksdf c’: Hope you guys have a safe trip and enjoy yourselves! I wish I could go too! ):

  208. Simon and Martina~~
    I was wondering if I can get a shoutout from either B2ST or MBLAQ. It will mean a whole lot to me because these groups really inspired me. I’m probably sounding selfish but Korean Music Wave is happening near my birthday. 
    I would love them to say: 편은미 안녕하세요! or 편은미 사랑합니다!
    This would be the best birthday present ever!^^

  209. To all groups:
    Do any of your members like Rock or Metal music? If so, what’s his/hers favourite rock/metal band?What is your favourite movie?Do you have a favourite artist (fashion designer, designer, paintor, singer, jewellcraftor, film maker, etc)?Patricia Rodrigues, 19 from Portugal (Eunhyuk, Leejoon, Dongwoon, Hyorin and Amber are my bias)

  210. wait can someone help me? D: the website where i can get free tickets doesnt work. does sum1 no where else i can tickets? even if theyr not free? D:

  211. For all the idols if this question is possible…Q: Name one thing you would take from America BACK to Korea. (Like something America has that Korea doesn’t have.)

    Kitty, FL,U.S.A

  212. Ask them:1: If they have to go somewhere, to a country where they are not been, what would it be?2: If they could be animals, what animals they would be?3: If they agree to answer, what is their greatest desire?4: And, would you ask that, if they could come sometime in the future to Finland,because the buck has never been anyone Kpop artists, and here are many Kpopfans.?Eveliina V. (Eve) 15, Finland: D

    and sorry my bad English :D

  213. UUUUU. I know, .. to MBLAQ . Have they met their perfect girl, and could their perfect girl be european..(have they thought about that kind of situation???) ????

  214. im not gunna lie… if i had decided to study in the SF area, id be at the concert D; </3 but noo =___= IM SO SAD NOW</3

    Ok, I’m Jessica, 18 years old from germany and my questions to BEAST:

    - A lot of people claim you prefer korean fans over international ones, would you agree to that? [I would still love them as I do now if they'd prefer koreans but I just want to get an answer to this xD]
    - Who are your favorite One Piece characters? 
    - Would you like to participate in a Hello Baby season as well, if you could? (I wish they’d do it ;A;)

    And could you ask Yoseob to marry me please? xP
    OT6 for a lifetime <3 Please tell them to never lose their dorky & dedicated personality hehe

    Hoping to see some MBLEAST as well xD
    Anyway thanks a lot for giving us such an opportunity ♥

  216. For my lovely Batoost members :D (could you call them that at the interview? oh and show then ur shirts!)
    1) If you were kidnapped by savage and extreme fans from a foreign country. How/Would you escape?
    2) Do you think aliens exist?

    3) If you were a vegetable, which would you be?

    P.S I love you! Beast FIGHTING :D
    And I also love EATYOUKIMCHI!!!! OMG!
    creepiness at its max.
    -Mirha M. (Mira) 16, So Cal :D

  217. Will you PLEASE get (me) a signature from DongWoon from beast? >.< or just ask Dong Woon in your interview to go : "hello Yvonne! early happy 18th birthday =D"

  218. May you ask MBLAQ :  If you could enjoy your meal with any (living or deceased) person, who would it be and why?
    If you could be a cartoon character, what character would you choose and why?

    Thank You very much – Magdalena from Poland

  219. to MBLAQ: If you had to eat only one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
    Carmen from Canada

  220. When you guys are with Girls’ Generation, if you’re able to speak with them, Could you ask them what it takes to be apart of SMEntertainment and tips you can use to make a great audition?

    -Alexis Wright from New Jersey, USA

  221. Ask about what they would do if they were not artists? What they would work with instend? Examples such as cook or office work? Ulrika.K from Sweden ^^)

  222. Ask about what they would do if they were not artists? What they would work with insted? Examples such as cook or office work?
    Ulrika.K from Sweden

  223. Ask Beast to say Batoost, please.
    I wanna hear all of the bands try to say something in spanish. “Los amamos, latinoamerica” would be amazing. 

  224. to MBLAQ: “You have a lot of international fans, if you met one of them randomly on the street, how would you express your gratitude to this fan (A+)?” ^∇^

    - From Emilie & Camilla (Norway)

  225. judith here from the Philippines :) if ever you guys gonna interview Super Junior, kindly ask them  what they think of Shindong’s weight changes :) kk. if not, please ask MBLAQ’s Thunder to say hi in Tagalog for Filipino A+! thankss :) God bless you both. & Spudgy too! kk.

  226. (WHYYYYYY DO I LIVE SO FAR AWAY FROM EVERYTHING?! GRRR, I want to live in California right now :c )

    I would ask B2ST: “If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be and why?” :3

  227. To : MBLAQ

    Make EACH of them say the acronym for MBLAQ!
    ‘Music Boys Live in Absolute Quality’

    Yanaa Adlin, Malaysia ^-^

  228. To f(x):
    Can you give a shoutout to Canada? Canada loves f(x) and K-Pop ♥

    - Kathy, Canada

  229. When you guys are with Girls’ Generation, if you’re able to speak with them, Could you ask them what it takes to be apart of SMEntertainment and tips you can use to make a great audition?

  230. Which member of another group would you like to have in your own group?

    Sara (England)

  231. This might be really trite, but ask them (specially BATOOST and MBLAQ) if they have plans of making a Southamerican tour. Cause B2ST already went to Brazil with Cube Ent. and Mir & G.O went to Peru. Latin fans really wants them here♥
    Oh! And ask them (this goes to any of the groups) what have they listened about the latins fans? Good comments or bad comments? 
    Thanks for this opportunity Simon and Martina… and Spudgy? 
    Aurora from Chile :)
    PD: The idea of making Mir speak english and calling B2ST batoost and give them shirts are daebak! you should try to do it :)♥

  232. question for everyone: what’s their favorite song, and among their own songs which one do they prefer (not for what they could represent, like a debut song or something like that, but in a musical point of view)?

  233. Could you ask this to MBLAQ?:

    If you weren’t in the group, what do you think you’d be doing right now?
    —Madison from Ohio

  234. •1: if you have the chance to meet tvxq, can Simon and max do a height comparison? Like stand side by side to see who’s taller

    •2: if you’ve ever had a question about one of the artists’ mvs, you should ask them to clarify! (examples- why did yunho get the awesome fire power and max got light power? :P or something like that)

    •3: ask Mir to say “waffur” and also try to have an English convo with u guys!

    •4: lastly, if they happen to have a cap or if u brought one, can u ask yoseob to do his hat trick that he used to do during “bad girl remix version”? It’s really cool!!

  235. You should ask the groups if they could switch roles for a day who they’d switch with.
    Melissa from California! :D

  236. Hey, I’m Adila from Malaysia. I’m seriously wanna ask B2ST these - If I knit you a sweater, will you accept me as your girlfriend? And if I pass in making tasty kimchi for you, can I become your maid?

  237. I’m Kathy Chung from Philadelphia , Pennsylvania (WOOHOO!)
    For any boy band: Have you ever read fanfics about yourself/band?For all bands: How do you guys feel about member coupling?THANK YOU VERY MUCH (:

  238. I’m yuko and I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina!
    Well, for MBLAQ: What feelings have on right now? Well, you know, about his success, all you have accomplished in his career, and what will come in future …
    I send a hug and please PLEASE PLEASE! come to Argentina, there are many kpop fans here … And we are more educated than other fans.

  239. Could you ask Lee Joon of MBLAQ if he really got an offer to play one of the flower boys F4? And which role would he have played?

    Thank you :)

    And keep up with your good work! love your ideas!

  240. Pallavi Sambasivan

    To any of the guy groups: What do you guys feel about eyeliner? Do you hate it when they make you wear it or are you okay? 

    To Junhyung (B2ST) How did you meet Hara and where/what do you do on dates? :D

    Do western audiences do anything different than Korean ones? Does it surprise you when they sing along?

    Does anyone have really weird sleeping habits? Like cursing in their sleep or something xD

    If any of these are picked it’s from Pallavi (Puh-Love-ee) from NJ~

  241. 1 what made you want to become a kpop star?

    2. what do you enjoy the most about being an idol?

    3. will you ever come back to Australia or come to Australia (for the first time)

  242. 1 what made you want to become a kpop star?
    2. what do you enjoy the most about being an idol?
    3. will you ever come back to Australia or come to Australia (for the first time)

  243. -ketiba from the Netherlands(Europe)-

    What does your family think of you becoming an idol? And do you miss them?


    1. If they could be anything other than singers, what would they be?
    2. Which animal would they want to keep as a pet?  
    3. when they became trainees, did they want to be a part of a band or be a solo singer?

    Nashmia from Pakistan

  245. hi are you guys going to have any meetup in Mountain View?

  246. Hello ! ^^ I’m Shaun Fischmann, from south of France (REPRESENT!). Here’s my question (to any of them) :
    - How do you feel, knowing that people from as far as south of France listen to Kpop, watch K-dramas and shows and try learning about Korean culture ?
    To SISTAR :
    -What did you think of the first time you heard Alone ? (imo, that song is a turning point in their career)

  247. Ask Super Junior: Do you know in Poland people become crazy unicorns because they didn’t have any concert K-pop? And why not come to Poland in future ? xD

  248. oh oh, plz plz ask MBAQ/B2st wen they r gonna finally hav a special stage with 2gether/with SHINee. still waiting 4 my MBL2STee stage :)  also, can u ask about thunder and dara’s relationship? like, how they r as siblings, wat kind of sister dara is etc? that would be so funny XD

  249. To Mblaq: Since you already had an experience with multicultural kids (Hello baby show) would you get involved or maybe even married to a foreign girl!? 

    Sara, Macedonia

  250. Congratulations! You’re going to my home state :)

  251. Hi Simon, hey Martina!!! I’m a really huge fan of Sistar, and since nobody else has posted questions to ask them, I guess I might as well throw one at’cha =) 
    If you find this question to be even slightly inappropriate, please don’t hesitate to give it a toss… 
    Well… um, I haven’t really thought this through, but can you ask Hyorin and Bora eonni, how training for their debut was, and how intense the Starship Entertainment’s preparation regime was for ‘em. Also can you ask them how they felt about their song “How Dare You” getting banned for being inappropriate. (Which I completely disagree with by the way)
    Um…do you mind if I sneak in another question here, sorry it’s just that you don’t get this opportunity often, and I absolutely can’t even dream of making it to the venue since I’m from Asia. 
    But please try to ask them if they’ve ever felt uncomfortable with the sexy image they portray?
    Thankyou, and I’m really excited for you guys, hope you have an insanely great time. Waiting for your next video ardently…
    Your fan from a rather unexpected country,

  252. I LOVE MBLEAST! you guys are so lucky >.<

  253. HARRO! I’m Wendy from Sydney, Australia, and I would want you to ask yoseob who his dream ‘ideal’ girl is :P last time i saw, it was IU :D thank you simon and martina!!

  254. Hi Simon and Martina I love You and this is a question for B2ST ( BATOOST) :

    -what do they think about fans making OTPs ( fanfiction , shipping etc.) like for example dooseob :)  Nina- Poland

  255. to all of them Q. how do you feel about the pairings between members in a band that the fans make out? what do you they make of that? like it, dislike it? 

    Benji – Australia

  256. To all: What new English words have you recently learned?

    -Larissa from Los Angeles, California

  257. (I know TVXQ aren’t part of the current list you’ll be asking questions to, but just in case…)
    To TVXQ: Are there any plans of having your own concert in the States sometime in the future?
    To all: Have you had any memorable or funny moments while you were in the US?

    -Larissa from Los Angeles, California

  258. If I could ask the stars one question it would be who would they want to meet most from the history or present times and why?! I think this question would tell a lot about their personality ^^

  259. can u ask b2st to PLEASE come 2 NZ… theyve been like, everywhere else, i feel so left out as a b2uty TT_TT. as mentioned earlier, can u plz ask MBLAQ about if they r in contact with their hello baby babies XD 

  260. can  you ask girls generation if theyre going to make more sub groups with the other members besides tts?  Thanx!

  261. Question: When you see groups act overly cute, do you guys get frustrated? And when your company makes you do something you don’t want to do, are you allowed to argue back?

    Please ask one of the groups these two questions Simon & Martina :D

    Susan, Australia

  262. um,1) what inspired them to do what they do,2) if they wouldn’t have become a singer/actors what would they would or want to be doing today, 3) what is like to be up on stage? and 4) what is the biggest difference in behavior or reactions between the audience in Korea ,and the USA where they are preforming today/this week, and 5) if you could perform anywhere,(being city/area/ country…) where would you preform and why?

  263. Any group or all 
    for your International Fans, what do you think would be a good way to 

    reach them better? 

    What would you like to say to Your fan Base?

    When feeling home sick.  What is the one 

    thing that comforts you? 

    What is your funniest Moment while on the road? 

    What is your favorite food? 

    Where would you love to perform that you Haven’t? 

    What has been Your Favorite Country or city You have Been to? 

    Do you have any Lucky Charms you take with you On Stage or while 

    Traveling to shows? 

    And ha what do you think about a 50 year Old  lady In love with Kpop!? 

    Just had to through that in there for good measure !

    Peace out

  264. Idura Namira Ikmal Hisham

    Can you ask MBLAQ whether they’re still contacting their babies from Hello Babies. And who was Dayoung’s REAL favorite appa :P ? PLEASE, and can you ask about Thunder’s CAT too!

    Thank you!

  265. My brother and I have a question; Where do you come up with all the goofy sounding group names?? Is it some kind of competition?

    Kinda reminds us of that one computer game, “YOU DON’T KNOW JACK”…..
    at the part where you couldn’t think up a name in time, so they come up with one for you.


  266. hey s&m if there is not going to be any kmm can you disable voting for videos because it only makes it fair for the videos that were released and will not stand a chance next week…like if support and you want s&m to read this

  267. I think you should let them know that when Koreans speak English it sounds like the Korean Mafia. Bwahahahaha.

  268. zomg! your coming to CA? I’m in SF. I live like 40 minutes away, How do I get tickets? 

    Honestly I’ll be just as excited to meet Simon and Martina as I would the groups to. Okay I lied, almost as excited but close. kkk

  269. Barbara Tran from TORONTO, Ontario! Wooo :)

    TO B2ST:  I love you… *cough*JUNHYUNG*cough* LOL JK

    Okay here is my real question… (directed to any B2ST member (preferably junhyung) or ALL)
    “What is your most memorable world tour experience so far this year?” :)

  270. Please ask MBLAQ to recommend some things they think tourists should do
    when visiting Korea, like places, food etc. they really like.

    I would love to actually do those things when I travel to Korea. :)

    Tuuli, Finland

    Youtube: ultramandarineblue

    P.S LOL @ “in finlandian!”

  271. I have general questions for any or all of the bands you talk to, and I’m really curious about kpop music videos. Here goes: Is it tedious to film them, or do you guys enjoy dressing up in different costumes, dancing in interesting settings, and possibly doing acting roles? Any favorite videos, or ones you found particularly odd?

  272. Ask them: What was their first reaction when coming to the U.S. and seeing all of their fans?

  273. To MBLAQ’s Lee Joon, a lot of girls online in different blogs have been saying that they have been on serious diets and working out to lose weight like crazy, just so they know that they will become a girl Joon will find pretty, what does Joon think about that? 

  274. How about they say my name it is pretty hard it is Alejandra?

  275. YES HOPEFULLY! my friend showed me this and I was like THANK GOD~

  276. Can you please ask any of the idols if they watch YouTube cover (song, dance, parody) videos fans make for them OR if they ever search themselves on Tumblr (and if so they should). ^.^ You guys are so lucky! It sucks that I’m on the opposite side of the country for this >.> HAVE FUN!

  277. OMG.. i can wait to go!!!
    i hope to see u there…


  279. Some questions for MBLAQ:
    1. Do they know of the love international fans outside of Asia have for MBLAQ? There’s really a lot of international love for them. 
    2. Do they think it might be possible for them to expand and do some concerts in North America in the future? Or they still want to focus on Asia for now?
    3. How did G.O. and Mir come together to form a sub-unit? Do any of the other members wish to do a sub-unit or maybe do solo projects? 
    4. Is Cheundoong still composing music?
    5. What’s the last thing Seungho fixed?^^ 
    6. How does Joon feel having a schedule that’s mostly focused on acting these days? 
    …okay that’s enough for now :p  Just give them lots of love!

  280. To all of them= What is your favorite thing (to do, eat, see) when you travel or tour the United States?

  281. MBLAQ:
    - Do you have any plans on having an North America tour one day? If you do, which states do you anticipate preforming at?
    - Can Joon show off his English skills, and say a couple of sentences to his A+ fans? 

  282.  Tell Siwon I want to marry him *O* just kidding , teehee. (:
    Is it hard to work with one another everyday?
    What was you guys first impression of each other?
    How do you feel when you see your fans cheering you on?

  283. what is going on with this website!!

  284. OH MY GOD.

    That would basically make my life.

    Already got mah 4 free tickets xD

  285. My question is, will you take me backstage if i carry all of your equipment?! im a huge MBLAQ fan and am so jealous you guys are going to meet them ;____;

  286. it may be impossible to meet up with TVXQ!, for the reasons you stated.but in case you make it then I have this random question to both of them:
    “what subjects did you like when you were studying back in school? and what were the ones you were good at and what were the ones you didn’t?!” I’m a physics student.. and kinda geek that’s why, lol xD ||| lastly, tell them I’m Basmah and I’m a HUGE fan from Saudi Arabia, got lots of their awesome albums and singles, and their live performances are just the best ever~ (  ; v ;) b ||| thank you guys so much (I’m your fan, too xD) and I hope you enjoy your time there…. and somehow, meet them, too xD


  288. Me too! you have any luck?

  289. Ask (MBLAQ Especially): What is you favourite English word or saying? Either that or…. What is your response to all the relationships that the fans like to place between members and if they mind doing some skinship or not, or has it just become natural??

  290. Two hours of refreshing later…..

  291. wow, 533 comments plus the comments on youtube. Good luck guys, reading all of that.

    Now for my questions. 

    For all the artist: What’s the weirdest thing an international fan has said or done? 

    For all the artist: Have you ever thought “I don’t really want to wear this outfit. I look ridiculous” 

    For all the male artist: If it was up to you guys, would you rather wear or not wear makeup.

    For MBLAQ: There’s a video on youtube when you guys arrived in Brasil. There were two samba dancers there waiting and there was some kissing on the cheeks involve. How was that? Were you guys shocked by their outfits? Who would like to go to Carnaval someday?

    For B2ST: Has anyone ever called you guys batoost?

    That’s it. I bet a lot of people asked the same things xD

    Joha, from Colombia (country not the state) but living in California xD

  292. Omg! I wanna go sooooo badly, but I have school the next day so there’s no way I’d be able to go.  It’d be so OSM to meet you guys, you should do a meet up at like Disneyland or something

  293. Hi~ these are questions for all groups in general but I would really, really, REALLY love it if MBLAQ answered: 1:What would you do if you liked/fell in love with a fan?
    2: How do you stay in shape with your hectic schedule?
    3: Which member, excluding Doongie, speaks English the best?
    4: Do you read fan fictions written about you? How does it make you feel?
    5: Do you lurk around youtube, tumblr, FB, etc…and read what the fans write about you?
    6: Which fans are more crazy: International, or Korean?
    7: Can the yakuza twins (Seung Ho and Mir) show us their abs? PLEASE! And G.O as a bonus…
    8: What is the meaning of life?
    9: Get Mir to speak engrish, pleeeeeease? :) and B2ST to say batoost :D
    10: How do you feel about KPOP spreading all over the world?
    Thank you Simon and Martina…and Spudgy for thinking of us fans and giving us a chance to get closer to our idols. ^~^
                                            Lucy from Oceanside, CA :)

  294. THAT IS WHAT I THOUGHT TOO! what are they doing that I am not…..-cries-

    and can you tell him my mother wants to marry him ._. 

  296. I have a question for so many of them! I’ll make a list. 

    Wonder Girls:1.)  So, I’ve read that you guys will be releasing Nobody in Japan soon, I’m wondering when will your US album come out? I’ve been waiting to hear more about it and for the release. I’m excited to hear your new songs!
    2.) What kind of sound should we expect from your new album?
    3.) Will you be releasing a US single in the near future? 
    4.) Is there any chance that you guys will be touring again once your release your US album?

    SISTAR:1.)  Which title track and concept has been your favorite to do and why? 
    2.) I really enjoyed your subunit SISTAR19, will there be another subunit in the future or any other songs from SISTAR19?
    3.) I always love watching your choreography for your songs. How are you guys able to come up with dances that fits so well with your songs? Who learns the choreography the fastest and who’s the slowest? 


    for MBLAQ:
    You are known for your strong, edgy songs like “It’s War” and “Y”.  Would you ever do a “cutesy” song like TVXQ’s “Balloons” (used for comparison because they are also known for strong, edgy songs).  Would you want to?

    for B2ST:
    Why do you say “Fiction” in two different ways? :D (Fic-shawn vs. Fic-shin) (hahaha)

    for the Wonder Girls:
    1. On an interview a while back, you confirmed that you were kinda getting sick of “Nobody” because you were performing that song for MONTHS (first in Korea, then in the States).  Now that you’re promoting that song in Japan, does the new language help freshen the song up?  Or are you just gonna secretly beat up JYP for making you sing it again?
    2. For those who pre-ordered your American debut CD years ago…when are we getting it? :P
    3. Is there a “dream” show (like talk show or whatever) that you would love to go on in the States?

    for Sistar:
    1. What is the reason for saying “Sistar” in all of your songs?  Do you forget your  name?  (j/k…bad joke :P but is there a reason???)
    2. A lot of attention/focus has been put on Hyorin, to the point where some people (like myself) do not really know the rest of the members.  Will there be singles in the future that showcase other members?  Or will this be done by way of acting/variety shows?

    for all of them:
    1. Since K-pop is spreading (and this concert is an example), much has been made about overseas success, such as various groups charting well in Japan, the Wonder Girls getting on Billboard, Girls’ Generation performing on Letterman, etc..  Is there a dream country/market you’d like to crack?  (I’ve noticed that the European market hasn’t been discussed much, when the UK and Germany are the world’s third- and fourth-biggest markets.)
    2. Is there a song done by another artist that you wished was yours?  If so, what was the reason?  (The style of the song?  The popularity?  The dance?)
    3. WHY WON’T YOU COME TO CANADA!?!?!?! (This isn’t directed at the Wonder Girls.  I saw them at the JoBros concert in Edmonton.  I was the crazy male gyopo fan.)

    I am kinda jealous of you S&M (ewww…rihanna) but more than that happy for you.  I hope the trip is awesome!!! :D

  298. I KNOW!!!!WRGSAEFsnlfgsl;meqwf;,ef

  299. -le sobs with you like a baby-

  300. My questions are for anyone you interview -
    1. How long does it take to learn a new dance for a video?
    2. How do they prepare for a concert?
    3. What do they do to stay in shape? I want details on that one, like how often they workout and for how long, what kind of exercises they do, etc.
    4. KPOP idols seem to have the reputation for never giving up. Did they ever feel like giving up and how did they have the strength to carry on?

  301. I heard….me and my friend are freaking out on Facebook

  302. Hello this are my questions for MBLAQ :3
    ——————–A+ have been saying that “Music makes one”. Well we all agree on that. Trough your music you are able to get people to come together (just as with the Hope Flashmob). You (MBLAQ) are breaking boundaries now International and Korean A+ fans are creating a new identity (with our own language codes and things like that). WE thank you MBLAQ for all that and we want you to know that being an A+ we feel like a big family even if we are miles and miles away from each other and we speak all sort of different languages, we do believe that we are part of something huge and important. Now my questions are:1. Are/were you aware of this impact? (All due to your music, how you keep in touch with your fans -specially G.O on twitter-, and other A+ that spread -spam kekeke- the love for you everywhere) 2. How does it make you feel?Ivette T. Fernández. México (on behalf of IA+)————————Greetings ♥ Simon and Martina Thnx u guys

    • Sorry for the spam x.X I´m leaving ashamed now for my crappy internet connection and my mayor derp moment… I just that I wan´t able to see on the wall if this was trully posted or not… kekeke sorry again <3<3<3 Bye… 

  303. To B2ST: What is the most memorable moment you’ve had so far on your World Tour?

  304. Hello this are my questions for MBLAQ :3
    ——————–A+ have been saying that “Music makes one”. Well we all agree on that. Trough your music you are able to get people to come together (just as with the Hope Flashmob). You (MBLAQ) are breaking boundaries now International and Korean A+ fans are creating a new identity (with our own language codes and things like that). WE thank you MBLAQ for all that and we want you to know that being an A+ we feel like a big family even if we are miles and miles away from each other and we speak all sort of different languages, we do believe that we are part of something huge and important. Now my questions are:1. Are/were you aware of this impact? (All due to your music, how you keep in touch with your fans -specially G.O on twitter-, and other A+ that spread -spam kekeke- the love for you everywhere) 2. How does it make you feel?Ivette T. Fernández. México (on behalf of IA+)————————Greetings ♥ Simon and Martina Thnx u guys

  305. what if i call google LOL do you think they can give me an answer? 

  306. Hi Simon & Martina! Watching “Keep Your Head Down” just prompted the perfect question for any of the groups… I’m not sure if they can answer this honestly, but I’d really like to know: “Has there ever been an outfit you refused to wear -  or really WANTED to refuse to wear – on stage or in a video?” maybe it was too bizarre, or too tight, or too ridiculous? Sometimes I can’t help but wonder what on earth the stylists are thinking. and then i can’t help but wonder what the idols are thinking their stylists are thinking. When Yunho and Changmin  were presented with those suits made of orange and black geometric fabric better suited for drapery was their gut reaction “Are you kidding me?” or did Yunho just take a breath, gird his loins ,man-up and say “I’ll take the one with the fur epaulette”? Just curious. this question could also be extended to dance moves and hairstyles :) Thanks! Kati from Ohio

  307. Totally upset. My friend is going to kill me if i don’t get these tickets! Like dead…just dead

  308. Hello this are my questions for MBLAQ :3
    ——————–A+ have been saying that “Music makes one”. Well we all agree on that. Trough your music you are able to get people to come together (just as with the Hope Flashmob). You (MBLAQ) are breaking boundaries now International and Korean A+ fans are creating a new identity (with our own language codes and things like that). WE thank you MBLAQ for all that and we want you to know that being an A+ we feel like a big family even if we are miles and miles away from each other and we speak all sort of different languages, we do believe that we are part of something huge and important. Now my questions are:1. Are/were you aware of this impact? (All due to your music, how you keep in touch with your fans -specially G.O on twitter-, and other A+ that spread -spam kekeke- the love for you everywhere) 2. How does it make you feel?Ivette T. Fernández. México (on behalf of IA+)————————Greetings ♥ Simon and Martina Thnx u guys

  309. everyone seems to be doing more successful then me…I have only seen the error page for the last hour

  310. i wonder how many people got tickets already 

  311. if you read the bottom it says to print the page with the number on it, i don’t have an e-mail from them yet

  312. did you get an email? I got the confirmation number too.

  313. sweet, i got confirmation number!!

  314. Hello this are my questions for MBLAQ :3
    ——————–A+ have been saying that “Music makes one”. Well we all agree on that. Trough your music you are able to get people to come together (just as with the Hope Flashmob). You (MBLAQ) are breaking boundaries now International and Korean A+ fans are creating a new identity (with our own language codes and things like that). WE thank you MBLAQ for all that and we want you to know that being an A+ we feel like a big family even if we are miles and miles away from each other and we speak all sort of different languages, we do believe that we are part of something huge and important. Now my questions are:1. Are/were you aware of this impact? (All due to your music, how you keep in touch with your fans -specially G.O on twitter-, and other A+ that spread -spam kekeke- the love for you everywhere)2. How does it make you feel?Ivette T. Fernández. México (on behalf of IA+)————————Greetings <3 Simon and Martina Thnx u guys. 

  315. someone said that on tumblr too, its back to error 503 again so i think im gunna call :T

  316. back to 503 error

  317. on the page it said you can go to the korean times in oakland for walk in tickets, and i was thinking of calling them and maybe they know whats up or something? but idk 

  318. lol that’d be kind of funny. but it’d be a sick joke. ughhhh earlier the page came up for me and it gave me the instructions to get the tickets (  in fact i still have this tab opened-) but the buttons didnt show up :c

    • the buttons won’t load but if you hover over them and you can read the hyperlink to the one that has “ticket” at the end, that’s how i got to the page to enter my info once, but when i hit submit from that page i got another error

  319. Ohhh…..not cool! how are we suppose to know where to get tickets!

  320. are you getting the ‘not found’ page now? ;___; because i am ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so aggrivating !!!!

  321. lol address not found now

  322. i got that too, twice, but now its just back to error 503 :

  323. ive spent almost an hour refreshing the pages to get the tickets! this is so annoying!

  324. Hello! Not sure if you guys will get a chance to talk to Super Junior… But if you do, please ask them:
    1) Will you try to visit more European countries with your Super Show 5 tour? Like Italy and Germany. Because France isn’t the only European country you have fans in.
    2) What do you think about your European fans?
    3) Is there any chance we’ll get to see both Kangin and Kibum on the next album?

    And these questions you can ask anyone ^^ :
    1) Do you prefer Western or Traditional Korean Cuisine?
    2) Do you use shoe insoles? (This would be perfect if targetted at Leeteuk or Eunhyuk of Super Junior) Are you wearing them now?
    3) Are you happy with where you are now, with your life?
    4) Are you right-handed or left-handed?
    5) Who do you look up to or admire in the world of k-pop?
    6) What ramyun/ramen flavor do you like the most?
    7) Where do you want to go on vacation?

    - Mia, Croatia (yes Martina, you read it right, I’m one of your people!)

    And really… You know what to do with Mir and his waffur. Don’t let this opportunity slip!

    Aaaaand bring Spudgy with you :D I miss the little fellow…

    And guys, please please please make some awesome videos with awesome shots from the event! Looking forward to seeing the final product! :)

  325. Hello… This are my questions for MBLAQ :3
    A+ have been saying that “Music makes one”. Well we all agree that though your music you are able to get people to come together (just as with the “Hope Flashmob”). You (MBLAQ) are breaking boundaries and through your music International and Korean A+ fans are creating a new identity with our own language codes and things like that. We thank you MBLAQ for all that and we want you to know that we feel like a big family even if we are miles and miles away from each other and we speak all sort of languages we do believe that we are part of something big and important. Now my questions are:
    1. Were you aware of this impact?(All because of your music an how you stay in touch with fans – specially G.O on twitter-)
    2. How does it make you feel?
    Ivette T. Fernández. México
    Simon and Martina Thnx u guys

  326. Hello… This are my questions for MBLAQ :3
    A+ have been saying that “Music makes one”. Well we all agree that though your music you are able to get people to come together (just as with the “Hope Flashmob”). You (MBLAQ) are breaking boundaries and through your music International and Korean A+ fans are creating a new identity with our own language codes and things like that. We thank you MBLAQ for all that and we want you to know that we feel like a big family even if we are miles and miles away from each other and we speak all sort of languages we do believe that we are part of something big and important. Now my questions are:
    1. Were you aware of this impact?(All because of your music an how you stay in touch with fans – specially G.O on twitter-)
    2. How does it make you feel?
    Ivette T. Fernández. México
    Simon and Martina Thnx u guys

  327. Went on right at 7… it says ” Service Unavailable” :(  Still trying to get on.. still saying the same thing.. D: NOOOOOO!!!

  328. Hello… This are my questions for MBLAQ :3

    A+ have been saying that “Music makes one”. Well we all agree that though your music you are able to get people to come together (just as with the “Hope Flashmob”). You (MBLAQ) are breaking boundaries and through your music International and Korean A+ fans are creating a new identity with our own language codes and things like that. We thank you MBLAQ for all that and we want you to know that we feel like a big family even if we are miles and miles away from each other and we speak all sort of languages we do believe that we are part of something big and important. Now my questions are:

    1. Were you aware of this impact?(All because of your music an how you stay in touch with fans – specially G.O on twitter-)

    2. How does it make you feel?

    Ivette T. Fernández. México

    Simon and Martina Thnx u guys

  329. i think i will go back to watching a drama and spam click in the background 

  330. oooh, a new error: 
    HTTP Error 503.3 – Service Unavailable
    ASP.NET rejected this request because the queue limit was exceeded.

  331. for me, i was already on waiting at 6:55. I pressed refresh at like 7:03 and then it said that the site was unavailable

  332. im going to stop trying :( good luck to the rest of you!!

  333. in like your bloopers you should ask each band mate different words that make them sound funny

  334. heh, i actually got to enter my info but another 503 when i tried to submit

  335. Dear Simon and Martina..

    If you guys able to interview Girls’ Generation, please ask them this..

    “If SM Entertainment let Girls’ Generation to swap the roles within group members, would Girls’ Generation let Yuri, Sooyoung, Hyoyeon, and Yoona be the vocalist, Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany and Seohyun takes the roles as the dancer??.. also can Sunny swap with Taeyeon as a group leader??”.. =)

    Ridz from Malaysia.

  336. the site went down……. :’(

  337. Does BEAST know that some fans call them BATOOST instead of their real band name? 
    Love: Jennifer and Jocelyn from  Chicago, IL

  338. bigbangfosho

    AWESOME~~~ I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS! This will be so amazing~~ I hope you have fun!! My questions are pretty generic: if they were of the opposite sex, which member would they date? Also, whether or not they’ve watched your videos, and which video is their favorite.

    Thanks~~~ Jess from the states.

  339. Could you ask BEAST if they have seen my cover of Fiction on youtube? ( http://youtu.be/_BeduK4nxV4 ) And ask all groups: Do they watch covers (dance, vocals, etc) of their music online?

  340.  lol i got in twice but when i pressed the button to get tixs, it wouldnt let me go any farther :/

  341. did anyone get tickets yet? the site wont work for me

  342. I think you should ask them all if they’ve ever watched/heard of Eat Your Kimchi, and ask if they were to do a concert in U.S.A what would be the places they want to go.

  343. i don’t think youtube prepared enough bandwidth for all the traffic they were going to get for this

  344. Hi Simon and Martina! (Spudgy too!) First of all, I love you guys! I never get chosen for any of these kinds of things, but hey- I have to try anyway! My question is for BEAST (my eternal favourites!): Has each member had something said to them (a good piece of advice, compliment, etc.) that they’ll never forget? I guess it may seem silly, but it’s so hard to pick just one question!

  345. Please ask them whether or not they’ll come back to Las Vegas to perform again! (:

    Carissa, Vegas

  346. ME TOO I just want to get my tickets

  347. gahhh!!! trying to get the tickets but there’s a server error Dx I think it’s overloaded~!!! no~~~~~!!!!!!!

  348. I’d like to know how often these kPop idols actually read fanmail and if they ever respond.  Especially international fans.  Have they ever been penpals with a fan? Lol.

  349. Oh my God you guys are going to interview MBLAQ. /rolls around.

    For Joon: Can you show us your stripper dance?

    Haha just kidding… or maybe not. ;D

    For Joon for real: You said not too long ago that your television personality is not how you normally act. What are you really like?

    For G.O: Why did you get a crocodile as a pet? What’s it like owning one?
    Also what kind of porn do you like to watch–I MEAN. Just kidding.

    For Mir: What manga have you recently read?

    For Thunder: Do you see your sister Dara often?

    For Seungho: Do you plan on making any songs that involve you playing the piano?

    For the Wonder Girls: A few years ago you and 2pm performed in Dallas, Texas. Would you ever consider coming back?

    For all of them/any group: Have you gone to In-N-Out Burger? How do you like it?

    Thanks! You two have a blast! My friend is going to SMTown the day before and I’m super jelly. ):

    ~ Sheryl, Texas

  350. I wish I could get there, but I live to far away, and
    have a job :(

    My questions for all of the groups are:

    (1) What do you think about having so many fans around
    the world? Do think it’s weird when you encounter foreign fans, especially if
    they don’t speak any Korean?

    (2) Do you think that you will ever go on an American
    tour? Or at least do a few shows for the fans that live in the middle of the

    (3) How much do you participate in the creation of
    your music and image? This includes helping create the music, like writing
    lyrics, or picking out clothes, etc.


  351. Can you please ask the groups in general — [Especially SNSD] 
    If :–> they’re against Sones shipping them with each other — like if they find it awkward/weird–> they have come across any smuts LOL that has caused them to behave awkwardly around each other .
    –> Who they think has gotten the most perverted since they last seen each other .

    Thank you so, so much for giving us this chance to voice our questions <3

  352. I hope you guys get plenty of rest! Hwaiting!

  353. Haha wow, one week in Malaysia and another week in Cali?? Hats off to Simon and Martina! You guys must be pretty tired…

  354. deberian venir a mexico….  todos esperamos un concierto aquii.

  355. Simon and Martina, when are you coming to Canada and is it to Toronto?

  356. Questions:
    1) How does it feel when you have concerts abroad and you realize how many foreign fans who may not even speak the same language ass you are touched by your music?

    2)Is there a time when you feel burdened by how fans and the public hold you to a higher standard.., ad what do you do to relieve the stress?

    3)What is your favorite food to eat when in America/Cali or a food that you wanna try?

    4) Is there any place in America you would like to visit outside of the East/West coasts??

    5) Is there a particular song that you tend to listen to whenever you feel down & what is it??

    ~Jasmine from Missouri

  357. youtube name: ljane76

    Sadly I can’t go, but I am waiting patiently to get tickets for my cousin.  It’s a cruel world. T_T j.k!  But wow, I don’t know enough about the groups you’re scheduled to interview to ask a personal question, but maybe

    “What is one food you want to try in California while you’re here?”  
    BTW, The answer should be A) In-n-Out or B) Asian fusion food trucks! (aka bulgogi burritos, kimchi burritos) ^^

  358. question to MBLAQ’s Thunder… “what did he find cute about “Dara” when he had a crush on her when they were kids..
    and aww i want to go.. but im like in hawaii.. so sad.

  359. Hi! I’m Sarah from New ZeaIand and I have a few questions for MBLAQ! (:
    1. I’ve been told that I looked a little like Lauren from Hello Baby when I was little! So I want to know, do you still keep in touch with Lauren, Dayoung and Leo? Also, If/when you have children, what would you want their names to be? Are there any English names that you like or would you stick with a Korean name?
    Thanks Simon and Martina! :D

  360. Hope you guys have fun at the concert! I have school, so I won’t be able to go T~T Could you please ask SISTAR what their favorite promotion outfit/concept is? Thanks! 

  361. You guys should definitely ask the Wonder Girls to do the swan dance with you! And please ask them if they’re coming to Canada again on their american tour! ^^

  362. Simon and Martina~~
    I was wondering if I can get a shoutout from either B2ST or MBLAQ. It will mean a whole lot to me because these groups really inspired me. I’m probably sounding selfish but Korean Music Wave is happening near my birthday. 
    I would love them to say: 편은미 안녕하세요! or 편은미 사랑합니다!
    This would be the best birthday present every!^^


    -ahem- Nonetheless I have some questions ^^;

    1) Wonder Girls- How did it feel to work with Nick Cannon and teenick for the Wonder Girls special?

    2) to all- Did you expect the Hallyu wave to be this big? Like it would go all around the world?

    Thanks Simon and Martina for taking our questions! Have fun in CA! (:

  364. f(x) amber:

    What do you miss the most from America?

  365. Do they plan on coming to Florida any time soon?

  366. To BATOOST:
    What’s your favorite phrase in English?
    The best thing about California is…?
    Who would be the last one standing in an Aegyo Elimination Battle?
    Are you guys gonna get some IN-N-OUT after this? xD

  367. thatssumgoodcurry

    And I’m subscribed to your youtube, I stalk you on twitter, and I LOVE you on fb! Plus I’ll say hi to you guys at the concert if I see you! So does that mean you love me more than the people you love more than other people? *puppy dog eyes*
    I do have a question for the Wonder Girls, though. I want to know what they think of their success so far here in America. Did they ever think they’d be one of the groups that would be leading the hallyu wave over here? And do they plan on promoting in America even more in the future?
    And I know that my fave, suju, has their world tour encore concert back in
    Seoul on the 24th, so maybe that’s why they can’t do an interview? Either way, it
    makes me all sad inside that they aren’t… :(
    I’m so excited! I hope I see you guys there! X)))

    • Hiii. LOL sorry this is really random but, what time are you going to line up? O:

      • thatssumgoodcurry

        Hmm, I was thinking 3:00? I wanted to do it earlier, but I’m flying in and the flight I want doesn’t get in until 2:30 and then I have to get to the Amphitheater. :/
        I still might get an earlier flight though, so I won’t be entirely sure until I book it. If I could, I’d line up at like 6am, lol. X)

        • Ohhh haha mkay. So I live an hour or so away and I’m not sure when  should go! I’m trying to go for front row seats so I was thinking I just skip school and go in the morning. LOL but in your opinion, how early would you go? 6?! O: Hahhaa

  368. Can you please ask Beast when will they announce the future dates for Beautiful shows?=D Please tell them that Canadian B2UTIES love them..<3 =D 

  369. My Question is for B2st: I really admire everything about them, Their style their talent and What ever swag is I believe they have it. 

     Q: They recently toured South America and Performed in the U.S, Do they see themselves releasing an album in the U.S anytime soon?

     Please pick my question Simon and Martina I’m a huge B2st fan. If You do use my question tell them Love them because whenever I’m sad I listen to their songs and they make me feel better. They are truly inspirational.

  370. Questions for any of the groups!

    1. How do they feel that in order to promote their music and gain fame they have to appear on variety shows and do aegyo (=_=) and such? My point being that the popularity of kpop groups aren’t based off the quality of their music rather than the image of the group and it’s individuals and their non-music related skills.

    2. Are they aware of their massive use of engrish?~~ ^_^

    3. Do they have any power over their career? Such as concept, songs etc. 

    4. How do they distribute the lyrics amongst the members? And how do they feel when one member has more lines or more spotlight? Is there a lot of competition?

    5.Is there a kpop song they would have wanted for themselves? If so, which one and why?

    6. This one is for B2ST and MBLAQ: What do they think about their group name/acronym? I mean…come on.. boys of east standing tall and music boys live in absolute quality.

    7. Have they ever sneezed during a performance? ^_^

    8. What are their pet peeves?

    9. If they were contestants in the hunger games who would team up, who would die first and who would win? 

    /Rui from Sweden! :)

  371. Can’t wait to go too. Hope you guys have some kind of fan meeting. That would be awesome to see you guys in person! How early do you guys think people should go to get good seats?

    Hiiiiii Martina and Simon,
    When you guys interview B2st can you guys please please, please ask them how they feel about  having fans of different races, when they are coming to Canada and if they can say hi to me PLEASE!!!!
    Thank you so much for taking our questions !!
    byyeeee :)

  373. I would like to ask this two questions.
    1. please ask each of mblaq, sistar and superjunior, what is their favourite song and if they have evenings when they hearing music at home, do they spazz around to the beat…I mean, not really dancing like they do on stage, but just hopping around and dancing dumb like a crazy fangirl. I would love to know if they do this and which songs they like to do it with.
    2. what do they all think think about, when they are on stage and get the fans screaming with looking all sick and sexyfied. how do they practice these expressions and what do they feel on stage in these moments, who enjoys the fanscreams the most?? 
    PS: Im voting also for the ‘waffur’ question!!
    thank you for this!! <3 Pss. greetings from germany

  374. Ask b2st’s dongwoon if he knows he’s fans call him GODwoon. and if so, what was his reaction when he found out.

    Also, you should ask any of the bands if they ever get to read fanfics and whatnot, or get to surf international fan-communities (on LiveJournal or tumbler or whatever) and read comments and posts and stuff. 

    Also, ask them if they ever watched your show before :D 

  375. To Sistar: Do you notice any difference in your music and life from your debut to present?
    Greetz from Venezuela!


  376. COME TO SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA. I mean, you’re already in the state…and since Cali is the third largest state it would take me forever to get to NorCal.

  377. Dear Super Junior, 

    What do you think about your next coming album, and it will Kangin participate in this album?. And one more thing, how you guys are so handsome?. Kyuhyun Oppa, saranghae.

    ~ Paulett from Sarasota, Fl, US

  378. From Kassandre (18) : FRANCE BABY ! :D

    To B2ST :

    You were in Europe (Spain and Germany) a few months ago, what do you
    think of performing in Europe, would you come back or you prefer perform in
    Asia ?

    I’d like to tell you that all the European Girls are not blond with blue
    eyes ahah ! So what do you think about the fans (girls and boys) and about the
    energy that they showed you during the concert ?

    Did you once escape secretly from the dormitory to get out at night ?

  379. omg!!! thats just amazing!! for some reason, i had a very big crush on mblaq’s joon for the longest time!!! he is adorable… >_<   

  380. I’m interested to know what kind of music they listen to on their personal iPods.  And does Mir like disney movies?  Cuz he seems to be fond of The Lion King in particular. :)

  381. Simon and Martina, will you be visiting anywhere else in California afterwards? Or maybe holding a fan meet before the concert?

  382.  To MBLAQ: If they weren’t in MBLAQ,which k-pop group they would like to be?

  383. simon and martina ask them :
    1- it being famous conflict with there personal life?.
    2- if their parents supported or were against to be singer ? why?
    3-if it was easy to get to where they are now ?

  384. You should ask Batoost/BEAST/B2ST “If you weren’t a Korean idol what would you be?” Christine from Michigan :D

  385. Please ask Hyunseung from BATOOST to say “Saranghae Dani” or at least Saranghae!!

  386. I guess these questions can go for all the groups, and not just one.
    1. What was each members favorite song/MV to record/film?
    2. If they ever felt uncomfortable/weird in what they were wearing in a concert or MV.
    3. And which one is the most annoying out of the group (haha I don’t think they would answer that but maybe they will, even playfully.)

    Sabrina from Florida

  387. its on my birthday but i live in germany …. T_T

  388. Really hope to get to see you guys! Safe travels!

  389. If you guys are able to have an interview with Super Junior, my question will be for Leeteuk Oppa: When SuJu won the Disk Daesang  on the 26th Golden Disk Awards in Osaka, Oppa said that he will buy green tea to every ELF. What would Oppa do if they won another important award? 

  390. BTW TELL
    Tell Bora & Hyorin I LOVE THEM AS WELL

  391. ooh interviews~  Yeah the SM artists are busy with SMTOWN Live in So Cal the day before haha~ *SOFREAKINGEXCITED*

  392. I’m going to try to go. Would love to meet you guys if I make it. ^-^

  393. To Mblaq members: What was the most embarrassing thing that they’ve ever done?
    Nabila from Malaysia :)

  394. Oh Yeah! And BTW I’m From Australia :D Hopefully you will getta interview KARA, SNSD, f(x), Super Junior and TVXQ as well :D And plz try and do the swan dance with the wonder girls’ :D and Martina do the “Alone” dance with SISTAR :D

  395. Oh Yeah! And BTW I’m From Australia :D Hopefully you will getta interview KARA, SNSD, f(x), Super Junior and TVXQ as well :D And plz try and do the swan dance with the wonder girls’ :D and Martina do the “Alone” dance with SISTAR :D

  396. I would like you to ask MBLAQ’s G.O. about his Pigeon folder… :3 

  397. Can you ask all of the Kpop group that you guys going to interview that how would they feel if they can film at least one or two music video in America? Do they think non Kpop people will like it? Thank you Simon & Martina.

  398. Plz Ask Everyone
    Q: You were one of the first South Korean groups to break into the US market so what other Korean groups would you like to see do the same?
    Q: Which other groups do you admire?
    Q: Have U Got a Comeback This Year?
    Q: Who is the most immature member in the group?
    Q: When you have free time what do you normally do?
    Q: What other K-Pop groups do yo hang out with when u have free time?
    Q: Who’s The shoppoholic in the group?

    Ask Wonder Girls:
    Q: You have basically finished DOMINATING the US, Korea, Japan What’s Next?
    Q: Who speaks the most fluent english?
    Q: Was It hard to become this well known by people?
    Ask SISTAR:
    Q: “Alone” was a great song is thier anything else planned for SISTAR this year?
    Q: Are You Planning On coming back to Australia again? (To MBLAQ & BEAST as well)

    General Comments:
    Wonder Girls: You are all amazing girls filled with so much talent. You are all inspirational to everyone in the world. Your POWERFUL vocal abilities is just extraordinary. KEEP DOING WHAT U DO :D

    SISTAR: All of you are so BEAUTIFUL. But “Alone” definately showcase SISTAR’s AMAZING vocal talent as well as the beauty of SISTAR. Plz comeback to Australia for another showcase that goes with BEAST and MBLAQ. Wonder Girls’ are always welcome as well :D

  399. Aww Simon and Martina I don’t need your monies if I saw you in person I’d just ask for hugs and autographs and pictures =)

  400. Ask Joonie to show his abs *starts to dream*… ah sry.
    And i also wanted to know what sistar does to get their bodies in those perfect shape. I think every single girl who saw their wants to know
    Alina from Germany :D

  401. Can you ask TVXQ if they miss their ridiculous hair and outfits from the triangle era? And when they are alone, do they still dress up in them for funzies? I would…

    Sai from London!

    …P.S. I second the Mir – waffur question. Can we make a list of
    English words that are difficult to say to give to him? Such as:

    awful, giraffe, world, experience, unnecessarily, jewel, floccinaucinihilipilification….

  402. Can you ask TVXQ if they miss their ridiculous hair and outfits from the triangle era? And when they are alone, do they still dress up in them for funzies? I would…

    Sai from London!

    …P.S. I second the Mir – waffur question. Can we make a list of English words that are difficult to say to give to him? Such as:
    awful, giraffe, world, experience, unnecessarily, jewel, floccinaucinihilipilification….

  403. Hi guys from  Greece :-)
    This is a question for B2ST[unless you will have the chance to speak with SUJU ]:concerts in Asia have bigger scale of audience capacity and more “glamorous” stage….how was the feeling when they performed in a European country where the venue/stage are not of the magnitude of their Asian tour.
    This question has been stuck in my head after attending JYJ’s concert in Berlin and SS4 in Paris[unfortunately I couldn't  attend B2ST 's concert in Berlin]…I mean if I was amazed from my experience in the European leg,I can’t imagine the(my) feeling if I ever attend a concert in Asia ;-)
    Teta from Athens Greece

  404. Could you ask MBLAQ if they are planning a tour around the Europe? Also if they wouldn’t be singers which profession they would choose? And who inspiers them? 
    I would be really happy if you would ask at least one of those questions because I would like to show them that they have fans here in Poland. They all showed me how beautiful life can be. Thanks to them I’m still living, they gave me hope. I love them <3 And I'm proud to be their fan ;3 

    Alina from Poland.

  405. Hi i have been wanting to ask this question for ages if you choose this question i
    would really appreciate it. could you ask them this question, has there
    ever been a concept in a music video you had to do that you didn’t
    agree with or that you wanted to change,? if so what didn’t you agree with or what did you want to change about it?

  406. Isn’t the 21st a long weekend.. ah… so sad that there will be no Music Mondays on a long weekend. Oh well hopefully the special video will be as awesome as I expect! :))

  407. Hey guys, this question has been rattling my brain a bit ever since I started watching Kpop videos. If you could ask ANY band this I would appreciate it. “Is there an outfit you had to wear in a video clip that you felt uncomfortable in or felt as if the style you were given was all wrong.” From Gabrielle, Australia. 

  408. I’d like to ask Dongwoon of Batoost: Y U LOOK SO NON-ASIAN

  409. If they were NOT a kpop star right now, where would they be and what would they be doing right at this moment?

  410. Please ask them what their favorite thing is about America and California! :D

    - Amos P

  411. Hi, is someone organizing a meetup in Mountain View?  Let me know.

  412. if u guys can 

    can u guys ask every band what their scariest experience was 

  413. when you talk with f(x), can you say them that: There is a hungarian fansite of them, and the admin(Sui) is really love f(x), she do this fansite since 2009. :) She would be very happy ^.^( Can I write the website name?._.)

  414. Please ask them which are their favorite American artists who they look up to!

    - Amos Patiag

  415. I would like to ask: Who do you look up to in the korean music industry outside of kpop?

  416. I forgot one! (sorry ^^; ) But could you also ask if MBLAQ misses Dayoung, Lauren, and Leo from Hello Baby and if so how much do they miss them. Thanks! :)

  417. Could you guys ask MBLAQ if Mir could say “Waffle” and if Thunder could say, “Happy 14th birthday Courtney!” since my birthday is May 22 because it’d be the best present ever! :)  

    For any English speakers, do they ever see English translations over in Korea and ever wonder what they even mean? Or laugh at them? 

    And lastly could you ask any group what their favorite part about dorm life is? Thanks! I’m Courtney from the U.S. ^_^  

  418. Questions to all the groups:
    - When you debuted did you think ther members more as friend or just people you work with?
    - Have you ever noticd there being engrish/bad english in your songs? If so, have you wanted to fix it?
    - Where would you like to go on vacation?
    - Have you ever googled your name and found something disturbing like fanfics about you?
    - How much fanmail do you get?
    - What has been the longest time for you without sleep?
    - Have you ever heard of Vocaloids? If you have, what do you think about them?
    - Does being an idol make dating really difficult?
    - What kinds of books you like to read?
    - Why maknae is usually the one with lots of aegyo?

    Ronja from Finland

  419. Yaaay! Congratulations Simon & Martina! ~I’m totally look forward to this vid =)

    1) All members: Would you consider dating foreign fan?
    2) You have free tickets to any place in the world – where do you choose to go?
    3) Do you feel awkward around foreigners? Who is the most awkward around foreingers in Mblaq? I guess it’s not Cheondoong or Seungho?:D
    4) Who is your favourite European musician or celebrity?
    5) Your favourite foreign dish?

    I love you guys! Come to Europe! Monika from Poland

  420. This question is for the guy groups:

    Do they know about tumblr? if so do they look at their tag? 

    What social networking site do they check for responses from fans?

  421. You should ask each group to say a specific english phrase that sounds funny in Engrish xD

  422. You’re coming to my neck of the woods now. WooT!

  423. For all the idols if this question is possible…Q: Name one thing you would take from America BACK to Korea. (Like something America has that Korea doesn’t have.)

    Kitty, FL,U.S.A

  424. Please ask Super Junior if they are going to have a Super Show in the U.S.! ><

  425. For all groups: If you had the opportunity to perform with ANY other group, who would you choose, what song would you love to perform, and why?
    ……..I wonder if you guys would be able to make Changmin speak in the same voice he used in “before you go monolauge”…..oh wait, you might not interview them…NEVER MIND
    Gaelan ~ Canada

  426. Just tell MBLAQ that they never needed to hide the fact about the Pigeon folder/laptop. We all knew that from the very beginning.

  427. MBLAQ!! OMG!! *spazz* I’s ask Seungho if he wants to marry me!! nah… not really… that would be weird.. 
    I’d like to know what Each member would bring with them to a deserted island… not very original I know but I’m somewhat high on antibiotics right now… ^^’

  428. to MBLAQ and B2ST: do you have plan to make a US debut? if yes, when?
    to B2ST: do you mind Simon calling you “BATOOST?” =P

    Evelyn from San Jose, CA

  429. Can you ask any/all of the groups who they look up to or admire in the entertainment business, whether it be a fellow Korean actor/singer or somebody from a different country?

    Another question I would like to ask is if they ever knew that they were so popular with people from around the world, some of which who can’t even speak Korean?

    Becky from  South Dakota, U.S.A

  430. OMG I WANNA GO THERE SOO BADLY!!!! D: AND ITS FREE TOO!! -sadly i’m stuck in Vancouver- Q_Q Someone fly me to cali pleeeease


  432. Ask Sohee from Wonder Girls when she will be coming back as an actress!!

  433. to MBLAQ and TVXQ : what do you think of the fans that you have yet to meet in other countries and citese you havnt been tofrom Dejah from liberty county georgia,mideway

  434. That would be funny to play the paper game where you rip of the paper with your mouth and hand it off to other person with MBLAQ and B2ST.

  435. OK… I waited like the whole day reading what others want to ask but there’re still some uncovered questions I want to ask ♥MBLAQ♥. *grin*

    ✿ Every A+ loves Seungho’s piano skills.
    Do they plan to make a song featuring him playing
    piano? That would be so beautiful…

    ✿ I think Seungho CAN speak English (at least he did with Lauren’s father in Hello Baby)
    Simon and Martina, could you MAKE him (yeah-yeah I know, I’m very kind! lol) say some words to MBLAQ’s international fans in English! Pleeease~!

    ✿ Joonie is SO GOOD at acting! (I’m sure if you tell him this he will break into a smile) (◠‿◠)
    But WHY he still hasn’t get any offer for a MAIN part in a drama/movie?
    I know he’s packed with varieties (and he’s hilarious in ANY show) but I (hope not only me) want to see his acting more…

    ✿ Also can you ask Mir to SING something? I mean we all know he can rap but how bout
    singing? And maybe Simon could do something fun with him, like short game…idk…

    ✿ Does G.O. plan to have his moustache back? I think he’ll say “no” lol

    ✿ Can Ceondung say any English phrase (pick one of YOUR funny ones, something like “I’ve lost my paaaants~!”) in prince octopus’s voice? :P

    ✿ Do they find NON-Asian girls attractive?

    ❀ I join those who requested Mir saying “waffles” or/and “English”
    ❀ and those who asked if they still keep in touch with Hello Baby’s children?
    ❀ and DEFINITELY those who asked if MBLAQ ever heard of EatYourKimchi.com and Simon&Martina?

    Finally for MBLAQ and OTHERS:
    ✾ What was most embarrassing and most favourite fan present they ever received?

    ufff SO many questions…
    Hope you’ll pick at least one of mine! *happy*

    Finiks from Greece (I know it’s “phoenix”, but that’s how friends write my nickname. lol)

    ♡ HAVE ♡ A ♡ GREAT ♡ TIME ♡ IN ♡ CALIFORNIA!!! ♡
    Wish I could be there too…

  436. You should take to Lee Joon in English because he said he was sooo good at it in Sesame Player(; LOL.

  437. For MBLAQ: After the concert, would you consider taking Mir to visit one of America’s finest breakfast institutions?  Waffle House!

    For SISTAR or KARA: Can you say my name 5 times fast on-camera?  And then wink?

    -Hugh Jorgen from Illinois

  438. For any of the groups (or all!)

    If you could substitute any other thing to show, when that darn ‘aegyo’ request comes up, what would it be and will you please show us?

     Martin from Florida, USA

    Also, for Mblaq’s Mir… I think it’s apparent we need to hear him say ‘waffle’ a few more times.

  439. To MBLAQ: 
    Do they have any plan to perform in FRANCE (PARIS) in a near futur ? Because there is a great amount of A+ over there ^ ^and are they interested in foreign girls, singers, actors, … ?Who they would like to colaborate with, the most ?[To YANG SEUNGHO: ask him to do some aegyo even if it's not what he likes the most ;p or to make a little dance cause everytime he did it was awesome ^ ^ and What is the first thing he's looking for in a woman?] totally love him #^ ^#To BEAST: 
    What they would do next ?
    Are they going to do or keep on doing more acting in the furtur ? (really like dramas they were in) ^ ^

    Ask them to pick which one of them, they think, have the most popularity ? (from different part of the world) 

    Do they know any French word ? and if they do which one ?

    What was the most memorable gift they received from their fans up until now ? or what kind of gift they would like to receive ?

    If they had something like 2-3 weeks of vacation, what would they do ?

    Did they liked they previous album concept and what concept they would select for themselves ?

    What do they think it is interesting to see or do in SEOUL, in July ? for someone who is able to speak and also understand korean (at list a little more than the basics).
    [ because even though it's for an international student exchange program, I'll have planty of free time and don't really know what to do (2 weeks in SEOUL, YEAH!!!) even if it's Simon & Martina who answer to this last one, I don't mind and I'd be more than glad ^ ^ ]

    ——————————————–  Sophie, (21)  -  FRANCE  ——————————————————

  440. For Batoost and all of the other Kpop groups,
    WHY YU NO COME TO SEATTLE?! You guise have alot of fans here also!-Cleo from Seattle-

  441. All:
    1.Prior to debut, what did you think of your group members? Any stories as trainees? Even small ones are fine.
    2.Before you began training, What/Who drove you to become idols? Did you want to be one from the very start?
    3.Before debut, what were your hobbies? Interests? 
    4.Have you seen your ideal type in your fans? What is your ideal type?
    5.Being idols, how often do you visit family? Friends?
    6.Are you happy where you are? What do you want to be if you weren’t an idol?
    -Kristalyne, CA

  442. When speaking to Super Junior, please bring up the topic of ‘Oppa Has Arrived’ to that subgroup. That song is so freaking addictive and awesome, I’d like to hear anything they have to say about it, from the dance, the origins, etc.

  443. ASDFJKL;
    question to MBLAQ: Do they still contact their kids from Hello Baby~? <3 And is Mir actually that hyper all the time like he is in the show?
    Celina from Canada :D

  444. OMG i might be there too! you guys being there makes it all the more awesome :0 

  445. Hi, Simon and Martina!
    My questions to all of the groups will be “Do you read comments on YouTube to your music videos?” and “Do you google yourself?”
    Thanks, Marie from Latvia : )

  446. Is Kangin going to be in your next album?
    Will Henry, Donghae, and Leeteuk please produce and write more songs?

  447. soooo sad that i live six hours away… normally not a problem but i just had a baby and she is to young for me to be away from her. i guess i will settle for being a good mom! or a great mom as it were ( i am giving up MBLAQ and Super Junior)

  448. can MBLAQ give love messages to their international A+? :D plus do the ‘bboing bboing’! i wanna see clear+close shot of it XDD

  449. To MBLAQ: Why does Joon always get the guns (and the airplane tickets) in the music videos?

    To Joon of MBLAQ: With having such a large dance background, what is your favorite style of dance and why?

    -Vicky from California (but sadly SoCal, and am still in school, so I can’t go to the concert =,( )

  450. do they plan on  going sightseeing while in california or is this just a business trip? do they ever get to enjoy time off while on tour?

  451. Yay! I live by Mountain View! So excited!

  452. To all bands: 
    Did you ever expect to get such a large international fanbase and what country, that you haven’t visited yet, would you like to do concerts in? 
    Margrét from Iceland :) 

  453. Rose, TX

    Yoseob, How do you prepare for each show being the main vocalist, especially now with their world tour in progress ?

    Are they going to do HELLO BABY!!?? <3 (would love to see them)

    Can you pretty please have a concert in TEXAS??

    Do you know how awesome you are??!! 

  454. will it be livestreamed?

  455. to any of the bands or all: if they were given the chance to visit one country in europe that they have not visited yet, and do a concert there which would it be? – Hristina Bulgaria

  456. Can you ask MBLAQ if they want to have plans in reuniting with their kids again? 

  457. Can you ask B2st what their ideal girl is? Also if they can speak engrish 

  458. ask (pretty please)
    if they actually like doing aegyo?
    All the shows ask the guys to do it but frankly, some male artists just don’t seem comfortable with it lol

    from pau villo from el paso tx USA

  459. To Super Junior:
    Do you still keep in touch with Kibum & Hankyung? And what are your plans with Kangin now that he returned from the army?

    To any of the bands:
    Could you please demonstrate some aegyo and speak english? xD

    ~Melody from California~

  460. Questions to Wonder Girls: please tell us which country will be in your Asia Tour? please come to Malaysia!! 

    these ones are especially for Sunye :
    - other than singing, what are the other things you are passionate about?
    - what are the most precious gift from your boyfriend he ever gave u. >_<

    Kenshin, Malaysia. 

  461. To: B2ST

    If You could have a super power – what would it be?

    From: Arta from Latvia

  462. Actually, I have a better one. Can you guys ask Joon to do his tough aegyo?? If you haven’t seen it, here:

  463.  My questions would be for any of the groups.

    1) Ask for them to pick one song by another kpop group or artist that they wished was theirs or thought would match their group well.
    2) What kind of concept or style of music would they personally choose for their group to do next.
    3) What is the most suprising thing they’ve encountered in the U.S.? 

    Erin from the U.S.

  464. For my lovely Batoost members :D (could you call them that at the interview?)
    If you were kidnapped by savage and extreme fans from a foreign country. How/Would you escape?
    Do you think aliens exist?
    How does it feel to have the majority of your fans call you by the wrong name? I mean like 200 of us actually call you Batoost.
    P.S I love you! Beast FIGHTING :DAnd I also love EATYOUKIMCHI!!!! OMG! SIMON AND MARTINA FIGHTING!creepiness at its max.
    -Mirha M. (Mira) 16, So Cal :D

  465. My name is Grisell and I´m from Mexico
    if you can ask Super Junior, please tell them this:WHEN THEY ARE PLANNING TO VISIT LATIN AMERICA???We have waiting so long!!!!
    and for MBLAQ:WHEN THEY RETURN TO LATIN AMERICA??We want a lot of concerts here too!!!

  466. I Hope to see you there, I live all the way in southern California. DX 

  467. Question.. hmmmm…. question.. I can’t think of anything right now! TT.TT
    Umm.. Ask to feel their hair?I’ve always wondered because their hair looks so soft and wonderful :D Would that be too creepy? I donno…… -Sam from Canada :3

  468. Could you ask MBLAQ if they miss the little kids Leo, Dayoung and Lauren from hello baby?
    Kika from Belgium :)

  469. Can you guys ask who MBLAQ and BEAST’s Ideal girls are??

  470. can you get MBLAQ to make wonder girls’s swan dance :P that’ll be extra fun >.< 

  471. Questions for Simon & Martina:

    When are you guys coming to Cali? Were you guys planning on having a fan meet for your own SF Bay Area fans?

  472. to SISTAR’s BORA ^^
    on invincible youth you confessed that you see Song Joong Ki as a MAN :P are there any updates ?! or do you have a new ideal man ?! 

  473. Want to get noticed in America? Connect with Taekwondo schools.

  474. Hello Simon and Martina!!

    Could you ask all the groups to do some aegyo for us? ♥From Doan (Doe-on), CA, USA
    AND OMG, I am also going to the concert (if i get tickets) !! When can I see you guys??!so excited! ;D

  475. can you please ask b2st to say their name as batoost instead of beat?

  476. To all the artists (especially MBLAQ):

    There are definitely many challenges that you have been through and will be going through. But what motivates you to keep working in music?

  477. ask to k pop members have ever planned to come to Latin America especially Puerto Rico, the island of enchantment 

  478. Did you ever practice Taekwondo? How did it impact your career? Can you show us a move?

  479. Did you ever practice Taekwondo? Show us a move!

  480. A question for all of them: Have they ever thought of finding a boyfriend/girlfriend that is not Korean or even Asian? Can they imagine themselves in such relationships? Dragana from Montenegro.

  481. To all or any of the groups:

    Now that you’ve performed internationally and traveled to America, what things have you experienced and/or enjoyed while being here? What are things that are totally different than what’s in Korea/are there things in America that you wish were in Korea? Is it interesting to see that you have thousands of international fans? What American foods have you tried and what are your favorites? Have you experimented with your English while visiting America/is it difficult to communicate with your international fans?

    Raechel (California, U.S.A)
    Haha that’s all :D Thanks so much & have an awesome day! (OMGGGGG IM SO EXCITED TO GO TO THIS CONCERT O:)

  482. My name is xochitl and I’m from argentina (if ANY of them says my name that would make my day) (most of all beacause I wonder how they will pronounce it) (if TVXQ ever does an interview with you and says my name, I’ll be dead)
    Right now I’m kind of full of questions, so.. :

    1- Hi!, How are yu doing?
    2- DO you ever go to youtube to watch your own videos, and if you do, do yo read the comments? And do you just watch watch your mv? (there are quite a lot of videos about you on line, some of them would make a fun story to tell)
    3- Do you have a fun story about a misunderstunding overseas?
    4- Do you know any words in spanish?
    5-What are your thoughts on latinamerica?

    I guess that’s it :) have a nice day!

  483. Question for all the bands: How confident are they in their promotions overseas? Do they feel like changing their music and the overall concept of the group just for the sake of succeeding overseas or they just want to stick up to their original styles? Is promoting overseas even that important to them? Dragana from Montenegro

  484. To all of them(sorry if there’s grammar mistakes) – What did made you not give up your dream of becoming a singer? i know that k-pop goups before debuting have to go throught alot of hardships to perfect and polish their skills to the max, i bet they sometime on that period of training might have tought of giving up, so what did made them continue fighting for their dreams and finish what they once started is what i want to know and throught those get some strengh for myself :) Fighting!!

  485. I would like you to ask MBLAQ’s Lee Joon what he is like in reality. Because in variety show he has the “dumb” image and on stage he has the “charisma” image. Is this overdone in both ? 
    Tiphany from France :)

  486. MUH-BLACK… B A H T O O S T!!!!

  487. omygosh! if you somehow get an interview with SNSD, you have to have to HAVE TO ask tiffany what its like seeing bad engrish lines in songs and still recording them? does she try to correct them, but SM likes the engrish better? Is she afraid to be rude by correcting the song writers? or has her english become so fobby from living in korea for so long that she doesnt notice the errors? i think EVERY international kpopper wants to know the answer to this question!

  488. Hi Simon and Martina!

    My name is Lem! I’m 18 years old, a college freshman and a huuuuge (literally and figuratively) kpop fan from the Philippines!

    1. To all the bands, How do you guys feel when fans come to the airport to greet you guys?
    2. MBLAQ’s Thunder ssi, Marunong ka pa bang managalog (Do you still know how to speak Filipino?)
    3. Wonder Girls, Nobody was a BIG hit here in the Philippines, do you guys consider coming here for a show?
    4. B2ST, all of your Filipino B2UTIES (including me) miss you all so much! When’s the “part 2″ of your concert here? :)
    5. To all the bands, Covering Kpop dances is a BIG hit here in the Philippines. There are TONS of cover groups not only here in Metro Manila but also around the country even in small towns. Do you guys see their videos and how do you guys feel about that?
    6. If ever you will interview Super Junior, please ask Siwon
    (wait…ask that to Gikwang, Changmin and Lee Joon too! Just change the fanclub. Lols)
    7. To Sistar, How do you all keep your body so fit and voluptuous! Your voices are also amazing!
    8. To all the bands, How do you guys feel when international fans come all the way to Korea just to meet you, watch your concerts or just to have a feel of Korea?
    9. To all the bands, do you guys see our tweets, fanvideos or tributes to you guys?
    10. Lastly if ever you interview Super Junior, please tell them how much I love them. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

    I went to Korea recently (May2-6) and I wanted to see you guys…but I didnt :< Your videos are awesome and I learned a lot (The laundry vid helped me actually! Hehehe did laundry in Korea :D LIKE A BOSS!) sooooo sorry, Simon and Martina!! I have so many questions but I wanna thank you guys in advance, even if you guys might not ask my question. Hahahaha

    <3 lots, Lem Balderama (Bal-Duh-Ra-Mah) from the Philippines

  489. my name is Lexie
    im 21 
    im from nj, usa
    and i want to know what time is max time? (we know when uknow time is already.)
    and if TVXQ is really as tall as their profiles? Max=189cm and Uknow=186cm. that would make max kinda close to simons height! im 179 cm, (so tall for a girl!) so i have a strange affinity for tall peoples especially tall kpop peoples! tall kpop stars are like unicorns, so beautiful, so rare, so magical :3

  490. Please ask them if they are planning to do a concert in CANADA, precisely in MONTREAL :D Please, tell them that they have a lot of FANS in Montreal!! 

  491. To Wonder Girls:
    1. What are their thoughts about their first Japanese album? What do they think about ‘Nobody’ being the title song? If they could choose one of their songs to include in the album, which would it be? Are they going to appear in variety shows like ‘VS Arashi’ or music programs like ‘Music Station’?
    2. JYPE announced that WG are making their Korean comeback this June… are they releasing an album or a mini-album? Are they done with the recording yet? How is it different from their other albums/EPs/singles?
    3. They are going to be quite busy promoting both in Korea and Japan but still they are planning a TV-related project in the U.S. How do they do it?! =P Are they excited about their possible U.S. activities?

    Simon and Martina, thanks for giving us this oportunity! Enjoy in California! ^^ And make sure to comeback with loads of videos =P

    *Laura, from Spain

    PS: Love you, guise! =D

  492. you can ask any group this question (though i’d love it if MBLAQ said my name ^^):
    if the line up of your group had to change and a member or two is getting replaced (like what happened with ukiss) what would you do? would you try to stop it or come to a compromise or what?  line up changes are really heartbreaking for fans so i really wanna know their feelings on this.
    ~gina from jamaica.

  493. This isn’t exactly a question but can Simon take a picture with KiKwang from B2ST standing up? hahaha It’s kind of cruel for KiKwang but it would be a cute photo ;)

  494. I’ve always wanted to know, do any of these groups ever go on their Youtube music videos to just check the fans’ responses? Also, do they ever check the demographics to see who they appeal to the most?

  495. You are AWESOOOOME!!! I love your videos!!

    I’d like to know what they think about our (american and european) custom and habits? Do they look very strange to them? is there one in particular they find very strange?
    because some korean habits are unusual for us, but we never think that ours are unusual as well…

    Jennifer from Switzerland ^^

  496. If you get to interview Super Junior, please ask one of these
    1) Kyuhyun: what games has he played lately and if he plays with TVXQ’s Changmin..
    2) Ask Yesung when was the last time he touched other member’s philtrum (he has this habit but it is possible he doesn’t do this anymore because they don’t like it)
    3) Ask Siwon when will he get himself a boyfriend and leave eunhae alone
    4) Ask Shindong which one he loves more, his girlfriend or Diablo 3 (he tweeted: Diablo III, I’m waiting for you only!!! Come!! Ah~ excited^^) (game hasn’t come yet but it is coming really soon, so he might be in love with it by then)
    1) Ask Yunho what was the last thing Changmin nagged about (Changmin nags a lot, poor Yunho)
    2) Ask Changmin what videogames has he been playing lately and if he plays them with Kyuhyun and with who else he likes to play with.. (I want to play with them too T^T)

    This question can be asked to Kyuhyun and Changmin (because they are known to play games the most, not so sure of others).

    “If you had to choose.. A lifetime ban from videogames or a lifetime ban to singing?” kekeke (of course they would say videogames, but imagine their life without gaming HAHAHAHA!)

    Tivton from Finland

  497. Can you ask the boy bands if they have been checking out girls on their tours and concerts outside Korea and if so did they ever see their ideal type and wanted to approach them? Dragana from Montenegro. 

  498. I’d
    basically ask all of them all these questions: 
    how did the fact that the so-called Hallyu wave has spread so much ( with many
    k-pop groups having numerous out-of-Asia concerts and thousands of
    international fans) affect them both in terms of their musical career, but also
    in their personal life?( I mean, now they get recognized almost anywhere they
    go, it’s not just Korea or  just some Asian countries)

    do they feel that the media in non-Asian countries help them promote their
    music and their band,  with an open-mind, or can they sense some
    out-of-place judgments or even racism?

    out of all the singers/dancers/producers/choreographers… out there, who would
    they like to work with? (I think this goes for each member, not exactly for the
    band, but, well…)

    and to end it with a less serious question, I wonder what their biggest fears are  :)

    If by any chance one of my questions gets chosen, tell them a girl named
    Ruxandra from Romania sends them lots of love and wishes them good luck :)
    P.P.S. I have two more questions: how do they feel about having to go to army one day (the boys) and how do they feel about leaving the k-pop idol world behind and becoming a mother one day (the girls)…

  499. Why does everyone keep asking questions for like SNSD? They said they are interviewing MBLAQ, Batoost, Wonder Girls, and Sistar.

  500. A/N: Originally left this on YT, but with character restrictions, I couldn’t leave my required info requested. So I crtl c+v’d up here with more detail and my info. Thanks! 

    To all groups:
    1.What are your thoughts and impressions to the Worldwide Hallyu Wave? How long do you feel the effect will last?

    Mainly to WonderGirls and SNSD, open to all:
    2.With American and British Pop Groups (The Wanted, One Direction, etc.) recently making a resurgence (or come back, if you will) to the mainstream; what would your group/respective companies want to do to ensure that your International appeal isn’t lost in translation **as you continue to prepare for English debut?

    **specific to WonderGirls/SNSD

    Jay Young (jaydork24 at YT and twitter)
    Illinois, USA

  501. Nicolette, 17, U.S.A
    To all the bands: How do you feel about International fans that understand little Korean, or none at all? And would you like to perform for them in their home countries?

  502. To B2ST & MBLAQ:

    If you could collaborate with any American artist, who would it be?
    When do you plan on promoting in the United States? 
    Where do you want to visit in the US?
    Is there any American food that you want to try?

  503. For MBLAQ; what music video acting for them was the most opposite of their actual personalities?  (MIR, PLEASE SAY “WAFFLES” FOR US!!! XDXD)
    For Sistar; if they could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
    For BEAST; Has there been any instance in which they felt a romantic connection to an actress in any of their music videos? (Because I REALLY REALLY ship them, LIKE SERIOUSLY http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-oyYb8WfXKW8/Tc3R0SQx93I/AAAAAAAAAm8/23GXw23MVak/s640/20110513_b2st_fiction2.jpg)
    For MBLAQ; The strangest fan incident they have ever been involved in and a few ways they handle the more…. crazy aspect of their fandom~ 
    ~~Haley Forte, 19 USA (South Carolina, represent!)

  504. Kali, U.S.A (pronounced as KAY-lie)
    To all the bands: How do you feel about international fans that understand little Korean, or none at all? And would you like to perform for them, in their home countries?

  505. Nicolette, 17, U.S.A
    To all the bands: How do you feel about International fans that understand little Korean, or none at all? And would you like to perform for them in their home countries?

  506. Nicolette, 17, U.S.A (pronounced as Nicole-let)
    To all the bands: How do you feel about International fans that understand little Korean, or none at all? And would you like to perform for them, in their home countries?

  507. yay! i’m added you guys on my google plus account, liked you on facebook, subscribed to you on youtube, and followed you on twitter! :D  <3 <3 <3  also i've got a question:

    "If you weren't in your groups as music artists, what other occupation would you think you would be in?"Shirley (Stoneham, Massachusetts)

  508. please ask beast to introduce themselves ..as ..soooooooo batoost!!!

  509. i cant believe this… you guys are gonna miss infinite’s comeback :(

  510. To all the groups: Are they gonna come to the middle east ?

    As international fans we would like to send them gifts and fan letters but we don’t know what
    address to use .. how can we get the fan letter address?


    To SISTAR:  Bora and Hyorin r part of the sub unit SISTAR 18 … is Dasom and Soyou gonna be part of other sub unit?

    They r known for their sexy image … r they gonna try a cute concept in the


    To B2ST: plz ask them what do they think about u calling them BATOOST  lol.



    Thank you,,,

  511. Please ask the male groups for their REAL heights .. like ur ever gonna get them. -.-’

  512. What’s it like having a sibling in the same industry/company as you and do you listen to the others group? (Bobbi from Pennsylvania)

  513. sarah bielec

    wish they were comin to chicago :(

  514. To MBLAQ from Canada: You’ve been to many places in the world for performances and other shows, out of all of them which destination was your favorite? And if you had a choice to perform anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

  515.  Hi,Simon and Martina and……Spudgy!! I have a few questions here for BEAST:

    1.BEAST has endorsed ramen,cosmetic products,clothing lines and many
    other products but is there any product which you guys would TOTALLY
    love to endorse and how would you advertise it?

    2.To each member of BEAST,if you get to pick out the members’ outfits
    for your next comeback, what would you let them wear and why?

    3.New groups are constantly making their debuts.What do you guys think
    about the new groups?(e.g. Is there any group which has impressed you?) and as seniors,do you have any advice for them?

    Lastly, Simon and Martina,thank you for offering us this opportunity to
    actually have our questions answered by the artists,though not all but
    still,I really appreciate it!! :) Have a good week ahead!!

    -MND,all the way from Brunei. <3

  516. From Kentucky:

    To SNSD: What is your favorite American food?To MBLAQ: What is the hardest thing about being a Kpop star?

  517. You guise!!!! Simon had a cameo in Ga In’s show. Remember when you took a picture with her??? Well that was featured on her show!!!!!!!! Just thought I should tell you that.

  518. Please ask MBLAQ’s Lee Joon to say “Sophie, saranghae.” Teehee .. <3

  519. To f(x): When is your next comeback? ;_; 

  520. I would like to know from all of them that if they could chose would they want crazy fans who follow them around everywhere and buy everything from them or would they want fans who leave the alone most of the time but buy sometimes their things.

  521. To SNSD: How do you feel about all your members’ kiss scenes in dramas? 

  522. To MBLAQ from Malaysia : Ask them if they watch videos of their performance after a show.  &&& MBLAQ! you guys made a video when you guys first debuted saying you’d come to malaysia, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? -Tabitha

  523. To MBLAQ from Malaysia : Ask them if they watch videos of their performance after a show.  &&& MBLAQ! you guys made a video when you guys first debuted saying you’d come to malaysia, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? -Tabitha

  524. To MBLAQ from Malaysia : Ask them if they watch videos of their performance after a show.  &&& MBLAQ made a video when you guys first debuted saying you’d come to malaysia, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? -Tabitha

  525. To MBLAQ from Malaysia : Which member is the member that likes taking pictures of themselves the most?  &&&You guys made a video when you guys first debuted saying you’d come to malaysia, WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? -Tabitha

  526. For MBLAQ: If there is one group anywhere in the world you could collaborate with, who would you choose?

    For Wonder Girls: What’s your favourite English phrase?

    For Beast: What’s your favourite flavour in Ramen?

    For Sistar: Did you watch LED Apple perform ‘Alone’? 

    Sumaiya from Toronto!

  527. To Wonder Girls: What non-Korean singers/bands do you guys like? (Other than Bieber and One Direction, Lim ^_~)

  528. Oh and don’t forget to ask Mir to say WAFFLES and ENGRISH and also ask them if they miss their children(Leo,Lauren,Dayoung) and if there is a chance for a reunion with them. 

  529. To MBLAQ:

    1.Tell us something about yourself that you never said on TV before
    2.What are their thoughts about dating or even marring a foreigner?And when I say a foreigner I mean from Europe or America not from other Asian countries. 
    3.Tell them that they have a lot of Greek A+ and we want them to come to Greece because we can’t travel to Korea(you know it’s a little bit too far xD)
     4.Tell them to have a conversation in English.Aaaaaaall of them not only Thunder. xD
     Oh and tell to Seungho that I love him and that he has a killer smile :P

    Sofia from Greece 

  530. Can you ask Beast if they’re coming to Norway sometime, or if they want to come to Norway?? They’re my favorite group and I’m dying to see them (and others ofc), but no kpop artists come here :(  And I can’t afford to go abroad to see them.. *sigh*

  531. To any group, “How do you respond to reading negative comments online?”
    or “What is something you would like to say to all of your anti’s?”
    Thank you, from Choi TaeYoung. Seoul, South Korea. (:

  532. ask hyorin which idol she wants to do a duet with the most :DDDDD thank you from felicia. and OMG YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND OMG YOUTUBE AND OMG CONGRATS AND OMG HAVE FUNNNNN :]]

    or if you could ask beast what their favourite flavour of ice cream is too :D

    thanks again

  533. To MBLAQ from Skyla (U.S.):
    Do I want to marry Mir: Yush:D (I plan on spamming the heck out of the comments hehe I love this band and would flip if MBLAQ got my questions XDDDDD)
    -Do you plan to go on tour in the states anytime soon?:)
    -Which member speaks the best English?
    -Do you watch Simonandmartina/go on youtube at all?
    -Who chose the band name? (Music Boys in Absolute Quality)
    -Who did you grow up listening to?
    -Would you date a foreigner ^^?

  534. Shezanne Patiño from Philippines who’s currently staying in Malaysia ==

    Ask them what songs are there in their phones >;D or if possible, tell them to show it. :D

  535. Question for Hyorin from SISTAR: Recently, she was picked as having the number 1 most ‘glamorous’ or ‘voluptuous’ body for girl groups. How does she feel about that?
    -Bianca from Canada :D

  536. Please ask SISTAR about the car in ‘Alone’, it is still so unrelated for me.. 

    • I think, the girl here (which is Hyorin) just came from a date and is now going home. She stopped by somewhere and then the reason why she’s changing her dress inside the car because she’s wearing that dress at their date (she doesn’t want to remember anything from that sad moment) but unfortunately, everything didn’t turn out right. 

  537. For Seohyun from SNSD, “What is you ideal type? (Traits and Charateristics)”
      Lol my friend really likes her. xD

    For MBLAQ “What is their outlook on interracial mariages? Whether it be korean with vietnamese to korean with white.”

    To all the groups, “Will any of you have a concert in the states that does not include California or New York? (cough cough, Austin or Houston, Texas)”

    Looking forward to the answers, Diana from the Austin, Texas! :D

  538. Hi,Simon and Martina and……Spudgy!! I have a few questions here for BEAST:

    1.BEAST has endorsed ramen,cosmetic products,clothing lines and many other products but is there any product which you guys would TOTALLY love to endorse and how would you advertise it?

    2.To each member of BEAST,if you get to pick out the members’ outfits for your next comeback, what would you let them wear and why?

    3.New groups are constantly making their debuts.What do you guys think about the new groups?(e.g. Is there any group which has impressed you?) and as seniors,do you have any advice for them?

    Lastly, Simon and Martina,thank you for offering us this opportunity to actually have our questions answered by the artists,though not all but still,I really appreciate it!! :) Have a good week ahead!!

    -MND,all the way from Brunei. <3

  539. To all the groups:

    What’s their inspiration?
    What song(s) are they currently listening to?

    Erika from San Diego

  540. Why do they never come to Gwangju!?vWHY!
    Who would they like to collabirate with in the U.S.
    씨스타 will probably say Beyonce! lol

  541. Please ask Batoost:

    Do you want to….ENLARGE YOUR MANHOOD??!!

    ….oh, sorry. It’s just some spam. :p

  542. Simon and Martina…. My name is phonetical… Ta-nu-sha. Just if you happen to choose my questions. OH. I’m Indian, so is my name. If you ever come to Tallahassee…. I’ll make you curry….. And other Indian foods…..

  543. This is amazing! I’m the one who mentioned about the SM concert down in LA the day before this event when you guys were doing your live feed. I’m actually from the Bay Area, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to drive all the way back up and see this too!! As excited as I am to see all my favorite kpop groups, is there any chance of a meet and greet with my favorite Canadian couple from Korea?

  544. To BEAST: if you can be any super hero [such as: batman, iron man, captain america, etc.] which one will you be and why? 
    To MBLAQ: who will you want to re-enact the secret garden scene with? be truthful :D 

  545. To MBLAQ:
    1. Is Rain still writing songs for you from the military?
    2. Say something in English for us.
    3. Have you guise heard of Eat Your Kimchi?
    4. Which U.S artists inspire you?
    To Wonder Girls:
    1. Which member is the most confident with English?
    2. Sohee how do you feel knowing Heechul really admires you?
    3. What are the next up coming plans for us seeing you in the U.S?
    If Simon and Martina happens to run into Super Junior:
    1. (To Leeteuk) When do you plan on enlisting in the army? Who will be the new leader? Why did you not come to places like the U.S, South America, Philippines for Super Show 4?

    ~Tanusha, Tallahassee, Fl (the Sunshine State~)

  546. Can you tell youtube to fly me there free of charge too. I always wanted to see Siwon in person. :( It’s a life long dream. 

  547. To MBLAQ from Skyla (U.S.):
     (I plan on spamming the heck out of the comments hehe I love this band and would flip if MBLAQ got my questions XDDDDD)
    -Do you plan to go on tour in the states anytime soon?:)
    -What songs have you been listening to a lot recently?
    -Which member speaks the best English?
    -Do you watch Simonandmartina/go on youtube at all?
    -Favorite high school experience?
    -What would be your job if you didn’t do this?
    -Who chose the band name?
    -Who did you grow up listening to?

  548.  Please ask them: When they will do concerts in Latin America?(México, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, chile, etc…) Thank You very much! and congrats eyk!

  549. please ask mblaq, if mblaq ever have a concert in europe, specially in germany!? TTTTTT i love you for this, when you could ask them.

  550. You could ask them if they actually watch K-Pop Mondays and if so – do they benefit from the critical feedback to improve for next time?

  551. For MBLAQ: Is there any costume/outfit that you felt very awkward wearing? *cough*skirtandleotards*cough* *cough*flyingchipmunk*cough*

  552. Question to ask any group (as a whole):

    If you could choose any team sport to play as a group, what do you think you’d have the highest chance of winning at? (assuming it can be +/- 1 member from the official team numbers)

  553. please ask thunder of MBLAQ if he wants to visit philippines again.please??

  554. Please ask B2ST if they are planning on coming back to the UK ? And ask them what the weirdest thing a fan has ever sent them?

    Thanks Sukh :D

  555. To MBLAQ and/or B2ST! (or Batoost as Simon got me saying…)
     Q: Which countries would you like to visit or have a concert in?
    And are you guys aware of your Filipino fans? :)
    To Thunder!: Do you miss the Philippines? What do you love/like/miss/dislike about it?
    From Aira from the Philippines!

  556. Ask the two girls from SISTAR 19 to teach you the body roll – their dance video was trending in Australia for that awesome dance move xD

  557. Have there been any moments where you’ve felt like you just can’t take it or you want to give it up; before/after your debut? If so, how did you overcome it? What motivated to you carry on going?

  558. Random questions to ask any of them:

    1. How do you eat your icecream? (i.e. lick from cone – clockwise or anti-clockwise, push down into cone using tongue, bite from stick, spoon out of bowl, in a sandwich?)

    2. What is your favourite activity during a long trip? (i.e. car ride, plane flight)

    3. If you could be any character in a 2012 movie, who would you be and why?

    4. Have you ever had an inner conflict with the lyrics of one of your songs? (e.g. Taeyang’s ‘Only Look At Me’ was completely out of character)

    5. If you were not a singer, but a normal high school student, what would you be doing every day after school?

    6. Is there any strange genetic body trick you can do? (i.e. Roll tongue, Spock ‘V’ hand, flap ears, double-jointed fingers, etc) Show us~ xD

    7. If you were the director of the group’s latest MV, what would you do differently?

    Trust me, the ice cream question always catches people off guard. ^^b

  559. BEAST: Which superpower would u want to own if u can choose one? (OMG so EXO inspired LOL!!)

  560. oh..and please ask all the groups if they ever seriously consider coming to the middle east….cause that would we awesome!!!!!! omnya from egypt!!

  561. TO MBLAQ:
    i saw every reality show of mblaq including (hello baby,idol army,sesame player,making the artist,….) and i really love their characters but  lee joon said that is not who they really are…ask them what is their really like…on stage or on tv??? omnya from egypt!!!

  562. Hi, I’m AJ Manansala from the Philppines and I’m dying to know if Beast already heard Simon calling them Batoost instead of B2st… as in Beast… and what’s their reaction…? And please tell them not to marry too many fans because that would be polygamy. ANd lastly… what do they think about the B2st shirts Simon keeps on bragging about… ( i want one…) Will they ask Simon for the shirt and his autograph for inventing one of the genius things on Earth?

  563. For MBLAQ’s Thunder: As a TCK (Third Culture Kid) who grew up in a foreign country (The Philippines), does he ever feel like he doesn’t have a home, or somewhere he really belongs?

  564. Hi, I’m AJ Manansala from the Philppines and I’m dying to know if Beast already heard Simon calling them Batoost instead of B2st… as in Beast… and what’s their reaction…? And please tell them not to marry too many fans because that would be polygamy. ANd lastly… what do they think about the B2st shirts Simon keeps on bragging about… ( i want one…) Will they ask Simon for the shirt and his autograph for inventing one of the genius things on Earth?

  565. 1.Please ask Mir to say “waffur” and “everybody rice eat” then to have Joon counter it with a “you shouldn’t do that”. ;P
    2. Definitely get B2ST to say BATOOST (at least once) and ask when will they be having a comeback? I miss seeing them because they’re on tour! ><" 
    3.To MBLAQ – please do the "ddbong" game! XD 
    4. For both MBLAQ and B2ST – what is their favourite song from their own albums?

    Vivian (IRELAND) 

  566. To each group: How has the globalization of kpop affected their views on the music industry and was there a distinct difference/change in their music when they began targeting not only a Korean audience, but an international audience?

  567. For all the groups/individual members:
    Which group of the opposite sex of another company, which is in your age group do you like/admire most? Why?
    - Hazel from the Philippines

  568. Simon, please do a WAFFUR battle with Mir.
    Thanks1 :)

  569. If they were to live anywhere else in the world other than Korea, where would it be and why? ^^ 

  570. TT_TT i want to cryyyy…… im from Lubbock TX, it takes 22 hours to drive to CA. And I have a  flight to San Francisco on the 22nd that is nonrefundable. I can’ttttttttttt gooooooooooo TT_TT.   

    So…. can Martina pleaseeeeeeeee feel the wonderful abs of kikwang, uknow, and lee joon ( or all of them).

  571. My question for MBLAQ: Can you say my name with aegyo? :3 From Freya Ford-Elliott in England, UK! (I’m a big A+ too! :D)

  572. For Sistar:

    There has been a sub-unit which is Sistar19, I’d like to ask them when is Sistar19 going to have their comeback stage?
    Are there also any future plans of forming sub-units? like Hyorin+Soyu or Soyu+Dasom? 

    Because I’d like to see more from Soyu and Dasom since they always get fewer lines. Why do they always get fewer lines anyway?
    And I also hope for Bora to sing too, not just rap – though I could swear that she’s one of the awesome rapper in KPOP industry but I would really love to see her sing. ^^

    Thanks and Sistar hwaiting! Saranghae!

  573. To MBLAQ and B2ST: What is least favorite thing your stylist made you wear? Also, what are your favorite American foods? ^^ I hope you guys have a great time there!

  574. ask to all of the groups (or just a few if you prefer) 
    to girl groups : “if all of your members were boys, who would you rather marry and why?”
    to boy groups: “if all of your members were girls, who you you marry and why?”
    i realllly hope you ask this question! i remember this from boys before flowers when they were all playing truth or dare in geum jandi’s new appartment :3 thanks! hope to see you there <33-Jenna Kim 
    -Burke, V.A.

  575. TO B2ST (batoost)
    1. Will you guys ever come and do a concert in Italy, Rome? If so when?
    2.Which country do you prefer the most from these two, England or Italy?
    3.Why is the Maknea (Dongwoon) so hot?
    From: Sam Shahidul (Italy,Rome) xD PLEASE ASK THEM THESE 3 QUESTIONS!!! xD I BEG YOU GUYS!!!!

  576. ask to all of the groups (or just a few if you prefer) 
    to girl groups : “if all of your members were boys, who would you rather marry and why?”
    to boy groups: “if all of your members were girls, who you you marry and why?”
    i realllly hope you ask this question! i remember this from boys before flowers when they were all playing truth or dare in geum jandi’s new appartment :3 thanks! hope to see you there <33

  577. ask to all of the groups (or just a few if you prefer) 
    to girl groups : “if all of your members were boys, who would you rather marry and why?”
    to boy groups: “if all of your members were girls, who you you marry and why?”
    i realllly hope you ask this question! i remember this from boys before flowers when they were all playing truth or dare in geum jandi’s new appartment :3 thanks! hope to see you there <33

  578. For any of the groups (but most preferably MBLAQ since Mir is my husband ^^)
    What is your favourite Western food?
    - Adrianna from Canada

  579. A general questions for all of the groups: How do you think you’ve grown since your debut? Where do you see your group headed? Also, what concept would you like to go with in your next promotions? What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?

    Also, G.O, where’s your facial hair? Bring it back!

  580. Please, ask to B2ST’s JunHyung and/or f(x)’s Amber : As rappist, what kind of exercise do you do to increase your rappist skills ?  Simon from France !

    Oh ! And ask B2ST to say BATOOST, that would be really fun XD !

  581. Guess this could be any group: Have you ever looked at the clothes chosen for your future promotions and thought: “What the —- was the stylist thinking?” 
    - Sara Lee from Denmark

  582. Ask MBLAQ’s Joon why he fell in love with the girl he was supposed to assassinate.

  583. to Wonder Girls: 
    ask them to whisper “J.Y.P.” before the start of the interview

  584. I’m curious as to what their fears of this concert are/was, or if they had any. Caitlin, North Carolina, USA

  585. Please ask MBLAQ how they’re so sexy.

    Love, Marina from Australia.

    P.S. Also Ask Mir to say waffur. You know you want to.

  586. Cécile, France

    For all the bands: Have they already seen your videos ? Are they following you on twitter maybe ? Do they know if they won or lose on an episode ? Were they good enough in English to understand what you said about them ? Will they accept to dance with both of you =P ? (especially the Wonder Girls ^^) Do they dream of having a small holiday after their activity oversea (like a reward =P) ?

    B2ST: When will they make a comeback ? Did they enjoy coming in France last time ? Why can’t we see them in their own TV program ? (it would be so much fun !!! Yoseob is hilarious !) Will they have more confidence from now on when they come to a western country ? (I felt like they didn’t dare to talk to their fan and enjoy the concert, joking &c when they came in Paris, which is a pity – because all their fan paid attention to U-Kiss and 2PM more : in France, a lot of people who don’t listen to k-pop only know B2ST and like them ! It’s the first band they listened to thanks to Shock)

    MBLAQ: Would they like to come in Paris to do a concert ? =P (they are soooo welcomed ! We love their songs like Oh yeah! ; Stay ; Y ; Again &c) Did they make any complaint about the setting for Mona Lisa and the vampire concept ? (I’m thinking about Thunder clothes, it was a bit odd) Will Mir make another featuring ? I love his rap, it’s really good when he’s doing a song with a female singer ! I saw Joon on Strong Heart, claiming that he’s not dumb but plays a part: won’t it hurt your image more than it is impressive to see the difference with when you’re on stage or filming a movie ? (I like the serious, charismatic Joon better !)

    Wonder Girls: They are the first k-pop band I’ve listened to !!! I was looking for a japanese music video and I found So Hot !! They were so funny, I’m wondering: Will they make another music video this fun later ? (it suits them so well !) Will they have a TV programme of their own so that we could know them better ? (because they were absent for so long I almost forget them… I listened to k-pop only 1 year after seeing their MV for So Hot, thanks to miss A ^^) Are there other members dating someone apart from SeonYe now ? When will be their comeback ?

    Sistar: What was their impression after coming to Paris ? I saw on Invincible Youth that Bora thought she had not many friends among other k-pop idols: did it get better after appearing on this program ? ^^ She should meet people during her stay in California !

    If you see Super Junior: I couldn’t go to the concert they did in Paris, but I think people who had the chance to made everything they could to show how thankful they were: Do they want to go in Paris more often ? Or maybe another country they want to discover ? I like Sukira Kiss the Radio: who will be the members leading this radio after Ryeowook and Sungmin ?
    Girl’s Generation: for Hyoyeon, are other members jealous that you have the opportunity to dance other kind of dance on TV ? ^^ What do the girls think about the lyrics for The Boys ? Did they saw your video about it ? TaeTiSeo members are so beautiful in their MV, the clothes are so feminine and glamorous: is there a SoNyeoShiDae member who’s not like that at all in real life ? Are they friend with EXO members ?
    f(x): I heard Amber singing a song with Henry: why SM only let her sing rap parts ??! She has talent !! Even SHINEE’s Minho is singing sometimes ! Are the girls friend with EXO members ?

    Sorry x) It’s really really long, but they are always asked the same questions in Korea. There are so many things I would like to know about them ! Anyway, you’re so lucky ! I would like to go too, but after 2 concerts in Paris I think I should not complain so much ! You guys should ask them lots of fun questions =D !!! I’m counting on you ! Make them dance and do funny faces too hahaha !!

  587. To any group ~

    - What is making you happy the most in your life ?
    - What do you think about having fans from all over the world ?
    - Was your dream being a singer ?
    - Is there something you can’t bear from your fans ?
    - Do you have any original talent ? xD

    B2ST or MBLAQ ~
    - What is your favorite girlband ?
    - Dongsaeng or noona ? xD

    Clara from France

  588. Benji – Australia
    to all of them! Q. What is the first thing they think of when they wake up and the last thing that think of before they sleep?

    and if you get a chance XD fingers crossed!
    f(x) – Q. Have you ever watched any of the Eat Your Kimchi videos? if so which one was most memorable or funniest?

  589. HI! Please ask B2ST (Batoost) My question : Do you ever read the mentions you get on twitter from english speaking fans, and do you guys understand them? ^^

    Much love from B2uty in Norway <3

  590. Ask all of them to list their favorite countries!

  591. To everyone: do you ever feel awkward having video cameras following you around or have you gotten used to it?
    -Joanne, New Jersey

  592. Ok I’m totally all for the people below who have mentioned to ask Mir to say “Waffurs”, but when MBLAQ got back from L.A. earlier this year, Mir had said “Motherfather” (as a joke that he would want for his parents to be there in L.A. with him lol) as well. Perhaps, after spending some time in California, is there any new English term that Mir has recently learnt?
    Thanks Simon and Martina! Hope you guys have a great time over there! :)
    - Karina from Indinizia (no, kidding, it’s Indonesia)

  593. Hi, my name is Frida and I’m from Denmark. ^^
    For SISTAR: What is their best workout secrets to get a slim and sexy body as their?I think SISTAR have some of the best bodies in K-pop, so I’M SO CURIOUS YEAH (SHINee moment lol) about their workout routine. ^^
    For Wonder Girls: What are some of their best beauty secrets to get a nice skin that Korean girls are know for?
    For BEAST: Have they considered studying English/getting better at English because of their international fans?I’m actually really curious about this, because it’s obviously an advantage if some of the members can speak English when it comes to communicating with international fans. :)
    For MBLAQ: Can each member do their cutest aegyo and can Mir please say ‘Waffel’? XDMIRS ENGRISH FOR THE WIN

  594. Please could you ask any of the bands if they are planing on ever coming to Mexico or Latinamerica for a concert since they have such a big fanbase down here

  595. Can you ask TVXQ how they feel about having such a large fan base? Last I heard, Cassiopeia and BigEast made it one of the biggest fandoms in the world. Is it overwhelming? Pressuring? I’m curious.

  596. Ask MBLAQ & B2ST to do dance covers of their favourite girl group songs :D – FROM MEL IN AUSTRALIA !!

  597. I have a question for Wonder Girls. How often do you check your @ replies on twitter? Do you read many of them? 

  598. Can you guys speak a full english conversation with Joon or Mir. That would be awesome…

    You guys: “How old are you?”
    Mir: “… I’m good thank you!”

    You guys: “How was the concert?”Mir: “Many many people happy!”

  599. questions:
     have you ever been to in-’n-out before i n the states ? if so di you think its was delicious?

  600. Emily Barajas, New Mexico
    MIR, Y U NO LOVE ME!? ;A;

    Loljk. Dot tell him that. ._.

    Dear MBLAQ, considering you’re all guys, is it bothersome having to wear so much makeup when you go out or are on stage?

    Dear all of you, What is the most traumatizing encounter you’ve had with a fan?

  601. Ask ALL GROUPS how hectic their schedules are, how much time off they get and how they stay healthy even with such little sleep? – From Mel in Australia

  602. can you guys ask BEAST to do BO PEEP BO PEEP dance cover 

  603. Ask ALL GROUPS if they have creative control over the singles they promote and which one was there favourite so far? :) from Mel in Australia

  604. I’m actually fan of every of the boy bands who are coming and so jelly of you! ;A; But I live in Denmark and I’ve already spent WAAY too much money on plane tickets to SM Town in Paris and Beautiful Show in Berlin.

    Anyway, I would like to know if (any of them) have a different view on Korean fans and international fans? If they feel closer to their Korean fans or something like that! ^_^

  605. for B2ST: Are you guys getting enough sleep lately??? We know you are
    working hard and we worry about you so much. Please take care of
    yourselves!!  We will support you no matter what !! B2ST FIGHTING !! FROM: Dina and Sarah, we are from Bethlehem, Palestine(middle east)

  606. for B2ST: Are you guys getting enough sleep lately??? We know you are working hard and we worry about you so much. Please take care of yourselves!!  We will support you no matter what !! B2ST FIGHTING !! FROM: Dina and Sarah, we are from Bethlehem, Palestine(middle east)

  607. A good question to ask any of the groups would be, “What English person or group would they enjoy having a collaboration song or album with?”

  608. Ask B2ST about Batoooost.. if anyone ever called them that ! 

  609. (JinHoong from msia =D)
    To Beasttss : Do you ever had an arguement with 4minute before =(

  610. I’m Cecelia from Toronto, Canada, i want to ask them all what was the most memorable experience they encounter meeting their fans. 

  611. Ask Mblaq which girl group do they wanna work/collaborate with? 2NE1 ? 

  612. For Sistar’s Hyorin,

    For international music concerts, such as Music Bank Paris, do you get time to practice duet songs together before the concerts, or do you practice separately and then just test it out during rehearsals?


  613. TO BEAST: What do they think of  MCCOL SODA? 

  614. TO BEAST: 

    1) Yoseob, will you please consider getting blonde hair again like during your Bad Girl days?
    2) When is your actual comeback date? 
       [if they haven't had their comeback already on the 17th as rumours say they will]
    3) How do you feel about your comeback and releasing a new album after a whole year?
       [if they HAVE already had their comeback on the 17th as rumours say they will]
    4) Will you come back to England again?
    5) WE LOVE YOU!!!

    T/N: I’m from Sri Lanka, even though I’m living in England atm =)

  615. hiii i wanna ask MBLAQ a question >.<
    how does rain treat them !! is he like an elder brother to them or just a senior or maybe JUST MAYBE a father !!
    one more thing … i watched mblaq's idol army and noticed that MIR shouts alot !! he yells out loud every second ! how does the other members react to that ?!! i mean cop with that :P

    btw I'm Hala from Oman

  616. OH, you guys should also ask the male groups what they think about Flaccid Jaw Syndrome? Do they feel awkward just repeatedly touching their jaws? xDD

  617. I’d like to ask BEAST(all of the members) which one of the other members that they’re closest to

  618. To BEAST members: “Can you do aegyo for us?” -Sharon from Australia.

  619. BEAST : Was there any funny moment when they were doing their BEAUTIFUL concert ?
    so beast!!! FIGHTING!

  620. Also (Caroline from the UK) I am part of a KPop dance team in London and we teach the UK Kpop fanbase dance routines. We’ve also had an SM choreographer come over to teach for us. What do you think about the dance culture hitting the UK? Did you think your dances would ever become so popular to learn?

  621. I remember seeing an interview with MBLAQ once where the members were asked how they feel now that new bands are debuting and if they feel threatened. They replied that they always feel the stress of being the best, and try to learn from these new groups how to become better. My question is (to any group): If you’ve ever felt like you hit rock bottom, have you ever thought of seeking a career change? And if so, did you think realistically it was possible? 

  622. My questions are to all of them :D except the last :D that’s for sistar

    1)any group members if they actually read fanfics?:D
    2)Do they want to try a hiphop concept (Like Tiger JK,YoonMirae,Dok2,The Quiett etc)
    3)Who do they respect the most in the entertainment industry?
    4)Say my name :D Ronald/Poggingout(on twitter) from SINGAPOREEEE

  623. Hi this is Kelley from Maryland and this is a question for HyungSeung.

    “If you could do a dance collaboration with any American Artist/Dance Crew who would it be?”

  624. No SM group on board yet? “How surprising”… *sigh* Yeah, SMent doesn’t like things happening that they don’t have complete control over… The insane control freak of the K-pop world… About as flexible concrete block…
    Congrats on the invitation though and I’m looking forward to see what you’re gonna do with it… Sure, I don’t have any personal relation to any of the groups that you’re planned to meet right now, but I’m trusting your ability to make it really fun… After all, you usually deliver… :)

  625. This is Caroline from the UK :) Are there any plans to come to the UK/Europe? Thanks :D

  626. mblaq: how much free time do they get in a year

  627. This is Jessie from California, and I would want you to ask all of them or just MBLAQ at least what their ideal types(body/personality) are or if they would prefer to date a foreigner or a korean?

  628. to B2ST: what do you think about being called “Batoost”? :)

  629. You guys really have the opportunity of a lifetime xDD
    Here are my questions :DD I know it’s a lot, but, I’ll at least have a higher chance of you guys choosing one of them, lol. These questions are non-specific to a group, except maybe the last one, I’d like it to be MBLAQ, so they could be asked to any group :D

    -Before they became trainees, what career were they planning on going to? Or, if it was always being a singer, what would have been their second choice?

    -Can they say ‘Sally sells seashells by the seashore’? Just once, I really want to hear a kpop idol try saying that english phrase xDD and if they’re one of those that CAN speak english, they should try it 5 times :D

    -If any of them have ever thought of coming to Orlando instead of California for once, haha. I just think they should come to our theme parks for vacation, I would love that! 

    -What group they’re major fanboys/girls of?

    -If they could do any concept whatsoever, what would it be?

    -To try out IU’s 3 octave note. That’s always fun to hear idols try out :D

    -When they’re going through rough times, what exactly helps them get through? Is it listening to music, talking with someone, etc?

    -What’s the most awkward fan gift they’ve gotten? Or what would they want to receive in the future?

    -If they can give me a shoutout? ;D 

  630. when you interview beast, please call them batoost. i want to see their reactions lol