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Gothic Hello Kitty Makeup Tutorial

April 26, 2012


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So first, off, I’m sorry that there isn’t a W.A.N.K this week, but MY SISTER WENT INTO SURPRISE LABOUR and had her baby way earlier then what we expected! It’s a healthy baby girl! I’m Aunt Martina now! WAHHH! *excited dance* I’ll be heading back to Canada to visit soon and will bring a suitcase filled with ridiculous Korean stuffed animals and clothing! We just bought our tickets now. We have different plans (surprise plans we should be announcing probably tomorrow!) so we can’t go to Canada until May 18th, but we’ll be there for a month. Yay!

Okay, back to the point of this blog post, which was sorry for no W.A.N.K because I got the call early afternoon and was unable to leave the house and film since I was glued to the phone and iPad. BUT good news, and a totally fluke regarding timing, I was going to post a makeup tutorial on the weekend which I filmed on Tuesday, but now I’ll post it today. What great timing!

I haven’t done a makeup tutorial in a while, I was feeling a little uninspired? Maybe a lack of sleep was causing me zombie on my makeup, but now that the spring weather has appeared I have been infused with life energy again! I love love love cherry blossoms, so I decided to do something with a heavy pinkness since I’ve been admiring all shades of pink in the park lately, but I also wanted something that you could wear out that would be more suited for nighttime, I call it, Goth Hello Kitty! Pink shades and black coming together in perfect union. If you don’t want the seriousness of black, just stick to the pink look and you’re good to go! I think bright pink is such a great way to make any and every eye colour pop right out. It looks both dramatic and fun at the same time. Also, I got two new makeup products both from Makeup Forever, both hot pink…teehee…and I posted them on my Pinterest account which I just started to use and play with, so sorry if it’s kind of empty right now. Anyone else using Pinterest?

Otherwise, we’re about to do a live broadcast on Kondoot really soon, 11:55PM South Korean time, which – by the time this video publishes, should be in 15 minutes! Come chat with us if you’re awake! Also, if you missed our last live Broadcast, Kondoot is sponsoring our IPAD GIVEAWAY CONTEST! All you gotta do for the chance to win a brand, spanking new iPad is do your best Simon and Martina impersonation on Kondoot. Name the broadcast “Can You Kimchi Too” and enter “canyoukimchitoo” in the info box of the video. That’s it. Video with the most loves gets a free iPad. And, considering how there aren’t that many videos up there now, your chances of winning are pretty freaking huge. I’d look into that if I were you :D



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