So first, off, I’m sorry that there isn’t a W.A.N.K this week, but MY SISTER WENT INTO SURPRISE LABOUR and had her baby way earlier then what we expected! It’s a healthy baby girl! I’m Aunt Martina now! WAHHH! *excited dance* I’ll be heading back to Canada to visit soon and will bring a suitcase filled with ridiculous Korean stuffed animals and clothing! We just bought our tickets now. We have different plans (surprise plans we should be announcing probably tomorrow!) so we can’t go to Canada until May 18th, but we’ll be there for a month. Yay!

Okay, back to the point of this blog post, which was sorry for no W.A.N.K because I got the call early afternoon and was unable to leave the house and film since I was glued to the phone and iPad. BUT good news, and a totally fluke regarding timing, I was going to post a makeup tutorial on the weekend which I filmed on Tuesday, but now I’ll post it today. What great timing!

I haven’t done a makeup tutorial in a while, I was feeling a little uninspired? Maybe a lack of sleep was causing me zombie on my makeup, but now that the spring weather has appeared I have been infused with life energy again! I love love love cherry blossoms, so I decided to do something with a heavy pinkness since I’ve been admiring all shades of pink in the park lately, but I also wanted something that you could wear out that would be more suited for nighttime, I call it, Goth Hello Kitty! Pink shades and black coming together in perfect union. If you don’t want the seriousness of black, just stick to the pink look and you’re good to go! I think bright pink is such a great way to make any and every eye colour pop right out. It looks both dramatic and fun at the same time. Also, I got two new makeup products both from Makeup Forever, both hot pink…teehee…and I posted them on my Pinterest account which I just started to use and play with, so sorry if it’s kind of empty right now. Anyone else using Pinterest?

Otherwise, we’re about to do a live broadcast on Kondoot really soon, 11:55PM South Korean time, which – by the time this video publishes, should be in 15 minutes! Come chat with us if you’re awake! Also, if you missed our last live Broadcast, Kondoot is sponsoring our IPAD GIVEAWAY CONTEST! All you gotta do for the chance to win a brand, spanking new iPad is do your best Simon and Martina impersonation on Kondoot. Name the broadcast “Can You Kimchi Too” and enter “canyoukimchitoo” in the info box of the video. That’s it. Video with the most loves gets a free iPad. And, considering how there aren’t that many videos up there now, your chances of winning are pretty freaking huge. I’d look into that if I were you :D

  1. Pinterest is CRACK COCAINE disguised as pretty pictures.  Every woman I work with is completely obsessed with it.  

  2. I concur. I know most of your viewers are yojas… but people are going to start thinking I am weird because i look at a website with makeup tutorials.

  3. Big congratulations to becoming an Aunt, and I totally understand if real life happenings must take precedence over your EYK schedule. That beeing said I was kind of looking forward to or maybe I should rather say hoping for a TL:DR yesterday? Or have I not understood the new schedule?

    Your face is very much not “uneven”. You also have so MUCH more of the (in)famous V-line than in early EYK videos that in weaker moments I start to suspect that you’ve used those chinrollers of early WTF fame, but I guess a more likely explanation is some sort of visual illusion/effect of either different makeup or better lighting and cameras.

    Once more, congrats to getting a niece… 

  4. Congratulations Martina ! With an aunt and an uncle like you both, i think this little girl will the best Kpop cover dance in the world *.*
    oh, and this Goth Hello Kitty make-up is really pretty :)

  5. That is super pretty Martina!! *A*
    I kinda wanna try doing that with different shades of blueeee *u*

  6. Congrats on being an aunt!  That’s crazy! :D Hehe, this makes me happy because I will be one in a few days, too (also to a baby girl).  You and I will be aunt twins!…kinda!   Yep, pretty sure the best people in the world were born Tauruses.

  7. YAY for a pinterest link so everything you use is in one central place for us to find!  thanks!

  8. I think the main reason why I love your tutorials is that you have blue eyes, like me. It is virtually impossible to find a good makeup tutorial for blue eyes, that doesn’t involve the color brown!
    Anyway, I think ORANGE would be great! Because blue and orange are complimentary-contrasts.

  9. etude’s in malaysia too. but expensive. sheesh

  10. I think girls wouldn’t mind that either. #girlvideogamenerd

  11. can you write down a list of the products you’ve use in the video? =0

  12. I have a feeling that my make-up collection is going to get huge! Goodbye future pay-checks

  13. It looks really pretty!
    I watched the live broadcast but I was so shy and so excited to see you guys live that I couldn’t even say anything :D

  14. congrats on becoming an aunt! ^^ hope you guys enjoy your time in canuhduh~~ :D

  15. How about light blue and plum color?

  16. Congratulations Auntie Martina! Seriously. I just watched the video and still at the end was like, wow, how’d she do that!

  17. Awwwwww *o* Auntie Martina <3
    What's you're nieces Name `? o//////o

  18.  I think Yellow and black or green and black looks great too :D

  19. i like it! it pops your eyes!!! :D

  20. you’re so  pretty and funny , love you onni  ;D and love from Norway 

  21. I LOVE IT <3 Much love from Morocco <3

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