If you can’t tell by now, we totally love Busan. Every time we make a video about it, be it either for the Jagalchi Fish Market, Yonggungsa Temple, or just for the train ride from Busan to Seoul, we’re always inspired to do something artsy fartsy for it. So here’s our latest video on Busan: Haeundae Beach.

We’re not sure why we feel so artsy for Busan. Busan has a totally different vibe to it than what we’re used to in Seoul. We were saying to each other when we were in Busan last that it feels like we’re not in Korea anymore, or at least not in the Korea that we’re used to. It’s so much more chill. Traffic isn’t as crazy, people aren’t as packed in together. The streets were empty and we didn’t feel the danger we usually feel in Bucheon and Seoul that we’d get run over by every car.

So here’s Haeundae Beach, except not like people are used to seeing it. Haeundae Beach is overwhelmingly popular in the summertime, where it gets so crowded that it’s oftentimes standing room only. We went on January 21st, when no one’s even thinking about swimming, but just drawing their names in the sand, taking pictures with their boyfriends and girlfriends, and looking off at the boats in the distance. We like it better that way. So we got all artsy fartsy and made a movie for it. Yeah!

  1. Very soothing video~ I love it. ♥
    I hope it's still "artsy-fartsy-like" when I go there next week~! My sister, friend, and I are taking a trip to Korea, and my mom is taking us to Busan on Wednesday and Thursday. Super excited to take a bunch of pictures, even more so if it's not so busy. :3

  2. Thanks! Busan is one of our favorite places also, and we would love to visit Busan more often :D

  3. Thanks Chrystal. Definitely, definitely Busan is a must-see place in any trip to Korea. We can't get enough of it :D

  4. Thanks Haneul! The song used for the video is one we made ourselves :D

  5. Yeah, we haven't been to the beach in the summer, and we actually don't want to go there in the summer, either. Seemed a lot nicer now.

  6. Yeah! People were feeding the seagulls, and then freaking out when the seagulls were flying around them in swarms. Ha!

  7. Gorgeous video! But why the sad and somber music?

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