So, we were out playing with some friends the other night, listening to Gogostar and Who Who at Club FF (we totally love Club FF in Hongdae, by the way), and we had a bit to drink as well. Now, we’re usually very responsible drinkers. We don’t binge drink, we don’t black out, we don’t lose all of our inhibitions and go nuts, we just enjoy to drink while we dance to live music, you know?

Side note: I never understood how people “lost their inhibitions” when they’re drunk. How does someone drink to the point that they want to make out with strangers, or pick fights with people, or drive a car, or – as is the defence for some cases – even rape someone? This makes NO SENSE TO US WHATSOEVER. When we’re drunk, the first thing that we think to ourselves is “holy crap: we’re getting too drunk. Stop drinking! Rehydrate! Get some food in your belly. Get the hell out of here!” We don’t get stupid when we’re drunk. We get less eloquent, and our motor skills might waver a bit, but we never do something that we wouldn’t want to do while sober. It’s just so bizarre that people change when they drink. We don’t understand it whatsoever.

Ok, side note over. Point is, we got to the point the other night that we realized, yep, we should pack it in and go home. Martina didn’t fare so well the next day, though, and had a bit of a hangover. We could have laid in bed all day and whined about it like babies, OR WE COULD MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT IT! WOOHOO! Uhhm. Not really the thing that most people would think about doing while hungover, right? Are we just weird? We’re weird, aren’t we? *cough*

So we wanted to make the best out of a bad situation and make a video of us trying something we never tried before: hangover soup! We know next to nothing about it, apart from the fact that old people FREAKING LOVE THIS. Hey! Are you an old Korean person reading this? Do you like Hangover soup? We never see young people eating hangover soup, for some reason. Only old people. Maybe it’s not cool to eat it. Young Korean people: what do you eat when you’re hungover? Tell us your secrets!

Also, my bad for thinking this was Gamja-Tang, when it clearly wasn’t. We didn’t order the soup ourselves, but I heard Gamja-Tang being mentioned in the conversation, so I thought it was Gamja-Tang. It clearly wasn’t, and I knew that after looking at it, but…yeah! That’s why I messed up so bad in the video.

Lastly, for this week’s bloopers we reveal a secret that we’re kind of scared to say in Korea…but, umm. WE HATE MAKGEOLLI! It’s delicious, yes, but we had the worst hangover of our lives because of it in our first year in Korea, and now whenever we smell it we recall the crushing pain of that night. So…no more Makgeolli!


  1. When I was stationed at Osan we used to go down town in Songtong and by bottles of bocus (spelling) we used to get the grape ones and down the 3 oz bottle before drinking and stay up most of the night and get up a 6am and then go to work with no hangover

  2. In my neuro class last semester, our professor talked about Vitamin B1 and how, if you take it before you start drinking, it supposedly helps with preventing hangovers and he told us to try it because he knows that when we aren’t studying, we are drinking away the stresses of med school. Anyway, I don’t drink that often but my friends work hard and play hard so they take like 2 or 3 B1 pills before they start drinking and, miraculously, the next day they are in the library studying for like 10-12 hours. It’s all well and good for them but now I don’t have any hungover people to bother. :( I don’t know if it works for everyone but it seems pretty legit.

    For extra information, B1 supplementation mainly prevents Wernicke’s encephalopathy because alcohol consumption depletes? B1 and with chronic heavy drinkers, this leads to serious neurological deficits. You can’t really overdose on B1 either because it is a water soluble vitamin and you only absorb what you need, the rest makes your pee more expensive. Science.

    And that is the end of this weird, infomercial-like, post. Anyway the main reason for this post is you may find that it works for you (Simon) and then you can DRINK IRRESPONSIBLY and not have to consume hangover soups.

  3. Don’t worry Simon, I giggled at your “Irony” joke

  4. This prompts a question from me. I know there is a big drinking culture in Korea. I’ve seen it mentioned several times now by foreigners who were surprised by how common it was for people to get pass out, black out drunk. Here (Chicago) I would be nervous if I were someplace where that many people were getting that drunk. I would only be able to think that eventually there was going to be a fight, or feats of strength where someone tries to tear something off of the wall. But my impression is that in Korea, people get drunk, but not destructive. Is that impression completely off (I admit, how on Earth would I know)? If that impression isn’t off, why is that so? This question doesn’t need to be answered by Simon and Martina, anyone with knowledge feel free to respond.

  5. Me too~! I really loved the little pictures of the food and moving text and the brick background. That looked so swanky! New favourite effect!

  6. Good God, cow blood soup with emulsified liver and fuzzy stomach lining? I’m feeling most of the effects of a hangover after watching that and I haven’t had a drop to drink…

  7. I was drinking water while watching this… In class.
    Thank goodness there was a substitute teacher today.

  8. To answer the question posed getting totally fucked is one of the simple pleasures of life. Nothing quite like the fun you have when you’re trashed; it’s one of those things that can lead a simple night out into a messy messy experience. Nothing quite like going out in the evening for a couple of drinks but instead you end up stumbling home at around 9am the next day.

    It’s not an excuse for anything that you’ve listed though, let’s get that right. I am British and we may use alcohol as a way to make friends, speak our minds on certain subjects, be social or funny and what have you. People who make out with or have sex with random people when drunk are the people who want to do that when sober but know it would be frowned upon. It’s a good way to get what they want with less judgement from people they know. Noticeably it’s mostly women who play the “horny” drunk and that’s because society generally still treats women who want to have responsible, consensual sex with different partners as being slutty. It’s their way of making it okay to have sex when they are single and horny.

    Rape is a whole different ball game. Nobody violent rapes just because they were drunk; they do it because they are assholes. People may cross the lines in terms of getting proper consent for sexual activity. But this is an issue in modern society for sober people just as much as drunk ones; the old (not good enough) adage of No means No and the blame culture surrounding rape victims means the education men get on the matter isn’t sufficient.

    If you’re generally a good person when sober that should carry over into drunkenness You just get louder, more confident, louder, in your own head funnier and sometimes more lairy. You’ll know if you’re a horrible drunk, friends should tell you and you should reconsider drinking so much until you sort through your issues (because if you have any underlying issues they tend to rise up to the surface when you’re drunk and much less guarded).

    Long long post because I really love alcohol and allow myself the occasional excessive indulgence (big casual drugs fan too, but that’s a whole different story). I just think your opener about responsible drinking was a bit of a lame P.S.A, a bit judgmental and also not very accurate. More of a generalisation based purely on anecdotal experience. Things are rarely that simple. A short we don’t like to drink too much or we only drink to the point of being tipsy would’ve been better.

  9. The EYK intern should fill in for Martina all next week it would be something new and then simon wont be so sad anymore

  10. fyi, 감자탕 isn’t potato. 감자 is spelled the same way in Korean but the Chinese characters are different. It’s for a specific piece of meat, hence the meat & potato-less soup that’s called “potato” soup. :]

  11. i think the so called liver is actually dried cow blood. Chinese people eat dried pig blood congee before.

  12. My mum is mexican, and she always told us that she would get enchiladas when hungover, I prefer a consomé de pollo

  13. that irony joke….. killed me….. i’ve always enjoyed a corny joke way too much^^

  14. I always thought it was so awful that Korea uses intoxication as a defense for rape cases. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, makes you more reckless–chances are the guy who decides to brutally rape someone because he’s drunk wanted to do it while he was sober (he was just too cautious to). And even so being drunk doesn’t absolve someone of their actions ._.

  15. oh gosh, I vaguely remember my elders (parents and above) loving the coagulated blood, never quite acquired the taste for it though. Sidenote: Not sure if Koreans have the same customs as the Chinese, but we try not to stick our chopsticks in the bowl, as they resemble food offered to the dead. Chopsticks are typically laid beside the bowl or across the dish.

  16. Now to make a “Cheese Lady is Not Hungover” song.

  17. Don’t drink Makgeolli anymore? That’s why Korea has dongdongju! You had to have had a ton of it to get a ripping hangover. Makgeolli has about the same alcohol content as beer!

    I’ve also had my fair share of hangover cures and Haejangguk (which btw, also is great after extended outdoor physical activity in the cold, like a day of hard snowboarding).

    Seriously though, since some of my best memories in Korea are those gathered around a little table eating anju and drinking with friends, I was hoping you’d do an episode on how Korean bars like that work (from loud to quiet ones) and a survey of different alcoholic beverages from beer to bokbunjaju 복분자 (which I love) and even some flower wines.

    One the opposite end of the spectrum how about traditional Korean teas (like the one you had in this episode). Insadong has some *awesome* little traditional tea shops and would make for a super WANK.

  18. So next week it’s going to be: Sad Adventure Program For Alone Person? Or S.A.P.F.A.P?

  19. I woke up at 3am and couldn’t go back to sleep and saw that you had posted this video. I watched it and have since watch it 2 more times. Glad that I don’t drink because there is no way I could stomach that soup. But to each his own. Once man’s blood soup is another man’s chicken soup.

  20. Nice coincidence! Friends and I went to a local Korean restaurant last week and one of the items on the menu was “뼈다귀해장국 [Big Bone Hang-over Soup]” and it was the only item on the menu that didn’t have a description! So we had no idea what was in it, but now I know! Next time I’ll see if I can convince one of my friends to try it.

    Did the soup actually help your hangover??

  21. I’m from minnesota but I’m living in korea right now! Stay warm guys, I know it’s rough there right now.

  22. 1. I totally agree with your side notes. I am also one of responsible drinkers. I do not want to do something that I would never do while sober. I don’t binge drink.

    2. Why have u never met young people eating hangover soup? My friends do. In their case, they like eating 감자탕 or Vietnamese noodle a.k.a. 쌀국수. Side note: I almost never had hangover. I don’t drink too much.

    3. 막걸리- is a demon. It leads to severe hangover (or headache). You should be careful when u try it. But, it is also a charming beverage.

    4. If u have a chance, try 백세주. It may taste something different from the alcohol you have tried so far.

  23. Omg, Irony XD That must be one of the lamest jokes so far, but it made me laugh a lot XD

  24. Hehe blood jello? I see that sold every now and then in Asian supermarkets or butcher shops here in the Bay Area. I’m used to the sight of it, but I’ve never tried it. My mom thinks I’m weird for not wanting to try it xD

  25. They aren’t enemies for not liking something you like, but I agree tripe is good.

  26. .__. but…I love beef stomach (tripe)

  27. I wish I could try something like this without getting grossed out. My stomach hurts thinking about eating congealed blood. I had a friend try to get me to eat it, but she told me before I took a bite. I’ll try lots of animals, possibly lost of different meats like organs, but I draw the line at eating blood I guess. :{

  28. ‘fuzzy stomach pieces’ ;) it reminds me of a polish soup with those, it’s called ‘flaki’ and it’s also popular as a hangover soup… i hate it, my parents love it, maby when i’ll be over 40 i’ll understand why.

  29. The “blood jello” is actually congealed blood and it’s actually called “blood tofu”. Apparently it’s really nutritious… I’m Chinese so I ate it growing up..

  30. LOL. This is in the Music Mondays section, guys~ (Gonna take a look at this in the morning when I’m not on codeine, yay~)

  31. I always thought people who spoiled the first post by saying ‘FIRST POST” didnt grasp the opportunity given to them… i just spent the last few minutes holding myself back from saying ‘FIRST POST!”… and lost my opportunity at the first post.


    Speaking of opportunity, you two definitely seized the opportunity in trying hangover remedies, now thats dedication to the job! Even if the hangover part wasn’t intentional, sticking with it to make a video about it is commendable.

  32. Wait, so does this mean Martina left already for the funeral?

  33. lol wasn’t it Simon’s bday weekend? He should be the one hungover lol

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