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Hangover Soup

January 24, 2013


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So, we were out playing with some friends the other night, listening to Gogostar and Who Who at Club FF (we totally love Club FF in Hongdae, by the way), and we had a bit to drink as well. Now, we’re usually very responsible drinkers. We don’t binge drink, we don’t black out, we don’t lose all of our inhibitions and go nuts, we just enjoy to drink while we dance to live music, you know?

Side note: I never understood how people “lost their inhibitions” when they’re drunk. How does someone drink to the point that they want to make out with strangers, or pick fights with people, or drive a car, or – as is the defence for some cases – even rape someone? This makes NO SENSE TO US WHATSOEVER. When we’re drunk, the first thing that we think to ourselves is “holy crap: we’re getting too drunk. Stop drinking! Rehydrate! Get some food in your belly. Get the hell out of here!” We don’t get stupid when we’re drunk. We get less eloquent, and our motor skills might waver a bit, but we never do something that we wouldn’t want to do while sober. It’s just so bizarre that people change when they drink. We don’t understand it whatsoever.

Ok, side note over. Point is, we got to the point the other night that we realized, yep, we should pack it in and go home. Martina didn’t fare so well the next day, though, and had a bit of a hangover. We could have laid in bed all day and whined about it like babies, OR WE COULD MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT IT! WOOHOO! Uhhm. Not really the thing that most people would think about doing while hungover, right? Are we just weird? We’re weird, aren’t we? *cough*

So we wanted to make the best out of a bad situation and make a video of us trying something we never tried before: hangover soup! We know next to nothing about it, apart from the fact that old people FREAKING LOVE THIS. Hey! Are you an old Korean person reading this? Do you like Hangover soup? We never see young people eating hangover soup, for some reason. Only old people. Maybe it’s not cool to eat it. Young Korean people: what do you eat when you’re hungover? Tell us your secrets!

Also, my bad for thinking this was Gamja-Tang, when it clearly wasn’t. We didn’t order the soup ourselves, but I heard Gamja-Tang being mentioned in the conversation, so I thought it was Gamja-Tang. It clearly wasn’t, and I knew that after looking at it, but…yeah! That’s why I messed up so bad in the video.

Lastly, for this week’s bloopers we reveal a secret that we’re kind of scared to say in Korea…but, umm. WE HATE MAKGEOLLI! It’s delicious, yes, but we had the worst hangover of our lives because of it in our first year in Korea, and now whenever we smell it we recall the crushing pain of that night. So…no more Makgeolli!



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