So, we were out playing with some friends the other night, listening to Gogostar and Who Who at Club FF (we totally love Club FF in Hongdae, by the way), and we had a bit to drink as well. Now, we’re usually very responsible drinkers. We don’t binge drink, we don’t black out, we don’t lose all of our inhibitions and go nuts, we just enjoy to drink while we dance to live music, you know?

Side note: I never understood how people “lost their inhibitions” when they’re drunk. How does someone drink to the point that they want to make out with strangers, or pick fights with people, or drive a car, or – as is the defence for some cases – even rape someone? This makes NO SENSE TO US WHATSOEVER. When we’re drunk, the first thing that we think to ourselves is “holy crap: we’re getting too drunk. Stop drinking! Rehydrate! Get some food in your belly. Get the hell out of here!” We don’t get stupid when we’re drunk. We get less eloquent, and our motor skills might waver a bit, but we never do something that we wouldn’t want to do while sober. It’s just so bizarre that people change when they drink. We don’t understand it whatsoever.

Ok, side note over. Point is, we got to the point the other night that we realized, yep, we should pack it in and go home. Martina didn’t fare so well the next day, though, and had a bit of a hangover. We could have laid in bed all day and whined about it like babies, OR WE COULD MAKE A MOVIE ABOUT IT! WOOHOO! Uhhm. Not really the thing that most people would think about doing while hungover, right? Are we just weird? We’re weird, aren’t we? *cough*

So we wanted to make the best out of a bad situation and make a video of us trying something we never tried before: hangover soup! We know next to nothing about it, apart from the fact that old people FREAKING LOVE THIS. Hey! Are you an old Korean person reading this? Do you like Hangover soup? We never see young people eating hangover soup, for some reason. Only old people. Maybe it’s not cool to eat it. Young Korean people: what do you eat when you’re hungover? Tell us your secrets!

Also, my bad for thinking this was Gamja-Tang, when it clearly wasn’t. We didn’t order the soup ourselves, but I heard Gamja-Tang being mentioned in the conversation, so I thought it was Gamja-Tang. It clearly wasn’t, and I knew that after looking at it, but…yeah! That’s why I messed up so bad in the video.

Lastly, for this week’s bloopers we reveal a secret that we’re kind of scared to say in Korea…but, umm. WE HATE MAKGEOLLI! It’s delicious, yes, but we had the worst hangover of our lives because of it in our first year in Korea, and now whenever we smell it we recall the crushing pain of that night. So…no more Makgeolli!


  1. When I was stationed at Osan we used to go down town in Songtong and by bottles of bocus (spelling) we used to get the grape ones and down the 3 oz bottle before drinking and stay up most of the night and get up a 6am and then go to work with no hangover

  2. In my neuro class last semester, our professor talked about Vitamin B1 and how, if you take it before you start drinking, it supposedly helps with preventing hangovers and he told us to try it because he knows that when we aren’t studying, we are drinking away the stresses of med school. Anyway, I don’t drink that often but my friends work hard and play hard so they take like 2 or 3 B1 pills before they start drinking and, miraculously, the next day they are in the library studying for like 10-12 hours. It’s all well and good for them but now I don’t have any hungover people to bother. :( I don’t know if it works for everyone but it seems pretty legit.

    For extra information, B1 supplementation mainly prevents Wernicke’s encephalopathy because alcohol consumption depletes? B1 and with chronic heavy drinkers, this leads to serious neurological deficits. You can’t really overdose on B1 either because it is a water soluble vitamin and you only absorb what you need, the rest makes your pee more expensive. Science.

    And that is the end of this weird, infomercial-like, post. Anyway the main reason for this post is you may find that it works for you (Simon) and then you can DRINK IRRESPONSIBLY and not have to consume hangover soups.

  3. A Chris Rock reference as well!
    So now that’s Dave Chappelle, Eddie Murphy AND Chris Rock. I think we’d get on.
    Smackawiddadick smackawiddadick.

  4. This song has saved my life on more than one occasion come Sunday morning..err afternoon…

  5. i was watching this and the soup looked good. until someone said there was blood in it… really i am not the type of person to care. when i realized what was the blood. i watched the video not wanting to eat the soup but more wanting to poke at it and examian it. I am weird i know.. it just looked like a sponge and seemed gross thought it’s probably really good..

  6. Have you considered having a guest on to FAPFAP with you? I would bet that you could do a guest spot with Joe from ZenKimchi or with another Korean blogger. It definitely made me happy when I heard you guys on the Seoul Podcast and it might be nice for a one-off to have a guest.

  7. Q: have you ever had a hard time understanding Koreans accent or dialect? now that you have lived in Korea for a long time. can you tell the difference from a a Seoul accent or a Busan accent? x

  8. At first, I was a little grossed out but then I remembered that I love Menudo. Which is tripe soup and for those that don’t know; tripe is a type of stomach lining. Menudo has cow stomach lining and it’s supposed to be good for hangovers as well.

  9. Don’t worry Simon, I giggled at your “Irony” joke

  10. This prompts a question from me. I know there is a big drinking culture in Korea. I’ve seen it mentioned several times now by foreigners who were surprised by how common it was for people to get pass out, black out drunk. Here (Chicago) I would be nervous if I were someplace where that many people were getting that drunk. I would only be able to think that eventually there was going to be a fight, or feats of strength where someone tries to tear something off of the wall. But my impression is that in Korea, people get drunk, but not destructive. Is that impression completely off (I admit, how on Earth would I know)? If that impression isn’t off, why is that so? This question doesn’t need to be answered by Simon and Martina, anyone with knowledge feel free to respond.

  11. I am not sure if it was mentioned before or at other SNS, but just to let you know that Gamja in GAMJA-Tang is not a potato. It is part of spine(bone) of a Pig that you see in GAMJA-TANG (Like Galbi-Tang). So do not feel awkward if you do not see potatoes in your Gamja-tang b/c I know some restaurant dont put potatoes in their Gamja-Tang.

  12. So what you’re saying is…you guys are vampires?!

  13. I got completely drunk and it was only with two drinks… oh well it was badly mixed, by me, with way too strong vodka and lemonade… consumed in 5 minutes I think. After that I completely passed out! I can’t remember a thing! I slept for a while, then woke up and was giddy and talking with people…and was even able to talk in English, which is not my first language… then went back to sleep and wake up with no hangover whatsoever!

  14. Every FAPFAP I craaaave whatever it is that you guise are eating, but this time…:X *blech* ~.~ blood and stomach..? D:

  15. I personally don’t think people really “change” when they drink. I think a lot of the stuff that certain people do when they’re drunk comes from stuff that’s supressed. I also think(and for some reason, I feel like people from the US do this the most) a lot of people drink to escape their mundane, or in some cases painful, everyday lives and they feel a sense of freedom when they’re drunk like they are above everything and they can do what they want. This is coming from someone who has seen this happen a lot, just within my own family. I, when I do rarely get drunk, apparently turn into this giggly little high schooler who laughs at absolutely anything and everything and talks about unicorns and rainbows and happy places.

  16. I rarely drink, and never to excess, but if I’m going to drink, I line up my hangover preventative before leaving the house. I line up the following on my bathroom counter: 1 bottle water (though I heard VitaminWater is excellent, too), 1 bottle of cranberry juice (to help flush mah liver!), 3 Excedrine Migraine tablets, 1 Zegerid (an OTC acid reducer with baking soda), and a couple of cookies. I down everything but the water on my way to the shower. I find taking quick shower and getting the cigarette smoke and perfume from the club out of my hair REALLY helps prevent the headache. I finish with the water and keep a bottle of Tums by my bed, just in case. I also order in some chicken strips. Yeah, chicken strips. It doesn’t work for everyone, but the chicken strips (fat, salt, carbs, and protein all mixed together) seem to help. I never want to eat it, but after I force myself to take the first bite, I’m better. It worked especially well the time I introduced my friend to Mr. Cuervo. They got along a little too well.

    I had the same trouble with sake that you had with makegolli. Even worse, it wasn’t even GOOD sake. I can’t look at the stuff now.

  17. I really liked the editing in this video :)

  18. Hey Guise! First of all, I’m a huge fan. I stumbled upon your video long before music monday was a thing, and when you still lived in apartment #1! Also, I’m glad you finally had blood soup. I had thought it might have been on the short-list of foods you don’t like very much. Now that that’s out of the way, I need to say I DO NOT like the new editing style. I know you’re taking lots of inspiration from variety shows, but it felt like waaaaaay too many sound effects and pop-up thingies. It got really old really fast. I did however LOVE Martina’s crying sound effect.

  19. Good God, cow blood soup with emulsified liver and fuzzy stomach lining? I’m feeling most of the effects of a hangover after watching that and I haven’t had a drop to drink…

  20. You should make the intern stand in for martina… that would be hilarious

  21. I see you guys eating rice there, I thought you were not eating rice anymore. Did you find that it was too hard to avoid it in Korea?

  22. Mexicans have menudo for the hangover. Menudo is also cow’s stomach and
    the broth is also supposed to be really spicy. I personally do not like
    menudo but if it’s gotta be something spicy it’s gotta be chilaquiles
    (chi-la-keel-ehs). It’s crushed up tortillas with a spicy sauce, onion,
    and cheese. Delicious. BTW, Mr. Cosby seems to have mispelled delicious.
    It’s missing an i. Love you guys.

  23. Did Leigh edit this video because the editing is super awesome and different…not that the normal SimonandMartina editing was bad… -insertfootinmouth-

  24. 막걸리 (makgeolli) is delicious, but like you wrote in the blog post, it does indeed give you THE WORST HANGOVER EVER!!!!!! I also love makgeolli so I drink it with friends often, but never too much… oh, the crushing pain the next morning… it is something that I never want to experience EVER again. You should try different flavored makgeollis! There are all sorts of different flavors, like 복분자 (korean black raspberry), 유자 (yuzu), 벌꿀 (honey), and so much more! My favorite is 유자 (yuzu) :)

  25. haha that last part was great
    “if you don’t mind I’m going to eat all your blood jello”
    super cute face.

  26. Did the soup help with your hangover? You never told us haha

  27. To answer the question posed getting totally fucked is one of the simple pleasures of life. Nothing quite like the fun you have when you’re trashed; it’s one of those things that can lead a simple night out into a messy messy experience. Nothing quite like going out in the evening for a couple of drinks but instead you end up stumbling home at around 9am the next day.

    It’s not an excuse for anything that you’ve listed though, let’s get that right. I am British and we may use alcohol as a way to make friends, speak our minds on certain subjects, be social or funny and what have you. People who make out with or have sex with random people when drunk are the people who want to do that when sober but know it would be frowned upon. It’s a good way to get what they want with less judgement from people they know. Noticeably it’s mostly women who play the “horny” drunk and that’s because society generally still treats women who want to have responsible, consensual sex with different partners as being slutty. It’s their way of making it okay to have sex when they are single and horny.

    Rape is a whole different ball game. Nobody violent rapes just because they were drunk; they do it because they are assholes. People may cross the lines in terms of getting proper consent for sexual activity. But this is an issue in modern society for sober people just as much as drunk ones; the old (not good enough) adage of No means No and the blame culture surrounding rape victims means the education men get on the matter isn’t sufficient.

    If you’re generally a good person when sober that should carry over into drunkenness You just get louder, more confident, louder, in your own head funnier and sometimes more lairy. You’ll know if you’re a horrible drunk, friends should tell you and you should reconsider drinking so much until you sort through your issues (because if you have any underlying issues they tend to rise up to the surface when you’re drunk and much less guarded).

    Long long post because I really love alcohol and allow myself the occasional excessive indulgence (big casual drugs fan too, but that’s a whole different story). I just think your opener about responsible drinking was a bit of a lame P.S.A, a bit judgmental and also not very accurate. More of a generalisation based purely on anecdotal experience. Things are rarely that simple. A short we don’t like to drink too much or we only drink to the point of being tipsy would’ve been better.

  28. I loved the editing in this video! Really cute – whose idea was it?

  29. I don’t think I would ever be able to eat this. I know it’s just mind over matter! I know food can taste delicious no matter what’s in it, but I don’t think I’d be able to get past the whole blood thing. Maybe if I didn’t know what was in it? :o

  30. Chewy Sadness LOLOLOLOL

    ahh that made me appreciate the Boston Creme donut I was eating
    Tim Hortons should open up in Seoul
    put all those fake bakeries out of business!
    Korean bakeries… why you put corn and mayo on EVERYTHING?

  31. The EYK intern should fill in for Martina all next week it would be something new and then simon wont be so sad anymore

  32. One thing I have to say is, stomach lining is amazingly delicious!! XD We have something called Sopa de Pata – which basically has everything, and I mean everything of the cow in it and its so freaking delicious! :0 – When Simon described that fuzzy lining MAN my mouth watered xD argh!. It made me want to fly back home to eat some, as the US version of the soup is usually watered down too much, and it doesnt have enough stomach!! *sniff* :0

  33. You guys talk about Gelato a lot, but was there ever a FAPFAP for where you find the best gelato in Korea?

  34. fyi, 감자탕 isn’t potato. 감자 is spelled the same way in Korean but the Chinese characters are different. It’s for a specific piece of meat, hence the meat & potato-less soup that’s called “potato” soup. :]

  35. i think the so called liver is actually dried cow blood. Chinese people eat dried pig blood congee before.

  36. OMOMOMO. I love your glasses, Simon! I keep coveting them, thinking about buying some, but no company associated with Amazon’s SuperSaver Shipping yet has them! Ahhhhh! #1stworldproblems

    I… couldn’t look at the food porn for once. I don’t take in any kind of blood for religious reasons and the thought of consuming it is so… O_O It’s nice to learn what other cultures do, though. Wonder how many other Koreans stay away from the Hangover Soup, since the abstaining from blood is a biblical thing. *ponders* At least there are other options? LOL.

    That ginger tea sounds good. RAMYUN. Yummmm.

    Amused by your Korean vampire theories.

    • But even if staying away from blood is a biblical thing… Koreans usually partake of some form of buddhism/ korean confucianism so not all of them follow the bible or are christians…

      And actually not even all of us who do read and follow the bible go so strictly by it. I’m a Catholic Christian and even though I know the Book of Leviticus does have several laws that the Lord proclaimed to Moses (such as the one that said that if people drank blood they would be cast out of the community) I don’t see it as having to apply that law for myself. I find that the Lord’s message was useful back then because there were “heathen” practices that used blood as part of their ceremonies.

      Edit: thinking about it… I drink “blood” at least symbolically on a regular basis- every sunday for Mass I drink Jesus’s blood.

      all this to say that I love blood sausage and “cesos” which = brains. … wait a minute… SO that must mean I’m a vampire zombie!!! (if my pathology profs ever sees this post he’ll fail me lol he detests vampire AND Zombie AND ghosts… because as he said “once a cell dies it has suffered irreversible damage and can’t be “revived”- Either way I still love me a good vampire or zombie story)

      • Christians have so many divisions and faiths, if one thinks about it, though only one book! Ha ha ha. Countries that are primarily Christian appear to have different ways of integrating it into the original culture/religion, don’t you think? I believe ancient China did something similar w/ Hinduism to form Buddhism, and ancient Japan w/ Buddhism to form its own particular brand of it.

        Ah, yeah, If you’re a Christian many of the laws given to Moses are for the most part not necessary to follow anymore (the *animal sacrifices to obtain forgiveness of sins, for instance). What convinces me to stay away from blood though, is that the New Testament still mentions how sacred blood is, that it was important for animals to be bled properly before eating, etc. A few of the historical records out there mention Roman citizens giving the first Christians food w/ blood in it to mock them before sending them to the Colosseum to kill or be killed. *shudder*

        … goodness, off EYK topic this. But it stems from the subject? :P * a bit of a bible nerd, blush*

        My great-grandpa loooooved scrambled eggs and brains in the morning. Scarred my grandmother as a child, haha. In conclusion: braaaaaains O___O AHHHH

  37. So…this makgeolli story? This should be Simon’s solo TL;DR story…just because I’m super curious now.

    PS what does makgeolli taste like?

    PPS when I study abroad sometime next year at Sogang, can we hang out because that would be freaking awesome!

  38. why not use your intern to sub for Martina? and the best hang over cures is if you order blow fish(not the real fish) its like a tablets you put in water http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yyBWqhVJND0

  39. LMFAO love it! this made my day. I think most noodle soups are amazing hangover cures, my favorite is the vietnamese noodle soup, PHO. You guys didn’t like the stomache pieces, those are my fav. But hecks yeah blood is awesome! Eat ‘em with some pepper sauce, mmm mm it definitely hits the spot…the bloopers were hilarious! IRONY….oh simon….we’ll miss you martina!

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