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Happy 500,000 Subscribers!

March 31, 2014


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Ok guise: this is pretty big for us. We’re not big-time YouTubers by any means. We’re still small fry in the YouTuber world. PewDiePie gets more subscribers in a month than we do in 6 years. PEWWWWWWDIIIIIEEEEPIEE!! I love saying that. But that doesn’t make us any less surprised that even 10 of you have subscribed to us and watch our videos.

We’re honored beyond belief. 500,000 is a huge number for us. That’s half a million!!! Thank you so much to everyone for subbing and for making us feel special. Thank you for taking the time to send us emails, fan letters, messages, and words of encouragement. When we read those messages like “you made my crappy day bright” or “I’m feeling really sick and this video cheered me up” or even “thanks for the laugh” we feel really encouraged to keep making videos. Even while working at a coffee shop or at an art studio or even as a teacher I’ve always loved making people laugh and smile. I’m so so so happy and honoured to have a job now that embraces my crazy faces, weird cartoon voices, and silly behaviour. Simon and I love playing together and making each other laugh even as a couple off camera so we’re always amazed that you guise are able to laugh with us too. We hope to keep on making videos that you guise like. So the whole crew decided to make this epically ridiculous video as a big thank you for sticking by us, either as a long time viewer or as a new viewer. I feel like a Kpop band in saying this, but…Keep Supporting Us! We are Eeeeeeeatyourkimchi! *wild hand movements*

On top of our cheesy video, we’re also giving away an Eatyourkimchi Nasty Hat, Bunny Beanie Hat, Cat Bowler, and a T-Shirt as well.

Here’s all you gotta do: just keep on commenting on our YouTube videos as usual. Every day as we look through our new comments for the day, on either new videos or old, we’ll pick one Nasty commenter, and announce the winner on our Twitter and on our Facebook page. Send us an email if you’re one of the winners, and you’ll get your pick of the prizes: first come first serve!

We’ve got some bloopers as well. In fact, we had so many bloopers that we had to just stop adding them to the blooper reel, because we had barely scratched the surface on all the awkward stuff that happened that day. HAHAHAHAH SO AWKWARD! Eep! We even ran into several Nasties who witnessed the chaos first hand. We wanted to film during the best time of day (no, not 2PM) the magic gloaming hour so it was a race to beat the sun from setting!

And if you haven’t subscribed by now, shame on you! Fix that, immediately, sir or madam, by clicking on this pretty button right here! By subscribing you will be notified of our newest, freshest, most ripest videos.



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