Ok guise: this is pretty big for us. We’re not big-time YouTubers by any means. We’re still small fry in the YouTuber world. PewDiePie gets more subscribers in a month than we do in 6 years. PEWWWWWWDIIIIIEEEEPIEE!! I love saying that. But that doesn’t make us any less surprised that even 10 of you have subscribed to us and watch our videos.

We’re honored beyond belief. 500,000 is a huge number for us. That’s half a million!!! Thank you so much to everyone for subbing and for making us feel special. Thank you for taking the time to send us emails, fan letters, messages, and words of encouragement. When we read those messages like “you made my crappy day bright” or “I’m feeling really sick and this video cheered me up” or even “thanks for the laugh” we feel really encouraged to keep making videos. Even while working at a coffee shop or at an art studio or even as a teacher I’ve always loved making people laugh and smile. I’m so so so happy and honoured to have a job now that embraces my crazy faces, weird cartoon voices, and silly behaviour. Simon and I love playing together and making each other laugh even as a couple off camera so we’re always amazed that you guise are able to laugh with us too. We hope to keep on making videos that you guise like. So the whole crew decided to make this epically ridiculous video as a big thank you for sticking by us, either as a long time viewer or as a new viewer. I feel like a Kpop band in saying this, but…Keep Supporting Us! We are Eeeeeeeatyourkimchi! *wild hand movements*

On top of our cheesy video, we’re also giving away an Eatyourkimchi Nasty Hat, Bunny Beanie Hat, Cat Bowler, and a T-Shirt as well.

Here’s all you gotta do: just keep on commenting on our YouTube videos as usual. Every day as we look through our new comments for the day, on either new videos or old, we’ll pick one Nasty commenter, and announce the winner on our Twitter and on our Facebook page. Send us an email if you’re one of the winners, and you’ll get your pick of the prizes: first come first serve!

We’ve got some bloopers as well. In fact, we had so many bloopers that we had to just stop adding them to the blooper reel, because we had barely scratched the surface on all the awkward stuff that happened that day. HAHAHAHAH SO AWKWARD! Eep! We even ran into several Nasties who witnessed the chaos first hand. We wanted to film during the best time of day (no, not 2PM) the magic gloaming hour so it was a race to beat the sun from setting!


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  1. congrats, guys!! you deserve millions more for spreading kpop love!


  3. Killer cool dance! Congrats on the followers!

  4. Aaah, I finally have time to watch your videos again. I’ve hardly touched YouTube all of this year >_<
    Don't you have a 'Super-Long-Playlist-Of-All-EYK-Videos-And-Playlists-Of-2014'?

    Congrats on the 500 000 subscribers. That's double, no; triple? the population of my town. Holy crap.

    I’ve missed the Swan Dance and the Russian Peacock Strut.
    CONGRATULATIONS! Happy to be one of the lucky 500,000!

  6. That’s an amazing dancing video. Spudgy and Meemers! :D

  7. Bianca Peccioli Nonaka
    Bianca Peccioli Nonaka


  8. Hahahaha! Awesome video, thank you ^^ My only complaint is that I wished I was still in Hongdae so I could have seen this (and perhaps a teensy weensy photobombing). Congratulations with the 500K! You guys deserve it so much! Nasty FOH LAIFH!

  9. Holy crap, where to start. First of all, congrats!!! And hurray for Soo Zee for learning to air hump; it was a big step. I visited Korea before but didn’t realize how much I missed until I watched you guys’ videos. Now I’m totally planning a redo of the trip!!! Also, I showed my sister a couple of your videos. Now it’s only a matter of time before she becomes fan like the rest of us. Yay, more nasties! *cue evil laughter

  10. You guys are so much fun! I always watch(rewatch) your videos when I’m feeling crappy. You can’t be depressed when watching eat your kimchi! XD

  11. I’m glad to see you guys have may it this far and have reach 500k subscribers, you guys totally deserve it. Its thanks to you guys I was able to branch out and find many awesome Kpop groups that I totally love because when I first started I was stuck on one group *cough* SHINee *cough* and was to scared to even try to listen to any other Korean groups but watching your Music Mndays I was introduced to many new artist that I fell in love with that I was able to dip my toes into the the Kpop music scene and find other awesome groups and for that I thank you guys. Keep up the good work and here’s to reaching 1 million subscribers because since its you guys I know you’ll make. :)

  12. I laugh at every time you guys jump out of the screen and there’s someone in the back casually walking towards the camera. It was soooooo funny!!!! XD

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  20. ahhhhh 500K SUBSCRIBERS~~! congrats simon and martina!
    i love your videos. the videos are the ones that keep me up when i need to study! Also, im planning to visit Korea soon and your TLDRs and WANKs are soo helpful. I have a list of places that i NEED to stop by! imma be gaining like 15 pounds. I BLAME YOU GUYS! just kidding~~ it will be the best 15 pounds ive ever gained then!
    1 MILLION IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE!!! you guys are the reason why i still love kpop and can proudly say that i am a kpop fan in public! thank you for your motivation! PLEASE DONT EVER STOP PLEASE POSTING!! much love from LA

  21. Congrats you guise!!! You deserve it :) btw…YAAAYYY you added the skipping music :D

  22. So Youtube won’t let me “share my thoughts”, and thus I come here!

    I laughed so hard and that hard graffiti guy OMFG xD

    CONGRATULATIONS GUISE!! (~*^ – ^*)~ You’ve come so far in the years since you’ve started, and every time I watch your videos they really do brighten my day! It’s so cool to see the NASTY group growing with the EYK studio, so keep up the epic work!! And we’ll keep on going with you :3

  23. Youtube socks..This is genius.

  24. Wow. that’s amazing!!
    Also: Soozee and Martina’s hair looks amazing!! I love the purple and pink and it makes me so jealous. :( I miss my blue hair~~~
    (Leigh and Simon both looked good too. You both look great in hats which makes me jealous as well lol)

  25. CONGRATS! Love how you guys explain things. I subscribed because you put a lot of what I saw in KPop into context for me.
    The fact that you both have goofy down to a science and made me smile while doing it was bonus :)

  26. You realy are very awesome. Usualy when I watch something show or news about Korea. I realy become frustrated because nobody is saying what they realy think. You have own mind about ewerything what you discover. And so often it’s also very funny. Maybe you could arrange a competition which award is chance to meet you. Day with EYK ohh that would be fun. And if you realy pick the winner whithout thinking were does he or she lives, you would have chance to spend a holiday in some country where you haven’t been before . But I and other fans or at least I think that you are too busy for that. BTW You realy deserve a holiday, remember rest enough.

  27. Simon and Martina! I was in the bookstore today and look what I found! :O
    It’s a book about K-POP with a double page dedicated to you guise! I just had to buy it!!! :D

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  30. SUPER EPIC DANCE PARTY IN THE STREETS! XD I lost it at the you know what grafitti followed by the thrusting dance right in front of it haha!! Congrats you guys!! You deserve it! I got my sister loving your videos, even if she isn’t as into K-Pop as me; she loves the funny moments! XD

  31. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You deserve every one of the 500K subscribers and another 500K and another… ^_^
    You guys are truly amazing, I’ve never met more genuine and lovely people. Seriously, I admire your hard work, the passion behind it and most of all your positive attitude! You’re one of my biggest inspirations <3
    Keep up the nastiness~~ㅋㅋㅋ I'm looking forward to your future projects!

  32. Soozee’s dancing killed me XD X Congratulations guys!!! I’m so glad to see how much you’ve expanded and grown in the past few years. EYK family :’)

  33. So I think there should be an Australian Nasties Facebook group or something similar to what the US Nasties have done. So we can have ‘Nasty Gatherings’ or meetups or something in our respective cities, so we can have a chance to meet other Nasties and like minded people! Just an idea, though :)

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    YAY!!!! EYK love love! You guys totally deserve every single follower, you’re absolutely the best and make tons of people smile/laugh/happy/goodstuffs/ranouttarealwords !
    On another note – omg. The video was fun and hilarious, but every single non-EYK-crew person in the videos made me almost die from laughter!!!
    Ex: In the bloopers when you all jump away from the center – and the person is walking up the center of the street where you guys just were, they probably had no idea they just became a focal point of the camera.
    Ex2: The guy who did his best to evade Simon’s personal bubble. Like that clip of the girl who was afraid of Spudgy, that’s how that guy looked at Simon! Hahaha

    Omg. I’m watching this cluster of funnies all over again!!

  35. Wow! 500k!! CONGRATS!! I just want to thank you for continuing to make videos and grow Eat Your Kimchi. You guys always make me laugh and the fun, happy, loving way you live your life has really inspired me! :D I feel that too many youtubers begin to take themselves too seriously and it’s hard to connect to them and their videos. Thanks for staying so silly and wonderful! The world needs way more creative individuals like you, and I have no doubt that your success will continue to grow! <3

    • Thank you for saying that! We don’t take ourselves seriously at all. We’re still amazed that anyone watches our videos. And we know, at our core, talking with everyone and trying to include them as much as possible, is essential to what we do. We really wouldn’t want to do this without you guise :D

  36. I like how the bloopers were longer than the actual video heheh <3

  37. Hannah

    Literally every time I see EYK I’m like “OHH Martina is my favorite ever!” “LOL Simon is my favorite ever!” “Omg SooZee is so cute she’s my favorite!” “HAHA Leigh is my favorite!”

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    Anyway Congratulations! I haven’t been with you since the beginning (only for a little less than 2 years) but you guys make me smile nearly everyday. So thanks! and may you have 500,000 more subscribers to make smile in the near future :)

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  47. not related to this video, but to all Hong Kong Nasties, stay safe. and God bless.


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  50. This is so unfair! It’s so beautiful in Korea while in Canada we just got another snowstorm! 10-15cm of snow! Geez! oh yeah! Congrats EYK!

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  53. Congratulations! I remember watching the channel as SimonandMartina, but now you have become the amazing Eat Your Kimchi! You are world famous as even an app game called Quiz Up features Eat Your Kimchi as famous YouTube Channel! Thank you for teaching me about Korean culture and introducing me to more Kpop and Korean Indies music. I will always look forward to more videos, thank you so much! :D

    Sorry if there is a double post. I do not know what happened to my first post as it did not appear after I clicked the post button.

  54. Congratulations!!! You are really special!!! Thanks a lot for all your videos and hard work!
    And the dance was great! XDD

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    Thank you for introducing me to Korean culture and to more Kpop. I also hope that you continue to add more fun cooking and makeup videos too! :D

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    Congrats!!!! This video was a great way to get my morning started on a jovial footsteps. Thanks for always being awesome and allowing me to connect with others who understand my luv of k-pop #orangenastie #USNasties. May you continue to grow and do what you love. #livingthedream

  70. You bad guys, left Meemers out and it was soooo fast the part of him that I had to puased it a little. Hump! Me, number 1 fan of meemer (and number 2 fan of you both) will post a complain letter. Maybe meemers want a be the presidente of my nasty Medea club and both of them can complain and conquere the human world? (Well, for now, congrats, I thanks for the video, you make me laugh on sunday). Hugs!! (For Meemers).

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    Congrats on your 500.000 subscribers!

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    I think I laughed way harder than I should have at this. Thanks for uploading it at such a perfect time – the brightness was just what I needed to put me back on me feet after today.

    It feels like we need moustaches, monocles and glasses of champagne to clink together in a toast going "Brohoho! To 500K and beyond!" That's what I'm up to in my imagination. Hope you'll join me ;D

  77. I think this may be my first time commenting on this site. (I’m usually one of those silent admirers on Youtube, haha) Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!! You all deserve it! :) Also, the blooper reel… them ahjummas… When my fiance and I were in Korea, I accidentally bumped into one–though, let’s be real, she bumped into me–at a subway station, and the rest of the trip, I swear, was “Revenge of the Ahjummas”. We had to retake so many pictures because of them. My fiance even got chased down by an ahjumma operating one of those mobile floor cleaners at the National Museum. He was recording her when she suddenly turned on him. Made for an interesting video, lol.

    Speaking of our Korea visit, it was our first time there, and your videos helped us so much! I was super bummed that the Hapjeong croquette place was closed over the winter holiday season. :( We visited on 3 separate days to make sure. Next time! We managed to find an awesome jjambbong place instead with these giant spoon-shaped bowls. :D I also wish I could have stopped by in person to say hello but you guys were in Canada at the time. I will leave this photo as a substitute. Congratulations again!! Here’s to 500K more!

  78. kawaii_candie

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  81. Congrats, guys! You deserve every last subscriber~~and more. You’ve all worked so hard, and it shows! Keep up the great (and happy) work! Even though I’ve been teaching in Korea for three years now, your videos have been a staple of the Korean experience for me and my hubs~~ even from before we moved here. Your videos from back in the day were what got us through the dark days of visa paperwork. ^^ To anyone who has never been to Korea but watches EYK videos, I think I can safely vouch that what they say about Korea is true… so if you like what they have to say about Korea, you’ll love it here. Just come already! ^^ :D

  82. Everything after Soozee and the hump dance I was just dying haha Congratulations on 500k! OOOOH YOU SO NASTY!

  83. Congratulations guuuuuys!! I joined in a bit after you reached the 300,000 subscribers mark, and I literally watched most of your videos within a week : 3 None of which was a disappointment for me, so thank you for being an awesome source of laughter and information at the same time! Keep on doing what you do guise, you really are a big part of so many people’s lives.. Lots of love <3



  86. Natsu W.

    Wow, congratulations of 500K! Now just another 500K to get to 1 Mil! :)

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  88. The beginning of the bloopers almost make me throw up. The camera was moving too much.
    I laughed so hard during both of the video that i think my neighbour heard me (he must think I’m crazy). Anyway, CONGRATULATION guys !!!!!!!!!!

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    Congrats, guys! Loved this! Meemers would be the coolest member of the Expendables. Stallone ain’t got nothin’ on him! :P

  90. Congrats guys! I always look forward to your new videos. I really love that your videos can be both entertaining and educative!

    500k might be a small fry in YouTube world, but I think what amazes me is that the engagement of the Nasties all around the world. You guys are not simply a YouTube content creator, but EYK (intentionally or unintentionally) built a community. That counts for something.

    As always, looking forward to many and many nasty videos from EYK crew!!!

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    Congrats, guys! I must say, this is my opinion at least, but to the international fans, you are a Kpop band! I think that the Kpop experience wouldn’t be whole without the Eatyourkimchi crew!

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    Eh ur eer eh un, cool
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    P.S I read PEEEEWWWDIIIEEPIIEE the way he says it hahahaha

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  103. Apparently the video does not exist :(

  104. Congratulations! I was a part of the Nasties for almost 3 years? I think it was 10.10.2011 when I posted on Tumblr that I could not stop watching your videos. ^ u^

  105. Congrats! I’m happy to have been a part of the Nasty community for two years now :) (Feels like much longer!)

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    Congratulations! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!!!! Whehoo!
    It was all epic but we have the Meemers intro on replay right now (for my son -awwwww) – LOL!

  108. Congratulations guise! I am proud and happy to be one of the 500K :D Thanks for the video, it was hilarious (not so good since I was eating my lunch and almost spat dumplings all over my computer screen but so worth it!). Oh Soozee, you’re so adorable with the hip thrusting fail. Keep doin’ what you doin’ guise!

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    And congrats for the 500K subscribers, not too far away from 1M subscribers! Half way to go :33

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  125. First comment ever on your blog. And I’m glad it’s for something like that, so …
    Congrats guys!
    That’s awesome. You’re all amazing. Loved the bloopers.

  126. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you. so fun to see that we are a big bunch of nasties over the world loving you guys^^

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    p/s: Haven’t been able to watch your videos in a while due to horrible internet connection on my part. Withdrawal symptoms…*rocks back and forth in a corner*

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  142. Congratulations guise! :D I knew you would make it this far! Oh by the way..i love screaming PeeeewDieeepieee too!

  143. Keep doing what you guys are doing! You guise are great! I don’t know if you remember but I’m the one who sent you the foam picture of you. The one where Meemers in grabbing onto Simon’s head. lol. That and a crazy long letter. Sorry I had so much to say. lol. Cheers and here’s to another 100,000 subscribers! :)

  144. miau_koszka

    That’s what I expected this video to be. EYK FTW!


  145. Wow guys! You have as many subscribers as the population of Antwerp, the city where I live! Congrats from one of your Belgian nasties! ^_^

  146. OMG congrats !! :D and I love saying PEWDIEEEPIEE name too <3

  147. Congrats guys!!!

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