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Happy Halloween in Korea!

November 1, 2013


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Happy Halloween Everyone!

Ok, so this video is a little bit scattered. We filmed our Halloween escapades BEFORE Halloween Night, on Saturday, namely because that’s when all of the Halloween parties were happening, and that’s when most people would be in costume and out celebrating. It’s technically Halloween in Korea right now, but it’s pretty dead here at the moment, because it’s on a weekday. WOMP WOMP.

Some things we noticed about Halloween here: it’s definitely becoming more popular now than before. Five years ago we couldn’t find ANYTHING in the stores for Halloween. This year, though, we saw lots of places with decorations, and a whole bunch of stuff in the supermarkets. The supermarkets weren’t decorated, though. It didn’t go that far, but in a few years I think we might see a spiderweb or two…

Another thing we noticed this year: foreigner traps! We saw so many bars and clubs advertising Halloween parties and Halloween specials, and they’d charge higher cover than usual for it, but they’d have NOTHING Halloween themed in them at all. Maybe the bartender would have on some face paint, but that’s about the extent of it. No Halloween drinks, no Halloween music, barely any to no Halloween decorations. Just more of a “come here to spend your money for Halloween” thing going on. Total letdown! I’m calling you out on your BS, Hongdae Clubs!

Trick or treating isn’t happening in the city, but that could be because we’re not in a kid friendly area. Today when we were in our apartment on the way down, and our apartment has a lot of families in it, we saw 6 Korean kids in costume get on the elevator. They were all dressed as princesses, and they all had their candy buckets half full of candy. We’re not sure if they got off at another floor to go trick or treating there, but we were totally amazed to see that all. Why didn’t we have any candy on us?!?! All we had was our vegan powerballs. WORST HALLOWEEN CANDY EVER! No. Pencils are the worst. Hot damn I hated it when I’d go to a house for Halloween and they gave pencils. Those people must have hated children and happiness and innocence.

Our guards at our apartment didn’t seem to know about Halloween. We came home tonight after midnight, and we came from our elevator and walked all the way over to our guards and gave them Halloween candy. They looked at us really confused. “Halloween?” we asked. They didn’t catch on the first time. We repeated ourselves, and then they said that they understood, but maybe they didn’t and were just pretending to. Oh well. We either brought some Halloween cheer to them and they like us more now, or we just randomly walked over to them and gave them candy and walked away, and still made them somewhat happy. Win-kindawin situation, I’d say.

As for the rest of the night for our Halloween weekend, we couldn’t really shoot that much footage in the clubs and whatnot, simply because it’s too dark. You wouldn’t be able to see anything much, so, yeah! That’s it for this week’s bizarrely shot video. We’ve got a WANK, a proper WANK, that we’re shooting on Saturday. Huzzah! And then we’re off to the YouTube Music Awards on Sunday and interviewing some of the artists. Make sure you watch it! You’ll see us there. Subscribe for more so you don’t miss any of the good stuff :D

Oh! And check out some extra footage of Spudgy hating his costume. He’s not as festive as we are:



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