Happy Halloween Everyone!

Ok, so this video is a little bit scattered. We filmed our Halloween escapades BEFORE Halloween Night, on Saturday, namely because that’s when all of the Halloween parties were happening, and that’s when most people would be in costume and out celebrating. It’s technically Halloween in Korea right now, but it’s pretty dead here at the moment, because it’s on a weekday. WOMP WOMP.

Some things we noticed about Halloween here: it’s definitely becoming more popular now than before. Five years ago we couldn’t find ANYTHING in the stores for Halloween. This year, though, we saw lots of places with decorations, and a whole bunch of stuff in the supermarkets. The supermarkets weren’t decorated, though. It didn’t go that far, but in a few years I think we might see a spiderweb or two…

Another thing we noticed this year: foreigner traps! We saw so many bars and clubs advertising Halloween parties and Halloween specials, and they’d charge higher cover than usual for it, but they’d have NOTHING Halloween themed in them at all. Maybe the bartender would have on some face paint, but that’s about the extent of it. No Halloween drinks, no Halloween music, barely any to no Halloween decorations. Just more of a “come here to spend your money for Halloween” thing going on. Total letdown! I’m calling you out on your BS, Hongdae Clubs!

Trick or treating isn’t happening in the city, but that could be because we’re not in a kid friendly area. Today when we were in our apartment on the way down, and our apartment has a lot of families in it, we saw 6 Korean kids in costume get on the elevator. They were all dressed as princesses, and they all had their candy buckets half full of candy. We’re not sure if they got off at another floor to go trick or treating there, but we were totally amazed to see that all. Why didn’t we have any candy on us?!?! All we had was our vegan powerballs. WORST HALLOWEEN CANDY EVER! No. Pencils are the worst. Hot damn I hated it when I’d go to a house for Halloween and they gave pencils. Those people must have hated children and happiness and innocence.

Our guards at our apartment didn’t seem to know about Halloween. We came home tonight after midnight, and we came from our elevator and walked all the way over to our guards and gave them Halloween candy. They looked at us really confused. “Halloween?” we asked. They didn’t catch on the first time. We repeated ourselves, and then they said that they understood, but maybe they didn’t and were just pretending to. Oh well. We either brought some Halloween cheer to them and they like us more now, or we just randomly walked over to them and gave them candy and walked away, and still made them somewhat happy. Win-kindawin situation, I’d say.

As for the rest of the night for our Halloween weekend, we couldn’t really shoot that much footage in the clubs and whatnot, simply because it’s too dark. You wouldn’t be able to see anything much, so, yeah! That’s it for this week’s bizarrely shot video. We’ve got a WANK, a proper WANK, that we’re shooting on Saturday. Huzzah! And then we’re off to the YouTube Music Awards on Sunday and interviewing some of the artists. Make sure you watch it! You’ll see us there. Subscribe for more so you don’t miss any of the good stuff :D

Oh! And check out some extra footage of Spudgy hating his costume. He’s not as festive as we are:


  1. The reason Meemers didn’t like the costume is because cats sense of
    balance is completely thrown off by any fast change to their center of
    gravity. Since the costume was around his middle it wasn’t that he
    didn’t want to stand up at first it was he couldn’t. Try tying a tube
    sock around his middle sometime and watch him stagger around like he is
    drunk. We do this to our kitty some times for fun. And he hates us for
    it. It is still fun for us though and he forgives us.

  2. Simon, Martina, would you guys pleeeeease tell us about the creepy room in your studio?? I don’t know whether I’m making this up but I remember you commenting in one of your videos that there was the little room next to the kitchen that was a bit haunted, and that you would elaborate later…but that time never came! I’m still so curious, I love ghost stories. Would you do an ‘Open the Happy/Scary’ about this? Pretty please with pleases on top!

  3. LongClawTiger

    That was so much fun to watch! :) I was hoping for more special effects in the bathroom scene though, considering you guys were holding candles.

  4. GUYS PLEASEEEE VLOG !!!! or at least vlog when you do something like that I wanted to see more of the streets in Halloween !!

  5. where the bottles of soju that the strangers drank already opened? they seem so trusting! not too sure if that would fly well over here lol

  6. SImon, long hair actually suits you so well!!

  7. Melmo Hikaru Van Buren

    still say toothbrushes are the worst halloween handout ever

  8. Hmmm, Halloween in Korea seems a little boring? Compare to Japan….haha they are in a different level,


  9. This really makes me want to go to Korea for Halloween and do some elaborate zombie makeup and scare the crap out of people. I really enjoyed their reactions!

  10. I seriously wonder what SHINee and uKiss think about this?

  11. Gemma Deacon

    This looked so much fun! Spooking people in the street is brilliant! I didn’t dress up this year but I did wear a Brian Griffin shirt so does that count? Also Spudgy and Meemers looked sooooooooooo cute in their costumes :3

  12. I just came across this old video about Halloween at Simon’s school (Lee Hi’s school!!)

    Those kids are such good sports, willing to go along with your skit xD I was laughing the whole time!

  13. Thank you guys for making great and funny videos :) they always cheer me up whenever I’m down. EYK hwaiting!!

  14. kawaii_candie

    In Japan it’s kinda similar. Halloween is not really an official holiday, but people love it for marketing values so there’s lots of halloween-themed stuffs everywhere… and since Japanese people love to have an excuse to “cosplay” most clubs and bars will have halloween parties, but it’s still not common to see like “normal” people (the non-party-goer type) getting dressed up, and kids definitely don’t dress up for school, (although i did see a group of like, 20 dressed up kindergardeners wandering around my area on the afternoon of the 31st and i was so surprised and it was the cutest thing ever!).

    In Tokyo however, they have a little more halloween spirit. in Shibuya and Roppongi, they have street parties. everyone gets dressed up and goes there and is just wandering around the streets, taking pictures, asking people to take pictures, and it’s just craziness! i went to Shibuya for the first time this year and it was so crowded and packed, it was awesome!! Japanese people can be very creative when it comes to costumes… there were a group of girls dressed up as Starbucks drinks cups, lol. and undead Disney mascots, and people dressed as Minions, and a whole team of Sailor Scouts <3 and lots and lots of zombie schoolgirls… it was pretty cool!

    also, there used to be a "halloween party train" on the yamanote line (the one that goes in a loop around tokyo) where people would get dressed up and just be rowdy on the train like you guys were doing, but it got busted up by the police 2 or 3 years ago…i remember there was a big controversy about it because it was a really racist nationalist group that set the police on the partiers… saying that halloween wasn't a Japanese holiday and the gaijins just better GTFO or somewhat… it was kinda crazy… even though it wasn't just foreigners dressed up…but yeah, so now you're not allowed to do that anymore.

    and even though when you get to Shibuya, everybody is dressed up and partying, on the train on the way there, i was the only dressed up person in the wagon. lol. which makes for funny awkward times.

    I have such good memories of halloween though and it's such a fun holiday, i wish it would spread all over the world!! it's definitely nice to see it becoming more popular over here.

  15. Absolute best was the reaction to the skeleton costume- I got stuck in that silent laugh where I almost forgot how to breathe

  16. You and your friends had the best costumes eveeeeeer!

  17. Annie

    Spudgy and Meemers are adorable.

  18. I do not think Korea needs ‘Halloween’ but if people want to celebrate it they also have a right too. It is that push and pull between the hegemony of western culture and the ability for cultures to take that influence and transform it into something new and subversive to that hegemony. My Korean friends talk about how much people are thinking and talking about family and parenting in Korea in the past few years, and Halloween in many ways is a family holiday–my friends thought that may be a reason why interest about it has piqued. But again, I do not think it is appropriate to lament a lack of Halloween spirit/activity in Korea I see showing a bit in the comments. Just because the West has it does not mean Korea should. I think Simon and Martina probably miss the atmosphere when they said its sad–its sad to be separated from your cultural activities. But it is a bit more complicated than that.

  19. why didnt you guys make spudgy wear his ” I heart Mummy” tank top ): I gave it to you guys at the singapore fanmeet XD

  20. I walked around in Randers (a danish city^^), with my theater school, as dead people~ It was zoo amazing to scare people c:< But hard not to smile :3

  21. The funny thing with Halloween, I found, is that my students complained so much that there was no halloween party… (because it was a testing week this week) but they weren’t even dressed up, like.
    How can I give you a party if you don’t dress up? Lammmeee.
    Even I dressed up! Thursday and today! (then again. I love halloween so much I brought my costume with me from the US >> )
    Anyhoo. I wish I could have seen y’all, but I didn’t even go out that night… Not to Hongdae or Itaewon. bah.

    ALSO!!! Now I remember what I really wanted to comment.
    WHAT IS THAT SONG!?? It was great! Amazing! Fantastic! Wonderful! I need it.

    • I totally agree~ It wouldn’t be much of a party if no one cared enough to dress up!
      And I found that song ^_^ It’s Calling all Corpses by Wednesday 13

  22. in fact, not only Korea is not really into halloween, but most regions in Asia. i come from Hong Kong and people wont dress in costumes on 31 october unless in the pubs

  23. Wait wait waaaaaaait! I know this one! The woman at 6.08 (and others).


  24. …That guy on the subway with the light hair and the thick rimmed glasses… He was really gorgeous.

  25. And holey moley, this has to be one of my favourite WANKs. I’m Australian, so we don’t celebrate either but gosh their reactions to you guys were hilarious ><

  26. Barely 10 seconds into the video….. THIS INTRO IS AWESOME!!! <3

  27. Not sure what this video was about. Too many cute guys. _>
    “Oh, so that’s how Halloween is in– Ohmylawd, look at that hottie!”
    “Haha, those costumes are so– Rawr! what’s your number?”
    “Bahahaha poor gi– Hellooooo, handsome!” xD

  28. It’s not really a big thing in Australia. Shops have decorations up and some people go to some parties but that’s about it. You often hear people being negative about it and that it’s Australia being “Americanized”…. but I really want to have a proper Halloween at least once in my life! Because I love dressing up.

    We did have some little trick or treaters in our apartment building. My husband heard voices outside in the hallway and opened the door just in his underwear, the little kids started coming towards him but he shrieked, freaked out and slammed the door. Then he felt bad and when the kids were outside the apartment building he was calling to them from the balcony (still in his underwear)…. while I was trying to tell him that’s probably not a good idea. haha


  30. How drunk were you to say “One shot” with a bottle of soju? Wow. thankfully, you remembered & said “a little” :D

  31. Elizabeth Le

    ERMAGERD! Spudgy in a lobster costume! cute!

  32. Whoah youtube comments is totally haunted! I left a comment and it just…disappeared. *dun dun dun* O.o

  33. The scared Koreans..yes, best reactions ever! Me and my husband went out dressed up on Saturday night but we couldn’t even scare some kids at the restaurant. -_-’ Dutch kids are apparently not scared of anything, darn it! They don’t really celebrate Halloween here either but it’s becoming more popular, like in Korea. :)

  34. Omg I’m so jealous!! My halloween here in Korea was less than epic. :( I’m coming to find you guys next year.

  35. whyy???? lol rubbing on taemin , lol he’s soo innocent ! ,
    ohhh you so nastyyy .

  36. irritablevowel

    Okay, friend who dressed up as a bottle of soju. GOOD JOB! 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR!

  37. lady_kire

    *From what my dad said*
    I had a relative visit from Australia and he was leaving on Halloween. He asked why everyone was in costumes and my dad had to explain to him that its Halloween. Apparently he didn’t know what Halloween was.

    I guess it’s not big in Australia either.

    I know in Hong Kong, Halloween is like something game shows do. They dress up for a Halloween theme.

    I’m not a fan of Halloween and I live in Canada. I think I live in the wrong country..

  38. Here in Ecuador we don’t celebrate Halloween, in fact I already see Christmas decorations on some super markets. What we do celebrate is the “Day of the Diseased” or “Día de Difuntos” in which we eat “colada morada” a sweet purple corn drink, and “guaguas de pan” sweet breads shaped as babies.

    • ah interesting. I’ve been teaching my student (English teacher in a Korean High School) about the Mexican holiday “Dia los Muertos” or Day of the Dead as I tell students. Though I’m African-American, I feel that students should learn about other cultures’ holidays besides US ones.

      • Halophila

        Dia de los Muertos is actually comprised of a couple of days. The first day is also known as Dia de los inocentes (day of the innocents) , which is a day of remembrance for children and infants that have passed away (Nov 1st). The second day (Nov 2nd) is the day of remembrance for adults that have passed away.

        • Yup I told them that (the difference in days) and sort of compare it to the Korean holiday of Chuseok with having altars and paying respect to those who have died. We also talked about marigold flowers, sugar skulls, and bread of the dead. I had to keep it short and simple because too much English lecture = lost Korean students. At the end I had them draw a skull. My whole point was to show that Halloween isn’t celebrated everywhere and to spark their interest in actually going and researching this subject themselves.

  39. I always love when you go out and interact with people on the street. Great wank! Also, I see you lovin’ on the Taemin cutout Martina! That’s gonna be awkward when he sees the vid after the interview, lol.

  40. GoldenAngelFeather

    Hahaha Martina was touching Taemin! xD Taeman and Manho! xD
    And is it just me or did you all see some goodlooking korean boys? >__<

  41. Wowwww this was a funny wank XD I like your costume martina !
    ommgggg suuddgggyyyy !!! what a cuteee doggg ! he doesn’t like costumes ^^…reminds me of your old bunny-costume-video
    Ohhh a wild meems-panda appears !!! GET IT POKEBALL !!!

  42. Do I hear Wednesday 13 in the background when you guys went to the sub?? I LOVE WEDNESDAY 13 <333

  43. It’s really interesting that Halloween wasn’t that big in Korea until recently…it’s always been big in Japan. Thanks for the video! (how did you guise get this up so fast??)

  44. Those aren’t pumpkins! Those are probably kabocha, which is an asian variety of winter squash. They make GREAT hotpots. But someone on offbeat home likes to make a cheesey-dip with it. Although I am not sure if you even have cream cheese there?

  45. Interesting. Here in Chile supermarkets have a lot of decoration for halloween and such, but people don’t really decorate their houses. Still, most kids and young teens dress up and go trick-or-treating… and ofc there’s halloween parties for older teens.. probably people until their very late 20s celebrate halloween. It’s a holiday here.. I don’t have uni either today (31st) or tomorrow (nov 1st)..

  46. PunkyPrincess92

    unfortunately halloween is still pretty lame in England….or probably just where i am….we have Christmas decorations and stuff out before halloween!! darn!!!
    O_O Santa??? you’re out too early dude!!!
    ahahaha Martina rubbing Taemin’s cardboard cutout!!
    hahaha aawwww Meemers in that hoodie is the cutest thing EVER!!!!

    did you guys see SHINee’s (minus Minho) halloween costumes a few days ago?? they looked so AWE~~~~SOME!!!!!

    • ZodiArk-x9

      SHINee even went to their fansigning events dressed up. First time seeing them in costume: epic-ly awesome and fun looking then when I seen that they did it again for the fansigning I couldn’t help laughing uncontrollably. They are a bunch of lovable dorks.

  47. That looked like fun! Scaring people and your not even trying to hard! Lol I wonder how your Halloween would have been if you guys were in Japan?

  48. thisisjustforfunval

    It’s hilarious how both Spudgy and Meemers go completely catatonic when you put the costumes on them. Cutest dang lobster and Panda I’ve ever seen. LOL who said Meemers was Seungri?! That was perfect!

    Great costumes guys, Martina you were having so much fun! Your friend’s zipper face would freak me out if I saw it pop up randomly beside me!

  49. Just how many costumes did you guys get for Memmers and Spudy? XD

  50. What do you guys think of my costume?

  51. Trust me Simon and Martina when I say halloween is a VERY American thing, and most likely for a reason. OK, I’m not gonna say it does not exist outside (as today, most likely a number of kids are rooaming the neighbourhoods despite the pouring rain), but it just hasn’t grown in popularity.

    Here (Sweden btw), Halloween is more popular as teenage/young adult parties than trick or treating. And most likely for good reason. On Saturday it’s all hallows day, and coincidely, it’s another holiday (official holiday here) to celebrate the dead. People go the the graveyards of loved ones, light candles (those water resistant and none-chaotic ones), decorate and clean the graves, and remember the dead. problem, since this happens in early November is that our kids, for some reason, thinks this is another day to beg for candy…

    I personally don’t mind Halloween for those who wanna celebrate (even if I don’t), but having 2 days in a week is a bit much for none celebraters like myself. Not to mention, I am most likely very boring by saying this, but Halloween to me is more an excuse for stores to sell as much as possible. Here, nothing can still beat our oldest holiday-ish (it’s not officially a holiday as you get a day off for some reason) Midsummer activities, which are so random and crazy the police literally patrol the roads to every city every year to catch the crazy drunks who forget you are not allowed to drink and drive the day after.

    not to mention, we dance around a huge penis on that day. And if you aren’t drunk, something is wrong.

    Ps: This does not mean we, Swedes, are drunkards in general, but the rules were kind of established since Sweden used to have problems with alchoholism around the late 19th century, early 20th century.

    • Yeah, in France too, it’s just a commercial thing! A few years ago it was quite a big trend, but now people seem to be fed up with it, I see much less decorations than before… If something isn’t initially part of the culture, I don’t think it can really work! And yeah, on November 1st and 2nd we’re supposed to mourn the deads, so dressing up as a zombie the night before is not exactly compatible!

    • unicornsgalaxy

      Going along…reading your comment…thinking to myself..oh I love Halloween, how can someone hate it….Midsummer activities hmmmm….*record scratch* THEY DANCE AROUND A HUGE PENIS?!?! O.O

      • I don’t hate the festivities, hate is a huge word for that. I just dislike the commercial aspect. To me, these kind of traditions are celebrated for more than just the commercial side, a long tradition, something to celebrate.

        And yes, that huge penis (aka maypole, but it is shaped like a penis as most interpretations describe it), is to celebrate fertility. It was even so controversal when the church found out during the medieval ages, they tried to ban it, It just didn’t wor, we are such vikings up here that we continued to do so anyway, until this day.

        Fun fact: the main dancers of Midsummer are kids…

        • Alexandra Huang

          ._. I don’t celebrate mid-summer but… the maypoles I’ve seen look like well, poles? lol

          Git yer minds outta da gutter y’all! =P

        • Nina Johansson

          First pick while googling, it’s also called midsummer pole, but maypole is pretty much the same in Scandinavia.

        • Alexandra Huang

          lol wat, that pic doesn’t even show up in my search hah. Still. I just feel like it’d take a some imagination to say “oh wow that looks like a penis” *sighs* *shrugs*

        • Nina Johansson

          Midsummer can be dated back to when Scandinavians were vikings… this is the modern look. But, fact about midsummer is that it has since long been rumoured to be the holiday of fertility. Seriously, back when our grandpas and grandmas were young, a child tradition was to pick seven flowers, jump accross seven stone walls and when you got to bed you’d dream about the boy you would marry (I seriously did try this once, didn’t work sadly because we didn’t jump over the walls =( )

          Adults, as you can guess by fertility would meet later and… I’m not going to get into detail about that. But midsummer is up north the longest daulight day of the year, so it was believed to be magical. Possibly, having your kid then was a good thing.

          The fertility part is probably true, since Christianity tried to ban it when it entered the North, but it somehow survived and lives on today, It is our only heathen holiday left, we kind of abandoned mid winter (which was a feast, in which you ate loads and possibly made offerings to the Nordic Gods). Most of our modern holidays are Christian based, save for a very select few, which tend to be local (like the foundation of ones city).

    • Much agreed that Halloween is very American. I even hear from Canadians that it is bigger in the US compared to Canada, or maybe it just isn’t as popular in certain parts? I’m looking at you Quebec! But even here it is changing. It seems that less children are going out trick or treating. American paranoia has basically forced kids away from trick or treating in THEIR neighborhoods. What has happening are “Trunk or Treats” where churches and daycares have kids go from car to car in a parking lot (no joke) and trick or treat that way. Also some housing developments are now known to have super kid friendly decor, candy, etc. So oddly my boss says he gets like 6 kids in one night, while my husband boss says he goes through 10 bags of candy.

      • Nobody trick or treats in my parents’ neighborhood anymore, lack of school age children I guess. It kind of makes me sad for my mom :(

      • Just speculation here, but could it be that Quebec is predominately Catholic, where Nov. 1 is a religious day?

        • kawaii_candie

          lol. where did you get your information?? like the girl above said, Quebec was predominately Catholic like 60 years ago… almost nobody goes to church anymore :p and i’ve never heard of Nov.1st being a holiday… (though i don’t go to church, but still…) Halloween is pretty big in Quebec and i always went trick-or-treating as a kid (although there was never very much “tricking”, it’s mostly just “give me candy, people!” lol) and then as i got older, it was halloween costumed parties with friends. I haven’t lived there for 5 years now, but from judging at friends facebook pics, i’d say that halloween is still very much a thing in good ol’ Quebec!

        • Err, that’s why I said I was speculating? I never claimed to be an expert, not to mention the fact that I posted this before I saw Mar’s post. But if you must know, 83% of Quebec state Catholicism as their religion (http://www.statcan.gc.ca/tables-tableaux/sum-som/l01/cst01/demo30b-eng.htm) and Nov. 1 is All Saints’ Day which is a significant religious day for Catholics (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_Saints%27_Day) and the basis of Halloween. Obviously, this entire discussion on Halloween prevalence in different countries is anecdotal. What we’re exposed to completely shapes our perspective on things. I’m sure young people are far more likely to celebrate Halloween and be more secular, that doesn’t mean there aren’t people (ie older adults) who do the opposite. Everyone on here is simply postulating until backed by actual statistical analysis.

      • Yeah, I find Trunk or treating kind of sad. I mean, why are some people so paranoid about going out to meet strangers in their neighborhoods. Like oooh soo scary! Apparently Halloween candy has only been tampered with once and that was in 2000 but the urban legends have been going around for years before that. It’s just strange and I find it sad learn not to trust anybody at such a young age. :(

        • JenniferSakraida

          Yeah, I think I remember reading something that the cases of the tampered candy was actually done by close relatives of the children who received the candy- not strangers. Which is more scary. I have heard people say a LOT of things that make no sense to be freaked out about Halloween. Literally, many have ranged from 9/11 (back when it happened) to pedophiles. Yes, I kid you not.

      • You couldn’t be more wrong about Quebec. Halloween is huge here and not just for the kiddies. There’s so much to do in Mtl and the entire old port is changed into a spook fest, haunted houses, kids go trick or treating….I haven’t even heard of “trunk or treats”. The only places where it doesn’t happen so much are areas where the kids have grown up…but I’m sure that’s a theme everywhere else as well. Sooo if anything I’d say it’s bigger than most places :p. Also Quebec hasn’t been Catholic since the 1960′s “Quiet Revolution” when everything became secular.

        • JenniferSakraida

          XD I was taking a stab in the dark, if there was a place in Canada that wasn’t Halloween-y what would it be? Since Quebec is sort of like the Canada’s equivalent to Texas in the US. It is very unique, and some people make note that they are different.

      • It’s crazy popular down here in Austin. You’ll see little families, from tiny toddlers up to hordes of seniors all in costume patrolling the streets. However, like Jennifer said, some parts of town are unfriendly to trick or treaters so everybody goes to Hyde Park, Terrytown and Crestview where its super crazy party fun.

    • Hm, yeah halloween isn´t really the same here in Sweden, but it´s getting bigger and bigger in my opinion? I kinda like halloween, since I love masquerades and I love horrormovies! So it´s the ultimate opportunity to finally dress up as something scary and use a lot of fake blood! :)

    • I ALWAYS thought Halloween was an American thing. I didn’t even know other countries even do trick or treating, costumes, etc. I guess that’s why I felt this video was ethnocentric (my anthro major’s vocab is coming in handy here). I didn’t have any expectation of Korea knowing Halloween, just like Chuseok would have no significance in the US.

      • *cough*i agree*cough* lol

        I lived in the US a bit as a kid, and I remember people celebrating Halloween there. Then, as I moved around other countries around Asia and Oceania, I completely forgot it existed, until last year, when suddenly some kids (in Australia) came trick-or-treating at our door. Apparently, though, it’s originally Celtic?

        This is what Wikipedia says about Halloween in Australia:
        Halloween is growing in momentum in Australia, in spite of seasonal differences and the transition from spring to summer. Criticisms stem largely from the fact that Halloween has little relevance to Australian culture.[15][16][17] It is also considered, by some Australians, to be an unwanted American influence; as although Halloween does have Celtic/European origins, its increasing popularity in Australia is largely as a result of American pop-culture influence.[17][18] Supporters of the event claim that the critics fail to see that the event is not entirely American, but rather Celtic and is no different to embracing other cultural traditions such as Saint Patrick’s Day (an Irish tradition) .[19]

        Personally….I also consider it unwanted American influence lol, but some of my friends think it’s a good excuse to dress up, so whatever.

    • I think, though, that Halloween is from “the old country” (Europe) originally; that since All Saints Day is coming, the night before, you need to appease the dead or some fun old wives’ tale? Maybe not from Sweden, specifically, but I know Germany, France, and Spain all had these stories. It wasn’t commercialized until good ole’ America commercialized it, but if you watch Meet Me In St Louis (okay, you will tell me you are famililar with Rodgers and Hammerstein, right? Right?) they had Halloween in America well before it was commercialized. Maybe, now that i think about it, it wasn’t to appease the dead, but to scare off the demons roaming lost before All Saints Day. Anyone who can back me up? anyone?

      • Halloween, AKA All Hallows Eve, was an excuse for Irish (I’m Irish and I’m not trying to be racist) to have fun and prank their neighbors and beg for sweet cakes. They wore masks so people wouldn’t recognize who they are.

  52. That was lots of fun to watch sadly I am still not in the halloween mood ;) Now to the Kpop charts I go! 12 new songs that I haven’t checked out yet!

  53. OH. MY. GOD! Simon, I saw you in Hongdae…! You were coming up the subway stairs as I was going down and I thought “That guy really look like Simon!” I was even about to ask you if you were Simon, but I since I didn’t see Martina or her pink hair I was like “No, it can’t be Simon, not without Martina!” I think you might noticed me starring at you as I was trying to figure it out, because we had eye contact XD So if you saw a girl with a green Uniqlo jacket, blue eyes and short blond hair starring at you like a creep, that was me! Yay..? XD Can’t believe I was so close, and I still missed you guys!! I noticed you to Martina, cause I thought your costume was awesome but I didn’t know you were in there!!!

  54. This is my dose of halloween since I’m stuck at home because I just came home from the hospital TT.TT I can’t go trick or treating…. CANDY COME TO ME!!!

  55. tatiana lopes

    This was so cool, I was smiling through out the entire video.
    Here in Portugal, Halloween obviously isn’t as big as in USA but since I was a kid, me and my group of friends started celebrating it in our little village, we carved pumpkins and went out all dressed up. I think it’s actually more fun to see the reaction of people who are not used to it.

  56. hapagirl

    Very cool guys, though I feel bad for the ones who looked freaked out but since a lot of them were laughing at the end that’s what matters. I don’t think I’m dressing up this year, I don’t really wanna be Lilo from Lilo and Stitch again plus I wanna be scary. I’ll just stick to my unemployed college drop out costume or be Fangurilla if I’m able to pull something together.

    Spudgy and Meemers, I’ve never seen anyone who hates costumes more than them.

  57. Dana

    well that was hilarious! especially that woman crouching out of fear, holy crap

  58. Such a funny W.A.N.K you guise, omg! ♥ The scared people lol! I’m dressing up as a anime neko girl tomorrow at a party ^_^ Can’t wait to get dressed up! Next year I’ll be Spudgy for sure tho!

  59. bigbangfosho

    How can a cat and dog be so cute i don’t understand
    omg but the pranking…i’d be kinda freaked out ahhaa…but it’s also pretty priceless. I really liked all your costumes. I wouldn’t have the guts to go and prank. I’d be afraid of being reported.

  60. looks like soo much fun… here in Austria (Europe) they just do halloween parties to get drunk .. but not to have so many fun as you guys seem to have.. i just love it.. :) expecially the reaction of koreans at the subway? station… just amazing .. :)

  61. One of your funiest W.A.N.K ever. I laughed so hard seeing people scared. I love it and you seemed to have so much fun

    • Glad you liked it! We were worried that it was a bit awkward with the cutting back and forth, since we didn’t really consciously film a WANK format for our Halloween night. But if you’re ok with it, we’ll feel more comfortable filming stuff spur of the moment and adding commentary afterwards :D

  62. You know what’s really sad. In NY you can’t even find the slice and bake cookies. ITS JUST PLACE AND BAKE! You get a sheet, and they are all cut out already and you just plonk them on the cookie sheet. It’s so sad. No more getting the wield a big knife and chop up the dough.

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