A while ago, Soo Zee designed and made a hat for us, which you might have seen us wear from time to time. You might have seen them in a KpopCharts Update, or in this week’s Kpop Music Monday on 2NE1’s “Falling in Love.” If you haven’t seen them, check em out here:

Anyhow, we’ve read lots of comments from people who said that they want the hat. Cool! We looked into manufacturing them, and we’d like to put in an order, BUUUT first we need your input. Since these aren’t made to order, but a giant pre-order we have to put in, we’d like to know what hat colors you’d be interested in first before we actually put in the order. Yeah! So, here are the colors we have in mind:

Those are the five options we have. So, let us know which ones are your favorite, and we’ll put in orders for them all. Yay!



Ok! We listened to your input. Thank you all for voting and for being so interested. We put in our order for the hats. Huzzah! You can now buy them here! Thank you everyone for the overwhelming feedback!

  1. Is this hat still available? I wanna buy

  2. It’d be really cool if you like, sent these or K-pop idols like members from U-Kiss or Amber from f(x) bought these hats and wore it, cos I noticed a lot of Kpop idols wore hats, plus they’d be promoting your stuff and that’d be sweet since they’re fans haha.

  3. woah really amazing!! *salute*

  4. I’m getting a glitch – when I try to load this video to view it it shows the comments and everything from this page, but the video from the “touch me over here” music monday from 2NE1

  5. Can we see a picture of a girl wearing the hat? I want to order one, but I think it might look too big on me :/

  6. I like them all but my fav are #2 and #4 x3

  7. what about the eyk hat simon wore in the basketball scene?? do you intend to put it up too or is it just for eyk crew??

  8. Hurray! Maybe I was the first one to order the hats! I was abusing your website the whole day, checking it almost every 10 minutes. I just hope the order will arrive safe and sound and within 5 weeks ( our athorities are really a pain in the ass when it comes to customs…).
    Edit: I mean 5 weeks after it is out from the factory. ^^

  9. people are just having it default as the black white so its not a real representation of peoples votes

  10. Woot! We’re about to put in our order for these hats. YAY!

  11. The black & white one I feel would be the best because it’s the most gender neutral one. More than one color is more than okay, but having the neutral one in there would be nice for everybody.

  12. That Mint Fuchsia hat has my name on it. KSILVS is written in the stitches, :D
    Will be making fan art of you two soon. I hope you will like it. <3

  13. I really like the 3 first ones!
    I don’t think I would buy the #4 :/

    Anyways, Thank You for doing such a Great Job! ^^

  14. I really like the 3 first one!
    I don’t I would buy the #4 :/

    Thank you for doing such a Great Job ! ^^

  15. I love the 1st one with the fuchsia and mint, it’s just so… nasty feeling!

  16. I will buy #1, #2, & #3! Love this hat! I would have to order a Taemin shirt of some sort though…just because I can’t order from EYK without some Taemin…

  17. If the price is reasonable, the you can just shut up and take my money.

  18. I picked… ALL OF THEM! They all look nice, and I like them all so I’ll be satisfied with whatever color(s) get picked.

  19. Um, there maaaaaaay be a problem with the poll. I just noticed as I was voting that the black and white one was pre-selected when I went to vote. Which I didn’t want to vote for. So I just voted for it and the pink/mint one by accident… Refreshed to make sure I didn’t just click it by accident, and… Boom, there it is again, pre-selected. :(

  20. Hi! I’ll be in Korea beginning early August. Is there a way for me to order and get it shipped/picked up in Korea?

  21. AND the day just got awesome. Order fast! Lol

  22. same happened for me with #4…. BUT I REALLY WANT THE BLUE/BLACK AND FUCHSIA/BLACK HAT!! id wear em’ e’ry day!

  23. comon pink rim black hat! :D LEGGO

  24. #2 and #5 for me. Had to unselect #4 cause it was sneaky sneaking itself into my votes. I’m watching you black and white! You got 100% cause you sneaky I don’t believe in you!

  25. I would love if these were baseball caps too, I can’t pull off a snapback LOL they are really nice though, I love the sky blue and black one :D


  27. I picked #2, Simon hat model!

  28. Until now, I was content with watching your videos, reading your blog and comments, but now, because of these awesome hats, I decided to register… I must buy at least one. Can’t wait for them. :D

  29. #5! I have a strange obsession with all things blue.

    Also, about how much would these be? :)

  30. i like #2 i’m just hoping that it wouldn’t be too expensive…i couldn’t afford it T^T…

  31. You guys should do another repoll of the top three favorites and narrow it down to two at least. Black/white hats are overly done and it doesn’t match the vibrant-ness of Ooh! You so nasty! logo.

    • Agree 100%; Black and White just seem too boring! Although… I mean, since it’s the overall favorite, I doubt having a re-poll will do much haha ^^;

      EDIT: Oooh… after reading some other comments, it does seem extremely possible that readers could have not noticed the default selection of #4… in this case, I re-poll would be appropriate

  32. what’s your fan-club balloon colour? :)

  33. Im in love with hat #1 I am so buying one

  34. YEAY!! I’m so happy you’re making a hat! Now we can all be so nasty xD

  35. You rock Soo Zee!! Thank you for this wicked design! Please put it in a youtube vid when you guys have the snapback ready to spread the nasties worldwide ;)

  36. Please let the youtube community know when these get up and ready cuz im buying the second you post! :) and thank you Soo Zee for your awesome work!!

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