A while ago, Soo Zee designed and made a hat for us, which you might have seen us wear from time to time. You might have seen them in a KpopCharts Update, or in this week’s Kpop Music Monday on 2NE1′s “Falling in Love.” If you haven’t seen them, check em out here:

Anyhow, we’ve read lots of comments from people who said that they want the hat. Cool! We looked into manufacturing them, and we’d like to put in an order, BUUUT first we need your input. Since these aren’t made to order, but a giant pre-order we have to put in, we’d like to know what hat colors you’d be interested in first before we actually put in the order. Yeah! So, here are the colors we have in mind:

Those are the five options we have. So, let us know which ones are your favorite, and we’ll put in orders for them all. Yay!



Ok! We listened to your input. Thank you all for voting and for being so interested. We put in our order for the hats. Huzzah! You can now buy them here! Thank you everyone for the overwhelming feedback!

  1. Is this hat still available? I wanna buy

  2. Mishel Khan

    It’d be really cool if you like, sent these or K-pop idols like members from U-Kiss or Amber from f(x) bought these hats and wore it, cos I noticed a lot of Kpop idols wore hats, plus they’d be promoting your stuff and that’d be sweet since they’re fans haha.

  3. fatimah126

    woah really amazing!! *salute*

  4. I’m getting a glitch – when I try to load this video to view it it shows the comments and everything from this page, but the video from the “touch me over here” music monday from 2NE1

  5. teresalok

    Can we see a picture of a girl wearing the hat? I want to order one, but I think it might look too big on me :/

  6. I like them all but my fav are #2 and #4 x3

  7. Nina Kammer

    what about the eyk hat simon wore in the basketball scene?? do you intend to put it up too or is it just for eyk crew??

  8. Hurray! Maybe I was the first one to order the hats! I was abusing your website the whole day, checking it almost every 10 minutes. I just hope the order will arrive safe and sound and within 5 weeks ( our athorities are really a pain in the ass when it comes to customs…).
    Edit: I mean 5 weeks after it is out from the factory. ^^

  9. Simon Darling

    people are just having it default as the black white so its not a real representation of peoples votes

  10. Woot! We’re about to put in our order for these hats. YAY!

  11. Bailey Deneen

    The black & white one I feel would be the best because it’s the most gender neutral one. More than one color is more than okay, but having the neutral one in there would be nice for everybody.

  12. Katie Silver

    That Mint Fuchsia hat has my name on it. KSILVS is written in the stitches, :D
    Will be making fan art of you two soon. I hope you will like it. <3

  13. MersadyzBenz

    I like them all!! Lol

  14. Melanie.Hua

    I really like the 3 first ones!
    I don’t think I would buy the #4 :/

    Anyways, Thank You for doing such a Great Job! ^^

  15. I really like the 3 first one!
    I don’t I would buy the #4 :/

    Thank you for doing such a Great Job ! ^^

  16. Ashley Huang

    I love the 1st one with the fuchsia and mint, it’s just so… nasty feeling!

  17. Mandy Drexler

    I will buy #1, #2, & #3! Love this hat! I would have to order a Taemin shirt of some sort though…just because I can’t order from EYK without some Taemin…

  18. Joo-Yeon

    If the price is reasonable, the you can just shut up and take my money.

  19. Squirtle:)

    I picked… ALL OF THEM! They all look nice, and I like them all so I’ll be satisfied with whatever color(s) get picked.

  20. Um, there maaaaaaay be a problem with the poll. I just noticed as I was voting that the black and white one was pre-selected when I went to vote. Which I didn’t want to vote for. So I just voted for it and the pink/mint one by accident… Refreshed to make sure I didn’t just click it by accident, and… Boom, there it is again, pre-selected. :(

  21. trublu59

    Hi! I’ll be in Korea beginning early August. Is there a way for me to order and get it shipped/picked up in Korea?

  22. smo_ore

    AND the day just got awesome. Order fast! Lol

  23. same happened for me with #4…. BUT I REALLY WANT THE BLUE/BLACK AND FUCHSIA/BLACK HAT!! id wear em’ e’ry day!

  24. comon pink rim black hat! :D LEGGO

  25. jackfowler.

    number one all the way

  26. Jolaynna Young

    I had to uncheck #4 too. :)

  27. Penguin!

    #2 and #5 for me. Had to unselect #4 cause it was sneaky sneaking itself into my votes. I’m watching you black and white! You got 100% cause you sneaky I don’t believe in you!

  28. I would love if these were baseball caps too, I can’t pull off a snapback LOL they are really nice though, I love the sky blue and black one :D

  29. IsabelKibum


  30. Magicimpact

    I picked #2, Simon hat model!

  31. Until now, I was content with watching your videos, reading your blog and comments, but now, because of these awesome hats, I decided to register… I must buy at least one. Can’t wait for them. :D

  32. Olivia Figoli

    #5! I have a strange obsession with all things blue.

    Also, about how much would these be? :)

  33. patricia felita

    i like #2 i’m just hoping that it wouldn’t be too expensive…i couldn’t afford it T^T…

  34. Julie Lee

    You guys should do another repoll of the top three favorites and narrow it down to two at least. Black/white hats are overly done and it doesn’t match the vibrant-ness of Ooh! You so nasty! logo.

    • Alexandra Huang

      Agree 100%; Black and White just seem too boring! Although… I mean, since it’s the overall favorite, I doubt having a re-poll will do much haha ^^;

      EDIT: Oooh… after reading some other comments, it does seem extremely possible that readers could have not noticed the default selection of #4… in this case, I re-poll would be appropriate

  35. WorthInClay

    what’s your fan-club balloon colour? :)

  36. himchanfan01

    Im in love with hat #1 I am so buying one

  37. Leah Chung

    YEAY!! I’m so happy you’re making a hat! Now we can all be so nasty xD

  38. You rock Soo Zee!! Thank you for this wicked design! Please put it in a youtube vid when you guys have the snapback ready to spread the nasties worldwide ;)

  39. Please let the youtube community know when these get up and ready cuz im buying the second you post! :) and thank you Soo Zee for your awesome work!!

  40. Catherine Harlow

    Hats 2 and 3 are my favorites!

  41. Honestly…I would get one of EVERY colour!! They all look great. I would seriously rock them all. One for each week day…or I could copy Jay Park and wear multiples AT THE SAME TIME MUHAHAHAHAHA!!! Seriously though, just make them all if you can. DOO IT!

  42. My faves are of course losing, number 1 and 5! Number 2 is good too though. I’m surprised number 4 is winning since it seems pretty bland compared to the others but that’s prob due to it being the default selection.
    So glad your getting these hats in your EYK Store! I’m so excited to get my own!

  43. Would totally buy all three of teh pink, baby blue and purple ones… I have been eyeing these since the first video and waiting on the shop haha. (Either way at least one will be mineee!!!)

  44. kawaii_candie

    i like number 3 best. although i like the first 3, really. i think it’s cuz they have more “girly” colors though, and the last two seem more “boyish” :p

  45. Joaquín Rodríguez Pérez

    #2 and #5 *-*

  46. yeah I chose #2 but it looks like #4 is most popular but I think that’s ONLY cuz ppl didn’t uncheck the default that’s on 4. :( i’m totally gonna get 1 of those hats guise. I don’t think I’ve bought EYK merch before but this hat will b my first xD as u mite b able 2 see, i’m even wearing a cap in my profile pic as i luv caps xD

  47. Personally, just in my opinion, I’d like a black hat with white rim? I don’t know if other people would too. Just a possible suggestion. :)

  48. Nia(Nyimasata Sonko)

    Black and white & blue and green!

  49. luvleighangel

    I would be okay with any of the colors except #4…That is just too boring and EYK is anything but boring!!

  50. Oscar_dejarjayes

    Martina I loved you in drag! You should make this male character a regular!

  51. alex saunders95

    I wan’t the #1 hat it’s so cute! but I was wondering how much will these hats cost?

  52. Ally Thach

    I really like #2 and #3!

  53. Krisna Seam

    remember guys, BEFORE YOU VOTE, unselect #4 unless you do want that one already and then vote! ^_^

  54. Chantel Sanchez

    What about sizing for the hats? I never really wear hats but I definitely want 1….or all the colors available….lol

  55. Krisna Seam

    #3 and #2 are my favorite ahhh pink!!!

  56. #3 is so perfect and will match my cotton candy pink hair so well. <33 WANT IT SO BADLY.

  57. Emilie

    Aww, the color I want the most is losing. :( I want the green/blue one!

  58. Just to let you know guys for some reason when I was going to vote the option #4 was mark I didn’t even choose it my option is #2 I love it !! and I hope that one win >_<

  59. KATHyphenTUN

    YAY Soo Zee!!! this is soo perfect!!! Great job!!!! I’m really tempted to order a #1.

  60. Karina Vizcarra

    I love 1 i hope you guys will still have it

  61. JiEun Jung

    idk why, but the fuchsia and mint one just screams eyk. love the combo c;

  62. Jokyo Karillion

    I for one especially like #1 and #5 for a couple reasons. Those two sets remind me of Martina (number one) and Simon (number 5) because those are colors that they each wear a lot. I also think that the combinations are unique from the boring old bland stuff you can get in any store, which make them, for me, way more ballin’. Honestly though, even if they don’t get picked, I will buy whichever colors you guys pick to make, because I think they are all very cool. Much love, S&M!

  63. Tru O-c

    I like #2 & #3 more than the others, but really I’ll wear whatever you make -_-…I’m hooked for life…

  64. I looove the fuschia and blue! ;O; It’s so perfect!! ;3;

    Any chance you’d tell us who/where you had it made through? If I can’t get these colours, I’d be interested in getting my own made! ;O;

  65. Nina Kammer

    what’s with the eyk hat simon wore in the basketball scene?? do you put it up too?? or is it just for eyk crew??

  66. Fafou Them

    Oooh Soo Zee, you so nasty for making those hats. They’re super cool, nice job. I for one, REALLY like #1, then #2 & #3 are tied.

  67. LoveYourEgo

    OMG everything you guys do is sooo amazing! Love all colours but 4 and 3 are my favs!! Please ship them overseas too if you’re going to sell them =)


  68. #1 Is totally EYK colors, so yes #1. #5 Is also Fantastic Baby.

  69. Ashurii

    Darn it wish I read the comments before the black and white hate was automatically selected. I would love a black and purple combo only cause I’m purple bias :p

  70. Stephanie Dubuque

    I like options 1 and 5 the most and then the plain black and white of 4 but I’m curious to know how much it would cost to purchase one?

  71. killdeer

    Black hat pink brim? T____T

  72. Anna Brekke
    Anna Brekke

    I gotta say, these are pretty dang awesome. I love the Black and White one… SO MUCH!! Imma have to get one of these when they come out!! Much love from Central USA!!!! Swaggie :3

  73. Question: My Aunt is almost as deep in EYK as I am…she is 37 and she says she is totally getting one of these hats and wearing it…my question is this: Is she completely insane and will she look like someone trying too hard to be young? Mind you she does have a chunk of bright blue hair as well as a chunk of deep purple. She says it is totally ok…while I…well I am asking the question, so I have my doubts.

  74. Great job on the KMM! ^^

    Oh > . < Can't wait to buy a hat!! ( I would've wished for a darker blue for the second hat option though… )


    P.S: the playlist wouldn't work here : /

  75. Seaweed Liu

    It would be so cool if the front was just a carton of milk~ but then again I guess it would be too… girly? (or maybe not? lol milk is great 8D)
    btw this was an awesome idea! I really like the 1st and the 2nd one :D

  76. Cameron Cox

    I personally like number four and kept the box clicked as well as numba two is also wonderful!! either one of those I will buy for sure if they are chosen.

  77. qtgodzilla

    You guys should make a hat in the colors that your mustache hat has! For some reason I always imagine that as your colors now lol at least with that nice orange :D

  78. You guys are so sweet to go through all of these manufacturing hassles just to make us Nasties happy! Thank you! ^+^

  79. leejiyoon

    S.I.S.T.A.R. ~~~~~~

  80. Oh my god if you are going to make them I’m going to buy one directly!

  81. The Black Hat/Pink Rim one is so nice~ It’s sad to see it falling behind ; ~ ; You guys should make an EYK outfit where all the colours match so we’ll be swaggin’ in EYK merch lol

  82. Janet Okabe

    ERMAHGAWD!~ I voted for all of them! can i get a woot woot?! =D

    pink&mint <3 mmmmm yummy <3

  83. I would wear the heck out of 2. It matches my beats,my shoes, and currently my nails. I’d be straight stylin; and profilin’.

  84. julisensei

    what about fuschia with black option?

  85. holanio

    I really like #5 and #1, it’s super EYK style 8D

  86. FriedChickenOnew

    You know I just realized Fan Man is wearing eye makeup…REAL MEN ADMIT WHEN THEY LIKE MAKEUP!

  87. HappyVIP

    Would love the pink/mint coloured one!

  88. Kat Hua

    I never wear Baseball Caps. It never been my style, but *table flip* F-that, I’m definitely getting one. I’m just torn between the Black/Blue and Fuchsia/mint. The black/blue would be easier to style, reminds me of Spudgy, and is still slightly sassy. A White/blue one would be AMAZING, but I can’t be picky. xD I love the fuchsia/mint one for the great colors and full-out in-your-faceness, but I don’t know if I’d be ballsy enough to wear it as much as I’d want to wear these hats. My long 2 cents. ^~^ Can’t wait for them~

  89. Eva Lind Johannsdottir

    I really hope the shipping wont be too expensive coz I would love to get 1 of these hats

  90. FINALLY! I’ve been craving hats since a video u guys posted with Spudgy wearing an EYK hat. Unfortunately, it was made by a friend of u guys and not a real thing but I’m glad this is finally becoming a thing!!! I’m not big into t-shirts but I love hats!

  91. Veru164

    Ill prob buy 2 3 or 4 design I don’t wear hats enough to pull off 1 or 5.

  92. Boosher

    The Blue and Black one is the best!! I can’t tell if that many people acutally like the white and black one or if they didn’t realize it was automatically checked….

  93. I want the blue/black one, the one Simon had on yesterday during KMM.

  94. Cassie

    Not too big on the white one. all the rest are awesome and I would wear all of them~

  95. Oh dangit … I voted for #3 before realizing it was pink and not purple >_< Guess I should learn how to read and not just look at the pretty pictures.

  96. misscandid

    #4 is CLEARLY RIGGED! (Guise, the white would get DIRTY SO EASILY…well, I would get it dirty very easily but I am assuming everyone is messy as f like I am)

    #1 all the way! Look at the cute cotten candy colors! It’s like wearing cute kpop girl make up on your head or SHINee’s pants in Replay (doesn’t make sense I know)

  97. Krittika

    The hats are so cute! And I know someone already said this, but be wary of over voting for #4.

  98. Amber Christon

    YAY!!! I’ll finally be able to buy my NASTY hat :) I usually don’t even wear hats unless its a winter time beanie, but I will proudly wear this one. My votes are for #1 and #2. I don’t like the lime green featured in #5 and if #3 used the same hot pink that #1 uses it would be a better option. #4 has way too many votes because of the default, but even so, black and white is too plain for a snap back. Plus its gonna get super dirty! UN et DEUX HWAITING!!!

  99. Leann Reemer

    #1 is my favorite and I like #2 and 3 too. Maybe you guys should just order all of the colors, lol.

  100. kpop music monday video is playing is that supposed to happen?

  101. ChocoPandaa

    #2 and #4 are the best.. for me :D I’d buy them both!!
    ..just don’t put it too expensive/overpriced okay, guys? ><

  102. Michelle

    After watching the Music Monday yesterday, I saw Simon’s hat and I was like “YES THEY FINALLY HAVE THE EYK HATS I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!” I was disappointed to see they weren’t in the store and I thought I was being teased. But here they are! :D
    The Blue/Black is the best option!

  103. Sam Vanderpol

    Totally going for the mint/fuchsia one :3

  104. Marianne J

    #1 and #2 are my favourites! I’m so happy you guys are actually doing this :D

  105. Shereen Niranjan

    #2 and 3 look awesome i would totally buy them

  106. Chelsey Coburn

    I would buy 1 2 3 and 4.. in all reality.

  107. Kyla Destiny

    Love the pink + green one!

  108. KittyLai

    I want the 1st and 2nd!! But went with the blue/black one!! Can’t wait!! I want this so badddddd :D

  109. This will be the BEST couple set item ever! Hahaha. I can’t wait to pre-order mine! I honestly love all the colors though. It was so hard to pick one.

  110. Miko Satou

    2, 4 and 5 – those look nice ^-^ and the writing stands out ^-^

  111. Persia Ghaffari

    I like how no matter what I pick, option 4 is always 100%…

  112. MyKayla Hill

    I really liked the blue one…. :( I dont want the black and white one to be the only one chosen..

  113. I’m really split in between Fuchia Rim/Mint hat and Blue Rim/Black Hat >_< The Blue/Black one feels really original but still fansy(aaand I love blue xD ) but the Fuchia/Mint feels more funky and cute :3 I really like funky stuff xD and i'm kinda into a more funky style of clothing (formal or funky/cute nothing in between xD) So will totally buy either of them~ :3

  114. S Fayee

    YAAAAY These are so amazing~
    #4 is first for me but #1 is a close second :D
    Just wondering, do you guys know approx. how much one hat would be?? And also shipping…?
    Greetings from Toronto!! ~

  115. I want it!! I want them all!
    I’ve never wanted anything more in my life! ….//wellthatsalie but still!

  116. haikyu.

    #4 is amazing i love it omg askljflajf

  117. In the video I totally looked at Simons hat. Soon to be mine! I don’t even wear hats normally..

  118. sneakyninja09

    Hi! I’m a newcomer here! I would definitely buy those hats if they are already available. I just want to ask what is the mode of payment in ordering??

  119. can’t wait to get my hands on one of these hats :)

  120. NaToTheWak

    Guise, the video you posted here is this week’s KMM…

  121. at last! :D i was only just checking the EYK store recently to see if the hats were on there yet but now it’s coming! :D <3

  122. damn. #5 is by far my favorite but only 26% at this point… come ooooon #5 goooooo!!!!!

  123. Nurul Nabila Zulkifli

    Can I love you guys even more? <3

  124. Kithala

    I love #1 *.* and #2 and 3# is also really nice

  125. Anjelica Armendariz

    You must do mint/white since that way it will go with the pants that everyone seems to own.

  126. PunkyPrincess92

    i want one of those caps!! but i wear a hijab!!
    i mean i could wear it if i wanted to…i have a friend who wears a hijab and wears a cap on top
    but it’s just not me!!

    but they’re so pretty!!
    the fuschia and mint one is beautiful!!! i’d get that one if i wore caps!!

  127. claudenoine

    awesooome hat buut i probably cant get one. huhu. But still awesome! hahahaha! (^_^)v

  128. Claire Harley

    My Friend and I LOOOVE the green and Blue hat but it’s not receiving much love, it’s the only colours we like out of the choices too DX.

  129. NaToTheWak

    Guise, sorry for keeping asking it but I didn’t get an answer yet: where is your merch manufactured? Thank you!

  130. Kelsey Mae

    Hmm~ I wonder if my mom would buy this for me… Well, now I have something to save money for!

  131. Zahraa Suparta

    Black & White caught my attention straight away! :D

  132. Florence Ling

    Are you posting a video on the hats soon?

  133. What do you mean by FREESIZE

  134. Diana Carter

    2 and 3 are pretty!

  135. Wxuanify

    I like #1! It’s also the colour of the EYK family’s pullover and pants! Me wanttttt!

  136. Lee Unđerground Manson
    Lee Unđerground Manson

    I CANT DECIDE! *head explodes*

  137. Florence Ling

    Is there going to be sizes for the hats? and how much would it be approximately? ^^ thankyou

  138. dontquit

    Same thing happened to me. The 4th was automatically selected but it was the one i liked the least! blue and black is the best!

  139. Do you know how much it would be APROX ??

  140. Lída Kulhavá

    Uh, you probably have to buy this using like the mastercard or visa card right? I don´t have one… :((( And I´ve never really bought anything online but damn, the first one is so awesome and I´ve been looking for good hat for foreverrrr!

  141. The default option was for Black Rim/White Hat and I realized I didnt uncheck that D:! Is that also why it’s topping the poll. =x

    *edit* oops someone mentioned that already. my bad..

  142. VERY NASTY!! gotta get’em all!! :DD

  143. hironyx

    hey guise, i would like to mention that the #4 option (black/white) is selected by default. when i unchecked it and selected my choice (#2) and proceed to vote, the result shows that #4 has 100% of the votes.

  144. MidnightEkaki

    ahhhh number 3 & 4 are the best! But the first one looks so EYK ^^ I want I want D:

  145. Elina Peyda

    I love number one. :3

  146. Sorry if I’m not bright enough to get this, but why should I enter my phonenumber? :o

  147. Telilah

    Finally!!! I’ve wanted Simons hat soo bad ever since he first wore it!

  148. Alyne Gonçalves

    Will you ship to Brazil? Please ^^

  149. I LOVE the first one~

  150. Florence Ling

    Approximately how much would it be for 1 cap :OO?!
    I LOVE THE DESIGNS <3 ^.^~!!

  151. KuroKuro

    I think that you should do at least the black one with both pink/blue, and maybe the white one too? I think that everyone would have the chance to get one they like then. But I have to say I love ALL the designs. I may not be as street as Simon, but I’m definitely getting one of these! :D

  152. Eduardo m.

    why is #4 so popular? thats the most boring hat of the bunch. No offense soo zee, the others are amazing! (specially watermelon and cool cyan)

  153. Robin S

    Uhhg! So many choices. So hard to choose. It’s difficult making these type of decisions so early in the morning.

  154. I adore the first one! It reminds me of a watermelon! ^^

  155. stilinskiphiliac

    But I’m thinking maybe it would do better to have a darker green/blue colour of the ‘OOH’ part instead of black, so it’s more subtlety shadowed. Ooh, subtlety is so sexy~ But maybe that’s not possible? Anyhow, love the design and will definitely order one when/if they arrive!♥


  157. Zoë Harmar

    I like them all… can you just order every colour? :-P

  158. lettergra

    I personally love the pink/black one <3

  159. Buckwhite

    Hat #4 for teh win!!!!!!

  160. For me #4 was selected by default, so I unselected and selected #3 instead. Seeing the results of the poll now, currently the largest portion is #4. Just wondering if that’s because people maybe didn’t unselect? Thought I should let you guys know :)

  161. Marcy Therrien

    i like choice #1 (mint/fuschsia) and choice #3 (black/pink)… being kind of girly like (and me being well, girly <3) :-D

  162. Michael

    I love these designs!

    Will the black and white design have the EYK logo on the back as well?


    • Ha! This is just to figure out what colors people want. We’ll put in the order tomorrow night. Friday, we’ll put them up on the site so people can pre-order them :D Yay!

      • Marita Skaar

        Do you know anything about how much they’d cost? … like approximately… A poor student without a job has got to save up for basically everything you see – but that’s not new x] ^_^

      • Jokyo Karillion

        Also, how do we know that the issue with the ratings for number 4 is dealt with so that the votes that did actually go for it consciously are the ones being counted? I’m really rooting for some of the others, and… and I was really hoping you wouldn’t go with number 4 just because it looks like it was all the way up there….

  164. iLSTARinc

    White / Black
    Like my all famous Stormtrooper cap.

  165. so excited for this!

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