A while ago, Soo Zee designed and made a hat for us, which you might have seen us wear from time to time. You might have seen them in a KpopCharts Update, or in this week’s Kpop Music Monday on 2NE1’s “Falling in Love.” If you haven’t seen them, check em out here:

Anyhow, we’ve read lots of comments from people who said that they want the hat. Cool! We looked into manufacturing them, and we’d like to put in an order, BUUUT first we need your input. Since these aren’t made to order, but a giant pre-order we have to put in, we’d like to know what hat colors you’d be interested in first before we actually put in the order. Yeah! So, here are the colors we have in mind:

Those are the five options we have. So, let us know which ones are your favorite, and we’ll put in orders for them all. Yay!



Ok! We listened to your input. Thank you all for voting and for being so interested. We put in our order for the hats. Huzzah! You can now buy them here! Thank you everyone for the overwhelming feedback!

  1. woah really amazing!! *salute*

  2. That Mint Fuchsia hat has my name on it. KSILVS is written in the stitches, :D
    Will be making fan art of you two soon. I hope you will like it. <3

  3. Um, there maaaaaaay be a problem with the poll. I just noticed as I was voting that the black and white one was pre-selected when I went to vote. Which I didn’t want to vote for. So I just voted for it and the pink/mint one by accident… Refreshed to make sure I didn’t just click it by accident, and… Boom, there it is again, pre-selected. :(

  4. AND the day just got awesome. Order fast! Lol


  6. #5! I have a strange obsession with all things blue.

    Also, about how much would these be? :)

  7. Would totally buy all three of teh pink, baby blue and purple ones… I have been eyeing these since the first video and waiting on the shop haha. (Either way at least one will be mineee!!!)

  8. i like number 3 best. although i like the first 3, really. i think it’s cuz they have more “girly” colors though, and the last two seem more “boyish” :p

  9. yeah I chose #2 but it looks like #4 is most popular but I think that’s ONLY cuz ppl didn’t uncheck the default that’s on 4. :( i’m totally gonna get 1 of those hats guise. I don’t think I’ve bought EYK merch before but this hat will b my first xD as u mite b able 2 see, i’m even wearing a cap in my profile pic as i luv caps xD

  10. I wan’t the #1 hat it’s so cute! but I was wondering how much will these hats cost?

  11. remember guys, BEFORE YOU VOTE, unselect #4 unless you do want that one already and then vote! ^_^

  12. What about sizing for the hats? I never really wear hats but I definitely want 1….or all the colors available….lol

  13. #3 and #2 are my favorite ahhh pink!!!

  14. #3 is so perfect and will match my cotton candy pink hair so well. <33 WANT IT SO BADLY.

  15. Aww, the color I want the most is losing. :( I want the green/blue one!

  16. Just to let you know guys for some reason when I was going to vote the option #4 was mark I didn’t even choose it my option is #2 I love it !! and I hope that one win >_<

  17. YAY Soo Zee!!! this is soo perfect!!! Great job!!!! I’m really tempted to order a #1.

  18. idk why, but the fuchsia and mint one just screams eyk. love the combo c;

  19. I like #2 & #3 more than the others, but really I’ll wear whatever you make -_-…I’m hooked for life…

  20. I looove the fuschia and blue! ;O; It’s so perfect!! ;3;

    Any chance you’d tell us who/where you had it made through? If I can’t get these colours, I’d be interested in getting my own made! ;O;

  21. #1 Is totally EYK colors, so yes #1. #5 Is also Fantastic Baby.

  22. Darn it wish I read the comments before the black and white hate was automatically selected. I would love a black and purple combo only cause I’m purple bias :p

  23. I like options 1 and 5 the most and then the plain black and white of 4 but I’m curious to know how much it would cost to purchase one?

  24. Black hat pink brim? T____T

  25. I gotta say, these are pretty dang awesome. I love the Black and White one… SO MUCH!! Imma have to get one of these when they come out!! Much love from Central USA!!!! Swaggie :3

  26. Question: My Aunt is almost as deep in EYK as I am…she is 37 and she says she is totally getting one of these hats and wearing it…my question is this: Is she completely insane and will she look like someone trying too hard to be young? Mind you she does have a chunk of bright blue hair as well as a chunk of deep purple. She says it is totally ok…while I…well I am asking the question, so I have my doubts.

  27. Great job on the KMM! ^^

    Oh > . < Can't wait to buy a hat!! ( I would've wished for a darker blue for the second hat option though… )


    P.S: the playlist wouldn't work here : /

  28. You guys should make a hat in the colors that your mustache hat has! For some reason I always imagine that as your colors now lol at least with that nice orange :D

  29. You guys are so sweet to go through all of these manufacturing hassles just to make us Nasties happy! Thank you! ^+^

  30. Oh my god if you are going to make them I’m going to buy one directly!

  31. The Black Hat/Pink Rim one is so nice~ It’s sad to see it falling behind ; ~ ; You guys should make an EYK outfit where all the colours match so we’ll be swaggin’ in EYK merch lol

  32. I know!!! I liked the purple color too… so sad :c

  33. ERMAHGAWD!~ I voted for all of them! can i get a woot woot?! =D

    pink&mint <3 mmmmm yummy <3

  34. what about fuschia with black option?

  35. I really like #5 and #1, it’s super EYK style 8D

  36. Would love the pink/mint coloured one!

  37. I really hope the shipping wont be too expensive coz I would love to get 1 of these hats

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