Eat Your Kimchi

Hello Again LiveChat!


Hi guise!

We’re back in Korea for a short while before we fly over to Finland for a week, but we wanted to have a little bit of a LiveChat and talk with you all for a bit!

You know, I realized with yesterday’s video, when we told some of our weird and interesting stories from our Meet Your Kimchi Tour, that people might have got the impression that we didn’t enjoy the US. That’s too bad. We had a great time! We just wanted to tell some silly stories about hilarious things that happened to us. Otherwise, there are lots of things we loved about our trip, and we had a bit of time in today’s LiveChat to share some of those stories!

Also, it just felt great to be back to what we used to do: hanging out at the cafe, chatting with you all, answering some questions here, talking about what kpop songs we’re listening to there. You know, it surprises us sometimes when we think that a big portion of our viewers are new. We have a lot more subscribers now than before, and so a lot of people haven’t seen our old Music Mondays, and don’t know a lot of those inside jokes, right? Anyhow, for those of you who are new to our videos, HI! Hopefully you don’t find these LiveChats too weird :D