A while ago we did our ridiculous video in which we dress up as a dragon and unicorn and Dance in Korea. In that video, Martina stopped by a Hello Kitty Cafe, but it was closed. We went back afterwards and filmed a video of what it’s actually like inside. Check it out!

Now, you might be aware that we really like Korean Coffee Shops, more specifically, the indie ones that don’t cram thousands of people into a few square meters and sell overpriced sugar-soaked burnt espresso beverages. Bah! Again, recently we went to Angel-In-Us (which we always want to call Angel Anus) out of desperation and bought a drink that we couldn’t even finish half of because it was so terrible. Stay away from franchise coffee shops! More often than not, they’re terrible. Anyhow, Hello Kitty, even though it’s a worldwide brand, isn’t really a franchise coffee shop, so we still consider it somewhat Indie. And, hell, they’re few and far between as well, while you can throw a stone from one Starbucks to the next, nowadays.

Anyhow, the main reason we went to the Hello Kitty Cafe wasn’t because of the coffee. Martina’s a big fan of Hello Kitty stuff, if you didn’t already know. Check out our How to Dance Kpop Style 2010 video. See that toilet cover? Yep. It’s Hello Kitty. Also, last year for Christmas Simon got Martina a coffee maker: Hello Kitty, of course. So when Martina saw the Hello Kitty Cafe she was determined to go.

Well, let’s just say Martina was excited at first. The idea of it was great, and at first glance it seemed like it would be wonderful. But, after a few minutes the charm wore off. It was very crowded, terribly lit, overheated, and covered in graffiti. No joke! We’ve never seen so much graffiti in a coffee shop. The back wall was entirely covered with one set of initials being in love with another set of initials at a specific date, and lots of B2ST written on the walls (and ceiling) as well. Kinda took away from the Hello Kitty vibe. As well, it just didn’t seem like what we expected. We thought it’d have nothing but cutesy music and the staff dressed up Hello Kitty-ish, but it wasn’t really like that at all. The baristas were just regular looking, and the music was – for some reason – from the 90s. Like, Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On” was playing in the background. Not what I’d expect in a Hello Kitty Cafe. In the end, when we left the place, it seemed like just a pink coffee shop with lots of Hello Kitty paraphernalia. It was quite disappointing. Drinks were good. Atmosphere wasn’t.

If you’re interested in going, even though it’s not too great, just to be able to tell your friends that you’ve been to the Hello Kitty Coffee Shop, we’ve attached a map:

Map to Hello Kitty Cafe

Except, err, the map isn’t all too great. It’s from the official Hello Kitty Cafe site, and the English is a bit off (like Starbugs, for example). Anyhow, just remember these directions:
1) Get off Hongdae station Exit 5 and walk straight.
2) Turn left and walk up the street.
3) Turn at your second right.
4) Keep looking to the left. You’ll see it on its own side street eventually.

And there you go! If you’ve been to any of the other Hello Kitty Cafes, please let us know. We’d like to know if the others are worth visiting, or if they’re equally as disappointing. Also, thanks again to JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for translating our silly videos. Yay!

  1. Your directions are wrong. It’s supposed to be EXIT 9 not 5. If people get from exit 5, they’ll end up at the other side of Hongdae. Please edit this post so people will not go the wrong way.

  2. The branch in Hyewa is waaaayyyyy much better. Less people, quieter atmosphere and the music was just right. Not pop music. When I went there they were playing jazz music.


  3. I’ve been to the one n Taiwan :)

  4. FYI the instructions are not very good. It’s supposed to be exit 9, not 5. I took exit 5, trusting you guys and got totally lost and spent an hour trying to find it. I finally looked up different instructions and saw it was exit 9. Martina and Simon, please fix this so that no one else has to get lost like I did.

  5. STARBUGS – a new name for a bug??? LOLOLOLOL

  6. I thought you said y’all never had a fight! ; )

  7. I don’t know if you guys would still reply at this point, cause this video is so old, but DO YOU KNOW THE ADDRESS OF THIS PLACE???? I really want to know where it is….

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  9. Hi Simon and Martina! Nice fun vid! I am a fan of Hello Kitty as well.
    I was wondering if Hello Kitty Cafe holds birthday parties for kids there? I would appreciate your quickest reply.

  10. MARTINA! why are u so cute!! 

  11. the cafe srsly must have lost the Hello Kitty feel to it because of the graffiti. Just like when I went to Lotte World last October …the walls were covered with graffiti too. O_O

  12. i went to Seoul last October. and i found a Hello City Cafe near our Guest House in Hyehwa dong

  13. hi..is the operation hour correct? 11am till 12 pm seems too short.are they open only for 1 hour? or is there a typo,mybe 12am?

  14. I passed by the cafe in Hongdae… but my brother refused to accompany me there :( Martina, you are lucky !!!

  15. if you go to japan.. you should visit the hello kitty land there.. it is so cool! :)

  16. I watched about half the video and decided that I simply MUST go there someday. It looks adorable!!! Then I read the description and realized it wasn’t so great in the end… But… But…. I still want to go! So much cuteness! It makes me feel girly, lol. 

  17. I want to go to Korean this summer, can you tell me any indie coffee shop like this probably near Seoul, and cheap? (cause im still a high school student) … i dont know where im gonna live yet, but probably, somewhere for foreign?

  18. If you're feeling pink nauseated, you could always try some pepto :p

  19. I kinda wanna go to the Ho Bar.

  20. Great Video :)
    There is another Hello Kitty Cafe in Sinchon near the Hyundai Department Store… it tends to be less busy whenever I took friends who visited Seoul there… they have the same cakes and the lattes look the same… just less people…

  21. I'm not really a Hello Kitty fan but I really liked this video xD

  22. Wow. I don't know what kind of coffee chains you have in your neighborhood. I've managed coffee shops in the states, have read books on coffee, and I find that the korean chains are far and away better than the american equivalents. In general, mind you.

    We have a new angel-in-us in our neighborhood, and granted I only drink straight espresso or americanos, and it's great. The beans are freshly roasted and perfectly ground, the machinery is new and clean, the water is filtered so it doesn't sour the flavor of the coffee (something you won't find in every american coffee chain), and the espresso is pressed and timed properly (23 second shots and sweet lasting crema on top). It's clear that being that it is a new, the employees have all been trained really well. I don't know if the quality will endure, but it's at least as good as a good coffee shop back home.

    Maybe this is a function of the fact that I hate sweet sugary drinks and never drink anything other than straight espresso or americanos, I dunno. In general though in the states I find local coffee shops to be very high on the charm and socialbility scale, but many times lacking the quality or consistency of company chains who can afford the best beans and equipment.

    Interesting to hear your thoughts.



    • Dave, it's comments like this that make me think we just have rotten luck. Like I said, last time we went to the Angel-In-Us the shot was pulled terribly. Tasted like Neptune's Bunghole. Even recently we went to another franchise shop that just opened up and had lots of fancy pants equipment, but when Martina asked for a Macchiato they had no idea how to make it, and had to consult their instruction manual. Could just be a "stay-away-from-the-franchises-in-Bucheon" kinda thing…

  23. owh, Martina's little laugh at the end was so cute! keep up w/ d good work, guys! love all your videos!

  24. Good to know. I was actually dying to go on my trip to Korea in May. Hmmm, maybe not so much. I'll spare my feet the walking. ^_^ But thanks for the direction just in case my inner voice convinces me……hahaha.

  25. This is the first place I am going once I settle in Korea. I am not going to let the prices, lack of over-the-top Sanrio-ness nor 90s music stop me! I think the only place I can go after this (aside from Sanrio Land) is giving birth in the Hello Kitty hospital in Taiwan and that ain't happenin'. This video was cute overload.

  26. Woah! Pink overload! I like pink , but in moderation. I feel for Simon! Next time go to a "manly" place as payback! bwahahahaha!

    Happy New Year guys! cheers!

  27. I gagged just looking at all the pink and Hello Kitty crap.

    Plus. It's all about Badtz-maru punks(I mean that with love)!

  28. OMG!! WTF?! C'mon, Simon, that place is just so freakin' cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!! :p


    Semi-seriously, thanks you two ever so much for sharing that. If/when I ever make it over there, I know just the coffee shop to take that lame date who I reeeaaallly want to put off. Thanks!!

  29. I agree with Simon on the pink nausea, it's overwhelming D:

    Do you know how many indie cafes are near you by any chance?

  30. Anyway I want to visit this cafe or any other cafe with such amazing people like you =)

  31. Love this! It looks so cute omg. It would've been nice if it was more of a cosplay thing for sure. There was a "Hello Kitty" soundtrack made that someone I know was featured on it. You should check it out (if you google for Mandy Ventrice and find her myspace page she has the song she did for that cd on her page last time I was there but she might not now I haven't been there in a while cause she has a Facebook page). They should've played that at this cafe. Probably would've drove Simon insane lol. So love Hello Kitty (Still have an original from the 1980s lol) and would love to go there.

  32. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA S-T-A-R-B-U-G-S!! I bet that's how Hello Kitty really feels!!!!

  33. LOL, Simons expressions were hillarious. I want to go just to take pictures and say i went there, cuz we have nothing like that here. The closest thing we have is the Sanrio store, which is kinda what its supposed to be, lol. I love Hello Kitty :)

    (btw, Martina, im not sure if you've seen this or not, but theres this blog called "Hello Kitty Hell" Its a guy who talks about how much he hates Hello Kitty and how she wants to take over the world. But its awesome cuz it has practically everything that Hello Kitty has made, lol. Check it out if you havent seen it yet)

  34. Oh, I love it! STARBUGS!! What a concept! Excellent job, you two! You aced it again! :) I laughed out loud! :)

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