Hellllooo everyone!

Martina bought this thing right here. Isn’t it obvious? She buys all of the Hello Kitty stuff we have: Hello Kitty foot warmers, and now Hello Kitty hand soap magnets. Funny thing, though, which sounds ridiculous at first, but all of the stuff that we’ve got for the studio that’s Hello Kitty related we actually use quite a lot. That foot warmer we did a video on we fought over all winter. And now, this soap holder, we’re actually gonna really like and use a lot.

This thing is actually quite brilliant. Is this common where you’re from? I don’t remember seeing this in Canada. I hate when you pick up a bar of soap that’s been sitting in a soap dish, and the top is dry but the bottom feels like wet napkins, all soggy and stuff. It’s fine, because you’re about to wash it off your hands anyways, but I’ve just never liked it. Here, though, the soap dries equally all over. Hang dries. It’s so smart!

I’d like it a lot more if it wasn’t Hello Kitty, though. You know, I’m starting to think that this is Martina’s subtle way of trying to indoctrinate me into the Hello Kitty world. She’ll buy extremely useful stuff with Hello Kitty on it, so I can have positive Hello Kitty associations. I bet you next she’ll get, like, a Hello Kitty universal remote. Then, once I’ve stopped disliking Hello Kitty, because it’s so useful, BAM! Out she’ll come with the stickers and straws and socks and random crap and fill our house with it. I’m side-eyeing you, Martina…

Also, she’s the one who’s editing this video, so I’m sure she’s gonna tone down the naughtiness of our raw footage. I’m writing this now as she’s editing the video. Point is, for those of you who have been to Korea and know what public bathroom stick soap we’re talking about, you’ll know the connotations that go with the soap. Just saying!

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s ultra useful and super fun WTF. We’re publishing this from our hotel in Beijing, and we’re just about to go to the airport. We’ll be back in Korea in a few hours. Yay to no more slow VPNs, and yay to being able to chat with you guise again in the comments. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t click on this pretty button below, though. Just saying :D

  1. We had that at home when I was a child. Here it is pretty normal to have these things (in Germany)

  2. irisdutch

    I love al the wtfs so much! There are so manny weird, funny an cute stuff! Sorry for my bad writing bytheway, I am Dutch and cant speak English very well… ;-)

  3. That idea is genius… how has no one ever thought of that before.

  4. LinZi

    오 마이 곷!!! I can see posts and make comments again! HOORAY FOR THE NEW COMMENT SETUP!

  5. lalipop

    (sing this its really catchy)
    yyyyyou hhhave 439 comments on this video
    ooo wait no you don’t now you have 440 with mine
    people are waiting to see if you will give give the hello kitty soup away
    and your just no way Jose
    but if you do it would be nice
    i hope you read this comment because it took me a long time to type
    and yes im still singing, you should be singing this too
    this is the end now so gooooooood bbbbye
    –xitlali, yup thats me

  6. I am currently desperately trying to find a new flat in Norway (going back in two weeks, so sad T^T). If I get this soap dispenser, who wouldn’t want me as their roommate? Right?

  7. mintykpoper

    I want one! The Hello Kitty aspect of it is so cute and makes washing ones hands fun. Why can’t America have cute things like this for our soap?

  8. katcarneo

    That bar of soap rammed on a metal rod–haha! First time to see something like it. I work for a Korean company here in the Philippines and our rest rooms have bars of soap instead of the usual liquid ones, but the soap is on a soap dish, thank goodness.

  9. If it had been a Sailor Moon one, there would be no filming done that day. XD Martina wouldn’t be able to handle it.

  10. If I had one of these I might consider using a bar of soap instead of liquid. So Awesome! :D

  11. inspiristarlight_96

    I think that this Hello Kitty soap holder is ingenius, I mean why would you want soap that looks all soggy and dirty when its on the sink top when you can have it clean and at your hands touch, No more worrying about who touched the soap. ♥♥♥♥♥

  12. DoublySS

    I seriously need me one of these. ASAP D:

  13. Hello Kitty makes everything better :P I’m using my Hello Kitty headphones right now!

  14. Gamyeon

    This is really awesome. I want one. Do you guys know if they have other cool models apart from Hello Kitty ?

  15. omg. speaking of Hello Kitty. I bought a Hello Kitty Lunch box yesterday!

  16. I really want one of these! if i send you guys like $10 can you get me one???

  17. This is actually pure genious :-)

  18. I remember those soaps on a stick… so many awkward moments…

  19. thisisjustforfunval

    Guys, I think you need to get this and make a WTF on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsgSjFjdHs0

  20. Jaynee

    The new comment system is good! I never really wanted to use Disqus so this is my first comment here. :D

  21. akuma_tsubasa

    thia is rather cool to have

  22. BeckyandEsah

    That would go nice in my bathroom!

  23. Hi EYK I just want to say to Simon that HELLO KITTY is slowly taking over the entire world, at Target they have Hello Kitty plates & bowls & cups, forks & spoons, microwave, toaster, lamps, sewing machine, pancake maker, air popcorn popper, handmixer, led tv with a cute black tv with a little hello kitty popping out the top or a solid hot pink tv with hello kitty logo, hair straightener, sandwich press, rice cooker, blow dryer, bags, make up, slow cooker, karaoke machine, quesadilla maker, humidifier, indoor grill, duct tape, hand vacuum, cake pans, and of course clothing, accessories, stationery, and loads of home decor like blankets, curtains, and rugs. My point is to Simon “STOP RESISTING” it will make the take over much less painful. lol.

    I am like Martina if I see something awesome 9/10 times I will always pick the hello kitty version over the normal boring version.

  24. *totally unrelated to the video *
    Yeah ! the new commenting system is way better (for now). Love it ! But you can’t give a thumb up anymore, can you ?

  25. *totally unrelated to the video *
    Yeah ! the new commenting system is way better (for now). Love it !

  26. I really like the new commenting system! I hadn’t been able to comment on the site in weeks because Disqus was not loading/working for me. And that made me sad. Now I can be happy again!

    Hello Kitty obviously makes everything better.

  27. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    Yaaa. It’s super clever, no more slimy soap. And it’s Hello Kitty. Everything related to Hello Kitty is awesome, and cats are awesome. And Martina’s make up is gorgeous.. Please, please, please make tutorial!

    And finally no disqus it was so slopy, and sometimes didn’t work. EYK FTW!

  28. Ashkitty

    I need this for my shower SO BAD.

  29. cool, no more disqus. i always hated the slow loading time…

  30. RudeMinnesotan

    As naughty (nasttyy~?) as those soap on a stick-bars are, I think they’re really handy! BUT THIS MAGNET THING IS WAY COOLER!! What kind of little grocery store? In Hongdae? I will find it and buy one for myself! I wonder if there’s a ducky one…. (i have a rubber ducky themed bathroom ^^)

  31. I want it~~~ and from Hello Kitty!! *^pouts*

  32. The soap thing actually seems like a great idea! :)

  33. I found this on amazon. Now I’m creating a hello kitty bathroom wish list for after I move in July :)

  34. Brittnay Bond

    This is really cool guys. poor simon thought, he’ll go to sleep one day after finally accepting hello kitty and it’ll be everywhere XD

    btw I love the new comments! I havent been able to see them the last week or two and these just look like they fit much better :D

  35. woaaaa… that’s truly WTF… and i love this new comment things~

  36. Ooooh I love this new comment style~

  37. Chic6Muscats

    I know this comment system was just implemented so I assume there will be adjustments but umm just to note anyway, the oldest comments show up at the top, the border around comments and spacing between them is really large, usernames are in all caps, and there’s no timestamps.

  38. jacqoui

    Yay! I can see comments again!

  39. Akira-Miyashi

    Hey Ho new comment system! :D Woohoo!

  40. This is too genius.

  41. Loving the new commenting system! Disqus had been failing me for a while but this one loads instantly! :D

  42. fellyflop

    That’s so cool! Australia don’t have those things. We either have hand-press soap or the automatic machine soap dispensers. Yup, very soon, Simon and Martina’s house would be filled with pink,fluff hello kitty stuff-Martina’s dream come true!

  43. OMG, I just took a shower earlier was getting pissed off because the soap that I use always (AS IN ALWAYS) fall when I put it in its soap metal holder thing. :)) And at some point it gets all soggy and icky I get pissed off more. I NEED THIS. :D

  44. shelbertLemon

    Testing out the new commenting system :D

  45. Rose

    How do you reply to comments with the new comment system? :)

  46. Vanessa

    Planning to make a DIY of this. LOL. It’s pretty handy! X))

  47. Dr.Spudgiesworth1st

    Simon admit it you loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Hello Kitty…Martina won! ^^

  48. This is SO COOL. OMG, I NEED this. Not necessarily Hello Kitty, though *sorryMartina*

  49. Woow, I haven’t used bar soap to wash my hands in forever. Since I live in Japan, most of the soap is automatically dispensed and I loooove it. ^^

    P.S. I love the new commenting system. <3

  50. loving the new comment system! :D

  51. YooHoo

    Yasss! New comment system! :3
    But anyways, wouldn’t it be easier to just use a soap dispenser?

  52. Oh, so I thought of an idea for a possible TL;DR! I’m very curious about Korean men having to enlist in the military. I know lots of idols also have to, since it’s the law and whatnot, but what is that like? Is it like… they enlist for two years but never get to go home or see their family/girlfriends during that time? Also, I heard someone online before saying if you’re an idol, you don’t have to enlist at all or not until later on? I know it greatly affects their music careers, with being gone for two long years. Since it’s every fangirl’s worst nightmare (OPPA NO DON’T GO INTO THE MILITARY~) I think it would be a very interesting TL;DR topic. :)

  53. Everything is better in Hello Kitty mode.

    In other news, I can finally post on the website again!!! XD

  54. oh mah gahhhh new commenting system

  55. Cyber_3

    This product looks pretty cool, especially for kids. I don’t know why, but it’s always extra entertaining when you guys film in the bathroom. In fact, the whole idea of having an office bathroom that is so much fun is awesome. Why does spanking never get old?

    Simon, I totally sympathize about the whole Hello Kitty thing. While I’m female and I do like *some* cute things, there is such as things as too much. Living with someone means compromising on decor but you should never feel uncomfortable. When I first met my husband his entire apartment was plastered with anime posters (his Nana even cross-stitched a giant bikini anime babe for him!)) and while it was geeky cool in a way, so many bigboobied babes all over the walls was kind of intimidating. I think I would feel equally intimidated by a roomate that Hello Kitty-ed or unicorn-ed a shared bathroom because I would feel like my tastes didn’t have a space to be expressed. I think that it’s cool that you appreciate her collection but I hope that she also appreciates that it’s a shared environment and it’s not necessarily an issue of it being too cutesy but probably more that she’s dominating the space.

    Cyber_3 – my husband just used the term “Neepers” because he saw my other post and now, boy do I feel awkward….LOL!

  56. Amy Marie Carovinci

    I want one now. That is such a cool idea!

  57. Martina?
    Can you PLEASE do a video on your hair… horns… thing of a bobs… you did in your guise review of that sissy Sistar19 butt on table video? Those were sooo awesome!!!
    I mean, sure, a ton of bobby pins, but other than that I have NOOOOO IDEA! :-(
    Help a Nasty out, will ya???

  58. The soap in my elementary school was that nasty one! The one you twist around a metal bar! Feeling really nostalgic right now. I haven’t used used one like that in over 12 years.

  59. Side note: just watched this mv and i thought what you guys thought would be interesting to know. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=3pYziw7QGOI
    Typical cute concept with a twist….?,

  60. I been waiting all freaking day to post this (kept saying there was a database error) I would like to say that Martina’s easily amused face made the video for me

  61. Well it’s gotten interesting on the youtube comments. Ahh youtubes….But seriously, Simon, can you stop being such a grammar, pronunciation stickler!

  62. Woah that is cool! Do you not use liquid soap in korea??

  63. Ugh. Stop being so disgustingly adorable you two. Imma barf. Blaaaahh.
    No I’m just kidding obviously. Well kinda. *insert forever alone joke here*
    Simon I do not understand your aversion to Hello Kitty? What is wrong with Hello Kitty? Is it because it’s all girly and pink? Or do you find her vacant, soulless, black beady eyes unsettling?

  64. thisisjustforfunval

    “I hate when you pick up a bar of soap that’s been sitting in a soap dish, and the top is dry but the bottom feels like wet napkins, all soggy and stuff.”

    THIS! That soggy, slimy bar soap mud like soup is the reason I use liquid soaps. I’ll even take grainy powder hand soap over a bar any day.

  65. That is so smart! What a clever a way to resolve the hideous slimy soap conundrum! Thanks for sharing!

  66. Confession… when I used your bathroom and I used the soap I thought it was a permanently attached one and then it came off and I was like “NOOOOOO I broke the EYK soap holder, now I have to run away and never come back!!”
    Then I realised it was a magnet.

    The End.

  67. soooooo pumped i found it on ebay and then i stumbled on this person who sells like alll the things you need to have a hello kitty bathroom!!!! http://www.ebay.com/usr/aeakorea?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 amazing!!!! hope you enjoy Martina!!!

  68. That’s super handy. We just have the dispensable soap for our restroom, but dang am i glad stroke-soap has not come to America.

  69. I’d love this product if it could stick to the wall in the shower as that’s the only time I use bar soap. I use liquid slab to wash my hands. I wonder if the adhesive could stay on after being bombarded with water.
    Also, bad Simon! *spank*

  70. You guys speak Danish!
    …well, at least my tablet thinks that! LOL

  71. I want that! We use soap bars and my bro never pours out the water from a soap dish after he washes hands. And I’ll go all naggy bcs of that lol. Not only it gets bleh to touch but the soap itself ‘melts’ much faster, so this magnet holder is a really clever thingy ;)
    Just one question: what’s with that magnet pointer when the soap thiners out? (I mean could it stab you and would it still be able to hold the soap?)

  72. I want one of these! Off to search the internet :)

  73. I’ve had this at home since I can remember! But I think this was more popular in the past (70s – 90s). People nowadays mostly use liquid soap (my fam still uses soap bars, tho).
    Woah, I’ve never seen anything like that stick soap… Nut sure about that. I think I’ll have to carry my own soap around if I ever visit Korea. :’)

  74. *Wags finger at the pair of you lovebirds while speaking in a proper english accent, “You two!” ^^ I haven’t seen this before, but it does sound brilliant. But didn’t you stab a sharp-needle of death into the soap? What about when you scrub down to it- 0.0!?

  75. PunkyPrincess92

    that is pretty handy!!
    i would NOT want to touch the soap in public toilets if it’s like that!! i like my public toilet soap to be dispensed…..(if that makes sense?)

  76. i only have 1 question. is the soap gonna break into pieces when it gets thinner and thinner?

  77. Karina Shum

    hey! it turned out alot more useful than the title suggests! ..although what would you do when you use up alot of the soap and it breaks into small pieces that you can’t jam the magnet into..? regardless the magnet holder seems pretty cool, i guess you could probably stick keys or other metal things to it.. :)

  78. haruchi

    You gonna be in Seoul on Sunday then? At the studio?! I guess I should visit Hongdae again tomorrow. haha
    Anyway I like Hello Kitty stuff too! Always when I went to the HK shops in Japan I felt like buying all the things! Especially kitchen tools! :D I think Hello Kitty and Piglet are my favourite mascots… Though I recently fell in love with Sumikko gurashi (http://www.san-x.co.jp/sumikko/), I died of the cuteness and sadness when I read their story…
    ahem… As for soaps, I usually see the bottle kind of the ones attached to the sink types. Which I like more than normal soap but with that magnet thing they actually might be nice to use!

  79. hapagirl

    Love: smacking your partner on the ass and then being made to hold hands so you’ll both stop.
    I will say one thing: Simon at least you never through a store trying to see how much Hello Kitty things there were. Me and a friend did that in Walmart last year and then I ended up LOATHING Hello Kitty. I couldn’t look at any of that stuff for like a good 3+ months.
    That said that’s a really smart product. Though would the magnet rust from the water? Wait, can magnets rust? IbarelypassedsciencetheentiretimeIwasinchool

  80. vdabeeltje

    My grandparents used to have that in their house. I loved washing my hands, just because of the magic hanging soap :)

  81. That soap holder kinda makes me want to have everything I own magnetized EVERYWHERE! The soap jammed onto the metal bar is very weird! I’ve never seen anything like it before.

  82. I want! lol.

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