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WTF – Hello Kitty Soap Holder

May 31, 2014


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Hellllooo everyone!

Martina bought this thing right here. Isn’t it obvious? She buys all of the Hello Kitty stuff we have: Hello Kitty foot warmers, and now Hello Kitty hand soap magnets. Funny thing, though, which sounds ridiculous at first, but all of the stuff that we’ve got for the studio that’s Hello Kitty related we actually use quite a lot. That foot warmer we did a video on we fought over all winter. And now, this soap holder, we’re actually gonna really like and use a lot.

This thing is actually quite brilliant. Is this common where you’re from? I don’t remember seeing this in Canada. I hate when you pick up a bar of soap that’s been sitting in a soap dish, and the top is dry but the bottom feels like wet napkins, all soggy and stuff. It’s fine, because you’re about to wash it off your hands anyways, but I’ve just never liked it. Here, though, the soap dries equally all over. Hang dries. It’s so smart!

I’d like it a lot more if it wasn’t Hello Kitty, though. You know, I’m starting to think that this is Martina’s subtle way of trying to indoctrinate me into the Hello Kitty world. She’ll buy extremely useful stuff with Hello Kitty on it, so I can have positive Hello Kitty associations. I bet you next she’ll get, like, a Hello Kitty universal remote. Then, once I’ve stopped disliking Hello Kitty, because it’s so useful, BAM! Out she’ll come with the stickers and straws and socks and random crap and fill our house with it. I’m side-eyeing you, Martina…

Also, she’s the one who’s editing this video, so I’m sure she’s gonna tone down the naughtiness of our raw footage. I’m writing this now as she’s editing the video. Point is, for those of you who have been to Korea and know what public bathroom stick soap we’re talking about, you’ll know the connotations that go with the soap. Just saying!

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s ultra useful and super fun WTF. We’re publishing this from our hotel in Beijing, and we’re just about to go to the airport. We’ll be back in Korea in a few hours. Yay to no more slow VPNs, and yay to being able to chat with you guise again in the comments. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t click on this pretty button below, though. Just saying :D



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