Simon writing here. I don’t care if this is Hello Kitty. These things are the greatest invention for our studio in the winter. Because we’re all using the big standing desk (which is SO MUCH healthier for you than sitting all day) our feet get cold. We wear slippers as well, but when it’s really cold, we’re all fighting for this thing. It’s perfect. PERFECT! And our desk also has outlets you can plug lots of things into, like phone cables and laptop power cables, and the Hello Kitty foot warmer is always plugged in.

But all of the girls freaking use it all the time. Martina #1. Leigh #2. Soo Zee uses it rarely, because it’s mostly 1 and 2 using it, and then I get it almost never, unless I squeeze my feet into it while Martina’s using it. Then she snarls her lip at me and bares her teeth. I growl back. We both lock eyes with each other and then circle around each other, eyes locked, growling and barking. And then, right when we’re about to duel to the death, Leigh steals the slippers. We haven’t found an appropriate way to deal with Leigh yet. She doesn’t understand the growling and circling. She is not one of the pack. I will pee on the spot in which she stands, though.

One thing we never understood about this thing is Meemers’ aversion to it. We thought that the Meems would be in there all the time. It’s a soft cave. He loves soft caves! He’s totally taken over all of Spudgy’s soft caves around the home. Spudgy just sits on the hard floor now, forlorn, looking at his once-home as his a-hole brother lounges in there, mockingly. Grow a pair, Spudgy! You’re older than him! You can totally take him on! Nevermind. Point is, Meemers won’t go near this thing at the studio. It’s a soft cave, AND IT WARMS UP! He should be there all the time. He should be hissing at anyone trying to get close to it. I’m assuming that because it’s a kitty he doesn’t ant to go into it? Is that a violation of sacred cat law? Or is it because it’s pink and Meemers doesn’t want to be confused for a girl anymore and be as cat-manly as possible? I’m sorry we thought you were a girl before, Meemers! We couldn’t find your fluffy balls! There was too much fluff! Forgive us! Actually, we’ll be fine without him fighting for the Hello Kitty foot warmer. We’ll keep that for ourselves, thanks!

So that’s it for this week’s WTF. What’s everyone doing this weekend? We’re just happy to be home this time. Last weekend we were in Japan for the crazy snowstorm. This weekend we can do the stuff we need to do for the rest of the week, like cook and clean! Wahoo! That doesn’t mean we’re done with videos for the week, though. Leigh and Soo Zee have a DICKS going up tomorrow. Yay! Yes, those are still around. Make sure you click on this pretty button down here so you don’t miss out on any of our videos. Shwing!

  1. I wish people invent a Hello Kitty Cooling Slippers here, or better Hello Kitty Cooling Chair (with Massager and Fluffy Cushion)… Okay. I need to invent this myself and take all the royalty I can get. Muahahaha! — Loving kisses for Meemers, from Indonesia. :*

  2. omg just noticed. Where is the Flaxton Street sign?!

  3. When I found this, I just sat there staring at my computer wishing I had $72 to spend on these

  4. i need that!!!!!!!
    i have 2 pairs of socks on cos my feet are so cold!!! and it’s hardly even helping!!
    I don’t want big puffy feet this year!

  5. I found it on ebay but its $133 AUD :(

  6. I need one!! But does it have to be hello kitty? :/

  7. How can you stand up and work all day. We used to have stand-up computer positions where I used to work and we would use them for about an hour and have enough. It was great to get up and stretch for awhile, but then it just became annoying. Curious in Idaho…..

  8. This was such a funny blog post! Simon, You are really talanted and You should write a book. “Adventures of incedible SoooooZeeeeee” or something similar.

  9. I need one of these!!!

    It was awfully cold last week (it said it was -3, felt below -10) and I had to wear 2 pairs of socks with my Converse. The 1st day, I wore only 1 pair, and after a day of classes and waiting for a bus to take me to my student rental from the Pizza place, my toes froze to the point that I’m pretty certain were going to fall off.

    I just need this to warm my toes as soon as I get home from classes. That way I dont have frozen toes, and I don’t have to wear socks to bed.

  10. my uber guess is that the meems know he’s too much of a giant fluff kittie and can’t fit in hello kitty a-hole. Ah?AH? Get it?! sighs…

  11. this is really off topic but martina! do you watch my love from the stars? or in other words 별에서 온 그대? cause of the guys in the drama named 희경 and in real life i think it is 박혜진 was wearing turtlenecks ALL the time. but he looked fine though. why do you think it looks bad? im just wondering~ ps: I HATE WEARING TURTLENECKS THEY ARE SO ITCHY AND ANNOYING

  12. I loooove these segments–they’re my favorite!

  13. I’m so jealous!! I have notoriously cold hands and feet during the winter (people actually refuse to let me touch them with either – they literally leap away going “stay back!!” Thanks, guys…) so I could really use something like that! Koreans always seem to think of the little things that make a difference.
    Silly Meemers. He doesn’t know what he’s missing! Then again, it seems to be a cat thing – mine is also terrified of the things she should like, but not afraid of the things that she shouldn’t. Hrm.

  14. Something like that would me marvelous in our igloo like apartment. but pretty sure I would end up like Simon and never getting to enjoy it, with having three other room mates and a cat and dog.

  15. I need one of those… My student apartment in Finland was cold, my student dorm in Japan is cold so why don’t I have one already!?! Too bad I didn’t see any when I was in Korea… maybe I could find one in Japan. Though I would need a hand warmer the most because when I’m on my laptop my hands get really cold, especially the mouse hand. ugh

  16. exactly what I was thinking.
    It’s too hot to use it in Malaysia…you’d get stinky sweaty feet. hahahah

  17. Can you post the link to buy this? I’m always conflicted when I put my ondol on at home. I like having warm feet (and sometimes butt) while I sit, but I don’t like walking on warm floors. I NEEDS THIS. D:

  18. OMG! I seriously need one for work and one for home! My feet get cold, then the rest of me gets cold and then I shiver and never warm up. I’m a tad envious, but I can’t top Simon’s envy. You looked so sappy in want of the Hello Kitty warming slipper Simon.

  19. How much did that even cost you guys? It’s like $120 USD on ebay! o.O

  20. YOu can buy them at this store called MR Thankyou in New Zealand

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