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WTF – Hello Kitty Warming Slippers

February 15, 2014


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Simon writing here. I don’t care if this is Hello Kitty. These things are the greatest invention for our studio in the winter. Because we’re all using the big standing desk (which is SO MUCH healthier for you than sitting all day) our feet get cold. We wear slippers as well, but when it’s really cold, we’re all fighting for this thing. It’s perfect. PERFECT! And our desk also has outlets you can plug lots of things into, like phone cables and laptop power cables, and the Hello Kitty foot warmer is always plugged in.

But all of the girls freaking use it all the time. Martina #1. Leigh #2. Soo Zee uses it rarely, because it’s mostly 1 and 2 using it, and then I get it almost never, unless I squeeze my feet into it while Martina’s using it. Then she snarls her lip at me and bares her teeth. I growl back. We both lock eyes with each other and then circle around each other, eyes locked, growling and barking. And then, right when we’re about to duel to the death, Leigh steals the slippers. We haven’t found an appropriate way to deal with Leigh yet. She doesn’t understand the growling and circling. She is not one of the pack. I will pee on the spot in which she stands, though.

One thing we never understood about this thing is Meemers’ aversion to it. We thought that the Meems would be in there all the time. It’s a soft cave. He loves soft caves! He’s totally taken over all of Spudgy’s soft caves around the home. Spudgy just sits on the hard floor now, forlorn, looking at his once-home as his a-hole brother lounges in there, mockingly. Grow a pair, Spudgy! You’re older than him! You can totally take him on! Nevermind. Point is, Meemers won’t go near this thing at the studio. It’s a soft cave, AND IT WARMS UP! He should be there all the time. He should be hissing at anyone trying to get close to it. I’m assuming that because it’s a kitty he doesn’t ant to go into it? Is that a violation of sacred cat law? Or is it because it’s pink and Meemers doesn’t want to be confused for a girl anymore and be as cat-manly as possible? I’m sorry we thought you were a girl before, Meemers! We couldn’t find your fluffy balls! There was too much fluff! Forgive us! Actually, we’ll be fine without him fighting for the Hello Kitty foot warmer. We’ll keep that for ourselves, thanks!

So that’s it for this week’s WTF. What’s everyone doing this weekend? We’re just happy to be home this time. Last weekend we were in Japan for the crazy snowstorm. This weekend we can do the stuff we need to do for the rest of the week, like cook and clean! Wahoo! That doesn’t mean we’re done with videos for the week, though. Leigh and Soo Zee have a DICKS going up tomorrow. Yay! Yes, those are still around. Make sure you click on this pretty button down here so you don’t miss out on any of our videos. Shwing!



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