Hey guise. Serious stuff here. Sorry for not putting up a fun or informative video today, because today we’re asking for your help, and starting a fundraiser

As some of you may know, we’re doing this blogging thing full time now. We started off blogging as teachers. Then Simon stopped teaching and worked on the site, and then, last year, Martina stopped teaching and worked on the site as well. We posted a TL;DR on it a while ago, and talked a bit about it in our interview with Groove as well.

Anyhow, we had a bit of a problem that we’ve been trying to work out for the past year: we don’t have Visas in Korea, since we’re not teaching. Currently we’re here on tourist visa’s which are indeed totally legal, but we’ve spent all our time since quitting teaching looking into how we can work in Korea and get a stable visa. We tried getting Entertainment visas, since we’re kinda entertainers, but those visas couldn’t be got without a company to sponsor us. And there’s no company to hire us for a business visa either, be it government or private.

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not complaining about not being hired by another company. We want to remain Indie and keep our voices. We don’t want our opinions to be influenced by our employers, so we work for ourselves. But, without a Korean employer, we can’t stay in Korea…unless we became our own employers!

So, after a year of trying to figure this out, we’re finally in the process now of setting up our Business registration in Korea, so that no one would own our site and videos, AND so that we could stay in Korea. Huzzah! Problem is, Korea doesn’t just hand out Business Visas to foreigners. In fact, setting up a private business here is very expensive. Specifically, you need $100,000 to do so. GARHRHHHH!

We spent this whole year saving the money and dipping into our savings, but we finally did it! YES! We’re setting everything up now to make “Eat Your Kimchi Incorporated!” EYK INC! Huzzah! But, that doesn’t solve everything yet:

We have to move into Seoul, if we want to register our business in Seoul, which is what we’re doing with a big portion of that money. Tomorrow, we’re going apartment hunting around the Hongdae and Mokdong areas. Yay! Problem is, apartments in Seoul are significantly more expensive than the apartments in Bucheon. Most of our money is going into putting down the deposit for this apartment.

Anyhow, the point of this all isn’t to complain. We’re doing this of our own will and we’re super excited about this change. We’re happy that we are taking steps towards doing more because we want Eatyourkimchi to grow and improve. What we’re asking for is your help in taking this to the next level.

Basically, we want to set up a studio. We’ve got many reasons for this, which we listed in the video. Major ones include:

a) Our apartment is overrun with equipment, and it feels like we’re more sleeping in our office than living in our home.
b) We want to have Kpop artists come over for interviews. We’re in contact with different labels who want to do work with us, but we have no legitimate place to do it. A studio would fix that, and it would make this legit, and give us more opportunity to interview people.
c) We desperately want to hire a full time video editor. We work over 70 hours a week, and work every day of the week. There isn’t a moment that we’re not working on or talking about the site and our videos. Having an editor would let us sleep! OH GOD! GLORIOUS SLEEP!
d) With the video editor, we’d also have time to do the other segments we want to do, but don’t have time to edit. We have a white board full of ideas that we can’t start because we’re too bogged down with editing. Editing is really 80% of our time. There are, in fact, opportunities that we have to TURN DOWN because we don’t have time. AWESOME INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES that we can’t make videos for, because we’re too busy trying to make our other videos. THE EDITOR WOULD HELP SOOO MUCH!

Really, we’re trying to make Eat Your Kimchi legit. We’re just two dorks who make silly videos. We want to have our own business so that we can keep that dorkiness and silliness, but we want to grow Eat Your Kimchi into something bigger as well, a legitimate spot for the international Kpop crowd to gather and make their voices heard and have their opinions expressed. We want to not only make Korea more accessible to the outside world, but we want to make the outside world more accessible to Korea, and – really – with just the two of us in our apartment, it’s proving to be a bit exhausting and tough.

So, we’re asking for your help to let us take the next steps. We’re starting a fundraiser at Indiegogo to raise $40,000 within 45 days. With $40,000 we can put down the deposit for renting the studio. We’d be ecstatic if we are able to raise that much. We’ve got over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube: if just one in five of you gave a dollar, we’d be there! If we’re fortunate enough to raise more, we’d be able to put some furniture in the studio, for starters, and a video editor!!! Whatever you can contribute we’ll greatly appreciate, and whoever you can share this with we’ll greatly value. Sorry, all you Nasties, for asking for your help on this, but we could really use it here. And if we can reach this goal, then good things will happen in the future. Good things!

ps-> Also, you might have noticed our regular videos have been off schedule lately. We’ve been meeting with the bank, and immigration, and lawyers, and relators (etc) to get this started, so that’s thrown our schedules out of whack. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, once we have this all settled :D

  1. So glad you guys got the help that you needed. ( I was sad that it had expired when I went to donate…but so happy for you). You guys deserve to do what you are so good at. Proud of my fellow fans too. Go Nasties!

  2. Whoa guise! We have just reached $100.000

  3. Then the next question would be which videos’ filming are you going to move in your studio..? Music mondays will be in your kitchen, WANKing will happen outside, open the happy will happen in your home (i cant imagine it anywhere else, unless you’re gonna make the tutorials into their own segments) well, TL;DR could be filmed in the studio, but it’d feel weird, at least in yhr beginning..
    Maybe I’m thinking it too much and missing your old apartment..

  4. I’m so happy for you:D And I can’t wait for new segments! (I know you have mentioned jpop(and some rock) music Tuesdays a couple of times,,, I want x) But that would be a whole lot of work, aand it’s difficult finding the full japanese videos… But they do exist! I know many songs that are worth reviewing…

  5. NgocTranLe

    Whoa! You guys are going to hit the 6 figures!

  6. almost $100000!! XD

  7. Congrats on the successful fundraising! It’s proof of how well-loved you guys are. :) Keep up the good work!

  8. I unblocked you guys on AdBlock, you’re the only ones <3

  9. I think S&M can afford a full tim editor now. :)

  10. Just chucked in some money to the campaign. Can’t wait to see what the final total is! All the best x

  11. Whoo-hoo! I get Indiegogo promotions in my mailbox, and believe it or not, first I’d heard of you (despite living and working and playing and doing art in South Korea for the last ten years.) so I headed on over to remedy that situation immediately. You guys are awesome! I hang my head in shame. So I’ve donated (and hope to get the CD!)…just wondering, though…how much do I have to pay NOT to go to the noraebang with Simon?

    Hugs and looking forward to seeing you achieve your business dream!

    Bard Judith
    (Judy Alkema)

  12. Its 218% funded at the moment that is pure nasties awesomeness

  13. Congrats S & M(s&m)…..LOL. Anyhoo, I know you’re way over what you need, but don’t close it. I have yet to contribute and I will. I’m just waiting for pay day. Working class poor here, but want to help.*smile* Again congrats! I’m all teary-eyed at the help you’ve recieved.

  14. Hello! I tried to make a donation with Paypal, but I keep receiving this error. Are you only accepting credit cards at this time?

    Thanks!! :)


  15. I can’t donate but i did loop you video’s all last night with adds block paused to kinda make up for it.

  16. wow…if only i had known earlier my birthday had passed just recently(less than a month ago) and i definately wouldve put alot of the cd/stickers or martina’s makeupish care pack on a wishlist! though i work a minimum wage job and cant really donate much now, will do in the future so that you guys can continue well, sorry!

  17. Simon and Martina can you guys please help me spread the word about selling my signed SNSD and Teen Top cds? I need the money so I can go to kcon and tell you how amazing you are face to face!! PLEASE HALP ;D

  18. ok now WHO WANTS TO BUY A SIGNED GIRLS GENERATION CD FROM ME :D come on guys, I need to get rid of it. I ALSO HAVE TEEN TOPS SIGNED CD TOO !! Buy it so I can go to kcon please

  19. somehow I feel bad not been able to donate to u (T-T)

  20. LMAO, you can take your piggy bank to an actual bank and they can write you a check. You can just mail it to them, their address is on their Facebook page.

  21. Im so happy to see that your goal has doubled. I couldnt be more happy for you^^

  22. Will donating at the Care Package level also get you the Super Special Sticker Pack stuff?

  23. DOUBLED the goal amount! craaazy! I wonder when they will het six figures???

  24. Have you tried to set up a Kickstarter entry?

  25. I’m gonna see if me and my cousin can send you guise a fan package :3 WE both love your guy’s channel and we want it to keep going! I’ll prolly get as many packets of dry ranch mix as possible!!!!! XD

  26. :D My friend talked about you today and I saw your videos. You guys are awesome…


  27. I want to help to, tell me how? I want to donate money, I hope its ok if I donate Euros because I don´t really understand the money-changing-system…

  28. Wow~ they allready have to make over 600 Polaroid Picture…. maybe the also need a photographer/personal postman soon =D Anyway, i hope you also find a good studio and a nice new flat, that allows pets!

  29. im donating again when i found out you would send Engrish stuff (hoping for a twonkle twonkle cup) :)

  30. They totally deserve it. Wah! I wish I lived in Korea I would love to be your editor. ^_^

  31. They are opening a studio to which they plan to invite celebrities for interviews on behalf of fans. For that purpose, it is crucial for them to get a studio NEAR the district in Seoul where the agencies are clustered or broadcast companies are located. And these areas in Seoul are called Apgujung and Yeoi-do, very ritzy parts of Seoul. Renting a studio there isn’t cheap, believe me, and that is only a small part of the expected cost they have to worry about in starting a business in Seoul.

  32. DON’T WORRY!!!! i’ll be back with a donation when I get some financial aid money…then i can slightly splurge a little….yes i’m splurging for simonandmartina cause i might be going to korea next summer….yeah yeah!!!! and your guy’s videos are most definitely helpful, especially the WANKs and FAPFAPs

  33. When you guys get a studio, are you going to hire other people?

  34. Ack! I don’t think I’m going to get my finaid check in time to donate…if some other money comes through I will though! You guys remind me of some of my superawesome friends (and Mayday babies always grow up to be the coolest people ;) )

  35. deleted my comment, did you?

  36. I cant donate right away because of bank stuff..but I will donate soon!!!

  37. As of the last time I checked you guys were at 77,000 dollars. So, swimming pool of jello?

  38. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM Work for your own money, rather than begging. You should use the extra funds for good, rather than spending it on useless stuff. Beggars.

  39. Dear Simon and Martina, I have so much respect for you guys, really. I haven’t been very long with you guys yet, let’s say a year, but I love your videos (except sometimes your KPOP Music Mondays, but hey, different opinions are cool~) and since I am planning to go to South Korea myself as well, your website/videos make me feel more home there already, I can’t really explain what I mean, but I think you guys get it ^^.

    Also, I think it is amazing for you guys that you have raised so much money so quickly and that you are almost at the double of what you guys wanted, I really wished this for you and I am so looking forward to all the awesome stuff you can do with this money. I wish you all the best and luck and I hope I might bump into you somewhere in Seoul haha! Keep it up!<3

  40. I’m so proud to be a Nasty!

  41. i see someone donate a lot for evening with u guys. i wish i was rich… ohoii!!!

  42. I really want to help you guys put how I can connet

  43. I love you guys so much. I never understood why I didn’t find you guys sooner. My twin and I will support you here from the states!!! Good luck!!! Maybe as a suggestion for the blooming company, have some expanding branches for other East asian countries! I would love to do some videos for EYK if I go back to China to study and I would do it for free just for the sake of bringing cultural awareness and understanding to the whole world!! By the We may send you something goodies if you guys don’t change your mailbox anytime soon. (things that you guys will really like :coughcoffee:!)

  44. kaytee

    Wow! It’s the FIRST DAY and already you are well and above your goal!! Nice nice. I mean, you guys don’t charge for us to view your blogs (like some douchey sites do after a while) and you’re so good natured, it makes sense that everyone would be happy to donate! :-) Good luck guys! You’re going to make the dream come true! Get pumped!!

  45. Over 70K! Congrats.

    I’ve been doing some research on the cost of the start-ups in Korea, apparently it’s around 50,000,000 WON in a business bank account cited for investment-only purposes and there are programs out there that give your first year of office space for free.

    I’m sure you’ve guys have already done your research (expat info networking is no joke), but wanted to throw that one out there just in case.

    Good luck EYK, hope you guys become the bridge to an insanely active Korean media & food scene for the world.

  46. thisisjustforfunval

    I guess I only every see positive comments. Or maybe my personality only allows me to see those. Ignore the nay sayers and Debbie downers. You two have worked incredibly hard to get where you are at today, to build the fan base that loves and supported you with this fundraiser. You guys took a risk that most are admittedly to afraid to take and succeeded. Nasties are proud of you guys! To anyone asking you for money I say start your own fund raiser and ask your own fans to donate. The nerve of some people.

  47. Almost 80 freaking thousand dollars now guise! :O Almost double the goal. I am sure you will reach close to 130,000 dollars by the end of the fundraiser :O

  48. OhGawd! I really want to help you guys. But I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo poor, seriously. D=

  49. when they get their studio, i am gonna miss seeing their house, spudgy & meemers running around and disrupting them, and………aww the homey-ness. BUT EYK studio!! yay!!!

  50. Martina and Simon don’t let those haters get to you!!!!! We Nasties love you!!!!

  51. Wow. $40,000! So these hipsters can make more videos about shitty K-Pop music and talk as if they experts in all things Korean….You know who could have used $40,000? A lot of people starving and displaced around the world.

    -Jealous Troll-

  52. Hey guys, I usually don’t do this, but it seems like almost double of the original goal has already been made, and this is something that is really important to me. There’s a Japanese student I’m subscribed to who needs some help to pay to go university. He only needs $1,000 dollars, which is considerably much less than what you guys raised here. I’m asking this as a fan of Eatyourkimchi and Simon and Martina(and Spudgy and Meemers) and I’m hoping that maybe a few Nasties at least might donate a few dollars.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUDYWU5j4vE This is the student who needs the help
    http://www.gofundme.com/Donation-for-my-studies and this is where you can donate. Thank you for your time :)

  53. so i only have about $5 it’s only been 3 days i still have time :D just don’t stop the fundraiser!!! oh i need to raise 300 on my own so i can get the care package lol

  54. I’m so happy for you guise!! I always watch your videos even though I just found out about you guise half a year ago. But when I’m feeling down, I just have a simonandmartna marathon and watch every single one without adblock of course!!! Hope you guys will reach your dreams and beyond!

  55. Just donated but pweety puhhleeasse — do not take all this money and flee to the Canary Islands ok? Because I will never ever donate to anything again ><


  56. I wish so badly that i had $1,000 to donate. Not only would is be awesome to meet you guys, but I am also in the baby stages of saving for my own business and I know how hard it is….I may not have the money, but I do have some creativity, so perhaps I will try my hand at some fan art or the like and send it to you.

  57. Let’s get them to $100k guise!

  58. Grats on reaching more than the quote guys :)

  59. OMG…Now you know how much we nastiest love you four. Still waiting for 3XL.

  60. WAAH CONGRATS GUYS ^ ^ im proud but ashamed that i wasnt able to donate ;_;

    uhh. i was meaning to ask this question a while ago but what program or any other equipment do you guys use to draw your graphics? :O


    • I am starting a pool for people who aren’t able to contribute. It isn’t much but I wanted to try and help some people contribute if they aren’t able to. The post is below.

  61. We should start a pool of when Simon and Martina will hit $100,000. Actually, I can see that some people who want to contribute don’t have a way to do so. I will contribute $25 in the name and info (so you will be sent the photo) of the first two people who correctly guess (or the two who are closest) what day Simon and Martina will hit $100,000. Just reply to this comment and make your guess. The day EYK hits $100,000 I will direct message the winners! I can’t believe they are going to break SIX FIGURES! This is the beginning of the EYK empire!

  62. Hey guise :D Since it looks like you will be setting up your studio in Seoul (congrats!!!) does that mean that you will be staying in Korea for a while? Since you mentioned that you will eventually move to Japan (I read the Groove article) ~~~

  63. the power of nasties…



    wow i love you guys

    • Like I mention, if you ask for perk… That cost money too… So you guys are waiting for a perk, donate again for product cost and shipping and handeling.

  64. If you have your studio, you can use stuff like a green screen so you can have different kinds of backgrounds, mini sets for different kinds of scenes, you can do fun games with kpop stars to makes the interviews more fun.

  65. How exciting! Now it will be easier to interview kpop groups. Big Bang can come, BEG, SHINee, etc…

  66. I so wish I could donate. But…I’ll support you as much as I can!!!!
    Good luck Simon and Martina!!!!! *pops internet confetti*

  67. wow 69000 o/ congrats Simon and Martina *-*

  68. Hey Simon and Martina,

    I just sent you an email through your contact page about my alternative to donating money (since I’m in college and scraping by with pennies at the moment). I really hope you consider my website offer and get back to me soon! I know you’ve already reached your goal, but I still would like to help.

    Michelle M

  69. Wow, seeing the donations continue to rise is really making me excited for this new studio. I can already see it becoming a top South Korean tourist attraction – putting Facebook/Google+/YouTube headquarters to shame!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Anyhow, I came up with a crazy idea last night, while fantasising about this studio. Do you think, instead of sending boxes of sweets and junk food for fanmail – we could send studio decorations? Or just stuff to make the studio more intersesting? Like, tablecloths, paintings, sculptures, action figures, toys, board games, books, fan art, plates and cups – a bit like stuff you’d bring to a housewarming party/newly-wed gifts. I think it would be cool, because since you have fans from almost 200 different countries, it would end up looking a bit like a multicultural centre, representing the countries of various kpop fans. I have a batik map of Indonesia which would look really cool on the wall, for example. I also have plushies of random cells and body organs. Weird right?

    That way, when kpop artists/Nasties come to the studio, they can look at random objects from various countries around the world. And if it’s kpop artists, perhaps they could even take home an object they fancy – after taking a photo with it, or something? It would be so cool if Epik High came to your studio and took a liking to something I sent….*spazzing* AAAAAHHHH so many ideas!!!!

    I also liked the idea that someone else mentioned, about their mom working at a furniture shop. It would be really cool if, after raising the money for the studio, we could donate personalised things to fill it up with.

    What do you guys think? Any ideas on how we can Nastify ‘The Nasty Studio’? xD

    • i think that’s a great idea then it can be fan decorated! and Martina will have a wall for all her fan letter and art

    • Where’s the SUPER LIKE! button for this comment!

    • This is an awesome idea! I always liked when coffee shops in Korea let the customers do something like that. Having people send stuff in brings that idea to a whole new level!

    • lol I don’t know what made me just think of this but what kind of business cards do you think Simon and Martina will have? I think they should be made of velcro and shaped like Meemers. Then Simon and Martina could go around throwing their cards on people clothes.

      • LMAO!!!!! xD Hahahaha they can just drop it from Namsan tower or something, spread the love to all of Itaewon :p After all, who can resist the Meemers!!! But….how can you print on Velcro? Oh on the other side? Hmmm…..not bad :D

    • My sister just recommended having different themes for each room – the rainbow/unicorn room, the romantic victorian room, the futuristic sci-fi room -
      Wait, how many rooms will your studio have? Will it be just another officetel?

    • Wow! Really love the idea!! I will def send some cool stuff for the studio…all the way from costa rica!!! Fighting Simon and Martina!!! :))

    • This is the most amazing idea :D

    • I think that maybe Simon and Martina should have the right to choose their own favourite decorations for their own studio ^^ It doesn’t matter where the money comes from, it’s from donations so they should decide by themselves I think :)

      • Yea I agree :)
        I was just thinking about this because
        - Fans are always wanting to send them fanmail
        - They’re getting too much junk food which they can’t eat because of their diet, but are way too loving and polite to refuse
        - So, just for the fans who really want to send something but aren’t sure what, I was trying to think of something else they could send instead of snacks
        - Even if we send them decorations, they can still choose what to do with it – put it in the studio, their own apartment, or stow it away in a treasure chest (?)
        - Sending stuff will save on buying stuff themselves, and they can keep the leftover money for rent and bills and furniture and editors (maybe?)

        Well, those were my thoughts anyway, so thanks so much for your input, since you raise a really good point ^^

  70. you’re both so amazingly incredible :) and the Nasties are probably the most supportive fans I’ve ever seen… go go go EYK!!! :)

  71. You guise totally got me with the Journey song. Epic karaoke song! (You guise should of kept on singing it, I was xD )

  72. you guys have A LOT of pictures to take lol and CD’s to burn lol

  73. Thank You for opening the CARE PACKAGE again. As I promised, I claimed one again. Now, I can’t wait for it, my personalized polariod picture, and album! Yipee!!! I love you guys so much.

  74. $67,576 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. I’m pretty sure you guys are going to raise more than 100,000 dollars!!! Congrats!!! The proof of EYK fans’ love! Hope everything works out smoothly!

  76. OMG! congrats on your success within the first day! I’m sooooo happy for you and I’m really really looking forward to seeing what you guys will do with Eat Your Kimchi! I’m proud to say that I’m a NASTY!

  77. I just came from the donation page, and you all are at like 65k! with 44 days left! wtg guys :D (Both viewers and Simon and Martina

  78. Over a thousand polaroids? Is there even enough film in Korea? :)

  79. All you Nasties have now raised $66,916 as of right now! I can’t wait to see how much we can raise in the remaining 44 days!

  80. C’mon Nasties! they need 100grands to set up the business, it’s almost there!

    You know that S&M spend lots of money in medicines for the Ol’Spudgy? you know that S&M started a diet to save some money (and as side benefit loose some lbs)?

    Is not fair for people that invest all the time and their creativity for us also should put their savings in the game! I don’t want S&M appearing with the same clothes on every video, I don’t want Meemers sucking ears because she doesn’t have milk, they have their own needs too.

    You know how many Polaroids and stickers they must shoot? is almost A WHOLE WEEK taking pictures!!!! this is serious, and they are doing this for us (while staying indie-pendents).

    If you can’t provide some bucks then shout out this, shout out S&M, shout out EYK, maybe others can help to. EYK keep going!

    • Hey, while I appreciate your vehement support, just thought I’d clear up a few points:
      - They already have the 100 grand that they needed for the visa, what they’re raising money for now is the studio, editor, and furniture.
      - They do spend a lot of money on Spudgy’s medication, but that’s not what they’re raising money for. We are not obligated to give money for that.
      - They started a diet to lose weight and become more fit, not to save money.
      - They actually enjoy investing their time and creativity into this job, so I don’t think it’s ‘unfair’ for them to use their savings if they find it necessary – but again, that is unrelated to this fundraising.
      - We are not donating towards their clothes, it’s the studio. Plus, they don’t wear the same clothes every video.
      - Meemers has milk. I’m pretty sure she’s not starving. The only reason she was suckling on ears was because of kitty habits.
      - They’re making polaroid photos as a sign of appreciation to those who donate, not vice versa. It’s not like they have to do it, and thus we have to fund their activity.

      Now, after being a very mean person and shutting you down completely, I do agree with your last statement. People don’t have to donate, but it would be nice if they could spread the word, just in case there are people out there who would love to donate, given the chance.

      I’m sorry Nes, the only reason I negated all your points is because I don’t like guilt-tripping people into donating. I believe that people should give if and only if they truly want to, out of the goodness of their heart, to support the cause that the money is being raised for.

  81. What contribution level would be required to receive an authentic Dr. Meemersworth whisker? (Found on the floor, not harvested!)


  83. couple of days, more than 66,000 USD. Imagine 45 days… 2 million???…



  86. You guys, we’re 25000 over the goal.. and we still have 45 days to go. We’re freaking awesome! NASTY POWER!

  87. Seriously guise, I’m now creating a PayPal account just for you!

  88. Hareem Siddiqi

    I think we can reach 100,000!

  89. Hey Martina, will you make an Open the Happy makeup tutorial for what you put in the makeup package? I think that would be an awesome personalized video, and everyone would get another tutorial.

  90. I totally want to find a way to donate $300! I would LOVE a Korean beauty package. Back to freelance writing I go!

  91. $63,644 already!!!!!! OMG Nasties!! by this rate EatYourKimchi can have its own TV segment!!!

  92. I love EYK and I’m so excited that you two get to have the opportunity to do this! At first, I was going to be just an online supporter, as I’m saving up to go to the UK next summer and I need all the money I can save. But I talked to one of my best friends almost constantly about this, and we ran through all the things that we love about you and I decided I needed to donate. Yes, needed.
    Like I said, I’m so excited for this opportunity that you two get. <3

  93. My mom runs a furniture shop in Changwon next to Busan…. I can talk to her about some free stuff for you guys, like a free table? lol

  94. I’m broke at the moment so I can’t donate anything right now…. But maybe later ~~ Anyway, we Nasties definitely are the most awesome fandom ever!! Look at the amount of money right now!!! W-O-W!

  95. will you have raised more then 40,000 yay i am following and refreshing all the time to see how much you have raised i know that you will double what your goals giving you the ablitiy to pay your editor, buy some new stuff and make your studio look amazing. :) Good Luck I am cheering for you. I can’t wait to see which picture i will get in the mail :P

  96. This really proves how much we love you guys! Thank you for being you!!!

  97. Congrats guys on making it to 60 grand!! I wish I could donate but I’m so in dept right now =.=;; Then I want to save to live in Korea for a year or so. Good luck with the studio! Can’t wait to see your videos in it!

  98. Oh my Gawd! it’s almost 63,000$!!

  99. Aw, bummed I missed being able to contribute to the initial 40k…crazy how fast everyone pulled together! Still sent in my pittance though–psyched for drama segments!

  100. $61,296!!! WOW! Congratulations you guise!

  101. Done contributing to your studio, if I happen to come one day to Korea, I hope we can have a visit tour of your studio !!! Or even meet you in the streets would be fantastic BABY !!! >.. Try finding it out, it could be a new thing to learn from Geography !!!

  102. Simon and Martina…OUYA called and said at this pace you are sure to break its record…and it’s mad. Can you flipping believe you are over $20,000 past the goal in less than 24 hours?? I will dream about Meemers riding on Spudgy like Falcor tongiht.

  103. I noticed you have your eatyourkimichi songs listed on a mixed cd as a reward… have you considered selling your songs on itunes?

  104. Since you’ve gone waaaaaay over the limit and a lot of the perks for mid-level amounts are sold out. Is it possible to put some new perks up.

    • Congratulations guys despite all the haters I think you’re doing us English speakers a great service and are super funny.

      Love a long time Nasty

  105. nearly $60,000! AMAZING! Stay Strong EYK and God Bless!

  106. It is awesome that people are still giving for the cause, I am so happy to know that they will have a studio and will bring us happiness to all the fans!


  108. Almost $60.000, I’m so happy for you guys, i think it’s amazing! and i look forward to your next and upcoming music mondays and all the other segments, my boyfriend already knows that when i turn on EYK, it’s time for him to be quit :D

  109. They’ve reached far beyond their goal in less than a day, and there’s still 45 days left! First, second, third month’s rent – here we come! xD

    (I don’t know, I feel so warm and fuzzy inside that I can only imagine how they must feel)

    Give us the grand total when the deadline hits? I’m betting on… roughly $200,000?

  110. oh these comments are waaaaaaay better then the comments on the youtube vid and the crazy woah okay in the last post for that al jazeera situation..

  111. Thanks for adding paypal! ♥ Donated a tiny bit. ._. Wish I could give more but… at least I helped, right? :3

  112. I hope we can have a male and female version KPop Music Monday since boybands tends to win KPop Music Monday everytime T_T anyway good luck Simon and Martina !!! hope you’re company will be established successfully :D

  113. lol, I was just thinking the other day how awesome it would be to have a CD with your kpop covers, plus having the chance of helping you wonderful people two improve one of my favorite sites – I’m happy to help… ;)
    sigh, just waiting for paypal to work with me… xD

    Very excited over the news! :D

  114. :D this is so much fun! I am glad i can help! he he he being nasty is the best!

  115. Can I be The video Editor ?? oh wait, I’m only on my first year of media designer apprenticeship….. Guess I need to wait a few more years ^_^”’

  116. Kimmicci

    Well since the goal was met in one day, I’ll donate for furniture ^.^//

  117. oh my. i think you will MORE THAN exceed your goal! :) congrats guys!

  118. I REALLY WANT TO DONATE T___T dying in the inside </3 well for people that can donate PLEASE DONATE AND HELP EATYOURKIMCHEE <3 <3 <3

  119. I WANT TO DONATE <3

  120. Hi Simon and Martina! I’m 12 and I LOVE your channel.. I’m going to Singapore for HS and Korea for college, so I would LOVE to stop by your house! ^^ Anyways I’m from Indonesia and I have a million buck in my bank account and I would donate as much as I can for you guise! ^^ fighting!

    • Wow I haven’t seen a cookie-cutter kpop fangirl in a long time (pun intended).

      Hahaha makasih say, tapi berhubung kamu masih 12 tahun, sebaiknya simpan uangmu untuk kuliahmu nanti. Mereka pasti menghargai sumbanganmu, tapi tak perlu sejuta dolar lah, biar lima juga mereka udah senang kok. ^^b

      • Hi ^^ I’m not gonna donate all of them, coz I’ll also need to ask my mom about it first and how much she’ll allow me to donate-_- hahah makasih ya kak :)

        • Hahah baguslah kalo begitu. Tell her that a respectable adult who knows this couple personally can vouch for their honesty and that giving to people out of your personal savings is a good habit to build up as it creates a caring and generous heart (oh listen to me =_=). But yes, really, $5 is more than enough. The average amount being donated is $25, and more than half of us Nasties donated $5 or less – but it’s because there’s so, so many people donating, that it’s managed to gather up so much. (I just don’t want people to think that they’re taking money from innocent teenagers).

  121. I am so proud of this fandom and I am so happy for Simon and Martina. They reached their goal and then some within hours…its just so awesome. :3

  122. Wow did you guys make your goal in one day!? NICE. I hope to be able to donate too! (not sure if I can)


  124. 55,287!

  125. Please get Dr. Meemersworth an assortment of fine laser pointers. You know she deserves them!

  126. wow this is amazing !!! can i donate on 17th??? it’s my allowance day ….

  127. OMG!! Its just so incredible how everyone has come out to support simon&martina. I think you guys (the Nasties) are an incredible bunch and probably the best fan group EVER!! Unfortunately I have to wait until i get paid before i can make my donation – hopefully in the next couple of days…YAY!!

  128. WOW! Congrats with reaching $40,000 in under a DAY! That’s incredible! I’m currently a Graphic Designer going to school in Seoul. I can offer my help in anyway if you need. Good luck with the move!

  129. I wish I could make a donation right now too. I hope you won’t close the fundraiser for 45 days, so all Nasties could make a contribution!
    I got into korean culture and k-pop because of you, so I really hope, you will get a studio you like and are going to make more videos about anything :) Please, don’t stop to make your videos, because it’s you who make them interesting, dorky, funny and entertaining!

    EYK forever *__*

  130. Hi Simon and Martina!
    for those of us living in Korea, can you have a Korean version of that (meaning able to donate in wons) or leave a Korean bank accout number so that i can wire you korean won instead?! Good luck!

  131. I saw the video when I was at school and by then it was at 27k. I come home to make my donation to see it’s past 50k! YOU SO NASTY! I still made my donation, in hopes they do earn enough for an editor right away! It’s so exciting to see that they are getting offers from artists to do interviews, but sad to see they can’t right now. I can’t even imagine the kind of stuff they could do in a professional set up!

  132. 53, 017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE DID IT!!!! OMG THAT’S SO AWESOME! (can’t really say we because i haven’t donated yet TT__TT But as soon as i get my money i’ll donate either way) YOU DID IT IN ONE DAY! THAT’S SO GREAT! I HAVE A FEELING THAT PEOPLE WILL CONTINUE TO DONATE EVEN MORE~

  133. I’m actually quite interested in how much of an influx in money you guys got when people started turning off their adblock plus for your videos :) Congratz on making and surpassing your goal, I can’t wait to see all the new videos and such :D Nasty fo life.

  134. Simon and Martina, you should go on Dragon’s Den (CDN) or Shark Tank (US)! I was just watching it today, and you guys sound like you need a dragon to invest in your company.

  135. OMG!!! Overn $ 50,000 US, You guys worked so hard for free. It’s only natural people will support you, given free content for years and all.We, the nattiness, really love you guys.

  136. i think they’re able to hire that editor now and even have some spare for the furniture they wanted. so happy for you guys simon and martina!!! can’t wait to see the new studio!

  137. you two should buy a BUILDING, gangnam style

  138. Simon and Martina;
    I hope you can get your business started in Korea! It would be amazing to see what new segments you would come up with!! I love your videos and have been watching since you were teachers! (You two were part of my inspiration to become a English teacher, but in Japan instead of Korea xD) I am currently studying TESOL Linguistics to become a teacher in Japan and it’s very stressful, but your videos have always made me laugh and turned a bad day into a good day. I love your Music Mondays, FAPFAP WANK, Open the Happy, etc. You two have such a passion for something you love doing and I’m proud to be a fan of you guys!! I am trying to donate to you guys, but I seem unable to do it, even through paypal. :( I want to help in any way I can <3


  139. I can only imagine what their reaction might have been – I am anticipating a video full of gratitude and tears (?) and snot :D bwahahah EYK INC ROCKS! :D – If you guys need a Graphic Designer, like the other people said, for reals. IM HERE! XD – not in Korea though :|

  140. I’m a multimedia specialist for real. I would like to gif some tips.

  141. I love this vid its so funny!!!!

  142. most of your viewers are teens. So that’s a lot of money for them. Spend the money wisely and you should appreciate them.

    • I would like to have stats about this. Seriously. There’s some hate on twitter and this is the “argument” they put on repeat. I’m not a teenager and I’m a crazy fan, and I’ve encounter mostly fans that either love korean culture (music, drama, whatever else) or want to go teach english over there too. And even as a teenager, I would have donated 5$ at least and would be happy about it. They said that it’s for the place in Seoul, the employee and stuff, they’ll put the money there. Even though they get some food with the money, I wouldn’t care either. People are crazy on this planet. Donating money is a beautiful gesture, the reason why you do it isn’t important.

      • Well said. :)

        No one’s forcing anyone to donate anything, that’s the point – people are donating out of desire, not obligation. As much as some people may love Simon & Martina and the entire Stawski family, or K-Pop or Korea in general, if they can’t afford to donate, they just can’t. There are other ways to support as well, and those people lacking the ability still want to out of love, admiration and appreciation. S&M aren’t holding guns to our heads.

        I sincerely thank you for posting this comment, Michikohime. Srsly, people on Twitter will hate on everything for any reason. #whathasthisworldcometo

        • Yup, exactly. I’ve seen comments by some people in my country who don’t understand. I donated because I LOVE Simon and Martina, I love the way they show us little things about Korea, it’s not just some “OMG I LOVE KPOP” people… that’s what I like about them. Sure, I started to get “into” Korea because of Kpop, but Simon and Martina present things in a way that just make me want to discover more about the actual country and culture :) .

    • I’m 33. We oldies are just less likely to comment and make ourselves obvious.

      • I was wondering about that. Some people have been hinting that S&M are ‘ripping money off teenagers’.
        First of all, who exactly said most of their viewers are teenagers? Because I’m definitely not one (sadface). And I’ve seen quite a lot of comments by many mothers, for some reason (although they could be teenage moms, you never know).
        Secondly, I’m unsure how easy it is for teenagers to send money online via paypal or credit card, because I only got my card when I was 18. I did notice some people saying they couldn’t donate because their parents wouldn’t let them.
        Lastly, only 7% of donors (150 people) donated over $50, which means 93% of people (1900 Nasties) donated less than $50, which I don’t consider as ‘ripping off’ by a long mile.
        I could be wrong, though. *shrug*

  143. It already reached a goal within a day. I am amazed by the power of youtube and your fans. Amazing. Good luck. Your fans will expect a lot more from you from now on because they actually contributed for better videos of yours.

  144. ” a legitimate spot for the international Kpop crowd to gather” F** Yeah!

  145. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh buddy. Autograph picture! Can’t wait!

  146. I left for work when it was still at ~3600$. I just got back and I am flabergasted and so fuckin amazed. Aigoo! Nasties are awesome :D

  147. AHH! PAST $40,000 in less than a day of posting. Congratulations :) WE LOVE ALL FOUR OF YOU GUYS! :)

  148. HOLY COW! $50,000 and more are coming! Nasties are the best!

  149. I really want to donate. When I realized I don’t have anyway to donate . I feel useless. I’ll find away. I will.

  150. Love you guys! Will definitely be donating when I get paid. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for bringing Korea to us every week! We so nasty!!

  151. EYK4LYFE!!!! we are past the 50K mark WOOO!!! Go NASTIES go!! we can do more!

  152. Guys is there anyway I could pay you in KRW? I really really want to donate but I’m super super strapped and I can’t afford to send money back to England to THEN convert it to dollars and lose SO much in fees and exchange rates :( (basically it would cost me about $24 without even donating :( )

  153. Mission Accomplished! Love, The Nasties. =)

  154. They are starting a business and a startup business always requires seed money as a launchpad. We should help them out more. Besides, EYK has done so much for kpop and its fans all over the world.

  155. Lo lamento mucho! T.T no puedo colaborar con dinero U.U pero tienen todo mi apoyo y mi amor. voy a seguir compartiendo y poniendo “m gusta” a sus vídeos en Face y Youtube

    I really sorry T.T I cannot collaborate with money U.U But you have all my support and my love. I will continue sharing his videoes and putting ” like ” in Youtube and Facebook

  156. This calls for a celebration!!!! KONDOOT CHAT WITH ALL YOUR FANS!!!!

  157. thisisjustforfunval

    GD in your closet, who wouldn’t want that?! Uhm actually on second thought never mind, we all saw what GD did to his own closet in One of a Kind, yeah a studio to contain him is way better.

  158. Guess what, Simon? Now you can actually sing “IIIII lost my MIIIIIND~” literally ! xD

    But not in rippito flippito slippy slow motion. Money raised in Super fast EYK Nasty motion ! OOH YEAH!

  159. Just donated even though you made the 40K….hope this helps and can’t wait to see where you take this next!!!

  160. Finally donated! You guys are so amazing and I hope you know that. As YOUR fans we would do anything for you! We support you as always, and I’m so glad you are allowing us the chance to show our support and take part in building your company (at least that’s how I feel…) I cannot wait to see what comes next for you guys!
    Much much love from Tennessee <3

  161. OMG $47,902 can you believe it !!! Awesome

  162. i wanna help out too! Lemme ask my parents first though, teehee

  163. I donated a couple of bucks since I am another poor college student! I saw we already passed the 40,000 dollars! Congratulation guys! Keep the videos coming!

  164. you guys are awsome i am going to donate as soon as i get payed wich is thiss week you guys are the best

  165. Your Nasties have spoken!! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to support you. You have touched many lives with all your videos. You’ve made Mondays something to look forward to instead of dread. Love the variety of your videos and I’m looking forward to your future ideas. Hope you make these videos forever or as long as you find them fulfilling and fun. Love, love, love Eatyourkimchee!!

  166. I love that you guys surpassed your goal in like less than 24 hours! ^^ And I’m proud to say I donated (even if it was a pathetic three dollars and I wish I could have given more).

  167. looks like S&M will be taking A LOT of Polaroids.

  168. In less than 12 hours you’ve reached your goal of 40,000. wow. I’m so proud to be a Nastie right now. You guys are amazing and in all honesty i kind of think of you as our(international kpop/Korea fans) leaders.
    You have helped sooo many people with their dreams of going to S.Korea, and sparked interest in others. You deserve this and so much more. You are awesome people who decrease world suck, as John and Hank Green say.
    Forever a Nastie and forever supporting your dreams of spreading Korean culture of all kinds to all of us around the world.

  169. I love you guys! And I’m gonna donate by buying two shirts for me and my friend ^ ^ That way it’s more than $5 bucks and I know you’re getting the money straight from me! plus, I get an AWESOME MOMENTO OF YOUUUU! hehehehe (and I promise to come pick it up in person to save you shipping bwahahahahaaa) BROHOHO! BROHOHO!

  170. hello i’m in the philippines & would like to help in my own little
    way, do still sell your t-shirts & possibly ship intly?

  171. The page won’t load for me anymore =(

    nvm the second link won’t work but the first one does.

  172. One day and you’ve already reached the goal. So happy for you guys. You deserve this SO MUCH. Thank you for everything so far. Can’t wait to see what you guys do in the future.

  173. S&M, just wanted to say – my boyfriend’s going to donate and buy one of your EYK t-shirts as well ! We’re gonna double on “EYK” and the “Viva La Spudgy” shirts ! That way, we can help you guys out even further AND walk down the street….
    EatYourKimchi Style. ;)

    Oooooooooooh, we so NASTY~

  174. What if I live in Korea and wanna donate money? I don’t have paypal over here.

  175. 44K, darling nasties! If they leave it until another 44 1/2 days, at this rate they probably could set up their own entertainment co and recruit their own kpop stars.

  176. Keep donating if you can! They’ve got the key money for the studio, now they need money to hire an editor so they can make more awesome videos for everyone to enjoy :)

  177. AH! Your already PAST your goal!!!!! YAY!!!!

  178. Donated! You guise never fail to cheer me up when I’m feeling blue — this is the least I can do as a Nasty! Congrats on reaching your goal in less than nine hours! Hugs all around! <3

  179. thisisjustforfunval

    Simon and Martina you guys provide me and hundreds of thousands of others with lots of laughter, info, Spudgy’s and Meemer’s. Us Nasty’s are grateful for everything you do with no expectations from us in return except our love. I believe I speak for all Nasty’s that it is an honor to help you guys fulfill your dream of growing Eat Your Kimchi and getting your studio off the ground. Seeing your goal met already shows the love we all have for you guys and I foresee that only growing more and more, just like the total in the next 44 days.

  180. Just donated and I’m super exited to see you already reached your goal! I hope you get your video editor and Martina can talk about dramas. My inner fan-girl will squee!

  181. when s&m check the amount raised thier going to flip lol

  182. Wow…Congratz on already reaching your goal. I’ll be giving a lil, but, I have to wait till payday. The woes of being a responsible adult…sigh. LoL Way to go Nasties!

  183. WE NASTIES ARE THE BEST! We reached it guys! EYK FOREVER! :D

  184. Is anybody else waiting for them to get up? I am dying to see their reaction!

  185. I did send them a message through their Contact page here. I just hope they get it! Thanks for all the upvotes. Here’s hoping they see this or get the email.


    Guys, I’ve been watching your adventures since the beginning and it’s super inspiring. I’ll be buying some merch when I get paid (first paycheque as a teacher!) both to support you and HAVE NASTY MERCH and you can be sure I’ll keep watching. <3


  188. Guys, PERKS cost money!!! Personal opinion, donate without perks!

  189. Are they awake yet? I would love to see their faces when they see they hit 40k already lol! Can’t imagine what the end total is gonna be…they are gonna be able to get so much they need to make their work so much more amazing!

    • Prepare for a Niagara Falls video of S&M crying in time to sad music, thanking all the Nasties like they have just won an Academy Award…

      I can’t wait for their reaction. xD

  190. Wow in the last 30 minutes, another $1000 was added! You guys, they still have 45 days left, this is amazing! I hope they get that studio & editor. SIMON & MARTINA – YOU DESERVE IT!!!

  191. Yay! I’m so happy for you guys!
    I really want to hear your reaction to how successful this is. Achieving your goal in a few hours, thats incredible!

  192. Just read the brief, then went to contribute on Indiegog, and saw that the goal had been reached. Not bad for 1 day :)
    Never fear, I’m still going to contribute, just had to say CONGRATULATIONS first.
    Glad to see that people love you guys as much as I do :D

  193. looking forward to receiving the perks AND your new studio :) GO EYK! Make it forever.

  194. You guys raised so much so quickly! I’m so happy for you :D

  195. $42,298 dollars raised O.O omg!!! :O

  196. Now.. Tell me..

    Where can we donate to SM to free Super Junior from the boxes…

    Anyone? xD

      • You know you’re with me ! Imagine what Nasties could do for that cause! Kill those unbearable ads while we’re at it.. Or hire a decent linguist for SM’s Engrish department… :P

        • Totally with you! Anything to get rid of those damn boxes and give SuJu a chance to show their personalities in their MVs! Ugh, and the ads DEFINITELY have to go! Like now!!

          I’d even offer myself up for the linguist position. I could edit the lyrics and be a dialect coach for the idols. It would be a huge burden spending all that time with so many attractive and talented men, but I’d do it for the sake of the music. ;)

        • Oh, psshah! (Sounded like I said Xiah. xDDDD)
          Suuuuch a burden. Being surrounded by LeeteukSiwonDonghaeEunhyukRyeowookSungminKyuhyunShindongKanginYesungHeechulKibumHenry and Zhou Mi is soooo tiring. ;3

          My bf and I are so dying for a “No Other”-esque MV from them again.. Like, what’s happened? I also propositioned S&M to do old K-Pop MV reviews, like in a flashback KMM or something, because after all the hype of SJ and SM in general boxy-dancy MVs, I’d really love to know what they think of SJ’s non-boxy videos like “Don’t! Don!” or “It’s You.” And I know other people are with me on this one !

          They could just hire Simon to destroy the ads… He’s so baus at it, after all. xDDD

        • Exactly, a huuuuuuge burden, especially if you add the boys from SHINee and EXO into the mix. I mean, what’s a girl to do with all that attractiveness surrounding her? Terrible situation, but I’m a real team player. ;)

          Maybe once they hire a video editor S&M will have time to do something like flashback KMM. That would really be cool. They could pick the MVs they want to review, or nominate a few and let us vote or whatever. I love the MV for “It’s You.” It would be cool to see it reviewed. :D

          In the mean time, maybe we should petition SM to free SuJu from the oddly lit boxes! LOL

        • Ohhhh, DON’T even GO there…. My feelz would not be contained if Bacon, Sehun, Luhan, Key and Minho were all in the same room with SJ included…. *spazz*

          I want to be a team player… Is the word “sexy” in “team”? I’ll make it work !

          I’ve been dying for them to do it, but I know they’re super busy and I don’t want it to seem like a request or demand or anything… I’m super grateful for everything they do, especially on their super-tight schedule.. It’s merely an idea I think they would enjoy. :)

          DOTHRAKI WOMAN WARRIORS TO THE RESCUE !!! We’ll turn into spies and perform the right mission, the mission SJ could not do – turn against their company – for righteousness, and freedom, and– and–…

          Just put them out on the street, for God’s sakes, I can’t tell you how I can’t help the tears whenever I watch “No Other” and I see all their smiling faces and I think to myself that suddenly, SuJu are locked in these epically tiny boxes where no light reaches them.


          You know what they need?

          MAX TIME.

  197. I’m so happy for you guys! I wish I could give you enough money in order to pay for two editors and a maid. Fighting!!

  198. I only have a little to donate (broke college student), but something is always better than nothing. I’m glad you guys surpassed your goal. Sure have some dedicated fans here ;3 Nasties forever<3 haha

  199. Even though you passed your goal I’m still going to donate when I get the chance!

  200. imagine how much they will get in 45 days… :O

  201. hey martina and simon i’m so happy for you! this is amazing in a few hours you reach your goal.

  202. Congrats~~~~ You can get your studio~~~ I feel really happy for the eatyourkimchi family~ I love your shows and I’m glad fans could repay you for the good times you give us!

  203. What 45 days? phesh…you don’t need that much time. All you needed was a a few hours and BOOM past the 40,000 mark! Still gunna donate though! As soon as I find out how to since i don’t have a credit card or paypal…….

  204. It’s already $41,499 by now!!!!!!! *O* EYK INC is coming trrruuuuue!!!! OHH YOU OSM NASTIES *bows*

  205. IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!! Can’t wait to see how this all works out. Who is going to decorate the studio? More importantly, will there be bean bag chairs for conducting interviews? I think that would be perfect.




  207. Please open the Care Package option again. I already donated, but I will definitely donate more for that PACKAGE. I love you guise so much!

  208. Goal Reached! crazy awesome Nasties!

  209. $40,000 yay!!!!!

  210. 8 Hours. 8 Hours is all it took to reach the 40,000 dollar goal. What amazing Nasties Simon and Martina have. I’m so happy to see people come together like this to support them.

  211. Congratulations, GOAL reached.

  212. I hope being a business comes with some cheap postage perks…. There’s going to be a lot of CD’s, pictures and autographs to send.

  213. Holy s***!!! You guys almost have all the money already. I plan on donating but I’m going to wait until my next paycheck just to see how much I can give ^^

  214. Keep it going. Lets get them their assistant and some rent!


  216. Okay, so they have their $40,000, now let’s chip in for rent! :D The video said $40,000+$3,000 a month for rent!

  217. I donated a bit even though I’m a broke college student now…but wow!!! Over $40000+ already within a day?! Amazing!!! I love Eatyourkimchi! :)

  218. Oh wow, over 39000… Grr if I can donate I would…. Keep going guys

  219. Wow, already hit $40,000! congrats!

  220. I cannot wait for Simon and Martina to see their goal already reached. I hope they get double that…or triple, by the end of their campaign. What a moving fan base. I am so glad I was able to contribute to their dream.

  221. They reach the goal GO NASTIES!!

  222. $40000!!!! FORTY FRIKKIN THOUSAND DOLLARS GUIZE!!!! WE DID IT!!!! in 7 hours!!

    I’m crying. I can’t believe this.


  224. THEY DID IT!!!!!

  225. WOW. im pretty prude right now! Go Nasties!!

  226. Yey I got to contribute! We are 800 bucks away from the goal. Nasties we are awesome!

  227. holy shit, you’re almost 40000 already!

  228. 45 days? -goes back to donation site again to see progress- how about one or two days? XD Go nasties!

  229. You guise.. You guise, you.. You guise, you’re almost at your goal !!!

    In one day !!! OMG EAT YOUR KIMCHI 화이팅!! BAZINGA XDDD

    Butz rememberz… I wantz to donate twoez… If you reach your goal, can we still donate or will you guys be adding a new donation goal ? I dunz haz mah monayz yet… But, but I want to help! D:

    Srsly though, you guys are so amazing, thank you so much for everything you’ve done. You deserve this so much. :) :) :)

  230. Time to upgrade the goal. We want you to have your apartment, studio,furniture, video assistant, the works! Goal is being met by less than 2000 nasties, so many more to give!

  231. Wow!!! how many hours has it been? going near the 40000$ ! Donating a
    nasty 40$! you both (i’m talking about spudgy and meemers here! naahh…
    sorry spudgy… i should say you four?) worth a google’s $ and that’s
    like… a lot! =D

  232. wao, S&M are gonna make their goal in a day. I’m seriously tearing up here…

  233. I’m soooo sorry but I can’t donate anything because I’m a pour high school freshmen… But I love your videos and I will be cheering you guys on! I LOVE EAT YOUR KIMCHI!!!

    P.s Nasties are the best fans ever

  234. We love you guys. You totally deserve it an more!

  235. in one day they’ve reached their goal!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!

  236. $38,080 already? OMG :D (as of now. It keeps increasing by the second!)

  237. Looks like I’m not the only one refreshing the donation page every 5 minutes and just spazzing out at how quickly it’s going up!!! xD

  238. Since I’m a poor college student with no money I’ll send you guys 5 bucks for support! I hope you guys will hit really big and get more sleep now. :D

  239. wow…the power of the NASTIES!!!

  240. Holy crap guys! You are almost there already!

  241. $37,977, almost there.

  242. i JUST got a job.. if i had /any/ money i would totally donate! D:
    but i /do/ have an idea for your meemers tshirt though!
    (and i’ll probably draw up an example later [after hw, eww])
    but i was thinking a head shot of meemers, like the spudgy one, and put some professional looking glasses on her, and either just say “Dr. Meemersworth” or some other little meemer-saying :]

  243. Wake UP Simon & Martina! You are about to make your goal and we have only just begun the fundraiser! Go Nasties!

  244. Can’t wait for you guys to get your studio so you can interview all your “YG biases”…and junsu :D <3 <3 Now c'mon Nasties! we're so close! Let's get the 40,000 for today and continue so they can put some furniture in their studio! Don't want it to look like SuJu MV! lol :)

  245. I’m so exited I want to watch that studio hapening!

  246. Wow! You guys are really loved,
    If you get your studio ready can you interview JYJ? Or will that get you shunned by the rest of the industry? (;_;)

  247. omg I just donated $45!! ♥♥ I feel so happy right now ^^

  248. Yep. EYK’s Nasties are going to reach the goal by today. Shows how much we love you guys. XD

  249. WOW. Less than $5,000 to go! I wish I could donate, but I’m broke and don’t have any way to send my money in (my parents won’t let me ㅠㅠ)… Still, best of wishes to EYK, congratulations on the decision and the money you’ve made so far, and lastly, 화이팅!

  250. $35,075. So exciting! So deserved!

  251. I dont need to read all the explanation!! We want you to stay in Korea and make more videos for us ’cause you are a w e s o m e ! ! !

  252. Is it just me or did the video say it started tomorrow KST? It’s like 5k away and didnt even start yet, My Nasties I am so proud of our fandom.

  253. As soon as I get home tonight, I’mma donate! You guys are amazing and the whole reason I even considered coming to Korea! I wouldn’t want to leave you flapping in the wind when you’ve done so much for me! Keep on keepin’ on!

  254. …need to update credit card. MUST DONATE!!


  256. O.o) ~ I MUST become a kpop artist now…. I want to meet Simon and Martina! You guys are definitely getting that studio ^_^) ~

  257. It will be pretty helpful if you make any stuff about EYK, cause hongdae is famous for unique fashion of youngsters as well as indie music. :) Seoul is EXPENSIVE as hell :p Hope you get a nice place!

  258. Dear Simon and Martina, there is a good chance u will get ur goal within the day by the look of it, congrats. :D keep up the good work! :D

  259. I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY GAAHHH but you guys are already sooo close on the first day!!! I’ll definitely be getting the money before the deadline I will i will!!!!!

  260. Noooo I didn’t make it in time I wanted a care package but lets see what else I can donate because I believe you guys deserve to be helped >.> pluuuuusss you are almost at your quota :D yay you :D

  261. When I saw the picture you posted on twitter, I bursted into tears, because I was so happy for you and how well the fundraiser is going :’))) You are the most genuine people that I follow on the internet and I just absolutely adore your work. After many years of following your videos, I am happy that I can finally somehow show my support for you guise<3 I donated the amount I had on my paypal (1$ : D) and after I get more money this month, I'll donate 20$ more. That's a lot for a poor student like me, but I am more than happy to give it to you and support EYK, because YOU ARE WONDERFUL, HARDWORKING AND DESERVE IT MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE : ))

  262. $25 kachinged your way!! donated about 45 min ago and it was 30000 odd, now its 33000 plus, yay nasties!!! as far as i can tell this post/vid came up 6 hours or so ago, which means within half a day simonandmartina are gonna reach their goal, sooo cool guys
    i smell eyk response video coming up like tomorrow or the next day latest thanking all the nasties!!

  263. I wish i could donate more, but i guess every little helps, eh :D

  264. Wow! It will be so great once all of this is set!!! But I’ll miss seeing your home. Well, that sounded creepy. :D

  265. $33,407 already! Donated $40. I really want EYK drama reviews. Flower Boy Kimchi, Secret EYK, Kimchi 1997. Oh do want!

  266. So happy to support you, EYK!!!

  267. i cannot contribute much, but I will definitely spread the word about this to other people!

  268. Now it’s time for us to thank you S&M for giving us such nice and informative videos! :)
    Would totally donate as a thank you from me! Good luck and I’ll pray for you guys as well!

  269. Yay!!!… Done!

  270. Haha, guys, you’re gonna make it in a lot less than 45 days! You’re already over 30000!! I contributed $40 to you guys btw. I hope people keep contributing for the 45 more days, it’ll be awesome to see how much you get!



  272. I just saw the last count and we’re at $32,998! :D I’m proud to say that a part of that amount is my donation. Simon and Martina, you guys are awesome. I’m glad to be a part of this. :)

  273. I’d love to help you guys out! Your one of the reasons why I decided to come to Korea. But I don’t have my ARC yet, so I don’t have a bank in Korea yet. You know that feeling! -__- ugh!!! I soo want to help, but by the time everything gets done on my end. EVERYTHING is gonna be gone! Your already at 32,000!!!!!! :p

  274. You underestimated your only-50-care-package-available. I would have totally chosen that if it was still available. *sniff*

  275. You guys should make things like wristbands as well as Meemersworth shirts. SImply things like I <3 Simon and Martina, I <3 Spudgy, I <3 meemersworth, Nasties 4 Lyfe, ect ect.
    They're easy and fun and generally a nicer way to earn extra (needed) money.
    Plus i need some Kimchi style to advertise on my wrist.

  276. I dont think nasties even need the polaroids, cds, and care packages to donate I would have donated no matter what!

  277. I told ya we nasties were ready to give you money! ^^ What’s with the autographed CDs and stuff against donation? You’re underestimating our love for you!

  278. Well you guise know Youtube is blocked in China so China can’t watch you guise. But some curious chinese doritos go through the firewall or use proxy servers and watch your videos, download them and upload again probably in youku (the chinese youtube) so all the other chinese who can’t access youtube can also watch you :D

  279. Just donated $10. Not much, but hey what’s a poor student to do?
    You guys make me smile everyday. I love you!
    I wish you all the best in your dreams and your business!!

  280. whoaaa! over three quarters already raised! I’m so happy for your guise! I’m PUMPED for EYK studios!

  281. i would contribute but i dont have a credit card and my parents wont let me borrow theirs D:

  282. If I buy a t-shirt, will that count as a donation? :D

  283. i would contribute but i dont have a credit card and my parents wont let me use theirs D:

  284. $30,010 haha we’re getting closer… I wish I could see their faces when they come back to the fundraiser page :D

  285. DRAMA SEGMENTS!!!! PLEASE~ <3 ^^ I miss your drama recommendations Martina.

  286. I’m saving to be able to quick my job…but you two have no idea how your videos help me laugh when I have a very stressing week at work!!! SO I really need to donate!!!

  287. I’ll donate $5. I’m poor as hell. I do, however, save money by staying home after work instead of going to the bar or hanging out with my buddies.

  288. I am going to donate $5. I’m very poor. I do save money, however, by staying home after work instead of going to the bar or hanging out with my buddies.

  289. KATHyphenTUN

    Awe I’m not allowed to donate….. I will be watching through every single add on eatyourkimchi videos over and over again to make up for it guise! ;)

  290. My goodness being your video editor would be a dream!

  291. I need to wait for my payday to make a donation… but fellow Nasties you’re amazing! It’s almost 30k now, You can go pass it! I believe in your nastiness ^-^

  292. Nasties get your party hats on!!!!! the 40,000 goal is almost here. Let’s go past the 40 thousand goal so S&M can hire some editors and get a little break.
    Nasties hwaiting.

  293. if you guise havent checked your fundraiser amount yet, you should totally post a video of your reactions when you check them XD

  294. The 5th of September is now marked in my calender as the anniversery of EYK & Nasties. Becase today we have showed the power of us we-so-nasties that comes from the love and gratefulness we feel towards Simon and Martina (and Spudgy & Meemers of course, I am bias-free), and how much we support these amazing people.
    To these past four years and to many more to come with the EYK family! ❤

  295. kawaii_candie

    just donated 30$ ^_^

    I really wish i could afford a night out with you guys though!!!! but 1000$ is a little steep… T_T i get it though, if it was cheaper, everyone would check it and then you guys would be overrun with Nasties wanting to hang out and have no time for work!! XD still… living in Japan, going to Korea to meet you guys is totally doable… can you give me a discount for 500$? lol.

    but anyhoo, good luck! hope you guys reach your goal and can keep on providing us with awesomeness for many years to come! ^_^

  296. i totally wanna work for you in about two years!!! It’d be soo much fun! I wish i could give you some money but I cant. . . :C

  297. Wow, looks like you’re gonna smash your target! I’ve just donated, wish I could do more but every little helps :) (gutted I missed out on the care package tho!)

    Is it bad that this is the first cause I’ve ever donated to…? :P

  298. I’m a college student but I’m a subscriber and I go onto EYK everyday so I had to support you guys! Just donated $30. Keep being awesome! Thanks for your work and humor and positive attitudes. You always encourage me and make me smile!
    (Oh, and I can’t believe you guys might hit $40,000 in one day!)

  299. I live in venezuela no dollars over here :( anyway i can still help out? Don’t think my currency could help you out could it? Lemme know so i can stack up at least 20$ worth of it i really wanna help you out =[

  300. you guys now have like 28k WOW…it’s only 3 hours….hmm…i wonder how much it would be in total after 45 days =D

  301. I love how the video says it starts September 7th and it’s like not that yet and it’s almost at 3/4 of the way to the goal already. :)

  302. looks like you will get that money by tomorrow or the day after :D

  303. I wish I could donate, but I can’t! But I hope you can reach your goal!
    But I am a bit worried that once EYK becomes a real buisness, that it will stop being quirky and fun and become all serious and business-y D: (I always liked the Kitchen/Living room background, but maybe that’s because i’m used to it.) but I know it’s all for the best! Good luck! EYK FIGHTING~!

  304. Done and done. Your fans love you (otherwise they would hardly be your fans), and I think it’s time to give back for all the hours and hours of fun and information you have brought us so far. :)

  305. Nasties, maybe we should start an official fanclub and celebrate this day as the anniversery of EYK & Nasties for the many years to come that we shall spend together? Today we have showed the power of us oh-so-nasty fans and all the love and gratefulness we feel towards Simon and Martina (Spudgy & Meemers aswell) :D
    /Sincerly a bias-free very nasty.

  306. Donating to you guys!~ Love you guys, can’t wait till you are all set up :) 화이팅!

    Possibly will donate again later~

  307. please wait for my payday because right now broke as hell and don’t you dare close it before the actual 45 days xd

  308. you guys should use Kickstarter!!

  309. A truly impressive output already, almost 30k in a few hours! I discovered your videos about a year ago after a lousy car accident and they were always a great way to relax, best luck in getting your studio you two, you deserve it.

  310. Can I come work for EYK INC later? :) haha

  311. As soon as i get my money I’ll donate!!!!!! After all you’ve done for US you deserve This^^

  312. I’ve donated, I’m just sorry I couldn’t donate more. Good luck and I can’t wait to see you next videos! Thank you for making me laugh even on my toughest days!

  313. Fighting ^_^! It would be fun to film for you xD!

  314. Awh, I’d donate if I could, but I’m currently getting a new apartment too and I barely have enough for it. Once I get enough money though, I’ll buy a few of your t-shirts! Good luck you guys!

  315. WOOOOO Im going to donate what i can when i get my paycheck this friday~!!!!!

  316. I shall help you guise! Just need my money from work, which should be in on monday! <3

  317. I am so happy for you guys! Simon and Martina your quirkiness is refreshing! Even when you continue to expand EYK I hope you guys just keep on keepin’ on and just keep doing you! May EYK Inc be fruitful, may it bring joy to whoever comes across it and may you Simon and Martina feel fulfilled, satisfied and happy with this new era in your life!(Man it sucks being a student I wish I could contribute but I don’t have paypal or a credit or debit card)

  318. This is how the internet should work. Seriously. You give us an amazing amount of entertainment for free with a few ads here and there, and then you just kindly ask for a donation after several long years.

    My reply?

    Fuck yeah. Sure. Here’s my $. Keep it up, can’t wait to see what’s in store.
    Also. Kittens. Ya. Internet…right here. Learn dear corporations, please learn, even us poor netizens are willing to shell out when it’s free and happy. There’s a revenue model for ya.

  319. Hmm, according to the time zone converter I checked (guessing you guys posted your last vid before going to snooze), it’s about now Koreans would wake up/go to work… I wonder, what will be the first reaction Simon and Martina will have checking the donations while drinking coffee (just a scenery in my head).

    In short, your fans are seriously dedicated, because you have reached over half your goal in less than 24h. That is seriously crazy!

    • methinks they dont wake up so early haha what with their crazy schedules, i think they once said they usually wake up pretty late cos of how late they sleep, the best scenario would be them checking it and being like crap the sites wonky, it says goal reached already, that cant be…cant be. cant BE….omg we has monies now!!!

  320. Oh man. I just lost my job and I’m broke! On the other hand, it means more time for watching your videos so I hope that at least I’ll double your income from youtube :D good luck! I was touched to see how many people contributed within the first three hours, those numbers is not only the money the fans give you, it’s love! :)

  321. I’m just a student, but i’ve been watching your video for almost 3 years, and I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself if I hadn’t contributed at least a little bit :)
    And like you said, if everyone help, you’ll be able to do it !

    Hope everything works out, but by the looks of it, I’m not worrying much^^

  322. Wow we Nasties are a devoted lot huh, I don’t think you will need 45 days, (but who the heck donated $1000!!! now that is some dedication and love), we really appreciated all the fun and laughs you bring to our lives for free ;-) Fan from both the UK and tada Zambia!!

  323. Guys I’m watching you over a year now and i’m very proud of you! I will donate on Friday when I’ll have money in my card!! But I think till tomorrow you will reach your goal! xD I hope your dreams come true! Seeing so many people supporting you, means that your efforts and the tired schedule did worth it!! Kisses and hugs from Greece!! xD

  324. I was hoping I could go to BigBang´s concert in LA on November…..But EYK needs my help NOW, so BigBang can wait a little more!!!
    When I get my scholarship money, Im going to donate some of it :D

  325. I will donate close to the end of this month when I get money! It’s looking like the goal will be surpassed by then though!! It makes me soooo unbelievably happy that you said drama segment. I will cry tears of joy when this happens. You guys are amazing! I hope everything works out!

  326. Happy to donate, what are fan clubs for! Can I officially call myself a Nasty now?

  327. I realllllyyy wish I could! But I’m 13 and my mumz doesnt trust the internet DD: I reallllly wanna help out :((

  328. I donated $40. I really wish I could help you guys more but I don’t have the money so I might just send you stuff in the future (maybe cans of bright coloured paint? XD). I really hope this goes well for both of you and it makes me happy to think of what this means for EYK~ It’s going to be one of the highlights when I go to Seoul within the next 5 years!

  329. This is the best fandom ever, nasties!!! ^^
    I’m only 15 years old, and I really don’t have any money, but I wanna do my best and donate as well! Good luck, EYK Inc!!!

  330. ShimizuChiharu

    this video’s only been up for three hours and already more than half of the $40,000 goal has been raised!!! WAY TO GO NASTIES!!!

  331. that’s awesome i already helped by giving you guys views soooo
    xDD, super broke college student so hope you guys are able to fullfill your wishes

  332. Please Please Please Please Please PLEASE don’t change…. Sure, add the new editors, and space.. but I’ll always love you guys doing videos in your kitchen, and geeky home made videos. Please don’t go full out professional like the other youtubers… I don’t want you guys to become sell outs… I love you♥

    • That’s so true. I never pictured them in front of a green screen before. I’ll miss the kitchen setting. Hopefully they’ll still make it feel homey even if it’s more professional.

    • What do you define as selling out? Everything and everyone changes.

    • haha i agree, if they could set up their studio like their home(as in a fake set hahaha) it would be hilarious and very very lovely to watch

    • I really understand how you feel. My inner hipster is crying right now. lol. But you know what, SCREW MY INNER HIPSTER!!! Eat Your Kimchi, TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!! You have my support!! MWahahahaha!!!

      But yea I still love their good ol’ bloggity feel…..maybe they should build a kitchen in their studio….hmmm…..

      • There will come a point where they wish they could still edit in bed without going out to the office lol

        So happy they reached their goal!

      • “bloggity” copyright fuuko4869 September of 2012

        hey fuuko, I would love to meet you sometime too. Is it weird that i concider you to be a part of the EYK family, like a second cousin that’s at all the gatherings?

        • Haha, feeling kinda embarrassed now (⌒_⌒;)
          I like the second cousin analogy, but I’m really just a random Nasty just like y’all, and I haven’t even met S&M. Also, I’m not the only mod here, Cari Cakes is also helping out, although I’m a lot more talkative than her (not always a good thing).
          That aside, I always dream of meeting other Nasties, since they’re all so lovely and intelligent. I went to my sister’s school for some random event the other day, and saw a boy there wearing the Batoost shirt. I tried my best to act like a good mature adult when my sister introduced him, but it was hard for me to not full on spazz out xD

          On a side note, I looked up ‘bloggity’ after you mentioned it, and it doesn’t even exist on urban dictionary!! Although some people have thought of it before me. Hmm. Interesting. :D

    • lol i like this idea! You guys should put a fake kitchen set up in your filming area.

    • Don’t worry. We thought long and hard about this. We’ll still be shooting our cheesy videos in unprofessional settings, but we’ll have the office space to shoot other videos and edit those videos as well. I can’t imagine Music Monday in front of a Green Screen!

  333. I want to donate but I don’t have a creditcard or paypall T.T

  334. $25 winging its way to you right now x

  335. I actually feel kinda guilty because I use Adblock all the time :(
    To make it up I rushed to go get my credit card and hop on the fundraisingvan !!
    Much success you guys, you totally deserve it and I totally want to see more and better of you.

  336. I had 5$ on my paypal account, sign from heaven or what? ;), so I’ve added a brick to the wall ;)

  337. WOW! $24K+ and counting! I wish I can donate to you guys as well but I’m just a mere student with no money. ;~; Anyways, all the best to you, Simon & Martina! Hope you achieve your goal very very soon! EYK studio! WOOHOOO!!! :DDD

  338. I REALLYYYYY wish i could donate. I don’t have a job yet, so i can’t D: I think by the time i get one, the fundraiser will be over… you guys get the money from the T-shirts, right? Like, just you? Cuz when i get money from my job, i am buying a lot of those… just sayin’. :3

  339. I wish I had put my paycheck in the bank yesterday like I planned, but I’ll put it in tomorrow (don’t have time today) and donate on Friday!

  340. wow I’m so happy for you guys!!!!! this is awesome and of course that I’m helping you… the work that you do rocks and I wish that you can fulfill all your projects soon.

  341. it looks like we have te have a zip code to donate wich i have no idea what it is since i am not from America and this is really too cause i would have loved to help you guys. France is sending you a lot of spiritual support.

  342. Gonna donate next month when I get my paycheck. :D
    Even if you’ve reached your goal at that time. ^^

  343. I can’t send a lot, but still want to help a bit–but the problem is I don’t have a credit card/debit card, or access to paypal! I’ve seen other comments about others with the same problem–is there a snail mail address we can use??

  344. wow!! $23,477 already!!!!

    since there are still 45 days left (well, according to my time zone) im going to contribute something, when i got my pay cheque which is at the end of every month.. but in the meantime, im sure there wouldnt be any problem in reaching ur target considering the pace of the fundraising at the moment!!

    GOOD LUCK EYK and S&M!!!! XD

  345. If I could donate at least 1 cent so they can realize their dreams, would be happy, I love your shows, I always draw a laugh. Sorry guys, I’m poor and my mom manages my money. So sorry. ): I hope to remain a Nastie (?
    Sorry for the bad english I’m from Argentina D:

  346. If I lived in Korea, I would definitely apply to assist with editing. I love editing film, personally, but I’m stuck in Canada, so there’s that @_@ Good luck!

  347. omg you guys are already over halfway there!! I’m so proud to be a Nasty. If I get this job I have an interview for on Sunday, I’ll donate $50! :)

  348. I wish I could help but I’m a minor and I’m too young to get a job… You guys will make it though. You’ve already raised half of your goal in a few hours! Good luck!

  349. You guys already raised like more than half of your goal in less than a day (at least in my timezone) The power of Nasties

  350. I want to donate too of course, but my question is : Even If I’m Polish, and we have zł, not $, can I still donate? Is it alright? I love you guys and it will be great for me to help you!

  351. Yay! This sounds totally awesome! I’m definitely going to donate something (once I figure out how a debit card works >.>)

  352. I’m tearing up beacuse I’m so moved by my fellow nasty’s!!! I love you! I wish I could donate.. But I’m under 18 and my mum is afraid of the internet…. :( so I felt really bad.. and then my fellow nasty’s make me so happy by donating for all of us.. :’ ) geez, I’m proud like a parent.. over nastys and simanandmartina!! <3

    • My parents are like that, too!! Why did there have to be so many scams and such??!!! If there weren’t any, I could give the money I just got for my birthday!!!

  353. Simon and Martina,

    I’m a business professor (seriously). I’d love to talk to you. I’m going to donate, but honestly, I’d rather INVEST in your company rather than threw a few bills your way.

    How can we connect?

  354. I follow you since you started, then 100$ sent!^^

  355. I am a teenager… I am afraid I can’t help D:
    but you guys are so going to get this!!
    I say thanks to all those who are able to help, because I love EYK

  356. Please have more “Care packages” !!!

    I wanted to get those but they are already sold out. I’m sure there are many other people who want to get those too !!!

    and its a awesome profit for both of us :)

  357. OMG I see you guys having your own show in a few years! lol that would be so cool! I’m sooo excited! and as a die-hard Nasty I want to help you guys! and a studio is suuuch a good idea~ totally anticipating it! although I’m kinda sad, because the apartment was kinda part of the videos’ charm~ but yeah! Seoul! that means more WANK’s around the capital? :D

  358. I should be able to give this week, I hope my little bit helps!!! I love EYK

  359. Wow, it’s so touching! 20k in about an hour!
    Doubt you guys saw this coming, but you deserve it!
    Just donated 40$!

    Keep up the good work!

  360. Watch them make another video in tears when they realize how much has happened in so little time :P . Best wishes to you, Simon, Martina, Spudgy and Meemers!

  361. i’ve been watch for about 2 years so of course i’m gonna help out. done and done. wow indiegogo is easy to use.

    i hope you guys got the coffee and other things i sent you. give a shout if you see this.

  362. PunkyPrincess92

    wow!!!!!! you guys got so much so quickly!! so cool!!!
    i’ll be getting money soon!!
    i’ll donate then!!

  363. Over $20,000 in a few hours. Screw 45 days left, you will more than reach your goal today.

  364. In a week, I’ll get money and donate it for you guys!

  365. Could you add more “Care package” perks ? I REALLY wanted one but they’re all out. TT-TT

  366. I really look forward to your amazing work, I also sended you my small contribution. Normally I don’t like spending money, but I definitely feel like wOw, fanstatic baby about this one. ^^b

  367. WOW! 20.5k (and going up) on the first day! Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like after the 45 days! XD We Love you EYK!!

  368. i will give you as much as i can when i get paid, don’t you worry,
    선생님(s)! us Nasties are here for you! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEW APARTMENT AND OFFICE!!! ooh, will you give us tours of both? :D that would be cool :D

  369. Hareem Siddiqi

    WOW! they reached half their goal in one day! I’m so happy for them, they really deserve it. btw does anyone know where they got that picture drawn, the one that u c b4 u start the video?

  370. Already halfway!!!! You guys are so great, you actually gave me the idea of becoming a French teacher abroad! (I’m studying for it right now^^) and I’m soooo greatful for that! Good luck with the fundraising!

  371. bigbangfosho

    What program do you guys use to make your art? Like the thumbnail

  372. More than halfway in 2 hours! I wanna say I’m surprised, but I’m not! I don’t know why you guys still don’t get why we all find you so entertaining!

  373. Wow (Fantastic Baby), you guise have almost $20,000!!! Half Way!! An hour ago I checked and it was $15,364!! Nasties are the best!! WE LOVE YOU, SIMON AND MARTINA!! I wish I was old enough to earn money, so I could give you a lot. :(

  374. I would love to be able to donate $500, however as a poor university student in the cold isolated land of New Zealand $40 is ok right?

  375. The power of the Nasties is unstoppable!

  376. i keep reloading the page to see how much it has gone up, at this rate, by this time tomorrow, u guys will have met your goal :) man i feel so proud !!!


  378. OMG!! You guise are already about halfway there. I am going to donate next week when my broker transfers my money.

  379. Yay I will contribute right after I pay off this semester :D Simon and Martina, I can safely say that we all are happy to contribute what we can because you are making the kind of “TV” we want to keep watching… GO NASTIES!

  380. Simon and Martina, we are gonna “blow your mind whootoootooo-ooo~~~” with our support.

  381. You are worth it. I will give what I can! Why? Because today on my way home I found myself thinking: “Oooh you’re so nastyyyy!” and was laughing out loud, like a crazy lady on the street!!! Hahaha Love you guys. Fighting, keep it going.

  382. I’ll def help when I get paid in 10 days ^__^

    fighting <3

  383. I love you guys! We’re Korean Americans living in Irvine,CA with 2 grade school age kids and our entire family looks forward to your videos. You guys have so much charisma and have taught us and our kids so much about Korea…We’ll donate what we can. You guys are going to be BIG. BIG!!!!!!

  384. i will donate when I get my next paycheck which is in 3 days EYK INC. HWAITING!

  385. Thank you for all your videos!! :D
    They have cheered up my days and got me interesting in Korea, K-pop and dramas. Now Im going to Korea on sunday for three weeks, all thanks to you! So I donated to your future. ;) I cant wait see more videos from you and I hope you become a real K-pop channel.
    Ps. If you need a graphic designer, Im currently in uni studying it and would love to help with your site! :D

  386. when my paycheck comes in the first thing i’m doing is donating to you gusie!! <3

  387. bigbangfosho

    Wow! Seeing the amount of money made in 2 hours is MINDBLOWING. once I get a credit card, I’m definitely donating money. EYK FIGHTING!

  388. I am definitely donating to you guys, you guys definitely make up my week. Hope my donation helps ^^

  389. Donation on the way…EYK Fighthing!!

  390. It’s so sad, but I only have one dollar in my paypal account (hehehehe) So it’s all yours!!! You are almost half way!! Ánimo!!! Keep fighting!

  391. its almost 20,000 in under 24 hours, way to go nasties! high fives all around !!!

  392. all I could do was the 5 bucks in my paypal account, but i’d love to see what you guys can do with all of the money!

  393. Unfortunately I’m currently broke and between jobs, but my last job payment comes in on the 12th so expect payment then! I ‘d love to get an evening with you but I get paid less than that a month. :(

  394. I left $5, Sorry it’s all I had! Hope you raise your goal and beyond! Xx

  395. Woohoo! $18.5K already!

    Just donated and totally worth it. Your videos make my day more often than I can count!
    Best of luck with the studio. ^___^

  396. wahh my uncle lives close to hongdae~~ maybe if you guys move there, ill be able to see you guys!

  397. I am donating now :) Love you guys!!!! I don’t know what I would do without your videos!!!! Good luck and much love from the States <3

  398. Not even a full day and you guys are already halfway there! I’m so excited. I can’t donate anything until I get paid, but I’m super happy for you guys! You deserve this :>

  399. I’m sorry I can’t donate much, but I hope it helps. You guys are awesome!

  400. I really want to help you, but I’m from Sweden, can I still donate? I hope so!
    It would be super awesome if you got your own studio :D Just don’t loose the EYK-style (Gangnam Style automatically pops up in my head xD ) when you’re getting more famous, I’ve seen it happen to so many celebrities. :c <3

  401. I just donated whatever I could, even though I’m just a full-time college student, I really love your show so best of luck to you both!

  402. Good luck you guys! If only I could donate as well ;~; much much love!

  403. I think you guys should raise the goal for this fundraiser, the way things are going now you’ll reach the goal in a day lol and i don’t think you’ll have a problame reaching 100K

    I donated only 25$ (for the picture), I wanted to take the option with the CD too, but i actually just got back from a 3 weeks trip to Korea, so i’m kinda low on funds… I hope this’ll be enough to help you guys <3

    also, Drama segment? SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY

    • LOL OMG I just checked the site and you’re almost half way to the target sum already O___O;; just goes to show how much you’re really loved, and those antis are just a very loud minority really

  404. Good luck and lots of love! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* (◕‿◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

  405. I just finished donating $40… Well worth the money… Wish I could donate more but sadly this is all I can spare TT.TT EYK Fighting!!

  406. This is so exciting you guys!!! Congratulations!!

  407. You guys are a third of the way there in a matter of HOURS:] I am so happy for you I’m actually tearing a bit. It takes so much baaaallls to open your own business as a foreigner in Korea of all places.

    EYK has brightened up my day too many times to count! You guys are amazing and hardworking and outstandingly funny people, and it’s time for fans to give something back!! I make this donation with much love and CANNOT WAIT to see a fully integrated EYK~ XOXO

    • Aww, I found myself crying a little too. Simon & Martina have given us so much already for free, it feels good to be able to support their dream directly. Their vision for the future of EYK is so exciting :)

  408. Of course I’m going to donate!! It feels like I’m a part of something huge when doing so, and especially since I’ve been following you for some time, even before you began the Kpop Music Monday Segments! As a supporter, I’ll donate! I’ve been receiving your videos for free for too long:P

  409. I just donated a few dollars!
    I wish I could give more, since your videos always make me laugh and brighten my day! Really hope your plans will go well! fighting! ^^

  410. I want to be a stock holder for EYK!

  411. Oh i’m gonna set up a Paypal account for donating!!
    And apart from this,how about promoting your online store?
    Don’t forget your Batoost, Bilasa, Spudgy and EYK Tshirts!

  412. Hareem Siddiqi

    I love eatyourkimchi! Simon and Martina have amazing people skills! WILL DONATE!

  413. i love you guys, us nasties will definitely support you!!!! am pretty sure ur goal will be met in under 3 weeks . . . maybe even less

  414. I’m pretty sure I’m right now the poorest I’ve ever been in my adult life… But when EYK calls for my aid, how could I possibly decline? Hope $50 is enough…

  415. I’m more than happy that I can help! ^^
    Already donated and now I will be waiting for my own Autographed Polaroid Picture! Yay! ;)
    Wish you all the best! Rise strong and healthy! ;D

  416. Wow! $13,000+ in the first hour! I’m so happy, I’m actually crying a little (and I’m not even the one getting the money.) Nasties, you truly are the most amazing people and I love each and every one of you.

  417. If i can waste $165 on a useless college art book, then I think i can donate $100. EYK forever!!!

  418. If we support other forms of entertainment, by buying CDs, posters, merchandise, this is also a way to support. I might not be able to give much, but I definitely will donate since you guys have provided a lot on entertainment for me :)

  419. You guise are the reason I’m moving to Korea to teach :) For helping me finally make the decision I was too scared to make on my own, I can definitely spend some savings to try and pay you back

  420. I’m broke right now, but I get financial aid in a few weeks so I will donate then, but I will post it on my site and blog.

  421. the pack i want is almost sold out! and i don’t get paid till Friday boo! o well ill donate else were !

  422. HOLY CRAP! You guys are getting more than $1000 every minute! Looks like your dreams will come true. I’ll keep donating bit of what I can here and there until the last day. EYK Studio? Yes please.

    So happy for you right now :)

  423. I’m really sorry I cannot help!
    Just a poor NASTY soul (who have been watching you since Ayy Girl Music Monday review) like me can do nothing to help! I feel bad for this!Still, I love you guys so much and I seriously hope there won’t be any entertainement label or any lobby who will try to take away what made eatyourkimchi.com so special; the quirckiness, the fun you seem to have while filming each of your videos and the really close and homely feel but most of all, the passion you have for Kpop, and the seriousness you have in keeping your promise to be there for each music monday, wank, open the happy, and the previous wtf…Hope you’ll always be independant and free with your content and reviews!
    Viva la eatyourkimchi!

  424. I’m expecting my very first Visa card this week guise and I will be spending it here FIRST.
    Nasties love you Simon and Martina <3

  425. Of course we can do this much for you guys! I’ll donate when I can, but right now I don’t have any money!

  426. I might not be able to donate at the moment…But I might be able to make you guys a…studio..warming gift! xD

  427. I’m so proud of you guise!!! I’ve watched EYK grow up from little clips about Korean ice cream to full-scale WANKS and interviews with Korean artists, and I’ve always been amazed and grateful that you two have gone so far! As your business has grown, so has my passion for Korea, and so I will donate to cheer on your dream of making a studio and mine of moving to Korea :D You two are an inspiration and I’m thankful you’re so passionate about what you do. ^^ Saranghae~~~! EYK Fighting!

  428. I’ll come be your editor lol. I wish.
    Unfortunatly i can’t donate much, i’m broke.
    But i’ll donate again when i get some more moneys.

  429. You guys already have $11,217 :O
    Although I REALLY wish I could donate, I can’t (Blame my parents .-.)
    Good Luck guys! EatYourKimchi fighting!

  430. :) I hope you get together what you need and then some! Good luck! I did my own 5$ too!

  431. Your contribution timeline bums me a little… this is because I am planning to go to Korea in 2 years, together with a friend. I would have loved to have met you guys under one of these things, but won’t be able to *sad face*. In 2 years, when I near 26, I am going back as an adopted Korean looking for my roots, which happen to be quite interesting.

    First of all, I am born in Anyang-myun, a province that I have barely heard a thing about, and apparently my parents were day labourers, with a family of 8 children, before I was born. I guess, in such essence, it gives a lot of speculation to why I ended up here (Sweden), but it’s a mystery I hope to solve by then. Secondly, all I have *by korean adoptive law* right to know is written down on a few papers, such as the names of my parents and their whereabouts. In which, I am still wishing to know why they labeled my father as *well rounded*, while my mother has quite a detailed decription.

    Sadly, both my parents were quite old when I was born, my father was 62, and my mother was 40 (she was his second wife). My father passed away when I was four, without me knowing it. That made him around 66 years old when he died. Seeing this, I know I will never get to meet him, but I hope my mother will remain until the day i can financially be able to travel (because it is expensive to travel, irritatingly enough), and that at least i can get the chance to meet her, never having managed to meet him.

    *rereads her post*

    Er… I guess, this kind of turned into a sad story, but what i really want to say is thank you so much, Simon and Martina, for giving me such a wonderful view of modern Korea. I was 16 the first time I went to Korea, and I was shocked because the country had changed so much since I left as a baby, and all my books (all written around 1988-1990) that my parents bought around the time were so dreadfully outdated I didn’t know how to keep up with it. Your weekly videos, updates and educational messages has really helped me to catch up more and more to the country I was born in.

    Ps: I also contributed, but with little money myself, f bucks is all I can manage. Until, I get paid.

  432. Of course we nasties will always help out in any possible way!!! Your videos bring me so much joy and always without doubt put a HUGE smile on my face! I 110% love everything about you both and your videos! You’ve inspired me and have been a massive help in increasing my love for Korea! (I’m moving there in 3 years to teach after college!!!) You two deserve nothing but the best, and it’s so sweet of you guise to always be thinking about your viewers in every decision you make! Much love EYK! I’m donating right now :D EYK FOREVAA! no… FIVEEVAA!

  433. I’ll have to wait until I get my second paycheck to donate (the first one has to go to help pay my credit card bill >.<), but I will in fact donate! It's coming!!! After how much you guys gave us, it's the least I can do. You have the best videos and make me laugh several times each week. You're also just such great people. I've been watching your videos since before KMM even started, so I figure that's worth a lot! Thanks for all you've done and all you continue to do! Love you guys~ <33333

    Also, I can't believe it's already over $10,000. Wow… fantastic baby!!! o/

  434. ps- Drama segment for the win.


  436. gonna get extra $$ for my b-day so will be happy to share some with you, but need to wait till next week cuz now i have literally 4$ in my account T_T

  437. For now I can spare $5 but I hope to contribute again soon.

  438. Of course we can help because we love you guys! Just checked out the page and apparently a lot of people agree with me, lol. I hope that we can help you guys reach all your goals so that you can level up EYK to the next epic level!

  439. Can’t do it right now, but I’ll give you my word my contribution will be in tomorrow! It’s 2AM here so X_X You guys are doing great, and me being in the Media industry too, it’s hard to get investment so here I shall… help your fundraising ^^

  440. I was just gonna donate $5 but I really want that polaroid!! lol Thank god for my extra money i got from Financial Aid!!! :D

  441. It’s not letting me donate D:
    I’ve gone through the information a thousand times, but it still says to try again. Anyone else having the same issue?

  442. Gaaah!!! I will ABSOLUTELY donate!! I hope $10 is good enough. If I could I would give you sooooo much more, but I am a poor college student who is having my own money issues and blah blah blah, you know what I’m saying…. However, every night when I come back to my dorm, I throw on “Eat Your Kimchi” to help me sooth into relaxation and get some enjoyment from what is usually a stressful day, so its worth it. I would love for you guys to keep this going… And if this helps you guys to get a business going and to help you guys with hiring additional help I am all for it.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow me to come and have the utmost honor in meeting you guys. *I’m coming to Seoul for study abroad this summer and then to Teach in 2014* I love you guys so much!!! ^_^ 아자 아자 화이팅 Simon & Martina!!!!

  443. I haven’t read the entire blog…but I was just wondering if Kickstarter would work for you guys?

  444. Just sent my money and hope that it finds you well in a new studio. I will send more on payday (must get the care package before they are all sold out). Love you guise.

  445. I’m really glad EYK is expanding! I remember when EYK first started out…at first I was thinking “why didn’t I think of doing this?” and I was highly jealous. But after awhile, EYK grew on me and I be came a fan! I really love the WANKing segments and TL;DR. I’ve learned a lot more about Korea, more than I thought I knew. One day, I hope I will get to meet you two, in Korea of course! I’m hoping to go next year actually. I’ll see if I can donate!!! Love you guys :3

  446. I still can’t believe deposits for apartments cost that much. How does anyone even manage to afford it? Is it something that happens to foreigners only, or do Korean people face this too (and if so, are there any campaigns to challenge the system)? I hope you manage to raise enough money and achieve everything you want to!

    • The deposit is decreasing these days but Koreans actually think the other way around – we think paying rent is just throwing away money. Koreans will either save up the money to pay deposit which is guaranteed to be back in you pocket after the contract or lend money for the deposit at a lower interest rate than the monthly rent. Hope this solves your question.

  447. Yes, need to check my card and I will donate!! Definately!!! Love you guys!!! Me wants kdramas reviews. Me wants EATYOURKIMCHI LIVE FOREVER!!!

  448. Once my hubby gets home from work, I’m gonna ask him if we can donate a little. We spend at least one night a week catching up on EYK. It’s a time for us to be geeky with you while our kids are asleep. Go go EYK!!

  449. ughhhh guys! why couldn’t you have waited until friday! I really want that care package! I’ll still donate whether its available buttttt yearg…really wanted to get that :) I’ll see you fridayyy. Love you guys~

  450. Magicmike191v2

    U guys should make an eat your kimchi eBay account I will buy any thing I can get from u guys

  451. Magicmike191v2

    Man I wish I could donate to get that cd I’m gonna wash the dishes every single day and well i’ll how much I ge via twitter

  452. p.s. if i could afford the Afternoon out with EYK, you would so be wearing my face on a WANK!!!!

  453. Glad to help with a donation! I’m wondering if the South Korean government tourism people would see the benefit of helping, too?? You two (and Spudgy and Dr. M) are great ambassadors for South Korea!

  454. I hope you can wait for at least 2 more days since pay day was pushed to Friday because of the Labour Day holiday. I might not be able to give a lot since
    I’m a dirt poor University student and you must know how expensive schooling in U of T is. But I’ll gladly help as much as I can. You guys make my day so much brighter and I hope you can continue doing this.

  455. in the first 30 minutes you’ve raised $5,000!!! Something tells me you’ll hit the mark, and then some!! thank you thank you thank you for sticking around, and working your behinds off for us!

  456. Plotting how to get my hunny/friends/family to give me enough green for my birthday for the perks I want!!

  457. Nasties Unite! Really, I love what you guys do and if I can contribute in some small way to keeping the EYK dream going that makes me SO HAPPY! I mean really, how could more videos be a bad thing?

  458. i just donated via paypal, hope you guys get your $40k =)

  459. i shall donate whatever i can!!!! when i get paid lol that’ll be $10 sorry it’s the only amount i can give ^^

  460. Donating $30 right now because that’s all I have to spare before digging into my school’s money. I really, really think we can all make it. I love you guys!

  461. jazminjhnsn

    I’m in
    *dreaming of being a secretary for EYK

  462. guys i am not from korea and i would like to help but i want to make a payment from my card and its the first time i am doing..please help with some instructions…like what is the security code or …:(

    • For your credit card right? if so its on the back of your card..right next to the spot you sign your card :) hope this is what you need lo :) hope it helps lol

  463. I’m moving to Suwon Korea in a little over a week. I will so donate money when I get some andddd I reaallllyyyy want to meet you two!!!! You seem like a lot of fun!! ^_^

  464. If it had paypal as an option i could donate =(

  465. Just donated some money. I have been watching your videos for over 2 years now and being able to watch EYK grow into something more makes me happy. Good luck and I will continue cheering you guys on! :) – http://magikyul.tumblr.com

  466. holy crap, when i donated it was at 300$ now 2 minutes later it’s almost $3,000! We Nasties won’t let you down!

  467. I’m broke right now and also not working at the moment coz I’m trying to finish my degree before my plan of studies disappear completely (don’t know if you know something about Bolognia’s educational plan but, in Spain, it really sucks)… Anyway, even though I can’t afford helping in a donator way, I’ll share this and cross my fingers for the fundraising to keep raising as faaaaaaaaaaast as it is know… When I open the fundraiser site it had 300$ and now (5 min later) it’s almost 2000$!!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!!! *happy clapping and jumping*

  468. should be getting my student loan soon so will defo donate you helped me get through my a-levels when i became depressed from the stress of it so its the least i can help you with

  469. don’t know how much i’ll donate yet, but i’ll sure help you guys!
    also, i’m in some kpop groups on facebook, so i’m spreading the news there too so more ppl can help!
    EYK fighting!!
    lots of love from brazil!

    ps:can’t wait for the drama segment!! ^^

  470. I donated as well… 50 $ – ill be part of the song – yayy!! wow… everytime I refresh the page the donated amount rises and rises! Nasties support you! ;) EYK fighting!

  471. I can give you more than dollar to help you guys! And if you’re hiring an editor, I’m here for help. I love editing !!

  472. your own studio etc.?! seriously, Simon, Martina, I personally think that you will be BIG in Korea someday :) I keep my fingers crossed for that!!! I just believe in this with all my heart!

    about donation, just wait for my pay day ok? I don’t have any money now .____. till when you have to collect money? of course I’ll support you, be cause you are awesome couple, good people, funny people, you’re just like friends to me now >.<

    anyway, I love what you do and I love that Simon is Polish just like me ;) ~~don't worry Martina, I love you too, unnie <3 I'll tell about this to my Polish kpoppers ~and others too ;) I'm jusy eternally grateful for all that "Dzień dobry Poland" and "Cześć" in your videos, especially for that one from MBLAQ .<

  473. YOU GUISE you already have $1500 in not even half an hour! I’ve done my little contribution as well, I’m glad to be a part of this ^.^

  474. I’ld LOVE to donate some money, BUT I don’t have a credit card.. Only Paypal.. isn’t there a possibility to send you money through Paypal? ;~;

  475. Crazy excited for you guys~ Definitely donating! I’ll wave when I come to Korea with koreankelela next year~ 8[

  476. I hope you can raise that much money and more!! I’m excited for you guys!! Love this site!!

  477. ahh i wanted to donate but i dont have a credit card =((

  478. I will be getting my student Loans on the tenth of september hopefully. Any extra, I’ll try to donate at least fifty. I will help you guys. :)

  479. Already 1500 dollars? Can’t wait to see the new studio AND the new segments ^^

  480. Because I don’t have credit card, and I would LOVE to help in keeping EYK, will it be possible for me to pay that 5$ by PayPal?

  481. P.S.: … Actually, I bet there are a lot of editors among your fans that would help you for free. Including me. (Well, I do editing for fun, but from what I see I’d be able to do what you guys are doing with your videos…minus the After Effects stuff. >_> /will never get After Effects)
    I would actually do this if it wouldn’t take ages to send footage of that amount halfway round the world…even if it’s the internet. xD Also, it’d be difficult for you to explain to me what you want me to do with the footage when you’re…at the other end of the world.
    Conclusion: This world is too large.
    Hire me as an editor so I can move to Korea, I’ll be glad to do it. 8D
    /cough/ … just kidding, get someone a bit more professional. :D

  482. All my birthday loot (you know the monetary kind, which let’s be honest when you turn 26 that’s all you get, unless it’s from Gma, then it’s a sweater) is going your way! Birthday is Saturday and we shall see how much I, therefore, you score! Also let all my peeps know that instead of sending gifts to donate instead!

  483. I’ll be glad to support you ^ ^ also, I’ll click click click on your advs!

  484. Holy crap almost $1000 in a few moments!!!!

  485. I’ll figure a way to give a little something… bloody nonconvertible dirhams!!!!!

  486. I wish I was rich, totally love to have a cut out of me joining you on a W.A.N.K. XD

  487. I’m a poor as hell college student, but you guys make my days so much brighter with your videos! I can’t donate much, but I really hope it helps!

  488. I would be more than happy to help you! you have made my last year in high school soo much easier …and you make me happy! yes I will help you!

  489. How do we donate? I’ll do it! :]

  490. I would love to help! I can’t think of any other vloggers I would donate my money to. I’ve been enjoying watching you guys for two years now and I would be sad to not see your fantastic videos.

  491. NgocTranLe

    Wow good luck! I’ll definitely try and donate. =) You guys totally deserve it! My first free-will donation! Haha. :) I’m excited for you guys!
    Once I get my financial aid in, I will definitely be able to donate. If I wasn’t a Biology major, I’d totally be an editor just for you guys and move to Korea. ^^ Good luck!

  492. I know you guys are like super uber busy with all of this, but I think if maybe you got more tshirt designs (maybe with Meemers, for example) or other merchandise up in your store, you could make more money that way as well. I went into your tshirts looking for something to order perhaps for Christmas, and there wasn’t much to choose from ;-; Just a thought for later once things settle down to get more income.

  493. Can I be your editor! haha seriously though I’d work for just kimchi.

  494. simon and martina fighting ^-^

  495. Getting my financial aid refund in a few weeks. I think a donation to EYK definitely counts as a school related expenditure :)

  496. For sure i want to donate! I wish an american company will sponser you guys!

  497. Isabel Ruby

    i will give up buying books on the kindle for a while, so i can donate!!! i wanna be a billionaire, so frikin’ bad…. buy a daytrip with S&M, it’d be so rad….

  498. I’m not that money fortunate myself, but for the sake of ETK style, I’ll go and save some money to donate! Boomshakalaka!

  499. I wish I could move to korea to be that video editor.

  500. I am broke right now, but don’t worry~ When I will have money, I will definitely donate :D Just wait a little bit(I know about the deadline.)

  501. Wow in just 15 minutes over $225 donated! xD

  502. Wow big things, indeed! :D I really hope you can make it happen and I’m sure I can scare up a few bucks for you guys ;b
    Oh, and I reeeally hope you get an editor cos more and new videos would be so great o/


  503. Yes!! I was hoping you guys would stay in Korea!! I’m so happy and excited for you guys! haha love the interviews in the closet! Wish I could work for you guys lol You’re so much fun. I’m definitely donating. ^.^ Love You Guys!!!!!

  504. DONE for 25 USD. I’m subscribed on YT as sandrinesmiles but when I saw this I figured I just HAD to be in there!

  505. If you’re serious about that Noraeang-thing….OKAY EY I’M ON MY WAY TO KOREA RIGHT NOW I’LL BRING 20 BUCKS CASH. 8DDDDD xDDD

  506. I’m donating 40$, right now. I love you EYK!

    Oh and btw, for the Meemers T-Shirt, it would be awesome if it was just like in the drawing : Meemers is trying to climb on my shirt, nooooo…. oh wait, it’s the picture.

  507. yyeiiiiiiiii i wanna help u guys ur the best

  508. I am so addicted to this site! You guys are so intelligent, and hilarious and kind and amazing! I want to see eatyoursushi and eatyourbaguette, too! Of course I will donate! I get paid tomorrow. i will donate then! And, I move to Korea in 2 months and I can donate more after I’ve been teaching for a month. You guys have provided everything I’ve needed to know about Korea and it’s the least anyone could do to help! <3

    • I feel the same way! I am coming to Korea to teach too… and learning what Korea is like through them has been one of the best resources. And when I start my job in Korea I will make sure that they get regular donations. :) Taking care of the EYK family. ^_^

  509. Happy to donate!! You guys are so awesome and amusing and I want this to continue and grow! I love living vicariously through your Korean adventures. =) Good luck!

  510. EYK INC FIGHTING!! :)

  511. i’m in! your guys’ videos make me really happy! here’s to hoping you guys can go legit and keep going for years!

  512. thatssumgoodcurry

    I’m so happy you guys are choosing to stay!!! ^^ Sure, I’ll donate! If it means you guys get to keep doing your thing and making people happy, then why wouldn’t I? :)

  513. I’m in and excited for you guys! Though I’m going in cheap and I still hope to just wave at you guys when I visit Korea next year. ;P

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