Hey guise. Serious stuff here. Sorry for not putting up a fun or informative video today, because today we’re asking for your help, and starting a fundraiser

As some of you may know, we’re doing this blogging thing full time now. We started off blogging as teachers. Then Simon stopped teaching and worked on the site, and then, last year, Martina stopped teaching and worked on the site as well. We posted a TL;DR on it a while ago, and talked a bit about it in our interview with Groove as well.

Anyhow, we had a bit of a problem that we’ve been trying to work out for the past year: we don’t have Visas in Korea, since we’re not teaching. Currently we’re here on tourist visa’s which are indeed totally legal, but we’ve spent all our time since quitting teaching looking into how we can work in Korea and get a stable visa. We tried getting Entertainment visas, since we’re kinda entertainers, but those visas couldn’t be got without a company to sponsor us. And there’s no company to hire us for a business visa either, be it government or private.

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not complaining about not being hired by another company. We want to remain Indie and keep our voices. We don’t want our opinions to be influenced by our employers, so we work for ourselves. But, without a Korean employer, we can’t stay in Korea…unless we became our own employers!

So, after a year of trying to figure this out, we’re finally in the process now of setting up our Business registration in Korea, so that no one would own our site and videos, AND so that we could stay in Korea. Huzzah! Problem is, Korea doesn’t just hand out Business Visas to foreigners. In fact, setting up a private business here is very expensive. Specifically, you need $100,000 to do so. GARHRHHHH!

We spent this whole year saving the money and dipping into our savings, but we finally did it! YES! We’re setting everything up now to make “Eat Your Kimchi Incorporated!” EYK INC! Huzzah! But, that doesn’t solve everything yet:

We have to move into Seoul, if we want to register our business in Seoul, which is what we’re doing with a big portion of that money. Tomorrow, we’re going apartment hunting around the Hongdae and Mokdong areas. Yay! Problem is, apartments in Seoul are significantly more expensive than the apartments in Bucheon. Most of our money is going into putting down the deposit for this apartment.

Anyhow, the point of this all isn’t to complain. We’re doing this of our own will and we’re super excited about this change. We’re happy that we are taking steps towards doing more because we want Eatyourkimchi to grow and improve. What we’re asking for is your help in taking this to the next level.

Basically, we want to set up a studio. We’ve got many reasons for this, which we listed in the video. Major ones include:

a) Our apartment is overrun with equipment, and it feels like we’re more sleeping in our office than living in our home.
b) We want to have Kpop artists come over for interviews. We’re in contact with different labels who want to do work with us, but we have no legitimate place to do it. A studio would fix that, and it would make this legit, and give us more opportunity to interview people.
c) We desperately want to hire a full time video editor. We work over 70 hours a week, and work every day of the week. There isn’t a moment that we’re not working on or talking about the site and our videos. Having an editor would let us sleep! OH GOD! GLORIOUS SLEEP!
d) With the video editor, we’d also have time to do the other segments we want to do, but don’t have time to edit. We have a white board full of ideas that we can’t start because we’re too bogged down with editing. Editing is really 80% of our time. There are, in fact, opportunities that we have to TURN DOWN because we don’t have time. AWESOME INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES that we can’t make videos for, because we’re too busy trying to make our other videos. THE EDITOR WOULD HELP SOOO MUCH!

Really, we’re trying to make Eat Your Kimchi legit. We’re just two dorks who make silly videos. We want to have our own business so that we can keep that dorkiness and silliness, but we want to grow Eat Your Kimchi into something bigger as well, a legitimate spot for the international Kpop crowd to gather and make their voices heard and have their opinions expressed. We want to not only make Korea more accessible to the outside world, but we want to make the outside world more accessible to Korea, and – really – with just the two of us in our apartment, it’s proving to be a bit exhausting and tough.

So, we’re asking for your help to let us take the next steps. We’re starting a fundraiser at Indiegogo to raise $40,000 within 45 days. With $40,000 we can put down the deposit for renting the studio. We’d be ecstatic if we are able to raise that much. We’ve got over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube: if just one in five of you gave a dollar, we’d be there! If we’re fortunate enough to raise more, we’d be able to put some furniture in the studio, for starters, and a video editor!!! Whatever you can contribute we’ll greatly appreciate, and whoever you can share this with we’ll greatly value. Sorry, all you Nasties, for asking for your help on this, but we could really use it here. And if we can reach this goal, then good things will happen in the future. Good things!

ps-> Also, you might have noticed our regular videos have been off schedule lately. We’ve been meeting with the bank, and immigration, and lawyers, and relators (etc) to get this started, so that’s thrown our schedules out of whack. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, once we have this all settled :D

  1. You know what, a while back I was thinking about the same issue (finding official Japanese MVs for a Jpop Music Friday or something), so I made a list of all the official youtube channels of Japanese companies and artist. I don’t think I missed anyone, but if there is, feel free to fill me in ^^b

  2. Whoa! You guys are going to hit the 6 figures!

  3. They said they’d continue to film in their house, but do the editing and interviews in their studio :)

  4. I love you guys so much. I never understood why I didn’t find you guys sooner. My twin and I will support you here from the states!!! Good luck!!! Maybe as a suggestion for the blooming company, have some expanding branches for other East asian countries! I would love to do some videos for EYK if I go back to China to study and I would do it for free just for the sake of bringing cultural awareness and understanding to the whole world!! By the We may send you something goodies if you guys don’t change your mailbox anytime soon. (things that you guys will really like :coughcoffee:!)

  5. Wow! It’s the FIRST DAY and already you are well and above your goal!! Nice nice. I mean, you guys don’t charge for us to view your blogs (like some douchey sites do after a while) and you’re so good natured, it makes sense that everyone would be happy to donate! :-) Good luck guys! You’re going to make the dream come true! Get pumped!!

  6. I guess I only every see positive comments. Or maybe my personality only allows me to see those. Ignore the nay sayers and Debbie downers. You two have worked incredibly hard to get where you are at today, to build the fan base that loves and supported you with this fundraiser. You guys took a risk that most are admittedly to afraid to take and succeeded. Nasties are proud of you guys! To anyone asking you for money I say start your own fund raiser and ask your own fans to donate. The nerve of some people.

  7. Almost 80 freaking thousand dollars now guise! :O Almost double the goal. I am sure you will reach close to 130,000 dollars by the end of the fundraiser :O

  8. lol where is the Canary Islands? xD

  9. Dear writer, do you want me to delete this? Or are you intentionally trying to stay anonymous?


  11. Wow, seeing the donations continue to rise is really making me excited for this new studio. I can already see it becoming a top South Korean tourist attraction – putting Facebook/Google+/YouTube headquarters to shame!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Anyhow, I came up with a crazy idea last night, while fantasising about this studio. Do you think, instead of sending boxes of sweets and junk food for fanmail – we could send studio decorations? Or just stuff to make the studio more intersesting? Like, tablecloths, paintings, sculptures, action figures, toys, board games, books, fan art, plates and cups – a bit like stuff you’d bring to a housewarming party/newly-wed gifts. I think it would be cool, because since you have fans from almost 200 different countries, it would end up looking a bit like a multicultural centre, representing the countries of various kpop fans. I have a batik map of Indonesia which would look really cool on the wall, for example. I also have plushies of random cells and body organs. Weird right?

    That way, when kpop artists/Nasties come to the studio, they can look at random objects from various countries around the world. And if it’s kpop artists, perhaps they could even take home an object they fancy – after taking a photo with it, or something? It would be so cool if Epik High came to your studio and took a liking to something I sent….*spazzing* AAAAAHHHH so many ideas!!!!

    I also liked the idea that someone else mentioned, about their mom working at a furniture shop. It would be really cool if, after raising the money for the studio, we could donate personalised things to fill it up with.

    What do you guys think? Any ideas on how we can Nastify ‘The Nasty Studio’? xD

    • Yea I agree :)
      I was just thinking about this because
      – Fans are always wanting to send them fanmail
      – They’re getting too much junk food which they can’t eat because of their diet, but are way too loving and polite to refuse
      – So, just for the fans who really want to send something but aren’t sure what, I was trying to think of something else they could send instead of snacks
      – Even if we send them decorations, they can still choose what to do with it – put it in the studio, their own apartment, or stow it away in a treasure chest (?)
      – Sending stuff will save on buying stuff themselves, and they can keep the leftover money for rent and bills and furniture and editors (maybe?)

      Well, those were my thoughts anyway, so thanks so much for your input, since you raise a really good point ^^

    • My sister just recommended having different themes for each room – the rainbow/unicorn room, the romantic victorian room, the futuristic sci-fi room –
      Wait, how many rooms will your studio have? Will it be just another officetel?

    • LMAO!!!!! xD Hahahaha they can just drop it from Namsan tower or something, spread the love to all of Itaewon :p After all, who can resist the Meemers!!! But….how can you print on Velcro? Oh on the other side? Hmmm…..not bad :D

  12. All those cutesy kpop idol posses in all those cutesy kpop music videos were your training for this very Polaroid day. Channel your inner most BILASA!!!!

  13. Hey, while I appreciate your vehement support, just thought I’d clear up a few points:
    – They already have the 100 grand that they needed for the visa, what they’re raising money for now is the studio, editor, and furniture.
    – They do spend a lot of money on Spudgy’s medication, but that’s not what they’re raising money for. We are not obligated to give money for that.
    – They started a diet to lose weight and become more fit, not to save money.
    – They actually enjoy investing their time and creativity into this job, so I don’t think it’s ‘unfair’ for them to use their savings if they find it necessary – but again, that is unrelated to this fundraising.
    – We are not donating towards their clothes, it’s the studio. Plus, they don’t wear the same clothes every video.
    – Meemers has milk. I’m pretty sure she’s not starving. The only reason she was suckling on ears was because of kitty habits.
    – They’re making polaroid photos as a sign of appreciation to those who donate, not vice versa. It’s not like they have to do it, and thus we have to fund their activity.

    Now, after being a very mean person and shutting you down completely, I do agree with your last statement. People don’t have to donate, but it would be nice if they could spread the word, just in case there are people out there who would love to donate, given the chance.

    I’m sorry Nes, the only reason I negated all your points is because I don’t like guilt-tripping people into donating. I believe that people should give if and only if they truly want to, out of the goodness of their heart, to support the cause that the money is being raised for.

  14. and the time!!! for shoot+develop+sign+mail count that added to the involved costs of this ‘souvenir’

  15. Oh dear god no! Now almost paradise is playing in my head on repeat. Oh the humanity!

  16. I think we can reach 100,000!

  17. That’s awesome! I’m not sure how to bring furniture from Busan to Seoul, though! That’d be, like, almost the cost of the furniture itself, no?

  18. Well since the goal was met in one day, I’ll donate for furniture ^.^//

    • Beanbags for Tablo to sit on!!! :D
      And then after that I can go sit on it, and then his leftover sweat will be transferred to my thighs, and then……………okay I’ll stop there.

  19. I almost deleted this as spam. And then I realised….this isn’t the kpop charts…. =_=

  20. Wow I haven’t seen a cookie-cutter kpop fangirl in a long time (pun intended).

    Hahaha makasih say, tapi berhubung kamu masih 12 tahun, sebaiknya simpan uangmu untuk kuliahmu nanti. Mereka pasti menghargai sumbanganmu, tapi tak perlu sejuta dolar lah, biar lima juga mereka udah senang kok. ^^b

    • Hahah baguslah kalo begitu. Tell her that a respectable adult who knows this couple personally can vouch for their honesty and that giving to people out of your personal savings is a good habit to build up as it creates a caring and generous heart (oh listen to me =_=). But yes, really, $5 is more than enough. The average amount being donated is $25, and more than half of us Nasties donated $5 or less – but it’s because there’s so, so many people donating, that it’s managed to gather up so much. (I just don’t want people to think that they’re taking money from innocent teenagers).

  21. I was wondering about that. Some people have been hinting that S&M are ‘ripping money off teenagers’.
    First of all, who exactly said most of their viewers are teenagers? Because I’m definitely not one (sadface). And I’ve seen quite a lot of comments by many mothers, for some reason (although they could be teenage moms, you never know).
    Secondly, I’m unsure how easy it is for teenagers to send money online via paypal or credit card, because I only got my card when I was 18. I did notice some people saying they couldn’t donate because their parents wouldn’t let them.
    Lastly, only 7% of donors (150 people) donated over $50, which means 93% of people (1900 Nasties) donated less than $50, which I don’t consider as ‘ripping off’ by a long mile.
    I could be wrong, though. *shrug*

  22. I would like to have stats about this. Seriously. There’s some hate on twitter and this is the “argument” they put on repeat. I’m not a teenager and I’m a crazy fan, and I’ve encounter mostly fans that either love korean culture (music, drama, whatever else) or want to go teach english over there too. And even as a teenager, I would have donated 5$ at least and would be happy about it. They said that it’s for the place in Seoul, the employee and stuff, they’ll put the money there. Even though they get some food with the money, I wouldn’t care either. People are crazy on this planet. Donating money is a beautiful gesture, the reason why you do it isn’t important.

  23. Oh gosh, yes! I cannot wait to see their reaction!

  24. GD in your closet, who wouldn’t want that?! Uhm actually on second thought never mind, we all saw what GD did to his own closet in One of a Kind, yeah a studio to contain him is way better.

  25. Us Nasties are united 4 lyyyyfe. ;)

  26. In less than 12 hours you’ve reached your goal of 40,000. wow. I’m so proud to be a Nastie right now. You guys are amazing and in all honesty i kind of think of you as our(international kpop/Korea fans) leaders.
    You have helped sooo many people with their dreams of going to S.Korea, and sparked interest in others. You deserve this and so much more. You are awesome people who decrease world suck, as John and Hank Green say.
    Forever a Nastie and forever supporting your dreams of spreading Korean culture of all kinds to all of us around the world.

  27. I love you guys! And I’m gonna donate by buying two shirts for me and my friend ^ ^ That way it’s more than $5 bucks and I know you’re getting the money straight from me! plus, I get an AWESOME MOMENTO OF YOUUUU! hehehehe (and I promise to come pick it up in person to save you shipping bwahahahahaaa) BROHOHO! BROHOHO!

  28. hello i’m in the philippines & would like to help in my own little
    way, do still sell your t-shirts & possibly ship intly?

  29. The page won’t load for me anymore =(

    nvm the second link won’t work but the first one does.

  30. S&M, just wanted to say – my boyfriend’s going to donate and buy one of your EYK t-shirts as well ! We’re gonna double on “EYK” and the “Viva La Spudgy” shirts ! That way, we can help you guys out even further AND walk down the street….
    EatYourKimchi Style. ;)

    Oooooooooooh, we so NASTY~

  31. What if I live in Korea and wanna donate money? I don’t have paypal over here.

  32. 44K, darling nasties! If they leave it until another 44 1/2 days, at this rate they probably could set up their own entertainment co and recruit their own kpop stars.

  33. AH! Your already PAST your goal!!!!! YAY!!!!

  34. Simon and Martina you guys provide me and hundreds of thousands of others with lots of laughter, info, Spudgy’s and Meemer’s. Us Nasty’s are grateful for everything you do with no expectations from us in return except our love. I believe I speak for all Nasty’s that it is an honor to help you guys fulfill your dream of growing Eat Your Kimchi and getting your studio off the ground. Seeing your goal met already shows the love we all have for you guys and I foresee that only growing more and more, just like the total in the next 44 days.

  35. Just donated and I’m super exited to see you already reached your goal! I hope you get your video editor and Martina can talk about dramas. My inner fan-girl will squee!

  36. when s&m check the amount raised thier going to flip lol

  37. Wow…Congratz on already reaching your goal. I’ll be giving a lil, but, I have to wait till payday. The woes of being a responsible adult…sigh. LoL Way to go Nasties!

  38. I did send them a message through their Contact page here. I just hope they get it! Thanks for all the upvotes. Here’s hoping they see this or get the email.


    Guys, I’ve been watching your adventures since the beginning and it’s super inspiring. I’ll be buying some merch when I get paid (first paycheque as a teacher!) both to support you and HAVE NASTY MERCH and you can be sure I’ll keep watching. <3


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