Hey guise. Serious stuff here. Sorry for not putting up a fun or informative video today, because today we’re asking for your help, and starting a fundraiser

As some of you may know, we’re doing this blogging thing full time now. We started off blogging as teachers. Then Simon stopped teaching and worked on the site, and then, last year, Martina stopped teaching and worked on the site as well. We posted a TL;DR on it a while ago, and talked a bit about it in our interview with Groove as well.

Anyhow, we had a bit of a problem that we’ve been trying to work out for the past year: we don’t have Visas in Korea, since we’re not teaching. Currently we’re here on tourist visa’s which are indeed totally legal, but we’ve spent all our time since quitting teaching looking into how we can work in Korea and get a stable visa. We tried getting Entertainment visas, since we’re kinda entertainers, but those visas couldn’t be got without a company to sponsor us. And there’s no company to hire us for a business visa either, be it government or private.

Don’t get us wrong: we’re not complaining about not being hired by another company. We want to remain Indie and keep our voices. We don’t want our opinions to be influenced by our employers, so we work for ourselves. But, without a Korean employer, we can’t stay in Korea…unless we became our own employers!

So, after a year of trying to figure this out, we’re finally in the process now of setting up our Business registration in Korea, so that no one would own our site and videos, AND so that we could stay in Korea. Huzzah! Problem is, Korea doesn’t just hand out Business Visas to foreigners. In fact, setting up a private business here is very expensive. Specifically, you need $100,000 to do so. GARHRHHHH!

We spent this whole year saving the money and dipping into our savings, but we finally did it! YES! We’re setting everything up now to make “Eat Your Kimchi Incorporated!” EYK INC! Huzzah! But, that doesn’t solve everything yet:

We have to move into Seoul, if we want to register our business in Seoul, which is what we’re doing with a big portion of that money. Tomorrow, we’re going apartment hunting around the Hongdae and Mokdong areas. Yay! Problem is, apartments in Seoul are significantly more expensive than the apartments in Bucheon. Most of our money is going into putting down the deposit for this apartment.

Anyhow, the point of this all isn’t to complain. We’re doing this of our own will and we’re super excited about this change. We’re happy that we are taking steps towards doing more because we want Eatyourkimchi to grow and improve. What we’re asking for is your help in taking this to the next level.

Basically, we want to set up a studio. We’ve got many reasons for this, which we listed in the video. Major ones include:

a) Our apartment is overrun with equipment, and it feels like we’re more sleeping in our office than living in our home.
b) We want to have Kpop artists come over for interviews. We’re in contact with different labels who want to do work with us, but we have no legitimate place to do it. A studio would fix that, and it would make this legit, and give us more opportunity to interview people.
c) We desperately want to hire a full time video editor. We work over 70 hours a week, and work every day of the week. There isn’t a moment that we’re not working on or talking about the site and our videos. Having an editor would let us sleep! OH GOD! GLORIOUS SLEEP!
d) With the video editor, we’d also have time to do the other segments we want to do, but don’t have time to edit. We have a white board full of ideas that we can’t start because we’re too bogged down with editing. Editing is really 80% of our time. There are, in fact, opportunities that we have to TURN DOWN because we don’t have time. AWESOME INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES that we can’t make videos for, because we’re too busy trying to make our other videos. THE EDITOR WOULD HELP SOOO MUCH!

Really, we’re trying to make Eat Your Kimchi legit. We’re just two dorks who make silly videos. We want to have our own business so that we can keep that dorkiness and silliness, but we want to grow Eat Your Kimchi into something bigger as well, a legitimate spot for the international Kpop crowd to gather and make their voices heard and have their opinions expressed. We want to not only make Korea more accessible to the outside world, but we want to make the outside world more accessible to Korea, and – really – with just the two of us in our apartment, it’s proving to be a bit exhausting and tough.

So, we’re asking for your help to let us take the next steps. We’re starting a fundraiser at Indiegogo to raise $40,000 within 45 days. With $40,000 we can put down the deposit for renting the studio. We’d be ecstatic if we are able to raise that much. We’ve got over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube: if just one in five of you gave a dollar, we’d be there! If we’re fortunate enough to raise more, we’d be able to put some furniture in the studio, for starters, and a video editor!!! Whatever you can contribute we’ll greatly appreciate, and whoever you can share this with we’ll greatly value. Sorry, all you Nasties, for asking for your help on this, but we could really use it here. And if we can reach this goal, then good things will happen in the future. Good things!

ps-> Also, you might have noticed our regular videos have been off schedule lately. We’ve been meeting with the bank, and immigration, and lawyers, and relators (etc) to get this started, so that’s thrown our schedules out of whack. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, once we have this all settled :D

  1. So glad you guys got the help that you needed. ( I was sad that it had expired when I went to donate…but so happy for you). You guys deserve to do what you are so good at. Proud of my fellow fans too. Go Nasties!

  2. Whoa guise! We have just reached $100.000

  3. Then the next question would be which videos’ filming are you going to move in your studio..? Music mondays will be in your kitchen, WANKing will happen outside, open the happy will happen in your home (i cant imagine it anywhere else, unless you’re gonna make the tutorials into their own segments) well, TL;DR could be filmed in the studio, but it’d feel weird, at least in yhr beginning..
    Maybe I’m thinking it too much and missing your old apartment..

  4. I’m so happy for you:D And I can’t wait for new segments! (I know you have mentioned jpop(and some rock) music Tuesdays a couple of times,,, I want x) But that would be a whole lot of work, aand it’s difficult finding the full japanese videos… But they do exist! I know many songs that are worth reviewing…

  5. Whoa! You guys are going to hit the 6 figures!

  6. Congrats on the successful fundraising! It’s proof of how well-loved you guys are. :) Keep up the good work!

  7. I unblocked you guys on AdBlock, you’re the only ones <3

  8. I think S&M can afford a full tim editor now. :)

  9. Just chucked in some money to the campaign. Can’t wait to see what the final total is! All the best x

  10. Whoo-hoo! I get Indiegogo promotions in my mailbox, and believe it or not, first I’d heard of you (despite living and working and playing and doing art in South Korea for the last ten years.) so I headed on over to remedy that situation immediately. You guys are awesome! I hang my head in shame. So I’ve donated (and hope to get the CD!)…just wondering, though…how much do I have to pay NOT to go to the noraebang with Simon?

    Hugs and looking forward to seeing you achieve your business dream!

    Bard Judith
    (Judy Alkema)

  11. Its 218% funded at the moment that is pure nasties awesomeness

  12. Congrats S & M(s&m)…..LOL. Anyhoo, I know you’re way over what you need, but don’t close it. I have yet to contribute and I will. I’m just waiting for pay day. Working class poor here, but want to help.*smile* Again congrats! I’m all teary-eyed at the help you’ve recieved.

  13. Hello! I tried to make a donation with Paypal, but I keep receiving this error. Are you only accepting credit cards at this time?

    Thanks!! :)


  14. I can’t donate but i did loop you video’s all last night with adds block paused to kinda make up for it.

  15. wow…if only i had known earlier my birthday had passed just recently(less than a month ago) and i definately wouldve put alot of the cd/stickers or martina’s makeupish care pack on a wishlist! though i work a minimum wage job and cant really donate much now, will do in the future so that you guys can continue well, sorry!

  16. Simon and Martina can you guys please help me spread the word about selling my signed SNSD and Teen Top cds? I need the money so I can go to kcon and tell you how amazing you are face to face!! PLEASE HALP ;D

  17. ok now WHO WANTS TO BUY A SIGNED GIRLS GENERATION CD FROM ME :D come on guys, I need to get rid of it. I ALSO HAVE TEEN TOPS SIGNED CD TOO !! Buy it so I can go to kcon please

  18. somehow I feel bad not been able to donate to u (T-T)

  19. LMAO, you can take your piggy bank to an actual bank and they can write you a check. You can just mail it to them, their address is on their Facebook page.

  20. Im so happy to see that your goal has doubled. I couldnt be more happy for you^^

  21. Will donating at the Care Package level also get you the Super Special Sticker Pack stuff?

  22. DOUBLED the goal amount! craaazy! I wonder when they will het six figures???

  23. Have you tried to set up a Kickstarter entry?

  24. I’m gonna see if me and my cousin can send you guise a fan package :3 WE both love your guy’s channel and we want it to keep going! I’ll prolly get as many packets of dry ranch mix as possible!!!!! XD

  25. :D My friend talked about you today and I saw your videos. You guys are awesome…


  26. I want to help to, tell me how? I want to donate money, I hope its ok if I donate Euros because I don´t really understand the money-changing-system…

  27. Wow~ they allready have to make over 600 Polaroid Picture…. maybe the also need a photographer/personal postman soon =D Anyway, i hope you also find a good studio and a nice new flat, that allows pets!

  28. im donating again when i found out you would send Engrish stuff (hoping for a twonkle twonkle cup) :)

  29. They totally deserve it. Wah! I wish I lived in Korea I would love to be your editor. ^_^

  30. They are opening a studio to which they plan to invite celebrities for interviews on behalf of fans. For that purpose, it is crucial for them to get a studio NEAR the district in Seoul where the agencies are clustered or broadcast companies are located. And these areas in Seoul are called Apgujung and Yeoi-do, very ritzy parts of Seoul. Renting a studio there isn’t cheap, believe me, and that is only a small part of the expected cost they have to worry about in starting a business in Seoul.

  31. DON’T WORRY!!!! i’ll be back with a donation when I get some financial aid money…then i can slightly splurge a little….yes i’m splurging for simonandmartina cause i might be going to korea next summer….yeah yeah!!!! and your guy’s videos are most definitely helpful, especially the WANKs and FAPFAPs

  32. When you guys get a studio, are you going to hire other people?

  33. Ack! I don’t think I’m going to get my finaid check in time to donate…if some other money comes through I will though! You guys remind me of some of my superawesome friends (and Mayday babies always grow up to be the coolest people ;) )

  34. deleted my comment, did you?

  35. I cant donate right away because of bank stuff..but I will donate soon!!!

  36. As of the last time I checked you guys were at 77,000 dollars. So, swimming pool of jello?

  37. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM Work for your own money, rather than begging. You should use the extra funds for good, rather than spending it on useless stuff. Beggars.

  38. Dear Simon and Martina, I have so much respect for you guys, really. I haven’t been very long with you guys yet, let’s say a year, but I love your videos (except sometimes your KPOP Music Mondays, but hey, different opinions are cool~) and since I am planning to go to South Korea myself as well, your website/videos make me feel more home there already, I can’t really explain what I mean, but I think you guys get it ^^.

    Also, I think it is amazing for you guys that you have raised so much money so quickly and that you are almost at the double of what you guys wanted, I really wished this for you and I am so looking forward to all the awesome stuff you can do with this money. I wish you all the best and luck and I hope I might bump into you somewhere in Seoul haha! Keep it up!<3

  39. I’m so proud to be a Nasty!

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