So Martina was browsing around on gmarket and she came across these awesome half slippers. At first, she thought they were for children, but as she scrolled down the pictures revealed something totally awesome…HALF SLIPPERS FOR HEEL PAIN! So the concept makes sense to ME (Martina) but not to Simon. I guess the idea is that your feet are arched one way for so long that they’re in serious pain, so by wearing these at home, your feet will return to a more natural state by stretching out the muscle the opposite way.

Teen Top Wearing Heels

Seriously: worst freaking marketing campaign ever.

The only thing is, it’s actually quite awkward to wear because your heels pound the ground and the rest of your feet are cushioned. Actually, barely cushioned…we thought it was memory foam, but it’s actually just a brick of hardness covered in a lovely fuzzy pink fabric. Sad panda is sad. But you know who else is sad? That one member of Teen Top that I actually like with the fluffy poodle perm. He’s sad ‘cause he’s wearing heels. Look, picture proof. I should send him some of these slippers.

Anyways, I (Simon writing now) had a kindof manpiphany half way through our filming because he realized he had almost bought these when he was in highschool…you’ll have to check the blooper footage for his whole story:


Anyone know what I’m talking about here? Jumpsoles, they were called, and I wanted them so bad as a kid, but never got them. Anyone here actually use them? I highly doubt it, because – for some reason – I don’t think basketball players listen to Kpop. In fact, if I could draw a Venn Diagram, with basketball players in the left circle, and Kpop lovers in the right, it’d look like this


^^P.S. That looks like a whale.

  1. y’kno when i wear heel, the arch of my foot doesn’t hurt all that much. it’s the padding just below my toes. what is that called? the balls of your feet? anyways, i feel like something like this would just do the opposite and make my heels hurt. so at the end of the day, the balls and heels are killing me. i’ll have to walk around with crutches the next.

  2. I wore some heels for an extended period of time recently and thought of these. Do you guys think you could possibly tell me what they’re called on Gmarket? I want a pair! T__T

  3. Hi guys! I’m not sure if you’ve answered this already yet (( sorry I realllllyyyy can’t be bothered to scroll several pages to check) but could you perhaps link me/give me the name of these high heel pain things.. I kinda want a pair as absurd as that seems.. But I’m starting to wear heels more so… :3 … *shrug* these mah come in handy.. Oh and Martina! I have really long legs and pick crap up with them top. I’m that lazy xD

  4. Simon, some dudes do look at your shoes on a date. In fact, some dudes really like high heels over flats. But then again, maybe those dudes are foot fetishist, soooo… well… ¬_¬

  5. i just caught this but you were saying that being a Dothrakian man you’d kick a horse and village. Don’t the Dothrakians respect their horses and even worship like a Great Stallion and what not. So Simon, dishonor! Dishonor on you, dishonor on your famiry! ;P

  6. Plus the guy in Teen Top that’s ashamed to wear the heels is L.Joe. His hair reminds me of cheetos.

  7. Nooo ladys (and in Teen Top’s case guise too) wear high heels cuz it makes legs seem firmer and buttox seem… bigger? better? Idk it just makes their waist->down look sexeh~ Learned that from The Big Bang Theory <3

  8. Wow they really look extreamely painfull :( but they would be prefect for ballerinas and for people that walk on their tippy toes!!!

  9. i love it when simon says “man _______” XP

  10. It’s okay, Martina. I have long toes, too. I also use them as an extra set of hands for picking things up off the floor. Dark blonde girls with long toes unite!

  11. i didnt know dat g dragon had his own….( girl store?)
     i heard da song
    G market but i didnt know dat he had his own o___o girl store?!
    T_T im guessing its normal 4 a guy 2 open a womens store in korea?

  12. they look like puppy slippers.

  13. Hey, Teen Top are not the first who wear high heels… Kazaky are the first)))) They are awesome in wearing it)))) Though they are not asians…

  14. ooooooo mmmm geeeee Spudgy dropping the eff bomb!!! LOL!!!!!!!! STOP IT.

  15. girls wear it so their legs look skinnier

  16. High heels shrink your Achilles tendon, those nifty little toe pom-poms look like they would combat that.

  17. :P
    Note to Martina: Simon needs a belt for Christmas!


  18. this is why i love kpop … i love guys who cross dress

  19. HAHA I love how you guys kept on quoting Game of Thrones :)

  20. >:O! teen pop wearing highheels? wdf o_o? y? xD T_T nyaaa

  21. I wear high heels all the time, and I have to stretch out my legs by standing on the end of a stair. These look so useful, I want a pair right now!

  22. THEY ARE SPUDGY PAW SHOES!!!!! Like heels but for dogs… He can now walk taller and more confident. 

  23. Wow.. that “crossdressing is so wrong. Tee hee, Asia!” sounded a bit wrong, beyond a simple “not my / our cup of tea”

  24. I’m still scratching my head wondering why those things exist… and on a related note, can’t wait for Game of Thrones season 2! WINTER IS COMING!

  25. 6’4″ Simon can’t dunk?!

  26. I totally know what jumpsoles are!!! and I totally wanted a pair as well!!… because I was a total tomboy… unfortunately  my mum wouldn’t let me give in to my tomboy ways.. :( eh I guess those little pink slippies would come in handy.

  27. ps. spudgy wags even more when he talks, doesn’t he? happy little boy!! ^_^

  28. BWAHAHAHA!!!! LOVE the alt-text over the jumpsoles link!!  also love your whale venn diagram. that’s great!! and would be an adorable whale!!! <3
    now i will go watch the video!! ^_^

  29. i love her tattoo~ ^ ^ so cool and simons feet are so big lols

  30. Love the Dothraki reference! I love those books! Kahl Drogo FTW!! XD 

  31.  hmm…I had to relearn how to walk when I was two thanks to an accident. I walked on the balls of my feet when i relearned and still do to this day since I have a shortened Achilles tendon and a really high arch (Though I’ve spent the past year stretching the tendon in order to properly walk, which isn’t fun since the backs of my heels scrape themselves raw in my tennis shoes). Anyway, if I’m barefooted or wearing flip flops, I naturally walk on the balls of my feet. So I find these interesting. Really want to try them out…

  32. Someone once convinced me, they were to train your muscles, because you have to balance. I’ven ever looked at them up close though… Too strange.

  33. Also, I think there’s a problem with pov in the second to last paragraph. It starts off first person then switches to third person. Just thought I’d let you know. =)

  34. I love the Venn Diagram. xD
    For me, I almost never wear heels but I absolutely adore them. They are just so expensive and the rest of my clothes aren’t nice enough to match with heels, so first I’ll have to buy nicer clothes and then I’ll have to buy nice heels and I am poor and lazy, so it may be a while yet. Also, heels are pretty but they are painful as well, so usually I go with flip-flops…
    But yes, I just like the shape of heels and they come in such pretty colors and variations! I think they make feet look prettier and they make me taller, so that’s also a plus. They also stretch out the legs and just improve your posture and overall figure (in my opinion, anyway). I agree with the others, I tend to want to wear nice clothes and shoes because I find them pretty, not because of what guys like. Look at how many women cringe when their husband picks out an outfit for them from the store. xD We definitely dress for ourselves and other women!

  35. ok cross dressing is ok if the guy is girlish and the girl is guyish, but it does not fly if a man *like Simon* was in a skirt&buster…. that would not only not right but give me nightmares… in manga, most guys look A. likes real girls and 2. look SEXXXYYYY!!!!!!!!! ok those are the rules to crossing dressing, use them well! ^^ *i only use Simon as example cuz his is a MANLY MAN!!!! >< sorry eatyourkimchi moment…*

  36. You should check out Kazaky! It’s a dance consisting of 4 sexy tall Ukrainian male models who dance half naked in heels. Since they’re really tall already, their legs look stunning with heels. Crazy proportions.

  37. Men it the 1700s and probably 1800s would’ve killed for those, along with the women as guys were the ones who started the high heel fashion. Just wanted to share that random fact as so many others are pointing out why people wear heels already. : )

  38. hehehe Happy Birthday to me :  YAY for WTF!

     I loved Simon’s Heel Tirade!  I also hate heels….I don’t know how girls walk on the little tiny spikes.  I have some chunky boots and 1 pair of modest heels,but that’s it. Give me a pair of clogs any day :)   My daughter found my 1 pair of heel at about a year and wore them around for days…..Totally not sure how I got a girly girl.The heel lower than the ball of the foot reminds me of Earth shoes. I have a pair but I barely ever wear them because it makes the tendon on the back of my calf buuurrnn. They’re suppose to imitate walking on sand and realign things.

  39. high heels push out your butt and your boobs because of the posture they force you to have but they are also known to cause degenerate joint disease in your knees……

  40. Wow Simon, wow. Girls wear high heels for 2 main reason. 1) They make our legs/ but look longer and awesome. 2) They make us taller. However, having them just because they are cute could be a reason too. :P . Also! Don’t worry Martina, i can pick things up with my toes too.

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