Hey guise!

Sorry for not fully adhering to our schedule lately. Because we’ve been out of the country, and because we’re also working on the grand opening of You Are Here Cafe, we’ve missed out on a couple of videos. We do have a few other videos, small ones here and there, that we’ve been putting up.

Coffee Tasting!

For starters, here’s us tasting the coffee for our coffee shop! We went to a coffee laboratory of sorts. It’s a cool place that doesn’t sell coffee to customers. It’s a place where people can test out recipes for coffee before their shop. So we went there to taste a bunch of our coffee and see what our baristas could do!

That was the first run of our tasting. We’ve got more tasting before the opening, of course, so we can fine tune everything and tweak it before the grand opening. AHH! It’s so exciting! But there’s so much to do. I remember watching the cooking network for one of those Extreme Challenge Elimination Shows that don’t really teach you anything about cooking but just show you final dishes with obscure names that always include either essences or foams or some crap like that. The point is, one of the challengers there said that the most stressful time of her life was when she opened a restaurant. The second most stressful was when she opened her second restaurant. Whoa…was she ever right! We’re not stressed in a bad way, but we’re quite busy. Whoa!

Animal Videos

Thank God we have animals to keep our spirits up! Meemers is cute. Spudgy is cute. They do cute things. Here’s a video of Spudgy skateboarding:


Why Spudgy skateboarding? Well, Leigh and Soo Zee got a skateboard for themselves. In October, we’re going to be flying somewhere, but we’re all going together as a full crew this time, rather than just the two of us. Leigh and Soo Zee know we have those carry on luggage scooters that you saw at the beginning of our California WANK. So, they’re getting a skateboard so they can keep up with us between terminals. Ha! Spudgy, though, thought he’d give it a shot as well.

Note to self: must make a video of Meemers on the skateboard, too, and see how that works.

And here’s Meemers’ photo shoot!


We shot this video because we thought that the idea of Meemers on a bag was funny enough, but we knew that the process of trying to get him to pose would be fun as well. Oh Meemers! You’re so lazy and uncooperative :D But the picture turned out great in the end and we got a really fun Meemers bag out of it.

So…yeah! That’s it for now. We’re gonna get back to getting everything ready for the coffee shop now! Eep! Make sure you subscribe for more Coffee Shop videos. We’ve got some fun surprises in store :D

  1. Soo going to stop in Korea when I go to Vietnam next! :D

  2. OMG I live in California, but I REALLY wanna see a menu or more pictures!!! Are you guys planning to make a You Are Here Cafe website? Even if I can’t go, I wanna look at all the pretties!!!

  3. I hope there’s drinks named after Spudgy and Meemers. That’d be pretty cool!! “Hi yes, I would like one Meemers with no whip”

  4. Oooh, I have an idea. You should put spudgys and meemerses pictures on the cups in your coffee shop and also sell them, like in starbucks. They would look so cool :D

  5. are you going to make tea fogs?? they’re super delicious! also thanks for reading out my comment on that TL;DR, it took me a second to realise it was mine!

  6. Loof lease needs to become another Nasty saying now XDD You could even put it on the menu XDD Hehe I’ll see ya’ll at the cafe in September ^^ I’ll be visiting Korea for the first time~~~~~~

  7. Awnnnn this reminds me …did you guys tasted the Colombian coffee i sent? Remember , from the giant box whe all the coffee cookies explted? Please tell n.n

  8. omg, the coffee tasting shennanigans are so exciting! so excited for you guys!! that said, you guys must have been so hyper after a million coffee shots like that XD

  9. I fully intend to make “You Are Here” my study place while I’m studying abroad at Ewha. I hope that’s cool >_<

  10. can’t wait to go to the coffee shop sooo excited! i will be there September!

  11. All I can say is thank you Simon and Martina, from the bottom of my kitty heart. While my human keeps having convulsions over some non-furry beast called Taeyang (seriously, I don’t get her sometimes — not a hair in sight on that boy), I can quietly enjoy this fan service of my Meemers Oppa in all his furry glory. Just playing it over, and over, and over, and (yes, just one more time) over…

    But t-shirts are pretty useless for kitties like me. Yes, yes, my human will get one and I can sleep on it and shed fur on it and everything, but may I suggest a calendar? Looks like his Mr December really came out towards the end as he was reaching for that (undeniably tempting) kitty toy. Just photoshop in some mistletoe and yep, that’s the money shot. Just ship them to me by the box.

    And don’t worry, my Meemers Oppa, I am already planning my own glamour shoot — and this will be for your eyes only! Indeed…

  12. Meemers isn’t lazy Per-say. He may have just arthritis! I read somewhere that Scottish Folds are prone to early arthritis because the gene that makes their ears floppy also makes their cartilage weak.

  13. How I wish I could live like Meemers, even for a day ;D

    Wow, All the drinks look SO GOOD!!! What about the nibbles that are going to be in the coffee shop?

  14. The coffee tasting looks like fun! And Meemers is so big now. I rememer watching a video of him chewing your ears when he was just a kitten! Time flies by so fast!

  15. I wish that i could go to the opening… unfortunately school happens to get in the way of everything… and flying from Australia to Korea isn’t the cheapest…

  16. I’d love to go but 1,000 Euros for a plane ticket to Seoul is not in my price range. Yet…

  17. I really want to try those milkshakes >u<

  18. I would love for YAH cafe to thrive for forever so I could go there and eat all the stuff when I go visit to Korea!!!

  19. Saw you guis in Sweden recently.. But I was kind of fuzzy in my head from the heat, so I dont even know what I said and not said. Anyways, thank you so much for the signs and photos :) You are as genuine and down to earth as ever! And I hope me and my friend can go to Korea in a near future and go to your café. Cause it seems AWESOME!!! I’m a huge coffee drinker, kind of picky as well.. but that looked great! And I love tea and milkshakes… what to choose!!!! :D Wish I could bring my dog too, but that would be a long trip for him. Love you guis <3

  20. The Meemers photo shoot was making me cry from laughter simply because I remembered how years ago my mom thought it would be a great idea to try and get a photo of all 3 of our pets (then) and put a lovely picture as the front of a Christmas card. One animal would have been hard enough but we were trying to get one with a huge newfie dog, a tiny brand new kitten and a guinea pig… It worked as well as you’d think and since it was before digital we have 6 rolls of film that is nothing but pandemonium. It was a good day but only in retrospect. haha

  21. I’m so excited for the coffee shop. I can’t wait till I get a chance to go to Korea. Also, Meemers seems to be a natural model. ;3 already ordering a bag with his wonderfully FLUFFYFACE!!

  22. I can’t drink coffee but I surely can hit up those milkshakes and tea! One day. One day I will make it to Korea.

    Spudgy is adorable on the skateboard, he’s having so much fun. I’m sure he’d be glad if you took him on walks in that fashion from now on.

    Applause to Meemers for sitting still that long. My cat sees the camera and runs away. Pretty much all the pics I’ve taken of her are of her sleeping. (that last sentence is weird, but you get the point)

  23. I foresee a drama scene being filmed at You Are Here Cafe. It’s so pretty!

  24. *sigh* I’m lactose-intolerant… no milkshakes for me I guess… *sadface*

  25. It’s so cool that you guys made this coffee shop :) it’s so convenient to people who are visiting Korea or making new friends if you’re in korea

  26. being in the US (michigan) literally makes me sad because im tired of the “normal” coffee places. but i have a close friend who teaches in s. korea and im constantly talking to her bout everything i see simon and martina eating and places they go…sadly tho shes a stick in the mudd. One day…one day my dreams shall come true…

    Also id cuddle the crap out of spudgy and meemers. to sound like a creeper but the whole eatyourkimchi crew make my day better. boo to working in a office alone.

  27. I am so glad you will be offering loose leaf teas as well since I (very very sadly) can’t drink coffee! Can’t wait to try it out and make this my “home” working cafe in March. ^^

  28. When I eventually go on a tour of Eastern Asia, I will definitely be stopping off here. On the topic of milkshakes, the most amazing milkshake I’ve ever had had REAL fresh strawberries submerged at the bottom to fish out and eat. Will the You Are Here strawberry milkshakes have real strawberries at the bottom?

  29. One day… I SHALL GET TO VISIT YOU ARE HERE CAFE! One day!!! Just not today… -_-

  30. oh God this is too difficult to watch knowing I won’t be in korea any time soon!
    I’m kind of curious guys, are you worried about having way TOO many people show up at the opening? Giving the excitement you’re building up for the opening did you think of what you’re gonna do if it ended up getting too crowded and some people didn’t get to enter?

  31. Hmm interesting, coffee with a lemon taste, I know in South-Korea coffee is very popular and their are lots and lost of different kind of coffees, well here in Belgium coffee is just coffee with milk and/or sugar. And fancy-pants coffeeshops like ‘You are here’ are rather rare here so I’m really looking forward to ‘blow my mind’ with your awesome coffees and other delicousness!! You are here, here I come ^^

  32. Can’t wait for you guise to do a FAPFAP in your own coffee shop! Hope their will be plenty of desserts to eat while drinking a nice coffee.

    Wishing of a nice Maple Syrup based dessert to make me a proud Canadian.
    Just a suggestion but if you ever want to try it, maple flavored whipped cream. I bet it would be awesome on desserts or on a coffee.

  33. Not a fan of coffee but OMG I want to try all the milkshakes and teas available there! <3

  34. Everything looks so good guys but may I suggest something else, in addition to the milkshakes ? SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTHIEEEESSS

  35. Ooh, It looks delicious! Even though I’m not much of a coffee drinker(I love tea). I could almost smell the coffee (why can’t coffee taste as good as it smells?)I hope to visit the cafe in the future and try out the menu and see the final results of the building^^

  36. So I told a few of my Korean friends about your coffee shop in an attempt to peer-pressure them into going with me, but every single one of them was reluctant because they thought it wasn’t a place meant for ‘just Koreans’. I’m sure this wasn’t your intention at all, but since the whole concept of You Are Here is so specific- a ‘center point’ for those wanting to find out more about Korea- I almost feel like I would be out of place there, as a native (albeit half-German) Korean. Of course I’ll be visiting as often as possible ANYWAY (along with my friends), just to try all of your delicious milkshakes and coffee and whatever else you’ll be offering, but I’m afraid that there’ll be SO many events that I ‘can’t’ attend because I’m not a foreigner/tourist/etc. You know what I mean?
    Anyway, I’m super excited to try all the things you’ve been working on! It’s obvious that You Are Here is going to be a big success, but good luck to you anyway!

    • Hmmm I think I get what you mean. Like the atmosphere won’t be the kind where you(or other Koreans) could just casually go and sit and relax because they will be constantly running Korean classes and fan meets etc. ?? Well if that was what you meant I can understand your feelings (or sympathize as I’m not a local/native Korean) however I have my doubts that this is what it will be like. Like maybe in the beginning it might be a bit full on because of excitement and what not but I feel like S&M (and prob TTMIK I don’t really watch them) have way too busy schedules to be able to constantly run big events all the time. I think too that they might have separate rooms for events (like how they said they will have a classroom) so even if they are doing things on a particular day there would still be plenty of space that is just operating as a regular coffee shop for people who don’t want to be involved. I mean after all, they would have to be considering this to be at least a sustainable, if not profitable, endeavor if they want it to be long-term and would therefore have to be considering appealing to a wider demographic than just their fans (especially since most of us don’t actually live in Korea). Whoa sorry that turned into like a super huge essay answer!

      TL;DR – I think it will still be a nice place for anyone to go to but we will just have to wait and see :)

      • No, no, no, no, don’t get me wrong! I wasn’t talking about the physical space or having my quiet coffee time disturbed in any way- I was actually hoping that there WILL be events and whatnot where we Korean nasties can participate as well! And I’m sure there will be. I was just saying that, having explained the concept of this coffee shop, I had to reassure my Korean friends that this WON’T be some sort of exclusive place for foreigners only.

      • We’re lucky that we have a big enough space so that people in one floor won’t be affected by people on another. The classroom is behind closed doors, and, yes, we are a bit too busy to have events there nonstop :)

  37. I am super excited to try those AMAZING looking milkshakes out!! Blueberry for me please!!!! >< I can't wait to come to You Are Here Cafe!!!!♡♡
    How late will you be open until of the opening day????

  38. Oh I can’t wait to try the milkshakes. I’m sorry to say I’m not much of a coffee drinker, but I will try the milkshakes and all the other delicious things on the menu :P

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