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Hodgepodge of Videos!

July 31, 2014


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Hey guise!

Sorry for not fully adhering to our schedule lately. Because we’ve been out of the country, and because we’re also working on the grand opening of You Are Here Cafe, we’ve missed out on a couple of videos. We do have a few other videos, small ones here and there, that we’ve been putting up.

Coffee Tasting!

For starters, here’s us tasting the coffee for our coffee shop! We went to a coffee laboratory of sorts. It’s a cool place that doesn’t sell coffee to customers. It’s a place where people can test out recipes for coffee before their shop. So we went there to taste a bunch of our coffee and see what our baristas could do!

That was the first run of our tasting. We’ve got more tasting before the opening, of course, so we can fine tune everything and tweak it before the grand opening. AHH! It’s so exciting! But there’s so much to do. I remember watching the cooking network for one of those Extreme Challenge Elimination Shows that don’t really teach you anything about cooking but just show you final dishes with obscure names that always include either essences or foams or some crap like that. The point is, one of the challengers there said that the most stressful time of her life was when she opened a restaurant. The second most stressful was when she opened her second restaurant. Whoa…was she ever right! We’re not stressed in a bad way, but we’re quite busy. Whoa!

Animal Videos

Thank God we have animals to keep our spirits up! Meemers is cute. Spudgy is cute. They do cute things. Here’s a video of Spudgy skateboarding:

Why Spudgy skateboarding? Well, Leigh and Soo Zee got a skateboard for themselves. In October, we’re going to be flying somewhere, but we’re all going together as a full crew this time, rather than just the two of us. Leigh and Soo Zee know we have those carry on luggage scooters that you saw at the beginning of our California WANK. So, they’re getting a skateboard so they can keep up with us between terminals. Ha! Spudgy, though, thought he’d give it a shot as well.

Note to self: must make a video of Meemers on the skateboard, too, and see how that works.

And here’s Meemers’ photo shoot!

We shot this video because we thought that the idea of Meemers on a bag was funny enough, but we knew that the process of trying to get him to pose would be fun as well. Oh Meemers! You’re so lazy and uncooperative :D But the picture turned out great in the end and we got a really fun Meemers bag out of it.

So…yeah! That’s it for now. We’re gonna get back to getting everything ready for the coffee shop now! Eep! Make sure you subscribe for more Coffee Shop videos. We’ve got some fun surprises in store :D



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