Back in December, we filmed a bunch of videos for other people, including three for Arirang TV, two of which we’ve already uploaded: Korean Home Delivery and Blogging in Korea. The very same weekend that we filmed those videos we also spent a day doing an official video for HomePlus. Awesome!

Somehow, the people at Home Plus saw some of our older Home Plus videos, from ages ago, back aaaaages ago and asked us to do a video with them. We first got excited, and thought it was going to be their commercial, and we’d be singing HOME PLUS, PLUS, nanananana, but it wasn’t for that. Actually, we’re not fully aware of how the video is going to be shown by them. They told us that it’s just supposed to be something internal, so we’re assuming that it’s just the staff that’s viewing it in the TVs in the lunch rooms? I don’t know. We didn’t see what it looks like behind the scenes of Home Plus. We’d love to, though!

Anyhow, some of you might remember the scene from our GD&TOP High High review, in which Simon uses a finger moustache to get some extra free samples. This was when it was filmed. We cropped out the cameramen in our shot of it, but in theirs (which you can see in this video) you see that the whole thing was staged. Ah!

Also, we weren’t lying about liking HomePlus more than Emart. We go to Emart when we’re lazy and desperate, because it’s really just a two minute walk away from us, but we don’t like going there. It’s three stories high, and to get to the food you have to go to the bottom floor. To get to the bottom floor, you have to go down two very long escalators, and on each of the escalators you can’t push down your shopping cart because it’s been magnetized. Ah! So frustrating. We’d much rather go to our Home Plus where it’s all open on one level.

This is where we usually thank JB and Annie from [닉쑤] Enjoy Your Happy Life~* for the subtitles into Korean, but we can’t really do that now because there are no subtitles! The video’s mostly in Korean, and we have no clue what they’re saying, and we can’t put this video on YouTube, because it’s not our content, which in turn means that we can’t put captions on it as we usually do. Bah! If any of you know what they’re saying, and can offer a transcript or just a paraphrase or something like that, please let us know, and we’ll update this post with the meaning to the video!

EDIT: Thanks to Jake (Twitter @jakeismm) for sending us a translation. Now we know what they’re saying! Here it is:

they seemed like an interesting couple so I remember them quite well. They are really funny.

they do these things with the camera so i thought they could be actors or someone working in the film industry..

they’re one of our regulars. its easy to spot them whenever they visit because they are quite interesting.

they are well known among all of the employees at 상동점(Sangdong store).

the given hint is that the guy looks like a potato and the girl is a hardcore coffee drinker(“coffee mania).

so we visited the coffee section. and there they were!

simon speaking

we’re Home Plus evangelists (/patron/supporter)
Simon & Martina couple

this couple originally from Canada, came to korea 2 years ago.
- they came to korea 2 years ago, they’re a Canadian Couple

Husband Simon makes Youtube videos about Korea, and wife Martina teaches English at a highschool.

Martina says:…very nice

they’re love for Korea has been well known. They were already celebrities in Buchun and their fame spread across the whole country as they appeared on TV.

we’ve found out that their Home Plus youtube video has stirred up/sparked quite an interest.

their experience with Homeplus started 2 years ago.

They still remembered their first encounter with Home Plus vividly, because their first impression of it was so intense

simon&martina having an interview

however as they started to shop around the place they’ve realized why it was so crowded

Martina saying: Simon there’s so many ppl! Simon: HUGEEE!
sub: wow, this place is humungous!

the store is well spread-out, and convenient

martina looking at coffee
sub: wow, there’s a kimchi container attached!

The jaw dropping lavish free samples!

Also, the flour based food (basically street food within the store) to keep you well fed while shopping, and the free-sample foods you could try endlessly

Especially the free-sample food was heaven itself!

they said there are ppl who even disguise themselves to try the sample foods multiple times because in Canada, they only give one sample/person

among the attractive conveniences at Homeplus, there were two things that encaptured them the most: the shopping cart and ramen (substitled accordingly)

Martina turns the shopping cart
“u ready to watch this?..whoa whoa whoa~ totally..”

Since homeplus was a whole different world, they began to make videos with their camera for the foreigners interested in Korea to see.

simon:”uh, there are a lot of..”

they started to film this day as well. they are showing how to purchase vegetables. Let’s see how they do it!(let’s see how good they are!)

Catchy reporting style and a natural camera movement(they’ve used “camera walking”)..On top of all that, the somewhat exaggerated gestures make them seem like a pro!

there are always a bunch of spectators surrounding their exciting film site.

haha, they even got a fan asking for an autograph

however, all this is not so surprising since they’ve already have a fanbase of 35000 people!

the site simon is operating/running “Eat your kimchi!” is a website followed by 35000 peeps from 120 different countries across the world.

all these numerous foreigners get their info about korea from here and find it really helpful/useful when they visit Korea

then how were their reactions to the homeplus video?

Martina&Simon being interviewed
blue sub: what were the reactions to the homeplus video?

while being patrons of Homeplus, they even thought of an idea that could captivate/capture more foreign customers.

martina&simon being interviewed
simon speaking “i know that…”

by this point, we can’t help but be curious. out of all the “superstores” how did homeplus win their hearts?

martina&simon explaining why they prefer homeplus to emart

the factor that won them over was the employees who would use all kinds of body languages to help them and those approaching and welcoming them first, with a friendly smile and saying “hello~”

as long as our belief; there’s no border in the love towards our customers does not change, simon and martina’s love for homeplus would kindle a fire that would eventually spread across all 120 countries around the world.

Simon speaking

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