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Hongdae Mandu – FAPFAP!

October 25, 2012


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MMMMMmmmmmm Maannnddduuuu…

Side note: we filmed this video before we went to Mexico and California, before we got pink eye, so we’re not quite this healthy yet. If we had to film a FAPFAP today, we’d have a lot more difficulty reading the menus. Hopefully we’ll be ready to WANK and FAPFAP by next week! Woohoo!

Anyhow, we went to one of our favourite dumpling shops in Korea-not our absolute total favourite-but one of our favourites. This shop is in Hongdae and I’m not sure if it’s one of kind (heeeeeelllooooooooo…helllloooooooo) but it does make yummy homemade dumplings. One of the things I do really love about this shop is its charming squishy interior. It’s very VERY cozy and you barely have room to put your bags down, but everyone just squishes in together and shares the counter space like you’re eating with friends and family. The crowd is also very young since it’s in the university area, so you often see hungry students coming in with their backpacks noming down piles of dumplings.

We mention the different kinds of mandu (dumplings) in the video, but I want to add that the shrimp mandu is not commonly found at a mandu restaurant, nor are the large sizes of the mandu at this restaurant a common thing in Korea. Unless you’re having the big steamed doughy bread buns with red bean paste, which is not the same as the kind of mandu we’re eating today. Actually, there are so many different kinds of steamed dumplings that you can check out one of our older videos which features the doughy bread kind. Ah yes, the birth of Professor WHATTHEHEXHERFRIGGINGNAME!!!

Anyhoo, for directions to this place, you have to see this older WANK video where we walk past this mandu shop with the intent of eating there for another time, and THIS is that other time! It’s like, YOUTUBE INCEPTION!!!??? VIDEO WITHIN VIDEO!???? DDADADADADADAAA!

I think the last thing I’d want to add is why this isn’t our all time favourite place. The filling used in these mandus are delicious, but they are all kind of stuffed with the same basic filling, with the exception of the kimchi mandu having additional kimchi, and the shrimp one having a whole piece of shrimp. But even though they are packaged in different dough cases (some fried, some thicker, some thinner) the basic flavour remains the same. It’s delicious, but I’d love a little change up. Our all time favourite shop serves a special galbi mandu, which is like a marinated beef and it’s ridiculously delicious! One day we’ll have to head to that shop, because they have all different fillings but served in the same dough casing. I guess my last question is if anyone else had that dying urge to try mandu like I did when they read manga/manhwa or watched dramas and anime? Spirited Away (by Hayao Miyazaki) was one of the WORST experiences because I just wanted to eat everything in that movie..and then I’d be turned into a pig…GAHHHH!

Anyone else?

Martina the Piggy


And we have some extra scenes we thought were kind of boring so we added to the bloopers and my hair turned out terribly on camera…not that I deleted the scence because of my ugly hair *cough* I look like a skeleton!!! And or course, also some bloopers!



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