MMMMMmmmmmm Maannnddduuuu…

Side note: we filmed this video before we went to Mexico and California, before we got pink eye, so we’re not quite this healthy yet. If we had to film a FAPFAP today, we’d have a lot more difficulty reading the menus. Hopefully we’ll be ready to WANK and FAPFAP by next week! Woohoo!

Anyhow, we went to one of our favourite dumpling shops in Korea-not our absolute total favourite-but one of our favourites. This shop is in Hongdae and I’m not sure if it’s one of kind (heeeeeelllooooooooo…helllloooooooo) but it does make yummy homemade dumplings. One of the things I do really love about this shop is its charming squishy interior. It’s very VERY cozy and you barely have room to put your bags down, but everyone just squishes in together and shares the counter space like you’re eating with friends and family. The crowd is also very young since it’s in the university area, so you often see hungry students coming in with their backpacks noming down piles of dumplings.

We mention the different kinds of mandu (dumplings) in the video, but I want to add that the shrimp mandu is not commonly found at a mandu restaurant, nor are the large sizes of the mandu at this restaurant a common thing in Korea. Unless you’re having the big steamed doughy bread buns with red bean paste, which is not the same as the kind of mandu we’re eating today. Actually, there are so many different kinds of steamed dumplings that you can check out one of our older videos which features the doughy bread kind. Ah yes, the birth of Professor WHATTHEHEXHERFRIGGINGNAME!!!

Anyhoo, for directions to this place, you have to see this older WANK video where we walk past this mandu shop with the intent of eating there for another time, and THIS is that other time! It’s like, YOUTUBE INCEPTION!!!??? VIDEO WITHIN VIDEO!???? DDADADADADADAAA!

I think the last thing I’d want to add is why this isn’t our all time favourite place. The filling used in these mandus are delicious, but they are all kind of stuffed with the same basic filling, with the exception of the kimchi mandu having additional kimchi, and the shrimp one having a whole piece of shrimp. But even though they are packaged in different dough cases (some fried, some thicker, some thinner) the basic flavour remains the same. It’s delicious, but I’d love a little change up. Our all time favourite shop serves a special galbi mandu, which is like a marinated beef and it’s ridiculously delicious! One day we’ll have to head to that shop, because they have all different fillings but served in the same dough casing. I guess my last question is if anyone else had that dying urge to try mandu like I did when they read manga/manhwa or watched dramas and anime? Spirited Away (by Hayao Miyazaki) was one of the WORST experiences because I just wanted to eat everything in that movie..and then I’d be turned into a pig…GAHHHH!

Anyone else?

Martina the Piggy


And we have some extra scenes we thought were kind of boring so we added to the bloopers and my hair turned out terribly on camera…not that I deleted the scence because of my ugly hair *cough* I look like a skeleton!!! And or course, also some bloopers!


  1. idk why i watch F.A.P.F.A.Ps when im hungry but its such a bad idea….especially this one…i want Mandus!!!!!!!!!!! ;_;

  2. Came to Seoul for the first time since arriving here to teach, and these mandus rocked my world! Hot damn, they were amazing! Going back tomorrow before I board the KTX back to Cheonan!

  3. me wants crunchy mandu =O! speaking of dimsum. you guys should travel to Hong Kong when you have time for delicious dimsum yumyum numnum.

  4. More FAPFAP please Simon and Martina!

  5. Simon and Martina, I will be going to Seoul for a vacation soon, but can only make it to Hongdae on a Sunday and would really like to try the dumplings there. Is it closed on Sundays? Thanks!

  6. i think i would go to korea just for the food…. yum….
    ANYho… awesome video as always guise, always makes my day :)

  7. MMmmMm…..fried mandus~ I need to check out the mandu place! My fav. mandu is the big wang gogi mandus~! I did this little facebook tab that matched me up with a mandu if I were to be reborn again as a Korean food (http://apps.facebook.com/korea_food) :-) Anyways~ I really enjoy your videos and posts~! Keep up the good work! :-D

  8. Although I’m somewhat vegetarian (I don’t eat pork and shrimp and ect.) I was extremely jealous of all the food because it looked so good D:

  9. yaaargh you made me crave for mandu! Sad to say thanks to hurricane sandy I can’t travel to Toronto to get some….I hope you feature more eating spots in Hongdae, Im planning my trip next year and might stay around that area..

  10. Have you tried ‘찐빵(steamed bread)’ which is sold in convenient stores like family mart or seven eleven? I think you are gonna love it when you have it on a really cold day:)

  11. You know what I’m doing right now? Planning my trip to South Korea. So far, I only have plans to eat a lot of food. (Then maybe find YG’s personal fitness trainer…. lol)

  12. Aw, I thought this was recently filmed & assumed you were feeling better & that your eye was healed! Well, hope you guys feel better & heal up soon! :) I miss mandu~ and wheat (I’m gluten intolerant)~ well, only when it comes to certain Korean foods. Lol.

  13. stahp making me hungryyyyyy – I can’t eat it either way though….. ahhhh the life of a gluten-intolerant. <3

    • :O ME TOO! Er, I’m gluten intolerant, too! Lol. I’m going to start experimenting with gluten-free Korean recipes on my blog, though. I try to eat gluten and grain free as much as possible due to health issues, and it’s usually easy to substitute or modify, or try new recipes with most western foods… but it’s harder with Korean food! With things like mandu, ramen, gochujang, etc… well, except that I found out there’s wheat free gochujang! YAY! But yeah, I just keep hunting & will soon be blogging my experiments at my blog, if you’re interested. ^^ estherkimcotton.com

  14. Just tried mandu for the first time today at a little hole in the wall place near my university! Sooooo delicious…seriously, I ate an entire serving in less that 5 minutes. Thanks for cluing me in to this tasty, near Zen experience!

  15. That’s probably one of my favourite scene’s from Spirited Away – mostly because all the food looks so so so delicious. Good job Martina!

  16. Hello~ Oh, it’s very delicious!! I will return to Korea at Nov. 23th. so I really really want to eat Korean mandu!! T.T and I think that you also eat “Napjak mandu” (Thin mandu? – 납작만두), it is Taegu’s mandu :)

  17. Hello~ Oh, it’s very delicious!! I will return to Korea at Nov. 23th. so I really really want to eat Korean mandu!! T.T and I think that you also eat “Napjak mandu” (Thin mandu? – 납작만두), it is Taegu’s mandu :)

  18. Haha I recognize this place. This place is a franchise? kind of. There’s one in Apgujeong, right across the Galleria. My friends and I eat here between meals because it’s relatively cheap compared to the neighborhood prices, and it’s really good. The miniscule interior seems to be the same in Hongdae too.

  19. kpopfan123

    Your dress is cute Martina! :D (you don’t get any praises Simon for being a buzz-kill :P )Is it possible to send mandus through mail? because I’d really like to claim mandus for a future EYK give-away X”DDD
    1:33 Why did you spoil the Magic Moment of Mandus Simon? :))
    6:02 – 6:06 helloooo :))

    Get well guise!!! > . . <))))

  20. Hello to the excited pupil at 6:02

  21. yummm!!! am drooooling!!!!!
    mandu reminds me of the steamy mandu they eat in anime too ;_;
    please make a fapfap about halal/kosher korean restaurants ( if they exist that is) t.t

  22. can you please do on one on jajangmyun

  23. they reason why i must move to korea is endless, so are my reason not to go T.T

  24. Your videos made me so hungry, I got out frozen mandus and made some mandu soups. :) I hope you guys cover more places around Seoul and even Busan Haeundae. Can you guys film inside korean department stores? Busan has the world’s biggest indoor department store and it was soooo big last time I was there.

  25. When I was in Hongdae, Korea, I think I passed that mandu shop and not remember you guys mentioned it before since it was short. :( Oops. Next time, I will go there!

  26. oh god, this fapfap made me crave dumplings like crazy.

  27. Actually I grew up with mandus… uhm I mean I knew them since I was a little child ^^ But yeah Martina I agree with you sooo much. Everytime I see mandus (or other yummy food) I’m like drooling and MUUUUUM I’M SO HUNGRY CAN WE HAVE MANDUS FOR DINNER?????

    Oh and just wanted to let you guuise know… you made me so hungry right now with this video hahaha

  28. I am so glad that tomorrow I am leaving for NYC and our first stop is Koreatown and DINNER! After watching this (and laughing my butt off, I love you guys) I am jonesing for mandu…my fav’s are the Kings, steamed yumminess!

  29. the fried mandu~~ now i’m gonna have some because that looked so good. droolingggg.

  30. I guess every Asian cuisines are kind of similar in one way or another.

  31. You should try adding vinegar in the dipping sauce. Most Koreans think mandu tastes better with vinegar.

  32. It looks so delicious *0* damn i really want some right now >< especially the fried ones

  33. So… hungry… If only I had someone to accompany me to my local Korean restaurants. I’m surrounded by picky eaters. Some of them are perfectly fine with sushi but then when I say that I want to eat Korean food they go, “What? Korean food? So weird, you must be going through a phase.” Um, no. Last I checked, wanting to eat delicious food was never a phase for me.

  34. Any chance you guys can start putting MAPMAPS on your FAPFAPS? You go to all these bomb restaurants and I want to try them but I don’t know where they are!!

  35. Martina!!
    If you miss dim sum, you should check out the Din Tai Fung over in Myongdong, or Mong Seung Won in the Ferrum Tower in Jongro (since you guys are in Seoul!)
    Dim sum is definitely more pricey in Korea than in North America but it’s pretty legit cos you can watch the expert chefs making the dim sum through glass windows all classy-like.
    I would advise getting a few dim sum just for the dim sum nomminess but filling up on noodles or something else that’s actually worth the wons. =D


  37. and now I’m drooling and have no desire to eat the healthy salad I was going to eat…OFF TO EAT ALL THE LESS HEALTHY FOODS!!!!! …because I can’t have mandu…

  38. waving girl at 6:04 every one wants to be in your videos

  39. irritablevowel

    That big fried mandu looks like an empanada. All over the world cultures are stuffing half moon shaped dough with random stuff then deep frying it. We all just know.

  40. PunkyPrincess92

    SPIRITED AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
    *cough* okay calmed myself down…
    i want mandu!!! and i think it’s actually cool that you gotta get sauce and stuff by yourself!! and in that place it’s right in front of your face…so even better!!!!
    oh and DUBU=ONEW!!!!!!

  41. Whhhy oh whhhhyyyy!? Your fapfaps just made me crave mandu/ gyoza / dimsum and there is no way I can get any. I remember making them when I was at Japanese school and how delish they were. All the more reason to go somewhere where I can get Asian food on my next holiday.

  42. Oh how I wish I reach into my computer screen and take some of that mandu, it looks so delicious! I must go there when I study abroad at Yonsei University next year! Also, in Korea, if you don’t finish your food, do they have to-go boxes like they do in North America?

  43. OH MY GOSH, I’M SO JEALOUS~~~!!!! That is the one thing I have been craving ever since I left Korea. And one of the main reasons I want to go back! Lol. You just can’t find good mandu in the states. At least not where I’m from. T_T

  44. Totally wanted to eat the dumplings in manga/manhwa Martina and the curry bread…really want to eat some curry bread. Currently collecting keys and slipping on the sandals at this moment and heading to local korean supermarket….aka in my asian mall disneyland…buhbyes.

  45. pierrotinlove

    Gahh that twigum mandu looks so delicious *O*

  46. In China, they are called dumplings, or jiaozi

  47. Isn’t that like Japanese dumplings?

  48. does galbi mandy have pork in it?

  49. I ALWAYS want to eat absolutely everything in spirited away

  50. I’m Afghani, and we have almost exactly the same thing, but it’s called Mantu, and IT IS SO DELICIOUS AND MY FAVORITE FOOD AND UM YEAH I LOVE IT!! The only difference though is that we add this like…meat sauce mixed with something else, plus the stuffing is different. But other than that, it is SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHAWT.

  51. I’m Afghani, we have something that is SO SIMILAR TO MANDU! It’s called Mantu, and IT. IS. AMAZING.

  52. Simon you are so nasty! And a genius too! I really liked your pun there! :)

  53. Galbi mandu……oooooooo. For my 30th bday in November, I’m going to Koreatown in Philadelphia. I’m going to have Korean shabu shabu (like another one of your FAPFAPs, which by the way….*drool*) and I’m going to have mandu! I want galbi, too. That’s my bday present to me with my family. Your FAPFAPs always make me hungry!! Except for the dduk with salty soy sauce….I’m not a huge dduk fan. I don’t like marshmallows and those look like them, lol.

  54. YES!!! You know the idius!!! My love for you guys has just been tenfold!!

  55. OK now I’m hungry… I need to find a Korean place that serves this here. I’m still on my high of Mexican food from the last time though, the best mexican place here is just on the next street but it’s always close. In fact, I think it’s definitely close (noooooooooo) but you can never tell since they always reopen a month or three after being close all the time before that, really weird place…

  56. Ah, that makes me so hungry! I was actually going to have something like that today, only it is called ‘gyoza’ (at a Japanese place). I think they are basically the same thing. I also enjoyed watching the Coffee Prince FAPFAP again. I love the kitty cafe and the ice cream shop. I want to go to those two places SO BADLY!!!

    • Okay, duh! I now see that others have made the comment about gyoza! Anyway, I was going to have some homemade ones today, but my friend cancelled going out to lunch with me. I’ll have to wait until next week!

  57. Just tried the same mandu for the first time tonight in the branch they have in Sinchon!! Wow! Blown away!

  58. We have the same thing here in Saudi Arabia but we call it Mantu !, the names are pretty the same ^^

  59. LOVE YOU GUYS — always learning something new — and looking forward to an explanation of where/how your pets have been.

    • And to mention, although perhaps not elegant, it’s FREEING to be able to select your own condiments & utensils; this has been true in Vietnamese restaurants in San Francisco too, although normally establishments get used to “hiding” things (so you need to ask) because sometimes if it ain’t nailed down it’ll get stolen. :-/

  60. KATHyphenTUN

    hahaha loved the people pointing at you in top left corner at 5:44 and 5:59. And also the girl waving at 6:33. Everyone wants to be an EYK star! XD

  61. Oh, I wanna eat mandu now…

    And Simon just made me imagine lumberjack SuJu members with all his talk of man-dew…

  62. i think mandu is similar to japanese gyoza, and the ‘doughy one’ is more like a pau :D

  63. its look delicious…
    i don’t think mandu suitable for muslim like me. this food uses pork right?

  64. i want that. but i don’t think it’s halal…

  65. Pierogi!! Jeszcze polska niee zginela puki my zyjemy… Ha ha nah just kidding guys!! (that was the Polish anthem btw he he he)

  66. OHH!!! Ive been there!! and YES it was EASILY one of the best mandu I’ve had since I’ve been here (especially the crispy crunchy ones,,, mmmmm). Any time you guys get the irresistible urge to eat mandu that you are sweating in anticipation (man dew), let me know and I’ll join you!

  67. Ah!! That friend mandu – I think Indonesia had something similar, they called it ‘jalankote’.

    And is mandu the same as Japanese gyoza?

    Btw, I noticed all the chopsticks there were metal. I actually rarely come across metal chopsticks – the latest pair being in that package you sent me. Is that a Korean thing?

    • Japanese gyoza and mandu are very similar in my opinion, just slight differences in filling. As for your question YES, flat metal chopsticks are totally a Korean thing. All my life I have been used to wood square or round ones and when I first came here I was all “what the eff!!??”, but now after many times eating with them I quite like them. Once in a blue moon I come across metal ROUND or SQUARE ones instead of flat… and those ones can SUCK IT… I hate those ones. they blow! IMO.

      • Oh wow so they’re all flat too? o_O I was shocked enough when it was metal – so much that I couldn’t possibly imagine it being normally flat too :p
        I though maybe it was some novelty flat chopsticks that S&M had found in the 100 yen store.

        Flat metal chopsticks. Everyday. Whoa.

    • haha yes….. the metal chopsticks…definitely a Korean thing. They can be difficult to use for people who have only used wooden ones before. When my parents came with us to Korea last time they bought some and when back in Australia and inviting guests over they put out the metal ones and watch people struggle… haha mean.
      But yeah many Korean restaurants in Sydney have them too.

  68. So, I know that traditionally, mandu has pork or shrimp or crab or whatnot. Are yachae or galbi/sugolgi/beef mandu popular? I am kosher, so I don’t eat pork or shrimp, but I’m all up in the beef or chicken stuff. I’m trying to find places that sell those kinds of mandu. Is there anything specific I should ask for?

  69. I agree! Everytime I watch Spirited Away I get SOOO HUNGRRRYYYY!!

  70. I was having a really horrible day and then you posted a video and made it better – thank you!

    • That’s so awesome! I mean, not awesome that you were having a horrible day. Awesome that we could help you out in some small way.

      • It really did cheer me up and I’m happy that makes you smile in return. Every time you post a video you either take us all on a small holiday, or show us some new music that we will probably love, or just make us smile with videos of Spudgy and Meemers or talk of what you’re doing that day. I hope you know you are very appreciated and your videos really brighten up the day. Love the fact that you are getting to interview bands now (I didn’t really know U Kiss or Clazzi before your chat/interview with them but because they were so nice in the interviews I went and listened to their music and ended up buying their albums). Also between your video and my husband buying me some Hello Kitty chocolates to make me smile, yesterday didn’t turn out so bad after all!

        • I have to say that your screen name made me smile today!!! I love it, Small Yeti! :) Cheers!

        • I’m so happy that my rubbish day actually turned out to have so much happiness in the end. Simon and Martina got to know they make a difference to people’s days and you got a smile from my name! My husband has called me it for 10 years now because the first winter we were dating it was freezing cold and snowing and I had a fake fur coat on with my hood up and fake fur boots that matched the coat and he was laughing at me struggling through the snow and said I looked like a small yeti. That was the same day a little kid ran up to me and asked me if I was a teddy bear, which i think made my whole year!

        • I love it! What a great story for a nickname! May your next ten years be more wonderful than the previous!

        • I agree! Before, I used to listen to U-Kiss every once in a while (I hadn’t even heard of Clazzi), but after the interviews I’ve added them to my playlist and they are one of my favorite kpop dudes! (and Clazzi, also!)
          And ur husband’s really sweet! But now I’m cravin chocolates…uooo :{

        • I wondered if it was just me that was won over by how lovely they were and then ended up listening to their music! I think the U Kiss guys were so nice when they chatted at the music festival and now they are probably my favourite K Pop band (I have been known to dance around the house singing Neverland even though I have no idea what I am singing or if I am pronouncing it at all correctly!). I think my husband is lovely as well, he’s the best man I ever ever met and I love him more every day. We’ve been together for coming up to 10 years now and I’m still completely head over heels in love with him and I seriously appreciate how lucky I am. I hope someone got you some choccies to make you smile as well ;)

  71. Thanks!!! I was trying to find a good Mandu place!!! How do I find this place? Which subway exit is closest to it??? I HAVE TO FIND THIS PLACE!!!

  72. lol i LOVE Hayao Miyazaki Martina! My most favoritist animator of all time! sometimes i just watch the movies, just to admire the animation *nerd moment -_- anyway, that all looks so delicious! i cant wait till i go to chicago later next year, I’m going to Korea Town, and i will definitely try to find a place like this!

  73. on a totally unrelated side note… please come to Singapore? :D

  74. In two weeks, it shall be MINNNNNNNE

  75. Yay! First comment! Yay! FapFap!It’s been long! That’s from Spirited Away, right? I hope that you two will get well soon! oooooh! You so naaaasssty!!!


  77. 1st :D MMMMMmmmmmm Maannnddduuuu…

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