Ok, so we tried something different in this WANK. Instead of going to a location and just goofing around, we wanted to show you some of our favorite things about Hongdae, and give you a bit of a sense of what nightlife is like here. Now, we can’t show you fully everything that Hongdae has to offer. That would require a three hour documentary, and Morgan Freeman’s narration skillz. We just wanted to show a few of the things that we like about the area.

And we finally show you a nighttime video! When do we ever do those? It’s mostly daytime stuff, which – in reality – we barely get to enjoy, because we don’t ever have any free daytime. We’re only free at night, late night, which is one of the benefits of working in Hongdae. Once we’re done at whatever absurd hour we work until (Monday it was until 4AM), there’s still cool stuff happening. So this video is part WANK, but also part real life Simon and Martina.

One note, though: since this is winter, and hence very cold, one of our favorite things about Hongdae – namely, the Free Park – is rather dead, when it’s totally bustling usually. There have been plenty of summer nights we spent there that have been standing room only. Anyhow: we don’t want to write too much about it here, because we want to make a video about the atmosphere when summer comes around, but we want to just let you know that it’s a lot better in the summer, really.

Otherwise, we just totally love the indie vibe of Hongdae. It’s not overrun by Franchises…yet, though they’re really starting to creep in and – sadly – kick out individually run shops, which sucks, and we’re really hoping it doesn’t happen while we have our studio here in Hongdae. Not that I can imagine us not having our studio here, because we put so much money into it (AHHHH!!!!). I’m just hoping that we can defend Hongdae from the onslaught of franchizisation. That’s not a word, is it?

Also, this is definitely the longest WANK we did in a looooong time. There was just so much that we filmed, and – by the end of the night – we had to force ourselves to stop filming, because we wanted to go out and show you so much more! I can definitely see us doing more of these videos and showing you more of the cool vibe of Hongdae in the future, if you guise find this video interesting.

Anyhow, in that mass of deleted footage, we have some things that we saved for the bloopers. Check em out below, including us talking to some nice Nasties we saw that night :D


    Does anyone know who that band with the lady singing really emotionally? They were really cool.

  2. I’ve returned to this post because we were there two weeks ago, and it is indeed quite a bustling night atmosphere. @_@ It took us forever to find the Luxury noraebang because we passed by it due to cars, trucks, and people blocking our peripheral vision. But it was worth it because we got to see more of the area, and it was worth ending up in that big ol’ room at Luxury~! And we went to Vinyl… 3 times. Those drinks, especially the Midori Sour, were damn tasty! Oh, and we did pass by the studio a few times, but we didn’t want to impose. ^^;;
    But it was also still busy-ish in the day time. Luckily we spent most of the day time in the more artistic areas, so I could get tons of shots of awesome graffiti and art.

    All in all, it was my second favorite spot during our trip. Haeundae in Busan was my number one fave~ Still can’t wait to go back.

  3. BUY THE SWEATSHIRT MARTINAAAAAA >.< !!!! abs. loved this WANK. lol you guiiiiiiiize sense of direction is sooo….exactly similar to mine. LOL <3

  4. This WANK ep helped a lot!! I enjoyed Hongdae while I was in Seoul!! =) Thanks EYK!!

  5. When did Simon take a picture with Ga-in?

  6. When you introduced a bar down the street from your favorite mandu shop, I was SURE you were going into Wolhyang, the makgeolli
    bar. I can’t really understand why you guys haven’t fapfapped this place
    yet. Makgeolli is an alcohol that’s totally delicious and unique to
    Korea, and next to impossible to get outside of Korea. PLUS, Wolhyang
    has fancy makgeolli and it’s like four blocks past your favorite mandu
    shop! Son, I am disappoint.

  7. Omg! The nightlife there is sooooo cool!!! I wanna go! …Martina… you shoulda bought the sweatshirt ^^ I like ghost busters toooo ! Simon.. you’re overruled :p Ooooohhhh HAPPY VALENTINES DAY GUISE!!

  8. I don’t know what happened to the dog, but my friend pet it back in 2010 no problem. Love all your video’s btw

  9. I WANT A WUTANG GHOSTBUSTER sweatshirt to match with Martinaaaaaaah!

  10. Aaahh 0:37 you watched Mary Stayed Out All Night!! *_______* Love MOON GEUN YOUNG!! > . <

    I think I woud've went when Simon would be sleeping and buy that Wutang shirt XDD

    I'm not a night life person (at night I'm like a bat in the daylight +_+ … I wear glasses but that's not the reason why… I dont feel well… it's actually weird to describe the feeling XDD) …oh yeah and I don't like drinking and going to bars… that and I don't like crowded places (they like drain my energy out X__X …crowds) but I totally love watching you stroll around!! :D

    And having both of you guys for a wonderful adventure is undeniably better(glad Martina is back) :)


  11. Haha! The jaywalking street. I definitely jaywalked at that same spot! Loved this WANK!

  12. “ho” means “good” in korean. you dont use the word alone, but when it’s put with other words it usually means that. for example, the word 호감 (hogam) means a good(amiable) feeling toward a person. so “ho-bar” is trying to convey the msg that it’s a good/nice bar.

  13. omg and i tried to pet that same dog last night also!! but the guy told me not to… haha

  14. hahaha i was at that ho bar last night!

    love hongdae~~~

  15. You should totally buy the Wootang Clan/Ghostbusters sweatshirt!!!!

  16. Poodle…Poodle! I thought you would have already bought the Ghostbusters WuTang shirt.

  17. It was a really fun video, I think nobody would mind more of this. And it’s especially good timing for me, ‘cos im going to seoul for two weeks the next month. Showing how and where you can spend your time is really helping me figure out where to go. Plus i’m re-watching all your old fapfap and wank kind of videos too. I’m gonna spread the nasty so bad! o>_<o

  18. Random question: What’s the name of the song the guy is playing at 00:48? I know I heard already it somewhere but I can’t remember the name of the song or the artist! ^^;

  19. Buy it now! … If you haven’t already… I kinda get the feeling you ran inside and grabbed your wallet and went and got it. But if not, go now! Stop reading this and go! Are you still here? Did you ever actually read this? Was I talking to myself this entire time?

  20. Once you past Free Park, I realized that the area reminded me of Kensington market in TO (except the bars
    and night clubs) Like with the park and random eating places and graffiti and just the general artsy feel about it.

    Thanks for the long-ish video, I can’t wait to see what it looks like in summer, it will bring back memories for me.

  21. Funniest thing: I was walking around in HongDae the other day and just stumbled by chance into your new studio with the giant EYK logo in black on the side. So cool!
    But don’t you think that HongDae is getting younger and younger with 22-year olds taking over? Or am I just getting older? ㅋㅋ >_<

  22. ” a special sauce that your supposed to mix it in, its a lovely mixture of ketchup and mayo” lol and called fry sauce and you supposed to mix it until it turns pink ._.

  23. HERMERGERD!!!!!! THAT SWEATSHRT IS ERSOM!!!!!! By PURE coincidence, I have The Best of the Dave Chappell Show on my TV while watching this. What skit is playing, you ask? Yes, Wu-Tang Financial. Seriously.


  24. In the name of all Canadian Nasties : Martina, BUY THAT FRIGGIN GOSTBUSTER SWEATSHIRT.

  25. Does anyone know what song that guy was singing in the beginning? It sounds really familiar….

  26. SimonandMartine! :) The reason why its called Hobar its because Ho means 좋을 호! like 호불호(likes and dislikes), The Chinese character is 好. So that meaning + bar = Hobar!

  27. Simon and Martina, look closely at the signs in Ho Bar- the Ho is from Chinese 好 (hao), meaning “good”.

  28. Oh my gosh, this was my favourite WANK! <3 It really gave me a taste of Korea (: Thanks!

  29. In the beginning of the video, the way the collar frames Simon’s face makes it look like he has giant floppy dogger ears.

  30. LOL at the awkward messed up ending xD

  31. I’ve seen that dog before!!! Hongdae nightlife is awesome. i wish I could have gone more than just once. :(

  32. Dang it I was hoping to see some of Simon’s sweet moves.
    And Martina should get that sweatshirt. I can already see it goes well with everything that you have.
    The square looks pretty cool I am fond of like indie, out in the streets kind of things.

  33. lol Half the streets you guys walked down i was like “I will never walk down alone!” it looks so scary >_<

  34. ho bar is actually a bar for females where women get serviced by good looking men. Because prostitution is illegal in Korea, nothing sexual is supposed to happen but it is known that women play many sexual drinking games and many guys will accept donations for extra services.

    • you’re talking about host bars also often called as ho bars. BUT that particular “ho bar” in the video is a completely normal bar that is franchised all over the hongdae area. the word ho in its name is from 好 which means “good,” not from host.

    • it is kind of similar to the “Talk Room” or Kissing room where men visit to supposedly just talk to women or to just kiss them. Often though it doesn’t just stop there and lead to additional services. The ho bar you guys see is like that. After prostitution became illegal, these places changed like this to not get busted. A bit embarrassing for me as a Korean.

  35. That “random band” in the Free Park is Soundbox!! They’re awesome! Though the clip you showed didn’t really show how epic they are.Two of them do some sick tap dancing and drumming, the percussionist does some great beatboxing, the keyboard player is really quiet, but has some great skills, the singer does some really great songs, the base guitar player has a really awkward posture but knows his stuff, the standard guitar guy has some beautiful vocals, the electric guitar man brings some awesome rock stuff into the group, and sometimes there’s a foreigner called Frank who plays the saxophone :D They’re awesome~~~

  36. I really like this episode ! It makes me feel like i’m actually walking on the streets of Hongdae ^^

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