Ok, so we tried something different in this WANK. Instead of going to a location and just goofing around, we wanted to show you some of our favorite things about Hongdae, and give you a bit of a sense of what nightlife is like here. Now, we can’t show you fully everything that Hongdae has to offer. That would require a three hour documentary, and Morgan Freeman’s narration skillz. We just wanted to show a few of the things that we like about the area.

And we finally show you a nighttime video! When do we ever do those? It’s mostly daytime stuff, which – in reality – we barely get to enjoy, because we don’t ever have any free daytime. We’re only free at night, late night, which is one of the benefits of working in Hongdae. Once we’re done at whatever absurd hour we work until (Monday it was until 4AM), there’s still cool stuff happening. So this video is part WANK, but also part real life Simon and Martina.

One note, though: since this is winter, and hence very cold, one of our favorite things about Hongdae – namely, the Free Park – is rather dead, when it’s totally bustling usually. There have been plenty of summer nights we spent there that have been standing room only. Anyhow: we don’t want to write too much about it here, because we want to make a video about the atmosphere when summer comes around, but we want to just let you know that it’s a lot better in the summer, really.

Otherwise, we just totally love the indie vibe of Hongdae. It’s not overrun by Franchises…yet, though they’re really starting to creep in and – sadly – kick out individually run shops, which sucks, and we’re really hoping it doesn’t happen while we have our studio here in Hongdae. Not that I can imagine us not having our studio here, because we put so much money into it (AHHHH!!!!). I’m just hoping that we can defend Hongdae from the onslaught of franchizisation. That’s not a word, is it?

Also, this is definitely the longest WANK we did in a looooong time. There was just so much that we filmed, and – by the end of the night – we had to force ourselves to stop filming, because we wanted to go out and show you so much more! I can definitely see us doing more of these videos and showing you more of the cool vibe of Hongdae in the future, if you guise find this video interesting.

Anyhow, in that mass of deleted footage, we have some things that we saved for the bloopers. Check em out below, including us talking to some nice Nasties we saw that night :D


    Does anyone know who that band with the lady singing really emotionally? They were really cool.

  2. I’ve returned to this post because we were there two weeks ago, and it is indeed quite a bustling night atmosphere. @_@ It took us forever to find the Luxury noraebang because we passed by it due to cars, trucks, and people blocking our peripheral vision. But it was worth it because we got to see more of the area, and it was worth ending up in that big ol’ room at Luxury~! And we went to Vinyl… 3 times. Those drinks, especially the Midori Sour, were damn tasty! Oh, and we did pass by the studio a few times, but we didn’t want to impose. ^^;;
    But it was also still busy-ish in the day time. Luckily we spent most of the day time in the more artistic areas, so I could get tons of shots of awesome graffiti and art.

    All in all, it was my second favorite spot during our trip. Haeundae in Busan was my number one fave~ Still can’t wait to go back.

  3. BUY THE SWEATSHIRT MARTINAAAAAA >.< !!!! abs. loved this WANK. lol you guiiiiiiiize sense of direction is sooo….exactly similar to mine. LOL <3

  4. This WANK ep helped a lot!! I enjoyed Hongdae while I was in Seoul!! =) Thanks EYK!!

  5. When did Simon take a picture with Ga-in?

  6. When you introduced a bar down the street from your favorite mandu shop, I was SURE you were going into Wolhyang, the makgeolli
    bar. I can’t really understand why you guys haven’t fapfapped this place
    yet. Makgeolli is an alcohol that’s totally delicious and unique to
    Korea, and next to impossible to get outside of Korea. PLUS, Wolhyang
    has fancy makgeolli and it’s like four blocks past your favorite mandu
    shop! Son, I am disappoint.

  7. Omg! The nightlife there is sooooo cool!!! I wanna go! …Martina… you shoulda bought the sweatshirt ^^ I like ghost busters toooo ! Simon.. you’re overruled :p Ooooohhhh HAPPY VALENTINES DAY GUISE!!

  8. I don’t know what happened to the dog, but my friend pet it back in 2010 no problem. Love all your video’s btw

  9. I WANT A WUTANG GHOSTBUSTER sweatshirt to match with Martinaaaaaaah!

  10. Aaahh 0:37 you watched Mary Stayed Out All Night!! *_______* Love MOON GEUN YOUNG!! > . <

    I think I woud've went when Simon would be sleeping and buy that Wutang shirt XDD

    I'm not a night life person (at night I'm like a bat in the daylight +_+ … I wear glasses but that's not the reason why… I dont feel well… it's actually weird to describe the feeling XDD) …oh yeah and I don't like drinking and going to bars… that and I don't like crowded places (they like drain my energy out X__X …crowds) but I totally love watching you stroll around!! :D

    And having both of you guys for a wonderful adventure is undeniably better(glad Martina is back) :)


  11. Haha! The jaywalking street. I definitely jaywalked at that same spot! Loved this WANK!

  12. “ho” means “good” in korean. you dont use the word alone, but when it’s put with other words it usually means that. for example, the word 호감 (hogam) means a good(amiable) feeling toward a person. so “ho-bar” is trying to convey the msg that it’s a good/nice bar.

  13. omg and i tried to pet that same dog last night also!! but the guy told me not to… haha

  14. hahaha i was at that ho bar last night!

    love hongdae~~~

  15. You should totally buy the Wootang Clan/Ghostbusters sweatshirt!!!!

  16. Poodle…Poodle! I thought you would have already bought the Ghostbusters WuTang shirt.

  17. It was a really fun video, I think nobody would mind more of this. And it’s especially good timing for me, ‘cos im going to seoul for two weeks the next month. Showing how and where you can spend your time is really helping me figure out where to go. Plus i’m re-watching all your old fapfap and wank kind of videos too. I’m gonna spread the nasty so bad! o>_<o

  18. Random question: What’s the name of the song the guy is playing at 00:48? I know I heard already it somewhere but I can’t remember the name of the song or the artist! ^^;

  19. Buy it now! … If you haven’t already… I kinda get the feeling you ran inside and grabbed your wallet and went and got it. But if not, go now! Stop reading this and go! Are you still here? Did you ever actually read this? Was I talking to myself this entire time?

  20. Once you past Free Park, I realized that the area reminded me of Kensington market in TO (except the bars
    and night clubs) Like with the park and random eating places and graffiti and just the general artsy feel about it.

    Thanks for the long-ish video, I can’t wait to see what it looks like in summer, it will bring back memories for me.

  21. Funniest thing: I was walking around in HongDae the other day and just stumbled by chance into your new studio with the giant EYK logo in black on the side. So cool!
    But don’t you think that HongDae is getting younger and younger with 22-year olds taking over? Or am I just getting older? ㅋㅋ >_<

  22. ” a special sauce that your supposed to mix it in, its a lovely mixture of ketchup and mayo” lol and called fry sauce and you supposed to mix it until it turns pink ._.

  23. HERMERGERD!!!!!! THAT SWEATSHRT IS ERSOM!!!!!! By PURE coincidence, I have The Best of the Dave Chappell Show on my TV while watching this. What skit is playing, you ask? Yes, Wu-Tang Financial. Seriously.


  24. In the name of all Canadian Nasties : Martina, BUY THAT FRIGGIN GOSTBUSTER SWEATSHIRT.

  25. Does anyone know what song that guy was singing in the beginning? It sounds really familiar….

  26. SimonandMartine! :) The reason why its called Hobar its because Ho means 좋을 호! like 호불호(likes and dislikes), The Chinese character is 好. So that meaning + bar = Hobar!

  27. Simon and Martina, look closely at the signs in Ho Bar- the Ho is from Chinese 好 (hao), meaning “good”.

  28. Oh my gosh, this was my favourite WANK! <3 It really gave me a taste of Korea (: Thanks!

  29. In the beginning of the video, the way the collar frames Simon’s face makes it look like he has giant floppy dogger ears.

  30. LOL at the awkward messed up ending xD

  31. I’ve seen that dog before!!! Hongdae nightlife is awesome. i wish I could have gone more than just once. :(

  32. Dang it I was hoping to see some of Simon’s sweet moves.
    And Martina should get that sweatshirt. I can already see it goes well with everything that you have.
    The square looks pretty cool I am fond of like indie, out in the streets kind of things.

  33. FriedChickenOnew

    lol Half the streets you guys walked down i was like “I will never walk down alone!” it looks so scary >_<

  34. ho bar is actually a bar for females where women get serviced by good looking men. Because prostitution is illegal in Korea, nothing sexual is supposed to happen but it is known that women play many sexual drinking games and many guys will accept donations for extra services.

    • it is kind of similar to the “Talk Room” or Kissing room where men visit to supposedly just talk to women or to just kiss them. Often though it doesn’t just stop there and lead to additional services. The ho bar you guys see is like that. After prostitution became illegal, these places changed like this to not get busted. A bit embarrassing for me as a Korean.

    • you’re talking about host bars also often called as ho bars. BUT that particular “ho bar” in the video is a completely normal bar that is franchised all over the hongdae area. the word ho in its name is from 好 which means “good,” not from host.

  35. That “random band” in the Free Park is Soundbox!! They’re awesome! Though the clip you showed didn’t really show how epic they are.Two of them do some sick tap dancing and drumming, the percussionist does some great beatboxing, the keyboard player is really quiet, but has some great skills, the singer does some really great songs, the base guitar player has a really awkward posture but knows his stuff, the standard guitar guy has some beautiful vocals, the electric guitar man brings some awesome rock stuff into the group, and sometimes there’s a foreigner called Frank who plays the saxophone :D They’re awesome~~~

  36. I really like this episode ! It makes me feel like i’m actually walking on the streets of Hongdae ^^

  37. The Ho in Ho bar is from the Chinese character good. Which is also pronounced as “Hoe” in Cantonese itself. I realized it when I saw some of the bars with that Chinese word in Neon above the “Ho Bar sign” So I think it is translated into “Good Bar”

    You can see the Chinese letter in this picture http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3142/2826647433_acaa8aea8c_z.jpg

    I hope this helps clarify the confusion.

  38. i think the drunk girl should of been there at the ghostbuster sweatshirt :P

  39. OMG I wished you guys filmed your street chats with people XDXD

  40. Watching this, and my dad came in right when you guys went up to the ‘Ho Bar’…

    “Son…what are you watching?”

    “No! Dad it’s not what you think! It’s Simon And Martina!”

  41. Wow this is probably my favorite wank everz. I’m shocked to see such a foreigner prescence where you guys were. Night life in korea looks amazing :0 love that first bar with the carton menu, so original. XD btw you should TOTALLY run back and get that sweater and explode your closet more hahahaha :3

  42. okay, i mean hi, i am shelly studying in Australia at the moment
    Ive been watching all your videos ever since i discovered you guys on youtube like an year ago :D
    Anyways the story is,
    i was scrolling down the facebook newsfeed and saw this enormous Oreo Bingsoo!
    and as I was just in Korea for the holidays last month I could have gone to enjoy that amazing taste of Oreo Bingsoo but no, i’m sadly stuck at school in Sydney doing what im supposed to do as a student :(
    So, I just thought of you guys instead. Go have yummmmy Oreo Bingsoo and it will be so greatful if you do the video about it. i mean, so i can at least see you guys having it and put myself into you guys. Also for you guys to enjoy it of course ;)
    I think this Bingsoo is pretty famous, cuz I remember reading an article about them on other websites too, not just from my friends. According to my research, there is few other places that makes OreoBingsoo but I think SinChon one is the most famous one.


  43. o lols..
    the bar is moustache bar…
    I find that so amusing…

  44. Martina should DEFINITELY but the sweater (sorry Simon!). It has two things on there that was/is significant reminder of North America and i guess our childhood. copyright infringement? Your in Asia!! Everything almost literally is!!

    I really appreciate that you guys did this WANK when it’s that cold. I would actually love to see the day and night time of Hongdae in all four seasons. There must be a slight change in things for each and every season. I’d love to see the summer Hongdae, but pick a day that isn’t too hot!!

    That dog is huge. It would be a great heater in the winter. XD

  45. kawaii_candie

    yaaay, finally! a wank about nightlife!! :)

    I wish you guys would’ve gone to a “clubitty club” like you said, but it was interesting to at least see the area. i can’t believe there’s just so many people outside like that! although i guess if it’s anything like japan they probably wouldn’t let you in with a camera… meh.

    I want a cape like Martina has… Martina where did you buy it???

  46. Excellent Wank. Thanks for enduring the cold.
    btw, that WuTang sweater looked like it was big enough tto fit Simon…Martina would have to cut the sleeves off and wear them as leg warmers~ hahaha. (I vote for a Spring dress instead ~ it’s coming soon.) :)

  47. This is probably one of my favorite wanks! I love this!! I want to say that I can even almost feel the vibe of Hongdae! I really appreciate you both doing this type of wank this week! I love it! It feels so natural and real and made me love Hongdae even more!! Keep it up! :D

  48. hello~♡ is the address for the squid bar this, South Korea Seoul Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong 330-13;
    서울 마포구 서교동 330-13? my mom & dad are currently in Korea, so i wanted to inform them of your WANK. My mom really loves squid & the soft squid won’t hurt her jaw from chewing so much. ^^

  49. Love this week’s WANK!!! XD

  50. everyone jay walks in america. its a stupid law.

  51. thisisjustforfunval

    Oh man I just had a youthful flash back. When I was younger we would cross the bridge and go into Juarez (Mexico) and go drinking. There was this bar we went to every week and while it did have a proper name everyone always called it “The Open” because there were a whole bunch of “Open” signs in the windows of the bar. You’re Exit Bar reminded me of that. Plus all the graffiti everywhere as well. Memories!

  52. What a fantastic video tonight. I enjoyed every second. I sooooo want to go there. I think you knew that. But when I go, I know EXACTLY how to get places and this is one I will not miss. Great job. Great job!

  53. Oh man. Now I really need to get back to Korea :( I miss hanging around Hongdae until morning when the subways started up again haha so many drunk people to laugh at and talk to!!

  54. This is the first time I’ve seen graffiti in South Korea. Maybe all the other videos you’ve posted just hid it well. What is the graffiti culture like in SK?
    This whole video just reminded me of The Village in Manhattan and i love it. I love hanging out in the Village. Your Free Park is our Washington Square Park or Union Sq or even Tompkins Square Park. Lots of artists, culture, and college students (NYU and Cooper Union). Please post more night life videos. Also can you guys take a trip to Busan and film some videos there too? :-)

  55. “Come to Korea! Your dream will be satisfied!”

    Well, sexycookie is just around the corner…

  56. ‘ho’ in chinese character is 好 which means like!

  57. Lee Baumann

    I remember sooo much about the Hongdae area because of your first WANK (Hanging out in Hongdae) and your first Coffee Prince WANK when your battery died at Wausan-ro. It was AWESOME to see those places again!

  58. So that’s what night life in Hongdae is… I definitely want to experience this xDD and may I just say… SImon, you are totally rocking that manly facial hair!! so nasty yet so MANLY!!

  59. Martina should definetely go buy the ghost busters sweater!!! :D
    And thank you for the WANK!! And I would definetely never drive in that street! Just how in the world o_O?!

  60. Please make the video as long as you guys prefer! I personally like your longer videos because it’s more time to see you guys :D (and don’t use the excuse of the two of you boring us with talking, because that could never ever happen)

  61. irritablevowel

    Ha! Sexy cookie, I’m willing to bet money that name was inspired by My Name is Kim Sam-Soon. You know the scene, where she’s trying to explain Proust’s meditations on the madeline to Henry, but he doesn’t understand her and so finally in frustration she says in English, “Sexy cookie.” Twas’ hilarious.
    Martina, you need that sweatshirt. Everyone needs a Ghostbusters Wu-Tang Clan shirt. It just must be.

  62. Finally a Hongdae WANK! I’ve been dying to see a video about the nightlife in Hongdae!

  63. am i the only one here who thinks that wutang ghostbusters sweat shirt looks horrendous?

  64. that was awesome.. yes Martina get the ghost busters / woo tang sweatshirt *laughs*

    thanks for filming your night out :)

  65. ShimizuChiharu

    i just realized that you guys haven’t stuck to your WANK guidelines. no posing with a picture of a kpop artist, no engrish, and no unique challenge followed by a punishment for the loser. i gotta admit, i miss that

    • That’s true. I find their WANKs really entertaining but I also really miss the old WANK guidelines.

    • Sometimes it felt a bit forced though.

      • That’s what made us drop the challenges. We’d be in some places without a Kpop picture or Engrish, and we’d have to walk around for an hour to look for pictures of it, rather than just naturally enjoying the place, you know? But we’ve been thinking of some other way to bring back challenges.

        • I think the challenges were the best part of that format and a challenge on its own could be to find a Kpop idol or Engrish if you’re in an area for that. I think just showing a place is cool too though.
          Maybe a challenge that fits the area? like say who could eat the most squid in that bar you guys went to?? Just my thoughts :)

  66. Really interesting WANK. Thanks so much for risking life and limb (via freezing to death!) to show us some nightlife in Korea. It was very nice to watch from my nice, warm kitchen, in front of my computer, comfortably seated in my chair, under my electric throw, drinking a nice hot latte! :) I second (or whatever) the vote to do more of these walking tours. But the mom in me says WAIT UNTIL IT IS WARMER!!! Could not believe all the people walking around out in the cold! Ah Youth! Also, would love it if you can try to film some inside the clubs/stores…though I would guess there may be some who would object to that….but still, how fun if you could! I’m sure that will be more possible when summer comes and you are in Free Park. People on the street interviews are great, so including the video from the random people who accost you as you are walking around would be really enjoyable too! And you mentioned this video would be long. However, it was one of the ‘shortest’ you’ve done…went by so quick because it was so filled with stuff! Good Job!

  67. There wasn’t any talking to nice nasties in the bloopers?

  68. I miss this place. its one of the place that I will never ever forget where a funny scenario happen to us near by the clubs area >,<
    and Martina really go! get the Sweater!

  69. While I would normally side with my brother, Simon, this time … I have to side with Martina. Come on, Simon … its Wu-Tang, son !! The only other thing that would have been cooler is if it was for Wu-Tang Financial.

  70. I’m so glad you guise showed Free Park which you mentioned in previous TLDR. I was really interested what the scene was like since it reminds me of my favorite hangout in San Francisco, Dolores Park. I’m shocked how bumping it is at night in the freezing cold….we are total wimps out here in the SF Bay area. Can’t wait to visit Free Park when I finally get a job, hopefully this summer!

  71. Get the sweat shirt! Get it! You know you wanna!

  72. I ended up with zero sleep last night doing homework, and thought //ok, I can power nap for 30 mins before class//…..20+ of which were taken up by this wank, and it was WORTH IT.

  73. ‘I think she’s drunk…’



    LOL! FAV PART!!!

  74. You guys should also include foods you eat more into the longer version :) nomnom dice penalty back also??? <3

  75. Loved this WANK, it might seem like its long for you guys, but for us who are watching it it goes by so quickly. Thank you so much for enduring the cold to WANK for us.

  76. Ah you guise :) watching your video’s always makes me happy so thank you! And … Martina go buy that shirt!

  77. This wank is awesome! I love all of your wanks, but I really love where you just wander around talking, showing different stuff.

    I know there are different to mention street names, but perhaps you could show where the locations are on a map?

    If I go to Korea (either 14 days or a year… It doesn’t matter), and I am interested to go watch a certain indie band… How will I find out where and when they perform?

  78. Martina…far be it for me to cause an issue with you man toy…BUT!! Go Get The Wu Tang Sweater! Ignore him, he ate ice cream by hisself…Go, now..

  79. Wank videos are always brilliant, even more so when it’s this long XD But if I ever tried to follow your directions, being directionally challenged and all, I would probs get lost and be lying in a gutter somewhere XD

  80. Hey Simon and Martina! I really appreciate you doing a “Night Life” episode of WANK! I’m going to be visiting Korea in the summer and Hongdae is one of my destinations to visit at night! I’m glad to know that Hongdae is more bustling in the Summer! I’m just scared because I don’t know how i’ll be able to get back to my hotel room at night. I understand the subway stations close at 12-1am? The only way i know how to go to my hotel room is via subway. Do you guys take taxi’s? How do you get back home when you’re out late at night? Thanks! Hope to see you guys in Hongdae! :D

  81. Waow, I’m so in love with all the parts of Hongdae you showed us in the video, wanna go and see it all for myself as well some day <3 And it seems like you guys actually meet a lot of nasties while filming…?

  82. Oh my gooooood~ I’ve been watching this video crying like a retard. HONGDAE MY LOVE. I miss the streets of hongdae so damn much! ;____;

    And Martina, you should definitely go and buy that sweater!! :D I would if I could. Buy one for me, too, and send it to germany xD <3

  83. awesome wank guise!!! felt like i was there together walking down the streets of Hong Dae <3 Love it! Do more plzzz <3

  84. Oh, this is definitely one of my favourite WANKs and I really hope you’ll do more of these, like one in the summer etc. Oh, and Martina should buy that sweater, it’s awesome.

  85. Hey Simon and Martina!! That ‘special sause’ is actually a food item in Utah… They even sell it at all of the major fast food chains. (McDonalds, Burger Kind, ect.)

    It’s called “Fry Sauce”, and its addictive.. Usually, as you can guess, dipped in French Fries.

    It’s literally just ketchup, and mayo mixed together.


    • In Russia they serve hot-dogs with that sauce.. only that ketchup and mayo aren`t mixed (and they were not in the WANK). I guess, here that mix is not considered that special…

  86. “And who thinks I should go back and buy the Ghostbusters Wutang shirt?” *raises hand*

  87. Yes Martina should get the sweater!! :)))))

  88. thisisjustforfunval

    Why Martina! Why! I don’t even know that Girls Generation song yet every time you sing “I got a boy chicken” I go around singing it all day! One day I’m sure I’ll be randomly in my cubicle getting something from my Barney (it’s a giant purple cabinet/closet) and I’ll start not only singing “I got a boy chicken” but be doing you’re little dance as well. Oh you’re sucha bad influence on me Martina ;)

    Love the Hongdae WANK! I wanna go there! May in a few years after I pay off my car :(

  89. The performance you guys filmed in the Free Park sounded really awesome. Would’ve been cool if you could’ve recorded more of it. c:

  90. You should buy that shirt Martina!!~! ^^

  91. PunkyPrincess92

    wo~w!!!! *_* pretty sparkly (SHINee) lights…. everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one day i MUST have a garden like that!!!!
    ahaha that drunk woman!!!

    oh!! oh!! oh!!!! guys!! guys!!! guys!!! GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you know SHINee are making a comeback VEEEERRRYYY soon???
    hehe…….try and get an interview with them!!!!! that would be amazing and cool and awesome and i can then die from happiness!!!
    i hope there wouldn’t be any schedule conflicts if you guys do plan it!!!

    Also, ketchup + mayo = “fry sauce” in the US. Guess fry sauce = “squid sauce” in korea :P

  93. Great WANK, guise! I’m a lazy ass so if a video makes me want to go out and have fun, it must be a good video and I want to go to Hongdae NAO! Too bad it’s 8 timezones away :( Loved the first bar! It looked so… homey (?) if you know what I mean. I like this kind of places. And I want to jaywalk without the fear of getting a fine. BTW, one of the things Kpop MVs have taught me is that pedestrian crossings in Korea can be deadly. Jaywalking seems safer.

  94. KATHyphenTUN

    omg! that ketchup/mayo dish is a heart!! so cute!!
    LOL Martina and her shopping mid wank! :P
    Great job guys! I really enjoyed this one!!!

  95. That was awesome! Please do a part 2 and 3 and 4!

  96. Ah yes brings back memories of crazy crowded Line 2, Hongik Station on a Saturday night.

  97. You met so many Nasties ^^
    I really love this WANK,though if I tried to follow your directions I’d probably get lost..

  98. They bought that detergent from Costco… What type of foreign stores are there? Obviously dunkin donuts, but are there like random foreign companies?

    • there is definitly Costco in Korea – simon and martina did a vid on it a long long time ago. As for other foriegn stores, a lot of chain restaurants can be found – things like mcdonalds, kfc and stuff, and a couple of the makeup stores can be found here in North america as well (although i so prefer the korean brands). You can also get restaurants like tgif and outback and pizza hut if you look. In some areas u can find some of the clothing brands as well – i remember seeing Aldo, and forever 21 – things like that definitly exist there as well.

  99. I like how bright it is that late at night

  100. I want that WuTang ghost busters shirt. I want everyone to have one. It is just so silly and cool.

  101. Holy crap, how many Nasties did u see while shooting this?!

  102. Don’t worry about the videos being long! I think everyone will agree with me when I say that we love the longer videos. I will also say that I got lost trying to keep track of everything. Left? Right? I guess it would be easier when you are actually there.

  103. Everytime i see your logo “Eyk” i’m reminded of kyle’s little brother ike… and the way Canadians are portrayed in Southpark. now do i just have a wild imagination or is this intentional?

  104. Have you ever considered returning to the dice penalty?

  105. Martina, get the sweater.

  106. who ya gonna call? WU TANG CLAN!

  107. I love the chance to see Korea through your eyes :) ( SIMON YOU LOVE HER SO YOU WILL LET HER BUY THE SHIRT )
    Thanks guys

  108. wow! So many nastiness at night. lol

  109. we always called those puffed things at the bar crack cocaine…because they are just so ADDICTIVE….

  110. Cyber_3

    I loved this WANK but…um…..er…… I didn’t see any talking to nice Nasties in the bloopers (a quick hi in the WANK, that was all). Did I miss it?

  111. Buy the sweater ghost busters won’t be denied!I saw the play ground and couldn’t help thinking jang guen suk sat there omg!!!!
    ok fan girl moment over.

  112. I really like the longer WANKs :D

  113. Loved this wank!I hope you show us more night life in Korea from now on! <3

  114. I’ve noticed in every video Martina is on the left and Simon is on the right, yay contiguity!

  115. lol, this was a great WANK and yes…Martina should go back for the WuTang shirt. Looking forward to seeing Hongdae nightlife in the summer. The Free Park looks like an awesome place to hang out. Btw, was that the jungle gym in Mary Stayed Out All Night and Gentleman’s Dignity?

  116. I’d really like to see a similar video for Samcheong sometime.Its a really cool area but I think gets over looked because there are so many other attractions near by, but its totally worth a visit all on its own as it has this chilled laid back kind of vibe that I haven’t experienced anywhere else in Seoul.

    There is no time a girls feels she has to much clothes :i .. Sorry Simon.

  118. Martina, you should absolutely buy that sweatshirt!

  119. Wow I found this WANK to be a good bit more interesting than your recent WANKs simply because it kind of gave me an idea of how the entire Hondae area is like rather than just one attraction which gives wiggle room to anyone interested in going to Hondae and play things by ear with this little video being their angel on their shoulder or something. It reminds me of your early WANKs and I hope you continue with this type of WANK in the future.
    TL;DR This WANK is awesome, you guys are awesome, and keep it up! :D

    • Yeah i agree, more of a broader area/district than a specific place!

    • Yeah, we’ve been juggling the idea of doing more stuff like this, like our Mountain WANK. We like the idea of us moving around Korea, while a lot of our WANKs are just us sitting at a place and doing stuff. We’d like to move around and do stuff instead, I think…

      • not only u guise like the idea. we too! <3 it's more fun seeing you guise moving around in Korea! and it's also exciting at the same time <3 (wanna see you guise running into random nasties kkkk)

      • I miss the challenges, they were the funniest part of the W.A.N.K.S. usually. That being said this is one of my favorite W.A.N.K.S. of all time.

      • I think the movement and the generalization in WANKs are what make them different from your FAPFAPs. Seasonal WANKs would be cool too, like the sorts of places that get busier in the winter and other places in the summer. (I also noticed my terrible spelling in my last comment for which I apologize)


  121. when nasties recognize you i feel oddly proud, sort of like if i had a really popular best friend. “yeah, i know them, it’s cool we go way back”.

    (thanks for wanking! *fighting*!)

  122. Martina! Buy the shirt and send it to me please;_;

  123. I am definitely going to look for a hostel in hongdae area. If I gonna stay somewhere, then it must be hongdae!!!! can’t wait to explore the nightlife there!! =D

  124. I really want Martina to get the WuTang ghost-busters sweatshirt though!!! I want one too so I can be NASTY!!!

  125. I LOL-ed at the random nasties!!!♥

  126. Thanks for this video! Totally taking a ton of nightlife photos when we go, and maybe… have a drink or two~

  127. Now I really want to go back to Korea…

  128. you guys worked really hard for this video, mad props!

    • Thank you! Yes, this video was a crazy amount of footage, and we didn’t have the extra time that we usually do, since we did the Clazziquai Interview on short notice, but we’re happy to put this up tonight at a reasonable time!

  129. Thank you thank you!! I am coming back to Seoul in Sept, and want to stay in Hongdae this time, so i will be watching your video repeatedly!

  130. Love this weeks WANK ^ ^ Franchises will soon invade EVERYTHING. Sad really, individual shops are the best since you can feel the love and dedication put into setting up the shop :)

  131. lol at martina trying to lick simon’s ear at 1:00

  132. WHOO! I love this WANK! I love your WANKS that last longer than like, 8 minutes, gives me more of a feel to Korea…I just realized how NASTY that sounded…OOH, I’M SO NAYUSTY! *wiggles arms

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