Ok, so we tried something different in this WANK. Instead of going to a location and just goofing around, we wanted to show you some of our favorite things about Hongdae, and give you a bit of a sense of what nightlife is like here. Now, we can’t show you fully everything that Hongdae has to offer. That would require a three hour documentary, and Morgan Freeman’s narration skillz. We just wanted to show a few of the things that we like about the area.

And we finally show you a nighttime video! When do we ever do those? It’s mostly daytime stuff, which – in reality – we barely get to enjoy, because we don’t ever have any free daytime. We’re only free at night, late night, which is one of the benefits of working in Hongdae. Once we’re done at whatever absurd hour we work until (Monday it was until 4AM), there’s still cool stuff happening. So this video is part WANK, but also part real life Simon and Martina.

One note, though: since this is winter, and hence very cold, one of our favorite things about Hongdae – namely, the Free Park – is rather dead, when it’s totally bustling usually. There have been plenty of summer nights we spent there that have been standing room only. Anyhow: we don’t want to write too much about it here, because we want to make a video about the atmosphere when summer comes around, but we want to just let you know that it’s a lot better in the summer, really.

Otherwise, we just totally love the indie vibe of Hongdae. It’s not overrun by Franchises…yet, though they’re really starting to creep in and – sadly – kick out individually run shops, which sucks, and we’re really hoping it doesn’t happen while we have our studio here in Hongdae. Not that I can imagine us not having our studio here, because we put so much money into it (AHHHH!!!!). I’m just hoping that we can defend Hongdae from the onslaught of franchizisation. That’s not a word, is it?

Also, this is definitely the longest WANK we did in a looooong time. There was just so much that we filmed, and – by the end of the night – we had to force ourselves to stop filming, because we wanted to go out and show you so much more! I can definitely see us doing more of these videos and showing you more of the cool vibe of Hongdae in the future, if you guise find this video interesting.

Anyhow, in that mass of deleted footage, we have some things that we saved for the bloopers. Check em out below, including us talking to some nice Nasties we saw that night :D


  1. Ooh, nooo idea. You could either ask Ryan @brotherbadlips on Twitter (sorry dude :p) or look here: http://www.koreanindie.com/

  2. I’ve returned to this post because we were there two weeks ago, and it is indeed quite a bustling night atmosphere. @_@ It took us forever to find the Luxury noraebang because we passed by it due to cars, trucks, and people blocking our peripheral vision. But it was worth it because we got to see more of the area, and it was worth ending up in that big ol’ room at Luxury~! And we went to Vinyl… 3 times. Those drinks, especially the Midori Sour, were damn tasty! Oh, and we did pass by the studio a few times, but we didn’t want to impose. ^^;;
    But it was also still busy-ish in the day time. Luckily we spent most of the day time in the more artistic areas, so I could get tons of shots of awesome graffiti and art.

    All in all, it was my second favorite spot during our trip. Haeundae in Busan was my number one fave~ Still can’t wait to go back.

  3. Can I have your autograph…?! :D

  4. I still don’t get what the “ho bar” means ! Could you explain it to me, please ?

  5. I WANT A WUTANG GHOSTBUSTER sweatshirt to match with Martinaaaaaaah!

  6. Aaahh 0:37 you watched Mary Stayed Out All Night!! *_______* Love MOON GEUN YOUNG!! > . <

    I think I woud've went when Simon would be sleeping and buy that Wutang shirt XDD

    I'm not a night life person (at night I'm like a bat in the daylight +_+ … I wear glasses but that's not the reason why… I dont feel well… it's actually weird to describe the feeling XDD) …oh yeah and I don't like drinking and going to bars… that and I don't like crowded places (they like drain my energy out X__X …crowds) but I totally love watching you stroll around!! :D

    And having both of you guys for a wonderful adventure is undeniably better(glad Martina is back) :)


  7. Funniest thing: I was walking around in HongDae the other day and just stumbled by chance into your new studio with the giant EYK logo in black on the side. So cool!
    But don’t you think that HongDae is getting younger and younger with 22-year olds taking over? Or am I just getting older? ㅋㅋ >_<

  8. ” a special sauce that your supposed to mix it in, its a lovely mixture of ketchup and mayo” lol and called fry sauce and you supposed to mix it until it turns pink ._.

  9. Dang it I was hoping to see some of Simon’s sweet moves.
    And Martina should get that sweatshirt. I can already see it goes well with everything that you have.
    The square looks pretty cool I am fond of like indie, out in the streets kind of things.

  10. lol Half the streets you guys walked down i was like “I will never walk down alone!” it looks so scary >_<

  11. Omg Timtams!!! I haven’t had a Tim tam in 6 years. Yummy!

  12. Yeah, we’ve been juggling the idea of doing more stuff like this, like our Mountain WANK. We like the idea of us moving around Korea, while a lot of our WANKs are just us sitting at a place and doing stuff. We’d like to move around and do stuff instead, I think…

  13. o lols..
    the bar is moustache bar…
    I find that so amusing…

  14. yaaay, finally! a wank about nightlife!! :)

    I wish you guys would’ve gone to a “clubitty club” like you said, but it was interesting to at least see the area. i can’t believe there’s just so many people outside like that! although i guess if it’s anything like japan they probably wouldn’t let you in with a camera… meh.

    I want a cape like Martina has… Martina where did you buy it???

  15. Oh man I just had a youthful flash back. When I was younger we would cross the bridge and go into Juarez (Mexico) and go drinking. There was this bar we went to every week and while it did have a proper name everyone always called it “The Open” because there were a whole bunch of “Open” signs in the windows of the bar. You’re Exit Bar reminded me of that. Plus all the graffiti everywhere as well. Memories!

  16. This is the first time I’ve seen graffiti in South Korea. Maybe all the other videos you’ve posted just hid it well. What is the graffiti culture like in SK?
    This whole video just reminded me of The Village in Manhattan and i love it. I love hanging out in the Village. Your Free Park is our Washington Square Park or Union Sq or even Tompkins Square Park. Lots of artists, culture, and college students (NYU and Cooper Union). Please post more night life videos. Also can you guys take a trip to Busan and film some videos there too? :-)

  17. I remember sooo much about the Hongdae area because of your first WANK (Hanging out in Hongdae) and your first Coffee Prince WANK when your battery died at Wausan-ro. It was AWESOME to see those places again!

  18. Ha! Sexy cookie, I’m willing to bet money that name was inspired by My Name is Kim Sam-Soon. You know the scene, where she’s trying to explain Proust’s meditations on the madeline to Henry, but he doesn’t understand her and so finally in frustration she says in English, “Sexy cookie.” Twas’ hilarious.
    Martina, you need that sweatshirt. Everyone needs a Ghostbusters Wu-Tang Clan shirt. It just must be.

  19. am i the only one here who thinks that wutang ghostbusters sweat shirt looks horrendous?

  20. i just realized that you guys haven’t stuck to your WANK guidelines. no posing with a picture of a kpop artist, no engrish, and no unique challenge followed by a punishment for the loser. i gotta admit, i miss that

  21. There wasn’t any talking to nice nasties in the bloopers?

  22. I’m so glad you guise showed Free Park which you mentioned in previous TLDR. I was really interested what the scene was like since it reminds me of my favorite hangout in San Francisco, Dolores Park. I’m shocked how bumping it is at night in the freezing cold….we are total wimps out here in the SF Bay area. Can’t wait to visit Free Park when I finally get a job, hopefully this summer!

  23. Ah you guise :) watching your video’s always makes me happy so thank you! And … Martina go buy that shirt!

  24. This wank is awesome! I love all of your wanks, but I really love where you just wander around talking, showing different stuff.

    I know there are different to mention street names, but perhaps you could show where the locations are on a map?

    If I go to Korea (either 14 days or a year… It doesn’t matter), and I am interested to go watch a certain indie band… How will I find out where and when they perform?

  25. Waow, I’m so in love with all the parts of Hongdae you showed us in the video, wanna go and see it all for myself as well some day <3 And it seems like you guys actually meet a lot of nasties while filming…?

  26. Oh my gooooood~ I’ve been watching this video crying like a retard. HONGDAE MY LOVE. I miss the streets of hongdae so damn much! ;____;

    And Martina, you should definitely go and buy that sweater!! :D I would if I could. Buy one for me, too, and send it to germany xD <3

  27. awesome wank guise!!! felt like i was there together walking down the streets of Hong Dae <3 Love it! Do more plzzz <3

  28. “And who thinks I should go back and buy the Ghostbusters Wutang shirt?” *raises hand*

  29. Yes Martina should get the sweater!! :)))))

  30. Why Martina! Why! I don’t even know that Girls Generation song yet every time you sing “I got a boy chicken” I go around singing it all day! One day I’m sure I’ll be randomly in my cubicle getting something from my Barney (it’s a giant purple cabinet/closet) and I’ll start not only singing “I got a boy chicken” but be doing you’re little dance as well. Oh you’re sucha bad influence on me Martina ;)

    Love the Hongdae WANK! I wanna go there! May in a few years after I pay off my car :(

  31. You should buy that shirt Martina!!~! ^^

  32. wo~w!!!! *_* pretty sparkly (SHINee) lights…. everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    one day i MUST have a garden like that!!!!
    ahaha that drunk woman!!!

    oh!! oh!! oh!!!! guys!! guys!!! guys!!! GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you know SHINee are making a comeback VEEEERRRYYY soon???
    hehe…….try and get an interview with them!!!!! that would be amazing and cool and awesome and i can then die from happiness!!!
    i hope there wouldn’t be any schedule conflicts if you guys do plan it!!!

    Also, ketchup + mayo = “fry sauce” in the US. Guess fry sauce = “squid sauce” in korea :P

  34. omg! that ketchup/mayo dish is a heart!! so cute!!
    LOL Martina and her shopping mid wank! :P
    Great job guys! I really enjoyed this one!!!

  35. That was awesome! Please do a part 2 and 3 and 4!

  36. Ah yes brings back memories of crazy crowded Line 2, Hongik Station on a Saturday night.

  37. I want that WuTang ghost busters shirt. I want everyone to have one. It is just so silly and cool.

  38. Don’t worry about the videos being long! I think everyone will agree with me when I say that we love the longer videos. I will also say that I got lost trying to keep track of everything. Left? Right? I guess it would be easier when you are actually there.

  39. Everytime i see your logo “Eyk” i’m reminded of kyle’s little brother ike… and the way Canadians are portrayed in Southpark. now do i just have a wild imagination or is this intentional?

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