Geez! How long has it been since we’ve done a video like this? Just walking around Korea and having silly fun. Well, we’d like to get back to our blogging roots and start doing more vlogs of us around Korea. We can’t promise vloggity style videos like this on a regular basis yet. That depends on how successful these videos are. If you like them we’ll make more. If we do make more, any places you want us to go? Let us know.

And so, our first of our potential new stream of vlog adventures brings us to Hongdae, which is where we always seem to find ourselves hanging out. We freaking love it there. We almost moved to Hongdae, in fact, back when we were apartment hunting. We spent a lot of time looking for good places there, but every place we saw was hella expensive for a tiny place. You’ve seen our new apartment tour, right? Well, we’d be paying a lot more rent in Hongdae, for a place the size of our living room alone. BALLS!

Whenever we go we always wonder and try to find new small non-name brand places. We just discovered this place called Paul and Paulina’s, which is located…well…Hongdae’s almost impossible to describe when it comes to giving directions, so don’t blame us if we can’t explain this place right. All we can say is that you go up that big street that leads up to Hongik University, the street with the Taco Bell and Apple Store, and when you reach the top of the street you turn left. Then turn left down the first side street where the Nescafe is located. You’ll see Paul and Pauline’s there. BOOM! Get ready for some OSM chocolate croissants and proper bread. Seriously: the chocolate croissants we got were fresh hot out of the oven, with the chocolate all melty and DERISHUS! MMM!

After we left Paul and Paulina’s we hung outside the convenience store with our 1L of milk. The side street that Paul and Paulina’s is on leads to another side street to your right. That’s where we went to Homeo, the awesome cafe that’s also a sexy furniture store. When you first see it, it looks like a huge house, which is REALLY not common to see in Seoul, especially in Hongdae, where so many shops are cramped up into tiiiiiny holes.

Homeo Cafe Business Card

Homeo Cafe Business Card

When you first go to Homeo, you’re amazed at how spacey it is, and how cool all the furniture looks. Then you keep on walking, and find room upon room of awesome industrial leather/metal furniture. Each piece costs a buttload of money (some of the small couches run for $3,000 or so), but maaaaan do they look nice. I guess that’s how they pay their rent? Because, seriously: the apartments were hella expensive in Hongdae. That Homeo store can fit like 40 of those apartments in there. Regardless of how they pay their rent, if we had enough dough we’d definitely blow it on a lot of furniture from that place. On a side note, if you are reading this, and you work for Homeo: hook us up with your furniture plz. I swear our dog won’t pee on it!

Anyhow, we managed to script our Music Monday while we were there, and then went out on the lookout for a pastry shop. We were told about it by Helen, a nice Torontonian who stopped us in the street to chat with us for a bit and to recommend some places. The pastry shop she suggested caught our attention, and so we started to look for it by following a set of odd directions befitting Hongdae:

Where we turned left to get to Paul and Paulina’s, turn right. Walk down the street past Yogi Noodles. Walk towards Sangsu station until you see a big Chinese restaurant all in glass. Turn right on that sketchy side alley. Walk past the Indian Restaurant made of all concrete. Soon you’ll see it on the left. Sounded sketchy when we heard it being described, but we were determined, because there were supposedly eclairs. E FREAKING CLAIRS! We haven’t had an eclair in forever and a day. Yes, that long. So we hunted this place down, AND. WE. FOUND. IT!

Publique Business Card

Publique Business Card

The place is called Publique. We came right at the end of the night, so most of the goods were already devoured by selfish jerks by then (damn you selfish jerks for not saving some for us!) Only one eclair was left: a pistachio flavoured one, which wasn’t up our alley, but we could clearly tell that it was really well done. If we had a regular eclair made the same way, we’d be very happy. Martina had the lemon tart and we split a fresh meringue. *TEARS OF JOY* It might be something simple to people in other parts of the world, but Korean pastries are…not so good. They don’t seem to like using butter, so things are often lacking that buttery feel. So we hung out there for a bit, and Simon took a swig of the by then warm milk as a dare, and went home…with the milk. Sadly our camera died before you could see the ridiculously packed subway at nighttime, really like sardines in a can. Next time we’ll try to catch a video of the subways. Also, on a side note, if you’d like to see us walk around with more milk, let us know. MILK IS GREAT! <—Martina agrees that milk is great, but is against the idea of bringing around milk the carton…which is her new arch nemesis. *eye narrow at Milk the Carton*

  1. The chocolate croissant are either called “pain au chocolat” or “chocolatine” (I prefer “chocolatine” since “pain au chocolat” can also be chocolate bread – and “chocolatine” is more used worldwide : South of France + Canada). I also remeber a video when Simon hold a croissant and said it was a bagel and I was like : o_0

    But maybe it was a magic croissant that was a bagel in a past life or something, and he decided to become a croissant since he like jam and hot chocolate more than sesame sead, smoke salmon or cheese spread. He also wanted to be a dandy, more elegante and maybe even wear a monocle, a top hat and a knobstick. Being a bagel… well, you’re just kidding yourself, you’re a fake donnut, and there’s nothing foppish about that!

  2. i like the guy in the back when you are eating croissants and he’s like kicking the rectangle in the street. bahahha!!

  3. I was researching where to visit when I go to Korea next year (!!!) and I came across this article. It recommends some of the places you went to in this video and a bunch more. I hope this helps~ maybe you’ll find some eclairs- or focaccia.


  4. “SHINee why do you sound like my dog Spudgy?” oh my god I can’t even tell you how hard I laughed

  5. It is called “Paul and Paulina” and guess what? My name is exactly the same, it’s Paulina, with “a” in the end”, not “e” ^^ And now also the milk has its own video. Simon, do you still have it? :)

  6. I haven’t been to Korea in a while and was getting a bit nervous since I’m taking a group of my non-Korean friends this coming Spring to Seoul. So I was doing some research on Youtube and landed on one of your videos, and now I am at eatyourkimchi.com and can’t seem to stop watching. ABSOLUTELY LOVE you guys! Hilarious yet educational and fascinating all at the same time. :D THX!!!

  7. Go to DongDaeMun!! I heard that it’s famous~ :D 

    What time does the station close? It looks kinda late and yet there’s still so many people traveling~

  8. “White people trap!” lol I actually like these vlog style videos…i found it fun/funny :]

  9. I am so happy to have to adventure videos again. Keep them coming

  10. hahahahah. I thought Simon’s hands were Martina’s hands! You have girly fingernails Simon. XDD I waaant mooore adventure videos! hahaha. I really liked it. I’m currently a 3rd year interior design student in the Philippines, and I have to say… The interiors in Korea loooook aaaawesooome. I even like their sets for music videos and live shows. Really creative and pretty. :)) 

    • Lol.  You know, in high school I thought I had the most beautiful hands ever, and would buff my nails, use cuticle lotions, and all that, during class.  When people would ask why I’d show them my hands and tell them how beautiful my hands are.

      I was an odd child…

  11. I like this !!! seriously that was fun to watch (especialy the milk turning into cheese) and we got to see a little bit of Korea :) The night view looks sooooo nice … 
    please continue with these vlogs (I bet they are easier to edit anyway :3 )
    Everytime you have the chance, grab the camera and just film what you see .. especialy food !!!! 
    For the next vlog, I’d like to see Sinchon or Itaewon (FREEDOM~ ) 
    Thanks !

  12. ****** My name is Pauline!!!********

    Great so now I can’t open a shop in Hongdae with my name =/ bummer!!
    Also, I LOOOOVVVVEEEEE uyuu(MILK) my parents think its unnatural for me to love milk so much I drink it ALL the time =)

  13. FANTASTIC!!!!!! Give me more. ^^~

  14. Is that the secret zone like B1A4’s secret hideout? very secret…xD

  15.   (when
    you guy are eating the croissant) I love the ajeossi in the background just
    like staring into the camera posing like blue steal. hahaha 

  16. sketchy alley?  I’ve been in worse lit and dirtier hallways!!


  18. I really like your video! :)) I’ve always wanted to visit Korea, unfortunately I’m still busy with school so I can’t go. Maybe after I graduate? And I wanna meet you guys! Coz you’re awesome :))

    I hope you can do one in either Lotte World or Everland, or any amusement parks, cause I think S.Korea has great ones. Or, at the posh areas like Gangnam.. Just wanna see where “rich” Koreans hang out.

  19. Yaaaay!!! I’m so glad you’re doing these adventure blogs again!!! It makes me feel all nostalgic~ …for Asia in general, because I’ve never actually been to Korea. I really loved your old videos, e.g the Hello Kitty cafe, Cafe Lua, those lovely beaches and temples, your schools, your hair salon, random restraunts (including the dodgy Thai one), and even random stuff like toilets and revolving parking buildings….

    I was even wondering if you could make a youtube playlist for those old adventure videos as well, so we won’t need so sift through everything for 10 pages down :S

  20. haha the milk carton totally stole my heart XD and then Simon coming back for his lovely milk made me so ‘awwww…’ xDDD
    great video (: u should definatelly make more of that kind of vids (:

    and i kinda got surpriced what u said about korean pastries… after watching so many dramas about food (most of them about people making cakes XD) so i thought that korean goodies are one of the best. guess i was wrong XD

    anyways – cool video and GIMME MOAAAAAARRRRR~!! *O*

  21. Simon you should totally save the humping for you and Martina’s alone time. think of the children lol jk love the random milk and i am so laughing right now because at one point you can totally see the name of the next music Mondays.

  22. Great Vlog!  I’ve never been to Korea, but a lot of it looks familiar to my wife’s neighborhoods in Japan with the narrow streets, buildings and such.  Even the Family Mart is the same.  :-0  There are plenty of great cafes in that part of the world, oftentimes better than the ones I know in the States.

    I’m still amazed you guys were able to drink whole cartons of milk like that.  Lactose intolerance aside, I would just get sick about halfway through.  My four year old, on the other hand, can really slug it down.

  23. when i go to korea im definitely spamming your facebook wall about where to find all the osm places lol

  24. Domokun is awesome!!!

    I literally laughed my head off when I saw that girl with the “F**K my World” jacket. Since my one of my friends has the same jacket. Too bad that Simon never lost his carton of milk. But I do like the air-pumping part.

  25. I really loved this adventure video :) The Milk Cartoon Vlog would be a hit! Simon sure loves his Milk Carton doesnt he? :) I have alot of catching up to do with all the videos ya’ll posted these past three years…I cant wait to vist Korea one day! :)

  26. So sorry we missed out on the SHINee interview at the end! :-) Yes, please keep doing these adventure videos. Y’all are the best possible way for all of us in North America to experience Korea vicariously.

  27. Don’t you miss those milk bags? Can’t live without them. <33

    It's always the best things discovered last.

  28. LOL Loved this! :D Would love to see more of these adventures in the future PLUS the milk carton super funny XD

  29. MILK CARTON ADVENTURES with simon and martina xD
    I loved the video, so funny. You guys are such cool people to watch, love it!

  30. keep bringing the carton of milk around!!

  31. This video was a lot of fun! you should keep that milk carton as a souvenir. I could just be chillin’ on the countertop in the back during the k-pop music mondays. That would be pretty cool. I literally laughed out loud at the “My name is SHINee” part.

  32. I liked your video! I would love to see more of Korea from the view of a resident tourist xD About the Milk the Carton, how about you use different sorts of drinkable things in the Carton on every video? For example on one video Apple Juice the Carton, Orange Juice the Carton or Tomato Juice the Carton? 
    Anyways I like any videos as far s they are made by you two!
    Martina hwaiting!
    Simon hwaiting!
    Spudgy hwaiting!
    Milk the Carton hwaiting! *runs away from Martina*

  33. I do enjoy the videos taken out and amongest the natives. But for as much as it’s costing me if you’ll post a video, I’ll watch it. 

    p.s. sounds like you need to sell some of your black market ranch for another battery.

  34. LOL the worker at 2:05 staring at you guys XDD i laughed my as of !1 ( well not legit laughed it off but :D u get it !!)

  35. you guys revived my love for korea..thanks for ur videos :D

  36. omg the guy at 1:50 i died and rewinded about a million times. i can’t. tears. thanks for the video. so interesting.

    (lololol the guy trying to cover up)

  37. I really loved this! I plan on teaching English in South Korea as soon as I finish my Bachelor’s, so videos like this are super helpful ^^ It’s so interesting to see street life and whatnot. I definitely think you guys should make more!

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