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HongdaeFest Special: Week 3!

March 23, 2014


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Hey guise!

Here’s the last of our HongdaeFest special videos. Whoa! This was such an awesome undertaking and I’m so happy we were able to do this. Leigh and Soo Zee were really stretched thin over this month subbing all of these videos, but it’s done now! Woohoo! Hopefully, we brought some cool new bands to your attention, and maybe even got you to attend a show or two? I know we saw a bunch of you this past Friday at Soundholic, right? Woot!

Anyhow, funny story about these videos: Superkidd’s part was awesome. Just awesome. He was the first one of these that we filmed, even though it’s showing up at the end (to coincide with their show). But he’s so freaking energetic that when he finished the Eatyourkimchi Crew all looked at each other with our mouths hanging open. We asked him if we could hire him. He’s a lot better on camera than we are! Ha! I’m not sure what we could have him do, but I could listen to him talk about butter for an hour and be amused.

What’s worse is that we edited this video as a rough version, so we could show other bands coming in what we wanted out of them. An intro of their band, a story about their video, and a plug for their show. But Superkidd’s video was so amazing that every band looked at us and said “we can’t do that!” We told them they didn’t have to do it LIIIKE that, just in that format. Ha! Hopefully you like his part as much as we do :D

Also, I think it’s awesome that Harry Big Button wants to give away some stuff for you, you lovely Nasties. We were quite touched, in fact, that he offered. Congrats to whoever wins it!

And here are the shows for this week:


March 28th @Soundholic City 8PM


March 29th @ Club Ta 6PM

Harry Big Button

March 29th @ CJ 아지트 7PM

Sosim Boys

March 29th @House Burningheart Live (하우스 버닝하트 옥상 라이브) 4PM

The Electric Eel

March 30th @Soundholic City 6PM

Also, please note: this is the first of our HongdaeFest videos that highlights so many different locations, so check out our Walking Tour of Hongdae’s Clubs and the maps in the blog posts so you can know where all the venues are located :D

Aaaaand here’s a pretty image that shows you the full lineup and dates:

Hongdaefest Poster


Next week we’ve got a really special Korean Indie vid coming out as well. It’s gonna be awesome. We’re really excited. Make sure you click on this pretty button right here to make sure you don’t miss out on it. Yay!




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