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HongdaeFest Week 2!

March 16, 2014


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It’s week 2 of our 3 week HongdaeFest special, in which we had a bunch of awesome Korean Indie bands stop by the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio and talk about their music videos and their performances for HongdaeFest. Booya!

I hope some of you went to the shows this week. If you didn’t/couldn’t, you still have time to go this week and next week! It’s so easy! Just get on an airplane and…well, not that easy for all of you. But for those of you here in Korea, we hope to see you there. For those of you outside of Korea, we hope you at least have fun with this video and see some bands that you like.

Here’s the lineup we’re introducing this week:

24 hours

March 21st @Soundholic City 8PM

The Groo

March 22nd @Soundholic City 6PM

Asian Chairshot

March 23rd @Soundholic City 6PM


**Upcoming Seoul Sonic US tour

For those of you who want to make it to the events but don’t know where to go, we got you covered: we did our freaking long WANK this past Thursday and gave you a Walking tour of Hongdae’s Clubs. We show you exactly where Soundholic City is located right at the very beginning. It’s so easy!

And here’s a pretty image that shows you the full lineup and dates:

Hongdaefest Poster

All the bands below are playing at Soundholic City AKA Soundholicity AKA Soundholic which is the very first location we visit closest to Hongdae University!


MARCH 14: Lee Ji Hyung, Sweden Laundry, Kang Ah Sol, Fromm
MARCH 15: Thornapple, Telefly, Black Bag, PosT PANiC
MARCH 16: Common Ground & Sultan of The Disco

MARCH 21: Daybreak, GOGOBOYS, Bye Bye Badman, 24Hours, Royal Pirates
MARCH 22: 10CM, 9and numbers, Herz Analog, SALTNPAPER, The Groo
MARCH 23: Galaxy Express, Third Stone, Asian Chairshot, Life & Time

MARCH 27: Soundholic Festival 2014 Rookie audition!!!
MARCH 28: Bulldog Mansion, TransFixion, Soran, SuperKidd, NO.1 KOREAN
MARCH 29: Goonam, KIMKanji x HaHeonjean, Seoul Riddim Superclub, YamagataTweakster

Other local venues:

Club TA

Near the 7/11 between GOGOs2 and Club FF.

March 16: Hanumpa, 3rd Line Butterfly
MARCH 29: Vidulgi OoyoO, SmackSoft, Jambinai


MARCH 23: Romantic Punch (Guest: Toxic)

House of Burning Heart

MARCH 29: 11:11, Sosim Boys, Ryu Seokwon

Although we didn’t film this location, we mentioned that House Of Burning Heart is down the street from Rolling Hall. If you want to specifically go here, go to Hapjeong Station (LINE 2) exit 5 and follow our map instructions. It’s a 5 minute walk from there, and it’ll be on the second floor of a building so look up!

MARCH 29: Harry Big Button at


(GwangheungChang Station, LINE 6)

We didn’t get a chance to go here because it’s outside of our walking area but it’s only one subway stop away from Sangsu Station! If you love rock and roll, this is the band to see if you can only make one concert. Harry Big Button are so awesome, we saw them live at Club FF with a whole awesome lineup of bands, but this time it’s just a Harry Big Button concert. WAAAAHOOO!!

Eco Bridge Cafe

MARCH 30: Papercut Project

I seriously have no idea where this place is…sorry…if anyone knows anything about it, let us know!

Lastly, click on this badass button right here below so you can see more stuff on Korean Indie music. Luckily, a really cool Korean Indie Artist that we like a lot a lot a lot saw our first HongdaeFest video and wants to do something for their upcoming promo, which we’re shooting this week. Hooray for more Indie!




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