First off, let’s start by saying thanks to Boyfriend for being such great sports. Their new video is really quite cool and has an interesting take on the Peter Pan story. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!


As for this video we shot, we know it’s a bit random, but it’s something we had a lot of fun doing. We hope you liked it as well. Woohoo!

For a bit of backstory, we’re on pretty good terms with Starship Entertainment. They’ve got good people working there. We did an interview with Sistar a long time ago, and we also did a video with K.Will last year, and then Boyfriend gave an acceptance speech at our Eatyourkimchi Awards for winning Aegyo of the year.

For Boyfriend’s comeback, we all wanted to do something together, but we knew that everyone’s schedules are pretty crazy. We’re in an out of this and that country, as are Boyfriend. So how could we shoot something fun without taking too much of everyone’s time? This seemed like a winner to us!

And they were not only totally game for the idea, and also very fun and energetic in the video, but they were also surprised at how fast it was. When we were done filming they were like “really? That’s it?” Yep. It was 6 minutes of filming. BOOYA!

You might be wondering why we like doing silly skits instead of longform sit down interviews. I don’t really think we’re thaaaaaat into interviews anymore. If we had the choice, we’d rather to something silly and fun. We’re really inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s skits, in which Tom Cruise pounds eggs on his head while Jason Statham gets glasses of water thrown at him. Those are fun! They show the celebrity’s personality, and doesn’t make them answer all of the questions they’ve been asked a bagillion times over. I’m glad Starship was down for not only something this fun, but also for being comfortable with something non-traditional (which we’ve had rejected by other companies before).

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And, on a silly note, here are some bloopers from the video. You’ll also see Martina’s and Soo Zee’s storyboard for the video. Shooting a quick video like this makes it easier for companies to understand what we’re trying to shoot. Point is, Soo Zee does a great Boyfriend impersonation. Check it out!


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  1. …. i like how they had to censor the knife when there is probably worse things out there then censioring a knife…

  2. This is what i get for not looking at EYK for a month……….. Sad Panda

  3. did you guys ever mention the winners for the cds? =)

  4. winri25

    Done entered in twitter ><

  5. This is the first time iv’e entered a contest so i’m wondering where you find out who won?(p.s. i entered on youtube)

  6. Ok cant believe im doing this but to show my apreciation. because they were the 1st kpop band to come to Puerto Rico. Well what i like about the video is the beginning with Kim Donghyun cause nothing says bad boy like a fake tattoo. lol loving the video

  7. My favourite part of Boyfriend’s video has to be the part where Kwangmin is rapping while walking on those stools that lights up as he steps on them. So awesome! Their comeback is amazing!! :D A different concept from them that is a good change. Also ALL the choreography parts in the dance is my favourite part. You can’t deny that they’ve got your shoulders wiggling along with them during the chorus!

  8. Mary_loves_music

    FoR GiVeAwAy:
    Maybe im late but totally worth it!
    What I loved about Boyfriends MV was their creative new look, it makes them look very mature compared to their first debut look (young, sweet, innocent). The ending was VERY UNEXPECTED!! Haha overall it was a very internse and AMAZING MV.

  9. My favorite part is the danceing that starts 0.54, with the shoulder move. So “easy” but it looks so good! It also fits so well to the song.
    Like the whole mv <3 Interesting story ;)

  10. Yes! Finally you could interact with my first ever favourite Kpop group ^^ I was waiting for it, since you already had those great interviews with Sistar and K.Will. Thank you so much!
    Oh and my opinion on the MV (giveaway, yay – I love giveaways ^^) I assume I have to choose from all the great things in the MV, so my favourite part would be the tunnel full of books. I love such large book collections (like the library in the castle in Beauty and the Beast – I always thought that’s so cool) and it’s a fabulous edgy tunnel -_^ But the whole MV IS AWESOME: the dance, the clothes, the props (especially the German detour sign makes me feel like we have a connection :D), the song itself and, of course, the BOYS!

  11. Christy

    My favourite part of their new mv is the concept. I think the twist on the Peter Pan story and the whole “bad boy” image suits them really well (as they are in their later teens/early twenties). The clothes, tattoos, and hangout setting in the intro give off the feel of a clubhouse for boys only and the song itself is really catchy and fun, but also carries a more violent(?) sound which matches the concept. : )
    The thing that impressed me the most was the fact that while a ton of other groups are coming back with new super sexy concepts, Boyfriend manages to pull off a new image and great song to show their age and qualities without following the current trend. So good for you guys! :D

  12. xxrandomfandomxx


    This is my favorite mv of Boyfriend (for now.. untill they make another comeback maybe). I just love the concept of this mv.To me the mv really suites them. Why you ask? Well let me explain. DONGHYUN is PETER PAN.PeterPan is never growin up just like Donghyun. Even though he’s 26 y/o but he looks young forever Donghyun also got full respect by the other members just like how The Lost Boys to Peter Pan.HYUNSEONG is CHUBBY. Since he is the stronges (please refer to his abzz) and Chubby also the strongest lost boys.
    JEONGMIN would be SLIGHTLY. Jeongmin known among Bestfriends as Teddy the Fox’s character in Pororo the pinguin (Slightly known dressin as a fox). JO TWINS ofcorse as THE TWINS and – MINWOO is TOOTHLES since they are both the youngest. Im not sure about Nibs though (another member of the lost boys. Maybe he is the PD or manager).

    Anyway, I don’t have a specific part of the mv that I like cause the whole mv just blew me away. But, I f I have to pick my favirote part, it will have to be the begining when all of the boys were doing their own thing (the part where Hyunseong was boxing, Minwoo was playing darts etc.) I really hope I win this album cause I really want it and where I live they don’t sell any Boyfriend Albums (*pouting faces*). Anyways, thank you EYK for making this awesome video with Boyfriend! I love you guys so much!

  13. xxrandomfandomxx


    This is my favorite mv of Boyfriend (for now.. untill they make another comeback maybe). I just love the concept of this mv.To me the mv really suites them. Why you ask? Well let me explain. DONGHYUN is PETER PAN.PeterPan is never growin up just like Donghyun. Even though he’s 26 y/o but he looks young forever Donghyun also got full respect by the other members just like how The Lost Boys to Peter Pan.HYUNSEONG is CHUBBY. Since he is the stronges (please refer to his abzz) and Chubby also the strongest lost boys.
    JEONGMIN would be SLIGHTLY. Jeongmin known among Bestfriends as Teddy the Fox’s character in Pororo the pinguin (Slightly known dressin as a fox). JO TWINS ofcorse as THE TWINS and – MINWOO is TOOTHLES since they are both the youngest. Im not sure about Nibs though (another member of the lost boys. Maybe he is the PD or manager).

    Anyway, I don’t have a specific part of the mv that I like cause the whole mv just blew me away. But, I f I have to pick my favirote part, it will have to be the begining when all of the boys were doing their own thing (the part where Hyunseong was boxing, Minwoo was playing darts etc.) I realy hope I win this album cause I really want it and where I live they don’t sell any Boyfriend Albums (*pouting faces*). Anyways, thank you EYK for making this awesome video with Boyfriend! I love you guys so much!

  14. When does this close? and can you enter more than once?

  15. I love these kind of skits as well. You get to see the stars having fun! Hopefully it is usually a break from all of the super serious interview stuff they have to go through over and over. Getting asked the same questions non-stop has got to be boring! Thanks, Simon, Martina, Boyfriend, Starship, and EYK!

  16. My favorite part of Boyfriend’s new video was either
    A) Hyeonsung’s belly botton 14 seconds in or
    B) The pirate hook that Donghyun wears in the last scene
    I guess the storyline portraying Peter Pan as the bad guy is kinda interesting and I like how they matched the details like the book that was being read was actually Peter Pan; but still Hyeonsung has a pretty cute belly button.

  17. I loved this video! Super cute! I soooo want one of those CDs!

  18. newbornstar

    This was cute^^ and I agree skits are much more fun than interviews where you hear the same questions asked over and over again. I also like Jimmy Fallon and his skit style too, it shows celebrities in a different light ^^

  19. I LOVE this MV!!! The best bit of the video was definitely the story line for me; ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’ was one of my favorite books growing up, and this MV takes a really interesting slant on it. It was different, and clever, and I liked that. The lyrics on their own sounded fairly generic, but fitted perfectly with the MV and the Peter Pan theme, making a glorious combination. I loved how they made Peter into the bad guy; I’ve never seen that before, although it works really well as he is pretty possessive over Wendy, and kicks out any lost boys who want to grow up. It was really well thought out and beautifully done (bar the random exploding Wendy :D); I notice more references to the book each time I watch it. I like the implication at the end that the lost boy becomes Hook. Glorious!! This is one of the best kpop MVs I’ve seen recently…
    The book tunnel set was really cool as well; although the book selection rivals GD’s in crayon :P
    This is my favorite Boyfriend song to date :) Boyfriend fighting!! xx ^_^ ~~~

  20. My favorite part was honestly when they blew up the girl. Not because they got rid of my only female competition in the MV but because it really caught me off gaurd. I didn’t think they were actually going to kill her off. It felt like a real drama for a minute! And thanks for the opportunity.

  21. OMG I SAW THEM LIVE WHEN THEY CAME TO PR AND THEY WERE AMAZING. the best part was minwoo saying “10 dollar” with his adorable accent and then them saying “im sorry” SO ADOOOOOOOORABLE. Love you guys btw. not trying to kiss up lol just legit you make my day. I think i made the same comment with a non premium account but now its premium so it counts for the thing..ANYWAY yah.

  22. I was totally going to say the anti – gravity book tunnel was my favourite bit but then the girl exploded at the end. WHAT.
    Was not prepared for that!

  23. Annyeonghaseyo S&M! My favorite part may just be the beginning when the female protagonist opens the Peter and Wendy book. The guys hair cut and their clothing shows off more of the edgy side of them which is great. This video is definitely different with the one I loved for so long Boyfriend-Boyfriend. It shows more of them becoming men to me because of the story they are trying to tell us. Like if the story plot was Wendy (the female protagonist) is in love with Peter but they see Peter in a different light from her. And of course the plot twist…..the explosion scene Ohh 3 way love songs to me are the best. So much to think about. In this case its more than a 3 way love. btw The MIN twins……grasp/faint~~~~~~

  24. irritablevowel

    This is fun :-) It’s too bad you guys can’t do Susan Blackwell type interviews. She interviews Broadway people and gets away with just about anything, like making Daniel Radcliffe clean her apartment, or making prank phone calls with Zachary Quinto (and always ends the interview by licking the face of her guest) because she’s a Broadway person herself.

  25. Does anybody know how to find out who won the boyfriend giveaway????

  26. My favorite part of Boyfriend’s video is when the boys were going to confront Peter Pan, brought the bomb out and got reunited with the girl they loved before Peter Pan came and ruined everything. I really like it because the song is about their feelings about the incident and the video clearly shows how helpless the boys were in protecting the girl. Also, it was ironic how Peter Pan used the bomb that they brought to kill her, which further emphasizes on their despair. It comes out very strong to me and this scenes illustrates their emotions very well.
    On top of that, Peter Pan was one of my favorite story as a child and this video changed my view of Peter Pan, forever. I never thought that he could be a bad guy. How the video links its different parts to Peter Pan was also really cool and I love this concept.

  27. My favorite parts of the new video were the ones shot in that book hexagon thing and the parts where they dance in the basement

  28. Gresia Min

    haha — I saw the behind the scenes — they are so charismatic -. That attitude of sencibles innocent, tender, and a little clumsy .. makes them unique .. make me laugh With Their actions and occurrences .. – - Peak Gust are adore by the jo twins always say they want to be men – but I. .. . did not want to leave your sweet and tender side with the fans … – I like it too chivalrous, but do not stop all … the boyfriend I met .. 3

  29. Gresia Min

    woahh boyfriend – really see the change since their debut … – there were so tender – that they like me much – but his new look … I also like look so cool — your song is very sticky — now I also like alarm .. they recorded were touring as a USA — I think? – Well the teaser start was a little confused until I saw peter pan .. there already had the idea of the story … and I can say that this song is one of the best boyfriend … me favorite part is the choir .. there is a perfect combination … there’s all – for me

  30. Maybe I should watch more kpop videos because I’m not entirely sure whats happening in the video :S

    I did quite like the twist at the end though!

  31. Bl3utokki

    My favorite part is Minwoo and Kwangmins part where they stand/walk on the light up chairs/stools. By the way I got to see Boyfriend when they came to Chicago and they are seriously so absorbable especially Minwoo! They are one of my favorite groups and their fan service is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. OMG! I love this video so much..boyfriend seems more manly than before..i love the part when they were dancing they looks manlier and stylo..! Their song were stuck in my brain..even during examination i was humming their song..i wish i could get their signed cd..tomorrow i still got exam. Wish me luck simon & martina

  33. I love the bookcase tunnel set. It makes it seem like you really can travel to different places and worlds through books. I also like how the Lost Boys’ hideout is envisioned. Another thing I like is how Boyfriend are able to be cute and tough at the same time. That also seems fit into the story that I think they’re telling. That nice things aren’t always nice on the inside?

    Mostly I like the message that I got from the whole music video, that everyone is free to experience a story or anything else however they want to and that each experience is unique. It seemed like the girl was reading and imagining the story in a way that’s not a typical depiction. I think the members walking through the bookcase tunnel shows how that the girl is imagining how it would be if the story and the characters were real or that she’s imagining herself in the story.

  34. one thing i luv about this mv…360 bookcase its a book worms dream come true!! and also its a well thought out video wiht a very original plotline! the song is SOOO catchy and thankfully i didnt find the rap lines jarring and every english phrase i heard ws exactly as i thought wen it checked up on the lyrics (which fairly doesnt happen very often =D)

  35. Lunafigueroa

    I would have to say that the book case that they had in the video was freaking AMAZING I sooo want it ! ! ! Just kidding I would have to say that the choreography in the video was awesome and creative especially when they used the chairs as props as well, the song was great especially the rap parts I’m a total sucker for them, and I also loved the story concept with Peter Pan it was very twisted and interesting ! ! ! I have now OFFICIALLY become a fan of Boyfriend ! ! !

  36. **Somebody’s

    Keep the struggle.

  37. I really liked the dance from the boyfriend video. It was smooth and flowing but still had that hard cut feel to it, like they were ready to kick somebodies ass but in a graceful way.

  38. My favorite part of the mv Obsession is that when Boyfriend is gathered in a room and they are all preparing to kill peter pan. i think it is really cool and manly :””>…. It makes my heart beat so fast!♥ I also like the part when the music video shows their choreography especially the chorus … with the move of their shoulders!!! KYAAAH!!! ♥♥ Fighting BOYFRIIIEEEEND!!! I will always support you!! ♥ bestfriends are always here for you! :*

  39. My favorite part of the MV is at then 10 second point when the instumental starts up. Its sounds like low brass section of a marching band. It was like that one group from the movie Drum Line . another part i like is the bookshelf set its my dream to own that many books since i am an avid reader.

  40. (I’m copying & pasting the same response I put on the YouTube video and I hope that’s okay!)

    If you look at 0:08 and 2:48 in the MV, the teal book on the left says “Nude Design.” That was my favorite part of Boyfriend’s MV, if you know what I mean haha ;D And overall I thought the bookcase room put a unique twist to the typical “box style” of KPop MV sets! Not to mention it is probably the only library with so many well dressed and good looking boys in it at once

  41. Favorite part of boyfriends new mv? The composition of the song is absolute perfection! The begining with the horns and the different tone in their voices especially youngmins when he sings his part! ahh makes me want to melt! Their comback was worth the wait!

  42. Wow…I really loved the music video and you know what Maritna, I envy you so much I cant beleve you were sitting right next to Minwoo, my god if I was ever in that situation I think I would have fainted XD
    Well my favorite parts where when they were in the bookcase, seeing Hyungseong’s glorious abs, Minwoo throwing darts and when the girl exploded XD

  43. My favorite part of the Boyfriend video was their creative take on the classic Peter Pan story. I have been a fan of Boyfriend for awhile and I am happy to see them trying a new concept. Its hard to shake the aegyo standard that people have set for them but they managed to pull it off. Who knew that the winners of the EYK aegyo award could pull this off?! I am pleased with this comeback not to mention this song is super catchy. Good job boys!

  44. My favourite part is the background of their living space… That place is really confortable for the six of them to live together~! That’s exactly the place where bad boys used to live. lol XD Seeing that place, I feel like “oh! my boyfriend are now bad boys![I love those kind of Bad Boys lol XD] But they actually are not bad boys and they just want to escape from Peter Pan and trying hard. I love the scene that they are all concentrating on what they are doing and it’s really amazing! It totally reveals their handsome, charismatic sides… ermm… what should I all that??….smart..? <3

  45. *warning long comment to try and win CD*
    My favorite part first off is that they look more grown up. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked them but their music is taking on a new style and so are they. They are not so cutesy in their looks anymore (ex: boyfriend, love style), they are mature men. Which I also think helps with the video, since the villain in this is Peter Pan, a person that refuses to grow up and they are showing that they are growing/ grown up. I like the length they were willing to go to get her, and how Donghyun has the hook at the end. I don’t blame him for becoming Hook, I’d chase after Peter Pan until they very end if he did that to the love of my life.
    Side note: “Hot Chocolate with Boyfriend” I love how all that happened while Simon was gone, hehe. Also what they “paid” with cost more than the drinks; I personally wouldn’t have cared about the cost, I mean it Boyfriend, its good looking, amazing, and talented idols in the car with you! *swoon*
    Also you should send Simon away again and see if you can get Big Bang or Vixx next time. :)

  46. eawy-ge

    Wow you are really cute…it feels so familiar:D yay

  47. I completely agree with you on what you wrote. Making cute and fun videos with the idols, is a much better idea than just interviewing them! It allows them to take a break from their otherwise crazy, tiring and sometimes very monotone schedules! You guise are amazing!

  48. So you were riding in cars with boy(friend)s?

  49. My favourite part of the video was the one with the hook. I love stories with a twist and what is a better twist that one of the babies becoming the Hook!? Too bad Wendy died…

    Btw, in regały to the hot chocolate video I’m always like “Do you take credit car ds? No?! Damn, does any one have any cash?” … I hate cash…

  50. My favorite part would be when Boyfriend works really hard to find a way to get rid of Peter Pan(making the bomb, darts, etc). It shows how much they love her and how much they care. But in the end, it is sad because they still lose her.

  51. FIRST THING FIRST THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GLORIOUS VIDEO. It physically made me happy that you two did a collab video with Boyfriend – especially with the maknae line – THANK YOU. (and it’s okay Simon, I’m sure boyfriend will gladly get some more hot chocolate with you ((; )

    Anyways my favourite part of the MV would have to be the ending where Donghyun puts on the hook. Mosttly because I’m a slow person and I literally had no idea what was going on – I just assumed they were the girl’s boyfriends (ahaha. get the pun? no. it’s okay. I’m lame). I had a moment of “OHHH. HOT DAMN. WHAT??” It just all hit me: Boyfriend are the pirates … PLOT TWIST??!?! I loved how they turned the tables on the original story and had Peter Pan play the antagonist in the story, and giving Captain Hook (Donghyun)and his crew the desire to hunt Peter Pan down (mm. that wanted poster made sense now). Also, the part when the book with “Because Peter Pan got rid of them when they were grown up” (1:13)just adds some background that he was murdering the children who grew up. And that Boyfriend were boys that once lived as children on Neverland but went into hiding to avoid being “got rid of” by Peter Pan as they are no longer the “proper inhabitants” in the land of children. There’s just so much of the MV that clicked into place by the end.

    All in all, I loved it. The song, the MV (THE PLOT), the dance. Everything. I love concept Boyfriend went with this time around. Although I loved the cute side of them when they debuted, they certainly “grew up”. And dare I say, this is the most thought out plot Boyfriend has had in their MVs since their debut in 2011.

    • (I wrote something entirely different last time. because I JUST noticed this glorious gem of a scene. again, I’m such a slow person)

      So, a part of the MV that I particularly took a liking to would be around 1:45 mark where they slam that knife down on the wanted poster. You might be wondering why it’ll be a part I like. I mean it’s badass in a way. But hold up, is that what I think it is?? Hot damn it’s a half blurred out knife. Good job Korea, getting your priorities straight by blurring out a knife but not a bomb that literally blew that poor girl up. I applaud you. I just found it hilarious they would censor (not the best censoring too) a knife and not a bomb?? I sense future 12-year old bomb makers in Korea. (JK)

  52. I saw them live when they came to PR and it was AMAZING. Ok, so my favorite part was when minwoo said “10 dollar” SO ADORABLE WITH HIS ACCENT. Also when kwangmin said card SO CUUUTE.

  53. As a librarian I covet the book tunnel. And as a Kia Soul owner I want more videos in the EYK mobile! So much fun doing skits and stuff. Also US Nasty Green represent!

  54. Boyfriend has been my top group ever since I discovered Kpop. They were the first group of mine! Ever since then I a became like a huge fan of them! Their Obsession MV was amazing! I love how they changed from cute Boyfriend to Amazingly Hot Protective Manly Boyfriend, that I reaaly want now Lol. Everything was great. The dance, the story line , their clothes, their acting, them being bad boys not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good. XD. I read their English lyrics and it makes the MV even so more amazing. I enjoyed everything. There is no favorite part for me because for me the entire MV is my favorite part. I can not pick any part , I love Boyfriend very much and everyone is so talented. I love their comeback!!! And Boyfriend Fighting!!

  55. My favourite part of the video was the deep and pretty meaningful story line along with them. Boyfriend is notorious for having cute MV’s, but having one that is story driven is awesome. I’ve been a big fan of Boyfriend for years now and seeing such a style change as well was just fabulous. Everything from the outfit choices to the setting was just wins after wins. Not one member out of the group wasn’t attractive in this MV. All the details put into and the hard work the boys did, the entire MV was my favourite part. 
    Plus, Boyfriend is just entirely cute and the adorably cheesy acting done by the crew and Boyfriend was just priceless.

  56. I love you guys soo much and really Simon you needed to go to the bathroom that’s NASTY but funny too sooo anyways my favorite part of the MV is that when they dance and they show the reflection above them and when they have a good memory with the girl and then it goes wrong and Martina did you have a great time with BoyFriend I hope you did bye

  57. Before I say what my favorite part of the MV is, can I point out how cute Boyfriend was in the hot chocolate video? And Simon, you really HAD to go to the bathroom! Hahaha. SOOOOO NASTY!

    Now, my favorite part of the MV has to be the dancing in their black and white outfits. They are really talented dancers! I wish I could dance like that! So jelly!

  58. This is my first entry, hope I am not too late! As a kpop loving librarian, I really liked the book/story theme! Also, the mirrored shots added visual interest.

  59. Heading over to KPOP Charts. Obsession deserves a KMM. :)

  60. I’d never heard of Boyfriend before watching this video. Pretty new to the Kpop scene but they are A-D-O-R-B-Z. My favourite bit of the video has to be the bookshelf kalediscope they each stand in. They balance book learning with crunk-ass street dance! What could be better?

  61. YGKath

    I love their new MV. My favorite is definitely the part at the last quarter where they’re all like upside down and then the CG fire effect ….WOW! Very COOL right? I love Boyfriend, i think I’m obsessed! ^____^

  62. gwf

    My favorite part of Obsession was the part where it shows Boyfriend when they were still ‘young’ (where all members wore white and with no tattoos. I think it was part of Donghyun’s memory) before they were deemed too ‘old’ and Peter Pen (PP) wants to get rid of them. I really love how they were so happy to see PP at first and how they were shocked when he rejected their hands and pushed them away, not forgetting how he strangled Donghyun. I feel that it not only show the reason as to why Boyfriend choose to rebel PP but also the transition of them from being a cute Boyfriend to a MENFRIEND in real! Furthermore, that part was a big contrast with the other parts of the MV with them all being white and innocent and the rest of the movie being dark and rebellious. I really love the contrast. I also love the effect of the blurriness and the focus was on PP that was the only color shown.

    I really hope i can get the signed CD. I’ve never participated in any of these contest before since I wasn’t a big fan to the other groups. But I’ve known Boyfriend even before their debut and it was pure coincidence that I came across their fanpage while browsing. From then on, i was a huge Bestfriend. Seeing them rise as a rookie and falling (maybe some fans wont agree but its true seeing the number of fans drop) after DTMG and now they are slowly rising back. Lots of Bestfriend has been waiting for this comeback for so long but all of us hanged in there even after a lot fake rumors of their comeback. HAHA. Im ranting so much but I really hope i will be able to win just this one time. Simon and Martina, if you are reading this, I hope you can choose me. Haha. Have a good day and thanks for forking out your time to create this video. Really appreciate it~~~
    And I hope S&M will review their MV. Pretty please~

  63. They are too CUTE and also FUNNY ! I couldn’t stop smiling while I was watching your lovely video. My most favorite part from your video is when my most favorite member of BOYFRIEND, Jo Youngmin, asked you whether you received a credit card or not. It’s like he really wanted to try his best to pay you. LOL But actually the whole video is very fun and nice ! But it’s a bit too short because I want to see them more, more, and more ~~~ LOL
    And my most favorite part from BOYFRIEND’s OBSESSION MV is when their song began and they first appeared on the video, about 00:12 until 00:22.
    The reason I like this part is because, you know, just watching this part, it’s just the beginning of the video but you can immediately see their great transformations ! They’ve grown up SO MUCH !
    See, Hyunseong who is the most gentle, polite, and VERY SHY person of the band, is now showing his abs on the MV !
    Minwoo, the youngest of the band who liked to show his lovely Aegyo to us, is now playing darts with his VERY COOL and masculine appearance, and this makes me like him more than I ever did !
    Jeongmin, the funniest guy of the band LOL, is now having fun with his cool skateboard.
    Youngmin, my most favorite guy of this band, who always had somehow very pretty and kind of beautiful face, is now looking SO GOOD SO HANDSOME while concentrating on his chemical lap.
    Just this part can let everyone sees their new manly concept very clearly, don’t you agree ?
    Plus, the song sounds really INTERESTING and also EXCITING for me. I think the beginning of any song is very important. If it sounds good, of course people will want to listen to the rest of the song. But if it’s boring, they won’t.
    P.S. Give that signed CD to me, plz !!! I really want to cast a spell on you. LOL
    Thanks in advance !

  64. I know the tattoos in the video are not real but I loved them. They gave the members an edgy, more manly appearance that, for me, reinforced the vocals, choreography and concept. (And I totally agree with the other comments about the bookshelf featured in the video. I covet that bookshelf.)

  65. Definitely the hexagon shaped book tunnel!!! (book worm here hehe) I found it cool that they kind of made Peter Pan seem like the actual bad guy, that’s what I saw anyway. So basically, the plot was really cool and very original. Also, how the blurred out the knife was kind of interesting. haha

  66. I loved this video :)

  67. Okay, so I’m not going to lie, at first I thought we were supposed to put our favorite part from the video that YOU guys did with Boyfriend…
    Then I read some of the comments just to check and saw that we are supposed to tell our favorite part from the music video.

    But I’d love to tell you my favorite part of both! :D
    So for the hot chocolate video with Boyfriend, I’d have to say my favorite part was probably that niiiiice black bar that I’m assuming was put in because of the creeper in the background. xD Bahahahaha.

    For the actual music video itself, as lame and unoriginal as it might possibly sound, I really enjoyed the whole video. It’s been nice watching how much Boyfriend has really grown up as a group! The choreography was great as always and since I’m a huge Peter Pan freak, I really enjoyed the whole concept! It was awesome to watch!
    So I didn’t really have a favorite part, since the whole video itself is now a favorite of mine. But I do like where they’re basically surrounded by the bookshelf octagon/tunnel thing. :D I like books. And Boyfriend. So this works out wonderfully.

  68. Someone should really buy me a bookself like that for my birthday. I really liked the concept of the m/v, my favourite part though, was the explosion.

  69. Re-commenting because the last response was kind of disoriented due to feels + typing on my phone so: Uh the whole MV was fab and everything was perfect (yes go ahead and applaud the cliche). But honestly. You get that real cool exo shaped bookcase, Hyunseong shirtless (wow nasty status??), Jeongmin being a hooligan and skateboarding in front of Minwoo who’s trying to throw darts, the explosion scene with wonderful CG and Kwangmin’s unconcealed wreck of his image…- look @ 3:09. OMG I JUST MISSED THEM SO MUCHHHHH(‘: I’VE HAD THE BIGGEST POUR OF TEARS AND FEELS MORE THAN I HAVE EVER HAD. WHILE I WAS WATCHING THE MV I CAN’T I CRIED ALMOST AS MUCH AS I CRIED DURING THE FAULT IN OUR STARS AND CRIED MORE THAN WHAT I CRIED DURING MY AP TEST.

  70. This video is a really nice change from the look of Janus, Boyfriend and I Yah! They truly have come a long way! My favourite part of this music video is the concept. The idea of fantasy and shade display a more mature and in depth idea and Boyfriend and shines light onto the advance in matuirty Boyfriend now posesses. This is a truly awesome concept and music video!

  71. ooooh Boyfriend . . . gone is their squishy cutesy selves after watching this latest music video, so I’m glad you made such an adorable video to bring that side of them back. Not saying I don’t like the new concept or anything, but it just feels a little rushed to me.

    As for the Music Video, I loved their dancing. Particularly when they used those AWESOME stools that lit up when they walked on top of them, and then when their dancing was mirrored on the ceiling.

    Thanks for the awesome videos!!

  72. samantha98

    my favorite part, when martina said that hot chocolate is 10,000 won.. and minwoo, youngmin and kwangmin said that they don’t have money.. and asking if the credit card is okay.. hahaha !!

  73. On the wanted poster, “Wanted: simplified or expanded” :D lol, Love it.

  74. I loved the whole concept actually. Especially the “EXPLOSION: BAM Donghyun was Captain Hook trying to defend his love T^T”. Haha i loved the whole thing. (Not to mention Kwangmin’s rap >////< *Fan girl squeals*
    I hope you choose me!
    EYK-Fighting!!~~ Saranghaeyo! <3

  75. For me I loved the whole MV since I have been their fan from the very start.
    I think my favourite part about this video(and I know it may seem werid) but I really loved the ending. How the girl exploded and then Donghyun was hella pissed and became Captain Hook. To me that was just wicked. I didnt see that coming when I saw she exploded I was like “Oh man he’s going to be really depressed and slide down a wall crying or something” but nope! TURNS INTO CAPTAIN HOOK! AWESOME!
    Also I was loving the choreo! And I really cant wait to see it live!
    So yeah thats my favourite part and what i think was cool in the MV(basically the whole thing^^)

    I hope you will choose me! Thanks EATYOURKIMCHI!<3

  76. I love the first seconds of the video when the female character is taking the book of the bookshelf. The reason is that they got a really bad librarian! Is it possibly to classify a story book with the “Journal of the Environmental Engineering Division”, “The Cocaine Wars” and a book about superconductivity? Only Manfriend knows.

  77. I gotta say that I love the spinning bookshelf portions. It gives the whole thing a very Alice in Wonderland feel, which just combines my two favorite stories, Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland! Overall it’s a super fun video, well done Boyfriend!

  78. Michelle

    How do we find out who wins though?

  79. Maybe it’s just because I’m such a nerd for Peter Pan, but the whole “Peter’s actually evil” concept isn’t new to me. There were no surprises for me here. That said, the concept is my favorite thing about the Obsession MV. It seems like even though Boyfriend has darker, more dramatic videos (Janus, I Yah), a lot of people still see them as cute li’l aegyo boys. It’s like they can’t grow up. So when Dong Hyun becomes Hook, it feels like Boyfriend is showing everyone they’re the opposite of all that. They have grown up. And they are still totally crushworthy. (*^-^*)

  80. To be honest, I have heard of boyfriend, but I never actually gave them a listen until now and all I have to say is 1) thank you Simon and Martina for basically introducing me to another music group to enjoy and 2) I regret nothing. I not only liked the Music Video, but really enjoy the song. From what I saw in the video my favorite parts were seeing parts of the choreography (which I am hoping for a dance practice video in the near future). The twist on a childhood classic was awesome and in my opinion the overall video was pretty dope. Even if I don’t win a signed CD I will for sure (when I have the money) buy the mini album ^_^

  81. Gresia Min

    HI … — although I know I can not win, I’ll try that I have some of them * ^ *! I have nothing oficcial of them, just do things myself (billboards, printed photos, paddles I do with crafts … ect ..) and luckily where I live there fanclub boyfriend – so am bestfriend: 3 and really want to have something from them, eh tried everything, participate in various competition but I have no luck .. — but still have some will fight for them (^ O ^) / — boyfriend wahhh I love: 3 I can say I changed a lot .. although I’m not korean feel I’m close to them through videos like these …
    This video is special to me for long time .. not the saw – mv havia only japan mv .. and this is my favorite … the choreography, style and look, the music, the rap .. me Like all, when was the shout chorus .. uhmm I think that my emotions unleashed contained (0:54) there can see the innocence and tenderness boyfriend has, besides that the story is centered from there .. I think I would choose all part (^ O ^) and rap, with steps 3
     Starting in the teaser freaked me his new style … I was an emotion that never havia sense that boyfriend likes me for being tender and cute, with this change … see them, but ultimately it was something incredible (daeback) I can say it was worth waiting —- and even those that are tender, cute, sweet guys, I met 3

    Thank you for this opportunity given to bestfriends especially foreigners .. it is sometimes difficult to get some of your idols … -

  82. Hi, Eatyourkimchi! ★ ~Simon and Martina and everyone~

    First of all, I really want to say thanks to you guys for giving me and other BOYFRIEND’s fans an opportunity to see their cuteness by watching this hot chocolate video. They are really really cute! I can feel their effort to speak with you in English as much as they could. How cute!

    And you don’t only give us this lovely video of BOYFRIEND, but also kind enough to give us their signed CD! OMG >-< Many thanks for your kindness. (Even I may not win LOL) But I really want it, you know! And, of course!, I will try every way.

    Umm, about your question, this is too hard for me to decide which part I love the most from their Obsession MV.
    Because I'm one of their fans, so, of course, I love the whole MV! *LOL*
    But if I really have to choose, will it be strange if I choose their 'flashback' part at 1.00 – 1.07?
    Yeah, I know this part is really really short and there's nothing special in this part. But I have three main reasons why I choose it as my most favourite part.
    First, I think it's one of the important scenes of their MV. I mean.. this flashback part shows us what happened with them (+Peter+Wendy) in the past, so we can understand the whole story better (even though it's still not so clear enough for me, maybe I'm too stupid *LOL*).
    It shows that Peter did something bad to them, and that's why they return to give him a payback!
    If their MV doesn't include this part, I think we must be really confused and have no idea what's going on there.
    Second, on this MV, even though their looks seem like bad guys, gangsters, whatever, we can still see their cheerful & innocent side from this part.
    I have been their fan for almost three years and they said many times that they will try their best to be many types of Boyfriend for us. And they did what they said, you can see their transformation in each single/album since their debut until now, their looks & concepts are always changed. But no matter how their looks have been changed, their real personalities are the same, still cute as always! This is one of a million things I love about them. ♥
    Third, this part shows that six of them have been together since the past when they were still young (It was said on the Peter & Wendy book, which was read by a main actress, that they were children in Neverland back then).
    And now, at the present of the MV, they still live together and even try to find their way to take revenge on Peter together!
    I can feel their strong friendship! Just like how they love each other and have always been together for many years in their real life! Wow~! ♡ (Am I too crazy about this? LOL Please don't think I'm crazy! ..I'm just a weird girl..)

    Anyway, that's all I think! Thanks for giving me a chance and space to express my thought.

    And It would be really great if you choose me. ^^ Thank you, Eatyourkimchi! ☆

  83. BOYFRIEND has been my favourite group since their debut, I’m so glad to see that they’ve FINALLY made a comeback after so long! Therefore, I am bluntly going to state that I am very very impressed. The boys have developed so much as a group in terms of singing and choreography. If I were to choose my favourite part of the MV, it would definitely have to be the part in the beginning where they were all acting like delinquents. It gave the MV a really dangerous and mysterious aura that was really enticing. The introduction led up to the rest of the MV which so umf, and just *^* /insert hyperventilating. The whole concept of the MV was really interesting and a 360 degree change from what they usually do! I really liked how they used the story of Peter Pan and how Donghyun was perceived as Captain Cook. 

  84. T_NA

    I freaking lovee boyfriend! But why only three members T_T JEONGMIN

  85. The first thing I noticed, of course, was the bookshelf. Neat prop… But then I went all like “GET OFF THOSE BOOKS WITH ‘EM DIRTY SHOES YOU BRATS!” and yeah… Who steps all over books?? Like come on…
    I thought the whole Wendy enters and gets blown up bit was (and I’m not a creepy violent person or anything) hilarious. It was rather rushed, but at that point I just went a bit blank and confused.
    My favourite part I guess was the mirroring effect they did on the dance part. I think that looked quite nice.

    XDDDDDDDDD <— my face at the moment

  87. Entering the giveaway!
    I absolutely love Boyfriends’ concept in this MV and they always seem to have some sort of dichotomy theme in their concepts, which is a plus! My absolute favorite part of the MV is the ending where we see Donghyun turn into Captain Hook. The part where he puts on the hook sealed the deal; I’m in love with this MV and it must be mentioned, the cave of bookshelves is my ultimate dream room.

  88. OMG. I feel like such a bad fangirl but seriously the BOOKSHELF PORN IN THIS VIDEO. Drool worthy! I was going to say I want that bookshalf in my house immediately, until I started thinking about how you’d get books to defy gravity. Velcro, super glue, the amount of hairspray holding Hyunseong’s glorious hair in place while dancing?

    In all seriousness though – loving the whole comeback :D They were gone for so long!

  89. I Am Super Excited! I Love Boyfriend! They never seem to disappoint me! I love their MV cuz it was very different than what they have done. It was amazing and the whole story of Peter Pan and getting betrayed by him was surprising and super amazing! The whole bookcase circle thingy was pretty cool! And the dance moves and everything from it was amazing! I can’t stop listening to it! Its so catchy! Everyone has become super awesome! They have matured and made the wait worth while. I can’t wait for the next MV that will come out! I bet is amazing as well! Boyfriend Fighting!! ^_^ Come Back to Texas for a concert!!!! <3

  90. I really like Boyfriend’s song Janus but haven’t paid proper attention to them until Obession came out. First, can I say how much I love the music and the beat? The dance is so on-point with the rhythm and the rap is actually really on target as well and flows together so nicely. It’s really catchy and actually reminds me of EXO’s Growl just in terms of catchy beat. I don’t know their names but they’re all very attractive and adorable. The MV is extremely thoughtful and cleverly well-planned in terms of the storyline and editing. Instead of having the usual protagonist, Peter Pan is the antagonist and we can see the progression of the members of Boyfriend actually turning from the struggling heroes to the sympathized-villains. It reminds me of how every character, good or bad, has their own story, like how every person has his/her own story. Thus, I come to the conclusion that YES I would very much like to have hot chocolate with the members of Boyfriend. Who wouldn’t want to have hot chocolate in the EYK mobile with cute, broke but musically talented guys? ;) THOSE CDS ARE CALLING MY NAME just saying. EYK NASTY FOREVER :3

  91. I liked the rotated camera angle that made it seem like they were dancing upside down. Not exactly original, but the timing and camera view matched well and were extra intriguing.

    And omg. The blooper trolling…. HAHAHAHAHA!

  92. KEKE へ     /|
      /\7    ∠_/
      / │   / /
     │ Z _,< /   /`ヽ
     │     ヽ   /  〉
      Y     `  /  /
     イ● 、 ●  ⊂⊃〈  /
     ()  へ    | \〈
      >ー 、_  ィ  │ //
      / へ   / ノ<| \\
      ヽ_ノ  (_/  │//
      7       |/
      >―r ̄ ̄`ー―_

  93. OMG MY FAVORITE PART OF THE MV WAS 0:45 when Youngmin came out ;A; his voice was so manly QAQ and I was HITTING MY HEAD ON THE TABLE after I heard his voice! AND ALSO 1:42 when kwangmin started rapping QAQ I was crying over it so bad QAQ he became so manly compare to 3 years ago!!! HIS HAIR STYLE IS SO CUTE SDFGHJKL HE IS JUST CUTE IN GENERAL!!!! (knowing that he still likes pikachu eue) I LOVE EVERY PART OF THE MV!!

    • Anyways Just had korean food for dinner eue (best thing ever)
      AND AND AND!! I was gonna talk more about the MV, so yeah I’m rate KWANGMIN’S HAIR 11 out of 10! IT SUITS HIM SO MUCH ;-; (I know he’s always trying to be the ‘gangster’ rapper of the group) ;-; and his image in this come back is just so awesome ;-; everything in this MV WAS NOT EXPECTED!! oh my kwangminnie ;; I LOVE HIS RAP I WILL LISTEN TO IT EVERY DAY! EVERY NIGHT! EVERY HOUR! EVEN IN MA DREAMS!! I’LL MAKE IT AS MY RINGTONE (I did eue) THEIR DANCE IS AMAZING TOO SERIOUSLY! I didn’t see that coming!! ;; they must worked so hard… AND I HAVE BEEN WAITING ABOUT 2 YEARS FOR THIS COME BACK!! I’m just gonna sit back and cry for now… cry myself to sleep ;; my feels… oh my feels… QAQ

  94. My favourite part of the video would have to be the book tunnel, but the bit that stuck out to me was the bit at 1:26 to 1:28 or so. The idea of actually doing this during a pool game just seemed so funny, especially as instead of being even a little annoyed, they all seem to be concentrating on the book so intently.

  95. shirtless hyunseong in this mv? YESSSS. that was my #1 favorite part

  96. lalipop

    my favorite part is when they had no money and they were like “credit card”

  97. akuma_tsubasa

    i guess my favorite part would have to be the part when minwoo raps and then at the end when the girl was capture by that guy and had the bomb attach to her.

  98. My favorite part of the video was the sweaty bellybutton in the first 15 seconds, really just stuck with me the entire time… so nasty!

  99. Syazlynn Lynn

    My favourite part is when Minwoo & Kwangmin rap. They use like glowy chairs..? My brain don’t even functioning through out the video. I can’t even think what’s my favourite part is! The boys, dance, MV! It is All A PERFECTION! How Can i only have one favourite part?!!! π-π Peter Pan change to Hook? AWESOME! I hope EYK has more BOYFRIEND vis :# I love BOYFRIEND, thank you for inviting them even it’s just 6 minutes of filming~ Hehehe…

  100. The chorus was mind blowing! I got addicted to it right away! :D and the whole story! I’m a big nerds of original stories (espacialy about Grimms tales but meh) so I was ecstatic!

  101. Boyfriend has always had such a “cute” concept that watching this whole video, It’s dificult to come to a conclusion of a favorite part. Their beat to the song is just so addicting such as the choreography. But if I could have a favorite part it’d be silly and simple. It’s be at 0:16 when Minwoo throws the dart at the dart target and misses…It’s quite close, but not that exact target and as he does it his face looks so serious filled with a bad boy image! :) It’s quite cute and funny looking at him in that way since he has always had a cute image. But then at 0:31 he comes out with a smile ;) That part would have to be my favorite. But just like Minwoo looks that’s how all the members look as well with their bad boy image ;) Donghyun,Hyunseong, and Jeongmin throw a smirk throughout the video, but the Maknaes keep their bad boy image! <3 It's adorable. Instead of captivating me with their cute concept, they captivated me trying to be bad boys c;

  102. Yeoreum

    I liked the choreo scenes the best especially that one part where the back up dancers slid in a couple chairs in a sorta checkered pattern and one of the members (I couldn’t get a clear look at his face ;A;) walks on top of them and the chairs light up with each step. 

  103. I really like the part in the beginning where Jeongmin starts to sing. It was very surprising to see the difference between styles of this music video and the other ones.

  104. In all seriousness though, my favourite part was probably the choreo and the outfits. They did Minwoo and Kwangmin soooo well in this. Kwangmin’s eyebrow action was colossal. The fact that they went from Be My Shine to Obsession is absolutely insane and they pulled it off extremely well. I was a little worried that Minwoo wouldn’t pull it off but he completely exceeded my expectations. Overall, beautiful boys like Boyfriend makes for a happy me. ☆

  105. My favourite part of Boyfriend’s video was when when there was some treasure trail action in the beginning. Don’t even lie to yourselves and say you didn’t like it because you did. *Simon voice* Oooooh I’m so nasty~ 

  106. ycha

    my favorite part of the video was when hyuseung didn’t have a shirt on….. yes is would sound bad but was one of my favorite part! and other of my favorite part was when minwwo and when kwangmin was walking on some block that have light when he was walking by. and kwangmin rapping i love those parts. i really love this video and boyfriend! i haven’t have the opportunity of winning something cause i’m overseas i would be happy to win this!

  107. I have many favourite parts of the mv! I just cant pick one. The biggest thing I looove about Obsession is probably the originality and how it’s different, not only to their usual style but also to k-pop in general. Boyfriend’s videos are usually full of aegyo; they’ve done manly concepts too (such as in Janus and I Yah mvs) but the fact that not only did they have a storyline to it but they incorporated a CLASSIC story with a little bit of a modern/alternate universe kind of thing. Also, Minwoo is amazing at rapping (as always) and Kwangmin is too… but Minwoo is one of my biases soo to me, Minwoo will always shine brighter than any other stars… and im not sure if this is because he has really improved as a rapper and an idol or because the song just really fits him, but they say that Shinee’s Minho is the charismatic rapper… I personally think that Minwoo was just completely topped that!! Like he’s just off the scale! And let’s not forget about Hyunseung’s abs, the hexagon bookshelf thing and Youngmin’s body roll at 1:09… there are just soo many amazing things that make up this mv that I cannot pick just one. I really really hope u guys read this and realize that im truly a very very biig fan of Boyfriend. I really really wanna win one of the cds!!! It would be an absolute dream come true!

  108. JagNeoguli

    My favorite part? I have to say the weird faces that the guys did when the girl was about to explode holding the bomb, their faces where like “What the… why she’s holding that thing?” To be honest Kwangmin’s face was pure gold!

    I actually had two favorite parts in their new MV.First, the bookshelf cave and secondly the way they turned the bad guy/good guy role around. Usually Peter Pan is the good guy but in the scenario he’s the villain! :0

    To Boyfriend:
    Thank you for appearing in the video with w/EYK. All of the nasties and best friends really appreciated it! I also want to thank you for coming to Dallas during your North American showcase tour. It was a night that I’ll never forget. You made a lot of best friends dreams come true. I am one honored best friend of Boyfriend.

  110. Favorite part? The boys!

  111. !!! This is so cool!!! My favourite part of Boyfriend’s MV was the book tunnel… Except I wouldn’t want to walk on any of the books… I’d still love a book tunnel like that. Could you imagine if a hallway in your house was a booktunnel?!?!?!

  112. My favourite part of the video would have to be the outfits and the settings. They were much different than what I have seen in past Boyfriend music videos and it shows how much they and their music has matured. I also just love the bookcase tunnel. It was very different and it appealed to my book nerd side. :3 (but tbh the whole concept was superb and I was happily surprised by it!)

  113. Best image update I have seen for a while. They were rocking it!

    My favorite part of the video is the tunnel of books. I want one very badly. A close second is the part of the dance where there is a mirrored copy of them dancing above them. It was a really neat effect.

  114. I really like the tunnel of books. That was, by far, one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. If I ever get a house with a hexagonal hallway, now I know what I’m doing with it. :D

  115. Wish

    XD Trying to freeload.
    But I really love the concept. The video is just as bombastic as the song, and the whole twist on the original story was amazing. FULL SUPPORT.

  116. Wish

    XD Trying to freeload.
    But I really love the concept. The video is just as bombastic as the song, and the whole twist on the original story was amazing. FULL SUPPORT. :3

  117. My favorite part of the video is when Donghyun puts the hook on because that’s when I was like.. “oh………………….OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! CAPTAIN HOOK AND THE PETER PAN BOOK AND OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” & I want their library with a cushion that looks just like the other walls so I can dive in and scare people before I read.

  118. I liked this image change for Boyfriend. While it’s nice to see some aegyo sometimes, which they definitely have the faces for, it is nice to see their image toughened up in this video. I think it suits them really well.
    I must say though, I loved the hexagon shaped library! Talk about awesome!!!! I love to read and have tons of books, so I would totally dig having that.
    I also liked the fact that only once of the boys had the girl, not the entire group. Well, that is what I have to say. Loved the cute video you did with them. Too bad you couldn’t really have some hot chocolate.

  119. paytonjade

    My favorite part of the music video was when Kwangmin was like “You don’t even know what to say no more!” hehe His English was so adorable & I loved his shirt because it looked like it had like a cape/wings looking thing on it lol (YOU’RE NOT A BAT GIRL LOL)

  120. The video had me at the bookcase tunnel. WANT.

    (Actually, the song’s pretty catchy and totally not what I was expecting to hear, in a good way!)

  121. My favorite part of it was when Martina was taking “Hot Chocolate” with the guys, it was pretty natural and not forced. Very good acting, it didn’t felt like a skit, it felt more like a day with friends having a good time together without the pressure of being an “idol”.

  122. Oh no! This is a paragraph… but oh well. I can’t help but indulge in some analysis. Here goes:
    I loved this video. Honestly, I’m not just trying to get a Boyfriend CD (even though I really want one!!!) It’s rare to see such a refreshing video in K-pop. There are too many close-up shots of pining bands staring morosely off into distant lens flares. While the video has many strong points (I admire teens who can so readily abandon a game a billiards in favor of a book, or who can sport neck tattoos with so much… flair), I absolutely LOVED the book tunnel idea. This is not only because it looked cool which, let’s face it, is probably why it was included by the video’s director, but because it adds a certain level of ambiguity to the video. You could be a pessimist (I’m decidedly not, but I’m just saying, you COULD be) and say that that “ambiguity” is just the video’s poor editing shining through, but I really believe that Boyfriend, and “1theK” are on to something, because this video raises a lot of questions: is Wendy just a girl who has happened upon “Peter Pan” and is she imagining her encounter with the Lost Boys/Boyfriend? Is she trapped in the real world, and Boyfriend is studying up to get her back? Are we witnessing the birth of a new “Hook” as boyfriend realizes that Wendy is gone? To me, the book tunnel signifies a link between the real world and that which Boyfriend is trapped in, a sort of reimagined “Neverland.” It’s a refreshing take, and (in my opinion) even better than Boyfriend’s, I’ll admit, convincing Aegyo. Thanks!

  123. My favorite part was when the girl blew up. I somehow completely missed the plot the first time watching and was very surprised by the sudden explosion, haha. I really did like the song and video and it was an interesting style change. Very different from the image in my head where I still see them wearing those beautiful floral suits.

  124. My favorite part of the vid was actually the scenes where I got to see the choreography. They have really improved and those light up chairs were awesome. Oh and there were abs too which I am not complaining about lol

  125. I wish this video was longer too lol. You guys should do fun stuff with groups more often :D Wish you could do fun stuff with SHINee to make up for what happened before, but let’s face it SM would never be cool like that :(

  126. The whole music video was sooo awesome from the dancing, to the concept, to the music itself. If I had to pick, I would say my favorite part of the music video was the close head shots where the members were making some pretty nice faces. ;D

    • I can’t believe I forgot to mention.. the rapping (SO sexy; I love the maknae line!) was also AMAZING!! I like that not only is the concept different from everything else they’ve done before but even the music/singing style is different. It’s got a really cool rock edge to their voices, but it makes me wonder if it’s kind of straining on their vocal cords..

  127. As for the music video. I really liked all the parts eith the bookselves. Whene they where all walking through it I wonderd how they had made that set… had they used mirror ( which seems unlikely) or had they used fake books and atatched them on the bookself.

    • they just printed bookbacks (is that what you call the back of a book?) and pasted them on the wall (in many cases not even very well). On a sidenote, they didn’t have quite enough different titles :) theres a lot of the same books in that case.

  128. I love it! They seem like they would be so fun to hang out with.

  129. Hmm…I really liked the part where they started thinking if they should give their signed albums as a payment because it looked the most natural part of this video. I really liked that part. The whole video vas a lot of fun. I was literally open mouthed when I saw the video update in youtube. Amazing. I wish it was longer… :D

  130. Hot chocolate video was funny! This MV was totally different than the last one I saw, the aegyo one. Love the dance and the song!

  131. Oh man do I have to pick a favourite part? The entire video was awesome! I was so happy that they’ve moved to a tougher image though (like you Martina, I don’t really go for the cutie boy stuff) and the chorus has me hooked! This is going to be playing around in my head for the next week XD
    and my favourite part of your video has gotta be them asking “card? you take card???” I dunno why but I laughed myself a six-pack when i heard that!

  132. I looooove their tattoos. New fetish. don’t judge me. I’m a nasty. ;)

  133. i love the awesome bookcase. it’s portal to another world. kekeke

  134. I like this video plus I am a huge
    fan of the band boyfriend this is the best one plus I like their new concept is is owsome.

  135. That book tube thingy set was pretty rad

  136. My favourite scene would have to be at the end, when Donghyun is putting on the hook. Before that scene I was slightly confused about what was going on but that scene made the whole video make sense. Also the scenes in the bookcase tunnel were pretty cool, that is one awesome set ^_^

  137. YooHoo

    This was so cute and fun! I’m so glad Starship is totally ok with videos like this!

  138. I…I just gotta say…Simon, how long does it take you to go!?!? TOO LONG MISTER!

  139. My favourite part of Boyfriends Mv would probably be the veeeeeery end with Donghyun putting on the hook. It makes the whole mv seem like a little back story of the history between Captain Hook and his crew and Peter Pan, and with this version I am definitely team Hook :’D
    The book case tunnel was pretty cool too ^^
    (Side note: Martina I applaud you! Im not sure how you kept so calm while being in such an enclosed space with Boyfriend ~(˘▾˘~) )

  140. I absolutely adore Boyfriend, i loved how they reworked the peter pan concept. Also the choreography was amazing and i loved the song. I really love seeing this side of Boyfriend, i love their cute concepts but this was very refreshing.

  141. Excuse me, I just want to make sure that Boyfriend’s video means their MV or Hot Chocolate With Boyfriend ?

  142. Boyfriends back <3
    And with a peter pan/ bad boy comeback. I know many people are surprised but as a best friend boyfriend have said that they wish to show many sides of how a good boyfriend should be and this may just be one of them. I am not disappointed at all!
    First of all the MV is totally my kind of favorite, not just a dance but also with a story line to with it as well. Im ashamed to say i cried so much…soo much actually that my roommate here in college regrets not filming me. But hey you know your a true fan when your favorite band has a comeback and you cry and scream so much that your neighbors go to your door .-. oops XD. Anyways my favorite part of the MV has to be the ending. When the boys see peter pan get the girl and all of a sudden KABOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!! I mean common she exploded :o!!! how crazy was that!!!! It was totally out there to see something like that and it took me by surprise but it makes sense, with that explosion and the girl gone thats how captain hook became to be and why he hates peter pan which shows at the end when donghyun has the hook in his arm. I was like OOMMGMGGG!!! O.O!!!! Bloody brilliant!!! I have to say this is one of my favorite comebacks along with love style. Ive been a best friend since the beginning and it would be amazing to win this album plus it feels like it has been forever!!! Which really it has i mean common 1 year and 5 months? Not counting the Japanese promotions of coarse :p

  143. I’m not knowledgeable of the details in Peter Pan. If I sound like I don’t know what I’m talking about, it is because I don’t. 8^O
    My favorite part of the video was the story. I enjoyed their take on how the character had become Hook. The moment the Hook was shown I was like, “Dude(referring to the Peter character), you don’t even know what you have created.”
    Although it was dramatic and junk, I found it to be a little silly. It was like, “If I can’t have her, no one will!” *BOOM* Whoa bro! I know you don’t have a solid grasp of reality but that was extreme. Any-hoo,twas an interesting video to watch. Boop.

  144. KATHyphenTUN

    You are all so cute! xP
    Big thanks to starship and boyfriend for bringing us something new and exciting!!! ^^

  145. My favorite part of the music videos were the parts with the book tunnels. As an avid book nerd, books are my life. The book tunnel was a very creative scene and I kind of want a book tunnel myself. It’s also something that I have never seen before and caught my eye every single time it flashed to the books.

  146. lalipop

    my favorite part of the video was when they didn’t have money and they were like “credit card” (in a questionable voice). I thought that was really funny. aja aja fighting :)

  147. My favorite part of Boyfriend’s music video were the scenes where they mirrored the group dancing on top of each other. I’ve been a huge fan of Boyfriend since their debut, they were my first kpop group ever and my favorite one to this day, and they still continue to surprise me. Their music videos are always so well done and that scene really added to the edgy-ness and unique-ness of the video. I’ve really never seen it done before. It made it possible to see all of the awesome outfits they were wearing and the amazing choreography. It added a cool touch to the mv. Overall this was a really fantastic concept and I love Boyfriend so much! Thank you so much for doing this and I hope you consider me to receive their signed album!

  148. My most favourite part of the video is the beginning where they show the peterpan theme comes in (more) at 2:34. You can clearly follow and relate to the real story. I love how they’ve grown so much, I loved them since Boyfriend – Boyfriend. It’s so different from the other videos in the beginning which I also liked. Boyfriend messed up my bias groups, and I really don’t mind cause I became to love ‘em more and more over some years. We Bestfriends (If I speak for the fandom) have waited for a korean comeback for quite a long time, but it was worth it (for me). They really showed am mature image of themselves which I also like. You can see how far they’ve come. Still as a bestfriend I’m proud. Boyfriend Fighting!!~~~

    As for this video you did with ‘em.. their english is priceless! Allthough it makes them a little dorky and cute. I don’t mind studying korean specially for ‘em!

    -X from The Netherlands (Hope to see you again in Amsterdam! :D)

  149. I can’t pick out a favorite part, because I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this new concept and music video. I was getting tired of the cutesy stuff, the girls are in charge of that. I’m sooo glad Boyfriend changed it up, I saw the teaser and I was really looking forward to this new concept!
    I watched the MV when it came out and just thought like damnnnnn, Starship must have sent them to bootcamp or something cause rough looks, tattoos, and badasses? I’m lovin’ this!

  150. Guys that video was crazy. I like the mature concept. Looks like Boyfriend is turning into Manfriend. But I am quite confused by the video. Why would they blow the girl up? Was the guy in green supposed to be Peter Pan? And were they supposed to be Hook and his crew? Omg too many questions. Anyways I do like the direction they are going in now. Very different. Very bueno. .ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 너무 좋아

  151. I really like the music video. It was super powerful (odd like the random standing on chairs and super old fashion bomb…but what’s kpop with out the weird). Actually, my favorite part was the bomb! I mean there were like 8 sticks of dynamite (kinda) and it was all “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show” (hey that’s a good cartoon yo), then when it blows only she is killed (or is she reading a story??). Either way I really like the deus ex machina feel the bomb brings and the hook for hand is always a good way to end a video XD

  152. I really liked that the MV was so different form their other video’s, but they came back more mature and I do like the bad guy attitude. But come on, what girl doesnt like a bad guy every once in a while? The dance was great and very though too^^
    And then there was that treasure trail/ abs close up in the beginning of the video…. I died >_<

  153. Something that I really noticed about the music video was the juxtaposition between the two worlds. theres the real gangster world, the library tunnel, and the the more classical black and white style room. The way the story progresses through each of these areas shows the characters progression well.
    The gangster backdrop as well as the ‘gangsta’-ness of boyfriend show that rebel attitude of never wanting to grow up. then the classical style shows wendys innocence of the world through the crisp, cleanness of the architecture behind it. The book tunnel was my favorite though. Not only was it the link between the two worlds, but it just just awesome. You never stand on a library bookcase, and just the spatial aspects are awesome. If I could add to it i would have just made that an infinite bookcase, it would have been so awesome to just see it go off and never end. But that is just me :)
    This video and song were really awesome in general though! Cool twist on a classic plot.

  154. Minty

    I was Surprised ! And I truely liked It ! The concept of the clip, the outfits and the choregraphy ! Everything changer And That’s what Ilike about Kpop Band they can change evolve try different things and that thing Worked for the Cute Boyfriend ! Please have you ever seen a dance on flashing Chairs ? On Chairs Ok. With Chairs Ok but Not Flashy Chairs ! Turning On when they step on It weel I don’t seen the use but I see the Coolnest of thess useless lights ! Well I could talk about the song the moves, the missing Tee-Shirt and the Secret Peter Gang but I’m sure Youre going to do It better than : Music Monday ! Did they really had Chocolate in these empty looking cups ? x) Well I’ve said enought ~ I truely like Boyfriend and The Eat Your Kimchi Crew ! Fithing ! Bye ~

  155. At first I thought this was just going to be Peter and his “Lost Boyz” saving Wendy from big bad villain with their intense dance moves. There’s been a lot of revisiting the traditional “villian’s” story lately (Maleficent, Frozen, Wicked, etc.). I like their take on Captain Hook actually being the one that cares about Wendy, and Peter being possibly abusive? (at the very least a crappy boyfriend). The imagery of the hook at the end is very powerful and I also like how they blurred/didn’t fully reveal the wanted poster to keep you guessing until the very end. Also, did anyone else not expect them to actually have the bomb explode and kill Wendy? Whatttttt.

    Boyfriend usually strikes me as much less dark than this, so I actually enjoyed their break from the usual.

  156. My favorite part of the MV is the scene which boyfriend walk throng the “book shelves tunnel”? And the camera swing 360 degree! I just think the scene is so cool and affective even though I really don’t know how it relates to the theme…. And the other part that I like is the choreography which Kwangmin raps and steps forward on the chairs. In fact, I am sooooooo wooried about what if he misses the step and falls off on the stage? (jk…..I am sure it won’t happen!) Last but not least, my personnel bias scene is how Jeongmin playing the skateboard and passing through the members! Jeongmin is just so charming!!!!!!!!! 보이프렌드 대박!!!!!!!!!!! (BTW, I am an international student in Canada, I feel bad with my English XD)

  157. Aww I’ve missed them <3 Honestly I've been saying this a lot but it's because it's true- I cried so many tears during the MV and comeback (and during this video too), I've actually probably cried more than I cried during my AP test ( and that was a pretty painful experience…) I MISSED THEM SO MUCH JUST SEEING THEM GOSH Oh and I laughed really hard too because they're idiots (the exploding scene made me laugh whoops sorry I promise no hate) oh and Jeongmin being the hooligan he is and how he skateboarded in front of Minwoo who was throwing darts..

    • Oh so the whole video was my favorite (yes please applaud me for the cliche but really) But I really liked the exploding scene (cuz of Kwangmin’s face I dare you to go see it) and Jeongmin being a dingus.. And

  158. My favorite parts about the video were the interactive choreography and the tunnel library. :P There seemed to be a lot of interaction with each other and objects in the choreography which was a lot of fun. I loved the tunnel library 1) because I’m an English/Ed major, and 2) because it had a very magical feel. I would definitely follow a magical tunnel of books to Neverland.

  159. this is gonna sound weird, but my favorite thing about the videos were the books :o xD I thought they were beautiful and the writing was really pretty :) I also really liked that spinning tunnel thingy full of books aswell xD I don’t really know what to call it, seemed to me like a spinning library xD

  160. First,I wanna say I really like the new comment section,so first time commmenting like this…My favourite part(like many others) is the library and their new concept,they seem more mature now.I hope u can do more fun things like this,but also combined with a small interview( some sort of funny questions or games ).I kinda felt, (I know this time, you didn´t have so much time)it was too short,i like to see the group(Any group) reactions(at strange,silly questions,) and interaction with u guise( like u did with Eric Nam).Also,if u have the chance ,why not make something like this with actors and other T.V.celebrities and not only..Maybe a section just for actors and dramas.. LOVE and Greetings from (a croatian)living in Germany..

  161. ChaoticCassidy

    Its so difficult to choose my favorite moment of the MV but I have to say generally any scene in the Hexagon of bookshelves I don’t know why but I just love how it looks with them standing on it.

  162. amethist520

    My favorite part of the MV was the stools that light up when they were stepping on it. It made me think how nice it would be to have one of them but then also thinking of the costs for electricity and how it would be powered

  163. My Favorite part of MV was the spinning book tunnel, it made me think of Alice in Wonderland and the trip down the “rabbit hole”. This was my first time watching a Boyfriend MV as I’m more of a BTS fan. But I’m going to look at some of their other stuff now.

  164. aayni

    My favourite part of Boyfriend’s video was the story. I liked the use of a Disney fairy tale which made it different. I’m glad that the director changed it up from other typical romance music videos. I think the actress who played Wendy really fit the role. I also really like the new concept. It’s nice to see that they’re trying out concepts that really show that they are growing up and becoming more mature. From the costumes to the music video, Boyfriend shows a different side of them and it was great!

  165. I like Hyunseong’s gesture at 0:21 in the MV. It’s both tempting and patronizing, telling me, “I DARE you to hear our story.” Beginnings of Kpop MVs tend to be filled with sexy shots introducing each member and his/her new look, as well as the set and its important pieces, but not a lot do a good job. Objects and sexy stares emphasized in many a Kpop MV’s beginning go on to carry minimal importance in the MV’s plot. But here, Hyunseong pulls a subtle SunnyHill by saying, “I DO have a story to tell you today, and you’re not going to like all of it.” Little moments like this in Kpop MVs, combined with good acting (ensured when the band actually knows what the MV is about), mean a lot to me.

  166. Fun skit. Especially since the car didn’t move. Next time have everyone move up in down in the car while nothing outside the windows moves. Its like extra cheese

  167. I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way, but I love alternative universes. I think we’ve seen people really like the Captain Hook character. I love that we get to see here an alternative universe where Captain Hook is really a good guy, and Peter Pan is evil. So interesting! Plus, if Captain Hook was that gorgeous, how could you not love him? :D

  168. my favorite part was either the choreography with the uhh not sure what they were.. light up stools?? idk but i really liked it haha. either that part or the parts with that hexagon library shelves thing that looked pretty awesome ^_^

  169. That library. Seriously. Anyone who’s watched Disney’s take on Beauty and the Beast knows that a big ass library is the way to a girl’s heart!

  170. Favorite part of the video? Hmmmmm, what part could the person getting a Masters of Library and Information Science really REALLY like? Maybe…..the opening with THE AMAZING HEXAGON BOOKS SHELF WITH ALL THE BOOKS!!!! Seriously. Want that. Right now. Nerd-gasm.

  171. My favorite part of the music video had to be the concept. The concept seems more mature to me this time around. I love the whole i’m grown and a bad boy but not really feel. I Like they have grown up and their skills have improved a ton. The song is also super catchy and got to love their dance!! Oh and i loved the book shelve at the beginning i need one of those for my room!

  172. My favorite part of the New MV of Boyfriend is that they took one of my favorite childhood stories into something new and different. And I really liked it! There new concept was so different that I love it! It suits them! For some reason I find this story of Peter Pan a bit more better than the original. ^^’ I especially loved that circle book thingy lol XD I especially love the 3Min they are pretty amazing! Gosh there is so much that i love about boyfriend! Hope they comeback to TEXAS!! <3

  173. Mascha_S2

    I realy liked the Umleitung sing its German for diversion. I think ist cute because they wanted to show us that Boyfriend took a new direction.

  174. I really like how Boyfriend managed to adapt to a such a different concept; it proves that they can be versatile both musically and stylistically.

    I was impressed by how Donghyun was able to alter his singing voice to create that unique sound that matched the song. Minwoo and and Kwangmin’s rapping parts fit in seamlessly into the song, and the English parts were pretty decent. Hyunseong seemed to be more comfortable with filming in this music video, as compared to their first music video, where he only got a few solo shots, and even then they were pretty short.

    The group has really changed a lot (for the better), and I’m glad that they’re maturing into talented artists in the music industry.

  175. My favourite part is the random “Umleitung” sign (German for “detour/diversion route”). I don’t know why K-Pop MV directors love putting unrelated German street signs into their set-ups, but it never fails to amuse me. ^^

  176. My favorite part was the spinning book room but I kept expecting at least one book fall of the shelves. Also like the new interpretation of Captain Hook’s back story and what his treasure really was.

  177. kaniasukma

    LMAO i love this skit, i love every single youngmin’s english words xD i think they should do this a lot and next time PLEASE BRING DONGHYUN, HYUNSEONG, AND JEONGMIN’S OUT!! XD I MISS THEM SO BADLY ><

  178. I sometimes freelance as a photography assistant where I’m a stand in for a lot of shots while the models are still in hair and make-up so I was pretty amused to see Soo Zee playing the same role here.

  179. I’ve haven’t been a fan of Boyfriend for long as i enjoy ‘bad boy’ concepts a lot more than cutesy ones so this song and mv was right up my street! ^^ I really enjoyed the chorus and thought the actually music track was pretty awesome! I hope they have more songs like this on their album and in the future :) Boyfriend FIGHTING! EYK FIGHTING :D

  180. NO MORE FLUFFY WHITE BUNNIES! victory! *does happy dance* This kind of song and dance was what I was expecting when they first debuted and all I had seen was their very first puddle stomping teaser.
    The kids are growin up so fast. *wipes snot tears*
    On a more serious note really enjoyed the video. It was short, sweet, fun, and entertaining. It made me want to check them out and see what the new album was about because they were really bright and playful.
    Although I still like your interviews and the marshmallow sticky photo booth at the end I really liked this kind of quick fun video too.
    It also, as a fan of kpop groups, kind of puts me at ease. That might sound really weird, but as a fan you see how busy the schedules are for these groups that you follow closely and at some point you kind of just want them take a break. The shortness of the video makes it easy for a group to just get in get out and have fun and laugh for a little under 10minutes. Also they don’t have to all repeat what they have to say on music shows and other interviews for the umpteenth time.
    I hope you get to do this kind of quick “shout out” skit again soon.

  181. turtlewax22

    I LOVE IT !! their new song is great :D also the skit was so fun to watch !

  182. Loved Kwangmin’s scorpions under a pot hat, S&M TOTALLY need one for the next KMM!

  183. Yinthe

    It’s really fun to see you do short and somewhat silly video’s like this one, with idols. While I do like to watch interviews too, I prefer the ones that aren’t so standard and boring. Having silly moments, playing games, etc, those sort of things make it fun to watch a video.
    Also great to see you have a good relationship with Starship =) Hopefully this continues, because I like the things you have done with them so far.

    Lastly, I can see comments again! Even decided to finally stop lurking and make an account to comment myself. O___O

  184. I really liked the concept of Peter Pan actually being evil, and killing the girl who I assume is Wendy by blowing her up with the bomb that Boyfriend was planning for Peter. I like how you see a short flashback of them with Wendy in a more innocent setting, it shows that they grew up. Then after Wendy is killed Donghyun turns into Hook, so it is like the origins of Hook and it makes Peter Pan the crocodile that ate Hooks hand (or blew it up in this concept). I just really like the concept.

    Also I liked the bookcase tunnel, but I wanted to cringe whenever they walked over the books at the bottom of the tunnel. Boyfriend has really matured in this video and it’s a new concept we haven’t seen from them. I only wish I could have had hot chocolate (or even fake hot chocolate that was just an empty cup) with them.

  185. Hana

    It didn’t seem like it would the ‘Peter Pan’ fairytale would fit the song at first, but the more I watched, the more I understood what was going on then finally I was growing to love both the song and the music video!
    I didn’t think Boyfriend would be Wendy’s Peter Pan(s) from the way they looked like in the music video(not complaining, they look extremely hot- I fell off my chair from spazzing and hyperventilating).
    My favorite part was at the 2:39 mark until the end, like totally unexpected ermegeeeerd. Was it Peter Pan(since he was wearing an all-green outfit) trying to hold her back from Donghyun(the leader) and the others? I think so, I was totally shocked when she suddenly exploded out of nowhere. That part was awesome pawsome! The ending was totally cool, turns out that Donghyun is Captain Hook and the other members are part of his crew. Also, did anybody else notice that FINALLY, A BOY GROUP THAT DOESN’T SHARE JUST ONE DANG GIRL?! LIKE SHE’S NOT CHEATING ON ANY OF THE MEMBERS AND IS THE LOVE INTEREST OF ONLY ONE GUY. FRICK FRACK, FINALLY. The hexagonic(is that even a word? it is now, for me) library was pretty artsy fartsy too, I like it.

  186. I liked the take on the story of Peter Pan and how the lyrics help to make the story. Had I not read the translations I wouldn’t have completely gotten the plot. What I took from it was, Wendy was so obsessed with Peter that she couldn’t see who the good guys really were, Hook. But when she finally realizes, Peter takes her hostage and kills her to keep her from going to Hook.

    I also liked how they didn’t hold back. Most stories or MVs (especially in Kpop) would have ended it with them saving Wendy. But they didn’t. They blew her up, Peter won, and Hook lost his hand in the blast.

    Also, I though it funny that knifes are so bad that they had to censor them but then they blew up some poor girl like its nothing.

  187. I admit I really loved the ending but the whole video was a really cool new concept for them. I really like how Boyfriend has grown and are losing that cutesy, cheesy feel. I mean I still love it and rock out cleaning to Love Style but I like how they have changed.

    Also, that book hallway was seriously awesome. My the librarian in me squeal with joy a bit. The explosives part made me laugh too, since the guy was like, “hey girl… hold this a sec.” And then she exploded. :) Ah, Captain Hook: Origins.

    Hope you guys are taking time out to relax!

  188. My favorite part is when bayfriend starts dancing. I really like the Dance. :)

  189. My favorite part of the music video is when Boyfriend first appears on screen in their ‘hideout’. Because, it is the first real moment we get an impact on Boyfriend’s new concept and dramatic style change. You see a shirtless Hyunseong, looking all muscular and striking a punching bag. Then, Minwoo full of tattoos and throwing a dart with a ‘I’m too cool for this game’ gaze; followed by Jeongmin riding across the room with a skateboard like he doesn’t give a flower. Kwangmin is so concentrated in playing solo pool, looking like he would flip on anyone who messes his game up. Youngmin has a whole chemistry lab going on in that table, showing us that rebels can be smart. After a few dance cues, our wonderful leader, Donghyun, wakes up from a bad ass midday nap; rebelling takes a lot of energy from you. What I also like about this part is that each member is in character and even though they are not speaking they are trying to act an individual role in their new darker version of peter pan inspired fairy-tale. The dancing was on point too!

  190. I couldn’t stop smiling the entire video :3 Hope other idols can do these kind of things more!

  191. I would love to have hot chocolate with them! I love the video and I would love to see more videos like this with other artists. I would also like to see you expand out to actors, comedians, and other TV personalities as well. Keep up the nasty work!

  192. Overall I enjoyed the change in perspective making Pan out to be the bad guy who kidnaps the girl and Hook the good guy who would save her from him. My Favourite part of the music video was the plotting to get Peter Pan, where the poster says “Wanted: Simplified or Expanded” made me laugh. I really liked the mirrored dancing bit, it looked really cool. I also liked the small detail of the wing tattoo to show Tinker Bell as an ally of Hook.

  193. My favorite part is actually in the concept of the video. FINALLY we have a MV from a boy group that, even though it centers around one girl, It seems only ONE member is after her (my leader bias! ^_^) and the others are just the “pirate gang” there for support. Finally…

  194. My fave part of their video is the super sexy hall of books… Nothing sexier than being surrounded by all those books.

  195. The part that i love the most is… the end… but beacuse the were supposedly be Peter Pan… but at the end he turn in Captain Hook…!! so it was really impresive,… i really like this new concept for boyfriend… they are not kids anymore,…!

  196. This is seriously so cool.

  197. LillyBilly

    Waaaaaaaa soo awesome *.* That is pretty much all I can say XD I’m not that big of a fan of boyfriend – don’t bite, I think they are cool and all, I just like some other a bit better :)but as I said, they are really good too and if they would somehow some to Slovenia, I would go to their concert like the biggest fan girl XD

  198. In all honesty…. I loved the ending where he turned into Captain Hook. That was pretty awesome ^_^ in the beginning I liked the parts in the Hexagon library(?) but, the ending was kind of showed the hero turns evil which I liked

  199. Nana112244

    I want hot chocolate too~
    Though I like their aegyo-high energy-songs I love this sexy-grown up style more(which is the opposite of pter pan) My favorite part was definately the end scene when Donghyun put on the hook and they all sit&all look like bad boys [●♢●]

  200. Cyber_3

    Cool video, a little stilted but really good considering english is probably Boyfriend’s second/third language. The EYKmobile needs more action shots!

    Cyber_3 – first comment without disqus, it’s kind of weird. Killed “Redirect Cleaner” for eyk, everything all better.

  201. My favourite part is at the end when Donghyun puts on the hook implying that he is Captain Hook (which was so badass btw). I love the fact that they switched the antagonist/protagonist roles around (Peter Pan / Captain Hook).SO COOL! I freaking love this song, it’s got that whole 90s boyband sound. Also, A++ for the choreography and styling. The whole thing was simply my cup of tea; an old fantasy modernised.

    I am definitely looking forward to their comeback stage. Boyfriend fighting~

  202. I guess it’s more the song than the MV, but I was really digging the bass line in this song, and the random digital trill during the chorus. So good! But if we’re talking strictly MV, then the first cut to the “hide out” was my favorite part. I usually don’t watch Boyfriend videos, they’re too aegyo for me, but I was sooo happy this video was tougher and manlier. Boyfriend’s got a new fan~! ^w^

  203. I love this! much better than listen to “so whats your ideal girl?” or ” so tell me about your concept?” I’m not even fan of Boyfriend but an interview like this definitly made me check out their video^^ So Simon and Martina I defintly recommend this format^^(and great job by soozee too=P) I like the song, the theme is generic though right now,everyone has that colour scheme and clothes imo. By the way as a librarian i do no think that bookshelf was practical, definitly cool but who steps on books?! o.o XD

  204. Dr.Spudgiesworth1st

    Awesome would love one of those BOYFRIEND CD’s…the concert here in Puerto Rico was awesome they really enjoyed it and us too.. Well on the bloopers MV loved Soo Zee she looks so cute and love her purple hair
    -Dr.Spudgiesworth 1st-

  205. I actually liked the part where the girl died and peter turned pirate. The song is really cool. But I really liked the tunnel made of book shelves i thought it was cool. It’s my favorite BF song so far. But you are a bat girl still has a special place in my heart.

  206. thisisjustforfunval

    This was a very cute, silly skit. Definitely something different. Very enjoyable. I just wish there was a touch of interview or Boyfriend say a little more about their album. You know a little extra something, more Boyfriend. Overall it was great.

    I loved the creeper twin in the bloopers. XD

  207. The beginning bit was awesome, where the girl is around all the books the scene was original and it looked really cool. I also loved the dance it’s different to what I’ve seen in the past. The fact that they blurred out the knife on the wanted poster made me laugh (I still don’t really understand why they do that). The setting of the scene looked like it was underground and that Boyfriend were some underground gang which is pretty different from their other videos. The fact that the girl exploded was a bit disappointing but the ending was great with the hook. Boyfriend just blew up their ”young never grow old” cutesy image and became adult captain hooks. All of them look a lot more comfortable on camera than before which is great.

  208. I prefer this silly skits over long interviews too so I get what your saying. I hope there will be more of this type of things in the future :D

    • Oh and I fortgot My favourite thing about this music video is how they look and sound! They are so manly and the song is not cutie but … just great! xd My favourite moment was when they were dancing in the basement with little chairs!

  209. paris

    I think my favorite part of the music video, is when the girl blew up. I am sorry if it sounds cruel but I found it pretty funny. I felt like she could of threw the bomb back at the guy in green before it blew up.

  210. I really like the dance moves and the concept of Peter Pan whimsical/ bad boy attitude. At first I was wondering who the guy in the green suit, like was that Yoo Jae-Suk? But after the ending of the video when he put the hook on, it made a more sense that the role is reversed. Very interesting
    Like · Reply · 9 minutes ago

  211. ElFiFiina

    Hmm,Overall I think the Boyfriend MV is super awesome and went well with the music. Boyfriend Comeback really change a lot to a manly looks. No more cutie looks. They really make a very nice manly concept. I really like it and really appreciate their handwork for making their new comeback video obsession.
    I really love when Minwoo & Kwangmin rapping while standing on the chair. Soo cool & hottie. I really love when Youngmin singing his part. his cute and handsome looks make me fallen in love. I actually love their new comeback alot. Love their new concept. Keep It Up BOYFRIEND! Boyfriend Hwaiting! I’m a fans of Boyfriend bias is Youngmin,Kwangmin,Minwoo&Jeongmin. <3 ^_^

  212. gwf

    My favorite part of Obsession was the part where it shows Boyfriend when they were still ‘young’ (where all members wore white and with no tattoos. I think it was part of Donghyun’s memory) before they were deemed too ‘old’ and Peter Pen (PP) wants to get rid of them. I really love how they were so happy to see PP at first and how they were shocked when he rejected their hands and pushed them away, not forgetting how he strangled Donghyun. I feel that it not only show the reason as to why Boyfriend choose to rebel PP but also the transition of them from being a cute Boyfriend to a MENFRIEND in real! Furthermore, that part was a big contrast with the other parts of the MV with them all being white and innocent and the rest of the movie being dark and rebellious. I really love the contrast. I also love the effect of the blurriness and the focus was on PP that was the only color shown.

    I really hope i can get the signed CD. I’ve never participated in any of these contest before since I wasn’t a big fan to the other groups. But I’ve known Boyfriend even before their debut and it was pure coincidence that I came across their fanpage while browsing. From then on, i was a huge Bestfriend. Seeing them rise as a rookie and falling (maybe some fans wont agree but its true seeing the number of fans drop) after DTMG and now they are slowly rising back. Lots of Bestfriend has been waiting for this comeback for so long but all of us hanged in there even after a lot fake rumors of their comeback. HAHA. Im ranting so much but I really hope i will be able to win just this one time. Simon and Martina, if you are reading this, I hope you can choose me. Haha. Have a good day and thanks for forking out your time to create this video. Really appreciate it~~~

  213. SHINeeUKShawol

    ahahahahah that was so fun to watch!!!!
    and i liked the test video ahaha!!

  214. Loved the video you did with them, so funny haha.

    My favourite part of Boyfriend’s mv is from 2:39 – 3:25. I liked the part where the girl exploded, but I also like how the song goes from there, and the dance! (I also really liked 1:53-1:56, the library scene!)

    But yeah, Loved the song, video and dance! So catchy -w-

  215. lol love your skits they are too funny I always look foward to your videos they give me a smile even on not so great days

  216. ycha

    my favorite part of the video was when hyuseung didn’t have a shirt on….. yes is would sound bad but was one of my favorite part! and other of my favorite part was when minwwo and when kwangmin was walking on some block that have light when he was walking by. and kwangmin rapping i love those parts. i really love this video and boyfriend! i haven’t have the opportunity of winning something cause i’m overseas i would be happy to win this!

  217. Oh my.. this was hilarious! :’D

  218. Henry_Who

    Simon made his own hot chocolate?

  219. sweet

    The Hi-gh-li-ghte for me was:
    -the hexagonal library that should exist out of BF’s mv
    -That the young boys had grown up into ‘fierce masculine men’ with Hyunseong’s abs, boyfriends tattoos, graffiti and blurred knife (Psst, even though this was supposed to be a bad assed video, they had to blur out the knife, because KBS could possibly ban them)
    -the effort that Starship ent. spent on them for an interesting plotline, engaging concept, dance with chairs that light up on touch and beautiful background
    -the fact that they found out they were pushed out of Peter Pan’s group because they grew up and ultimately turned into Captain Cook’s gang as symbolised by the hook
    -That they, like captain cook’s band in the story of Neverland, followed the storyline that was set for them in the book that they were to bring a bomb that ultimately led to Wendy’s demise
    And, of course boyfriend in this music video who had performed stunningly for the music video

  220. mollymay5000

    SO, overall I think the story in the MV was really good and went well with the sound of the song. The beginning starts out really interesting with the girl walking through the books. I really like how that theme continues and they get flashes of her and eventually find their way to that same tunnel of books. It was really interesting to watch! I am really glad that the video came up on YouTube this morning for me :)

  221. I can only agree that this type of video/”interview” is much more interesting and funny than the usual ones! :D
    Regarding Boyfriend’s MV, I really loved those tattoos! They made them look dangerously handsome. *_* Moreover, the story had a surprising twist to it – and sort of a warning that not wanting to grow up is a hazardous dream…

  222. My favorite part was at the end, with the hook. Cause all the way through the MV you think they’re the lost boys, but then you realize they were the pirates. I love this! so good…

  223. Blissfullygone

    This was an interesting concept!

  224. This was a fun video! I’m glad you guys are using your opportunities to film with the bands to do fun things instead of interviews. As you said, it allows us to see their personalities in a way we don’t normally see. Of course, I also like when you are able to ask them questions directly from the fans too, so maybe in the end a mix would be good? Either way, definitely enjoyed this cute and short video.

    Also, I haven’t followed Boyfriend much, but I am really liking this video. Didn’t expect the twist at the end and it makes me want to go watch it again for more details. Kudos to their staff for doing something somewhat unique in engaging! And thanks to you guys as always for bringing us fun videos!

  225. Shihuaiee

    Cool beans! My fave part was the beginning when introducing the MV, when it showed their fun side…^U^

  226. Hahaaa, so so cute video! Wow, Starship Entertainment are pretty awesome. I’m glad you were able to do this – I remember being really amazed by K.Will. I think these kinds of skits really fit you guise, and I’m sure it must be a lot of fun for idols not doing always the same thing. I also think there should be more random friendship being made through hot chocolate. Thumbs up! I actually laughed the most at the sound your car makes when you are driving though ^^

  227. They were so bubbly and happy! Very awesome ^_^ As for my favorite part of the mv, I really liked the part where the one walks across the step stairs and they light up as he walks across them. A small part, but I was like “Woah!” hee ^^’

  228. Yeah!! I’m a nasty!! Woohoo! I actually didn’t understand the mv…
    I love the little skit <3

  229. I personally liked the part where all the members were walking through the tunnel of bookshelves. There wasnt really a top or bottom and they were just all over the place. Its a whole new concept to the box room, lol. I had never really been into boyfriend that much before but WOW I was completely thrown off guard when they came back and I first saw the video, I was like WHAT?! THATS BOYFRIEND? What happened to my aegyo boys they have grown up into dark sexy young men, lol I liked it alot. Its always awesome when groups try out new concepts that are drastic changes from previous images. I am really proud of them, and I am a new found bestfriend!!!

  230. I have to say that I do really love their new video, I was nervous because its really different from what they’re known for and I didn’t want another Coffee Shop -.- my favorite parts were actually the funny ones. Peter Pan randomly appearing with a bomb and then throwing the chick towards them as she explodes lol, I also appreciated the outfits that showed that the boys have nice muscles underneath XD

  231. ycha

    my favorite part of the video was when hyuseung didn’t have a shirt on….. yes is would sound bad but was one of my favorite part! and other of my favorite part was when minwwo was walking on some block that have light when he was walking by. and kwangmin rapping i love those parts. i really love this video and boyfriend! i haven’t have the opportunity of winning something cause i’m overseas i would be happy to win this!

  232. I liked the part where Kwangmin was rapping while walking on the chairs and they light up as he stepped on it. Oh yeah, and the part where Donghyun stabs the book with the knife and they blurred it. I though that was preeettyy funny :D hahahaha

  233. kawaii_candie

    I first read the title as “hot chocolate with my boyfriend” and thought it was gonna be a FAPFAP and was thinking “what? that’s kinda boring…” and then clicked the link and went “what… wha-… whaaaaat?!?!” lol.

    very cute.

    I don’t even like Boyfriend, but actually that’s a pretty good song! i guess i’m happy they moved away from the creepy-cute style. lol. the twins still freak me out though… XP

  234. Omo! the thing I like most with boyfriends video are all the books! I love books and fairytales and I also like cute girls and hot guys reading books. A video with books and fairytales as a main theme can’t go wrong in my book (bad joke I know!).

  235. Henry_Who

    So that’s how you attract famous people… hot chocolate!

  236. Awesome! Love this giveaway.

    Wow what an interesting K Pop Music Video…And since I love books and Peter Pan I loved when the girl opens the book in the library and it reveals to be the story of Wendy and Peter. Gush! And seriously look at those sexy book illustrations. The nostalgia is strong in this video.

  237. My favorite part of this video was definitely that part of the choreography with the stools. That was really cool.
    Also, when he walked across them, he looked ahead at the camera and not where he was stepping. That looks really difficult! I imagine that it took a lot of practice to carry out~

  238. Okay, so from what I gathered in the MV (this is just my interpretation) but the plot is really interesting because it’s setting a story as a preface to the common tale we all know as Peter Pan, except in this story, Peter Pan is the bad guy. The ending was a major plot twist – I had to re-watch this several times to notice the minute details that really brought the story together. The story starts off with the members as a gang of thugs but at this point we don’t know why, after seeing flashbacks of them as innocent, all dressed in white, and smiling together, it’s safe to say some sort of transformation occured. If you notice specifically at 0:40 in the MV, Donghyun is having a flashback about the girl (presumably Wendy) and you can’t see his left hand. I’ve come to the conclusion that the members are the lost boys and that Peter Pan is the head bad guy (mafia boss or whatever you want to call him), recruiting young boys to join his “gang.” He brought the girl (Wendy) to Neverland, but when Donghyun got too close to her, he got extremely selfish (tried to choke him) and then ultimately decided that if he couldn’t have her, then no one could (at the end of the story), thus killing her with the bomb and Donghyun injuring his left hand as a consequence of the explosion. After seeing the confrontation scene directly after having seen the blurred out wanted poster, I’m pretty sure it said “kidnapping” at the header (I could barely make it out, but it seems most logical), Peter Pan would most likely be wanted for kidnapping, as that’s literally what he does (kids kinda consent because they’re lured in but whatever, they’re kids and it’s still kidnapping). The hexagonal room with the books I’m assuming is the passageway between the two worlds, which is how the lost boys were able to find the wanted poster in the first place – why would there be a wanted poster for Peter Pan in Neverland? I could be wrong, unless this is another sort of magical room that just contains all sorts of information and that’s how they got it. And so after having experienced a terrible loss after the confrontation with Peter Pan, Donghyun creates a persona to cope with his grief, thus becoming Captain Hook (when he puts the hook on his left hand, cue AHA moment).

    My favorite part has to be when he puts the hook on his hand. It really got me curious and lead me to understanding the story better. All in all I think this plot is absolutely brilliant and I’m so glad you guys brought this MV to my attention. Of course I really want to win one of those marvelous CDs but damn that’s the best plot for a Boyfriend music video I think I’ve seen yet and I’ve followed them since their debut! 

    • hmm, that’s an interesting interpretation. I watched the MV a few times I couldn’t seem to get it. I think they should have had more of the plot in the MV and less of the choreo!
      What I found interesting about what you said is the whole portraying Peter Pan as the bad guy. In the actual story of Peter Pan (and not the one adapted by Disney and what people commonly know Peter Pan to be), Peter Pan actually kills the children when they grow up (and thus essentially becomes the bad guy). Ao when I watched the MV, I thought maybe that fact could be relevant to the MV?
      idk haha. It was a confusing MV! :)

  239. Wheeee! My first comment! I love this video!

  240. lauras

    While watching this video, I began to think that Martina looks a lot like Scarlett Johansson as well as Desi Lydic.

  241. Definitely minwoos and kwangmins rapping :D they were so badass ahahah

  242. ScarletAmber

    “My Favorite part”… well I liked right in the the beginning… I saw abs it made me happy lol… but don’t take me wrong I’m not just into kpop just for the pretty faces and bodies :) But yeah i really like the sound of this song very upbeat which is one thing i really look for in music, something that makes you want to want to dance around and wiggle your butt haha. I even sent this song to a friend recently cause I liked it so much, so i kinda introduced her to Boyfriend :) But back to the video I found it very interesting, it made me wonder who they were portraying at first then it showed it throughout the video… I think i was a little slow to catch onto who they were i-i slow me… yeah done.

  243. I don’t have specific favourite part in the mv, but I really liked how their interpretation of the Peter Pan story turned it into something else. Peter Pan has always been a childhood favourite of mine, and a majority of the remakes you see Peter Pan as the good guy. It was refreshing to see a different side of the tale. Kinda cool to see how the character of Hook came to be and why he was so obsessed with catching Peter Pan. And now we know why!

  244. Retweeted it guys I hope I have a chance probably not now :(

  245. Haha such a fun skit~! They were super modest and cute whoa, I definitely look forward seeing more from Boyfriend! I’ll check out some of their other songs and MV, they’re so likable so I’ll definitely get into them! I’d love to have some coco with them haha – and also a signed album with that coco, please! :D That way I could learn more about them and their songs, and come on, having a signed album is just too cool.

    So as for the contest, I’d say *my favorite part of the Boyfriend Obsession MV* was when the girl was captured and had a bomb held against her, and then there’s the explosion which throw Boyfriend to the floor. I don’t know, I feel maybe they’re trying to say that she was “the bomb” (literally lol) or that love can be dangerous and hurt you. It was a unexpected ending, but therefore I feel that stood out from the video! The video is nice, I like it! BOYFRIEND FIGHTING~! :)

  246. Chic6Muscats

    But how do I win a signed SooZee CD?

  247. My favorite part :
    The Girl EXPLOODED !! Whhhaa, made me laugh out loud for all the wrong reasons >_< Some might argue the bomb in her hands was the cause, but we know the real reason; just imagine any fangirl being close a hot idol like Boyfriend, it's gonna go down like that
    (gif cred: me ^^ )
    Idols are sure payed too little ::: Boyfriend working hard, and they can't afford a cup of hot chocolate :D hahah

  248. Definitely the library part, it looks so cool. As I love reading books, I would like to own such a library >w<

  249. My favourite part is the hexagon library, but the mirror split scenes (2.04) with them dancing was cool too. :)

  250. And I was wondering why that black box was there while watching the video.. Gave me a good laugh after watching the bloopers! :D

  251. Wow that was fun! I’m glad you guys are on good terms with Starship! Boyfriends concept is a bit more mature from their first videos. I like the change of pace. Of course nice Abs lol. XD

  252. My favourite part of the Boyfriend MV is when SooZee gets in the car and…oh wait…
    If the skit proves one thing it’s the power of broken English and body language as an effective communication tool. I didn’t even need the subtitles :D

  253. My fave part would have to be the second scene with the punching bag. I mean, hello abs!!! I don’t think it has anything to do with the video plotline, but it was lovely nonetheless.

  254. AlaiNazurah537

    My Favourite part of the video was the FREAKIN RAPPINGS AND OMG THE CHORUS!AND THE 360 LIBRARY~~~~~OMGGG

  255. Oh I have so much to say…
    Loving their comeback, I was literally itching for the release after watching the teaser. It’s definitely an upgrade from their previous concepts and I think this suits them well.. they look like some bad-ass Lost Boys! <3

    … and then OMG they seem like such comics in your skit! Hahaha! Especially Kwangmin (or is that Youngmin? Hopeless when it comes to twins…) peeking into the car during filming LOOOOL.

    As for my favourite part of the MV… Hmmm… decisions decision…

    I think my favourite part would be the choreography during Minwoo's rap in the 2nd verse… LOVING THE LIT UP STOOLS!!
    Got me excited to see their comeback stage now #danceprops4life

  256. ArielB

    Hey Guys, when are you going to do the contest? Because I want to get Premium Nasty before, but I’m at work now and don’t want my boss to catch me buying the premium suscription… :P

  257. I was like “Yeah I wanna get hot chocolate with my boyfriend” and didn’t realize you we’re talking about Boyfriend, the band. :3

  258. Oh wow, Boyfriend! I love the skit so much!

    What I love about the video is the concept and the story behind it. The fact that they happen to be some sort of the good guys even though you see it is Hook all along at the end. Peter Pan is the bad guy in this scenario and it was heartbreaking what happened between the girl and Hook.

  259. Yzabellatrix

    Wow those are some expensive empty hot chocolate cups like wow. Oh and it’s sad that some companies are old farts and are not in this funnier way of interviewing (I’m guessing SM? The way they treated you in SHINee’s interview makes me sad). Oh and Soo Zee! You’ll actually make a great kpop idol! Hahaha.

  260. Akira-Miyashi

    Hahahahah! So awesomee~~ :D

  261. As to what my favorite part of the boyfriend video was: The books. They have a lot of books named “Nude design” at least 15 of them :) What are they planning on doing with 15 books on nude design… (scratches chin and raises eyebrow…) :p

  262. Bubalooy

    Haha I wondered why there was a big black square in the background when Simon was in the car. I figured they were lurking in the background. Good skit guise! P.S. Can’t wait to see Soo Zee in the next Boyfriend MV :P

  263. My favorite part of the MV was when they blurred/censored out the knife! HAHAHAHA!! You just gotta love Kpop!

  264. My favourite thing about the video is the tattoos, its so different from their other videos. I love a more grown up concept.

  265. Oh wow!! Hot chocolate with Boyfriend, I want some. I love the concept of their new music video, I was in love with Perter Pan when I was a kid, hence the fact I am from the UK lol. But what I really loved was the bookcase, that is a awesome bookcase, I want one! The whole video was sort of a modern take of the story. LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT xx

  266. This was awesome! If we want an interview we can watch an interview any day – this is what I love about EYK!^^ [Yay! for finally being able to comment again!!!]

  267. Nic My Korean Husband

    I really hope other entertainment companies start to see the benefit of doing simple but cute things like this and how they can reach a much broader audience. We’d love to eventually be able to do stuff like this too. Boyfriend were so cute in this!

  268. OMG THIS IS SO CUTE. Their adorable English is killing me with rainbows and marshmallows.

  269. I’m going to be completely honest. The fact that the book she was reading was “Peter and Wendy” by J.M. Barrie is my favorite thing about the MV! The original version of Peter Pan (by J.M. Barrie) is basically my favorite story EVER and it was awesome. And the hints of a bit of a Peter Pan theme throughout made me smile even more. =D Wooo~ Peter Pan!!!!

  270. that was a really funny video, awesome one to wake up to and watch!

  271. I liked the 360 Library the best.. I mean c’mon on… LITERACY 4 LYFE SON!

  272. That was hilariously random! Great way to start my morning :D I like the traditional interview too, but these short skits are so much fun!

  273. What an original and cute concept for a video guys! X’D I love to see k-idols being in less-scripted things and this just takes the cake~ The way one of the members pronounced “hot chocolate” was so cute ^o^

  274. Oooh!!! Wow dude those must’ve been some DAMN EXPENSIVE HOT COFFEES to get autographed CDs as payment??!! xD
    Lol did they have like gold sprinkles or something? :p

    Those guys are so cute. I’d love to see more skits like this :D

  275. Shisus

    YES BOYFRIEND!!!!!!!!

    • Hello! I like your hat, and your badge as well :D

      • Well hi there Simon, or Martina, or.. maybe Soozee, or Leigh even. Although… I wonder… Meems?
        I love my new Nasty badge as well! :D
        So after watching Boyfriend’s video I wasn’t entirely sure about the plot, girl and boyfriends looking for Neverland and she gets killed because she can’t throw away the bomb and one boyfriend looses their hand cause he couldn’t take a step back from the bomb.. (seriously, were they even paying attention to that bomb?) and then he became hook, so who was the guy with the bomb?
        Well, that aside I gotta have one of those gravity-defying libraries! So awesome!
        Also, the song itself was pretty good, I’ll definitely go check out the rest of the album!

    • Lol, so that was an awesome video. I could really go for some hot chocolate now…

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