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Hot Chocolate With Boyfriend

June 5, 2014


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First off, let’s start by saying thanks to Boyfriend for being such great sports. Their new video is really quite cool and has an interesting take on the Peter Pan story. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet!

As for this video we shot, we know it’s a bit random, but it’s something we had a lot of fun doing. We hope you liked it as well. Woohoo!

For a bit of backstory, we’re on pretty good terms with Starship Entertainment. They’ve got good people working there. We did an interview with Sistar a long time ago, and we also did a video with K.Will last year, and then Boyfriend gave an acceptance speech at our Eatyourkimchi Awards for winning Aegyo of the year.

For Boyfriend’s comeback, we all wanted to do something together, but we knew that everyone’s schedules are pretty crazy. We’re in an out of this and that country, as are Boyfriend. So how could we shoot something fun without taking too much of everyone’s time? This seemed like a winner to us!

And they were not only totally game for the idea, and also very fun and energetic in the video, but they were also surprised at how fast it was. When we were done filming they were like “really? That’s it?” Yep. It was 6 minutes of filming. BOOYA!

You might be wondering why we like doing silly skits instead of longform sit down interviews. I don’t really think we’re thaaaaaat into interviews anymore. If we had the choice, we’d rather to something silly and fun. We’re really inspired by Jimmy Fallon’s skits, in which Tom Cruise pounds eggs on his head while Jason Statham gets glasses of water thrown at him. Those are fun! They show the celebrity’s personality, and doesn’t make them answer all of the questions they’ve been asked a bagillion times over. I’m glad Starship was down for not only something this fun, but also for being comfortable with something non-traditional (which we’ve had rejected by other companies before).

Boyfriend Signed CD Giveaway!

Another big thanks to Boyfriend and Starship for the CDs, which we will, of course, be giving out to you guise! If you want to win, here’s what you gotta do!


To win on YouTube, first make sure you’re subscribed to us, because we’re only picking subscribers, and then head on over to our video and let us know in the comments what your favorite part of Boyfriend’s video was. It’s a very different take from their other videos. Let us know what you think!


To win on Facebook, first make sure that you’ve liked our page, then answer the same question in the contest thread linked below!


To win on Twitter, make sure you’re following us on Twitter, and then click on this to retweet. It’s that easy! Booya!

Premium Nasties!

For those of you who don’t know, we’ve recently rolled out our Premium Nasty program. We’re really honored by all the support, so we want to give something back. If you’ve got a Nasty Badge, just answer the same question in the comments below. We’ll pick one Premium Nasty as a winner. Woohoo! Your odds of winning in this category are a lot higher than, say, Facebook or Twitter, where we have 150-300k followers, while the Premium Nasty number is a lot smaller than that. Much higher chances of winning!

And, on a silly note, here are some bloopers from the video. You’ll also see Martina’s and Soo Zee’s storyboard for the video. Shooting a quick video like this makes it easier for companies to understand what we’re trying to shoot. Point is, Soo Zee does a great Boyfriend impersonation. Check it out!

And, lastly, don’t forget to click on this pretty button below right here to subscribe for more of the silly collaborations we have in the works. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.



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