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How Martina Dyes Her Hair Pink

July 31, 2012


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So a lot of you might not be super interested in this post, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube about how I dye my hair pink, so I decided to do a quick video…which Dr.Meemersworth photobombed…about how I dye my hair! You get to see me makeup free and in a shower hat! YEAH!

I colour my own hair because there is no salon or store in Korea that offers the colour pink. I bring my own giant supply of Manic Panic with me, which is a semi-permanent vegan based dye, which isn’t made with hair damaging chemicals. I use three different colours and I mix them to get the colour I want.

My main base colour is Cotton Candy Pink, and then I add either Hot Hot Pink which turns out kind of fushia, or I add Red Passion which give me more of a strawberry pink.

Manic Panic in Korea

Manic Panic in Korea

The only downside to using Manic Panic is you need to lighten your hair if you want it to look really intense. So, I did lighten my hair before I applied the pink several months ago, but I did it underneath my top layer of hair so that A) no one could see the colour change of my roots growing back and B) I wouldn’t have to keep bleaching it.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that stripping you hair of its colour (aka bleaching it) is not a common thing in Korea and you will not be able to go to your local Korean hair salon to have it done. I mean, you could, but you’ll probably end up with fried hair that hasn’t been toned, which means your crispy white blond will slowly turn orange. Don’t do it!!! Do you hear me!!! Unless you have a recommendation from someone who actually had their hair bleached at that salon, DO NOT DO IT! Trust me, I’ve witnessed many of my friends chopping off their hair after having it fried.

It takes a bit of searching to find a good location. There are some locations in Itaewon (an area near the American army base that’s a hub for foreigners) but I personally use a hair salon in Hongdae. It’s called Hair and Joy and the hairdressers that work there trained and lived in England, so they understand the subtle differences in foreign hair and how to strip colour properly. I don’t know about their hairstyling because I go to a Korean salon called Juno Hair, you can check out the video here.

So that’s about it! Check out the video to see the colour mixing process and to see Dr.Meemersworth scale the mountain which is Simon’s leg. Ouch.



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