So a lot of you might not be super interested in this post, but I’ve been getting a lot of questions on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube about how I dye my hair pink, so I decided to do a quick video…which Dr.Meemersworth photobombed…about how I dye my hair! You get to see me makeup free and in a shower hat! YEAH!

I colour my own hair because there is no salon or store in Korea that offers the colour pink. I bring my own giant supply of Manic Panic with me, which is a semi-permanent vegan based dye, which isn’t made with hair damaging chemicals. I use three different colours and I mix them to get the colour I want.

My main base colour is Cotton Candy Pink, and then I add either Hot Hot Pink which turns out kind of fushia, or I add Red Passion which give me more of a strawberry pink.

Manic Panic in Korea

Manic Panic in Korea

The only downside to using Manic Panic is you need to lighten your hair if you want it to look really intense. So, I did lighten my hair before I applied the pink several months ago, but I did it underneath my top layer of hair so that A) no one could see the colour change of my roots growing back and B) I wouldn’t have to keep bleaching it.

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that stripping you hair of its colour (aka bleaching it) is not a common thing in Korea and you will not be able to go to your local Korean hair salon to have it done. I mean, you could, but you’ll probably end up with fried hair that hasn’t been toned, which means your crispy white blond will slowly turn orange. Don’t do it!!! Do you hear me!!! Unless you have a recommendation from someone who actually had their hair bleached at that salon, DO NOT DO IT! Trust me, I’ve witnessed many of my friends chopping off their hair after having it fried.

It takes a bit of searching to find a good location. There are some locations in Itaewon (an area near the American army base that’s a hub for foreigners) but I personally use a hair salon in Hongdae. It’s called Hair and Joy and the hairdressers that work there trained and lived in England, so they understand the subtle differences in foreign hair and how to strip colour properly. I don’t know about their hairstyling because I go to a Korean salon called Juno Hair, you can check out the video here.

So that’s about it! Check out the video to see the colour mixing process and to see Dr.Meemersworth scale the mountain which is Simon’s leg. Ouch.

  1. songtoll0904

    I like your hair and want to dye like your hair

  2. Try “Special Effects” hair dye. its basically Manic Panic on steroids. It will never wash out. EVER. You have been warned, but educated!

  3. YukiRed

    So I can read that it says “GLOW”…does that mean your hair glows in the dark, Martina? XD

  4. omg i have been using cotton candy ( i actually just used it today) and im freaking cause it washes out so easily!! Thank you for the tip!!!!!!!!!

  5. With Meemers’ spots, she totally reminded me of that movie Kungfu Panda… or just pandas in general… even though I they probably don’t climb bamboo trees… MEEMERS IS CUTE ♥

  6. Where do you get Manic Panic? I’ve never seen it in Canada. Is it Korean product? If it is, where can I get it? Or if it is from Canada, where in Canada can I get it? :)

  7. If korean hair salons don’t usually practice chemically bleaching the hair, then how do korean idols have blonde or platinum blonde hair with out their hair getting fried/frizzy?

  8. Your so prettyyyy~~♥ i wanna die my hair like yours. haha.

  9. So do you bat your eyes at Simon and squeal “Sasukee-kuuun!” after you dye your hair pink?

  10. Simon = best husband ever :)

  11. Hi. When you say lighten, do you mean bleach? Because if you can get such a great colour without bleaching then it’s genius. Lol.

  12. your hair is gorgeous!!! and i wash my hair with ice cold water as well.warm for my body and cold for my hair.aaaaah! lol.

  13. kawaii_candie

    Awesome ^_^

    Meemer’s attacking Simon’s legs was awesome too, haha…

  14. I love your pink hair! To bad I cant dye my hair yet. If i could i would dye it bubble gum pink! ^^ :)

  15. Hi Martina, one quick question: you said you brought the dye to Korea, so im assuming from Canada? I live in Canada too so I was wondering where could you get the manic panic dyes in Canada? (at least ive never seen them in Shoppers or sth…)

    (hearts for meemers kkkkkk)

  16. Will the hair work on black / dark hair and how long does it stay?

  17. Could you do a hair demo of all your awesome hair dos? I know how to french braid, make a bun, and pony tails. However I love your hair do ups that looks so like 40′s. I don’t think I could manage Dr. Meeneworths. hehe

  18. Hi, i’m wondering why after dyeing your hair makes it dry. is there some kind of chemical or something? b/c I dyed my hair in boston

  19. They say it is ”natural” but still, Manic Panic is made of metalic pigments which still causes damages to your hair. But oh well, it is impossible to change our hair color without damaging it. It looks great btw!! :)

  20. This cat is the cuttest thing ever.

  21. I really like the manic panic dye but I tried going dark red once… my hair doesn’t accept dye too well, only bleach… and it went hot pink… never trying red again D:

  22. i have a question :D i have natural black so can i just dye my hair pink or do i have to bleach my hair first ?

  23. question for martina!!! if bleaching hair is not a common thing in korea… how do the kpop stars get those light tones of hair? or am i misinterpreting your statement to only mean regular korean people and not kpop stars?

  24. YAY!!!!!

  25. That’s a Shampoo Commercial Hair Flip right there!

  26. I’ve been dying to do this!!! damn!!! now im soo damn doing it!!!!!!

  27. I laughed so hard at the sight of Dr. Meemersworth climbing up Simon’s leg that I actually damn near pissed on myself. No, really. I truly did almost pee on myself. I ran to the bathroom still laughing.

  28. Hi Simon and Martina,
    Your little Miss. Meemersworth is so adorable. I just have to share with you though that as she gets bigger so will her claws. When she climbs Simon’s legs she looks so cute! Her little round face looking up into yours as she dares the heights of Simon. The sheer adorableness of this will change though as her claws get bigger and longer. In just a few months when she tries to climb you, you will react in a much less positive way. Instead of cuteness you will experience pain. Now is the time to gently teach her that she shouldn’t climb you. When she tries to do this, gently put her down and say no. When she comes up to you and looks up and meows, reward her by picking her up. She will learn that she can get positive attention this way. Truly, an adolescent cat that climbs you is not desirable and it’s really hard to change that behavior after it’s been learned. Wishing you all the best!

  29. Have you ever used Punky brand hair dye? Good stuff.

  30. that is soooooo cooool!!!!!!>< i wanna do mine to :(

  31. 1:22 was like, “Cliffhanger sequel! Starring Dr. Meemersworth!” Does someone need 127 hours… in time out? (Guys please stop me now.)

    On another note… is that a bottle of Calgon body spray I see on the shelf? CALGON TAKE ME AWAYYYYY

  32. I remember watching ya’ll’s videos at the beginning…like old videos and Martina’s hair was SUPER straight….like perm straight….so my question is (Martina) did you ever perm your hair and would you recommend it? Like what are the pros and cons?

  33. I has a question: How do people in Korea react when they see your hair/ Simon’s hair, or even Spudgy’s hair ( maybe when you guys go to pet cafes or something)? How do they specifically react when you guys were teaching?

  34. Watching this reminded me of T.O.P.’s hair which then reminded me of G.D.’s hair which lastly then reminded me of Spudgy’s hair… O-o Maybe you guys should dye Mr.M’s hair so you could be a very “colorful” family….

  35. spider cat, spider cat does whatever a spider cat does.
    Can she swing from a web no she can’t shes a cat
    look out here comes spider cat

  36. How often you have to do the lightening and how often do you put the color in? Great video~! I’m going lavender next year when I hit my big weight loss goal and this helped. I want to get all my crazy colors out before I ship off to Korea ><!

  37. Oh martina, you look pretty awesome .<

  38. ohh im going to use the same brand but in purple haze :D well i’ve allready dyed my hair with it but i didnt bleach it so you cant notice it if im not in a well lit room ( by the way my hair is dark brown almost black thats why i didnt come out that well) so i realized i do need to bleach it :p im buying the bleach today or atleast i hope so. Martina your hair is so pretty :D and it looks so smooth. Simon your a tree and an awesome husband. :D

  39. Question; Do u guys know all the members of Exo yet? If so who is ur bias and y?
    Bye the way love the color Martina and Dr.Meemersworth is just so cute!
    Eat Your Kimchi figting!

  40. jazminjhnsn

    Soo… Will Dr.Meemersworth have pink hair like her mom one day?

  41. I’m guessing that Simon is closest thing Meemers has to a tree…

  42. Jules catchthatkdrama

    Wow, Simon’s an artiste with that tinting brush. (and Martina, your hair looks awesome; that shade of pink really complements the blonde.) :)

  43. Martina, Thank you SO much for posting this video. I’ve been attempting to dye my hair pink for a while now with mixed results. I greatly appreciate this video! Hooray for pink hair!

  44. Memers is trying to climb mount simon :)

  45. It looks fantastic! Makes me wanna dye my hair with a pretty bright color…

  46. I think I need to see more meemers. If I don’t..I might……OOOOOOF. /dramaticcalapseofdeath

  47. This is the first time I hear about “Manic Panic ” *lol* I never saw it in my country (I’m from europe ). . . at least not in my city XD . Here, if you want to dye your hair you usualy buy products from Schwarzkopf ^-^

    btw, those colors seem so intense O.O

  48. Nice video! I actually wanted to dye my hair red (Not all of it, just some strands), because red really suits me and I wanna get some color in them, and this video helped me a lot, thanks! ^_^
    And Simon, I think you are an amazing husband for helping Martina with dying her hair, you definitely deserve a ‘Best husband’ award.

    As a side note. Dr. Meemersworth seems to have some relatives that are koalas. xDAnd as you both are kinda getting the title of trendsetters for Korean idols in my eyes, I guess we will see a K-pop M/V soon where people will have kitties as accessories. Will keep my eyes open.

    Thank you for the video!

  49. How often do you dye your hair? Every couple weeks?

  50. Be careful with Dr.Meemersworth habit of climbing up your legs :) – my cat used to do that when she was little. Now she is really big and really fat. And she still sometimes does it :P IT ISN’T FUN ANYMORE xD

  51. i have a question!:3 you know how kpop idols dye their hair a lot, like some idols get those platinum blonde color, do they even get them bleached or do they use a special hair dye? i saw an episode of B1A4′s sesame player and gongchan had platinum blonde hair in a few hours.. i wonder if it was bleach because as far as i know if you bleach your hair from black it would go ginger-y..
    by the way dr. meemersworth is so freaking awesome!

    • The general reason your hair would go orange/ginger if you bleach it from black is if the black is a dye, not your natural colour.
      There’s a chemical in most dark (not only black) dyes that don’t mix so well with the bleach/hair lightner and will turn an orange colour instead of the nice blonde you’re looking for.
      That chemical isn’t in most light colours or COLOUR colours, which is why, if you bleach from them, it doesn’t have the same effect.

      Plus, if you get a really good dye, you can actually dye your hair blonde straight from black. It doesn’t work fully on most people but on some lucky people and with really really good dye, it works fine.
      I’d imagine that the hair stylists of idols will be able to get their hands onto the good dyes needed so idols may dye their hair blonde instead of bleaching. Doing that is obviously also less damaging than bleaching as regularly as they appear to do.

      • please read mu other comment too~ just wanted to add: many k-pop people go to “red carped” which is a famous hairstylist here in seoul (but one basic treatment costs over 100$… BASIC)

    • Well actually i am asian, and its how long you keep the bleach in and the way you do it. like some parts are ginger and some are blonde. I’m not sure about special hair dye, but im sure there’s something out there for theres virgin snow manic panic

      • nonono~!! dont do that~! if you leave bleach in for too long your hair is going to fall out.
        my first tip: always visit the hairdresser~! ALWAYS!! (at least if you dont want to mess up your hair).
        second: usually they first bleach it and than they use a dye called “manicure” (jupp like the nailpolish thingy). I live here since quiet a while and I always get my hair died with it. since I am already kinda blondisch I dont need the bleech (i go for cherry which many people tell me they like it on me). it is kinda like manic panic or other “dyes” so not actually dye but a color mix which stays in your hair well and keeps there a while. i dont know about manic panic, but manicure i only need to refresh every 4-5 or 6 month~ (and only because its crowing out..^^;)
        the think with this “dye” is, once you choosed your color you have to wait till its completely grown out you can change to an darker color of manicure but no normal hair dye and you get go light after it. if you use normal hairdye over it it will shine though

        ps: keeping the bleach in as long as possible is not that big a deal or problem with asian hair since its a lot stornger and thicker than western hair, so be carefull please~!

  52. Not going to lie, I was mesmerized by your hair flip, Martina. :O You hair is so… luscious and smooth. What-what for Simon! Way to help yo woman! (Why do I turn ghetto when I speak to Simon??) Hood 4 LYFE.

  53. I love your hair! So cute and fun. :) I used to use manic panic(purple haze was my favorite) but now I use Ion’s Brilliance Brights. They are half the price and last a lot longer. I currently have 4 of their colors in and I feel like a fairy princess. :D

  54. I got my hair dyed light pink underneath at Juno Hair in Hongdae. Since my hair was too dark, the lady there just dyed it a light blonde at first (not bleach) and then did the pink color. She even offered to do a treatment that would prevent my hair from getting too damaged, but I didn’t have enough money haha. Just an fyi :)

  55. I see some Harajuku lovers perfume!!!! XD

  56. Martina!!!!! I Want to know if there are other colors i can use, cause im thinking of dying my hair purple, but i cant find and good not-harmful-for-the-hair kind .-.
    so~~~ are there any purple dyes for Manic Panic? :)
    and it would be awesome if the color was flashy :D
    and Thank you~~!!!

  57. Another hint is if you do a quick rinse with 50/50 (Vinegar and water) it helps set it really well too when you are using non-permanant dye.

  58. we use the same product :) im use the hot pink

  59. WOW! I was just thinking about this! I was going to dye part of my hair pink but they said it would run so i was going to ask you but here it is so, yay :) I actually thought you had it done professionally.

  60. Simon, are you wearing skinny jeans? Is that the effect on Korea on your fashion sense?:) …great tl;dr question!How did living in Korea affect your fashion sense?pics for proof!! ^______^v

    • irritablevowel

      That’s more like hipster fashion sense. Thankfully he’s not in North America or he might have had a handlebar mustache or those black ear inserts at some point in the past 3-4 years (the barista at my local independent coffee shop has both, plus facial piercings, plus skinny jeans, plus full sleeve tattoos). We must thank Korea for sparing us that experience. BTW, speaking of Simon-style, I was standing in front of Threadless Headquarters a couple of days ago. I could imagine him running joyfully through their hallways.

  61. please don’t punish mr.memersworth by dying his fur…he is too cute..but i bet no harm to try..hahahhahah

  62. such hardwork to achieve such prettyness! i wanted blue hair once but it ended up green. baaad bleach job. at the salon =.=

    are you guys gonna give dr meemers some colour as well?

  63. BTW our hair is naturally the exact same blonde :D.

  64. Order directions or punky colours, I dye my hair lilac(violet diluted with a thick white -cone free conditioner). It last SO much longer than manic panic. A friend of mine dyed her hair pure violet with manic panic, not diluted and it washed out on 3 weeks, she`s blonde again but my lilac hasn`t budged!

  65. I think, it’s the right time to order manic panic for myself!

  66. But if Koreans don’t bleach their hair how do they get it blonde (white) when their natural color is black? I even had to bleach when I wanted my highlights a bit lighter and I didn’t even go from black to white.

  67. LOL Dr.Meemersworth is sooo cute^^ But I guess I would shock my mom with pink dyed hair… she gets a shock just from bb cream…

  68. I saw you were wearing your awesome Eat Your Kimchi shirt and I was wondering if mine hasn’t arrived yet and I live in Australia should I keep waiting or should I worry that something went wrong with the order?
    Meemers is so cute! *Dies from cuteness* And Martina, your hair looks so lovely and soft at the end! I’m jealous

  69. Martina your eyes are so so beautiful ! I wish i can meet you guys… somedays …

  70. Ouuh, Simon is a pro in hair dying :)

  71. There’s Manic Panic in Korea?? I use atomic turquoise for my hair :D! I tried Splat but god it was awful..

  72. Dark colors arent too bad on dark hair though. Unless your hair is black, then the only good it poses is when the light hits it. My hair is a medium to dark brown color and I use the various shades of purple from manic panic and from splat.

  73. I was kitten sitting for a friend of mine when I was in college and her kitten always chose kitchen time to decide I was a tree worthy of climbing. She had no fear of the sharp chef’s knife I had in my hand. Cameramen are much safer than cooks! LOL!

  74. I have a quick question about when you started to dye your hair. Were you still working at your school in EPIK and did they make a big deal about it?

  75. hahaha when my cat was a kitten she would always crawl up my leg like that lol it hurt and left tiny holes in my pants but it was so cute :D

  76. Just in case you don’t already know about them, softpaws.com / softclaws.com are kind of amazing. They’re little plastic nail covers that you glue to the cat’s nails so they can’t cut you to ribbons. I would -think- they would help with climbing legs too, but luckily my cat Spaceman doesn’t do that for me to know.

    • Or maybe they’re made of rubber. Possibly magic. I don’t know these things. I just know that they were pretty great when I was using them. Might go back since catface has decided to scratch things and make angry faces if I try to do silly things like sleep or ignore him.

  77. AWESOME!!!! I saw a Pretty Flamingo shade in ManicPanic’s site. Have you tried that shade? I think it looks awesome~

  78. Martina you have such great hair, I’m jelly~ But it’s so pretty! I should try it :D

  79. I finally had a 5-week holiday recently, so I thought I’d celebrate by dying my hair bright red.
    Went to the shop, bought a box of temporary hair dye – only to find out, when I got home, that I had to bleach it first D:
    But I can’t do anything permanent to my hair because of my job, and I misplaced the receipt, so…..the hair dye is still sitting on my shelf forever reminding me of my stupidity.
    The End.

  80. Dr. Meemersworth is full of awesome.

    • agreed 1000% :D I wish Martina&Simon did a compilation video of funniest climbs/jumps/huntings/clingings/sleeping/eating/whatevah-cutesies she comes up with, cause it would cure world’s depression and Meemers could really be world’s awesomest doc *winkwink*

  81. I miss dying my hair, I use to have pink, purple, and blue…..stupid job. *pout* (as you can see I am reluctant to change my pic)

  82. Although this was about dying your hair… I had to replay just for Dr. Meemersworth… But talking about the actual comment, I will do this when I go to Korea and want to dye my hair :]

  83. So nice of Simon to help :D

  84. href=”http://hairandjoy.com/?page_id=8″>Hair?
    What an interesting shop name. It almost looks like a url……….or maybe that’s just me :p

  85. i like bleaching my hair.it a copper blondeish color at the moment. all you have to do though is keep your hair moisturized if you dont your hair will dry out and start falling out. the longer you keep the bleach in the lighter it becomes. quite easy

  86. Meemers! what were you doing? lol.. is it because Spudgy didn’t want to play with you that’s why you wanted to play with daddy’s leg?

  87. Wow this is awesome! I would totally do it if it didnt mean no jobs xD hahaha

  88. lol memersworth vs. DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR *echos*
    anyways i dye my hair the same way u do Martina except the foil gets a bit in the way and slips -_- how should i fix this!? (I have long hair, its like urs but a little bit more past the shoulders)

  89. Woops, commented before reading te blog. Mah bad.

  90. wow that nice i love how bright the pink color is in your hair… i actually buy turquoise manic panic and i´m still waiting for it.. but because i have black hair i need to use bleach T-T but i hoping for the best…

  91. FYI. If you have dark hair, you’re gonna have to bleach it first!

  92. one day when i quit retail hell, I WILL have blue hair again…until then I’m stuck with my blah hair T_____T

  93. Haha, thanks for the video…. but I totally loved your kitty attach/king Simon!

  94. So the stylists for the Idols do their hair color?

  95. That is so brilliant and it looks really nice! Wow it’s way healthier than bleaching too! Very nice!(:

  96. I love manic panic! I just did my ends blue

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