Ok, so this is a random video we’re putting up on our Open the Happy Channel, because this totally blows our freaking minds. Soo Zee, as you know, works with us here at Eatyourkimchi, and she does a lot of awesome things around the studio. One of the best things she does, though, is cut a goddamned watermelon. It blows our mind how good she is at cutting watermelon. Yes, this sounds like a simple thing to be amazed about, but we’re very easily amused people, so when we saw how she would cut the watermelon we would stop all of our work and talk about its awesomeness for the next half hour.

Leigh, though, told us that supposedly this is the standard way to cut watermelon in Asia, and that all of her Asian friends cut watermelon this way. Asian people of Eatyourkimchi: is this true? And, if so, why have you kept this secret from us Westerners for so long? Our methods of cutting watermelon are so barbaric.


Did you just keep the secret from us to be amused, oh ye Watermelon Magicians?

Well no longer! Soo Zee has agreed to share her secret voodoo with us, and we are sharing it with the rest of the world, and making it a better place for all of mankind.

And, in a related note, here’s our old Open the Happy video on Watermelon Holders in Korea, brought to you by the Watermelon Deities of this fine country. What’s next: watermelon de-seeders?


  1. I showed my mom this the other day and now I have to cut the watermelon from now on.

  2. I cannot wait to do this for my family and BLOW THEIR MINDS. >:D

  3. That seriously changed my summer — who knew cutting a watermelon could be improved so vastly!?

  4. Thank you so much SooZee for doing this video. Ever since you guys put this video up it’s been so easy to cut watermelon and less mess. I use this technic all the time now.

  5. I use a similar technique with cantaloupes, lol. I usually let my mom cut the watermelons because I fail at it xD.

  6. I tried it on my watermelon right away and my mom said that from now on, i’ll be cutting the watermelons in our family – success!

  7. What kind of witchcraft is this?!

    But seriously, I’ve tried this twice already and I’m amazed by the results – good to know I won’t be a Polish barbarian anymore. Thanks~!

  8. Lol my family is lazy then. My dad just cuts the watermelon in half while he and the rest of my family cut big slices for themselves, and go to work with it lol

    I don’t like watermelon though. Even though I’ve tried it more than once, it’s got a weird flavor to it that I don’t like. Plus, my brothers and dad always remind me and my mom that it’s my mom’s fault I don’t like watermelons because when she was pregnant with me, she craved watermelon lol!!

    Just because of this video though, I’m gonna eat a slice and cut it like this :)

  9. watermelon deseeder…. I’d buy it!!!!!!

  10. it is true, im asian and my family cut it like that all the time, especially my dad

  11. Simon… what’s your opinion on Batman being in the Man Of Steel sequel?

  12. I’m Chinese, and I lived in China until I was 8, and I’ve got to say, I’ve never seen watermelon eaten that way. Naturally, I had to go and try it myself. I noticed that it makes a bit of a mess when cutting, but less so when eating.

  13. O_o amazing,,, just a few years back someone thought me that I should peel the banana in a different way then I where used too. And now I find out that there’s a different way of cutting watermelon. I love watermelon especially yellow watermelon. :D

  14. I know people who do that with not only watermelon, but any kind of melon — like cantaloupe and musk melon… and I’m not Asian at all. I’m from Michigan, USA… HAHA.

    But I will agree that 90% of the people I know just hack big fruit like that into giant slices that you can eat the insides and use the rinds to make really silly smiley faces.

  15. I can’t believe I didn’t thought of this! but really, if I feel like eating watermelon in a fancy way I just remove the green/white part and eat the rest on a plate.

    That way you can always end up sculpting a heart
    (I think I get a little too bored a little too easly)

  16. Really, really want watermelon now. My issue is I would probably chop off my hand slicing it at that wonderful angle Soo Zee has there before even starting those beautiful slicing.

  17. Soo Zee is like a ninja, sent to destroy all water melons, in a really neat manner.

  18. since i eat watermelon just like what was written (by simon, i presume) i was equally “blow ur mind be wee pe wee beep pweep” anddddd i prefer to think of myself as a dothraki warrior *coughcough* (noo dothraki warrior eat watermelon in cube! warrior always eat in mess!)

  19. soo cool, I’m going to try this once I get home, we have a watermelon sitting on our counter just waiting to be eaten<3 YOUR AWESOME SOO ZEE!!!

  20. I’m definitely not Asian and I cut my watermelon neither like you described nor how you showed in the video (which is a very cool way btw)

    Either I just cut them into small pieces by cutting it at a 90° angle, then separating the red from the rind and cutting it further, into small pieces.
    Or, for many people and no need of a fork I cut a piece like in the video, only thinner, out of the whole melon and instead of stopping at the rind when cutting at 90° angles, cutting it all the way through into small “triangles” that you can easily eat while holding them in your hands, by the rind, without getting your hands too dirty and without them being too big to fit in your mouth resulting in melon juice all over your face *g*

    But Soo Zee’s cutting skills are indeed quite impressive! I’ll definitely try this some time.

  21. no need for a de-seeder! There’re seedless watermelons now!

    I cut watermelons in a similar fashion but I first cut them into slices and then slice them into cubes the same way Soo Zee is doing here… Which seems like a wash of time now that I’ve seen THIS!

  22. I’m Chinese but live in England, although my family do cut them into cubes, we do it the hard way where we cut them into slices first then just cut it off from the slice. This method makes it so much less hassle and mess!! THANK YOU SOOZEE!

  23. some watermelons are genetically engineered so they are seedless. I know many people don’t like genetically manufactured stuff but who cares really, I like my watermelons sweeter and seedless anyway.

    • They’re not genetically engineered.

      A special method of pollination is used to make them sterile and therefore they don’t produce seeds. There’s nothing more special about them than any other fruit that has different kinds, like the many types of apples for example, though it’s a different process.

  24. I wish we could see more videos of Open the happy

  25. So… Because I wanted nice pieces I thought of a lot of things to do … and some work somewhat well … but I never thought of this… well; now I know the easiest way as well xD

  26. More random videos like this! Love it.

  27. I”m not Asian, but that’s how my parents and grandparents taught me to cut a watermelon… It’s mess free :)

  28. i’ve always cut watermelon like this… didn’t realize it was some big secret. lol

  29. I didn’t know this was an Asian thing hahaha
    I am Asian and yes, my mom cuts it like this too ^^ but they don’t always come out as nicely cubed as Soo Zee’s looked ^^..
    ..now I am hungry for watermelons mmm

  30. I am in shock. That is so much easier!

  31. I thought that’s how everyone cuts their watermelons, cantaloupes and mangoes. Like how they use it in punch or like shaved ice with fruit toppings and milk. Maybe its just some Asian weirdness that I though was globally known. :)) Oh well Its good summer is still here so everyone can use this “Asian” Technique.

  32. Hmm… from where I come tht’s how we do it!

  33. Wow! What a much cleaner way to enjoy a watermelon. We cut our mangos the same way.

  34. I’ve eaten a lot of watermelon in China with Chinese people but I’ve never seen this way of cutting it! I guess my family are Chinese barbarians

  35. i thought everyone cut it like this….apparently not! haha how else would you cut it?? how do westerners usually cut watermelons???

  36. I cut my watermelon like that and I’m from the US with no asian blood at all lol

  37. hehehe we always do this with mango’s annd sometimes melons >//<

  38. omg amazing i love this. serious Korean’s and just Asian people in general have the most amazing ways of doing stuff and making life easier. so many people cut it in to slices but cubes make the world go round. yah yah

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