Ahh yeah! It’s that time of year again! We’ve done How to Dance Kpop Style for 2008, 2009, 2010, and now, we bring you How to Dance Kpop Style 2011. Sweet!

We asked you to vote for your favourite dances of the year via our Kpop Charts, which we are now using to determine who we will review every week for Kpop Music Monday. We’ve made a full playlist in the video above, so you can watch every video on our list after our review, or, if you want to view them one by one, we’ve outlined them below. Also, check out our reviews for each video, if you haven’t already. Infinite’s “Before the Dawn” was the only one we didn’t review, unfortunately. I wonder why that didn’t get voted in?

Also, as we mentioned in our Teaser for How to Dance Kpop Style 2011, we’re giving out CDs to the top commenters on our Kpop Charts for the Top 3 videos, which, in this case, are Big Bang’s “Tonight,” 2NE1’s “I Am The Best,” and Infinite’s “Before the Dawn”. And so, congrats to NaToTheWak, Eliza Carter, and taecitoff. If you’re one of the winners, please send us an email via our Contact Page using the same email address from your comment, and we’ll mail out your band’s CD ASAP!.

And on that note, here are the top 10 Kpop Videos and Dances of the Year!

10. TVXQ – Keep Your Head Down


Check out our full review of Keep Your Head Down. Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

9. Wonder Girls – Be My Baby


Check out our full review of Be My Baby. Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

8. Girls’ Generation – The Boys


Check out our full review of The Boys. Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

7. MBLAQ – Mona Lisa


Check out our full review of Mona Lisa. Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

6. Super Junior – A Cha


Check out our full review of A Cha. Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

5. B2ST – Fiction


Check out our full review of Fiction. Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

4. U-Kiss – Neverland


Check out our full review of Neverland. Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

3. Infinite – Before the Dawn


Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

2. 2NE1 – I Am The Best


Check out our full review of I Am the Best. Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

1. Big Bang – Tonight


Check out our full review of Tonight. Buy on iTunes / YesAsia

And, even though it didn’t make it on the list, here’s our favourite dance of the year. Seriously guise! How did this not make it on the list? This dance is so full of win. Go to any Korean club, put this song on, and tell me that everyone isn’t doing this freaking dance and loving it! Ah!


And, lastly, don’t forget to check out our bloopers here:


  1. SOOOO love this… YG Ent. top 2… go BJ’s and VIPs… congrats to all the fandoms too… i hope JYJ songs were there too :)

  2. Guys, if you want to complain, don’t put the blame on Simon and Martina. They weren’t the ones choosing the songs. We were! 

    Simon and Martina: Next time, I would honestly consider just choosing the dances yourselves. And maybe not mention the MV so much, and just focus on the dance.

    Still, I understand how this years wasn’t as interesting: they were stuck with songs that had mediocre dances. 

  3. ‘A-Cha’ is the new ‘wax on wax off’

  4. If you’re complaining about the ranking, please have a look at this page again.


    It is exactly the same presentation than during the contest, and there is no mention anywhere that it is a dance contest. But KPop Music Mondays is mentionned. So basically people who didn’t watch the user’s guide and arrived there by a link voted:

    – either for their favorite video of the year,
    – or for KPop Music Mondays.

    And that’s normal. They couldn’t guess. Actually, even me who watched the user’s guide got it wrong (but I’m maybe a bit stupid). When I arrived on the voting page, I saw several videos with absolutely no dance in it (2NE1’s Hate You, BEG’s Cleansing Cream, Infinite’s Paradise), so I thought to myself that if the contest was really only about dance, Simon and Martina wouln’t have accepted such videos in the poll. That’s how I ended voting for my favorite videos of the year, dance or not. Seems like I’m not the only one.

    Today I watched the HTDK of the previous years, and I found out that it was always about catchy dance moves that became popular then. Which means that Bubble Pop and Roly Poly totally deserved the podium, but I didn’t vote for them because the’re not even in my own top 50 videos of 2011. I wish the user’s guide was clearer about that.

    Well, I don’t wish it too much neither, cuz thanks to this big misunderstanding I won a Big Bang album (thank you again Simon and Martina! I love you guise!)

    My suggestion for next year: making a separate poll for dance, in which live videos would be accepted in case there is no music video with dance for this song. I don’t agree with people asking Simon and Martina not to make people vote anymore because voters are irresponsible teenage fangirls and you guise know better than us what is good for us. I really think that fans wouldn’t have voting like crazy for a non-dancing video if they knew it was a contest about dance.

    And my suggestion for KPop Music Mondays: clearing the KPop Chart page from all the videos that has already been reviewed, to avoid further confusion and to make room for others. Several videos that I submitted are at the end of the poll, where they are not visible and therefore don’t get half a chance to be voted. Thank you.

  5. Khal Drogo… that’s who’s on your shirt! Game of Thrones fan FTW, Simon!
    (Though I’m sure I’m not the first to have guessed >_<)

  6. The other day, my brother was creeping over my shoulder while I was listening to my iPod and said, “‘Batoost’? Is that how you pronounce that?”
    You win Simon, you win.

  7. Martina makes a pretty MBLAQ member ^-^

  8. I’m glad they inserted T-ara at the end with Spudgy like they did last year. How to Dance Kpop Style 2008 will forever be my favorite <3

  9. there should be Kara’s Step. one of the coolest dance of the year.

  10. hm…i miss bubble pop here xD

  11. I personally love Infinite’s BTD and i think it was the best dance. I loved when they rose off the floor, that was epic. Of course TVXQ had done the same thing a few years back in one of their Japanese videos, and i remember thinking how awesome it was. i just love it.

  12. Is that Dothraki Man Warrior on the back?

  13. I like how you say points for guessing, when you show the back as Dothraki, man warrior and even say it.  Obviously this was made for Simon, but I love how people are guessing all kinds of wrongness.

  14. Yeah, Roly Poly is the best! :D Happy New Year!!!! :)

  15. T-Ara FTW. 

    Roly Poly is the best K-Pop dance-along dance since Abracadabra. 

    I’d bet the house that Yuna is going to adapt the choreography for All That Skate Spring 2012.

  16. no hand wave and guitar smashy for BB’s tonight?
    i was looking forward to that…. :(

  17. it´s 2:00 am and I´m waching your video

  18. How did BB win? I saw to dancing in the video? Anyway I’m happy SuJu placed! SUPER JUNIOR FIGHTING~ LOVE FROM CANADA~~~~~

  19. i dont understand how tonight was the best dance of the year cuz the dance wasnt exactly that catchy. in my opinion, roly poly should have been first, then i am the best, fiction, mr.simple/a-cha, the boys, pinocchio/hot summer, be my baby, keep your head down, etc… this poll thing is still unfair cuz it doesnt really prove which is the catchiest/best dance but rather it is a fandom war

  20. OH MY GOD!!!! The demon singing armpit hair made me laugh so hard i cried! Love the video as always and i can’t wait for the 2012 one!

  21. So basically this turned into top ten favorite songs of the year and not dances. I ain’t even mad.

  22. OMG that shaky camera work in A-cha is as bad is having too many camera cuts, makes my eye twitch!

  23. Roly Poly! Oh yes! ;_; I thought it was going to make it in the list.

  24. Khal Drogo, Game of Thrones? :D

  25. Good video as usually but although I am a Big bang fan, I do agree that “Tonight” was like out of category…  And Roly Poly I love love that dance.. Happy new year btw

  26. I love the opening sequence! So good. Good job guys, I think that covered K-pop this year. Although Big Bang was a bit, I don’t know, out of category? It’s a great song but not a dance one. I guess VIPs was out of their heads again. Good grief.

  27. Shuffling so last year!? What about LMFAO Party Rock Anthem!? That video racked up 336.5 million views in 9 months.

  28. watching this at like nearly 4 at night and i’m trying so hard not to laugh out loud!!

    also SHINee are coming back!!!!!!!!!!! i’m so happy i had to mention it!!

  29. Is that Khal Drogo on your t-shirt, Simon?! Oh yeah, Dothraki Man Warrior FTW! I hope you guys have a fantastic New Year :D

  30. Am I the first to comment!!!??
    Woohoo!!! thats the first time!!!
    almost 2012!! SO excited!!!
    Fighting, Martina and Simon!!!! luv the video~

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