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How To Die in Korea

February 13, 2014


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Ah yes, the good old fashion over the top title to draw people into our terrifying video about not very common deathly occurrences! OOOOHHHHHHHHH feeeeel the feeeaaarrrr! Truthfully, we’re more afraid of taxi drivers and food delivery guys on bikes then we are at meeting a deadly korean non-human. As we already mentioned in the video, the creatures we talked about are not common throughout Korea, but only appear in particular areas.

When it comes to the jellyfish aka 해파리 they are actually becoming a problem in Korea. It seems there is a massive infestation of them taking over the waters, both the poisonous jellyfish and the harmless ones, and Korea has even deployed a water robot whose sole purpose is killing jellyfish! Whoa. Now, mind you, not a lot of deaths have been reported from jellyfish attacks, but recently an 8 year old girl sadly died of severe stings. Scary! I’m curious if those of you living near the ocean in Korea have seen any of these jellyfish? Side note: I mistyped “jellyfish” a few times as “hellyfish” and I see no difference.

Ok, this next point is going to be a bit of a discussion point here, because we were all speaking with each other about this topic, and we started talking about how Korea drinks more than any other country, and then Soo Zee mentioned that it’s been scientifically proven that if you eat AFTER you get drunk you’ll stay drunk longer, while we argued, THAT’S SO NOT TRUE, because we’ve always been like “we’re drunk! Get greasy food in our stomaches to stop the madness!” So that’s a point of contention.

But then the real discussion happened when we started talking about drinking water while you eat. Supposedly, it’s really bad for you to drink with your meal. So, if you have a bite of something, then you drink a sip of water, it’s bad for your stomach, but if you drink a glass of water AFTER your meal, rather than DURING your meal, it’s better. We’ve had this discussion with a bunch of different Korean people. They’ve all said it’s not good for digestion, which we don’t understand. We were eating soup before, and when we’d take a sip of water we’d be told that it’s not good for us…but why? Soup is 90 percent water! You’re just making it a bit waterier in your stomach, that’s all! And wouldn’t drinking water with your meal just make it soup, then? Or is eating soup bad for you? I don’t understand.

This isn’t just a Korean perspective, either. My sister’s husband is Jamaican, and I remember having the same discussion with their family years ago. So maybe it’s just a Jamaican and Korean thing? Or do more people believe that as well? Any doctors here? A real certifieded doctor? What say you? I have a feeling this is a silly superstition, kind of like how we were raised with a deathly fear of fish bones, and we were told that you could choke and die if you eat a fishbone, while Korean people eat them with their fish all the time.

Otherwise, really, Korea’s a pretty safe place. Gun violence is unheard of. Muggings are unheard of. I’m sure you can find one or two examples of it if you try hard enough, but it’s not as easy to find as, say, school shootings in the US. There aren’t earthquakes here or tornados. There is occasional flooding during monsoon season, and one particular one a couple of years ago killed something close to 70 people, but that’s the exception rather than the norm, you know? The biggest causes of death in Korea aren’t really from external forces. Suicide is the highest cause of death in people under 40, while cancer is supposedly the biggest killer over all.

Oh, that and fan death.

Also, HOLY HELL! How did we forget to talk about the deadliness of Yellow Dust? I actually don’t know if it’s deadly or not. Do people die of yellow dust? I just know that it’s more difficult to breathe, but that’s kind of like a natural disaster thingy to beware of, I guess?

So that’s it for this week’s TL;DR! Subscribe for more videos so we can teach you how not to die in Korea. It’s important! Your life depends on it. Or don’t subscribe…but don’t say we didn’t warn you!



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