Ah yes, the good old fashion over the top title to draw people into our terrifying video about not very common deathly occurrences! OOOOHHHHHHHHH feeeeel the feeeaaarrrr! Truthfully, we’re more afraid of taxi drivers and food delivery guys on bikes then we are at meeting a deadly korean non-human. As we already mentioned in the video, the creatures we talked about are not common throughout Korea, but only appear in particular areas.

When it comes to the jellyfish aka 해파리 they are actually becoming a problem in Korea. It seems there is a massive infestation of them taking over the waters, both the poisonous jellyfish and the harmless ones, and Korea has even deployed a water robot whose sole purpose is killing jellyfish! Whoa. Now, mind you, not a lot of deaths have been reported from jellyfish attacks, but recently an 8 year old girl sadly died of severe stings. Scary! I’m curious if those of you living near the ocean in Korea have seen any of these jellyfish? Side note: I mistyped “jellyfish” a few times as “hellyfish” and I see no difference.

Ok, this next point is going to be a bit of a discussion point here, because we were all speaking with each other about this topic, and we started talking about how Korea drinks more than any other country, and then Soo Zee mentioned that it’s been scientifically proven that if you eat AFTER you get drunk you’ll stay drunk longer, while we argued, THAT’S SO NOT TRUE, because we’ve always been like “we’re drunk! Get greasy food in our stomaches to stop the madness!” So that’s a point of contention.

But then the real discussion happened when we started talking about drinking water while you eat. Supposedly, it’s really bad for you to drink with your meal. So, if you have a bite of something, then you drink a sip of water, it’s bad for your stomach, but if you drink a glass of water AFTER your meal, rather than DURING your meal, it’s better. We’ve had this discussion with a bunch of different Korean people. They’ve all said it’s not good for digestion, which we don’t understand. We were eating soup before, and when we’d take a sip of water we’d be told that it’s not good for us…but why? Soup is 90 percent water! You’re just making it a bit waterier in your stomach, that’s all! And wouldn’t drinking water with your meal just make it soup, then? Or is eating soup bad for you? I don’t understand.

This isn’t just a Korean perspective, either. My sister’s husband is Jamaican, and I remember having the same discussion with their family years ago. So maybe it’s just a Jamaican and Korean thing? Or do more people believe that as well? Any doctors here? A real certifieded doctor? What say you? I have a feeling this is a silly superstition, kind of like how we were raised with a deathly fear of fish bones, and we were told that you could choke and die if you eat a fishbone, while Korean people eat them with their fish all the time.

Otherwise, really, Korea’s a pretty safe place. Gun violence is unheard of. Muggings are unheard of. I’m sure you can find one or two examples of it if you try hard enough, but it’s not as easy to find as, say, school shootings in the US. There aren’t earthquakes here or tornados. There is occasional flooding during monsoon season, and one particular one a couple of years ago killed something close to 70 people, but that’s the exception rather than the norm, you know? The biggest causes of death in Korea aren’t really from external forces. Suicide is the highest cause of death in people under 40, while cancer is supposedly the biggest killer over all.

Oh, that and fan death.

Also, HOLY HELL! How did we forget to talk about the deadliness of Yellow Dust? I actually don’t know if it’s deadly or not. Do people die of yellow dust? I just know that it’s more difficult to breathe, but that’s kind of like a natural disaster thingy to beware of, I guess?

So that’s it for this week’s TL;DR! Subscribe for more videos so we can teach you how not to die in Korea. It’s important! Your life depends on it. Or don’t subscribe…but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  1. So concerning the water during a meal thing, i had been told that COLD water during your meal is bad for you because the food you eat usually has some kind of oil in it, be it vegetable oil, olive oil, butter, margarine, etc. Well if you drink cold water it will somewhat solidify that oil and be harder to digest and not only that but the lining of your stomach becomes more oily. So i’ve been told to drink warm water after a meal.

  2. Carly Barrow Billings

    Okay, where are these giant hornets and how can I never encounter one ever? I’m allergic enough to regular stings kthxbye

    Really though, are they something you could encounter on a leisurely hike..?

  3. Hello! Sorry I am late to the party. It is likely that few people if any will read this, but I will try my best!

    A little background: I am a current medical student at a US medical school with a MS in Physiology and a BS in Biology. (For the skeptics, I can email EYK with evidence of my attendance).


    My gut instinct to the question of “Is it bad to drink water with your meal?” is no. The only effect I could think about is that it may reduce the rate of how quickly stuff from your food is taken up by the body (like glucose (sugar), lipids (fat), amino acids (protein)). It may also make you feel fuller earlier, which means you might not eat all the food in front of you in that meal. What effect this has on your overall state of health is less clear.

    An extensive search of Google Scholar, PubMed, and ClinicalKey has yet to turn up any peer-reviewd primary literature or textbooks that indicate that drinking water during a meal is medically harmful. However, this may be confounded by the fact that there are very few, if any, studies that look at the effects of drinking water DURING a meal.

    There are plenty of peer-reviewed studies that examine the effect of drinking water 30 minutes before a meal (see end for sources). They suggest that drinking water 30 minutes before a meal is beneficial in terms of reducing caloric intake, making people feel fuller and more satisfied faster (however, this effect is not sustained after the meal, so you’d feel hungry later on… they didn’t really look into if you’d get hungry sooner if you drank water during the meal or not at all). Interestingly enough, this Australian study (http://www.racgp.org.au/afp/2013/july/pre-meal-water/ ) says that water intake during a meal MAY have the same or similar effect.

    This paper (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10500012 ) suggests that drinking soup before a meal is better at reducing caloric intake in the actual meal 17 minutes later than eating the same amount of calories in a solid form + water on the side. Basically, soup makes you fuller than an appetizer + water. Again, this didn’t look at water consumed during the ACTUAL meal, and doesn’t speak to any harmful effects.

    I also looked into whether drinking COLD water during a meal causes any harmful effects. I was unable to find any peer-reviewed papers about this. Interestingly enough, there was a 1985 paper that looked into the digestion and the effect of immersing a person’s hand in ICE COLD water. They found that it causes increased colonic activity, which CAN cause abdominal discomfort. However, healthy people eventually get used to this and go back to baseline (“normal”). (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Increased+colonic+motility+during+exposure+to+a+stressful+situation )

    In summary, there does not seem to be any harmful effects of drinking water during a meal. However, this could be because there aren’t many studies looking into this nor are there any longitudinal studies comparing the long-term effect of drinking water during a meal vs. after/before/not at all (or at least I couldn’t find any). It does seem that drinking water before a meal will make you eat less, especially if you are older, which can be beneficial if you are overweight/obese. What effect this has on a healthy individual seems to be minimal if there are any at all especially if they are eating a healthy diet. My conclusion is that there doesn’t seem to be much medical or physiologic basis behind the thought that drinking water during a meal is bad. There could be anthropological implications that have to do with lack of food and trying to get the most out of what is available, but that is beyond my area of expertise and is pure speculation on my part.

    TL;DR: No, you will not die if you drink water during a meal.

    I am too lazy to put my sources in proper citation format, but I have linked them for your convenience.

    Pre-meal water consumption reduces meal energy intake in older but not younger subjects. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17228036.1 ) – Gave water to healthy, non-obese subjects 30 minutes before a meal, compared to no water. Found that older people (60-80y) ate less if they drank water. Younger people (20-30) had no difference. However, did not look at pre-meal vs during meal.

    Water consumption reduces energy intake at a breakfast meal in obese older adults. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Water+Consumption+Reduces+Energy+Intake+at+a+Breakfast+Meal+in+Obese+Older+Adults ) Water intake 30 min before meal reduces caloric intake in older obese adults. Did not look at pre-meal vs. during meal.

    Drinking water with a meal: a simple method of coping with feelings of hunger, satiety and desire to eat. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8287852 – European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) – Found that drinking water with a meal makes you feel fully and more satisfied during the meal, but not after (the effect was not sustained). However, this was an old study (1993) and there were only 8 subjects (not robust).

  4. I was born in Brazil but my parents are Korean, I know almost nothing about Korean culture and you are doing a great job going through all this information, thanks!! Love you guys

  5. On the topic of drinking water with a meal, there is some misconception of this topic. Most people aren’t right when they say that it’s bad to drink water while you’re eating (does depend person to person though, some will get indigestion). What is bad is when you drink ICE COLD water while eating. It’s a very common North American habit to drink ICE COLD beverages when eating warm food. This is not good for the digestion tract because while eating, you are warming up your stomach, when you drink such cold beverages, it really shocks your system. Most of the time, it really won’t affect you, but shocks like this can sometimes lead to stomach aches, indigestion, etc. It’s this idea that you want to keep your digestion system relatively calm, no sudden hots or colds.Sometimes this is why you feel sick after eating ice cream on a hot hot summer’s day. Your body/stomach feels warm, and the cold is too much of a shock.

  6. Annie Côté Labonté

    I heard that in japan they had the same problem with jellyfish. So they started killing it. But they realised soon that killing the jellyfish start a deffense device: the jellyfish relaese all his eggs. So killing the jellyfish actually helped them invading the sea. conclusion: save the sea turtules! they eat jellyfish lol.

  7. My gastroenterologist said last week that drinking during or immediately after a meal can ring false fullness bells or push food out of the stomach (= hungry again sooner, eat more, die of obesity*), then send it too quickly through the upper colon where fat-soluble nutrients are absorbed (= die of malnutrition*).

    * –> my own conclusions.

  8. Wishy

    Oooh! I remember that scene from “You’re Beautiful”. :3 Jang Geun Suk was all zoned out with the earphones of DOOM (hehehe) in, and when a guy tried to warn him by pointing and waving, he just waved back…

  9. In Denmark we have like way too many jellyfish – small harmless ones (in deeper waters we have some who sting but they’re not very often at the beaches) butt our neighbour countries often ask us why we’re not scared of them and it’s just like – they’re so small and we can’t avoid them, and they’re sorta cute too xD

  10. You mean you don’t remember “Hop on Pop” by Dr. Seuss?!? That was one of my favorites as a kid. The idea seemed spectacularly fun.

  11. I don’t think drinking water with your meal is unhealthy, but I know that it fills you up faster. Perhaps the digestion issue they’re talking about is bloating because of eating too much.

  12. TL;DR question: I’ve been wondering this for a while, and I am kind of embarrassed to ask, I am curious (soy un dorito!) about shaving in Korea. I am assuming girls shave their legs, but what about arms and…. ummm… the little special place… now you see why I was embarrassed. Also what about guys, I don’t mean the is little special place. oh god. why did I ask this again? But like legs and arms and armpits and such. God, what am I doing with my life?

  13. TL;DR Question: How do you feel about the new “Cinderella Law”? How prevalent is gaming addiction in South Korea?

  14. My friend’s mom who’s Indian always made us drink after we ate when we were younger, but I think it was just so we wouldn’t spill on the tables (we ate at the table and then drank at the kitchen island/countertop thingamajig). When we got older we just drank at the tables so… Idk. Maybe someone’s parents told them that it was bad for digestion so they wouldn’t spill on the tables when they were younger and they carried that belief until it spread to all of Asia (and apparently Jamaica…) Or the “bad for digestion” thing was a common practice among parents and some kids ended up falling for it and teaching their kids that. Who knows? Personally, I think drinking with the meal helps with dehydration, esp. if the food’s dry.

  15. Who do you think will win the ‘girl group war( 2NE1 vs SNSD) ‘? ?? I’m very curious … :)

  16. i’ve heard of fan death and laughed. My Korean family thought I was nuts. Suicide is very common nowadays in many countries. :-/
    But uhm…. I’ve been to the Hamlin Hotel in Itaewon (ee-tae-won!!!) and they did not have fourth floor, it was weird. We figured it was Korea’s unlucky number. We laughed because my dad’s birthday is 04-04…. That must mean he is most unlucky man when he is in Korea!

  17. Susie

    I’m currently a nursing student and the only (medical) condition I could think of for the not drinking water during meals is when you have dumping syndrome. Yes it’s a legit condition where you have partial or all of your stomach removed and it interrupts how your stomach empties into the small intestine. Here’s a link to WebMD.
    Although I doubt most Koreans have had their stomach surgically removed…

  18. I felt like I was watching a game show. As soon as you said wild boar I instantly thought of You’re Beautiful. I kept screaming at the screen “It’s You’re Beautiful! Come on Simon! Really?!?!”

    And it is a bit scary to live in the US. Nature has this thing against us lately. I live in the northeast but right now my uncle who lives in South Carolina (a state that freaks out at a .1 millimeter dusting of snow) has about a foot and a half. It’s like their whole society shut down…which is a bad thing, but I can’t help but chuckle. Whimps lol.

    • It’s not that we’re wimpy, but you have to take into consideration that the southern areas of the United States are typically warmer all year ’round, so we don’t have city vehicles/stock preparation/personal equipment readily available when we’re hit with a snow storm. I’ve lived here all my life and the last time something like this happened, it was in the early 1990′s and I was a wee little one then.

      I mean, sure. We get warnings of having snow and have had snow here and there, but most of the time, it’s a false alarm. And if it actually *does* happen, it only snows for a few minutes and it doesn’t even stick. So the city doesn’t shut anything down (in order to prevent businesses from losing money) and don’t have the resources we need (why buy it if it’s just going to sit there and rust?).

      As for when it really did happen, it actually stunted us. Here in Atlanta, there were children that had to stay in their school over-night because it was too dangerous for them to go home. Literally, and I’m using that word correctly, on a road with a speed limit of 30, going 5 miles an hour still had you slipping all over the place. It’s no joke. /:

      • I do understand that. I’m merely someone who lives in a climate where that doesn’t even begin to describe a bad winter. I meant it strictly as a joke and nothing more, and I’m sorry if I offended you in any way.

        • Oh no, I wasn’t offended and I apologize if I sounded as such. I’ve just been asked that a lot since I have friends that live all over, so I usually try to keep the explanation thorough to save time. The worst type of stuff that we see here are hurricanes and tornadoes, and that’s a yearly thing. So I can imagine snow, especially how it stunted us so easily, is an even greater burden up there in the northern parts. ^^;;

          I know that it’s still snowing pretty heavily up where you guys are, so I hope that you keep warm and safe! ><

        • I thought I replied to this. I wonder if it got deleted. ):

          I’m not mad darlin’, and nor was I offended. It’s just that I have a lot of friends in the North who have asked the same thing, so I’m used to pulling out the whole explanation. I’m really sorry if it seemed like I was upset, though. I promise that I’m not and I understand that the winter is much harsher up there and still continues to do so, even though it’s technically Spring. Keep safe, okay? >_______<

  19. Wow, I was really surprised when I read about the drinking-water-while-you-eat thing. I thought it is a well known fact in the entire world OO. I am polish (cześć Szymek i Martyna ;D) and my mom has been telling me that since I remember. It’s hard for me to explain, as I learned about it a long time ago and english isn’t my first language but I’ll give it a try :) .
    In saliva there is an enzyme called amylasa (I don’t know if im’ writing that correctly, sorry) which takes part in digesting carbohydrates, there’s also an enzyme which starts up digestion of fats. There are about 1 982 290 203 other weird things in it probably, but I’m not a doctor. Anyway, the point is, when you drink water while you eat the water moisturizes the food, not the saliva, which is a very bad thing, because by doing so you ommit the first part of the digestion process. So supposedly you shouldn’t drink water and you should chew the food for a long time for the first part of the digestion process to be completed. Now, about drinking ‘between the bites’, it’s also bad for you as the water dilutes the gastric juice in the stomach. I remember watching a programme where someone said that you can drink water half an hour after eating a meal OO Of course people don’t do that. We drink right after we eat or short after. Some people are hardcore rebels though and they dink while they eat. Some even drink cabonated drinks. Yes.

  20. So that means i have fartacles all over my house……..

  21. Farticles.

  22. im indian and i’ve heard that its bad to drink water during the meal too

  23. Madeleine Stråhle

    I’m sorry Simon, but I’m with Martina on this one!
    LOTR 4 LYFE!

    (I know he doesn’t dislike it, but you know)

  24. Before I clicked on the link I thought “what an interesting idea”. Aaaaaaand imagine my surprise. *Of course* I would think it was an interesting idea…
    I probably should have mentioned in my original question that the things that can kill you in the US aren’t all the time in all the places. But hey.
    Thank you it was an entertaining post and so was the discussion.

  25. I think we have those giant hornets in Sweden too… Here they’re called “målbål” which sounds the same as well.

  26. Sheila Muñoz

    Here in Perú, taxi drivers are the worst. You will probably die from a car accident rather than any illness u.u

    About drinking while eating. Well I don’t know about the soup thing but, I’m a med student, and I know that it IS bad for digestion. Why? because eating and drinking have two dfferents types of ‘diggestion’. The liquids just go through the stomach directly to the large intestine, while the food go to the stomach to be degraded. So, if you eat and drink at the same time you’re making your stomach work and stop, work and stop. Because yeah for the liquids to pass, the stomach must stop moving so much so it can go through D: .. (yeah the stomach moves around to degrade the food u.u) I hope that helps D:
    Still I eat and drink because I like it u.u , though it is not the best way, but it won’t kill you ;)

  27. OH OH!! I think I know about the WATER thing ! Our digestion is done on 36°C, when you ingest a beverage/water during your meal you’re decreasing the stomach temperature, due to this decrease, you body takes more time to process the whole food. That’s why hot tea and soup are actually good for digestion :D !!!!!!!

  28. My grandmother (a nurse) always said it was just impolite to drink at the same time as eating. She brought her children up to only drink after they’ve finished eating, though she said sometimes she’d take a sneaky drink to soften something in her mouth when her parents weren’t looking. But my parents think it’s fine as long as you don’t drink when you have food in your mouth. After all, wine with your food is apparently one of the best ways to drink.

  29. My mum is a nurse and she said that it is bad to drink water while your at cause the stuff that digests flow away? Idk but mum said that drinking soup with rice is one of Korea’s bad habits.

  30. so basically this was a 1000 ways to Die KOREA edition!! go figured (giant wasp NOPE JUST NOPE T__T)

  31. The closest I have come to death by animal in Australia was this time I walked out the door and there was just a snake right there. On the doorstep.

  32. While I was watching this my mom came in and says, “Hey you’re gonna go to stay with your Dad’s family in Busan for your birthday have fun”. Okay…my birthday is in July and the main thing I wanted to do is go to the beach. Not any more. I live in the ‘Armpit of Texas’ AKA the West Texas area we don’t have beaches sooo no Jellyfish. Fortunately I’m still going to South Korea cause I will be legally able to drink. (While in the states I can only move out, get married or buy tobacco products.) Now I must find concerts and other stuff to do when I’m there cause I can’t drink all the time!!!

  33. I live in Korea and at least every year, I take the pills against tape worms because the tap water in Korea has tape worms in it and as much as they can just stay in your intestines, their eggs can also get in your blood stream and reach your brain and kill you 0/10 take the tape worm pills

  34. Love the length of this video, even though it was long, was not bored at all!

  35. Hannah

    My uncle Eric Lawson was the Marlboro Man in the 80s! Its so funny that you mentioned that because he just died last week from emphysema… awkward. Any-who stay away from fans at night, I’ll take my rattlesnakes any day!!

  36. Martina!! You have to tell me where you got that sweater pleaseeee. My best friend looooves pink elephants and her birthday just passed so if I can get it for her I’d really like to!! Also Simon, I’m playing lightening returns too!! Yay final fantasy!!

  37. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/AustralianWildlife <—- Just if Simon and Martina ever want some…er… light reading ;)

    P.s I loved this tl;dr, learnt new things :) You guys are awesome as always

  38. I’m gonna be that girl…
    Hornets are actually a type of wasp!
    Think of “wasp” as a general term like “lizard” or “fish” there’s a whole bunch of different types! :D
    I saw a really interesting documentary about the Giant Hornet and how they’d murderize the mess out of European honey bees that had been brought to Japan so that they could stimulate honey production.
    However~ Japanese wild bees had long since learned how to deal with the Giant Hornets~
    Check it out:
    (Warning: You need DivX webplayer to view it.
    Second Warning: Giant hornets! and Bee massacres u A u)

    Anyway, I’m out in Texas and while – yes, we do have snakes, spiders and tornadoes (I’ve lived through two in my life), I think the scariest thing I have to deal with is driving in the large city I live in >8I People out here are nuts and they all drive enormous SUVs and trucks and act as if there is no one else on the road! Now THAT’S terrifying!!

    Oh wait, we also have the mind numbing heat that kills many people a year~
    That plus my sun allergy makes me very opposed to sun light… e n e

  39. poodle

    HA, when I first read the title, I though this was going to be about funerals and estate matters. What does that say about me?

  40. By the way, Martina looks stunning in this video.

  41. BTW Simon, I’ll take Final Fantasy over LOTR anytime.

  42. Uh…wasn’t that Jang Keun Suk in the clip…or did I watch the wrong drama…?

  43. Number one way to die in Korea: be a public school teacher during winter time. No soap, no toilet paper, no skipping school (so thousands of germy, unwashed little tykes touching you all day long) and NO HEAT. If you don’t catch a deathly flu you can just freeze to death!

    I have a slightly funny but gross story about fish bones. My co-teachers and I went out for a big hike and dinner last year to commemorate….something. Anyhow, after a massively delicious meal we’re all sitting around laughing and the (very drunk) PE teacher decides to give a speech about something. Little Jaesung (the son) is busy eating loads of food and gets a fish bone stuck in his throat. While his mom gently beats his back and the PE teacher gets louder and louder, I see Jaesung turning green. All of a sudden at the crescendo of PE teacher’s story, Jaesung vom’s ALL OVER the table, the food, the floor cushions, everything! Poor little guy!

  44. You might want to have another look at the earthquake risk in Seoul. If I remember correctly (and if Wikipedia is the ultimate arbiter of truth), greater Seoul gets 7.0-7.5 magnitude earthquakes every ~500 years (last one ~1530), and magnitude 6+ earthquakes every ~100 years (last one in the 1800s). They introduced earthquake building codes a couple decades back but nothing I’ve seen in Korea would meet Vancouver earthquake standards or even come close to meeting California or Japan standards. And everything’s built out of atrocious concrete that will disintegrate if you kick it anyway.

    So I figure at some point in the next 50-100 years, some part of greater Seoul is going to be hit with a major earthquake and there will be carnage.

  45. I lived in Gimje in Jeollabuk-do. I had a NORMAL sized wasp/ hornet outside my window. But never saw freaky pigs or massive monster jellyfishes when I visited the beaches. Sassang fans and taxi drivers though… yeup. 2 best ways to die. heh.

  46. Yeah…I’m really fed up with living in the US with the amount of violence and ignorance here. I don’t know if it’s better/worse elsewhere, but its starting to feel like there are school shootings, mall shootings, and movie theater shootings all the time now. It’s terrifying. Everyone is caught up in fighting over gun rights and gun safety instead of trying to fix our society, if that’s even possible, honestly I don’t know if it is. I feel like we’re too far gone with the amount of poverty/crime/gangs to really “fix” anything.

    I’ve been told that if you live anywhere near a certain gang, they initiate members by having them murder someone. They choose a victim by driving with their headlights off and wait for someone to give them a courtesy flash, then they have to follow and kill them. Or they’ll try to put things by the side of the road that looks like a box of puppies or an injured animal or something and kill someone who pulls over…This is what I’ve been told, and thankfully I don’t live close enough to those areas, so I should be safe, but I don’t think I will ever give a courtesy flash if I see someone driving without headlights. I live in NJ though, and I’ve seen Camden which is one of the most dangerous cities in the US. It looks like a deserted wasteland…but there are families with children and there are schools in these conditions….why aren’t we trying to help the people who need it before they end up in crime too.

    There’s a new “game” that’s been popping up lately called “knockout” where teenage (I think) thugs will randomly punch strangers for no reason at all. They will punch the elderly, children, men, women, anyone.

    With the amount of violence here I can’t even fathom that there is a place like South Korea where you don’t have to fear for your life every time you leave the house. Luckily I don’t live in a city or an area of poverty, so for the most part I’m okay…but I also never walk anywhere alone, ever. I only drive, and I hate having to buy groceries alone because even if I’m far away from gangs, I could still be surrounded by kidnappers/rapists/murderers. On my own college campus, I couldn’t walk a few feet from my class to my dorm without being harassed and cursed at by random guys, just because I walked by. Whenever I go to the movie theater, I sit in my seat and wonder if in the middle of the movie, a psycho will jump up and start shooting us all. I’m especially paranoid of midnight releases now, or going when the theater will be most crowded. The body of a murdered woman was found in the woods behind a mall only 5 minutes from my home….like WHAT THE F**** USA GET YOUR S*** TOGETHER!!!

  47. Martina’s description of You’re Beautiful was hilarious, because it was so spot on. I tried describing My Love From Another Star to my mom, and it sounds ridiculous if you’re not actually watching the drama lol.

  48. haruchi

    I hated the delivery guys in Seoul! I mean they were going on a sidewalks!? I often felt like punching their faces for being so ignorant… In Japan bicycles are concidered pretty much the same as cars (usually you are not allowed to ride on the sidewalk and you use the left side like cars) so having bikes among people in Korea!?! Ugh… I was scared of them and the cars in Hongdae.
    I’m so happy I haven’t seen any hornets here in Japan… But spring is coming… D:

  49. about staying drunk longer, there’s an interesting video on “misconceptions about alcohol” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUNHbU7LnM4

    hm, i’m chinese and my parents have also told me not to drink water during meals but i rarely do it anyway. i guess it’s just a thing that chinese and korean people don’t do and it somehow evolved into “you will get indigestion if you do it”.
    speaking of indigestion, why do koreans mention that so much? in kdramas, the characters frequently warn about indigestion; ie. when a girl is eating too fast and the guy will tell her to eat slower so she won’t get indigestion. i’ve never had that many cases of indigestion and in america people don’t really talk about it. o__o

  50. When you started randomly talking in your Australian accent, Martina, all I could think was “IT’S NOT A SEX BAAAH, IT’S A FUCKING TOILEHT!”

    Also… “SHIT WASPS(Hornets?)” I have apiphobia (fear of bees/things in that bee-like family which include wasps and hornets) so yay… ._.””

  51. Isabel Ruby

    lol the person who asked the question forgot to mention earthquakes…. but the cool thing bout ‘MURRICA is that you get to pick your poison in a way: dangers are sort of region locked [like a 3DS! :D]
    as for the farticles…. I think this came up on Bones, or some other decent TV show, and it’s not farticles so much as tiny bits of turd that come flying up and out of the toilet. put shit on your eye -> infection

  52. I don’t know about drinking water while eating being bad for digestion, but it can lead to overeating because it cleanses your pallet and you will tend to eat more if you sip water with your meal. I would say drinking water after a meal should help with digestion and drinking a glass of water 30 minutes before your meal will cause you to get full faster and eat less.

  53. I have yet to go to Korea, but when I was in Japan I saw the suzumebachi, which is that friggin hornet. So big the Japanese named it after a bird O_o I almost passed out from the horrid feeling and I was behind a glass window…

  54. I have a request for TL;DR!
    I’ve attempted to research this myself in the past, but I haven’t gotten very good information on it. How are food allergies handled in Korea? Are there allergy warnings on food in Korea like there is in the U.S.? If not, does it seem like people in Korea don’t really suffer from food allergies? Also, this might seem a bit off subject of my question, but is decaf coffee abundant in Korea? (I have a caffeine allergy.)
    I apologize if this is a strange question, but I hope to go to Korea someday, and I suffer from various food allergies (other than caffeine I have an allergy to gluten.) Thanks! ^^ With love from Tennessee!

    • I have an allergy to soy and I’m sure I won’t be able to avoid it altogether, so I’ve decided to keep a few hundred benadryl pills with me wherever i go. Hahahaha

    • I actually tried to order a decaf coffee in Starbucks in Korea and they told me Korea doesn’t have decaf option in Starbucks O_o Don’t know about other coffee shops though…

      • Aw man. That’s unfortunate… I’d guess if a major chain doesn’t carry it, then independent ones probably wouldn’t either. Never know, though!

    • Amy F ;)

      me too- I have food allergies and drink mostly decaf too. That vegan place from last week looked kind of promising. I am scared I won’t be able to eat out at all if I go to Korea.

    • I have a soy allergy too…and potato… and cane sugar. I’m pretty sure I’m doomed!!! XD Although at least in the USA it’s become easier to avoid even my crazy allergens. I’m worried about international travel for that same reason though. Awesome question!

    • I’m allergic to gluten as well, and it REALLY sucks. *^* Seriously, I have to check every lable on all my food, and eating out? You’d have an easier time just cooking the stuff yourself.

    • Lauren Semple Stroman

      this is my biggest worry; i want to go to Korea, but i am gluten free, whith wheat allergy, and that Vegan place won’t be much help for me, bc i’m also allergic to a TON of fruits and veggies. i am pretty sure if i get to go, i’ll have to stick to Japanese sashimi and white rice with kimchi :/

    • I went to Korea in 2012, and I’m allergic to wheat, corn, rye, barley, soy, garlic, onion, sesame, potatoes, tomatoes, almonds and a number of other nuts, and a ton of fruits. Wheat AND garlic and onions AND sesame makes eating Korean food a challenge, to say the least. It was difficult, but I made it work. If you do go, email me and I’ll let you know what I did.

      • OMG! Wow, that’s a huge list & it sounds like nightmare for Korea. It sounds like you can go to BBQ place and get a bowl of white rice and samgyeopsal. I’m so sorry. How did you make it work?

  55. blackcatamaran forgot to add tsunamis, earthquakes, flooding, volcanic eruptions, extreme cold, extreme heat, bears, drivers(them ppls are crazy), silt bars, and the occasional poisonous plant….Oh yea and falling through ice is another big one that doesn’t get mentioned much…

  56. …jellyfish….I went last summer to Korea for a exchange program at Suwon and we went to Jeju Island for 3 days. We swam in the beach a lot but they didn’t tell us anything about that (maybe because it isn’t the case in that part of Jeju but still =_=). Anyways, Thanks for the TL:DR!

  57. I used to live in the countryside (Asan) and there was a nest of those giant wasps just outside the windows of my classroom, we normally left the windows all closed (which was fantastic in summer) but once some ‘super intelligent’ person opened them up and I walked into a classroom of first graders hiding under their tables whilst some wasps circled above.. fun times! I didn’t really think they would be any more dangerous then the average wasp so I just shut the windows, grabbed a couple of books and started swatting… they were all dead in a couple of minutes and class proceeded as normal. I’m Australian so yeah… nature ^^

    Also you guys should check out this movie ‘Chaw’ about a giant wild boar eating villagers in the countryside – fun viewing!

  58. TL;DR request: What is your process of filming? I don’t mean what camera do you use (yup, in the FAQ) but how do you set things up? What do you guys keep poking at when somethings goes wrong during Music Mondays? How long does it usually take to film a segment?

  59. You forgot poisonous snakes and hypothermia on a K-drama set. Seriously, why don’t they heat the indoor sets?

  60. What are the deadliest things in Korea?
    My first thought: murder buses and Exotics.
    (No offense! But some fans…some fans be crazy.)


  62. If you drink water during your meal, I heard that the nutrients won’t get absorbed as much, because some will get flushed out with the water. I heard that the best thing is to drink water an hour before eating. But I usually drink during :P except for breakfast when I drink after, to swallow my pills.

  63. I actually had one of those giant hornets come into my classroom through an open window this past summer. My middle school is in Uiwang which is a city outside of Seoul.

    Many people in Korea will know that students and adults of all ages will FREAK OUT if a bee/wasp/hornet gets in the classroom and will be all they can concentrate on. I therefore developed the tactic, with average sized insects, of waiting until they are close to a window, taking some paper and guiding them out.

    WELL, one day I come back to my classroom after having lunch and there is a group of boys outside looking in my windows. “Teacher, teacher! Bee!!”
    “Don’t worry! I’ll take care of it!” (super hero voice)
    So I get some paper and walk over and… HOLY CRAP, THAT’S HUGE!!
    Yup, it was the size of my pinky finger.
    Well, it can’t stay. I can only imagine what the students and my co-teacher will be like if that see that in the classroom! So I do the same thing (though my arm seemed to naturally reach out much farther than normal). Meanwhile all these middle school boys are saying, “No, no! Teacher no! Death!”
    Haha, but their tune did change a bit because after I got it out, I actually got a round of applause. I think they thought I was brave, but totally crazy.

    Haha, it was quite the experience.

  64. The water thing is um… comes from a bunch of sources? I heard a bunch of people say it in a “Grandma says…” sort of way. Then you get a bunch of hippie food psychos who say it is bad for you. From what I can gather, people say it is bad since most HOT foods have lots of oils in it. If you are eating the food hot, the fats and oils are in liquid form and are happily digested. I guess drinking water, would imply that it is cold, making the fats solid, confusing the stomach. So if you drink something hot tea is suggests. It is kind-of a lot of crap to me.

    I have to agree with Soozee with the eating after drinking is worse thing. I thought I was imagining it, but the first hangover I had was at an office party. I drank with little to eat, so on my last drink I thought “My God! I’ll eat a slice of pizza- that’s responsible” FIRST HANGOVER EVER!

  65. What scares me the most: Flying giant cockroaches -_- I went to Vietnam and I probably saw like 20 in the entire month that I was there. They can fly? I hated them with a passion. It’s the #1 thing that stops me from going to Vietnam more often. I’m not scared of snakes though. Obviously. By my picture. =P

  66. Renee

    Australia’s not that bad! (In reference to the shark comment). Very few people are attacked by sharks. It’s always national news here if someone even gets a close encounter with a shark, let alone is actually attacked. We’re safe, I promise!

  67. I live in Australia, where all the citizens are instantly christened Bear Grylls due to the fact that we live in a country that is OVER-SATURATED WITH DANGER.



  68. Well. I’m never moving to Korea. I’ll stick to Sweden and one day–Iceland. Iceland may be entirely made of volcanoes that could erupt at any minute and kill everyone, but at least they don’t have giant wasps or boars or tornadoes! D8 From what I hear, there were also spiders coming from China into to Korea that were rather large…Is that true? I hope not! Eeeeek! ;A;

    To be serious for a second, I’m surprised “pollution” wasn’t on the list. Air quality a serious health concern in Korea, specifically the big cities. I’m so glad my country is very, very, VERY clean. I don’t think I could handle staying in Seoul for more than a week. They should really work on being kinder to the environment and to peoples’ lungs. Sadly I actually went to Seoul and actually had to go to the hospital from the pollution making it hard to breathe. I will say my lungs are used to Sweden air and not Korea air, so my lungs are fairly sensitive, and the drastic change was very hard. Yet even so, being forced to wear a mask my entire 4 days in Seoul was not my idea of fun. Being unable to drink the water just made me disgusted. What kind of horrible standards are those?!

  69. Cosmic Cat

    I’ve been told it’s bad to drink water while you eat too. Something to do with digestion idk I always have a glass after I’ve eaten. Wow those hornets look scary omg I don’t like anything that flies so why add a stinger to a flying insect? why nature why?!?! I think we have wild boar in the UK too but they’re like in the middle of nowhere, there might be stories of them coming across country villages. I remember a while ago there was an outbreak of the false widow spider and people getting bitten and having their legs amputated or something. There’s also the adder, which I nearly came in close contact with whilst at primary school. Apart from that I can’t think of anything else natural that can be deadly, apart from weather, we are having terrible floods right now and the rain isn’t letting up so it’s only going to get worse :/

  70. October 2013: Boar rampages through South Korean city.

    Victim: “the boar hit me in the calves and knocked me over, then it bit my rear end, then it stomped on my head. It all happened so fast.”


  71. Anne Safiye Kefeli Clay

    I worked at the expo in Yeosu and swam in the ocean. Fortunately, no jellyfish problem at the time. It was only later that they told us not to go. I did get pinched by a crab though… twice…. little bugger…. -_-

  72. Im Jamaican and we drink with our meals all the time!! Its pretty much the norm here

  73. Haley Joel

    Okay! I live in Kansas. Yes the “Tornado state” I’ve yet to see one. Tornados are 98% if the time in the plains PLUS! We are not even in tornado valley! @.@ Recluse spiders are in wooded areas, just be careful while hunting or camping. Crocs are hardly in the US. Alligators are in the South. Yes, they can be in residential areas but, they are like shark attacks… Not to common though they are aggressive. Earthquakes happen but I not often. Normally they’re tiny ones. Our biggest threat is terrorism, murders, drunk drivers, cancer,and the occasional hurricane. That’s what I fear here. Not anything else beyond that really…. Though I don’t care about hurricanes. Im land locked. We have more to fear about Vending Machines than a Hurricane. Really. It’s illegal to kick a vending machine in Kansas. ………… Imma badass now for trying to get my Twinkie.

  74. Im Jamaican and we drink with meals all the time its pretty much the norm here

  75. We have the Portuguese man-of-war in Miami. You only see the top part of them which is about 1foot (30cm) but the tentacles float under/beside it and can get up to 165 ft (50m) long. They are hard to spot, and often wash up on beaches and have caused drownings. At least those Korean jellyfish are easy to spot.

    Reference to give people nightmares: http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/invertebrates/portuguese-man-of-war/

  76. for the drank while eating topic, i believe that most of the middle east and north Africa countries do believes it is bad.
    and Martina you are very Beautiful and cute in this video , i love your makeup and hair.

  77. Whaaaaat? Final Fantasy is better than LOTR????? Are you kidding me Simon? This is a desecration of the bestest thing ever made!!! LOTR Trylogy for life <3 Hang in there Martina :D

  78. The biggest danger here in the Faroe Islands are SHEEP, cows, bunnies/rabbits and the aucational horses, walking in the middle of the raod. I haven’t heard of any fatal accidents though, however, you should be very careful when you drive around this country. Oh and geese, can’t forget about them.
    oh yeah and if you diside to go for a walk be careful you don’t walk too far, you could walk of a cliff, sadly that happens.

  79. The boar chasing people actually happened in the drama “My Girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox” too :P

  80. hapagirl

    I’m pretty much afraid of everything, so I just noped really hard hearing about this stuff. I mean here it’s kinda safe, all you gotta worry about is the occasional flooding, tsunamis, the scary ocean, and lava. Oh and the stupid people. Seriously I’m always iffy around cars especially when I have to cross the street, so if I ever went to Korea I’d be on edge the whole time.

  81. Ok.. so Im.. just so you – DAMN. I hate alot of things.
    ONE – sharks. They are scary freakn things. Jaws destroyed my childhood …………:) I just hear that stupid Darum.. Darum.. Darum Darum Darum Darum Daruduruuuum. Its not good when your out swiming, and starts to hear this damn thing in your head – N E E D T O G E T T O L A N D F A S T!!!!!
    TWO – every flying little thing in the world. Hate stuff that looks creapy and flies…. :( I get so much in panickingmode! :O
    Something happened when I was young, because when I was really young I didnt care – but now. Hate them. Those hornets – NO! I dont want to know :/ I cant even dare myself to look them up ;)

  82. For the drinking water during your meal, I heard it’s bad for the digestive system as well. I read it had something to do with the stomach’s gastric “juices” and how they are needed to help breakdown the food. When you drink water while you eat, it interferes with the process and takes your body longer to digest.

  83. I was raised to belive that it is very unhealty to eat (dry food) with out drinking something. I had dinner with my aunt yesterday and she basically forced me to drink a cup of tea after our meal. But maybe it is just my families opinion. I am from Latvia (little country between Russia and Baltic sea), and the most deadliest thing in winter here is snow blocks and/or icicles falling from the rooftops.

  84. lady_kire

    I never noticed that I always seem to drink after my meals most of the time. I don’t know if it’s because of digestive reasons or because eating flavourful food needs to be completly washed down at the end of the meal.

    However, I’ve eaten really spicy food and had to keep drinking during the meal, and I will admit, my stomach felt off later in the day… Maybe it is true about drinking after a meal…

  85. I just realised: It’s a miracle that i am still alive (♪ i’m still alive! ♪)

    Squirrel fact: i was in the UK and i was like “oh cute look a squirre. Come here ♥ !” and my english friend was like “What the f*** RUN!!”
    Because in Germany we have red squirrels which are so cute and lovely not aggressive and now: the bad squirrels are coming to europe and kill the red cuties!!

    @ Martina!! Have you already shown us your finished tattoo?

  86. The movie ‘Chaw’ is actually about a man-eating boar, not giant was- hornets, I meant hornets!

    Thanks for the fun TL;DR. :)

  87. Now that you spoke about how to die? How are the funerary rites in Korea? What do you think it’s the more “strange” from another kind of funerary rites you know? Thank you.

  88. I HAVE THE EXACT SAME SWEATER AS MARTINA :0 My fav thing to say while wearing it is “elephanté es grande” LOL

  89. I thought this video was going to be about funerals in Korea. I was wrong…


  91. The one thing that stood out to me in this TLDR is how awesome Martina’s skin looks. I just kept looking at her thinking she is so pretty!!! Ok…weird fan girl moment I do not normally have.

  92. OMO! I haven’t even watched it all yet, I just noticed that Martina is wearing DAESEUNG’S SWEATER FROM G-MARKET!!!!! *ahem* sorry got a bit excited there! It is the same elephant sweater but in baby pink rather than blue! <3 <3 <3 (Hmmm, I might know a bit too much about BIGBANG….nahhhh!) ^_^

  93. I would like to add two things to this list, based on my short experience in Korea:
    1. Delivery mopeds. Just holy shit, really? I’m walking to work, headphones in, just barely not dancing to APink because MASCULINITY. Then, all of a sudden, I realise ‘if I had taken one step to the right then to join in with this dance, I would have been plastered all over that poor person’s delivery chicken.’. Delivery mopeds are psychopathic.
    2. Fan death.
    3. Final Fantasy is definitely better than LOTR.

    • Cyber_3

      I must know, which APink song is aaaaaaalmost a match for MASCULINITY? Hadn’t heard of them before your comment but “Hush” is pretty catchy…..

      • NoNoNo, of course!

        • Cyber_3

          But can MASCULINITY resist “Traveling” by Utada Hikaru? My husband is no dancer but he can’t resist bopping to this one. Bunny train FTW! Fortunately, I may be an engineer but I don’t have this MASCULINITY problem you speak of ;)

          Cyber_3 – bops down the road to “Lipstick” by Orange Caramel

        • Julia Franco

          Ermigawd a fellow Utada Hikaru fan!!!!!! *fangirl moment* Yes, “Traveling” is an awesome and addictive song. And the music video is almost K-pop level in terms of odd colorful awesomeness.

  94. https://twitter.com/Mimchetu/status/432488337958395910 guys i made a video request for you can you watch it please?^_^

  95. I always seem to end up watching you guys right after i get on the computer. Like in the morning i drink coffee… watch Eat Your Kimchi like its the morning news… haven’t even had my cereal…

  96. I agree with Simon. You got my vote. Marlboros are the giant REALLY toxic monsters in FF games that look like this giant tentacle sunflower almost with giant sharp pointy teeth (oh my god, they probably use him in Hentai-I mean uh) that will bish slap you with a bunch of nasty ailments whith its bad breath -especially berserk. They will slowly kill your team especially if the player is caught off guard or the powerful member in the group is hit with beeserk. I should know, I learned my lesson in FFX with Auron. I’m playing XIII-2 but I still can’t seem to kill Caius so I’ll go level up some more.

  97. LinZi

    Hey everyboy scared of Merica…. I live in that land, and I don’t have scary things because it is not all the same. I live in New England and we don’t really have any poisonous bugs, snakes, etc. We have snow storms (which people don’t usually die of) and rain and sunshine and happiness.. and oh… ticks I suppose are the only annoying thing but they are just gross and don’t really kill you. But there are no ocean-dwelling killing beasts, and maybe there is some obscure wildlife like bears but nowhere near anywhere I have ever seen/been. It’s all good, kids. Depends on where you are.

    Regarding water and digestion… I am not a doctor but a certifiable NURSE (whoo) and we never ever learned anything about it being bad. Really it wouldn’t make any sense for water to be “bad” for digestion and not five million other things. Different foods are acidic and basic and your body adjusts as it goes to digest properly… why wouldn’t it adjust for water?

  98. Wow those hornets *shivers*. I always drink milk or water during a meal because I’m raised to believe it’s healthiest to drink while eating. What is this? Now I don’t know what’s the best way to drink. :()

  99. As someone who has gamed all his life, no truer words have been spoken than Martina’s depiction of Final Fantasy (and any J-RPG), and for that I applaud you.

  100. There was an interesting Documentary called United Stats of America. The first episode was about what would kills us. The animal to be afraid of is actually Bambi. More people die from an accident of hitting a deer than any other animal attack. Next time you’re in the good US of A, just keep an eye out for Bambi.

    I think the leading cause of death in Korea has to be the Truck of Doom. That truck tends to kill characters left and right in KDramaland.

  101. Giant jelly(helly)fish, wild boars, giant wasps (…hornets), and crazy taxi drivers; all very terrifying and yet I think that we know that most of our concern and fear should be directed towards fans…cause they cray and they gon kill you

    Scurry stuff right there. O_O

  102. Just found this on Pinterest… O_o … NOPE!!!

  103. I love Martina’s sweater :DDD

  104. Hahaha I’m going to make notes in my travels books about the “dangers” of Korea now. Also, we actually have wild boars/hogs in Texas. Is there a difference between Hogs and Boars? I know that in the town my Uncle used to live in, a bunch of guys killed one that weighed about 800 lbs. They are pretty scary.

  105. Cece

    I am from the United States, and my family does not drink anything during meals, we drink a full glass of water before each meal, and then another glass after. We are probably just weird, but it does help keep us…”regular,” and it helps keep us full so it is also a health thing as well!

  106. In regards to the drinking water during a meal, I have a decent amount of insight. My mother is a certified nutritionist and has a masters degree in wholistic nutrition. She’s been studying food and natural approaches to medicine and disease prevention through food and lifestyle changes. According to her (and the many sources she’s gotten it from), it is best to drink water (or any other beverage) either 30 minutes before a meal, or 2 hours after the meal. Supposedly it helps in the digestion process for a number of reasons. I’ve been practicing it for several years now and I can honestly say I can tell a difference when I follow this and when I don’t. Granted, it’s not BAD for you to drink during a meal, but it’s not optimal.

  107. I think of this as being the dumb ways to die the eyk edition. Love it :)

  108. I’m going to side with the Mayo Clinic on the water during a meal thing. http://www.mayoclinic.org/digestion/expert-answers/faq-20058348

    I’d imagine that as long as you’re well hydrated throughout the day then you’ll be fine, regardless of what you do during a meal. Unless you’re teasing giant hornets. I wonder if they’re anything like our hornets. You leave them alone and they’ll happily do their own thing.

  109. Not to be that person, but isn’t it Jang Geun Seok in You’re Beautiful, not Taecyeon?

  110. There’s so much that can kill you in the south. Alligators, black bears, my state has almost every poisonous snake, spiders, gangs, drunk drivers(but who doesn’t have to deal with that?), deer running in front of your car, hurricanes, plant explosions, swine flu(sadly I lost a friend to swine flu in 2009), and idiots who don’t know how to clean their guns properly or store them safely.

  111. About the drinking and eating part: I’m from Germany and I’ve also been told it’s better to drink before or after the meal and not in between… However, I had never had any problems before I changed my drinking habits… :)

  112. A.J.

    I worked at a sub shop a few years ago and there was a regular who refused to buy a drink, even if it made his over all meal cheaper, because it’s bad for digestion. I’m in the states, so there must have been an article published on it worldwide for so many people to say the same thing.

  113. My face through this entire video…




    I realize that there are some pretty terrifying things in Florida and the US that can kill you, but… MAN. SIZED. JELLYFISH!!! And not just regular man size. DOTHRAKI MAN WARRIOR MAN SIZED!!! DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH FEAR THAT STRIKES INTO MY POOR BROWN HEART Y_Y I would still come to Korea, but this video is a great way to make people *not* wanna come XD On the bright side, it’d be a great way to shock Koreaboos out of their insane obsession :3

  114. On Water and the Meal
    1. I’m sure, if you drink water BEFORE your meal, you’ll eat less (<– for those dieting)
    2. When I have water DURING the meal I feel “heavier”, if it’s the word to discribe that feeling of fullness lol (thus I drink water only after my meal)
    3. I heard drinking warer AFTER the meal helps you to smoothen the ‘ways’ (is it what it’s called? The thing from your throat till your stomach. No? I’m not good with the names of insides xD ) & digest beter~^^

    • You feel heavier because the water helps satisfy your stomach, and so, you eat less. I drink water during my meal (to avoid choking) and after to help the digestion. Actually, I’m sick if I don’t do that so I don’t really understand this “legend” (I don’t know how to call it xD)
      And, the thing from the throat to the stomach is the
      esophagus ;)

  115. Wah! Hornets?! Jellyfish?! (are actually my favorite sea creature) That sounds pretty bad. Where I live(North Carolina), I don’t worry much about natural disasters, but there are some pretty freaky bugs and animals, especially in the summer. We have wheel-bugs that sting, and supposedly it feels like 12 wasp stings put together! We have black racer snakes and copperheads in the woods, and also we have coyotes and bobcats, but I don’t worry about them much. Oh! We also have moccasins(poisonous snakes) in the lakes, and really weird but there are eels in some of the rivers I’ve swam in. I didn’t know until afterwards though :( there I was, diving, when a swarm of eels was lying in wait hahaha. Have fun not dying you guys :P

  116. I don’t suppose you guise know what song is playing in the trailer for T.O.P’s movie Commitment? I’ve looked everywhere and figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask haha.

  117. Does Korea have poisonous caterpillars? I remember, growing up in South America, being strictly warned that even though the awesome multicoloured caterpillars in the backyard looked all cuddly and soft and bright-coloured and like they wanted to be your very best friend … They were actually DEADLY POISONOUS and that if you even just touched them YOU WOULD DIE. Which, somewhat disappointingly enough, is actually true. Let’s not talk about the coral snakes, and beautiful poisonous butterflies and tree frogs and army ants and wild boars that roam in packs and so many other wonderfully deadly tropical things. Korea sounds so much safer.

    • I love caterpillars! XD
      I remember I found some not very big and not brightly coloured but very fluffy ones, and touched them, even shoved a couple into my pocket ‘for further inspection’ at home! lol
      Bad move! I got some red pimples all over my palms soon after, that were itchy and a tiny bit painful for a week I guess. I didn’t tell mom that I got an issue either >.<
      I just googled wtf was that (cos I was poditive I won't die from those lil things) and it happened to be the broken hairs of a cuterpillar that caused my hands to become like this. So later when I touched those cuterpillars again, without breaking their hair, I was fine! ;P

  118. Hey guys! Awesome post, as always! Thug wild boars. I’m skerred. Here is something I’ve been curious about the more I watch kpop videos and some kdramas: what is the obsession with guns and shooting themselves/other people? Now, I know you probably wouldn’t know firsthand why that is, as you guys aren’t surveying peeps like “zomgwhyudodat?!”, but I’ve always been curious about it; you guys even had a category for it in 2012. For a country with gun violence that is virtually unheard of, what in the world would possess you to fake shoot yourself? I’d love to hear your take on it!

  119. Giant hornets? Sound like the things nightmares are made of….

  120. YukiRed

    About the water drinking during your meal- I’ve read on lots of websites that it is bad for digestion. Not sure of the physiology behind it. But maybe if you’ve been eating that way your whole life you’ve gotten used to it?

    And about the jellyfish- i heard that wearing pantyhose might protect you against jellyfish stings. But umm…who would go swimming with those on? lol

  121. KATHyphenTUN

    Oh, I remember on the news here in Canada they did a story about those killer wasps in China! I would be terrified of those things!! They are huge!!!
    I find when it comes to dangerous animals though you always get used to what is in your own town, but are afraid of the animals you don’t know. I remember catching black widow spiders in jars growing up on my grandparents farm. But if I bring a friend from out of town and they see one they act like it’s a bear ready to maul them and won’t go near them XD

  122. Normally rattlesnakes hang out more in the southern part of the US in the hot desert, but a few years ago my dog had run away and I went back into the woods to find him. Well I found him and he was just standing there staring at the ground at something when I heard that rattle noise and I grabbed my dog and took off so fast. My mom didn’t believe me that it was a rattlesnake and she laughed at me until 2 days later she came running in to tell me there was a rattlesnake in her garden. So I’m here to say there ARE rattlesnakes in Michigan. If anything were to kill you here though it would be the cold weather.

  123. In California there aren’t many weather or animal problems. Unless you’re talking about cats honeybees or RED ANTs

  124. does korea have hailstorms? I know we have it here in hawaii (oahu) occasionally. Although not so much in the city but more in the countryside-ish. Those friggin iceballs can kill you!!! D:

  125. My family is from Trinidad and I’ve heard the whole “NO DRINKING WATER WITH YOUR MEAL! D:” thing from my grandparents.
    I guess it’s an Asian/West Indian thing?

    • Bajan here. It is more of an older people thing I think. My family never had a no drinking water during eating rule but I know others who did. I hated eating at their houses because it felt like I was choking.

  126. I live in Texas in a small country town and we have to worry about Rattlesnakes, scorpions, black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, tarantulas as big as my hand, Copperheads, Cottonmouths, red wasps, Yellow Jackets, African Honey Bees, regular honey bees, wild boars that get up to 900lbs and more, alligators, alligator snapping turtles, porcupines, skunks (they are really really bad here, i work at night and we have to do the buddy system when we go outside at night because they are everywhere LITERALLY!!!) , alligator gar, 200+lbs. giant catfish ( I kid you not these suckers get huge like as big as cars out at the lake thats a 30 min drive from my home) raccoons, possums, foxes (red and silver kind), coyotes, bobcats, deer, armadillos (they hiss and will chase you sometimes, lol I know because I got chased by one because it was in the tall grass by the side of my house and i almost stepped on it!!!), and one of the scariest things we have are mountain lions. 0_O’ Its scary here in Texas, lol.

    • Kairos

      I grew about five minutes from the Texas border in Louisiana. We had everything but the African Honey Bees, coyotes and scorpions when I left five years ago. In place, we have both red and black wasps, fire ants, and cow ants. Oh, and let’s not forget the Sabine River itself. If all the gar, gators, snapping turtles and snakes don’t get you the undercurrent will. The scariest thing, though, is the city water.

    • You named a whole bunch of animals that could not possibly harm you…skunks? Raccoons? Foxes? None of these animals would attempt to harm a human. Are you a tiny rodent or something? If so, please post a video of yourself adorably scampering across the keyboard to type this post.

      • rabies honey, and raccoons are actually really aggressive, foxes kill cats chickens and just about anything that is fair game to them and they carry rabies, rabies is bad in this part and all these animals carry them. the skunk thing is because skunks here where I live are the ones who are infected with it the most and being sprayed at close range by skunks can cause temporary blindness. I listed deer because they attack people more than you realize, and they cause a big majority of accidents in the country side. catfish because people have been killed by trying to be dumb butts and noodle for these and the fish drowns them cuz it clamps on the arm and wont let go and is way to big to handle so before you go off being a smart ass please realize that i had reasons for posting what i did and it wasnt just listing random animals!

      • And its not like any animal actively seeks out humans to cause harm its people who are careless and therefore put themselves unknowingly in harms way.

  127. In Latvia and Russia it is also believed that drinking water while eating is bad for the health…I dont know why exactly but someone said it makes you lose appetite, and I remember hearing that your body stops producing saliva while eating cuz you always drink with food..am I making any sense?…

  128. It’s only certain parts in America that you can die because of a blizzard, hurricanes and tornadoes…just live on the west coast. Then you only have to worry about earthquakes!
    Really though, you should have your drinks after your meal. My dad always told me that the food was more important and the drink was a type of reward for finishing……idk about that logic though……

  129. Hey, can you talk about the winter Olympics?Are you watching it, if so, are you rooting for a specific country (Canada , Korea)? Who are your favorite athletes? :D

  130. Well… where I grew up, it seemed to be a bit easier to die from good ol’ drive by shootings, drunken fights with friends, sitting at the local park with your girlfriend/boyfriend and being the victim of a gang initiation. If only we had to worry about wasps and jellyfish. : P BTW, I’m not exaggerating, these things actually happened…. So, there’s that.

    P.S While I like both the Lord of the Rings and Final Fantasy, I’m going to have to agree with Simon on this one. Final Fantasy just has a deeper connection with me lol. F³L!! >_<

    • Not to be creepy or anything, but where do you live?
      My classmate moved to the states (new york) and got on his balcony and witnessed a shooting. YAY!

      • Lol I lived in Stockton, CA. It wasn’t a bad place when I was young. But a lot of parents from the Bay Area (San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco) moved to my neighborhood to get their kids out of the bad areas they lived in…. but they just started their own gangs here. -_-

  131. As much as I love Simon, games and Final Fantasy: Simon you are wrong mcwrongpants. Lord of the Rings is better!

    But yeah I don’t do well with insects that like to get up all in yo grill, even less so when they are the size of your thumb and even more so when entomoligist expert Simon isn’t sure if they are wasps or hornets!!

    And not sure about the drinking bit. Here it is pretty common to have something to drink while you eat. Maybe not always water but wine, soft drink, juice whatever.

  132. Heh, not a K-drama fan but I remember an author I like “recounting” that particular drama years ago on her livejournal, think I laughed for 20 solid minutes reading it http://sarahtales.livejournal.com/189054.html

  133. Marzia Matalone

    The topic about suicide rates gives me a lot to think…it’s not the first time I hear about it… but it’s also a very sensitive topic…even though I’m curious about what you think about it…

  134. My mom says when you drink water during your meal you just get less hungry….

  135. Yes, I’ve been told the same thing about drinking during your meal – from personal trainers in Scotland *and* Korea! So there might be something to that? I can’t recall the reasoning.

    Scotland doesn’t have many deadly creatures; the whole of the UK is fairly safe. However, I am from northern Minnesota originally, and have family friends that I think may be under some kind of curse. For some reason, during the past few winters, different members of that family have been chased by wolves.

  136. Also! About the boars, someone I know was a hunter and a boar suddenly attacked him. He ended up with a messed up leg and also the boar was 2m long I think and FREACKING 250KGS!

  137. This is kind of related but my Canadian friend told everybody on April fools day that in Canada, they had this huge problem with polar bears in their garbage cans and that they have three doors in their houses, one in front on in the back and one on the second story so when it snows crazily they could go out the second door. For some reason everyone believed them.

  138. Hahah America honestly does seem to be the most terrifyingly dangerous place to live! *I live in Ontario* and when I was watching a documentary about spider bites in America I was so afraid to go there ever! A spider randomly crawls in your shoe, you put your shoe on and it bites your and then you could die if you don’t make it to the hospital in time! That is a girls worst nightmare! But otherwise Korea sounds wonderfully safe just like Ontario so I am happy that is somewhere I will be moving to in a couple months! :D Other then the ocean… man sized jelly fish sound intense.

  139. Sooooo I totally had no idea what to expect with the title. Pleasantly surprised, love it.
    The water thing: I think it’s just because it makes you more full or something and you should eat all of your food?
    Earthquakes: My students told me that there are actually earthquakes in Korea somewhere.. Maybe in North Korea. I have no idea (i’m not sure if I should believe them or not lol)

    also: Taxi drivers/delivery drivers. Holy hell can they kill you. I also feel like this somewhat applies to the idiot people who drive in the really busy streets of like Myeongdong and Gangnam when everyone is walking and they’re just like “imma drive through here because I’m a dick!”

    Those … hornets? wasps? giant bugs. Are terrifying too. Never want to see one. ever. NEVEREVER I SAY

  140. final fantasy is aaaaa~wesome! :D

    there’s nothing scary in Austria. at least nothing i know of. yay?

  141. When I was in Japan they actually put up signs everywhere like “WATCH OUT FOR THIS SNAKE AND THIS WASP” because you would die if being stung by them. It was on a mountain and going down whenever I saw a wasp I ran. That wasn’t the scary part though, the scary part was THAT THERE WAS NO HOSPITAL ON THAT ISLAND!! Because no one should die or be born on that island because it should stay holy or something. SO THEY DONT HAVE HOSPITALS.

    • Another reason for me not to go mountain climbing. I HATE MOUNTAIN CLIMBING!

    • Hmm I went to Miyajima but never saw those signs. Did see the signs that the deer there will steal yo stuff or bite. And in a city near a body of water I did see some signs to watch out for Kappa demons.

      • Oh yeah! Miyajima was the place! Did you go onto the mountain? Because that was where I saw them. But Maybe they’re new or have been taken away since I got there?

        The deers were so cute ;3;

        • xdeathknightx

          I think I went about halfway up the mountain. We were only there for an afternoon and if we wanted to go up and down the mountain we basically had to keep walking and never stop. So we went to a few temples and stopped about halfway up. Also had blisters on my feet so wasn’t really in the mood to make the trek all the way to the top haha.

  142. This is why I stare at the beach from the pool. No jellyfish.

  143. Actually, we also have this kind of wasp (or hornet) in France. They came from China years ago and now, they are spreading all over the country. And I know how scary they are because there was a nest in the tree near my grandparents’ house and another one in the rooftop.

    Anyway, thank you for reminding me why I HATE the sea! Seriously, man-size jellyfish! *hide under my bed*

  144. actually you have to drink water 10 minutes before you eat your meal that’s because it will make your stomach larger from the beginning,so you will not be hungry after half an hour :D hope you understand . Ohh and saranghaeyo both of you + spudgy :* (hug)

  145. I think that “drinking water during meals is bad for you” is a myth. I did see around on the internets that it doesn’t affect digestion at all and that it actually does help some. I think the belief comes from the idea that water may dilute your stomach acid enough to inhibit digestion, but it actually doesn’t. I don’t drink too much liquid while I eat, but that’s only because I don’t want to get full before finishing my food :D
    Here are some links I found, though they don’t have links to the scientific studies. http://theness.com/neurologicablog/index.php/do-cold-drinks-alter-digestion/


    • I hope it´s not bad, I´ve been drinking water with all my meals like..all my life and I don´t feel that affected? and don´t ppl in korea drink anything at all with their food? A lot of things seem so spicy, and at least I always have to drink like crazy if I eat hot food.

  146. Haha! Australians are fine – we’re more likely to die in car crashes than from any of the deadly animals in Australia, including sharks [although there was something on the news tonight about crocodiles being able to climb trees so... bit creepy].

    By the way, what’s it like watching the Olympics in Korea? Are people really into it? I was watching when Lee Sang Hwa won last night! Woot! I’m loving watching the winter olympics – it makes me feel nice and cold in this awful heat! That and I really want to go skiing again soon!

    • Great question! Also lots of kpop artists enjoy winter sports right? Korea is going to host next Olympics so I guess they are pretty into it. They actually won first round for hosting 2014 Olympics, but in second round Putin supposedly came with some awesome speech and Russia won.

    • The first thing I think of when I think of Australia is those big ass Huntsman spiders & the Magpies swooping season. No thanks lol

      • huntsmen spiders cannot “bite” humans. their fangs aren’t strong enough to penetrate the skin. and although magpies do swoop they’re also noisy and creature of habit – you just need a little awareness and have an idea where the magpies nest in your area.

        snakes stay away from you if you make plenty of noise. crocs have territories that can be monitored so just stay away from those. and you are about as likely to get killed by a shark as you are of getting killed by a vending machine…. no seriously that happens. picture a vending machine ate your money. so in your anger you kick it and attack it until it topples over … on top of you.

    • Oh god, I saw that crocodile-tree-climbing story too… why do we even live here?!

      • I’m never going up North ever again!!! Not that I’ve been north of Exmouth (Ningaloo reef) but still…

        I was wondering the same thing the other day when my cat decided to take on a snake on our backyard. She’s an old cat but I’ve seen her eat a baby snake before – not that I was going to take any chances. I managed to get her inside but the snake’s taken up residence somewhere close by… eeek!!!

    • I can handle rattlesnakes and black widows but TREE CLIMBING CROCODILES


  147. Laura Pinto

    I’ve only been warned about not drinking water after you eat melon, it’s really really bad for you. (I do not understand why but I do as I am told, just in case).
    About those wasps… Yeah, I have a phobia of wasps and that kind which exists in Korea are spreading in here (Portugal). I’ve had a hive right above my window and had to call the firemen to take it out before I had a severe panic attack, and they’re really dangerous near houses. Apart from that, Portugal isn’t really that dangerous, although you should be careful in big cities, just to be safe. Almost no one carries guns, and our principal cause of death are cardiovascular diseases.

  148. As soon as you talked about wild boars I automatically remembered Lee seungi’s scene in “My girlfriend is a gumiho” ..
    Yea …..this is random :) I just had to say it ..

    Lots of Love from the UAE!!

  149. um, don’t they serve tea (that which is flavoured water) in eating establishments with your meal?

    I would argue that if you drink ice/cold water or any cold beverage (at any point w.in the course of your meal or just in general) is probably bad as it brings down your internal body temperature. Your body will then expend energy to ‘warm’ itself back up. Drink hot tea or warm water during meals is best as the thought is that it washes down the oil/ grease.

  150. A sea Lion brushed up against me while swimming off Vancouver Island in British Columbia…. I think the whole beach heard me scream.

  151. Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스
    Alicia Davis 알이샤 데비스

    Lord of the Rings > Final Fantasy. And thanks for the heads up on the wasps, reconsidering my move altogether :<

  152. PunkyPrincess92

    *shocked face* WHOA!!!!!!!!! man sized jellyfish!!! never heard of or saw them before!!
    okay i’m literally sitting here getting seriously freaked out by the talk of the hornets!! i absolutely HATE those along with wasps and bees!!!! *shudder*
    AHAHAHAHAH Sharknado!!! oh man *wipes tears* the most hilarious and terrible-st movie EVER!!! you’d think a child made it…

  153. I live in Daegu but my first job was just outside of Daegu on a mountain. All of the teachers at my school lived in the dorm on our school campus and at night I wiuld hear the squeals of the wild boar right across from where we were staying. I saw one once in the distan e when I was taking a walk. Also, we had a bit of an infestation of them at one point so our school admin basically put us on a curfew and warn us not to go outside after dark. If we did have to go outsode for some reason they told us to take an umbrella with us and if we saw a boar to open and close it really quickly
    ..apprently it was supposed to scare them off But honestly, it just became a HUGE joke to all.of the foreign teachers who lived there. I”m pretty sure that the school never told the students’ parents…because ya know, saving face and all.

    Also, apparently there are a couple different types of poisonous snakes in Korea (I can’t remember what kind though).

  154. Cyber_3

    Good TL;DR, very informative. That jellyfish is scary! This week was just a leetle bit more rambling/tangent-y than ideal though, I got lost a few times.

    If I could STOP my young son from jumping on my bed first thing in the morning, I would totally do it. I think it’s instinctual. Nothing short of a water canon 10 days in a row is going to stop him. Seriously, why won’t kids stop? I will try to leash him near the elderly though from now on ;)

    The “not drinking (water) during a meal” thing is because the water dilutes your stomach acids, thereby making your body make MORE acid in order to digest the food properly. More acid in the system is not good, leads to heartburn and diarrhea, etc. It’s hard not to drink when you start but you get used to it and the drink after the meal is that much more refreshing. I think that if you’re drinking wine or apple juice (acidic juice) with your meal, it’s not so bad as water. Maybe soup is okay because there are less solids consumed to digest overall?

    • You know, I felt we rambled a bit as well. We originally planned this video to be 7 minutes or so, but it turned out to be longer.

      Also, does water dilute stomach acids? And would that mean, then, that soup is bad to eat?

      • Cyber_3

        Well, if you think about it, everything that you swallow goes into your stomach where the saliva/bile/etc. breaks it down. If you have water with your meal (which ideally, shouldn’t be so dry or spicy that you are chugging water with it), it will arrive in your stomach at the same time and will dilute the acid in your stomach, thereby rendering it less effective, this is where your gallbladder then pumps in extra bile to compensate, because you want that food digested properly before it moves on. If you drink water AFTER your meal, most of the digestion will have happened before the water gets there so it doesn’t have as much of an effect. I already learned this earlier but I really noticed a difference after I had my gallbladder removed (sigh). I am able to tolerate spicy food (which I love!) and other noms better, if I drink after the meal or precede it with some fruit (especially acidic fruit). It’s not an old wives’ tale as far as I can tell but as kids, we tend to drink more with meals because a) we don’t drink enough outside of meals and b) we don’t always like the food we have to eat so it becomes a habit when we grow up to drink with the meal. As I said in my previous post, I don’t think that soup is bad to eat (I’m not a doctor, I just pretend to have a common sense medical opinion on the internetz) it’s more that soup has less solids to digest so it kind of negates the use for so much acid in the first place.

        BTW, accidentally disturbed a wasps’ nest (actually, yellow jacket hornets – wasps and hornets are the same beast, just people call them different things) with my husband once and we both ended up with over 20 stings even though we both had pants and long sleeves on (he had 60 – he protected me, so sweet!) and it’s really nasty….but only for a day or two and then they’re gone. I guess that I’m lucky that I’m not allergic to stings, I had no idea one way or the other before this happened. It’s definitely undesirable, but you’re likely to survive.

      • Cyber_3

        Oh, I forgot to say that, I know that you’re trying to inject the LOLs and that that’s why it sometimes goes astray in the videos (and I’m TOTALLY for my LOLs). Maybe if you only tangent once per planned comment, or for less than a minute each time, it would keep it more in a straight line and easier to follow. I don’t know, sometimes we all have those weeks…….I think that you are just settling back into the routine and it will work itself out in the next couple of weeks.

  155. I’m Chinese and my mum always nags me about the drink after meal rule, which I believe is just another superstition than an actual thing. I mean I love Asian culture but the weird ”scientifically proven” things that I only hear from my relatives are really far fetched and strange, like if you have a black eye then you should boil and egg and rub it on your eye in a cloth…I asked and apparently it’s the yolk that helps to break bruises? If someone can explain to me how that works that’d be great

  156. why is it in every country taxi are scary?? O.o
    lol so much side track!! XDD

    “dum ways to die~ so many dum ways to die” *laughs*

    “learn how to die in Korea??” XDD
    - by fans (only in korea, its more fun in korea) LOL

  157. Yeah, lots of ways to die in North America, lol. I don’t know about the water while eating thing. I always get thirsty so I just drink up but not too much. I can imagine if you down like a liter of water while eating it would make you sick at least..dying, I don’t know..

  158. Ash3070

    You forgot to mention fan death XD x x x

  159. In N.Ireland there’s nothing deadly. No jellyfish, no huge wasps, nothing. We have very bad wind sometimes, but that’s about it. We also have paramilitaries popping up now and then, but they’re really just a danger to themselves.

    Are wild boars actually deadly though? I dunno much about them… except that they’re tasty :P

    • As much as I know wild boars are dangerous when they have shoats, since they want to protect them – obviously. They can be quite big and heavy too (thus they can slam you down pretty easy when they feel like it haha… x.x) and I think their teeth are no joke either D: As a little kid I was advised what to do when encountering one since we got quite a lot of them in germany. My dad was hit by one while driving home from work in the night, but since he was in the car and the boar ditched it only slightly on the side, nobody was injured and the proud boar-mommi was able to left the spot with her gazillion shoats… xP

  160. Mariam Watt

    I’m pretty sure there was an episode of “Bones” where she spoke about farticles- although not in those terms. I’ve kept my toothbrush in the cabinet instead of out on the counter and closed the lid ever since.

  161. I think the drama “Lie to me” had some of those gigantic wasps. Or they were just wasps.

  162. thisisjustforfunval

    First thought upon reading “How to Die in Korea?” — fans.

    Farticles, yet another wonderful scientific term I’ve learn from Simon and Martina. And yeah ew, I was eating breakfast.

  163. The only problem we had with ancestral graves was squirrels hiding their nuts in them. BUT OMG NOW THAT YOU MENTION THE HORNETS…..as we were coming down the mountain there was a giant nest up in the trees and I was just like “oh it’s a wasp nest” and I wasn’t too concerned but now I realised I could have died!!!!

    And one of my husband’s friends is a wild boar hunter!!! That’s a job you can have in the countryside…

      • ahahhaha you guys are sooo funny! Your hilarious videos always make my day, so thank you for that! :D
        Btw, I’m your Serbian fan! :)

      • drinking water during meal is bad , but soup or any drinks is okay, just not pure water, Soup and water is diff, example Chicken soup, after cooking it , the soup is not just water, it has all the oil, protein in the soup as well. And also of course someone would die if a fishbone choked us, u guys said Korean eat it, probably those fish don’t have alot/large bone, there are other fish have long and strong bones which can be eat/chew off

        • I want links to peer-reviewed studies on the water thing. It sounds like pure BS. I’m not saying that it is BS, necessarily, I’m saying that’s what it sounds like. I mean, it takes HOURS for your stomach to digest solid food, so the only difference between drinking water with your meal and after it is that the after-water (boy, does that sound wrong) goes on top of everything you just ate. It’s going to get mixed into the food by the stomach’s churning action anyway, so what’s the difference?

        • it’s not bullshit, u know that our mouth produce saliva right, saliva helps digesting the food when we were chewing as well, if u drink PURE WATER without any taste, which don’t stimulate our tongue to produce saliva, and also flush all the saliva away from our mouth, and it will also send a signal to our brain like “u have to stop producing TOO MUCH gastric juices in our stomach, u’re not eating anymore”. BUT THEN, u start eating again the next second, ur brain have to tell ur both ur mouth and stomach to function again. It’s just like a machine, try to stop it and start it non-stop, what happen to it? it’s will spoil. But it’s okay to drink PURE WATER after meal because we have stop eating, just let the remain food and “digest agent” to do their work.

        • i think it actually has to do with how you grew up. i’m indian and i eat a lot of spicy food. i know that the best way to deal with spicy food for me is to drink small sip of water during the meal rather than one full cup after the meal or when the spice becomes unbearable which can cause bloating or worse (spice burps – pure torture). of course i’ve been eating this way since i first started eating spicy food so it might just be that my body is used to it since i’ve never had any ill effects and in fact this is the first time i’ve heard of the possibility.
          also i want to put this out there -the body isn’t exactly like a machine. there’s a lot of grey area. things don’t just start and stop. for example the smell of food begins your digestive system by activating your salivory glands. taste may continue it, but if the smell of food is still there, just because the taste of food was removed via a rush of water doesn’t mean the production of gastric juices has stopped.
          say you’re having a long slow meal – like you’re with friends and chatting as well as eating – do you think you’re mouth stops producing saliva because you haven’t eaten anything in five minutes? no because the food is still there and you can smell and see it.
          anyways just wanted to offer my inverse opinion.

        • i didn’t mean the gastric juice will stop producing but rather it produce as when we’re not eating and slow down the digestion. Honestly, it’s bad for our body, but i didn’t mean you will really die so easily from this, unless the person has an really weak body especailly the stomach part, or people that are really old, digest food more slow than younger people, if they did drink PURE water, after a long time, lots of problem would occur, taking a really smalllllll sip of water might not affect ur digestion, but Simon & Martina said their korean friend told them not to, it’s just because they were told by the elders. I think Korean are not sure about the amout of water that we should not drink during the meal. if it was really just a sip, it would be okay i guess, just not like a mouthful of water, and keep doing it like after every bite of ur food.

        • Wrong. The very act of eating, or even anticipating food stimulates your salivary glands to produce their fluid. It’s an involuntary process that is not shut off by drinking water. Water may cleanse the palate, but it doesn’t stop your nose from smelling the food or your eyes from seeing it, both of which are stimuli for saliva production. Whoever told you otherwise does not know what (s)he is talking about. Likewise, your stomach doesn’t turn off because you drink water. If it did, that glass at the end of the meal actually would cause the food in your stomach to spoil. You should get better sources, I think. Preferably, they should people who understand the various interrelated processes of eating, starting with the neuropsychology of hunger arousal and how the parasympathetic nervous system responds.

        • i didn’t say that we will stop producing saliva neither i say it will stop the acid in our stomach to STOP, but slow down, because TASTELESS WATER WON’T stimulate the salivary glands to produce MORE to digest food, after we look at the food and smell when we drink water which have a minimal/no taste, the nervous system u mention will tell the brain to stop producing lesser saliva and acid in our stomach. LESSER which slow down digesting, but didn’t mean it stop, especially if someone keep drinking water(A MOUTHFUL OF WATER) after EVERY BITE. After some time, it would cause problem. I compare to a machine doesn’t mean we’re like machine but just an example. Drinking water in between every bite of our meal will totally affect someone’s body in a bad way, but it depends on someone health, some people would have no problem, but some might get problems over time. Some people have weak stomach/digest slower than others, especially those that tried diet(don’t eat) or also those who is born with weak bodies/digesting system.

        • Regardless, your information is wrong. Sensory memory continues to hold the flavor of the food in the mind for a good 6 seconds, and your other senses are still taking in the sight and smell of food. This means that your salivary glands will be continuously stimulated until such time as you stop eating. Drinking water intermittently doesn’t put any kind of brake on the digestive process. If you’ve got links that say otherwise, post them.

          Granted, those dealing with weakened digestive tracts may very well be exceptions. That’s no reason for healthy people to follow this old wives’ tale.

        • Medically speaking, the Mayo Clinic trumps some hippie chick quoting other hippies. The sources you’re citing have ZERO credibility with modern medical institutions and national health and safety agencies. You were wrong. Admit it, move on.

        • and another one
          or u can go to this my google search
          i don’t really know all those scientific things like insulin etc. but im sure drinking water BETWEEN MEAL IS BAD like all these article mentioned, it SLOW DOWN OUR DIGESTION! but not before / after u finished ur meal :)

        • Your own Google search includes articles that prove you wrong.

          And here’s my favorite one, from the MAYO CLINIC:

          I’ve helped you shed some of your ignorance. You’re welcome.

    • Raine

      Nic- I Just watched your video of your hike to the temple and now I’m wondering if you should’ve been concerned about those hornets. I’m from Florida where we have lots of scary sea creatures and we used to have to avoid backyards cause alligators would crawl up from the canals…

  164. I only know about drinking water before a meal to help control your appetite.
    No one has ever stopped me or caused me to believe I was being secretly judged ( :P ) when I drink during meals in Korea or Korean restaurants. So this theory is new to me~

  165. First to comment! First to die! What?..

  166. I just want to comment first… haha…. ok gonna watch the video now..

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