Ah yes, the good old fashion over the top title to draw people into our terrifying video about not very common deathly occurrences! OOOOHHHHHHHHH feeeeel the feeeaaarrrr! Truthfully, we’re more afraid of taxi drivers and food delivery guys on bikes then we are at meeting a deadly korean non-human. As we already mentioned in the video, the creatures we talked about are not common throughout Korea, but only appear in particular areas.

When it comes to the jellyfish aka 해파리 they are actually becoming a problem in Korea. It seems there is a massive infestation of them taking over the waters, both the poisonous jellyfish and the harmless ones, and Korea has even deployed a water robot whose sole purpose is killing jellyfish! Whoa. Now, mind you, not a lot of deaths have been reported from jellyfish attacks, but recently an 8 year old girl sadly died of severe stings. Scary! I’m curious if those of you living near the ocean in Korea have seen any of these jellyfish? Side note: I mistyped “jellyfish” a few times as “hellyfish” and I see no difference.

Ok, this next point is going to be a bit of a discussion point here, because we were all speaking with each other about this topic, and we started talking about how Korea drinks more than any other country, and then Soo Zee mentioned that it’s been scientifically proven that if you eat AFTER you get drunk you’ll stay drunk longer, while we argued, THAT’S SO NOT TRUE, because we’ve always been like “we’re drunk! Get greasy food in our stomaches to stop the madness!” So that’s a point of contention.

But then the real discussion happened when we started talking about drinking water while you eat. Supposedly, it’s really bad for you to drink with your meal. So, if you have a bite of something, then you drink a sip of water, it’s bad for your stomach, but if you drink a glass of water AFTER your meal, rather than DURING your meal, it’s better. We’ve had this discussion with a bunch of different Korean people. They’ve all said it’s not good for digestion, which we don’t understand. We were eating soup before, and when we’d take a sip of water we’d be told that it’s not good for us…but why? Soup is 90 percent water! You’re just making it a bit waterier in your stomach, that’s all! And wouldn’t drinking water with your meal just make it soup, then? Or is eating soup bad for you? I don’t understand.

This isn’t just a Korean perspective, either. My sister’s husband is Jamaican, and I remember having the same discussion with their family years ago. So maybe it’s just a Jamaican and Korean thing? Or do more people believe that as well? Any doctors here? A real certifieded doctor? What say you? I have a feeling this is a silly superstition, kind of like how we were raised with a deathly fear of fish bones, and we were told that you could choke and die if you eat a fishbone, while Korean people eat them with their fish all the time.

Otherwise, really, Korea’s a pretty safe place. Gun violence is unheard of. Muggings are unheard of. I’m sure you can find one or two examples of it if you try hard enough, but it’s not as easy to find as, say, school shootings in the US. There aren’t earthquakes here or tornados. There is occasional flooding during monsoon season, and one particular one a couple of years ago killed something close to 70 people, but that’s the exception rather than the norm, you know? The biggest causes of death in Korea aren’t really from external forces. Suicide is the highest cause of death in people under 40, while cancer is supposedly the biggest killer over all.

Oh, that and fan death.

Also, HOLY HELL! How did we forget to talk about the deadliness of Yellow Dust? I actually don’t know if it’s deadly or not. Do people die of yellow dust? I just know that it’s more difficult to breathe, but that’s kind of like a natural disaster thingy to beware of, I guess?

So that’s it for this week’s TL;DR! Subscribe for more videos so we can teach you how not to die in Korea. It’s important! Your life depends on it. Or don’t subscribe…but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

  1. So concerning the water during a meal thing, i had been told that COLD water during your meal is bad for you because the food you eat usually has some kind of oil in it, be it vegetable oil, olive oil, butter, margarine, etc. Well if you drink cold water it will somewhat solidify that oil and be harder to digest and not only that but the lining of your stomach becomes more oily. So i’ve been told to drink warm water after a meal.

  2. Okay, where are these giant hornets and how can I never encounter one ever? I’m allergic enough to regular stings kthxbye

    Really though, are they something you could encounter on a leisurely hike..?

  3. Hello! Sorry I am late to the party. It is likely that few people if any will read this, but I will try my best!

    A little background: I am a current medical student at a US medical school with a MS in Physiology and a BS in Biology. (For the skeptics, I can email EYK with evidence of my attendance).


    My gut instinct to the question of “Is it bad to drink water with your meal?” is no. The only effect I could think about is that it may reduce the rate of how quickly stuff from your food is taken up by the body (like glucose (sugar), lipids (fat), amino acids (protein)). It may also make you feel fuller earlier, which means you might not eat all the food in front of you in that meal. What effect this has on your overall state of health is less clear.

    An extensive search of Google Scholar, PubMed, and ClinicalKey has yet to turn up any peer-reviewd primary literature or textbooks that indicate that drinking water during a meal is medically harmful. However, this may be confounded by the fact that there are very few, if any, studies that look at the effects of drinking water DURING a meal.

    There are plenty of peer-reviewed studies that examine the effect of drinking water 30 minutes before a meal (see end for sources). They suggest that drinking water 30 minutes before a meal is beneficial in terms of reducing caloric intake, making people feel fuller and more satisfied faster (however, this effect is not sustained after the meal, so you’d feel hungry later on… they didn’t really look into if you’d get hungry sooner if you drank water during the meal or not at all). Interestingly enough, this Australian study (http://www.racgp.org.au/afp/2013/july/pre-meal-water/ ) says that water intake during a meal MAY have the same or similar effect.

    This paper (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10500012 ) suggests that drinking soup before a meal is better at reducing caloric intake in the actual meal 17 minutes later than eating the same amount of calories in a solid form + water on the side. Basically, soup makes you fuller than an appetizer + water. Again, this didn’t look at water consumed during the ACTUAL meal, and doesn’t speak to any harmful effects.

    I also looked into whether drinking COLD water during a meal causes any harmful effects. I was unable to find any peer-reviewed papers about this. Interestingly enough, there was a 1985 paper that looked into the digestion and the effect of immersing a person’s hand in ICE COLD water. They found that it causes increased colonic activity, which CAN cause abdominal discomfort. However, healthy people eventually get used to this and go back to baseline (“normal”). (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Increased+colonic+motility+during+exposure+to+a+stressful+situation )

    In summary, there does not seem to be any harmful effects of drinking water during a meal. However, this could be because there aren’t many studies looking into this nor are there any longitudinal studies comparing the long-term effect of drinking water during a meal vs. after/before/not at all (or at least I couldn’t find any). It does seem that drinking water before a meal will make you eat less, especially if you are older, which can be beneficial if you are overweight/obese. What effect this has on a healthy individual seems to be minimal if there are any at all especially if they are eating a healthy diet. My conclusion is that there doesn’t seem to be much medical or physiologic basis behind the thought that drinking water during a meal is bad. There could be anthropological implications that have to do with lack of food and trying to get the most out of what is available, but that is beyond my area of expertise and is pure speculation on my part.

    TL;DR: No, you will not die if you drink water during a meal.

    I am too lazy to put my sources in proper citation format, but I have linked them for your convenience.

    Pre-meal water consumption reduces meal energy intake in older but not younger subjects. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17228036.1 ) – Gave water to healthy, non-obese subjects 30 minutes before a meal, compared to no water. Found that older people (60-80y) ate less if they drank water. Younger people (20-30) had no difference. However, did not look at pre-meal vs during meal.

    Water consumption reduces energy intake at a breakfast meal in obese older adults. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=Water+Consumption+Reduces+Energy+Intake+at+a+Breakfast+Meal+in+Obese+Older+Adults ) Water intake 30 min before meal reduces caloric intake in older obese adults. Did not look at pre-meal vs. during meal.

    Drinking water with a meal: a simple method of coping with feelings of hunger, satiety and desire to eat. (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/8287852 – European Journal of Clinical Nutrition) – Found that drinking water with a meal makes you feel fully and more satisfied during the meal, but not after (the effect was not sustained). However, this was an old study (1993) and there were only 8 subjects (not robust).

  4. I was born in Brazil but my parents are Korean, I know almost nothing about Korean culture and you are doing a great job going through all this information, thanks!! Love you guys

  5. On the topic of drinking water with a meal, there is some misconception of this topic. Most people aren’t right when they say that it’s bad to drink water while you’re eating (does depend person to person though, some will get indigestion). What is bad is when you drink ICE COLD water while eating. It’s a very common North American habit to drink ICE COLD beverages when eating warm food. This is not good for the digestion tract because while eating, you are warming up your stomach, when you drink such cold beverages, it really shocks your system. Most of the time, it really won’t affect you, but shocks like this can sometimes lead to stomach aches, indigestion, etc. It’s this idea that you want to keep your digestion system relatively calm, no sudden hots or colds.Sometimes this is why you feel sick after eating ice cream on a hot hot summer’s day. Your body/stomach feels warm, and the cold is too much of a shock.

  6. I heard that in japan they had the same problem with jellyfish. So they started killing it. But they realised soon that killing the jellyfish start a deffense device: the jellyfish relaese all his eggs. So killing the jellyfish actually helped them invading the sea. conclusion: save the sea turtules! they eat jellyfish lol.

  7. My gastroenterologist said last week that drinking during or immediately after a meal can ring false fullness bells or push food out of the stomach (= hungry again sooner, eat more, die of obesity*), then send it too quickly through the upper colon where fat-soluble nutrients are absorbed (= die of malnutrition*).

    * –> my own conclusions.

  8. Oooh! I remember that scene from “You’re Beautiful”. :3 Jang Geun Suk was all zoned out with the earphones of DOOM (hehehe) in, and when a guy tried to warn him by pointing and waving, he just waved back…

  9. In Denmark we have like way too many jellyfish – small harmless ones (in deeper waters we have some who sting but they’re not very often at the beaches) butt our neighbour countries often ask us why we’re not scared of them and it’s just like – they’re so small and we can’t avoid them, and they’re sorta cute too xD

  10. You mean you don’t remember “Hop on Pop” by Dr. Seuss?!? That was one of my favorites as a kid. The idea seemed spectacularly fun.

  11. I don’t think drinking water with your meal is unhealthy, but I know that it fills you up faster. Perhaps the digestion issue they’re talking about is bloating because of eating too much.

  12. TL;DR question: I’ve been wondering this for a while, and I am kind of embarrassed to ask, I am curious (soy un dorito!) about shaving in Korea. I am assuming girls shave their legs, but what about arms and…. ummm… the little special place… now you see why I was embarrassed. Also what about guys, I don’t mean the is little special place. oh god. why did I ask this again? But like legs and arms and armpits and such. God, what am I doing with my life?

  13. TL;DR Question: How do you feel about the new “Cinderella Law”? How prevalent is gaming addiction in South Korea?

  14. My friend’s mom who’s Indian always made us drink after we ate when we were younger, but I think it was just so we wouldn’t spill on the tables (we ate at the table and then drank at the kitchen island/countertop thingamajig). When we got older we just drank at the tables so… Idk. Maybe someone’s parents told them that it was bad for digestion so they wouldn’t spill on the tables when they were younger and they carried that belief until it spread to all of Asia (and apparently Jamaica…) Or the “bad for digestion” thing was a common practice among parents and some kids ended up falling for it and teaching their kids that. Who knows? Personally, I think drinking with the meal helps with dehydration, esp. if the food’s dry.

  15. Who do you think will win the ‘girl group war( 2NE1 vs SNSD) ‘? ?? I’m very curious … :)

  16. i’ve heard of fan death and laughed. My Korean family thought I was nuts. Suicide is very common nowadays in many countries. :-/
    But uhm…. I’ve been to the Hamlin Hotel in Itaewon (ee-tae-won!!!) and they did not have fourth floor, it was weird. We figured it was Korea’s unlucky number. We laughed because my dad’s birthday is 04-04…. That must mean he is most unlucky man when he is in Korea!

  17. I’m currently a nursing student and the only (medical) condition I could think of for the not drinking water during meals is when you have dumping syndrome. Yes it’s a legit condition where you have partial or all of your stomach removed and it interrupts how your stomach empties into the small intestine. Here’s a link to WebMD.
    Although I doubt most Koreans have had their stomach surgically removed…

  18. I felt like I was watching a game show. As soon as you said wild boar I instantly thought of You’re Beautiful. I kept screaming at the screen “It’s You’re Beautiful! Come on Simon! Really?!?!”

    And it is a bit scary to live in the US. Nature has this thing against us lately. I live in the northeast but right now my uncle who lives in South Carolina (a state that freaks out at a .1 millimeter dusting of snow) has about a foot and a half. It’s like their whole society shut down…which is a bad thing, but I can’t help but chuckle. Whimps lol.

    • It’s not that we’re wimpy, but you have to take into consideration that the southern areas of the United States are typically warmer all year ’round, so we don’t have city vehicles/stock preparation/personal equipment readily available when we’re hit with a snow storm. I’ve lived here all my life and the last time something like this happened, it was in the early 1990’s and I was a wee little one then.

      I mean, sure. We get warnings of having snow and have had snow here and there, but most of the time, it’s a false alarm. And if it actually *does* happen, it only snows for a few minutes and it doesn’t even stick. So the city doesn’t shut anything down (in order to prevent businesses from losing money) and don’t have the resources we need (why buy it if it’s just going to sit there and rust?).

      As for when it really did happen, it actually stunted us. Here in Atlanta, there were children that had to stay in their school over-night because it was too dangerous for them to go home. Literally, and I’m using that word correctly, on a road with a speed limit of 30, going 5 miles an hour still had you slipping all over the place. It’s no joke. /:

      • I do understand that. I’m merely someone who lives in a climate where that doesn’t even begin to describe a bad winter. I meant it strictly as a joke and nothing more, and I’m sorry if I offended you in any way.

        • I thought I replied to this. I wonder if it got deleted. ):

          I’m not mad darlin’, and nor was I offended. It’s just that I have a lot of friends in the North who have asked the same thing, so I’m used to pulling out the whole explanation. I’m really sorry if it seemed like I was upset, though. I promise that I’m not and I understand that the winter is much harsher up there and still continues to do so, even though it’s technically Spring. Keep safe, okay? >_______<

        • Oh no, I wasn’t offended and I apologize if I sounded as such. I’ve just been asked that a lot since I have friends that live all over, so I usually try to keep the explanation thorough to save time. The worst type of stuff that we see here are hurricanes and tornadoes, and that’s a yearly thing. So I can imagine snow, especially how it stunted us so easily, is an even greater burden up there in the northern parts. ^^;;

          I know that it’s still snowing pretty heavily up where you guys are, so I hope that you keep warm and safe! ><

  19. Wow, I was really surprised when I read about the drinking-water-while-you-eat thing. I thought it is a well known fact in the entire world OO. I am polish (cześć Szymek i Martyna ;D) and my mom has been telling me that since I remember. It’s hard for me to explain, as I learned about it a long time ago and english isn’t my first language but I’ll give it a try :) .
    In saliva there is an enzyme called amylasa (I don’t know if im’ writing that correctly, sorry) which takes part in digesting carbohydrates, there’s also an enzyme which starts up digestion of fats. There are about 1 982 290 203 other weird things in it probably, but I’m not a doctor. Anyway, the point is, when you drink water while you eat the water moisturizes the food, not the saliva, which is a very bad thing, because by doing so you ommit the first part of the digestion process. So supposedly you shouldn’t drink water and you should chew the food for a long time for the first part of the digestion process to be completed. Now, about drinking ‘between the bites’, it’s also bad for you as the water dilutes the gastric juice in the stomach. I remember watching a programme where someone said that you can drink water half an hour after eating a meal OO Of course people don’t do that. We drink right after we eat or short after. Some people are hardcore rebels though and they dink while they eat. Some even drink cabonated drinks. Yes.

  20. So that means i have fartacles all over my house……..

  21. im indian and i’ve heard that its bad to drink water during the meal too

  22. I’m sorry Simon, but I’m with Martina on this one!
    LOTR 4 LYFE!

    (I know he doesn’t dislike it, but you know)

  23. Before I clicked on the link I thought “what an interesting idea”. Aaaaaaand imagine my surprise. *Of course* I would think it was an interesting idea…
    I probably should have mentioned in my original question that the things that can kill you in the US aren’t all the time in all the places. But hey.
    Thank you it was an entertaining post and so was the discussion.

  24. I think we have those giant hornets in Sweden too… Here they’re called “målbål” which sounds the same as well.

  25. Here in Perú, taxi drivers are the worst. You will probably die from a car accident rather than any illness u.u

    About drinking while eating. Well I don’t know about the soup thing but, I’m a med student, and I know that it IS bad for digestion. Why? because eating and drinking have two dfferents types of ‘diggestion’. The liquids just go through the stomach directly to the large intestine, while the food go to the stomach to be degraded. So, if you eat and drink at the same time you’re making your stomach work and stop, work and stop. Because yeah for the liquids to pass, the stomach must stop moving so much so it can go through D: .. (yeah the stomach moves around to degrade the food u.u) I hope that helps D:
    Still I eat and drink because I like it u.u , though it is not the best way, but it won’t kill you ;)

  26. OH OH!! I think I know about the WATER thing ! Our digestion is done on 36°C, when you ingest a beverage/water during your meal you’re decreasing the stomach temperature, due to this decrease, you body takes more time to process the whole food. That’s why hot tea and soup are actually good for digestion :D !!!!!!!

  27. My grandmother (a nurse) always said it was just impolite to drink at the same time as eating. She brought her children up to only drink after they’ve finished eating, though she said sometimes she’d take a sneaky drink to soften something in her mouth when her parents weren’t looking. But my parents think it’s fine as long as you don’t drink when you have food in your mouth. After all, wine with your food is apparently one of the best ways to drink.

  28. My mum is a nurse and she said that it is bad to drink water while your at cause the stuff that digests flow away? Idk but mum said that drinking soup with rice is one of Korea’s bad habits.

  29. so basically this was a 1000 ways to Die KOREA edition!! go figured (giant wasp NOPE JUST NOPE T__T)

  30. The closest I have come to death by animal in Australia was this time I walked out the door and there was just a snake right there. On the doorstep.

  31. While I was watching this my mom came in and says, “Hey you’re gonna go to stay with your Dad’s family in Busan for your birthday have fun”. Okay…my birthday is in July and the main thing I wanted to do is go to the beach. Not any more. I live in the ‘Armpit of Texas’ AKA the West Texas area we don’t have beaches sooo no Jellyfish. Fortunately I’m still going to South Korea cause I will be legally able to drink. (While in the states I can only move out, get married or buy tobacco products.) Now I must find concerts and other stuff to do when I’m there cause I can’t drink all the time!!!

  32. I live in Korea and at least every year, I take the pills against tape worms because the tap water in Korea has tape worms in it and as much as they can just stay in your intestines, their eggs can also get in your blood stream and reach your brain and kill you 0/10 take the tape worm pills

  33. Love the length of this video, even though it was long, was not bored at all!

  34. My uncle Eric Lawson was the Marlboro Man in the 80s! Its so funny that you mentioned that because he just died last week from emphysema… awkward. Any-who stay away from fans at night, I’ll take my rattlesnakes any day!!

  35. Martina!! You have to tell me where you got that sweater pleaseeee. My best friend looooves pink elephants and her birthday just passed so if I can get it for her I’d really like to!! Also Simon, I’m playing lightening returns too!! Yay final fantasy!!

  36. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/AustralianWildlife <—- Just if Simon and Martina ever want some…er… light reading ;)

    P.s I loved this tl;dr, learnt new things :) You guys are awesome as always

  37. I’m gonna be that girl…
    Hornets are actually a type of wasp!
    Think of “wasp” as a general term like “lizard” or “fish” there’s a whole bunch of different types! :D
    I saw a really interesting documentary about the Giant Hornet and how they’d murderize the mess out of European honey bees that had been brought to Japan so that they could stimulate honey production.
    However~ Japanese wild bees had long since learned how to deal with the Giant Hornets~
    Check it out:
    (Warning: You need DivX webplayer to view it.
    Second Warning: Giant hornets! and Bee massacres u A u)

    Anyway, I’m out in Texas and while – yes, we do have snakes, spiders and tornadoes (I’ve lived through two in my life), I think the scariest thing I have to deal with is driving in the large city I live in >8I People out here are nuts and they all drive enormous SUVs and trucks and act as if there is no one else on the road! Now THAT’S terrifying!!

    Oh wait, we also have the mind numbing heat that kills many people a year~
    That plus my sun allergy makes me very opposed to sun light… e n e

  38. HA, when I first read the title, I though this was going to be about funerals and estate matters. What does that say about me?

  39. By the way, Martina looks stunning in this video.

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