I’m not sure what came over us, but we got totally, uncontrollably influenced by Katamari Damacy while editing this video. It’s weird, when we think about it. In our videos, we often think of Simon and Martina as the characters, but there’s a third character as well: us as editors, who perceive the events a lot differently than we might have when we were filming the events. That’s so…meta…maaaan.

Mitt Rameny

Anyhow, we felt very much like including a King of the Cosmos. Except we can’t use him without copyright blablabla issues, so we made our own. We made Katamari Noodle music, and our King of the Cosmos is, instead – get ready for it – Mitt Rameny! Get it? Not Mitt Romney, but Mitt Rameny! It’s so genius! When I told Leigh and Martina about the name, they stared at me blank faced. OH COME ON! That was a perfect, perfect name. Well, maybe not perfect, but definitely something deserving a chuckle, at least! OH MAN! It’s brilliant! Ok I’ll stop now.

But, for real, this is one of my favourite video edits ever. Leigh was super motivated and did a rocking job of totally Katamari-ing the whole thing. The spinning around our ingredients made me a very happy Dothraki. But that could just be us. Let us know what you think and if you think it gets in the way too much.

Back to the video, we were actually inspired to do the video after we shot our Walking Tour of Hongdae’s Clubs, because – at the end of it – Martina did the lid-cup thingy, and we read a bunch of comments from people asking what in the blue horkadork she was doing. So we figured it’d make sense to show you what this was, as well as some special Ramen Hacks. I mean, come on: that chopstick thing is pretty badass. Do that in Korea, and they’ll give you honorary citizenship, like that. Ha! I wish. Hey Korea: you ever gonna let us, you know, umm, vote here and stuff?

I do think Martina goes a bit overboard with her ramen, but that’s only because she eats it for different reasons than most people. Ramen is most of the time a cheap meal. If you’re hungry and in a rush and only got a buck or two, you get some ramen and you’re set. But Martina eats ramen, not out of desperation, but out of passion for ramen. She loves this stuff. So, instead of just adding one thing to make it better, Martina will go all out to make her ramen masterful. You don’t need to do all that she does. Pick one or two that suit you best. You might not be a fan of the dried fish, for instance. I’m not a fan of the egg myself. Let us know if there’s anything you add to your ramen to level it up.

So, yeah! That’s it for this week. We’ve got some bloopers from the day as well. It really wasn’t easy filming outside. So noisy! So windy! And it seemed like it was gonna be a nice day, and then the weather got terrible. Eep!


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  1. Who knew I was only a lousy amateur at ramen consumption! The chopstick trick is my favorite. You guys are truly the masters! ;D

  2. Haha I am a subscriber and I did get free noodles :) Someone gave me a bowl of rabokki which happened to be the exact same one as Simon has in this video. It was good timing that I re watched this otherwise I would have had no idea how to make it, never having seen the drainable kind before. I didn’t have ranch, so I put in 2 slices of cheese and a sachet of steamed vegetables (any extra nutritional value has to be a good thing right?). It was delicious, I love Shin Ramyun too but I think I’ve been converted :)

  3. machandesu

    I always make my shin ramyun with MOZZARELLA cheese, fried egg, and deli sliced black forest ham. DELISH!!

  4. Marli

    I have to try the processed cheese. :D Sounds so weird yet so good. :D

  5. OMG! I can not eat my ramen plain ever again. ( have you guys tried this with kimchi flavoured ramen, it’s really good to.)

  6. holey moley that is one entertaining video, you guys are really good at what you do in front of and behind the camera <3

  7. Ramen with egg and processed cheese
    EYK style
    Thank you guys!

  8. Ramen with egg and processed cheese
    EYK style
    LOVED IT!! Thank you guys!

  9. Good Gawd, you guys have just changed everything! I feel like I was blind, but now I can see! :-P Seriously though, picked up some ramen in the local Korean shop, cheese & Kimchi, dang it was delish.

  10. So, I’ve noticed in a lot of your food videos, when you eat you don’t really drink anything alongside it often (or am I just not paying attention much?). Is it common to drink something when you eat? I know when I went to Japan, we served ourselves free oolong tea in some sit-down restaurants, but in Korea, is it a little different than North America or Japan? Also, the waiters in Japan didn’t bother us unless we needed them which was nice, I wish america would do the same. How different is food service in Korea?

  11. Harriet Roozle Andrew

    My ramen hacks are the same as my home made pizza hacks.
    lunch meat and leftovers galore. (speaking of which, I had a food lightbulb go off yesterday. Burrito Calzone anyone? (though subsitute salad lettuce for sweet peppers and carrot and salsa for spicy base sauce…and use ranch or Sour Cream and Chive for dipping)
    But when I was little and my sisters and I got Pot Noodles occasionally, I would add Mayo and Ketchup to mine. MMMM Sweet fake beefy goodness

  12. In case you haven’t seen this yet, How to Eat Ramen Like a Boss. I’d like to see the EYK version ;)

  13. After watching this video I went to my college market and bought some shin ramen, hard boiled eggs and cheese. Extra level up power with some peanut butter! Let me tell you, it was delicious!! :D

  14. I just tried Simon’s hack recipe and it was so nasty good!! Martina’s will be next :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  15. I like putting Bibigo chicken cilantro wontons in my ramen :D

  16. We have the rabokki here in Houston, TX…made it the way simon makes it and I’d say its very yummy :)

  17. i add kimchi, mandu, green onions, eggs, and processed cheese into mine… i think i have a problem.

  18. Amy F ;)

    So funny! Loved the music too!

  19. I, for one, really enjoyed the editing on this video! It was very enjoyable! :) And now I desperately want ramen, but I also just ate my breakfast. Sigh.

  20. All I could hear was the Katamari Damacy Opening haha

  21. I know it’s not that new anymore, but Leigh’s haircut is super fresh! :D

  22. I don’t think I could ever put cheese in my ramen… I love ramen and I love cheese I just don’t think I could ever combine the two…

  23. This video was so fun! I liked the editing… You never went overboard with the animated parts, but I think what you did have brought the video to a whole different level. ^^ I think my favorite videos are always the ones where you guys just seem to be ENJOYING yourselves. Being friends and sharing a little of the Korea-world-life. (And Leigh… *shakes head* …what happened? ^^) Keep up the awesome work, guys! EYK- 화이팅!

  24. Katamari animation style was very funny, now i can eat like a pro.

  25. Katamari animation style was very funny, now i can eat like a pro.

  26. Love the game animation guys!!!!

    Since my house has an abundance of chicken laying eggs, I started to add eggs to my ramen. After I add the hot water, I immediately crack the raw egg into the liquid, cover it, then microwave it for some seconds, and wait until the ramen is done cooking. Once done, the egg is still goopy so I mix it with the broth and noodles. By doing so, the broth gets a bit sweet, so cutting back a bit of the spiciness (it also gives the illusion of a really good soup broth). I also either eat it with seaweed (that has salt on it) or cold Romanian lettuce. The lettuce cuts down on the feeling of oiliness and gives a crunch to your chew. If the lettuce gets waterlogged, it’s not all that great. The seaweed gives back some of the flavor that the egg might of taken out and give a crunch too.

    I’ve seen you eat with the cap bowl many times Martina and I told myself I’ll try that sometime, but I keep throwing it away before I remember to keep it. D’:

    And Simon’s ramen: I’ve never tried one where you poke holes to pour the water out. I had this one that had holes already (for udon) and I always thought they were steam holes. So I made extra work and hardship for myself by opening the cap, making a small slit and pour out the water (with some udon pieces). Now I know they’re for now. :)

  27. How are those bad nails? They’re much prettier than mine.
    Loved the editing!

  28. Hi! I was just wondering what the magic soft-centered eggs are called in Korean? Or should I just look for that packaging? Thank you~!

  29. Okay, I just burst out laughing once those men in the background got up and walked off at the same time Simon took out his ranch XD.

  30. Mitt Rameny, absolutely brilliant! Brilliant!

    I like to add mushrooms and sliced zucchini to my ramen and then eat it with kimchi. Mmmmm. Delicious!

  31. This was awesome. I loved the ramen song and the video game ness to it and everything.
    For my ramen i add cheese (because of your old video that i love that was my ‘gateway’ to EYK) ham that i cut up into tiny pieces. And egg.
    If im making it at home i usually add cut up peppers as well. Fresh bell pepper~~ nom! Love instant ramen.

  32. uuughhh the cravings! thx giuse. (u_u”)
    Really though, it’s super gratifying to see this video justifying my need for ramen science. To the future of my MSG fuelled addiction! Awesome job on the editing too. Looks like you had a great time putting this together and it was a joy to watch. <3

  33. Why the frickity frack do I watch FAPFAPs when I am hungry as balls? I should know better by now, and yet…

  34. Could you please tell me the ingredients brand and kind Martina used for her ramen. Plleeaassee :) Going to try and find them at Hmart.

  35. I freaking loved the editing for this! As a media student I’m getting all excited about the skills used in this video -flem- >~<

  36. Shin ramen is my favorite! I usually make it on the stove with fresh cut garlic, green onion, and sometimes diced spam or vienna sausage. If I have regular ramen I have to add sriracha to it to make it spicy because I’m so used to shin ramen lol

  37. I feel you, Martina. You should add many wonderful and glorious accessories to your ramen to make it more yummy! (Although I’m still skeptical about the ranch…) My mom got me hooked onto adding more nutritious stuff to ramen, so now as a basic, I always add green onions and an egg to my ramen (but this is the not-as-instant-but-still-instant ramen which you cook in a pot…).

    By the by, that chopsticks thing totally blew my mind! It was so brilliant! Who was the genius that thought of that?!

    Awesome video, and wicked video editing ;D

  38. I just rewatched your “How to make Korean ramen” video yesterday and today there’s more ramen, yay! :D The editing was awesome even though I don’t know what or who Katamari Damacy is… If that’s a game I totally want to play it now x)
    I’m craving ramyeon now but there’s still 2h until lunchtimeㅠㅠ Until then I’m gonna sing the ramen song “ramen, ramen, I’m gonna eat some ramen…”

  39. This video saved my night. I was totally on my own making dinner for myself and instead of chomping down another boring bowl of cereal, I raided my fridge and made awesome ramen ^^ Mushrooms, spinach, cheese, an egg and hotsauce because I don’t have spicy ramen~ It was delicious

  40. If I’m going for spicy ramen I like to put in chopped up spinach and thin slices of meat, either beef or pacific cod cause it’s what I have…. I’ve found that gochujang and pacific cod are wonderful together….

  41. I tried Shin Ramyun with cheese after Martina’s first video only to discover that it is waaay too spicy for me. But I am addicted to Mi Goreng, to which I add fried egg, a small tin of tuna and any veggies I happen to have around. Its delish.

  42. vannia

    for me the editing seemed like waay in your face but that’s probably because ive never played katamari other than that I really enjoyed the video and I like putting corn in my ramen mmmm

  43. irritablevowel

    You want a ramen hack, try David Chang making Cacio e pepe out of instant ramen. Now THAT’S a ramen hack!
    I found the recipe here: http://terriblemusings.tumblr.com/post/13113103475/this-is-david-changs-instant-ramen-cacio-e-pepe
    Video of the deed being done:

  44. irritablevowel

    I haven’t even watched the video yet, but I see processed cheese and ranch in the opening image, so I’m already inclined to skepticism.

  45. Cyber_3

    By the way, don’t think that I didn’t notice how you told us what it tastes like, ’cause I did. That was great, thanks.

  46. I didn’t think the editing was too much! It was really funny and I enjoyed the bloopers too haha
    ALSO! I have a question!~ Are you guys citizens of Korea? You mentioned in the blog post about not being able to vote. What are the requirements or special thingies you have to do in order to become a citizen of Korea?

  47. Hello~~! I’m just here to give you a song tip! This song has been my spring jam for the latest weeks and it’s so awesome I couldn’t not share it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIxcMVkNr5I

  48. First, I am glad to know I am not the only one that looks at the passers-by and judges them on their relative hotness. They are pretty damn hot by the way (I’ve yet to see a person under the visual age of about 50 that was UNDER an 8….I NEVER see an 8 here…stupid Virginia)
    Second, I can’t be the only person who wants the ramen song as a ringtone.
    Third, my 2 year old Sophia LOVES you guys, Seriously, you come on and she calls you guys “Shee-moh and Pretty”. And she abandons her shows to watch you guys.

  49. Oh my goodness, this video was AWESOME!! I loved everything about it, katamari damacy, they awesome ramen hacks, the ramen ingredients song, american cheese made of corn… everything! Also really put me in my place since I thought I was pretty good with ramen adding egg and spring onion but you guys are in totally different level! :D Thanks for this! ^^

  50. Only thing better than Leigh regurgitating the ramen like a bird feeding its young was the mitt ramen-y name haha. Simon, I applaud you for your punny skills!

  51. Martina, what happened to your hair? As in, remember that one tl;dr I believe where your hair was blonde and brown? Did that only stay for one day?? Or have all these episodes been filmed in the distant past?

    • It was blonde and brown at one point because she has just rebleached her hair so she could dye it back pink. That’s explained in their earlier videos, I just don’t know which ones.

      • Right! But this tl;dr was like 1-2 weeks ago! Did she rebleach it that fast? I don’t recall any videos in between now and then that explained anything about her hair… But I was just curious!

  52. real sharp cheddar cheese and fresh squeezed lemon or lime plus hot sauce in my ramen! the acid from the citrus cuts the thickness of the cheese and hot sauce makes it yummyspicy.

  53. Wow, guise. Every time I think your videos can’t get any better, they do. I am impressed, very, very impressed. And also worried a little bit. Is this level of awesomeness natural? Or is it caused by some freaky lab accident?

    I have two questions about the bloopers: 1 – Martina unni, is that Mr. Bean impersonation? I remember him doing similar stare-then-turn-away-and-then-stare-some-more thingy. 2 – What does “pinch one off” mean? Seriously, somebody, please explain this for me. I have no idea why its not appropriate thing to say.

  54. Great! Now I really want some ramen! I loved the katamariness of this video, although it would have been cool if you had the little simon or martina in the corner rolling the stuff up while you walked around the store.

  55. guise please don’t think i’m stupid for asking this but can you actually buy hard boiled eggs? :O


    i loved the editing, i loved mitt rameney, i loved the awkward hesitating lady on the background!

    • In Korea, of course you can. I’ve seen them for sale here in the States too, actually. However… the egg that Martina showed was not hard boiled. It’s a pet peeve of mine because I can’t stand an egg with a runny or not-quite-cooked yolk. Her egg was soft-boiled, which is anything from a totally runny yolk to slightly cooked. A hard boiled egg’s yolk should be bright yellow like in the following picture, and not moist or gooey – it’s crumbly like feta cheese ( but not as hard ).
      This is hard boiled. http://healthnutnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/hard-boiled-egg.jpg

  56. I think I will try the ranch and cheese version. I usually add egg and extra veggies. And American cheese is full of oil, not corn. LOL LOL LOL. I thought poor Leigh was choking too but Im glad she is ok.

  57. That looks so much better than the orange muffin I am eating right now. Wait, I am not sure what to make of those mixtures after seeing Leigh’s reaction. Did she like it or gag on it? Hmm…I guess I can look for some noodles and just add the cheese…for SCIENCE! By the way, what the heck were those swirly bits in Simon’s cup?

  58. I watched your first ramyun video years ago and remember seeing you put cheese into it and I was like “eeeeeeew that’s gross” but then one day I had a hankerin for cheese in ramyun and I tried it and it was the BEST THING EVER. I find though that it takes away a lot of the spice from Shin Ramyun. I can handle spicy food like a pro. Even in Chinese restaurants when the waiters tell me it’s spicy I’m like “No no, I’m fine.” and it’s never really very spicy. I’ve had other noodles which claim to be “spicy”.

    But when Korean noodle companies tell me their ramyun is spicy – I believe them.

    Anyway – because of you guys I like to add cheese and an egg and whatever else I have in the fridge. Leftover pulled pork in ramyun is amazing because it’s so tender. I actually prefer to add the dried veggies in at the end and mix it through because I like the crunchiness… :D The chefs in the background were funny. It’s like the camera pointed in their direction and they were like “Nope!”

  59. This was really interesting, and I definitely wanna try adding cheese sometime (despite never having that processed cheese at home… It’s not popular in Sweden at all), and the trick with the chopsticks was smart! But like others said it would have been nice to see some of the cooking in a convenience store, I hardly knew you could do that actually. Still, great vid :D

  60. lady_kire

    Strange that I had that particular brand of ramen bokki last week…I added some cheese, odeng and a hard boiled egg to it and it was yummy. Might go to the korean grocery store just to get another one…

    I have specific ingredients that I place depending on where the instant noodles come from:
    Korean ramyun: odeng, egg, cheese, spam, wet seaweed, random veggies I might have, maybe leftover hot pot meats i have
    Chinese brand ramen: egg, maybe spam, sometimes seaweed, sometimes a version of home made broth (this ingredient list depends if I’m eating it in the middle of the night or not.)
    Japanese brand: no clue (it’s strangely harder to get good instant noodles from Japan. Might not be looking at the right places, or it’s expensive)

    I used to put hot dogs and have them cut like octopi, but because I worked at a place selling organic, grassfed hot dogs, I just can’t bring myself to eat other hot dogs… unless they’re from Costco.

  61. I’m going to add my two cents by saying that the ramen can taste even better if you pour some type of broth instead of hot water. I really like adding chicken or beef broth! Also, you can get an egg drop effect by mixing the egg beforehand, then slowly stirring the ramen while you add the egg bit by bit. I’ve also found that cooked fish doesn’t taste all that great with ramen. And that the more egg you add, the less spicy it is. And that fish balls, all sorts of veggies, beef strips, and even different varieties of nuts can go great with ramen. ;D

    Mi Goreng (specifically the GREEN packet) and Shin Ramen are my loves. I enjoy both of them with really little water (I like the chew and crunch) and a huge variety of ingredients. To me, ramen can actually become a somewhat healthy meal after adding all the stuff I listed above. :)

  62. I should have NEVER watched this while I’m suppose to be sleeping and already ate some food. This makes me want to get dressed and go to the Korean market, which is half an hour away from me and buy lots of ramyun!!! I wish we had packets of Kimchee like what Martina has in her hands… That’d make my life so happy. BUT NO…. <–totally jelly. I don't think my boyfriend will kiss me after I eat kimchee or ramyun….

    Thanks for the hacks, I'll try when I eat ramyun again!

  63. I first discovered Eat Your Kimchi through that original ‘how to make ramen’ video…YAY!
    Was so lovely to meet you guys in Melbourne at the Dumpling restaurant :D
    Keep posting all the fantastic FAPFAPs…yum!

  64. ChocoPandaa

    At first I thought that short little ramen song was an f(x) song xD

    And wow the editing is great :D

  65. I will have to try Martina’s hacks to see if I like Ramen more then..I’m not a big fan of instant ramen. I did like the editing in the video though, good job Leigh! I’ve never played Katamari but I’m playing Animal Crossing New Leaf right now (on my new 3DS yay!) it’s my new obsession, haha. I can fish like nobody else, son!

  66. Idontknowmyusername

    ..am I the only one who eats mushrooms with my noodles (just not instant noodles)?

  67. Suiyoubii

    This video…. so many ingredient ideas…. and them hacks! I am definitely going to try the egg and the chopsticks idea in the future! My profile picture is also ramen, but it was ramen prepared at a restaurant, not the instant stuff.

  68. Where was this video yesterday when I had a huuuuge ramen craving?! I ended up making okay ramen but now I want this stuff. To the store!

  69. Loved the Katamari themed/ Ramen King video!! Hahaha! ^^

  70. Good job keeping the beaming rays lined up with the Shin ramen. Don’t know if final sl-t pro has some kind of magic thing for that, but good work.

    Also, love the skilltesta / hungry Lee bit. Keep that up for sure lol

  71. Those drain your ramen hole thingies are AWESOME!! We don’t have them in our cup ramens here and I hate soupy ramens!! and that chopstick trick! Man you guys are awesome!!

  72. Simon, do you walk around everywhere with a bottle of Ranch? :P

  73. Oh look, another FAPFAP where Simon and Martine eat delicious Korean food that I can’t -WAIT A SECOND THAT’S RAMEN! I HAVE RAMEN! FINALLY, SOMETHING I CAN EAT!
    I always add egg to my ramen, but I mix the egg up like I’m going to scramble it and then pour it in. Then I add whatever vegetables I happen to have, usually some combo of carrots, spinach, and broccoli. I recently figured out you can add a tablespoon or two of soy sauce for a richer, saltier flavor too.

  74. Leanne Cain

    I do a cheese slice, egg and sriracha. Hashtag gourmet.

  75. You guys are just awesome! hahahah laughed so much!! For sure taking notes for my next ramen :D

  76. mihuru

    They sell Shin Ramyun in some of the grocery shops here in Finland, but it’s the hot & spicy one and it’s way too spicy for me! It’s so damn delicious but too spicy! D: So I usually buy some other noodles that aren’t that spicy, and then add white mushrooms and some vegetables into it. It’s cheap and delicious~

  77. Simon’s ramen looks absolutely delicious. Although I could do without the ranch. lol

  78. Ahh, I want ramen!!!!!!!!!
    But anyways, amazing editing indeed~~
    Sadly the ramyeon here in Belgium isn’t really good =_= (speaks out of experience)
    And please excuse my poor editing skills but I just couldn’t stop myself, kkk
    Yeah it sucks TT_TT

  79. Hey guise! Here with my comment ^^. I’m not a fan of ramyun but the video did make me hungry. Probably cus I haven’t eaten all day. I think I might some paid Thai since I guess I want noodles now. Good thing I have a place nearby. I’ll take you there when you visit us again ^^.

  80. I put dark soy sauce, hot pepper sauce. cheese, vinegar and 2 packets of different curry flavours.
    thanks for the cheese idea!!!!

  81. that damn chopstick covering trick doesnt work for all ramen bowls, i tried on some and it just snap and flick itself right off!

  82. I add some mushrooms and green onions to my ramen owo

  83. I think this just became my most favourite eyk video xD

  84. I sooooooo eat my ramen 100% like martina. May try Simon’s way. Cheese +ranch sounds strangely appealing. I was thrilled when i discovered cup dobotkki and i bought it in bulk. Now to find the kimbap that yall get from the 7-11 but think its an exclusively korea thing…

  85. Laughed out loud at Mitt Ramen-y!! I’m with Martina. Shin Ramyun is my favorite too but there’s no place in Athens that I can get it. My mom has to go to an Asian market in Atlanta to buy it for me. I also don’t like Ranch so I get where Martina is coming from on that one too :) I’ve never added cheese so I need to try that!

  86. Ra-men Ra-men, I wanna eat some ramen

  87. In Australia, we have Maggi 2 Minute Noodles, which are ramen-like with pretty basic flavours (though there’s more flavours now), and when we were kids our family would make levelled up 2 Minute Beef Noodles with chopped ham, peas, and pineapple pieces. We loved it, but I haven’t had in 20 years or more, so I have no real idea if it’s actually tasty :-)

    I can’t believe I never thought of making drain holes on the opposite side to the opening, and I love the chopstick trick! I usually have ramen at home, and just sit a fork on top so it keeps the lid closed.

    • Guuurrrl. You need to try Mi Goreng. That stuff kicks Maggi’s butt so hard. You can get it in Safeways and Coles supermarkets easy.

      • Agreed plus it’s cheaper! I’m presuming that ramen is the same as noodles? It’s interesting when there’s those language changes in English. I usually add stuff to my mee goreng like I stir fry some veggies at home with some of the chilli and soy sauce and occasionally stir through a raw egg when the broth is hot mmm (it cooks it). Mee Goreng is not so portable though they need to package it like this! Also I’m not sure about processed cheese with noodles but I’ll give it a go.

    • Yes definitely try Mi Goreng! Its about 1000 times better than the Western brands. And Woolies has them as well now btw or at least my local one does. Check the Asian food aisle.

  88. Martina doesn’t like ranch? Blasphemy!

  89. Great video ^^ (I love the blogpost btw)
    It’s kinda hard to get ramen where I live and I normally have some kind of “emergency reserve” but I ate my last one yesterday :3 However after this video I’m craving some ramen and I’m trying to figure out how I could possibly get some right now…

  90. I just had cheese ramen today!! love adding cheese every since the ramen-cooking video Martina did!

    You guise literally changed my life! =D

  91. if simon has to choose between ranch and martina…. i wonder how would he choose

  92. Totally making ramen tonight!!!! I too am a ramen connoisseur, Martina. I have a whole food cube dedicated to just my ramen stash. The girls on my hall think I’m weird but hey!

  93. Cyber_3

    The animation and song were so awesome with this video! I know that it’s a lot of work so you won’t do it all the time, but don’t ever doubt that including them levels up the video. Wouldn’t surprise me if people requested the song – it was so cute Martina! The Mitt Ramen-y *was* hilarious Simon! I do wish that you might have showed more of the getting the water, putting it in, how much to put in, garbage etiquette, etc. part because this is probably where most people look like n00bs – this video assumes you already know how to eat ramen at a Korean convenience store, just not like a boss. I do also like the “edit requests” about people’s faces, those are great.

    • Hmm. Yeah. We should probably have shown more of the water part and the ramen garbage bin as well. Good point!

      • Cyber_3

        Yeah, in North America (as you know), they expect you to pay for the dry cup o’ noodles and then take it home so the whole idea of making my meal at the store is foreign to me. Having hot water available everywhere is a very Asian thing (and a good one) but it’s unfamiliar to someone from this side of the globe. I remember in Shanghai the “tea garbage” bin sitting next to the office hot water dispenser nearly made me puke every time I walked by (due to spoiling tea leaves, it didn’t have a lid) but I guess that people get used to it. I don’t know about Europe though, but I’m having a hard time thinking of dishes or drinks that would make having hot water to hand a universal thing.

        It’s not a criticism of the video, it stands alone just fine, it just seemed like a missed teaching moment, that’s all.

        • Rebecca Dempsay

          That’s very true! This video made me want to go out and get ramen but since my family refuses to keep it in the house it’s a lot of work for me. I have to go out buy it and then come back home to make it instead of just going out and getting it like fast food.
          This comment makes me seem really lazy….. It’s too accurate

  94. I so love this. My family think I am crazy because they say my ramen
    becomes a meal. I actually like my ramen cooked with half milk and
    water. I add a very soft boiled egg where the yolk is runny, cheese of
    course then I add red pepper with green onions.

  95. thisisjustforfunval

    Marina, your ramen looked delicious, Simon…I’ll stick to Martina’s version :-P

    Your OG how to make ramen video was how I learned to make delicious ramen at home. I’ve never been able to eat plan ramen since. For mine I use Shin Ramen, fresh sliced mushrooms, an egg, and if I have them chicken and/or kimchi. Sadly I really, really dislike the process cheese in my ramen so it never makes the ingredient list.

    Leigh, you should have gotten the ramen simply for knowing that ADTOY was a 2PM song, but super double props for you being able to hum it! *high five*

  96. Provalone or havarti cheese slices will work in ramen. I know this because I am a cheese snob and won’t eat American cheese.

  97. You guys!!! I laughed at Mitt Rameny. This video is awesome, both editing-wise and content-wise. I love playing Katamari so I love this video for that. And I love ramen, both instant and Japanese realness. I also add stuff to my instant ramen (I can’t do the Korean ones, too spciy) and Simon’s love for ranch only rivals my love for eggs. I think the ranch would be especially good in spicy ramen. I’ve added many things to ramen, but never cheese. Gotta try that next time! I also now always laugh everytime you offer any food to Leigh, because I know she’s gonne be like uhhhhh???? LOL! Thanks for posting!

  98. LOL. Eat ramen like a pro!
    I’m sharing the same passion for instant noodles with Martina. In Indonesia, there are wide arrays of instant noodles. Each with different taste. I think There will be more than 20 kind of tastes. It was fun to eat one if you miss a certain food. Or if you were feeling adventurous, you can try to be wild and eat any unrecognized taste. There is no booger taste, I assure you. :D

  99. Most fitting challenge for Leigh ever cause I am going to see 2pm in 3 days! And by the way the old how to eat ramen has ruined me for ever I just cannot eat it with out cheese, eggs and veggies any more and btw ad a alittle canned chicken , or tuna and a slice of Munster or Gouda it’s the bomb!

  100. bazgrole

    Must. Hunt. For. Ramen. And. Kimchi. In. Warsaw. I’m hungryyyyyyy.
    Ramen is not a problem, I’ve seen shin ramen somewhere. The quest is finding kimchi at affordable price.


  101. Emma Turner

    Seriously mistook ‘cheese’ for ‘jizz’ in your little ingredients song. Now that would be a very different video…

  102. Can we please talk about the totally hot hottie mc hotterson in the back looking straight at the camera?

  103. I love having my noodles on buttered toast and the packet i get mine always says i should try it with cheese, i haven’t done so yet but i will have to next time, know that you say it will taste better with cheese.

  104. Susie

    Dude…. I want 라뽁기 so bad. > <

    Oh and you should totally try just cooking your noodles; whisking an egg in a bowl while it's cooking; draining the water out of the noodles once they're done; quickly dumping the noodles into the raw egg and mixing the hell out of them so that the noodles are coated evenly in the now-thick egg mixture (hnnnggg); then mixing a tablespoon of teriyaki sauce into the whole thing. You may add toppings. Hnnnnngggg

  105. The editing on this is sooooooooooooo good! Leigh please come edit our videos. We will pay you in…. um….. strawberries….

    My ramen hack is to go to the fridge and add the side dishes my mother-in-law makes….

  106. Sara Napsey

    I’m just like Martina when it comes to ramen. It’s so freaking delicious! Also, you’ve made me really really hungry. In fact, I’m tempted to go down to the convenience store downstairs and have the same concoction Martina made, but I have prom in a month and I have to slim down. Oh, I think I just answered a tl;dr question you asked on a youtube video a long time ago. Yes, some international schools in Korea have prom and homecoming :D. I’m hungry…T_T

  107. Fun fact. Your “How to make Ramen” vid was the FIRST vid I ever saw from you guise.

  108. GASPS. I never ever wait for my ramen to cook in the cup I just add hot water and eat it straight away because I like it kind of crispy.

  109. Sonia

    The animation/editing on this video is so cool guys

  110. WAIT!! you’re supposed to drain the water??? I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  111. Akira Miyashi

    In before your facebook post! :P I usually get notified there.

  112. bigbangfosho


  113. FIIIIRST!
    … Did I make it? :D

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