I’m not sure what came over us, but we got totally, uncontrollably influenced by Katamari Damacy while editing this video. It’s weird, when we think about it. In our videos, we often think of Simon and Martina as the characters, but there’s a third character as well: us as editors, who perceive the events a lot differently than we might have when we were filming the events. That’s so…meta…maaaan.

Mitt Rameny

Anyhow, we felt very much like including a King of the Cosmos. Except we can’t use him without copyright blablabla issues, so we made our own. We made Katamari Noodle music, and our King of the Cosmos is, instead – get ready for it – Mitt Rameny! Get it? Not Mitt Romney, but Mitt Rameny! It’s so genius! When I told Leigh and Martina about the name, they stared at me blank faced. OH COME ON! That was a perfect, perfect name. Well, maybe not perfect, but definitely something deserving a chuckle, at least! OH MAN! It’s brilliant! Ok I’ll stop now.

But, for real, this is one of my favourite video edits ever. Leigh was super motivated and did a rocking job of totally Katamari-ing the whole thing. The spinning around our ingredients made me a very happy Dothraki. But that could just be us. Let us know what you think and if you think it gets in the way too much.

Back to the video, we were actually inspired to do the video after we shot our Walking Tour of Hongdae’s Clubs, because – at the end of it – Martina did the lid-cup thingy, and we read a bunch of comments from people asking what in the blue horkadork she was doing. So we figured it’d make sense to show you what this was, as well as some special Ramen Hacks. I mean, come on: that chopstick thing is pretty badass. Do that in Korea, and they’ll give you honorary citizenship, like that. Ha! I wish. Hey Korea: you ever gonna let us, you know, umm, vote here and stuff?

I do think Martina goes a bit overboard with her ramen, but that’s only because she eats it for different reasons than most people. Ramen is most of the time a cheap meal. If you’re hungry and in a rush and only got a buck or two, you get some ramen and you’re set. But Martina eats ramen, not out of desperation, but out of passion for ramen. She loves this stuff. So, instead of just adding one thing to make it better, Martina will go all out to make her ramen masterful. You don’t need to do all that she does. Pick one or two that suit you best. You might not be a fan of the dried fish, for instance. I’m not a fan of the egg myself. Let us know if there’s anything you add to your ramen to level it up.

So, yeah! That’s it for this week. We’ve got some bloopers from the day as well. It really wasn’t easy filming outside. So noisy! So windy! And it seemed like it was gonna be a nice day, and then the weather got terrible. Eep!


Lastly, if you want free noodles, we have them, for you! Just click this button here, and they might come to you one day. Maybe not through us, but some way, some day, you’ll get them. Better click on this subscribe button here just to be safe:

  1. This was one of the first Eat Your Kimchi video I ever watched. I love this video, and I’m remixing Martina’s ramen, processed cheese, siracha and an egg, awh yeah baby! What ultimately sewed me attached to this channel was Leigh’s failed attempt at eating ramen :’D

  2. I love this video too much :’D and I also need the Ramen song!! hahaha :’D

  3. Oh my gosh, I just added a slice of cheese to my ramen for the first time, and woah dang, this is some of the best instant ramen I’ve ever had! And I live in Japan! X) Happy tummy~ Happy tummy~ ^^

  4. Who knew I was only a lousy amateur at ramen consumption! The chopstick trick is my favorite. You guys are truly the masters! ;D

  5. Haha I am a subscriber and I did get free noodles :) Someone gave me a bowl of rabokki which happened to be the exact same one as Simon has in this video. It was good timing that I re watched this otherwise I would have had no idea how to make it, never having seen the drainable kind before. I didn’t have ranch, so I put in 2 slices of cheese and a sachet of steamed vegetables (any extra nutritional value has to be a good thing right?). It was delicious, I love Shin Ramyun too but I think I’ve been converted :)

  6. I always make my shin ramyun with MOZZARELLA cheese, fried egg, and deli sliced black forest ham. DELISH!!

  7. I have to try the processed cheese. :D Sounds so weird yet so good. :D

  8. OMG! I can not eat my ramen plain ever again. ( have you guys tried this with kimchi flavoured ramen, it’s really good to.)

  9. holey moley that is one entertaining video, you guys are really good at what you do in front of and behind the camera <3

  10. Ramen with egg and processed cheese
    EYK style
    Thank you guys!

  11. Ramen with egg and processed cheese
    EYK style
    LOVED IT!! Thank you guys!

  12. Good Gawd, you guys have just changed everything! I feel like I was blind, but now I can see! :-P Seriously though, picked up some ramen in the local Korean shop, cheese & Kimchi, dang it was delish.

  13. So, I’ve noticed in a lot of your food videos, when you eat you don’t really drink anything alongside it often (or am I just not paying attention much?). Is it common to drink something when you eat? I know when I went to Japan, we served ourselves free oolong tea in some sit-down restaurants, but in Korea, is it a little different than North America or Japan? Also, the waiters in Japan didn’t bother us unless we needed them which was nice, I wish america would do the same. How different is food service in Korea?

  14. My ramen hacks are the same as my home made pizza hacks.
    lunch meat and leftovers galore. (speaking of which, I had a food lightbulb go off yesterday. Burrito Calzone anyone? (though subsitute salad lettuce for sweet peppers and carrot and salsa for spicy base sauce…and use ranch or Sour Cream and Chive for dipping)
    But when I was little and my sisters and I got Pot Noodles occasionally, I would add Mayo and Ketchup to mine. MMMM Sweet fake beefy goodness

  15. In case you haven’t seen this yet, How to Eat Ramen Like a Boss. I’d like to see the EYK version ;)

  16. After watching this video I went to my college market and bought some shin ramen, hard boiled eggs and cheese. Extra level up power with some peanut butter! Let me tell you, it was delicious!! :D

  17. I just tried Simon’s hack recipe and it was so nasty good!! Martina’s will be next :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  18. I like putting Bibigo chicken cilantro wontons in my ramen :D

  19. We have the rabokki here in Houston, TX…made it the way simon makes it and I’d say its very yummy :)

  20. i add kimchi, mandu, green onions, eggs, and processed cheese into mine… i think i have a problem.

  21. So funny! Loved the music too!

  22. I, for one, really enjoyed the editing on this video! It was very enjoyable! :) And now I desperately want ramen, but I also just ate my breakfast. Sigh.

  23. All I could hear was the Katamari Damacy Opening haha

  24. I know it’s not that new anymore, but Leigh’s haircut is super fresh! :D

  25. I don’t think I could ever put cheese in my ramen… I love ramen and I love cheese I just don’t think I could ever combine the two…

  26. This video was so fun! I liked the editing… You never went overboard with the animated parts, but I think what you did have brought the video to a whole different level. ^^ I think my favorite videos are always the ones where you guys just seem to be ENJOYING yourselves. Being friends and sharing a little of the Korea-world-life. (And Leigh… *shakes head* …what happened? ^^) Keep up the awesome work, guys! EYK- 화이팅!

  27. Katamari animation style was very funny, now i can eat like a pro.

  28. Katamari animation style was very funny, now i can eat like a pro.

  29. Love the game animation guys!!!!

    Since my house has an abundance of chicken laying eggs, I started to add eggs to my ramen. After I add the hot water, I immediately crack the raw egg into the liquid, cover it, then microwave it for some seconds, and wait until the ramen is done cooking. Once done, the egg is still goopy so I mix it with the broth and noodles. By doing so, the broth gets a bit sweet, so cutting back a bit of the spiciness (it also gives the illusion of a really good soup broth). I also either eat it with seaweed (that has salt on it) or cold Romanian lettuce. The lettuce cuts down on the feeling of oiliness and gives a crunch to your chew. If the lettuce gets waterlogged, it’s not all that great. The seaweed gives back some of the flavor that the egg might of taken out and give a crunch too.

    I’ve seen you eat with the cap bowl many times Martina and I told myself I’ll try that sometime, but I keep throwing it away before I remember to keep it. D':

    And Simon’s ramen: I’ve never tried one where you poke holes to pour the water out. I had this one that had holes already (for udon) and I always thought they were steam holes. So I made extra work and hardship for myself by opening the cap, making a small slit and pour out the water (with some udon pieces). Now I know they’re for now. :)

  30. How are those bad nails? They’re much prettier than mine.
    Loved the editing!

  31. Hi! I was just wondering what the magic soft-centered eggs are called in Korean? Or should I just look for that packaging? Thank you~!

  32. Okay, I just burst out laughing once those men in the background got up and walked off at the same time Simon took out his ranch XD.

  33. Mitt Rameny, absolutely brilliant! Brilliant!

    I like to add mushrooms and sliced zucchini to my ramen and then eat it with kimchi. Mmmmm. Delicious!

  34. This was awesome. I loved the ramen song and the video game ness to it and everything.
    For my ramen i add cheese (because of your old video that i love that was my ‘gateway’ to EYK) ham that i cut up into tiny pieces. And egg.
    If im making it at home i usually add cut up peppers as well. Fresh bell pepper~~ nom! Love instant ramen.

  35. uuughhh the cravings! thx giuse. (u_u”)
    Really though, it’s super gratifying to see this video justifying my need for ramen science. To the future of my MSG fuelled addiction! Awesome job on the editing too. Looks like you had a great time putting this together and it was a joy to watch. <3

  36. Why the frickity frack do I watch FAPFAPs when I am hungry as balls? I should know better by now, and yet…

  37. Could you please tell me the ingredients brand and kind Martina used for her ramen. Plleeaassee :) Going to try and find them at Hmart.

  38. I freaking loved the editing for this! As a media student I’m getting all excited about the skills used in this video -flem- >~<

  39. Shin ramen is my favorite! I usually make it on the stove with fresh cut garlic, green onion, and sometimes diced spam or vienna sausage. If I have regular ramen I have to add sriracha to it to make it spicy because I’m so used to shin ramen lol

  40. I feel you, Martina. You should add many wonderful and glorious accessories to your ramen to make it more yummy! (Although I’m still skeptical about the ranch…) My mom got me hooked onto adding more nutritious stuff to ramen, so now as a basic, I always add green onions and an egg to my ramen (but this is the not-as-instant-but-still-instant ramen which you cook in a pot…).

    By the by, that chopsticks thing totally blew my mind! It was so brilliant! Who was the genius that thought of that?!

    Awesome video, and wicked video editing ;D

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