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How to Eat Ramen Like a Pro

April 10, 2014


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I’m not sure what came over us, but we got totally, uncontrollably influenced by Katamari Damacy while editing this video. It’s weird, when we think about it. In our videos, we often think of Simon and Martina as the characters, but there’s a third character as well: us as editors, who perceive the events a lot differently than we might have when we were filming the events. That’s so…meta…maaaan.

Mitt Rameny

Anyhow, we felt very much like including a King of the Cosmos. Except we can’t use him without copyright blablabla issues, so we made our own. We made Katamari Noodle music, and our King of the Cosmos is, instead – get ready for it – Mitt Rameny! Get it? Not Mitt Romney, but Mitt Rameny! It’s so genius! When I told Leigh and Martina about the name, they stared at me blank faced. OH COME ON! That was a perfect, perfect name. Well, maybe not perfect, but definitely something deserving a chuckle, at least! OH MAN! It’s brilliant! Ok I’ll stop now.

But, for real, this is one of my favourite video edits ever. Leigh was super motivated and did a rocking job of totally Katamari-ing the whole thing. The spinning around our ingredients made me a very happy Dothraki. But that could just be us. Let us know what you think and if you think it gets in the way too much.

Back to the video, we were actually inspired to do the video after we shot our Walking Tour of Hongdae’s Clubs, because – at the end of it – Martina did the lid-cup thingy, and we read a bunch of comments from people asking what in the blue horkadork she was doing. So we figured it’d make sense to show you what this was, as well as some special Ramen Hacks. I mean, come on: that chopstick thing is pretty badass. Do that in Korea, and they’ll give you honorary citizenship, like that. Ha! I wish. Hey Korea: you ever gonna let us, you know, umm, vote here and stuff?

I do think Martina goes a bit overboard with her ramen, but that’s only because she eats it for different reasons than most people. Ramen is most of the time a cheap meal. If you’re hungry and in a rush and only got a buck or two, you get some ramen and you’re set. But Martina eats ramen, not out of desperation, but out of passion for ramen. She loves this stuff. So, instead of just adding one thing to make it better, Martina will go all out to make her ramen masterful. You don’t need to do all that she does. Pick one or two that suit you best. You might not be a fan of the dried fish, for instance. I’m not a fan of the egg myself. Let us know if there’s anything you add to your ramen to level it up.

So, yeah! That’s it for this week. We’ve got some bloopers from the day as well. It really wasn’t easy filming outside. So noisy! So windy! And it seemed like it was gonna be a nice day, and then the weather got terrible. Eep!

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