Korean Home Delivery is a thing of pure beauty. The food is the same price as it would be in the restaurant, the appetizers come for free, you don’t have to tip the delivery person (or at least that’s what we’re told), and – here’s the clincher – when you’re finished eating you leave your dirty dishes outside your door and the delivery guy will come back to pick them up! We always wanted to try this home delivery service, but were too scared, because our Korean was so shoddy. We finally thought that we had enough Korean on us to try ordering, so two days ago we finally did. We made a video of the whole ordeal and, even though it didn’t work as smoothly as expected, it still worked. You’ll be amazed when you see what it looks like. Altogether, ordering food for the both of us cost only 9000 won altogether, which is roughly NINE BUCKS. There are many reasons to love Korea, and this is definitely one of them.

Oh, and by the way, the place we ordered from wasn’t very good, so if you’re in Bucheon don’t order from “Ee Moo Noy” – or at least that’s how we think it’s pronounced. The food was pretty bland and disappointing, and we wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much if we weren’t as exhilarated from our success.

  1. Food to use home delivery in Korea : Fried/Spicy chicken (order half each for 2 ppl and eat fried first), Jokbal (Pig’s feet if you want to give it a try), Pizza
    I wouldn’t have other Korean food delivered to my house unless it’s absolutely necessary. They don’t taste good.

  2. Just curious….Is it possible to order delivery from online in Korea? Or is it necessary to know Korean to do so?

    Btw, I love you guys! I’ve been a big fan for a few years now & Planning on coming to Korea soon!

    Thanks :)

    • you can if you want to order pizza at places like Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, Momino. but one thing to remember, you’ve got to read and write koean to understand and order at their websites. For other food? I don’t think so.

  3. I’ve been living in Seoul for around 6 weeks now and have been so curious about food delivery stuffs. I’m a little unsure because my one-room building has a door code, before you can get to the individual apts. How would you handle that-just include the code with the address?

    I’ve also tried to figure that out for receiving packages…I could tell my landlord wasn’t super excited about holding my box of stuff :/

  4. Can you feel the jealous rolling off my body, oh man, someone build a korean restaurant in Saudi Arabia…

  5. Hey guys! U rock! information wrapped up in sweet, funky-funny package, yay!
    Got a question too: what is the practice of tipping in Korea? Do you have to tip in restaurants and such? or even for this home delivery? thanks!! lots o’ luck to ya!

  6. This is really cute, and I can imagine quite a lot of foreign people giving up on ordering deliveries because of the language barrier- talking on the phone is especially intimidating.
    I really miss the deliveries in Korea… (like, even MacDonald’s delivers there) and having my meal delivered even to all the strange places (a uni lecture room, a park, riverside)…
    One interesting video here. Would you like to try this?

  7. I'm into Korean culture and one thing that has helped me to learn more about the language and even culture stuff is to watch drama's (along with music)! You can see them at AsianRice.tv Some of my favs include: Boys Over Flowers (there's also a Japanese version and I think Taiwan perhaps too? and it's with Kim HyunJoong of SS501), Full House (with Bi/Rain!), 1% of Anything, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince (with Yoon Eun Hye of Babyvox fame), Green Rose. Top is in "I Am Sam" (haven't seen it yet) and "IRIS" (One of my favs). Just a few to get you going. Oh and I love the variety show "We Got Married." The drama's can be very addicting and there's lots of good one's. They have some alright horror movies too ("Cello" is good and I like "Tale of Two Sisters" and "Death Bell" is cute with Kim Bum who is in BOF and I wanna see "Thirst" which is a vampire movie).

  8. I saw about your blog from Saeng Saeng Jung Bo Tong on KBS a few days ago. Such an interesting one! I want to say thank you for introducing all about Korean food and Korean cultures to many other foreigners.

  9. Just little FYI, When you say quantities of an object or anything, you say it after the object. Like, "Dolsotbibimbam hana(yo)" and those korean foods in the food container arent appetizers, they are side dishs or ban-chan :)

    • Thanks. We've been doing that as of late. This video was our first attempt, so we really, really botched it.

      • It’s cool though that you could sort of muddle your way through it having only been in Korea for a couple/few months at the time. Thanks for sharing this! I liked seeing what they actually bring the food in and how the pick up works. Since phone conversations don’t allow for facial expressions or gestures, I would think this is one of the trickier local cultural adventures to attempt early on. Too bad the food wasn’t so good…!

        If I could ask, how much Korean did you know when you first arrived? How much better could you order home delivery now after living in South Korea for over 2 years?

        • We didn't know anything apart from "Hello" and "I don't speak Korean." We learned that from audiobooks. That's all. When it comes to ordering food now, we do it all the time, and don't have any problems with it.

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