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How to Get McDonalds Delivered to Your Home

November 9, 2008


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We’ve been here for five months now and we’re still amazed with all of the cool things has to offer. A while ago we made a post about Korean Home Delivery, and this can be considered an update to that with an amazing twist: Last week we happened to learn something else that’s awesome about Bucheon and Korea: McDonald’s delivers to your home!! That’s right. Korea’s food delivery service is such a huge part of the culture that McDonald’s had to tap into it as well. This means that you can sit at your home, play video games all day, and get a Big Mac and a McFlurry delivered to your doorstep. How awesome is that! Here’s what you need to make this happen:

Phone Number: 1600-5252.
Menu: See an image of it here. It’s not the best quality, but you’ll get an idea of what you can get delivered. If need be, you can get a copy of it at the McDonald’s closest to you.
Options: They sell everything. Breakfast and dinner foods, as well as Sundaes and McFlurries. Everything you can buy at the store can be ordered for delivery
Price: It seems as if everything costs around 500 won more for delivery than the regular in-store prices, but, hey, if you need a Big Mac right away, it’s worth the extra change.
Names: The names are pretty much the same as they are in English, except they are pronounced in a Korean way. So the McFlurry here is the “Ma-Ku-Pu-Lau-Ree” and the Big Mac is the “Bee-guh-Mah-Kuh.” So, even if you can’t read the Korean on the menu,

One More Thing
: The phone system here isn’t the number of a specific McDonalds; instead, the number is for a central system. Your order gets forwarded to the closest McDonald’s delivery chain. The problem with this is that you have to give more information, (namely, your city and your region). Here in Bucheon we’re in the Wonmi-Gu district. When Martina called, both she and the operator were very confused, until an operator with stronger English came on the line. Martina had to explain what landmarks we’re close to (the closest being Bucheon’s City Hall), and only after 10 minutes of confused explanations did we finally get our order through.



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