We love sushi. We were really excited when we saw that Korea has Sushi Conveyor Belts, but since then the novelty has worn off, and we haven’t really eaten much sushi since. Fortunately, someone sent us an email recently to tell us about Sushi Mom, which does Sushi Delivery. Yes. That’s right. SUSHI DELIVERY! We don’t have to go to the conveyor belts anymore! Sushi can come right to our house! What’s great about this place is not only the awesome sushi, but also the fact that you don’t have to stumble around on the phone trying to explain your order, because the owner speaks perfect English! Order your Dynamite Rolls, Rainbow Rolls, whatever-you-want rolls, and get them delivered to your place!

Update: They have since closed down. We will let you know when they relocate.

  1. those cases are so pretty i would probably keep then

  2. Hi ,

    Great video above and also several other video posted in this website.
    Really love them , you guys had put so much effort into the vid.
    After watching few of them , i do feel have the urge of migrating to Korea. =)

    But then i think is hard to find a job there other than teaching english isn't?
    I'm a web developer myself,i think i have to be a waiter or delivery boy in order to stay there for longer period.

  3. Wow ~ Delicious sushi

    Sushi is so delicious in any way.

    But there is a right way. More delicious

    When you eat sushi, You should sauce fish, not rice.

  4. Raw fish and tuna. Raw fish = listeria and tuna has too much mercury. So sad… but I think I'll cheat by ordering yam rolls or make kimbop.

  5. I really (heart) this video. I'm pregnant and can't eat sushi… :'(

  6. We just found out about this recently. The're relocating. I'll update this when we get word of a new place.

  7. Rest in peace, Sushi Mom. This restaurant is closed.

  8. Is this place still open. I wanted to try their sushi, but they never pick up.

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