So we finally saw The Dark Knight here in Korea after waiting for it for so long. It just came out on Wednesday, and we saw it on Friday. It was absolutely awesome. Before we saw the movie, though, we decided to make a movie of our own; this one’s about movie theaters in Korea. After all, you should know how to order a ticket if you’re ever in Bucheon or anywhere else in Korea.

It’s really quite simple, and makes sense. You might be tempted at first to get into line, as is the North American way, but you’ll soon find that people bud in front of you at all times (that’s the Korean way, by the way). For both sides to meet peacefully, lots of busy places in Korea have you take a number, so grab a ticket with a number on it and wait till you’re called. Once you’re called, you’ll have your choice in seating. In Canada, you just buy a ticket and sit wherever you want. Here you have to reserve your seat numbers ahead of time. Pretty cool, eh?

  1. I wish they have more Hallyuwood movies with English subtitles in them. (T.T)

  2. They look so Canadian here! This was definitely before their badass hair-dying, tattooing, Dothraki-Man-Warrior-slash-Bunnies-Are-Puffy times.

  3. We have the number system lot’s of places here in Denmark too.^^ not at the cinema though, but we do have the “reserving tickets on a screen” too, as well as online booking of tickets+seats (whch is really awesome, you can pick where you want to sit for a movie several days before you go).^^

  4. Do english movies in korean movie theatres have subtitles or do they tend to be dubbed?

  5. Do english movies in korean movie theatres have subtitles or do they tend to be dubbed?

  6. Are seeing movies in Korea much cheaper than here in North America? (I assume they are.) And how are the quality of the auditoriums and such?

    … maybe that can be your next video blog?

    • Movies here go from around $8.50 to $ 11.00. I think I paid 11 or 12 for Avatar. The seats are your regular movie seats, unless you score a vip theatre, then the seats are wider and recline. I find the viewing experience is hit or miss. some theatres have excellent screen resolution, but others have fuzzy backgrounds. Some theatres have excellent digitized sound while the sound in others is basic stereo. The newer the theatre the better the experience.

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