So, last week we showed you how to order Chinese Food Delivery in Korea, but we know that 97% of you don’t live in Korea. So, you’re pretty much screwed if you want to eat this stuff. Unless you live in a K-Town region in the world, but still, probably NO DELIVERY!!! This week, then, we’re gonna teach you how to make this stuff at home. Booyah!

So we’re hoping to make these cooking segments kind of a regular segment peppered throughout the FAPFAP time schedule because it’s “Food Adventure Program” so why not do all types of food programs? Also, for those of you that don’t know- and maybe I’m bias here- Martina is a really good cook who genuinely loves to cook and bake. So, she is really excited about this segment. And take over Martina!

HERMIGAWD I’M SO NERVOUS!!! Okay, so I started with this dish in particular because you’ve had the chance to see it and it’s fresh in your mind but soon I want to do other Korean dishes, like the jjiages, desserts, and even making kimchi! Please give me your suggestions of what you want to see! I’m going to stick to giving the basic prep in the video and leaving the deeper explanation in the blog post. The reason why: I’ve looked up a lot of instructional videos for cooking on YouTube and I find the videos are so long that I’m scrubbing through it to see them get to the point because a lot of the instructions are obvious to me. For example, “cut the onions” and it’s a 30 second scene of onion cutting. Unless it’s a special technique needed for the recipe, I personally don’t need to see 30 seconds of onion cutting. SOOOOOOO I’m hoping to give you the basic gist of how to put all the ingredients together, and leave the details to the blog post.

Just some info about this: all that really matters is the preparation of the sauce, rather than the noodles themselves. You can put the jjajang sauce on anything else. We’ve had jjajangbap before (jjajang sauce + rice, rather than noodles) and it’s delicious. So, be as creative as you want, and don’t feel restricted to just noodle usage :D

And, on that note, here’s our recipe:


- 7 TBSP oil (I used olive to be healthier)
- 7 TBSP Black Bean Paste AKA Chunjang 춘장
- 2 medium sized onions
- 250 g of ground pork (but we’re using 300g of pork because booyaa)
- 1/4 TSP ground black pepper (or add more to taste)

- 1/2 TBSP Sugar
- 1 TBSP Oyster Sauce (I used chili oyster sine I like spice)
- 2 Cups of Water or low sodium Broth
-Fresh noodles, preferably kalguksu 칼국수 noodles (4 servings)

For The Thickener:
- 1 TBSP Potato starch
- 2 TBSP cold water

Kicthen Tools:

-Small sauce pan (sauce)
-large frying pan (pork + sauce)
-medium sauce pan (noodles)


Cooking Instructions:

1. In a small sauce pan heat the oil over low heat. Add the black bean paste and stir together constantly for 6-8 minutes.

2. When the mixture starts to release a strong smell (like chocolate or freshly baked bread) or once the time is up, strain/pour off the excess oil. Set the black bean paste aside off the heat.

3. Add about 1 TBSP of the excess oil to a frying pan and toss in the onions. Sauté on medium heat until softened but not totally cooked.

4. Add the pork, grind on some black pepper while yelling BAM and let it cook.

5. As the pork cooks, start boiling hot water for the noodles.

6. Once the pork is lightly browned (don’t dump off the pork oil) add the black bean sauce and stir furiously! You should coat the pork well.

7. Add the 2 cups of liquid (water or broth) and simmer for about 5 minutes. If you’re adding more veggies, add them now but reduce the liquid to 1.5 cups since the veggies will create more liquid.

8. While the pork mixture simmers, cook the noodles according to the package instructions. Most kalguksu noodles require you to rinse them in cold water after you drain them until they are almost cool or else they will form a death ball of noodles that cannot be separated. Unless you’re into that kind of thing.

9. Add 2 TBSP of cold water to 1 TBSP of potato starch and mix with a fork or an adorable mini-whisk. This is your thickener aka slurry.

10. The more your reduce the pork and black bean sauce, the saltier and more intense the black bean mixture will be, so you can test the flavour as you simmer it and decide when you want to stop. Once you like the flavour, add the potato starch slurry to thicken it. Stir well and it should thicken almost instantly. Sauce is finished!

11. Add the noodles to a bowl and scoop on a hearty serving of sauce. Garnish with thinly sliced cucumber and eat before it gets cold!

12. Take a picture and send it to me on Facebook or Twitter. Haha just joking, you don’t have to but I’d love it if you did! Martina makes big puppy eyes.


First off, after searching several Korean food blogs SooZee, Leigh, and I decided on this recipe, but I did tweak it a bit because the instructions were super vague. I also made some personal changes, but I explained my changes to the original recipe below.

1. The oil being used should be grapeseed or other flavourless oils but for health sake I chose to go with olive oil and I didn’t notice a taste difference.

2. The original recipe users 1 TBSP of sugar but I used 1/2 TBSP of xylitol coconut sugar.

3. You can use cornstarch instead of potato starch.

4. The black bean paste is really really salty so if you add broth instead of water (which I did) make sure you use a low sodium kind or your salt tastebuds will explode.

5. Some Korean recipes are measured differently than I’m used to. They use grams or “full spoon”, “half spoon” and “quarter spoon” which refers to the average Korean spoon, not a TBSP or TSP. So I measured the Korean spoon and translated the recipe into cups and TBSP/TSP. In this case, 100 grams of bean paste = 7 TBSP.

6. I would personal add some more vegetables/stuff to this such as cubed zucchini, eggplant, and tofu, but since I wanted it to be a “delivery” style jjajamyeon, I stuck to the basics.


Lastly, don’t forget to click on this lovely button below. It’s so worth it!

  1. Ok so I live in the middle of nowhere and I was wondering what kind of noodle could be substituted for the fresh noodles? Regular spaghetti noodles?

  2. Can somebody tell me for how many servings the measurements are? Though I think I’m just to stupid to see it >.<

  3. Ever since you postet the video I thought “I have to try this!” and today I finally did! It tastes great and I don’t know why but it’s a somehow familiar taste, though I never ate jjajamyeon before…

  4. What’s the serving size of this meal? I need to make it for 80 ppl. Thanks :)

  5. OMG, I just HAVE to try this!! I’ve been dying to eat this (I’m from Austria, so it’s impossible to eat the real thing haha)
    me & my friend have tried cooking bbibbimbap & sweet potato pizza already, so this is gonna be the next challenge :D:D thanks for posting this video (btw, I love how you explained what you were doing with single words :P) I’ll be looking forward to many more recipe posts ♥

  6. i just did my first Jjajang Myeon results are amazing.I did for 2persons only. Thank you Martina ^^ i wanted to do this but was to afraid for failing. ;)

  7. I have a question!! ^_^ im allergic to anything that relates to fish!! (I know its weird) so I was wondering can you replace the oyster sauce to something else?? And if so, what would be best?? ^_^

  8. I’ve made this before, I used corn starch as a thickener and I just got a ready made jajangmyun black bean sauce from an Korean grocery store so I skipped the oil, only added a little bit to fry the onions with. Thanks for the recipe!

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  10. I want to ask how many servings is this recipe? Because i kind of want to make this for my family (i have 5 including me in my family). Thanks

  11. Instead of potato starch could you use any type of thickening agent? In Australia I don’t think we have potato starch…


    Do we have to use meat? :o Unfortunately I’m out.

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    I’m gonna have to try this at some point. I need to go to Homeplus anyway. XD

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  21. cooking with olive oil is not healthy :(

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  24. LinZi

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  27. I made this and followed the directions exactly. It was really liquidy from the broth I think. I re read everything and noticed that you don’t have instructions on when to add the oyster sauce or sugar. I will try again and add those in to see if it makes a difference. It still came out good. :)

  28. Oh my… I went to the local asian store but our strongest asian community here is chinese and not korean, so I’m not sure if the black bean paste is the same kind since everything was either in chinese or translated to portuguese (Chunjang or the cymbols for it nowhere to be found!). It says it has garlic too. I have no idea if it’s the same thing you guys used, but HERE’S TO EXPERIMENTING!

  29. I made it by following your recipe! :D
    except i forgot to buy starch so it is runny. but it was still delicious. my bf from HK loved it ;D

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  32. I really wish I had taken a picture of the jjajangmyeon that I mad today, but the summary was litarelly that my parents loved it. I did change a few things, used a black bean sauce (instead of paste) from maanchi’s recipe (as the asian market I went to didn’t have any, le sigh), and added a whole lot of chinese cabbage as well. I just wish it tasted more for me, but sadly it rarely does when you’ve cooked it yourself. (sad face)

  33. i tried out the recipe today, and it went pretty alright for someone who seldom cooks anything but instant noodles. i wasn’t able to get the proper noodles (used udon) and black bean paste (used sauce), so i ended up with too much noodles and not enough sauce lol. i’ll definitely try it again after getting the right main ingredients though. u make cooking look fun and easy to do :D

    about the recipe, i was guessing ur ingredient amounts served 4 because it said 4 servings of noodles. and u didn’t say when to add the oyster sauce and sugar, but i’m guessing it’s at step 10?

  34. What does it taste like >< ? It looks so good and the ingredients don't sound weird when they are mixed together, but how does it taste? It just randomly popped up in my head :P

  35. my mom just made jajangmyeon. the chinese style.

  36. I made this again today–I remembered the sugar this time, added some chili-flavored oil, and threw in some zucchini I had on hand. Plus the Asian market I went to this time didn’t have kalguksu noodles, so I used udon instead. Completely different dish! The zucchini made it much less sweet even with the sugar, and more like a ratatouille. I see endless variations here….

  37. Recipe of black bean paste, if you are unlucky as me that the asian store didn’t have paste that was already made.


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    Greetings from Spain ^^

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    But the best part was that my iPod decided to serve up Zico & Hanhae’s “If I Ain’t Got” the minute I sat down to eat!

  46. If you wanted to replace the pork, could you use beef or chicken instead?

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  51. Fabulous! Not only hilarious but informative too. One of the reasons I got interested in Asian culture is because of their food. Since it’s a rice based culture it’s easier to adapt their recipes to my gluten free diet. So cool to see recipes!!

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  55. Becky Strickland

    Super Great Cooking Show! I’m gonna try it with tofu or that fake ground meat stuff. really good! oh and i can’t wait, i live in the country side, but today we are going to Cincinnati, OH an and going to eat at a Korean restaurant for the 1st time! Thanks to you for EYK i have something new to explore and learn about. ‘Cause learning is fun!

  56. Can i use beef or must it be pork?

  57. Just made this tonight and it was super yummy! I posted a picture on your facebook page. My son loved it and he’s pretty picky so thank you, thank you, thank you! I would love for this to become a biweekly/monthly thing!

  58. Is black bean paste the same as black bean sauce? Because I can’t find any plain black bean paste other than sweetened black bean paste in the Asian market.

  59. there is this website i use to try out a lot of korean recipes. they have a really tasty recipe for jjajangmyeon similar to this one but more vegetables. it taught me how to make my own kimchi. the woman who created the site also does videos the recipes. idk if im allowed to post the site on here though.

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    Now I’m gonna use your very easy to follow recipe when I attempt this again this weekend.
    Wish meh luck!

  63. Can you substitute oyster sauce with something else?


      Because this is a Korean riff of a Chinese dish you really should use Oyster sauce. But if you cannot find it or are allergic to oysters, I would recommend something like Hoisin sauce. It has a somewhat similar taste and is also Chinese. It is sometimes labeled as Peking Duck sauce in grocery stores.

  64. Hi there Martina ^_^ I subscribed to an awesome youtube cooking channel called ‘yellowsaffron’. They actually are really talented cooks from Italy (don’t worry, it’s all in in english :D) and they upload lots of instructional videos for (OHMAGOWD SO DELICIOUS!) italian food. They keep their vids short but stuffed with all the important information :O If you like check them out, for inspirational purposes of course ;D (not to tryout all their recipes and grow fattyfatfat because of the pure deliciousness of italian food xD). But still, this was a great video, I’ll definetly go and try this at home :3 thank you guise!!

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  68. Erika Kalkofen

    I would like to say that, yes, they do have jajangmyeon in China. I often ordered it on rainy days in Shanghai (lonely me). But it is not a black sauce, tastes different, and often has some different veggies in it. Still, the basic concept of stirring messy noodles and getting sauce all over your face is a universal jajangmyeon fact. Love it in Korea and China~

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    This fall, I’m going to be responsible for cooking my own food every day for the first time in my life since I am no longer going to be on the meal plan at my college. I’m excited to try all of the recipes you put out! :D This looks delicious!

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    Do you by any chance know any online shops that sell Asian foods and ingredient?!

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  76. -I am going to sound like a know-it-all- BUTTTT I recommend you guys to use canola oil instead of olive, bc once olive oil is used in cooking, then it wouldn’t be healthy as much like canola (losing its taste and nutrients). Okay, I’m done yapping now. <3

  77. Hi Martina! I recently discovered soon doo boo and I love it but it is expensive where I live! I would love it if you could make that on this show so I can learn and eat soon doo boo every day! Nomnom

    i enjoyed this so much, PLEASE continue making these :DDD

  79. Added some eggplant and zucchini to mine based on your notes ^^ 맛있어요!

    • AWESOME!!!! I think the extra veggie would really add a depth to this meal. Thanks for posting a pic!

      • Oh! I forgot to mention that I also made it vegetarian. For the pork, I used a soy-based ground “beef” (I know it sounds violently unappetizing, but the bean paste has so much flavor that the soy went undetected by all the omnivores with whom I shared). As for the oyster sauce, there are actually a few oyster flavored sauces that are made from mushrooms! Just a heads up to any other vegetarian Nasties ^^

        • thanks girl!!! I appreciate this! I was wondering how to make it vegetarian!

  80. Cyber_3

    This was great! I really loved it and you are right Martina, I enjoyed it all the more for the lack of mundane unnecessary details. While your kimbap video was cuter/funnier/longer, this was interesting and faster to watch for the important points – both styles are good ^_^v.

    While it is clear from this video and the Chinese food delivery one from last week that you enjoy the food, it would be nice if you could describe the flavour or compare it to something else since not everyone likes the same things (is it light or heavy?). I would always assume that your recipe makes enough for 2 (you and Simon) so if it makes more or less, it would be good to note it in the recipe (this recipe implies that it’s for 4? but it would be helpful if it was specifically stated because some of us are a little flustered when trying out new recipes). Thanks. I also think that it would be great if you did other recipes that weren’t specifically Korean dishes from time to time – I am definitely interested in some of your healthier/coconut-ier dishes.

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    This looks awesome! My boyfriend and I dabbled in Korean cooking (we live by great Korean areas in NYC!) We have soondubu jjigae down, and bulgogi (so GOOD!) Kimchi I won’t try making because I can get really good store bought at H-Mart (I <3 H-Mart!!)

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  90. Ooo this looks so good… I want to make it… I’m worried about one thing, though: Monosodium glutamate. Is it common for the jjajang sauce to have MSG as an ingredient? It looks like one of those things it could easily be prevalent in. I wonder how the jjajang is made and if I could make that at home too, without the chance of exitotoxins. MSG makes the brain go wonky so it can’t talk to itself right and makes you grumpy. D:

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  93. There’s a Korean supermarket about an hour away from me, and my best friend and I stopped in there once to look around. I was so excited because I thought I could get all this cool stuff for recipes but the guy that runs the store was severely grumpy. When we left the store I looked up some reviews and everyone said he’s really mean to anyone who isn’t Asian :( It made me super sad.

  94. I need to say; At first I was like “It’s not even 3 minutes … how is that supposed to work?” But now I think this is one of the best short “how to”s I’ve seen. As someone said before; one does not really need all the details, just… let’s say some references to check if the stuff one has in his/her own pot looks like the stuff you have in your pot, which translates to: checking wether you’ve done everything right so far.
    I would defenitely give you thumbs up to do something like this more often for FAPFAPs.

  95. It’s saying I can’t watch your video…. :-(

  96. Thanks, I like seeing a different style to make this :D I can see now how it can be so fattening when made delivery style… the way I learned from Kimchi Chronicles doesn’t say anything about cooking the black been paste in oil first. I will have to try it and see what it does to the sauce :) The way I learned has you frying the meat, draining the meat, cooking the veggies, stirring everything in the black bean paste then adding water to simmer for a bit. I like the idea of adding sugar and will definitely try your style since I have plenty of paste left.

    OH and if you can’t get Korean style noodles you can use fetuccine noodles if needed, I am told it’s similar if you don’t have another option ;)

    I love this short cooking style as well, Martina is right… sometimes it’s a real pain following the instructions when the videos are too long ;) MORE videos please… I can only make Tteokbokki (which I first learned about from your first cooking video you made forever ago), Haemul Pajeon, Jjajamyeong and I forget the name but it’s basically beef strips and veggies stir fried in a soy sauce, sugar, vinegar combo :)

    I would like to be able to make my own Kimchi since it’s not easy to get here… and I really prefer fresh Kimchi :)

  97. Wow you made my Jjajangmyeon look so healthy in comparison! I don’t even add oil to my sauce anymore, and I put so much zucchini and mushroom in mine. And I have no problem messing up future leftovers and I just saute the fresh noodles in the sauce instead of boiling them… at least that was how different recipes told me how to do it.

    And I liked how quick you made the video editing. We don’t need to watch how to cut an onion. If you were a cooking blog/channel, I would say it would make more sense to make individual videos on how to do specifics like cut and onion, etc.

  98. From the “Jajangmyeon” Wikipedia page “The dish originated from zhajiangmian (炸醬麵, literally “fried sauce noodles”) in China’s Shandong region. The pronunciation of the dish’s name is nearly identical to that of its Korean counterpart. But Korean jajangmyeon differs from Chinese zhajiangmian, as Korean jjajangmyeon uses black Korean chunjang including caramel, and onions.”

    So yeah, it is a Chinese dish :)

  99. I really enjoyed your cooking video and I love JJajangmyeon. I hope you can keep this up I have enjoyed all of the cooking videos that you have made. I used your ramen recipe the other day and it turned out great! I bought the ingredients for the Ddukbokki as well and am hoping to make some of that as well!!! Thanks for all the work you put into these videos, I really enjoy watching them and I have learned quite a bit from them.

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    These cooking videos definitely need to be an regular thing.

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    • Unfortunately authentic Korean food is not even close of being vegetarian, let alone vegan. The only vegan food I ate in Seoul was the FAPFAP S & M went on to Lovin’ Hut (which was hands down the best vegan food I’ve ever had!).

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      Darn you, Dallas, why isn’t your Korean population much larger??

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    • Oh HO HO! I’ve made soondubu jjiage at home. My fav of the jjigaes!~
      TIme to share my recipe! Really positive responses so far so I think it will be a regular segment!

      • Totally agree with you! Soon Dubu Jjigae iis my favorite jjigae too. MARTINA you have to make a recipe video. I’d love to see how your recipe compares with mine. OH! And Kimchi Jjigae too. My local Korean restaurant doesn’t have it on the menu, so I’d love to make it at home.

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    • tempeh!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it but probably most non Malaysian or non Indonesians wont know what it is so tempeh is just soybeans fermented in a cake shape really good fried

      • I use a great “beef” tempeh that could easily be chopped up finely even with some diced firm tofu and would make an awesome substitute. I’d just be worried that some of the oil from the pork would be missing so maybe a dash more?

        • blackcatamaran

          Maybe a drop or two of oil would help keep the tempeh from sticking. I bet that you could also use a couple of patties of whatever brand veggie burger you like as well. Oooooh or chopped and sauteed mushrooms? I’ve also worked with Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) before, but, I don’t get it.

          I eat jajangmyeon at the local Korean restaurant and I really like it, but know that I know what’s in it, I think I’ll have to eat it less often. I’m also going to look for the black bean paste at the K market.

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  166. Eat Your Kitchen

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    Plus, I have not tried Korean food much so I am very excited to try these recipes out.

    Thanks, guys!!!

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  170. NOTE to everyone who, like me, never use cups as meaasurement:

    1 cup = 2 1/3 decileters…(or 2,365882375 decileters, you decide)

    Sorry to tab into this like this, but I personally wish sometimes that the world used the same meassurements… and the same words for lengths and such (miles anyone). But please thumb this comment up so that all you nasty hungry little… nasties can happily cook.jjajanmyeon, and those nasty recipes I have a feeling S & M will post for us.

    Happy eating everyone… now I am off to make noodles myself for dinner…

    • haha I got so annoyed at seeing cup measurements on recipes that I went out and bought a cup set. It turns out I prefer using my cups to measure instead of the scales. That can be so messy.

      But you are so right about a universal measurement system. I live in the UK and it is such a mess because you have a generation of people using fahrenheit, stones/pounds and miles and the others using celsius, kilos and kilometres. Unfortunately, people hate change! My nan still talks about shillings… they haven’t been used since 1967 haha!

      • My Baka taught me how to cook her Croatian recipes with a scale! It was confusing when I started cooking on my own and had to use cups, so I know your pain. Also, I heard the only accurate way to use flour in any baking recipe is via a scale but it’s pretty much obsolete now. Poop!

        • Nina Johansson

          It’s not completely obsolete, I do whenever i find a recipe that has shows weight, and then you don’t ever have to worry about getting meassurements wrong… unless your scale is lying (happened once when my mom had mixed with it for meassuring rhubarb)

        • when I took the baking class in college they used scales it was accurate but a royal pain in the neck

        • Mio Mio

          yes like everyone here uses grams and kilograms if you didn’t make the thing 300 times and you know it like the back of your hand like my (majka i tata :P). So when I started using cups I usually used too much sugar or flour ugh.

        • Oooh I never realised you were Croatian, my Baka also tried to teach me to cook without a scale or cups or anything. I feel like she just uses a random amount depending on how she feels, yet it always turns out perfect somehow. I still can’t cook any of her recipes without her there judging how much of an ingredient I need to use haha.

        • LinZi

          oermahgod i’m croatian too…. do you make palachinke. so yum. and… oh wait that’s all I ever really make.

      • I am in the Uk too :) and I use Stones, Miles , and Celcius. Damn you parents, I am very confused. But we have a very cool pair of Bronze scales at home where you measure into a bowl on one side and add weights onto the other :)

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    I hope to see more of these cooking videos guys!!!

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  174. I think I’ll give this a try tomorrow! Have you tried making the sauce one day and refrigerating it and using it a few days later?

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  180. Firstly, awesome recipe and i’ll definitely be trying this out in the future!
    Any ideas on different types of mince that can be used if you can’t eat pork/pig at home (e.g. Halal/Kosher)
    I was thinking beef mince would be a decent alternative but honestly I’m not sure if it would change the taste significantly since I don’t eat pork because I have to be keep Kosher at home etc

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