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How to Make Kimbap – FAPFAP

April 20, 2012


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Wow! It’s been a while since you’ve seen us cook Korean food, hasn’t it? We did our last cooking video on Korean Ramen, which was back in our old apartment. Why haven’t we done more cooking videos? Well, we don’t cook much. Ha! Going out to restaurants is so cheap and fast, and the food in the restaurants is better than what we can make on our own. Ha!

Anyhow, we wanted to do this video for a couple of reasons. We know how exceptionally taunting our FAPFAP videos are. As soon as we post one all we read in the comments and on Twitter is “BAAAGGHHH DROOLING F.U. EATYOURKIMCHI FOR TEASING ME WITH FOOD” Understandably. You can’t get a lot of this food in your area, more than likely. So, today, we wanted to cook something that, hopefully, you can find the ingredients for in your local Asian market, if you have one. If not, then I expect to read more of the aforementioned comments.

But even if you can’t get all of the Korean ingredients, you can at least get rice, can’t you? CAN’T YOU?! And then you can roll stuff into that rice. Simple enough! We didn’t show you any of our different Kimbap combinations, because we wanted to keep it somewhat authentic, so, yeah! There you go! Making Kimbap is easy.

Now, I’m sure someone here is gonna say something like, we forgot this step, or the rice needs special preparation or something. You’re probably right. We probably did forget something. If we did, please let us know! We forgot how easy it was to make Kimbap, so any tips or pointers or recipes you’ve got are greatly welcome.

Anyway, as always, we have bloopers, because we can’t really do anything in one take. We mess up a lot…but hopefully some of you find that funny :D



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