Wow! It’s been a while since you’ve seen us cook Korean food, hasn’t it? We did our last cooking video on Korean Ramen, which was back in our old apartment. Why haven’t we done more cooking videos? Well, we don’t cook much. Ha! Going out to restaurants is so cheap and fast, and the food in the restaurants is better than what we can make on our own. Ha!

Anyhow, we wanted to do this video for a couple of reasons. We know how exceptionally taunting our FAPFAP videos are. As soon as we post one all we read in the comments and on Twitter is “BAAAGGHHH DROOLING F.U. EATYOURKIMCHI FOR TEASING ME WITH FOOD” Understandably. You can’t get a lot of this food in your area, more than likely. So, today, we wanted to cook something that, hopefully, you can find the ingredients for in your local Asian market, if you have one. If not, then I expect to read more of the aforementioned comments.

But even if you can’t get all of the Korean ingredients, you can at least get rice, can’t you? CAN’T YOU?! And then you can roll stuff into that rice. Simple enough! We didn’t show you any of our different Kimbap combinations, because we wanted to keep it somewhat authentic, so, yeah! There you go! Making Kimbap is easy.

Now, I’m sure someone here is gonna say something like, we forgot this step, or the rice needs special preparation or something. You’re probably right. We probably did forget something. If we did, please let us know! We forgot how easy it was to make Kimbap, so any tips or pointers or recipes you’ve got are greatly welcome.

Anyway, as always, we have bloopers, because we can’t really do anything in one take. We mess up a lot…but hopefully some of you find that funny :D



  2. Is that song that Simon and Martina always have playing as like background music by Mr.Scruff?

  3. why do you love ranch soo much Simon?

  4. I just made kimbap for the first time a couple days ago, and this video was SUPER helpful!! Thank you!
    Now I have TONS of leftover 단무지 and I don’t know what to do with it. …Guess I’ll have to make more kimbap!

  5. god.I absolutely wanna make this. ughhhhhhhh craving for one

  6. wow this made me really hungry, awesome technique martina!
    to the only asian food market in my city! dananananana!!!

  7. 1-2 cups sour cream1-2 cups real mayo (not Miracle Whip)1/2 -1 cup milk (depending on how thick you want it)1/2 tsp garlic powder1/2 tsp onion powder or freshly chopped green onions1/2 tsp salt1/2 tsp pepper1 tsp parsley flakes, dried or fresh1/2 tsp dill, dried or fresh
    If you have those ingredients in Korea, Simon need never go without.

  8. Simon i love your shirt!! where did you get it?

  9. simon, I want your shirt! where did you get it?

  10. mayo’s actually not necessary lol

  11. Martina i love your makeup and hair style!  Your working the look girl love it!  :)  Simone you aighhhtt  hehehe

  12. is this video right after you showed us how to curl hair with a t-shirt?

  13. i don’t remember cheese and mayonnaise in my traditional kimbop (not traditional)  You could also lightly fried the rice with something, my mother does it.  

  14. Oh my god. I actually really want to try Ranch gimbap. And now I will never forget which side goes down. Freakin’ SHINee. And oh my jesus you guys are the cutest.


  15. Call it Koredian Kimbap(Korean-Canadian),or Canaan Kimbap(Canadian-Korean).
    Anyway,isn’t Kimbap almost like Sushi?

  16. You guys are supposed to season the rice with salt, a little bit of vinegar and sesame seeds before you use it

  17. is there something i can roll these with besides seaweed? unfortunately i’m fairly allergic to it :(


    • If you have a pot with a tight fitting lid, put your rice and water in the pot, covered, bring to a boil, turn down the heat, and simmer 15-20 minutes (You probably want to test the times, I haven’t made my rice in a pot for over 10 years.)

  19. why don’t you try spinach and ham? actually traditional style kimbab includes ham, spinach or cucumber also. trust me, it will be more tasty :D

  20. YUM! I love kimbap. It’s been a while since we’ve made it homemade… not since I was a kid. Now I want to make some on my own! :3

  21. It tastes better to use seasoned and roasted “김”. You can buy already seasoned and roasted from market. Also season rice with a little rice wine, sugar and salt. You can also buy ready made sushi-rice seasoning liquid from market. There is an art of making sushi rice, especially in Japan but also in Korea, which you can check out on internet.

  22. nude kimbap has seaweed too.
    Nude kimbab is shift seaweed and rice location.
    (I do not know I write correctly. I believe that you understand.)

  23. WANK suggestion: Spring time college festival.   I heard it’s awesome.


  25. You have the cuckoo rice cooker! I know random, but I watched a commerical with this guy on it..and he was cute…and good looking….anyways, thanks for this video! I wanna try this. 

  26. I’M SO GONNA MAKE THIS!!!!!!!! Yaya!!!! ^.^

  27. Is there new lighting being fixed up behind the camera? The kitchen looks really bright!

  28. Is that Simon’s awesome combination stepstool and water-gun-refilling bucket on the floor?  I cannot believe that Martina allows its continued existence after its role in her EPIC defeat to the Dothraki Water Warrior.

  29. Martina! your SHINee bit was just too cute!! :)

  30. I don’t know why, but your cooking videos are calming… mmm… 

  31. Nice… you make really good “futomaki” sushi. Now I’m going to make some. Btw I’m using the sushi making gadget called “sushezi.” Type in “sushezi” if you don’t know what it is.

  32. You guys have never had anything else made from Burdock before? Not even the totally divinely delish Dandelion and Burdock drink??? (B&D) Its a UK thing… if you’ve never had it Ill have to post you a can… yummmmmmm ^_____^

  33. Which type of rice should you use, short-grain ( sticky) or long-grain?  Also is brown rice ever used?

    •  if it’s not sticky rice then it will not stick, period. Short grain rice are a must and sticky short grain rice is a staple rice in Korea

  34. I hope u wash ur rice, i like ur vids theyre cool keep it up 

  35. Hey, Martin and Simona, Have you seen an EpicMealTime video before?
    You should make a homage for them.

  36. in China, they love mayo just as much as Koreans do (or even more). It is on everything and more sweet than American mayo. I actually don’t like it, but I have gotten so used to it here that I don’t really mind anymore.
    PS: we went to a Korean restaurant last night and my friend was like “oh, sushi!” and I was like “no, that’s kimbap…” at which point she said “isn’t it the same?”. I had to patiently explain that, no they are not the same thing.

  37. Best part of the video – Martina’s Kimbap Song! 

    This is really toasty and make my finger burn a little but
    that’s okay coz I worked in a pottery studio. So my fingers are like oven
    mittens … *something something* … located in Etobicoke for pottery fun.
    Pretty sure I still remember the phone number 416-233 don’t remember the rest …
    *something something* … ^^ 

  38. Looks delicious!! I just realised a couple of weeks ago, my friend gave me this. I had no idea what it was, but it was so good. Thanks for showing us all! The one I had was ham and cheese. I usually don’t like ham but it was really yummy. 

    and I just wanted to add…
    I’ll watch you guys in what ever country you’re in and fully enjoy it. It’s kind of like that cliche term, home is were the heart is. No matter were you guys are, you’re so enjoyable to watch because it doesn’t matter where your location is, it’s where your happiness is! :D (Cheesy things are awesome).

  39. my puppy reacting to Simon talking in spudgys voice lol to cute

  40. Love the FAPFAPs! This looks delicious. Thanks!

  41. Can I just say I love the phrase, “Juliette side down!” :) And I totally know that radish scene, Martina! Worst. Elevator. Ride. EVUR. 

  42. You totally forgot to wash the rice… -.- 

  43. Martina you look great! What happened to that other channel you guys made recently with martina’s makeup vids? You should totally do one about this look!

  44. I like your jumping kitty shirt, but can it beat my space kitty shirt lol ?

  45. WOW, it’s weird looking foreigners making gimbap lol
    Hey! how could you forget to put some ham in it??????
    Ham is too the basic ingrediant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously

  46. I made some kimbab a few days ago for a picnic. I mixed some sesame oil and seeds in the rice before spreading it.
    I did not have any pickled radish so to add some tangy flavor I added kiwi instead. Haha not the most traditional way I guess. I also added some avocados, just because I love them.

  47. I enjoy Spudgy mooching in the background, my dog does the same thing whenever someone is in the kitchen.

  48. When I learned to make kim bap I was taught to flavor the rice with a little sesame oil and even a dash of soy – it makes the rice have a little flavor too.  I like the addition of the perilla leaves, they taste so good.

  49. I love how Simon put ranch instead of mayo xD I do that for my sandwiches. Ranch is the best!

    • I will vote this comment up because it’s awesome.

    • sorry 4 interrupting but what is the different between ranch and normal mayo?
      it seems to disturb me a bit

      • Ranch and mayo are completely different. Ranch is normally for salads but I (and Simon :P) use it for other things because it’s delicious.

        From wikipedia:

        Mayonnaise – It is a stable emulsion of oil, egg yolk and either vinegar or lemon juice,[2] with many options for embellishment with other herbs and spices.

        Ranch dressing – is a condiment made of some combination of buttermilk, mayonnaise, salt, garlic, onion, herbs (commonly chives, parsley, and dill), and spices (commonly black pepper, paprika, and ground mustard seed), mixed into a sauce.

        So ranch has mayo in it, but it’s a lot more than just mayo and tastes completely different. Also, some ranch (usually homemade ranch) uses yogurt instead of mayo to reduce fat, so mayo isn’t a necessary ingredient.

  50. HeheheheHohohohh hahahahahaha hoo hoo *tear* this has to be one of my favourite episodes :’)

  51. It would have been really great to see the reaction of your coffee house victims *AHEM* I mean, friends when you introduced them to the “special Canadian sauce~u”.

  52. If you wanna try cooking simple Asian meals again, check out Cooking With The Dog, which have easy and delicious Japanese recipes. I’ve made nothing but their dishes for the last week or so, and it came out really well even for a domestic failure like me :p


  53. I haven’t seen/eaten kimbap with perilla leaves. I’ve only seen these leaves as a side dish which I’m not a fan of but my sister likes every now and then. I’m actually surprised that I’ve also never had kimbap with cheese, having lived on an Army base where cheese and ketchup were seen on many Korean dishes. I have a hard time imagining what that’d taste like. xD;;
    Most of the kimbap I’ve had included egg, pickled radish, spinach (in both countries), crab, carrot, and fish cake – no condiments aside from sesame oil.

  54. If you’re in Asia, you may probably want to wash your rice before cooking it.  American rice, e.g. Uncle Ben’s, don’t need to be washed beforehand.  

  55. Martina is so cuute~ 
    Looks yummy~ Might make it… some day.

  56. I like how this video is “GREEN-ER” than the seaweed that you used. Lol

  57. I’ve noticed that I’m starting to adopt part of Martina’s mannerisms… As a guy, is that bad?

  58. oh noooo, using brush to spread the oil? u missed such an experience of rubbing kimbap in oil with ur hands XDDD I tell u, Junsu rubbing bananas cannot compare :D

  59. I have a filling suggestion for you!

    I was in Japan during the world cup and this pub near where I lived was making the most amazing sushi ever. Wait for it… TACO SUSHI! it was basically ground beef and cheese, lettuce, ect all rolled up in rice. So good! I’ve been meaning to try making it myself but… I guess I’ve been lazy. You ought to try this with your kimbap sometime :)

  60. Mayo/cheese does not appear in traditional kimbap :P
    I even asked my mom and she says that you guys are making modern fusion kimbap.
    The basic ingredients inside should be the crab, radish, egg, seasoned spinach, and sometimes odeng. I love that you’re telling people about Korean food, but please make sure you aren’t misinforming anyone! :)

    • Whatever, everyone’s family is different. What I know of as traditional ingredients includes Spam instead of crab. So… yeah. There’s no right or wrong way, they aren’t misinforming anyone.

    •  it’s actually ham for protein but you got the right idea… crab and odeng are not really all that traditional either.

  61. Haven’t completely watched the video yet, but I just noticed that you romanized crab as gae (개) haha! I really hope you didn’t put dog meat in your kimbap! XD Ah, it’s 00:30am here and now I’m so hungry from seeing such delicious food D:

  62. lol Martina’s kimbap looks pro, and Simon with the ranch hahaha…cool cat shirt ha.

  63. when i was little i thought that i was making up a brand new word for the name of my new kitten, but it just so happens that GRETA is a regular name…lols…but I made it from Henrietta….so :P!

  64. A fun video as always! The only thing I noticed was the fact that you did not wash the rice before cooking it.. ya know, just rinsing it at least two times. Maybe just Thai folk do it? I picked it up from my husband. I’m a white lady from the US and I never knew to wash it before cooking it. Anywho. Someone also mentioned that you did not add vinegar to the rice, but I assume that’s only done for sushi…maybe.
    Let us know how the folk at the coffee shop enjoyed your kimbap, please. =)

  65. I wanna be your kid…even though I’m 22. ^____^

  66. I am so happy to see you make kimbap. I always wanted to make it so I can take it for lunch (too expensive to eat out) but I never got round to it, now I am definitely going to my local Korean supermarket to buy my stuff. So lucky to have so many Koreans in my area.

  67. Love your makeup today, Martina! Like a soft, sweet version of Rosie the Riveter! (Because of the bandana.. )

  68. Oooooh is the rice not vinegared like sushi? *don’t hate me, I mean this in a not saying they are the same, but as in I do not like the vinegared rice*

    •  vinegar is only used to season raw sea-food dishes, hence why japanese sushis have tons of it. Korean food uses a lot of vegetables and thus sesame seed oil is used for the seasonings of most Korean food

  69. I have been waiting for home-cooking video for a looooong time~ Thank you for this video!

  70. Any other filling combinations that you’ve found are good?

  71. woot…you skipped seasoning rice with vinegar, sugar, and salt : P

    and mayo and cheese stuff are not traditional one…cuz it hardly could see those several decades ago : )

  72. mmmmmmmm this looks delicious!

    ps. How come you didn’t wash your rice before cooking it?

  73. does korean mayo have msg? i know that japanese mayo does and that gets so problematic :( omg bulgogi kimbap sounds amazing :Q__________

    • Problematic how? MSG is in almost any savory food you eat, and you’re not alergic to it. Its salt.

      • MSG… isn’t table salt. Salt is sodium chloride and good for you in moderation.

        MSG is technically a salt (if you’re defining salt as an ionic compound), but it’s not THE salt. There have been studies linking monosodium glutamate with certain unsavory health side effects.

        Of course, evidence is still kind of mixed about its safety. It flips back and forth. Awhile back (like, during my parents/grandparents time) it was actually regarded as super healthy and used in most asian cooking, but now general wisdom among the Asian families I’m around and my mom is that it’s not good for you. I hear people say a lot, “Homecooking is better than restaurant food. You don’t know how much MSG they put in there!”. It’s also why some restaurants have on their menu the disclaimer that their food is MSG free.

        Plenty of people still used it as a flavor enhancer though. Food without MSG certainly does taste less tasty when you are used to having MSG in your food, and the FDA says it’s safe when eaten at customary levels,

        So it’s up to you and your choices, really. But I totally get where Megan is coming from My family and I try to avoid eating it when we can, on the safe side. My mom doesn’t put even a grain in anymore, though my grandparents do.

        Hah. This is such an Asian thing to post about. xD I tried to explain it once to an American friend, and apparently, most American families don’t even know what it is, let alone use it (though it’s in some packaged food and stuff).

      • Some people are allergic to it, fyi. Glutamate affects the body, as does gluten.

  74. lol to Eurasia… funny how English majors/degrees don’t always mean one has a good grasp on English (totally me!)…

  75. Can you do one on how to make dukbokki please?

  76. ahahahaha martina at shinee reference! Nice awkward dance lol 

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