Ok, so here’s a bit of an out of place video: we’re packaging everything up for our Fundraiser Perk Packages, and one of them is a pack of Go-Stop cards. We mentioned in our top secret video for the Fundraiser Pack (which we sent a top secret URL for to those who bought the Care Package) that we might have a video on explaining how to play Go-Stop. So, we tried filming that video with Soo Zee, who played a lot of Go-Stop. We thought it’d be a way to explain the game. People could Google “How to Play Go-Stop” then find our video and learn everything there is about it.

Whoa were we ever wrong!

Sure, we are a bit more comfortable playing it now. It was our second time playing it, after having forgotten everything from playing it the first time, but I think we caught on kinda ok? We don’t have good strategies yet, but we know the basics. There are a few cards exposed. You match your cards up with those exposed. Collect a specific amount of different groups of cards to get points. The first to three points can tell everyone to either keep playing, or they can stop the game. That’s the basic rule. All of the stuff afterwards with how you pay the winner are beyond us. TOTALLY BEYOND US! But we played for candy rather than money. We’d never play for money. SCREW THAT! It’s still fun without the money part, though!

Anyhow, if you’re interested in getting more in-depth with the rules, rather than just floundering around the way we did, you can check them on Wikipedia. They’ll tell you about the different kinds of families to collect and whatnot. The ribbons and birds and gwang and pee. But at least you’ll know, from watching our video, to yell JO KWON at inappropriate times :D

  1. It’s a really complicated game :( I’m crying D:

  2. Heyy!! i have this game on my ds!!! I just bs playing it and would win by luck. But now I know!!
    Now Im going to play it again and know (some) things!!!

  3. I was thinking of Summer Wars too! I really like that movie!

  4. Go-Stop makes so much fun, once you got the rules! The highst point i ever got was 13 =))
    Are you going to show 공기 as well? (Iam really really bad at it…)

  5. It looks like euchre and sheepshead. Only not.

  6. i love go stop. though i know nothing about korean language or the culture, i actually knew how to play go stop.

    i first got to learn go stop because i was a game tester and was supposed to test a gostop game. so i had to painstakingly learn all the rules. i fell in love with the game and even got a friend to buy me a deck when he went to korea on a trip. but the horrible truth is that i cant find anyone to play go stop with me here in singapore =(

  7. I’m so confused ! This game seems waaay too complicated for me !!
    But still a funny video. :)
    I hope you will do more videos in which Soo Zee or Leigh show up. :)

  8. Soo Zee so pretty! Can my care package have a polaroid of her with spudgy? :-D

  9. I remember watching my family play this (they’d play for money at times). They always used a green blanket as a table surface and would cast/slam the cards down so they’d make a snapping sound. Always did get a bit confused about the points. My grandma would also do a ‘Solitare’ version and depending how the cards were collected she’d do a fortune telling at the end. I remember some of how it go. Also, to remember the card “families” – each one represents a month with 4 weeks. I knew this more as Hwa-to, can’t recall Go-Stop.

  10. Soozee has an awesome spade ring! And then she was like “oh look you’re winning, such a shame you lost so hard! Oh look this card, this gives me everything and doubles it!”

  11. i have never heard of this game until today and that video did not help me understand the rules at all but it looks fun anyways.
    gonna see if there’s an iphone or android version of it xD

  12. Haha Simon, I love you! “Did you just swear?!” (says the man in the Chicago F*%@s hat)

  13. No. If you donated $150, you would receive the care package.

  14. i’ve seen that game played a few times before on some dramas!!!
    aaawww are you guys betting with sweets!!!
    *serious face* when i visit you guys i’m gonna arrive with a sack full of sweets and then hustle you guys, leaving with another sack full of candy!…….your fanmail candy!!! mwahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!! oooohhhh~ i’m so nastily evil!!!

  15. Seriously… This made my head hurt… are you sure SooZee didnt make this up as she went along??? BOOOOO! lol. Next time, Ill show you how to play GO FISH!!!Simon has on the hat!!!

  16. I was wondering about that too, I must have missed it!

  17. Another important rule you guys didn’t mention that if you match a card you put down, the flip a card of the same kind and there is no other same card, thats called Bok, and all 3 cards get put in a pile and you can’t claim it. If someone gets the pile then all the other players give that person 1 card.

  18. lol unnecessarily complicated game~ wish i had bought the care package ;n;

  19. Wait, you sent a URL? Where to? Did I miss it? :O

  20. My little 6 year old sister loves this game…Shes the gambling queen in Godori and Hanfuda >_>

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