Ok super generic title here, and – we realize – this isn’t necessarily true of what everyone does. One part of the video we cut out was when Martina asked her students – back when she was teaching – what they did on their free time, a lot of them would just say “sleep” or “watch dramas.” It’s not like, the moment a holiday or weekend starts, everyone packs into the parks. Though, it’s so crowded that it feels that way.

You know, that’s one thing that still surprises us about Korea: how crowded it can get. A few weeks ago, the first Saturday in which the temperature broke 20 degrees, the two of us decided to go to Samchungdong for a date-day. Turns out that EVERY OTHER COUPLE IN KOREA DID THE SAME THING. Though, I’m sure this isn’t true. Tons of people stayed home or did something different. It didn’t feel that way to us, though, because there were so many couples walking around, holding hands, that it felt like the crowds that leave concert halls after the show’s over. It’s overwhelming. Then again, when we go back to Toronto, we look around and ask ourselves where did all the people go. Feels like a ghost-town to us now, though I’m sure that it’s not. In comparison to Korea’s really high population density, it feels that way.

Another thing we didn’t really talk about in this video: I think the urban sprawl that we’re used to in North America really prevents people from doing a lot on their weekends. Where we grew up, you couldn’t really walk anywhere. You have to drive, since everything’s so spread out. In Korea, though, we can easily walk to a park, a movie theatre, a few coffee shops, a bunch of restaurants, a hospital, and a shopping mall, all within 20 minutes of walking. Things are so condensed here, which makes it easier for people to do things. While, if you’ve gotta drive for an hour to get somewhere, you might not be as motivated. No? Thoughts?

Back to free time in Korea: there is something else that we forgot to mention: Pensions! Though, our experience of pensions is really limited, since we’ve only been a couple of times A LONG TIME AGO, we do know about them:

Pensions, from our experiences, are kind of like cottages that you rent for the weekend. They’re far away from the city. They’re not really like those log-cabins by the lake and whatnot. The pensions we went to were old schools that aren’t schools anymore. Hell, you know, I just thought of something brilliant: the Eatyourkimchi crew should all go to a Pension and make a movie out of it. That’d be awesome! Though, one thing I do remember about pensions that sucks: sleeping on the floor. You have a mat on which to sleep on the ground, but those aren’t comfortable for us, aka, first world problems. Ok: just emailed Soo Zee about this. Gonna get something planned for one of these weekends. We should also go to Busan. Hell. Lots of things we should do.

Ok I realize the point of the last paragraph was to talk about pensions, but we didn’t talk about them. We just remembered them vaguely from a couple of years ago, so now we decided to go to one. We’ll be able to tell you a lot more about them once our video on them is done. YAY! We’re super stoked for this. Or it could be the 3AM crazies kicking in now, in which we think every idea is a great idea, and maybe this is a lot lamer than I’m making it out to be.

IF there’s anything we missed out on in this post and video, let us know. I’m sure we’re missing a bunch, and as soon as someone suggests it, we’ll be like “OH HELL HOW DID WE FORGET?!” It’s really the public park tent culture that surprises us the most. So many tents! Are you used to seeing that where you’re from?

  1. not sure if u covered this issue. i wanted to know about plastic surgery in south Korea.

  2. Martina’s constant blinking kind of distracted me a bit hahah XD I wonder if her eyelashes were giving her problems~

  3. Cassie

    oh, the tents. So many tents. Everywhere. Tents are expensive though! the only one you can get for $30 dollars is that iron man one from homeplus which my Husband and I were totally…not….contemplating buying.

  4. Sry! this is and add-on to my other comment/question, i have two examples for the teeth smile thing, the Actor Yoo Seung ho has the described teeth and Lee Gikwang from Beast/Batoost/B2ST.

  5. Hi simon and Martina ^0^ I have a kinda weird question but im gonna still ask it anyway, um…. do you know how korean celebrities get their teeth so amazing!? the teeth are about the same size and are very white, and the bottoms are even and when they smile it looks so cute! but when some smile they only show their top teeth. it looks so adorable! also do they “file” their teeth to make it even?

  6. Dear Simon and Martina you guys have talked about all sorts of food in Korea. I was wondering if you have encountered lots of food that doesn’t match description on the menu. For example you order a ham and cheese toast but actually get a loaded sandwich with meat, egg, tomato, lettuce, pickles and ketchup (not that I mind but if I have food allergies this would be an actual problem). I am currently visiting Seoul and I was wondering is this normal?

  7. Hello, I’m Caitlin and lately I have noticed that some people (mainly teens) in my area have been suffering from self harm and eating disorders and I was wondering if there are any people like that in South Korea. Is is normal to hear about things like this in Korea? How do people deal with it? And have you experienced any sort of situation with a friend or student (not pointing any fingers) in your life? Thanks

  8. Seeing your videos on T-ara and Kpop Fans, I wonder if you heard about the hype on Exo’s three wins. Apparently, Naver has released the news on Exo’s third win on Inkigayo and the article has raised around 11685 messages of hate on NITZEN. Many of the comments are about the flawed voting system and that SM bought the trophy or how EXO won by their young but large fandom and that they didn’t win because good music but by good promotion etc:

    As an exotic, I don’t find their reasons legit but then I am biased (You don’t really have to read the comments):
    “Well I was coming from a non fan perspective so I would emphasise the skeptical point of view. If EXO’s music is good than they will gain fans, their are people who do feel put off stanning the group but may still like a couple of their songs, I may also add that fame is probably the wrong way to describe EXO (obviously people know them, they have some level of fame) but
    fame in this circumstance I feel should have particular connotations. Wonder Girls, Busker Busker, Lee Hi, PSY, SNSD, BigBang are famous (and some also have large fandoms) but their regarded as famous because they have performed a feat that is memorable or exceptional in the minds of many even outside of those aware of happenings in the music scene. In many ways that’s considered acceptable and justified fame.
    What EXO has is a large, zealous, niche fandom that is pushing something to be more than what it is (yet) and from how people have described it as a form of ‘mediaplay’ sort of shows that their resorting to infamy to get fame which is also resentful. Every fandom of a particular group wants their band to get famous, you can’t really villianise what the EXO fans are doing in that regard but I think what upsets people is the fact that because their fandom is so large they can compensate in areas were normally it relies on the performers to make up the difference and the fan’s contribution gives them the final push. Its the illusion that EXO could have zero in other criteria but because of fans efforts alone they’ll still win. Leading back to the the large company thing, EXO would not have the fandom is they didn’t have the ingenious push from SM, therefore they are in this position by vice and virtue of their company rather than their talent alone. People resent that they feel this group is being ‘forced’ on them or taking away from more ‘deserving’ performers. They are gaining fame but they are not making something that those before them had to produce to get the same amount of fame…EXO’s main folly is being the ultimate example of why the system is flawed, and how business/company power can override musical integrity. It links with the increased push towards indie groups, people are resisting the monopoly they feel SM is gaining, hence why not all the top comments ‘blame’ the fans along but talk of the whole music system going down the pan.”

    I prefer this comment below:
    “But then you understand that people is judging EXO based on their assumptions right? Based more on an idea than mere fact. I mean, as you mentioned, you can’t really say they are famous the way SNSD, Lee Hi, Big Bang and PSY are, but people instantly think the recognition they get is undeserved, when there is barely any recognition at all, even less positive. How does that add up? Sure the hype was pretty big, but many people didn’t care. Many more than expected, and that same people claim EXO got fame they didn’t deserve,fame that never existed in the first place because right out off the bat they were infamous for “being too famous”. This niche of a fandom you mention is all they have, and people claim they have much more, but they DON’T. Then they claim the industry is dying because of some fans. EXO ends up being a victim of people’s coming up with their own ideas and concluding them with something that didn’t even happen in the first place.A music show is not going to change people’s minds. They aren’t going to like EXO because they won, and they can comfortably still like whatever they want to like, awards or no awards. Talent will shine through, winning or no winning. So as you say, people complaining are doing it out of resentment, not out of genuine worry about “artistic integrity”. The only reason they connect that to the awards show is because they want their artists to win, and that’s pretty much it. This ended up being about the fans and the non-fans, and stopped being about EXO. That’s not “going to the root of the problem, hence why many people mentioned the corrupted system/artistic inegrity”, that’s looking up for ways to complain because your artist didn’t win, even though they are not going to stop releasing music, they won’t stop having many other successes and people that love them and there is always going to be room for proper and honest ranking systems. And when their artists win there always will be people that won’t like it, and it’s the same story.

    Frankly there is much derision, and people is harsh and questions “Who the fuck are these people?” and you bet they are going to look for them. As you see in many of the comments, there was plenty of people complaining because how come some faceless dudes won? It wasn’t even about the quality of the song, but the recognition. And you bet some of them
    will be curious, and some of them will look them up.The problem with Wolf, and both their title tracks really, is that they are not pop songs in the strict sense. Firstly because one was a strange mix of electronic, gregorian, screamo thingies, hardly a radio song, and the second was a strange mix of dubstep and hip hop, hardly a radio song too. Like you said, there is
    always going to be a standard mold for “popular” music, and EXO went ways to be really far from it, and the truth is, their songs weren’t good enough to break from that mold and appeal to people as “pop” music,and then, because they won, people is going to be even harsher about it.”

    Thus my TDLR for the week is: Throught this EXO situation, what are your thoughts on the ranking system, on the people opinions, on the current music industry and quite bluntly, did EXO really deserve this win.

  9. Hi Simon / Martina / Dr M / The Spudge,

    A while ago you did a video about how to teach in Korea, and now I’m scared of Hagwons. BUT what what do you do if you want to teach in a public school? How did you get involved? Are there any recruitment agencies that are better than others, or should I just contact the schools directly?

    I’m studying for an education degree at the moment. In September I’m going to Daegu to do a 6 month internship at one of the universities, but I’m already looking into coming back to teach once I graduate :)

  10. I asked my husband and he said Jimmy is a possible Korean name, but it could also be thought of as slang… so your kid may be made fun of. But if you want a kid to take to Pororo land I will volunteer my adorable 16 month old. He would love it^^

  11. Gemma Deacon

    Where I live most things are within walking distance too. Apart from friends! My friends all live in different towns so organizing get-togethers is a pain >_<

  12. Ahahahaaha Sean Bean, Summer is coming omg hahahaha I’m dying (much like the majority of the characters -_-) but seriously that made my day

  13. i figured the tents were the Korean way of picnic-ing in the park while also not getting tanned and keeping cool since tanning not so popular… oh and to ward away insane bugs and such

  14. Hell yes, get to Busan! I’m sure you’ve already been here and know it, but this town rocks, especially in summer.

  15. Hi Martina and Simon! (I’m putting Martina’s name first to change things up!)

    I have a question for next week’s TL;DR:

    What do you guise think about non-Asians trying out for Korean agencies such as YG and JYP? In what way would you think it’d affect Korea to see non-Asians in Kpop groups and as idols, if it were to ever happen?

  16. Whattttttttttt how could you forget noraebang (노래방)??? Karaoke…so much singing in Korea…

  17. hmmm… There is at least one Jimi – Park Ji-min.
    What! is she, chopped liver?

  18. All i could see was Simon’s hairy chest. Good work on that, man. lol. Martina your skin looks fabulous.

  19. Cyber_3

    Based on watching the “Truth Is..” Australian tv show on kpop that you were featured in, I have two potential questions for a TL;DR:
    1 – How do you see the “Korean Wave”? Is it working? Is it worth it?
    2 – How do you feel about the conditions the kpop groups live under and is one of your goals (perhaps not an original goal) now to try to highlight the situation so that maybe the situation can improve for them?

    Either one would be awesome but……kinda political I guess. I hope that’s ok?

  20. Hi, Simon and Martina!
    I am a big fan of yours. And I wish to suggest a EYK camp through which Simon, Martina, and your fans together can spend 2 days 1 night with food and doing many things such as contest or camp fire, and ppl can sleep on pention. Of course, ppl in south Korea can attend, or someone who has plan to visit Korea during that event. But It’ll be fun. Thanks.

  21. I was wondering if there are any foods or products that you’ve found in both Korea and Canada that have been made differently in each country. Kind of like how the same brand of soda tastes different depending on the region it’s from because it’s meant to cater to the tastes of the people that live there.

  22. Hi! I am Korean and live in Korea, and yet many of the things you say about Korea (such as all those parks with people and tents and Hongdae, and other stuff) are those that I have never experienced before and are obviously only in big cities like Seoul. Have you ever been to smaller cities in Korea, and how different was it to Seoul?

  23. Martina, your look today is gorgeous! Love the lipstick color a whole lot!



  25. @simonandmartina:disqus Possible TL;DR question? I came across this post http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/78521202.html from coming across this post: http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2013/06/can-non-asian-foreigner-succeed-in-k.html and I thought the whole topic of “racism” within k-pop (in the first link) was interesting…You may need to read both posts before answering, but what do you think about non-Asians becoming k-pop idols? Obviously Busker Busker is successful but in general the k-pop scene still is dominantly Asian, despite having large international fanbases and oversea auditions. Just thought it’d be an interesting thing to talk about!

  26. Hey @SimonandMartina Possible TL;DR question? I came across this post http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/78521202.html from coming across this post: http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2013/06/can-non-asian-foreigner-succeed-in-k.html and I thought the whole topic of “racism” within k-pop (in the first link) was interesting…You may need to read both posts before answering, but what do you think about non-Asians becoming k-pop idols? Obviously Busker Busker is successful but in general the k-pop scene still is dominantly Asian, despite having large international fanbases and oversea auditions. Just thought it’d be an interesting thing to talk about!

  27. OMG and EYK Crew MT video would be awesome! We could see you guys playing Korean games with punishments and to choose who cooks or washes the dishes :D

  28. When I was at Yonsei, having to ride the subway to Gangnam was a pain because it took 45 minutes. LOL So my friends and I always headed to Hongdae instead, which was less than 5 minutes by taxi and less than 15 minutes by subway. Plus, it was cheaper. There’s also jjimjilbang and noraebang. Both are pretty affordable, and they’re everywhere, too. Shopping is easy as there’s street stands everywhere… especially if you need socks… As for pensions, I’d really like to what it’s like going to an MT with Simon and Martina. LOL

  29. What abt the public bath/sauna? Do the ppl still like to go there or is it an old-fashioned one?


  31. ” You have to drive, since everything’s so spread out. In Korea, though,
    we can easily walk to a park, a movie theatre, a few coffee shops, a
    bunch of restaurants, a hospital, and a shopping mall, all within 20
    minutes of walking.”

    This is one of the main things that appeals to me about Korea. I hate that I dread having to go anywhere here due to driving. It’s 20-30 minutes by car just to get to my university! I never want to do anything extra at school due to that drive time. If I want to go see some cool movie or do some event somewhere like gamestop, I rarely ever go because of how long it takes to drive, wasting gas, and since I share the car with another person I can’t do anything while she’s at work. The only place that’s feasible to walk to is a freakin 7-11, and I’m even kind of afraid to do that due to the crazy college drivers (I live on same street as another college, not mine) and the dangerous people who have done things like raped people who were just walking down the same street I live on.

  32. Funny that there’s a tent culture in Korea. My Chinese grandparents view camping as backwards. “We work so hard to give you a good life. Why would you want to sleep on the ground?”

  33. with so many people in one area, how would the delivery guy know which person ordered it?

  34. I live in Kansas and oh man you definetly need to drive to go anywhere! We don’t have such a dense population as Korea or even other cities in the U.S. If my family wants to go to a mall that actually has good stores we drive out to Wichita which is 3 hrs away!!! A decent amusement park is 5 hrs away! Yes we have driven 5 hrs to go to an amusement park! And when driving you can go a long time without passing any cities. The ones you do pass are just tiny little towns that you wonder why people live there. Sometimes I’m jealous of bigger cities that have everything a few minutes away but then again I don’t love crowded places, so little towns have their benefits! Like cleaner air! And big backyards! :)

  35. Martina, can I just say you look GORGEOUS (as you always do :] )! I just love the make up you did in this video ^^
    With the earrings, hair, and outfit, perfection!

  36. What about swimming pools in korea? Do a lot of people swim, are there a lot of pools? This may seem stupid but, because people want to stay pale and don’t show much back skin do girls wear a t-shirt over their swim suits or just go in a one-piece?

  37. speaking of parks!! I randomly decided to watch your Day in the Life in Korea video and from around 2:20 -ish to 3:14 we can see some examples of people hanging out at the park! :D you guys should check that vid out!

    *cries* i love that video so much by the way! I hope that if you do ever get the time, you might make an updated day in the life in Korea vid :3 those are always my fave kinds of vlogs~

  38. Oh Simon – Flin Flon isn’t in the middle of nowhere…it’s actually in Manitoba.

  39. You guys have mentioned your creepy room that is off the kitchen in your studio, why is it creepy? What happened in there? You said you would tell us one day, it should be that day :)

  40. Is the Birthday song still copyrighted?

  41. In the spirit of Simon’s tent puns. Winter is the best time to buy a tent. Because:

    Now is the winter of our discount tent.

    Something for the Shakespeare fans.

  42. DO IT! Go to a pension and film there. It’ll be an adventure! (I almost got excited like it was me who’s going…)
    That flute is awesome!
    And Simon, you should trust ZE:A Five

  43. KATHyphenTUN

    Hahaha that Jimmy thing made me laugh! My boyfriends parents almost gave him Jimmy as his “english” name, but they decided against it because it was too popular as an english name in asia!

  44. Martina you look so rockin’!!! Your make-up, hair and outfit are awesome!!!!!

  45. Jordan

    Aww that was such a cute birthday message! Simon’s got some made flute skills!

  46. I think if you have a kid you should name them 침미 :)

  47. .. i really want to go on one of those tent dates, although we’ll be surrounded by young families.. I lurrvv children so Best Date Evarr~

  48. Summer is coming hahaha

    A pension and a trip to Busan would be awesome!! :D

  49. thisisjustforfunval

    You should get the Iron Man tent! Then go to the park, set up your tent (because pitching it in public would be wrong), order up some fried chicken, Onew will find his way there automatically, and then Simon and Onew can spend the day getting wasted on chicken. Martin hopefully Taemin will tag along and you and he can dance while those other two indulge in their shared chicken love. Man now I want chicken!

  50. I think you guys should go to G-Dragon’s father’s pension, wherever it is and tell us about it.

  51. Can you guys go camping for a WANK??? :D cuz that would be cool.

  52. aww the shoutout was so cute what a nice friendship

  53. thisisjustforfunval

    I’m envious, I really wish I lived in an area that had more things…heck anything with walking distance. Then again it is 104º degrees (that’s 40º in celsius I believe) outside right now and I don’t even want to walk the three minutes from my office doors to my car. In the winter though, things within walking distance would be wonderful to have.

  54. 텔레비전 마셔요 haha

  55. Love the makeup, Martina. Work that red lipstick! The cherry earrings are cute too. ^^

  56. Haha, the malls! I’m so used to two-story and one-story malls, and so when my grandparents brought me to a Korean mall I was like , “Why… are there… so many… floors…”

  57. When you guys say the middle of nowhere flin flon, do you actually mean flin flon (I live there) Manitoba or are you making up a place haha because you said in another video too and it always made me wonder

  58. What sports are popular in Korea? Do they have any unique sports? Also are there sports typically common in north America that don’t seem to be around in Korea? ex skateboarding or Frisbee golf.

    • Professional Starcraft. Soccer.

    • I don’t think skateboarding is big in Korea at all. Seoul, for example, is very hilly. I’d see more people biking along the Han River more as there are bike rentals readily available around the Han River. As for sports, there was this one study that highlighted each country’s hobby once, and for Korea, their supposed number one hobby was to go hiking, and if you ever go to Korea, you’d totally believe it. Not only are there many mountains to hike in Korea, let alone Seoul alone, but you’d find ahjummas and ahjusshis as fit as trained agents going up and down hiking trails like it’s nothing! It’s not uncommon to find ahjummas and ahjusshis in full hiking gear!!! That’s why I think it’s cheap to buy hiking shoes anywhere in Korea!

  59. Hi you lovely people! So I’m planning my 25+5 birthday adventure [I can't bare to say the real number yet] for next year, and it has always been a dream to go to South Korea and explore. Is there a better time of year to travel to Seoul or one that I should avoid all together and why? I’m super excited to take the adventure and I want to make the best of it, so any advice would be totes fab and helpful!

    • Hi, Cassandra! that’s a nice plan!! well, I think summer is definitely good time to visit, it’s prettier and vibrant during summer and you can see lots of restaurants spread their tables even on the streets(that’s kind of common here at night, and many people loving eating outside) and it’s good to enjoy it during summer and sun never goes down til 7,8 o’clock so you can have free time longer. you know, in winter usually 5,6 o’clock, it’s already dark so it’s not good for traveler I think. I guess you’d better avoid winter, it’s really cold and the city seems pretty grey to me.

      and if you come to seoul, I hope you to go Han River in afternoon(around 7?), spend some time there. it;s beautiful to see sunset and the night view is great! and I recommend you to go Hongdae to drink or visit cute cafes and Hanok village to see traditional houses!! I hope this helps!! and wish you to have good time in Korea!! Bye :))

      • Thanks so much for your helpful tips. My birthday is in September so I’m thinking of making it a Fall trip, but maybe I’ll travel during the summer prior. Thanks for all of the hints on the places to see. Maybe I should just have you plan my trip.

  60. Katie

    Now I want to go tent camping in a park and have food delivered to me. That sounds like so much fun!

    Even though it was a total coincidence, June 12 (aka the day this video was uploaded) happens to be my birthday, so the shout-out at the end made my day a little better! Thanks Simon & Martina!

  61. Was that Barbra Streisand at the end of the vid?

  62. WHAT ARE THESE PERK PACKAGE I KEEP HEARING ABOUT???? DX I only know about the ones on Indiegogo where you could get Polaroids or Music (I got the music). But now there were Make-up ones, and other stuffs. I’m sad now. Sad face!!! :-(

    • It was all on the same fundraiser, you could have gotten a beauty care package or a shout out if you could afford it ^^ I got the CD too, I love Aegyozilla’s solo.

  63. I was wondering why I hadn’t seen any of these shout outs yet!

    Martina, did Hyori’s make-up inspire you that much? ^^

  64. IT’s a multi-level coffee shop that is filled with people coupling together..hmm…I thought that that sort of thing was NOT accepted in Korea. (Mark that one up as; things that make you go ‘hmmm’ (there is a earworm for ya!))

  65. Hi, Simon and Martina! I’m currently watching a lot of k-dramas lately and I wanted to ask Martina, since Simon doesn’t watch them that much, how popular are they in Korea? Since you said that k-pop wasn’t that popular in Korea, I’ve been wondering about this. Give some tummy touches to Spudgy on my behalf and some treats to Meems. Thanks =)

    • Pretty sure k-pop is popular music in korea, just that some groups that are popular internationally aren’t that popular in korea, personally I’d compare k-dramas to spanish telenovelas or north american shows like pretty little liars/glee/soap operas or whatever, not everyone watches them, but alot of people do.

      • Though I have several Korean friends who aren’t at all into to kpop, I don’t know any Korean person (at any age) who doesn’t watch k-dramas kkkk. Just like I’ve never met anyone, man or woman, who doesn’t like Hyun Bin! He’s so popular <3

  66. I have a question about not wearing shoes outside. Here in the Pacific Northwest you can see many people from young to old take off their shoes and just walk around. Usually this happens at parks, events, fairs, ect. Many Korean dramas portray being shoeless as shocking (for a lack of a better word). Is going barefoot in public a taboo in Korea or is it just a TV/Movie industry? Thanks!

    • i think its a dirt association thing, like its gross in most east asian cultures(and many other parts of the world as iv seen people commenting on a previous s n m video mentioning it) to wear shoes indoors because youre basically tracking whatever youve stepped on outside all over the house, so whatever scenes of ‘ew why are you barefoot outside’ is the reverse of that as in, its so dirty outside, why would you put your feet on that surface? and then thats the feet thats going in the house later as well, so on and so forth, but of course, there are places and people who dont care, like me if im at a park im definitely taking my shoes off and toesqueezing some grass, IF the grass looks clean
      which dramas exactly do you mean by the way, i literally cant think of any even though you say many haha

    • Woo~ The GREAT Northwest! Nothing like the feel of cool, soft grass on your feet.

    • In Korea, I was always embarrassed if I ever wore anything but proper shoes in public. For example, I would have never been caught dead to be just wearing flip flops in Korea. I think besides what @pepperandice:disqus has said about dirt, which I also agree with, it’s also because Korea’s really brand-conscious and aware of their appearance. Koreans dress well, and they really like to wear brand name clothing, so to be barefoot or wearing flip flops is just really… ugh. The closest you’d find Koreans to be wearing something “home”-ly on their feet in public are those three stripe shoes that almost every Korean owns. It’s the ones that look like adidas slippers.

  67. Hey Simon and Martina!

    So since it’s getting to be summer now I was wondering what you do to stay cool besides going to cafes… even tho they are cute ;3 Are there any places you can go to swim? I know you are far from the water but are there inside pools? What are some places to stay cool outside?

    Thank you! Kathleen from New York

  68. Where are the top 5 places a person visiting Korea just HAS to go? Restaurant, store, garden, whatever. Also, here’s a picture of my doggie!

  69. shopping mall wank i want! i want i say !,, kidding.. but seriously.
    that pororoland reminded me off running man’s old episodes where they were doing hide and seek in the malls, and there was a pororoland :D
    and martina, you look amazing like always

  70. Aah tent culture, or what we’d call camping here in Australia. Every long weekend or even if the public holiday is on a Thursday/Tuesday, people (mostly Caucasian) will take time off, cram their kids into a car, shove their camping equipment into their trailer, on top of the car, or attach a caravan on the end and drive off to the national parks or near the secluded beaches and camp. Just beware the dingos, mosquitos, and if you’re really unlucky, the weather.

  71. You should definitely do a video about Busan. I only got to spend one day last time I visited Korea and I wish I had more time to explore.

  72. D: ARE YOU GUYS NOT GONNA GIVE AWAY THAT BLOCK B ALBUM ( Even if i missed it xD ) ? :( I WANT IT D: I SERIOUSLY WANT TO GRAB IT AND HUG IT I WANT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:

  73. I heard that many younger Korean females dream of wanting to own a coffee shop…at least that is what I got when I was talking to people in Seoul (in coffee shops hehe)

  74. It would be funny of you would really get that Ironman tent xD
    Simon’s feet would be probably sticking out,like Zelo’s in Killing Camp xD

  75. make a video showing us the vertical mall thingie ? :P

  76. I was looking at Simon’s chest hair…its so distracting…all i could think about was Kevin >.< BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  77. LongClawTiger

    GET THE IRON MAN TENT!!!! Even if it is so tiny that your feet are sticking way out, that is just too cool to pass on! We only have dull mono-colored options around here. Don’t waste this chance. It’s frickin IRON MAN!

  78. you forgot the bloopers D:

  79. How many coffee shops are there exactly in Korea? o.O Also, I’m not sure if our ideas of “a lot” of coffee shops match, since here in Vancouver we say that if we throw a rock it will hit three Starbucks XD I heard Tim’s is more popular in Toronto and Starbucks in Vancouver :) Also, Martina said “P Shi Bang” hehe more Koreanification! (Yes, I made that word up…)

  80. Charmz

    Hahahaha drink some food and eat some drinks XD

  81. Do you guys ever feel like people in Korea usually don’t hang out in their houses? Sometimes I don’t want to leave the house just to spend money but in Korea they always feel the need to go out and do stuff. Additionally, if you want to go like hiking somewhere in North America not only is it an activity but also a chance to get away from people but in Korea a lot of times you end up hiking in a line with hundreds of other people. haha. Thoughts? Opinions?

  82. Hi guise! You have mentioned that the music that is popular in Korea is quite different from what the international audience likes or what you review for KPop Music Mondays. What music is popular in Korea, and what bands aren’t listened to as much in Korea as outside of Korea? :)

  83. Hi Simon and Martina!
    I have a bit more free time in …. 2 weeks, and I was thinking I would spend my monies on sending you a package. Is there any British food that you would like? Anything you particularly wan to try? Thanks :)

  84. Martina does have a matching problem…

  85. I’m Hmong and in my culture, we do that fairly regularly. Especially if it’s a huge Hmong gathering say for the Fourth of July tournament at Como Park in St. Paul, Minnesota. Lots of families will bring out their tents, ‘lay’ or straw mats, blankets, you name it, to this tournament and hang out for a few hours or more and just chill. It’s pretty cool. Best part is that there are vendors that sells anything from food to clothes and there’s a zoo nearby that you can go visit!

  86. Hi Simon and Martina! I know this will be lost in the comments but I just want to say thank you! You’ve both inspired me so much. Please keep up the good work~ P.S. Martina, you’re so pretty~ I want to be pretty like you! What’s your secret? ;)

  87. a) That shout-out was pretty epic

    b) I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who says ‘eat drinks’ instead of ‘drink drinks’. I try not to, but… it’s difficult to get it right when I’m talking.

    c) Martina, liking the cherry look with a kind of vintage twist to it ^_^

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    For a second I thought Martina dyed the tips of her hair red!!

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    wow…tents at the park?? weirdly cool!!!
    aaww Pororo Land!! that might be the one Running Man went to!!! (unless of course there’s more than one Pororo Land!!)

    aaaww that shoutout!!!

  90. Dear Simon and Martina =3 , I am really curious about the Anime culture in korea, is it as huge as in Japan ? Do you often see people reading manga in the subway ? Are there any otaku’s events ? XOXO

  91. I tried to watch this but my kittens got in the way http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s5gKt_sRRY&feature=youtu.be


  93. Can you guys tell us more about MT’s and such. In drama’s and variety shows they make it seem like it’s an event that you have to experience at least once in your life. Do MT’s only exist for idols or also for the ‘regular wokring men’?
    Thank youuuus~~~

    • GoldenAngelFeather

      what’s MT?

    • Er..sorry I don’t know what an MT is either?

      • Hey, guys! I tried to google it and found this:
        “MT”, which stands for membership training, is a modern phenomenon in
        Korea. It is basically a retreat where a group of people from an
        organization go away together for a day or more and carry out a variety
        of group-bonding activities and training activities.

        I guess I’ve never heard about this…o.O

      • Membership Training. OMG really..you guys never heard of it? O___O Whenever they go out in the mountains and stuff they all go: “waaaah, reminds me of MT”.
        I guess I watch too much Korean television… :’(

        • Hi! I just wanna help you understand what MT is in Korea. So basically, MT is a colleage activity in which all freshmen are supposed to participate to have a chance to get to know their peers and seniors. Each department in colleage organaizes their own MTs . In general, It takes place at the start of a first semester and they go to somewhere away from a city. They usually go through a physical training in order to build up discipline like in the military but not that serious and have different types of activities. Last but not least, after those activities, they drink A LOT and many become shit-faced lol.
          Just FYI, we call MT for two different things in Korea. One is the colleage activity as I mentioned above, and the other one is motels. MT stands for motels

    • MT’s do exist. When I was working there my academy had MTs. I remember once we went to the horse races and got to sit in the VIP lounge. There was lots of drinking and then a BBQ lunch. We went in a coach – and yes, the coaches are the same as in the Gangnam style clip with curtains and everything.

  94. haruchi

    Is it just me or does the sound sound a bit weird? I can hear Martina more from the left and Simon more on the right rather than balanced.

  95. go to GD’s pension please! dolce vita http://www.thenemo.kr lol

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  98. Martina !!! You look especially vibrant today or yesterday…or perhaps last week when you filmed this haha.

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