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How to Talk About Music

March 26, 2009


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Students love K-Pop. Teach them how to talk about their favorite K-Pop songs and videos in English. We’ll discuss different parts of the song, like the beat and the lyrics, and different parts of the video, like the dancing or the story. By the end of it, your students should know how to tell you why they think the new ______ song is awesome while the new _________ song totally sucks.

Read the Lesson Plan; Preview the Handout or Presentation; Download for Mac or PC.

If you do decide to use it, please let us know how it works! Oh, and if you really liked this lesson, and it totally made your job and life easier, then – by all means – feel free to click this button here:



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Teaching in Korea


How to Talk About Music


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  1. Hmm you’re right. Are the other links all working for you?

    Do you need it urgently? I can see if they can fix the link, or email it to you directly (Disqus provides us with your gmail address). It might take up to a few days or a week until they can get around to it though; with them being overseas and all.

    7 years ago