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How We Got Dr. Meemersworth

July 25, 2012


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Ok, so – yes – there are a plethora of Dr. Meemersworth posts lately. Sorry! We’re super excited, that’s all! We didn’t initially plan on doing this topic for the TL;DR, though, but it got a lot of thumbs up, so we figured it’d be appropriate to answer it now. Trust us: this site isn’t going to become nothing but kitten videos, ok? *shifty eyes*

Anyhow, we’re worried that some people thought that we caved into the temptation of a kitten mill, but we didn’t! We asked our Korean friend to help us find a kitten from a home owner, rather than a pet store or breeder. She found lots of RIDICULOUSLY cute kittens, some even a ten minute walk from our apartment, but they were being sold in pet shops. We’d either adopt a cat, like we did with Spudgy, or we’d get one from a home overrun by kittens. We just happened to find one in the latter category.

Also, some people are concerned about Spudgy and how he’s holding out with the kitten. Some also believe that we’ve been neglecting our wonderful dog. FALSE! We still take care of Spudgy and love him. In fact, I think we pay more attention to him now than before. See, Dr. Meemersworth doesn’t understand that jumping on things with her claws out is not pleasant for those jumped upon. The two of us can handle the pain, but Spudgy doesn’t understand why he’s felt a sudden burst of agony on his tail. So he has barked at Dr. Meemersworth, but it was a single short “BARK” which we interpret as “WHATTHEFUDGE!?”. When she’s walking by and minding her own business, or even sleeping or playing near Spudgy, there is no problem, but when she pounces upon our sleeping dog…he tells her where to go. So, to protect Spudgy from Meemersworth, we keep a vigil eye on them both when she’s in crazy play play go go go gogogogogGOGOGOGOGOGOG MEEEEEEEWWWWW mode. If she’s got the crazy eye on Spudgy’s tail (which, let’s face it, is a waving feather of blue fluff – super tempting to kitties of all ages), then we cover his tail with a small blanket and the problem disappears.

Last quick comment: we forget to mention in the video that – yes – four years ago there were no dogs around our area, but currently our city has the awesomest collection of Korean dog owners! Big dogs, small dogs, show dogs, dog trainers: they all hang out in the big park near our home. There is an actual doggy party meeting time on the weekend where the dogs learn to socialize and terrify all the Korean onlookers that don’t have dogs. It’s good fun to see a happy golden retriever bounds towards a horrified Korean girl in un-runnable huge heels! Haha! Good times. Has anyone else experienced this with their dogs in Korea? Or have you seen it happening?

Yeah! So that’s the story of how we got Dr. Meemersworth. How she got her name, though, is another long story. Where did she get her degree from? She must have a real first name, apart from Dr, so what is it? One day we will tell you. Oh yes. One day.



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