Ok, so – yes – there are a plethora of Dr. Meemersworth posts lately. Sorry! We’re super excited, that’s all! We didn’t initially plan on doing this topic for the TL;DR, though, but it got a lot of thumbs up, so we figured it’d be appropriate to answer it now. Trust us: this site isn’t going to become nothing but kitten videos, ok? *shifty eyes*

Anyhow, we’re worried that some people thought that we caved into the temptation of a kitten mill, but we didn’t! We asked our Korean friend to help us find a kitten from a home owner, rather than a pet store or breeder. She found lots of RIDICULOUSLY cute kittens, some even a ten minute walk from our apartment, but they were being sold in pet shops. We’d either adopt a cat, like we did with Spudgy, or we’d get one from a home overrun by kittens. We just happened to find one in the latter category.

Also, some people are concerned about Spudgy and how he’s holding out with the kitten. Some also believe that we’ve been neglecting our wonderful dog. FALSE! We still take care of Spudgy and love him. In fact, I think we pay more attention to him now than before. See, Dr. Meemersworth doesn’t understand that jumping on things with her claws out is not pleasant for those jumped upon. The two of us can handle the pain, but Spudgy doesn’t understand why he’s felt a sudden burst of agony on his tail. So he has barked at Dr. Meemersworth, but it was a single short “BARK” which we interpret as “WHATTHEFUDGE!?”. When she’s walking by and minding her own business, or even sleeping or playing near Spudgy, there is no problem, but when she pounces upon our sleeping dog…he tells her where to go. So, to protect Spudgy from Meemersworth, we keep a vigil eye on them both when she’s in crazy play play go go go gogogogogGOGOGOGOGOGOG MEEEEEEEWWWWW mode. If she’s got the crazy eye on Spudgy’s tail (which, let’s face it, is a waving feather of blue fluff – super tempting to kitties of all ages), then we cover his tail with a small blanket and the problem disappears.

Last quick comment: we forget to mention in the video that – yes – four years ago there were no dogs around our area, but currently our city has the awesomest collection of Korean dog owners! Big dogs, small dogs, show dogs, dog trainers: they all hang out in the big park near our home. There is an actual doggy party meeting time on the weekend where the dogs learn to socialize and terrify all the Korean onlookers that don’t have dogs. It’s good fun to see a happy golden retriever bounds towards a horrified Korean girl in un-runnable huge heels! Haha! Good times. Has anyone else experienced this with their dogs in Korea? Or have you seen it happening?

Yeah! So that’s the story of how we got Dr. Meemersworth. How she got her name, though, is another long story. Where did she get her degree from? She must have a real first name, apart from Dr, so what is it? One day we will tell you. Oh yes. One day.

  1. So, we’re still waiting for the story of where dr meemersworth’s name came from. Are you ready to tell us yet? Enquiring minds NEED TO KNOW SO OUR HEADS CAN EXPLODE WITH CUTENESS AND MARSHMALLOWS. thanks!

  2. What kind of cat it’s Dr. Meemersworth????

  3. How is Korea dealing with the whole T-ara controversy that’s going on right now? And what are your thoughts?

  4. My question for you guys is… What do you think of 2012 London Olympics? Have you seen what has happened with all the incidents involving South Korea? What are your thoughts on the incidents with Park Tae Hwan, Shin A Lim, and Cho Jun Ho?

  5. Hey guys …i know you’ve done a video about dating in korea but do koreans date foreigners?? is it common or do they tend to stick with their own race?

  6. So funny seeing you guys with Dr. Meemersworth its just like when my family and I raise our cat Pilar, She was just 2 weeks old when she came our house. Cats are very adorable and also very curious. Our cat Pilar, now has like 1 year and 6 month with us, my family loves cats and we have 3. Pilar, Vaca (Pilar’s daughter) and Carlota (a refugie cat) ^^

  7. What were some of the worst dates you guys ever had?

  8. DR. HEINZ DOOFENSHMIRT and DR Meemersworth is just exactly alike did you came up with the name with Dr. Heinz Doofensmirt from phineas & ferb?? :)
    Emm i right or wrong ?? XD

  9. EatYourKimchi: What is the Korean view on dark skin? I am Indian and I love Korea, but would I be looked upon as weird or strange? Also, I know that Lee Hyo Ri, Kai from EXO and Yuri from SNSD are considered to be dark-skinned in Korea even though they are fair, so how are people that have deeper skin tones considered? Thanks <3 Akshayaa

  10. Hello , i’m Marion from France ! I wanna ask you if korean people are open to the foreigners .Generally , can they imagine to be married to a foreigner or they prefer to be with only koreans ? -sorry for my bad english !-

  11. Are foreigners discriminated against when it comes to competing for jobs? You know, do employers tend to favor Koreans?

  12. Weather-wise, what is a good time to be in Korea? Are there any parts of Seoul that foreigners should avoid?

  13. GET READY FOR THE SUPER KITTY SURPRISE LEG ATTAAAAAAAAAAAAACCCK!! Don’t walk too fast…That’s the only advice I can give you D:

  14. what do you guys to for a liveing

    • This IS what they do for a living. They came to Korea to be English teachers but their videos became so popular that they were able to quit teaching and make videos full time. :)

  15. what are your all time top ten favorite kpop groups and why?

  16. I asked this question before, but you guys never got to it, and I’m just curious soooo….How do people in Korea react to interracial marriages? Like if a Korean guy marries a foreign woman and vice versa?

  17. How is religion regarded in South Korea? Are there some controversial topics brought to discussion due to religion? Also, what is the most “popular” religion among the citizens?

  18. What are some english words or phrases that koreans tend to use a lot?

  19. I heard you don’t see as many big dogs like goldens in Korea, because of the size of the apartments and lack of green space. Is it really inadvisable to get a larger dog? I have a massive golden retriever sleeping on my legs atm and I don’t think I’d want to get a smaller dog that can’t cut off my circulation like this ;A;

  20. Lucky….I wish I could also get a cat, maybe a Scottish Fold, since they’re lazy, like me xD

  21. Aww Meemers is so cuuute :)

  22. Do foreigners get charged more than a Korean for things such as taxi fares, things being sold? If so, how do we avoid this?

  23. Awwe, I wanted a pet, cat or dog, but my mom went berserk and said she is extremely allergic to animal hair. Turned out she was lying and she just didn’t want a non-human being in the house.
    Alas, all those lost years!!!!

  24. What made her pop out to you when you where getting Meemersworth was it hard to pick her out at all either

  25. I have two Pekinese dogs too! I named them Smooches and Snuggles (Kisses and Hugs) ^^

  26. Dr. Meemersworth you are so adorable
    Could you guys do like a special interview with spudgy and Meemersworth and ask them a bunch of questions that would be to die for
    Ps. You both are da bomb ^_^*

  27. I had the same problem with my cat when he used to take up pretty much 95% of my pillow. Sometimes I would wake up and not even be on the pillow anymore and he’s stretched out leaving no room for me at all. :/.

  28. Is funny how you describe the ladie in the elevator I can’t not imagine walking with my german sheepard, my rottwailer and my chihuahua into a busy street I bet they will let the street free for me =) Which often happen even here in California ,but here everyone try to pet my vicious chihuahua and afraid of the chill rottwailer .

  29. Re to the second last point, owners who let their animals just run around need to show some responsibility though. Never know what will happen. And the size of the dogs don’t matter if it’s fear. And there have been cases of people having to defend themselves against suddenly-gone-wild pets, and then the owners complain of animal abuse. Seriously. ==

  30. I’m really afraid of animals.. I don’t yell, but if I was in the elevator I would probably try to climb the wall too. I act just like that girl in the park did with spudgy.lol.
    So don’t be mean to people that are scared!(I’m only joking, I don’t really think Simon and Martina did anything mean)

  31. Dr. Meemersworth is the perfect age to train her to play fetch!!! I’ve done that with my Russian Blue kitty and he loooves playing fetch (like a dog!) :)

  32. my aunt has a cat named mr.tofu

  33. Okay, I know this isn’t a major question but I really want to know where you got those patterns on your kitchen cupboards and etc. I really love those. Its got some of my favorite things! Coffee and Cupcakes!

  34. Hahahaha my (Korean) ex-boyfriend used to be absolutely terrified of my cuddly cat. She would meow just to get his attention but I think he saw it as a death threat o.O

  35. what do korean people thing about hispanics in korean ?
    and would korean guys date hispanic girls?

  36. Do you think you guys would ever do something like “Kpop through the decades” where you could track how Kpop has evolved over time? I think that could be interesting… Just a thought

  37. Do you think you would ever do something like ‘Kpop through the decades’ where you could show how Kpop has evolved over time? I think that would be really interesting…

  38. its ok martina, i totally understand what you’re going through. my puppy will only ever sleep on my legs/feet. never on my boyfriends! evarrrrr…..and she knows JUSTTT how to place herself so that no matter what, i have almost no leg room. she’s just a little 15lbs. westie too! i can’t imagine if she were a bigger dog. :)

  39. Wow! Seriously how many takes does it take for you to have a perfect bid, without Dr.Meemersworth being mischievous?

  40. why are you guys against buying from pet stops and breeders? just curious.

  41. How is the TV culture about foreign shows? Are the non-korean channels and their shows as watched/popular as the korean ones?

  42. We adopted our lab mix Lily from the shelter, and she’s old, but sweet. Our cats don’t mind her, and our other dog, Chloe (my parents don’t like male dogs. Me, I’m just like “If it’s sweet and lovable, I don’t care what gender it is) doesn’t seem to mind her unless she tries to eat her food. We rescued Chloe from a young age from our Aunt’s house because she’s a miniature pincer and our aunt had two young, violent sons. We (and our Aunt) were afraid the boys were going to, like, break her legs or something by accident. But now she’s a fatty and doesn’t look like you can break her simply by poking her anymore XD
    Our cats are a long story. Well, sort of. It all started with a stray cat who showed up at our house, pregnant and skin and bones aside from that. So we started feeding her (she was evil though and wouldn’t let anyone near her) and then she had her babies. And then her babies had babies (because we couldn’t catch them to get them fixed) but one of her babies was about a year old when hurricane Ike hit, and she had just had three babies, so we managed to coax her into a crate and bring her and her babies inside. Her three kittens ended up staying in the house, and that’s how we got our first three cats. We started by getting them fixed, but since we thought one was a boy, we let her out more often and then she would come back in, and then one day, we noticed “he” was getting fat. And then a few weeks later BAM she had five kittens. We fostered them and then put four of them up for adoption (the fifth one was too sick to be adopted at the time, but now he’s healthy as a horse but he’s my cat and I won’t let them get rid of him). And Sunny we got because he was hanging out around the library where my grandmother works, and he was tiny, skinny, and so ASDFGSAG cute so she brought him home with her. One kitten from outside got really sick and I couldn’t just sit there and watch her die, so mom and I brought her in and fed her, and we got her healthy again. So now she’s a fatty too. One of them almost died because she crawled into our car tire well and then jumped out onto a busy street so we took her back home and kept her in the house to keep her from getting in our tire well again. The rest were the stubborn kids that made their way in and never left.

  43. thatssumgoodcurry

    I just find it funny that you guys are going through the exact same thing as I am. I just got a new kitten as well (I adopted her from one of my college librarians who found her as a stray) and we didn’t know the seemingly unending energy she would have. She just doesn’t stop! She gets into everything, and she terrorizes our older cat (who is not taking it nearly as well as Spudgy…) We still love her all the same, ’cause she’s so adorabibbles, but…she can still get crazy at times. And her CLAWS!!!
    Anywaffles…I’m still curious about Dr. Meemersworth’s name! Please tell us soon!

  44. Dr. Meemersworth is the cutest thing ever! I WANT ONE TOO

  45. I’m very surprised to hear you saw people freak out over Spudgy! I’m Korean, and when I had a dog and lived in Korea ten years ago, my neighbors were totally fine, there were other dog owners, kids asked to pet my dog, etc. But then again, I lived in Seoul. Maybe things were different outside of Seoul?

    Also, Koreans tend to not like cats as much as dogs. Traditionally they were regarded as bad luck, so you’ll see some people afraid of cats. That would probably go away in time. But anyway, SQUEE MEEMERSWORTH!

    • Yeah, I’m quite surprised as well. I grew up having had 13 dogs over 5 years and innumerable puppies. I did live in a house in a Seoul suburb, where most houses had at least one dog.

      As for the cats, you’re totally right. I still remember the story of the cat that ate the baby’s 100th-birthday fete food. The images from the comic book version still remain vivid in my mind. Shudder.

  46. Hey guuuys, can you tell us about smoking in Korea ? (Non, I don’t smoke! :P But I was wondering…)

  47. You know you don’t have to apologize for sharing your incredibly cute kittie with us right?? If anything, after I saw your first vid I was like… is that all? I wanna see more vids of the kitty :p But I have two of my own… i’m lucky I didn’t end up with a ton more ;)

  48. i don’t know have someone ask about this already..but i heard that lots of korea shop open 24-7..and there is also a cafe that open 24-7..and there is shop where you check the item by yourself..when i was in korea, i didn’t get the chance to visit one and most of the shop at that time close at 10..soooo…..can you share it with us..thanks… ^.^

  49. Hi guys,
    So since you always review the videos that people vote for, I was wondering whether you would maybe like to do a review of a video you *really* wanted to review, but one that didn’t get enough votes (especially if you had some awesome video ideas that were wasted).
    Also – Dr.Meemersworth! I am losing the ability to make coherent sentences. KITTEH!!! <3

  50. Martina you look so cute with that hairstyle ^^

  51. I have a kitty too and he sleeps in my room , he have has own bed and even he sleeps there in the night he sleeps with me (maybe he feel lonely ) he take all the pillow and in the morning I’m in the corner of the pillow and he’s over my head or in my shoulder so I UNDERSTAND YOU MARTINA

    • I had two cats when I lived with my parents and back when they were allowed to hang out in the bedrooms, I’d fall asleep with just me in the bed. I’d wake up to what felt like a bed full of cats, which was cozy at first, but when the heater’s going full blast and i had my goose down duvet it was like, “I’m HOT! Get OFF of me!”

  52. yeah meemersworth should stop using Spudy’s voice, somethings i get so confuse!

  53. If my sister went anywhere near spudgy, she’d run for the hills. Literally. But I’m much more friendly with animals and love to– TURTLE! GET BACK INTO YOUR TANK. Ahem…

  54. Meemersworth will not stop ruining your videos. XD I’m pretty sure she’ll pounce on spudgy for some time until she learns that she’s not supposed to.
    Will a Scottish Fold grow up to be as big as Spudgy? I don’t own any pets so I’m curious yeahh. *ahem*

  55. Man, if your neighbor was like that to your dog, she might’ve straight up clawed out of the elevator and had a heart attack once she got out if she met my pitbull. Glad you guys got a kitten the way you did. Our dog we rescued from a kill shelter. He is a big baby who loves tummy rubs!

  56. KITTYY. O w O So cutee.
    I like Martina’s shirt. :o

    Oh, and Dr. Meemersworth..Should have a English accent or something! 8D AndshouldgotimetravelinginaTardis…….

  57. They’re always so cute when they’re tiny but my calico is tearing my drapes and matresses now =_= Still, their baby videos are adorable! <3

  58. I’ve only been to one cat cafe in Seoul so far. It was lovely being surrounded by so many cats but most of the were rather exotic breeds: siamese, abyssinian, scottish fold, rex, etc. The kind of cats you get from a pet store. I’m not sure if there’s any laws in place about having adopted cats in such an establishment, but I was extremely disappointed in them for not taking the opportunity to get cats out of the animal shelters. Tsk tsk…

  59. Martina, your pillow will forever below to Meemersworth. My cat takes over my pillow ALL THE TIME, even though I have a pillow for her to lay on so she’ll leave mine alone.

    Apparently, unless I want it, it’s not good enough for the cat.

  60. oo if you want dr. meemersworth to stop scratching specific pieces of furniture or something else (door frames, windowsills), rub vaporub close to that area, cats hate vaporub!

  61. Really happy to hear that you didn’t buy her from a pet store or breeder~ ^^ There are tons of puppy mills around here (Pennsylvania – Lancaster is infamous for them) and I can’t believe more people don’t know not to support them :(

  62. PunkyPrincess92

    WHOA!!!!!!!! Spudgy is originally from Korea??? didn’t know!!
    haha Dr. Meemersworth sure don’t seem lazy!!!
    i’m afraid of dogs, but the ones that are HUGE and just don’t look fluffy and friendly!!! Spudgy looks cute!! i like Spudgy! and i LOVE cats!!!!

  63. I’ve noticed that about Korea only being new to pet culture and animal rights. I’ve seen ahjummas completely freak out at adorable puppies and abuse the owner because the puppy dared to come near them. It was quite bewildering to me. Some of my Korean friends, when they first come out to Australia, are surprised at my joy of seeing dogs (usually accompanied by exclamations of “doggy!”) because they are very wary of dogs at first.

    I’ve also seen some really sad scenes and situations in rural Korea in particular, of dogs tied up their whole lives, not having access to food and water and in very poor condition health wise. This is really because of lack of education about pets and animals but hopefully things are changing.

    • Me too. I see a dog and immediately go “Look at the puppy!” and my friends just stare at me like “that’s not a puppy you moron, that dog is as tall as your waist and will kill you” >:O

      • My grandmother is like that “be careful with the dogs, the dogs of the neighbors are huge and can kill you” they are really huge but not like they will kill me lol

        • Right? I have giant schnauzer, who’s the biggest baby in the world, and people are terrified of her. I think they’re only scared of how big she is though, just like how people are scared of my aunt’s rottweiler and pitbulls. And her dogs literally flop at your feet so you can rub their bellies -_-;

  64. I know you guys already made a video about dating in Korea but I was wondering how is the dating culture when it comes to dating a foreign? Does the family have a problem with that? Is it common to see couples from different cultures?

    • It really varies. I was warned before I went to Korea with my Korean husband (boyfriend at the time) that things might be really difficult. I was warned about Korean mother-in-laws being evil as well. Actually everything was completely fine and I was warmly accepted into the family. I know there are people who have had many difficulties though. I haven’t really seen that many interracial couples in Korea, but I don’t live in Korea at the moment so Simon and Martina can answer that a lot better than I can.

      • I don’t think anyone knows what will really happen when you get into an interracial relationship. I’m white and my boyfriend is half-filipino half-white… I totally thought my grandpa would have a heart attack and disown me but he really likes my boyfriend :) It helps that he’s a really good guy and he’s loveable in a very teddy bear-like way :p

  65. was it expensive to buy a scottish fold in korea? how much did it end up being to adopt? i was also wondering if cat food and litter is expensive to buy there. :)

  66. this video is so heartwarming! XD

  67. I was watching your kpop music mondays and I thought it would be really cool if you could review kdramas as well.Think about it please.

    • That’s what K crunch was for…

      • Then why is it K crunch Indie now? did it have more popularity or something like that…?

        • I remember Martina talking about this some time ago; they don’t review kdramas anymore because they work too much nowadays and she has no time to watch them – simple as that ;)

        • It’s because Martina (the one who would watch the Kdramas) is really busy with Simon making and editing the videos lately and can’t watch as many kdramas as she used to (i think she mentioned that the first time they announced they were splitting up Kcrunch into different sections). It would be pointless to do a review on a drama she has never watched since she would have no insight on it.

    • jazminjhnsn

      Omg I was just thinking that!!!!

    • i think that would be awesome!!

    • well i too remember martina saying that she has no longer time to watch new dramas. but what about old ones? there are a lot of dramas that are must-watch & worth to recommend to the newbie drama watchers. also i think ppl who watch tons of dramas, wouldn’t mind to hear martina’s opinion about the drama XD
      so martina, what do you think? :D

  68. I love you guys for not supporting pet shops and puppy/kitten mills. Thank you for spreading awareness :)

    • Why are pet shops and mills bad? I’m not too familiar with them.

      • simply because of the atrociously bad living conditions and treatment the animals are subjected to. Mills are only for breeding. They are not raised to be pets, just to reproduce. It’s awful. :(

      • 99% of all pet shops get their puppies/kittens from puppy/kitty mills… very rarely will you find a pet shop where breeders who take good care of the puppies or kittens will sell them. Breeders typically pride themselves with breeding animals that they’ve given a really good head start in life by giving them the best care. Mills will breed their females non-stop in a small cage that they aren’t even allowed to leave to go to the bathroom… when the adults are rescued they often don’t even know how to walk properly on either grass or pavement since they’ve spent their whole life in a cage. It can even take a long time to get them used to human contact.

        Essentially, mills are really, really bad and shut down if they are found out but they are also super common and hard to shut all of them down :( There are different “levels” of mills too… not all are as bad as what i’ve described so some of them get away with being bad but not horrendously bad :-/

        • Wow I totally didn’t even know that mills existed. That’s terrible. I always assumed that the animals were allowed to naturally breed and they were well cared for.

        • I thought so too but since I became a dog groomer I’ve learned a lot more about where to get pets and where you shouldn’t. One of the other things that get me is that “breeders” will breed different kinds of dogs together and then sell the puppies for a ridiculous amount of money even though they are essentially mutts.

          I love mutts but we should be rescuing them instead of breeding more of them only to have someone spend $500 or more on it just because someone marketed them with a cute name like a “Teddy Bear” dog or a “Daisy” dog O.O That’s nuts.

          I flat out told a friend that was considering a mixed breed puppy that she not only was spending way too much money on a mutt but that also keeps irresponsible breeders in business! If you want a mixed breed dog go to the pound! There are so many good dogs that need homes and are just as good as any expensive mutt out there.

        • Is this only in Korea? Where I live the kittens are donated from people who live here. I know because I donated my kitties. owo

        • irritablevowel

          No, this is common in North America.

        • Unfortunately it is probably more common in the U.S. :(

      • For me is the fact that they sell living creatures, and then, what happens with the dogs that they can no sell? How do they get rid of them? Once the animals are not puppies anymore people wont buy them. I am against buying animals, cause they are alive, they are not just things or toys.

  69. Now you’re going to have to make a Dr. Meemersworth cartoon version to end videos with like the humping Spudgey one.

  70. Dr meemers needs her own song! seeing as spudgy has junsu…also Martina’s kitteh voice suited Dr meemers I vote for meemers to have that voice!

  71. What I was wondering is how are dog-owners here about strangers asking to pet their dogs? In the States, usually it’s all good. But I know in Germany it’s usually not done. I’ve been seeing so many cute dogs (with, erm, cute owners sometimes too…) and I’ve been a bit afraid to come up to them and ask them about their dog. Is it frowned on? Or do they like it?

  72. How did you came up with the name Dr. Meemersworth?

  73. Ah! This reminds me of a video of TOP in London that I saw a while back. He was amazed by the size of some random massive dog in the park: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM4Mb3PKjDg

  74. aaaw!! widdle meemers! she sounds like a little baby mewing for you guise. You’re like new parents fretting over her reminds me of my cat when she was a kitteh…I’m sure spudgy will have no issues or meemers for that matter. My kitteh who is now a cat grew up to adore my puppy who is also very chilled and they have licking sessions and lots of rubs and snuggle together..they’re cute sisters!

  75. I live in hong kong currently, and hong kong is a hell of dog lover society. You will see dogs everywhere in the morning, evening or even at night. I wouldn’t run if I see a dog. Seriously, I would run if I saw a cockroach. Like basically scream and run and shout, with the expression “GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HERE”.

  76. more meemersworth please!!! its so addictive!

  77. Oh you doting parents you :p

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