This week’s TL;DR is a question we have been getting a lot ever since we started to lose weight…you can guess where I’m going with this: how DID we lose the weight?

Basic rundown of what we went over in this video: we really don’t like calling this a diet, because it is more of a lifestyle change that we are sticking to, rather than just a quick fix diet to lose weight. The main step we took was cutting majority of carbs out of our diet including white rice, white noodles, and things made with white flour. Simple rule: don’t eat anything white, except for Cauliflower.

Note: we sure as hell picked the WRONG country to live in for this kind of a diet. HAHAHAHAHaaaaaaaa *sobs* Korean twisted donuts (꽈배기 gwabaegi) I MISS YOU EVERYDAY!!! *ahem* I mean, lifestyle change FIST PUMP TO THE SKY!

I’m sure there is some scientific study out there to back me up, but it seems that if you grow up eating white rice or pasta, your body digests it differently than someone who later on in life incorporates it into their diets. That is the only way I can account for the fact that my Korean friends can eat SO MANY THOUSANDS OF POUNDS OF WHITE RICE AND NOODLES and not gain weight! Seriously, yo: how…how are people here so skinny after eating all those carbs? As for us, white rice just stores fat on us like we are grizzly bears going into hibernation.

It doesn’t help that it is really, really hard to avoid rice in Korea, and no, asking for brown rice is not an option, either at restaurants or for us on this diet. Very few restaurants will have rice with beans in it or maybe a mixed rice with grains but it’s not a common thing. In fact, personalizing your meal is not very common in Korea; you just order what’s on the menu, which is why a lot of people with food allergies/vegetarians have a tough time getting the meal customized to what they want. Growing up in Canada, we really took for granted to be able to ask for no meat, extra cheese, over-easy eggs, whole wheat bread, or for something to be served on the side. In Korea, though, just us asking for rice to be left out, something which isn’t even cooked INTO the meal, is an event that results in us describing our whole diet in Korean to convince the waiter to not waste their rice on us!

The worst part about not eating rice (and I’m sure some of you living in Korea can attest to this) is that if you try to explain to your co-workers, friends, waiter that you don’t want rice, or you only want to eat a little, it’s very shocking. I’ve been told that white rice is very healthy for me, that I’m not eating a meal without the white rice, that if I want to lose weight I should just eat rice. But don’t be discouraged! It is possible to eat tons of Korean meals without rice! Besides giving up on all types of kimbap 김밥 (*sobs*) we stick to soups and stews that serve rice on the side, rather than in the soup, as well as ordering grilled meat in lettuce wraps, grilled fish, and noodles made with buckwheat rather than white flour (Buckwheat’s a good kind of carb). The local restaurants that we visit frequently now know that we don’t eat rice anymore, so we don’t deal with any difficulty there. Otherwise, we do a lot of home cooking and pack snacks to keep us from snapping in the middle of Seoul and eating everything at a ddeokbokki stand.

So what do we eat now? Here is a comparison.

Normal Korean Meal Day for us Before:

1. Breakfast on the run: Tuna salad stuffed rice ball 참치주먹밥 (chamchee jumokbap)

2. Lunch: a bowl of white rice + a soup/stew/fish + kimchi + Korean side dish (usually veggies/seaweed salad)

3. Snacks: fruit, rice cakes 떡(ddeok), steamed sweet potato, stir fried rice cake 떡볶이 (ddeokbokki) or a bowl of ramen

4. Dinner: a bowl of white rice + stew/fish/meat/soup

Coffee: latte or cappuccino

Normal Korean Meal Day for us Now:

1. Breakfast: huge micro green salad with grilled chicken breast, cheese, unsalted cashews/pumpkin seeds, tomatoes, peppers, and low-carb salad dressing

2. Lunch: grilled fish, stew with no rice,

3. Snacks: nuts, berries, hard boiled eggs (easily found at local convenience stores)

4. Dinner: grilled meat, homemade eggplant lasagna (no noodles, just eggplant stacked with homemade meat sauce and cheese)

Coffee: hand drip or Americano (milk free, because milk has carbs in it)

Another thing we didn’t mention that much of in our video: we stopped eating a lot of crap, like all the candies that we were getting. More than that: we watched what we were drinking. Caramel Lattes and Frappuccinos, Gin and Tonics, Beers, Orange Juices: all have ridiculous amounts of sugar in them, and that was definitely adding to our…rotundity.

So, yeah! There are more details to our lifestyle change but we’re thinking that this blog post will go on for too long. We’re not giving up all carb foods and banning the existence of chocolate and ice cream to another planet, but we’re trying to be more conscious of how much sugar and processed food we’re putting into our bellies, and just by doing that we’re amazed at how we’ve changed. Apart from losing weight:

1) We have a boatload more energy than before (seriously: we wake up REFRESHED while before we woke up exhausted) and we’re practicing a lot more self control when it comes to eating junky things like ramen (*sobs*) and candy.

2) We’re also amazed at how our tastes have changed. After doing this for a few months now, whenever we do try something that we loved before, we’re amazed at how uncomfortably sweet it is. Like, appallingly so. We’ve lost our taste for sweet stuff now!

3) We don’t have crazy cravings for sweets anymore. It used to be very demanding. We’d be working perfectly find on something, and then we’d stop and say: I need something sweet. If we couldn’t find it easily we’d tear apart our apartment trying to find it, and if that didn’t work we’d go out to buy it (yes, we’re cheap and lazy!)

Lastly, Martina has gone into crazy baking lady mode. Did you know you can make bread out of cauliflower, egg, and cheese? Well apparently Martina does. She’s a crazy healthy baking lady! O______o

So, that’s it! We’ve still got a bit more to go before we’re fully happy with our looks, but we do feel a lot better about them than before. Those last few pounds, though, are just SO HARD TO GET RID OF! We need to exercise more, that’s for sure, and we plan on doing so. We just have some big projects that we have to settle first (namely, trying to set up our business in Korea, which is quite complicated, as we mentioned last week in our TL;DR on Blogging in Korea)

  1. I just bought and tried the Fuji Apple and the Pineapple Coconut flavors, and I loved them! My only issue is I can’t find anywhere where I can buy these online…seems a little crazy in this day and age. The first two I bought I bought while visiting my mom where Walmarts are everywhere; I live in a big city with hardly any around and everywhere else they seem to be located are out of the way. very nice post about skinny girl diet.

  2. The ability for some people to deal with the white rice and for others not to starts with the amount of salivary amylase they produce. If you produce a lot, you will be able to digest starchy food better. Here a a great article by Denise Minger on why there is no one perfect diet: http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/01/how-to-figure-out-what-diet-is-right-for-you/

  3. Sandora~ ♪(≧∇≦)

    I JUST REALIZED THAT YOU GUYS ARE ON KETO! OMFG, Any advice? I’m gonna start keto tomorrow and see how it goes :)

  4. Your boobs are amazing.

  5. Do you guys work out? If yes, then what type?

  6. I don’t think if you grow up eating pasta or rice it makes you digest it differently. It’s the fact that many people eat fatty meat and dairy with their carbs that inhibits the proper digestion of carbs. It’s not the carbs that make you fat, it’s the myocellular lipid (fat in our food that is stored in our muscle cells) which inhibit sugars going into the muscle cell, and so the sugar stays in the blood until it is stored as body fat. raises your insulin. and if you are sensitive to this insulin increase, you become obese.

    If you eat a low fat diet, which is much easier to maintain than a low carb diet, the levels of myocellular lipids in your muscles decrease and you can burn through carbs and burn calories 16% faster. That 16% doesnt seem like much, but over time you will lose weight. You wont be so hungry or want to snack either. your brain and other organs will have enough carbs for energy, and because you eliminate meat and dairy, you can eat veges, beans, fruits and grains which are high in fibre. thus, keeping fuller for longer.

  7. I want to know all the nerdy subsitutes Martina uses in her cooking. Martina if you see this please add it to this post! That would be awesome.

  8. Just wondering where or how do you guys buy all those alternatives here in Korea?

    • You can get all of the items Martina explicitly mentioned (coconut flour, honey, agave syrup, baking powders etc) and much more from Iherb.com, and they have flat rate 4.00 shipping to Korea, AND the stuff gets here in a jiff! I am in love with Iherb.

  9. That sounds a lot like the Paleolithic Diet (which I just started). Even if it’s not, I’m sure that a lot of the recipes and tips would help you guys. The main thing for going paleo is cutting out the breads/carbs/grains and sugars also. Pinterest (kinda the mature/artsy tumblr) has lots of great recipes and such (if you need an invite, I could send you one). You guys look even more amazing and good luck!!!

    P.S. Love your videos so much~! <3 *Goes back to lurking*

  10. I’ve never been so happy to have eaten tons of rice all my life ^^ I recently lost quite a bit of weight as well, but since I’m pretty picky about veggies (especially cooked veggies) I could never do it the way you guys did =P

    However, less junk – check! I also made an effort to eat less – smaller portions (I was in such a habit of overeating delicious food almost my whole life. Nowadays, I rarely over stuff myself. Self control, what??) and exercise more regularly. That one was hard, since I’m quite lazy, and don’t enjoy (or want to pay for) gyms, but now I force myself to workout at home ^^

  11. TLDR Question – now that you’re living in South Korea long-term and have jobs with no colleagues, what do you both do to meet people and make friends?

  12. well, I’m an Asian since birth and eat white rice like, 2-4 times a day (shocking huh?) and not even gaining weight (even if I gain weight, it just around 1 or 2 kg, which is not really affecting my body image and my weight will just back to the normal around 3-7 days). I think it’s about metabolism? You westerner usually eats bread/potato after all, which has lower carbs and sugar than white rice.

    And just be careful about no carbs thing. Not healthy. Maybe you can change the white rice into red rice (idk if the stores there has it, but here in Indonesia, you can find it in supermarket). It has lower carbs and will help on your mission to lose some weight :D also it’ll keep you stuff for long hours!

  13. Original!!!! Best. Word. Ever.

  14. @simonandmartina:disqus my main motivation for losing weight is rule #1 in Zombieland:CARDIO. You can’t outrun zombies out to eat your brains if you’re all pudgy. LOL. that rule also reigns supreme in Survivor, Grand Theft Auto and Resident Evil. (^__^)

  15. @simonandmartina:disqus good job on your lifestyle change! I’ve been eating rice since I was little but I’m going to try what you guys are doing. BTW Simon always wears the best tshirts. Right now it’s the totally awesome bad-ass care bears. :)

  16. Can you do the ‘My Girlfriend Does My Makeup Tag’ for Simon?

  17. question for next TL;DR
    How do you feel about PSY popularity with Gangnam Style and what does it mean to K-pop? Or anything in the general area of the question ^_^

  18. I really like your TDLR session. Thank you for sharing your life

  19. Keep up the good work Simon and Martina!
    I have a question for your next TL;DR
    What do you do for your video openings with the music? Does someone do it for you? Or do you have an application for it, and if you do, what do you use?

  20. I have a question! You guys are my inspiration when it comes to many things but what I love the most about you is how much of a healthy, fun and loving relationship you have. I always tell my girl that I hope we manage to have such a great relationship throughout the years, so, do you have tips for a healthy and longlasting relationship?

  21. Hello from South America~ If you could please answer my question it’d mean a lot to me c:

    Have you ever met an english teacher who wasn’t actually an english native speaker? And I don’t mean a Korean teacher teaching english, but a foreigner.
    Information about teaching other languages in South Korea in the internet is scarce, too, so I thought that even though you’ve stopped teaching, you might have for instance come across an italian teacher, or maybe a spanish teacher.

  22. Question for TLDR!!!
    What do you guys think of the massive sudden popularity of Gangnam style? It’s become a huge hit here in the US – It’s #1 on iTunes top single and I heard it on the radio the other day.

  23. NEXT TL;DR question:
    ummm we all know that south korea is still at war between the north. what is the situation like in south korean right now, is there news everyday about it, and do people feel safe living there? if an actual war break out, would you guys come back to canada?

  24. Hi Simon and Martina! I did the same thing too – though I started with much smaller steps at first. I was 231 back in 2006 and slowly made changes. When I got to Korea I was at 205, and that’s when I started doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, cut out white carbs and most wheat, switched to only black coffee or water, etc. Are you using iHerb for your coconut flour and what not? I get all my flax seeds and coconut oil from them.

    This month I hit what you’re at! I’m at 151. Congratulations to us! I don’t cook much, but I do rely on chicken breasts from Costco and eggs, and I recently started using a crock pot.

    My favorite homemade Korean food is guerranjjim. So easy to make and no carbs.

  25. Question- how are Koreans reacting to the racist models at the new Hollister opening? I’ve seen comments online, but is it being discussed a lot, in the news, etc? Is it contributing to peoples dislike of foreigners? Your thoughts?

  26. Hey Simon and Martina, i’ve been wondering, how did you came up with the name for Spudgy :D

  27. I lost weight unintentionally during the three months I spent in Korea. To the point that my Korean friends and roommates were giving me concerned looks, boxes of strawberries and bits of toast. Then I discovered that they sell nutella at homeplus, and evening snacks of nutella and toast (or just nutella. From the jar. With chopsticks) seemed to check the weight loss.
    I lost weight because the cafeteria food I was eating was pretty awful and contained almost no meat and I wasn’t used to packing down large amounts of white rice like my Korean friends. Also, I hated waiting for the elevator and lived in an 8th floor dormitory. Lots of exercise built right in to my day.

  28. I have a question that’s been bothering me for a while now and the new GD vid “That XX” brought it back to the front of my mind. Are there socks in Korea? I’m sure there are but the men in dramas and mv’s never seem to wear them. Why?

  29. Hi Simon and Martina. So i’ve always realized in Korean dramas or anything really the men always wear shoes without socks, at first I didnt like it but Im accustomed to seeing it now, but is that some fashion trend in Korea?

  30. I have a question! Martina you used to say korean clothes didn’t fit you, now that you’ve lost weight, is it still an issue?

  31. Hi I have a question for you guys

    Do you have any trouble from entertainment company when you do review on their artists? or how do you get to interview artists?

  32. Hi guys! Question about this TL;DR – I was eating really healthy before I moved to Korea and I’ve only been here a little over a week but I noticed a dearth of health-food places. Where’s the best food store to shop for some of the things that popped up in the video? So easy to find in these states but I haven’t really seen them yet here… help?

  33. jaja forgot to mention one more thing. My MP3 player has fast pumping K-pop songs to get me over the last ten minutes of my work out, and/or to get me to move faster and bring my heart rate up. just thought it was worth mentioning how k-pop ended up being a lifestyle change that keeps me healthier and keeps me entertain. Any chance that you guys are willing to put together a work-out mix with k-pop.

  34. Congrats! On life changes! Seems that many people around me, know off and including myself are making way to a lifestyle changes. Af for backing up your theory of white rice I got nothing. But as far as your taste buds, they become desensitized to sugar and salt in a diet that includes high quantities. If you change your intake on either for entire month you will notice the difference in about a month. In the recent book I browsed through backed such fact. Since I put my two-cents on the subject, I will finalize with some encouragement. Fighting! Aja! Aja! EYK!

  35. I’m not Asian, but I grew up with Italians so I ate pasta ALL the time. I eat a lot of rice and noodles too (I live with my bf who IS Asian lol) but I haven’t gained any weight, so maybe the whole carb tolerance thing is true? :P I did a diet once for people who have IBS (I don’t, my mum does.) and we both had tonnes of energy (after a week of having none lol) and all the junk food we had before tasted like salt and nothing else~ I guess that’s what happened with you guys and the sugary stuff :3 Keep it up! *Cheering EYK*

  36. That took a lot dedication and hard work. Sound advice but not that many people are that dedicated.

  37. I was wondering, what are you all thinking about kids in the future? Do you want to have any someday? Just curious :) Not sure if that would be long enough of an answer to make into a TL;DR, but I thought I’d ask on here anyways!

  38. Heya Guys!! I have a question (but I’m fairly new here so you might have already answered it), Are there any unusual (or highly amusing) ‘young people’ sayings in Korea? Like slang phrases or anything?

  39. Hi Simon and Martina :) I have a question for your next TL;DR
    You were able to raise all the money for your fundraiser in 7 hours! What are you going to do with extra money you receive with in the 40 days? Also 7 hours how did that feel?

  40. I dunno where to officially ask stuff like this.. hurr derr.. uh.. but oh what the heck might as well just ask here. Being a very jealous woman and planning to go to Korea with my boyfriend in the future, I have always wondered what it would be like for a couple to go there and have so many gorgeous guys and girls around all the time. I get jealous if we have an attractive female waitress, so what is it like to constantly be surrounded by people your significant other might find extremely attractive? Have either one of you ever gotten jealous?

  41. Try cutting out dairy for the last few pounds…dairy is a much bigger dietary issue than many people realize. But it sounds like you’re on the right track! Congratulations on conquering the Korean Fifteen.

  42. I am SUCH a fan of Bob’s Red Mill products! They make changing the way you live and eat much much much easier!

  43. Dyania ハナーフィ

    i do epic dance parties too!!

  44. It’s great you two are getting healthy, but it’s not good to cut out all the carbs out of your diet. It’s about eating in moderation and getting plenty of exercise. I should know, I’m in the process of losing weight I gained within the last few years. But there are good and bad carbs, if you stop eating them completely then you will lose nutrients for your body & can mess up your kidneys.

  45. Have you tried chia seeds? They are really healthy and if you put them in like lemonade it absorbs the flavor and its like really awesome lemon jellostuff drink with seeds. Kinda similar to either AIYU(chinese)with seeds or liquid dragon fruit.

  46. Hmm… there’s several items you can make out of three ingredients. Unfortunately, they’re the carb-heavy stuff you guys shun now…

  47. You guys said you were looking to add exercise to your lives – have you ever tried a video series like Insanity? They’re 30 to 40 mins and require no equipment!

  48. i have a question about life in Korea and interracial relationships (if I can say so): I’ve heard for example that western men are paid by asian girls to go out with them while western women tend to stay single for their whole time living there. Is it true and if so, would you have any explanation for this phenomenon?

  49. Hey, this is pretty much the same lifestyle my mom has been forcing upon my family for two years now :) it’s actually really great!! I don’t even miss the carbs anymore and I’ve realized that when I don’t eat at home I miss the cauliflower and sugar free treats :P 

  50. You should stop eating cheese to drop the last few pounds. Dairy’s very fattening

  51. The fat storing thing is actually true! Since they in large parts of Asia developed agricultural societies a long time before the Europeans did, our digestive systems developed differently. In Europe, we stayed hunters for a while longer, and we needed to store our unused energy as fat so that we could get through the long wait for our next kill, but in Asia, having more available food sources, there was no need to store that energy as fat.

  52. Simon an Martina,
    TLDR ques:
    since you two have so many fans all around the world,you have to name your fanclub right?so,,what name are you gonna pick for it?and why? :)

  53. Simon and Martina,

    Have you heard about Shirataki noodles? They are similar to normal noodles (though a bit squishier) and are used for dieting/healthier meals because they have very little calories and carbs!

    I started my lifestyle change this last summer too, and my mom showed me this brand here” 
    http://www.miraclenoodle.com/ This is only one brand, though I like these because the plain ones are 0 calories and less than 1g of carbohydrates!I’m not sure if this company ships to S. Korea, but maybe you’ll be able to find another one that does!They aren’t quite the same as normal pasta, but they do satisfy carb cravings :PAlso, I don’t know how common spaghetti squash is there, but it is a great replacement for pasta as well; it goes great with marinara sauce or salsa!

  54. That would be really awesome to see some Martina recipes!

  55. Simon and Martina, have you ever tried zucchini noodles? I just came across the idea and it sounds like a pretty neat alternative!

  56. Wow, that awesome! My girl friend and it are doing something similar enough. Have you guys heard of Paleodiet? 

  57. can we have some recipes :D

  58. honey and sugar are the same thing. You should grate apples and add them instead. There is more fiber and vitamins. Plus, it makes it just as sweet ^_^

  59. I never had a problem gaining weight eating rice but I tend to put on weight when I eat excessive amounts of pizza or fast food..

  60. Wow! Reminds me to shred tons of pounds too TT.TT

  61. TLDR Question!!! :)

    I was just wondering how popular plastic surgery and looks are in Korea? I hear that South Korea has the highest amount of plastic surgeries. How much do Koreans care about their looks and why are they so focused on their looks?

  62. TLDR Question~~~ 
    I was just wondering if it is common to see kpop idols on the streets in places like Seoul. If so then where would you most likely see them and are they as nice and glamorous as they seem on shows?

  63. NEXT TLDR!!!  What famous people have you guys met (Korean and non-Korean)

  64. You can also make ice cream out of frozen bananas. :) Like, literally all you do is throw frozen bananas in a food processor/blender and blend it until it’s white and creamy. Somehow it turns exactly into ice cream with no other ingredients… Although peanut butter and chocolate chips make it way better~ Congrats on losing so much weight! You guys look great and always do a great job on your videos. Much love from CO, USA.

  65. I think i’ve missed the part of you guys being ‘fat’. I only remember you guys being awesome all the time. lol

  66. What was the SCARIEST thing you’ve ever seen in Korea?

  67. Dyania ハナーフィ

    hell yeah FERGALICIOUS is awesome!!

  68. I eat lunch for all breakfast, lunch, snack, and dinner. o_o

  69. I’m Asian, I need my carbs (rice, noodles, bread, potatoes), otherwise I don’t get the feeling of “fullness”. But yes, it does seem my body has gotten used to so much carbs, that carbs don’t make me gain weight. The body is a strange thing…

  70. What about fruits twice a day? When I was on a lifestyle change, I was on a similar diet, and my “sweet candy” was a whole apple, pear, or orange. IT WAS AWESOME when I could finally have that fruit. XP Having fruits that have alot of dietary fiber is really beneficial. I should really start that diet again, it really made everything work better! Kudos to you two doing so well! :] Fighting!

  71. I was really excited during this video to see several of my favorite brands pop up. It would be very interested to see a video of some health food stores showing natural health care products, essential oils, organic foods, etc. I like to make my own home products and cook with raw ingredients, would that be difficult to do where you live? Thanks for all your hard work!!


  73. So I live very close to Bob’s Red Mill. They have an AMAZING store. If I were to send a healthy care package what would you prefer?

    • @eatyourkimchi:twitter  YES. This. I’m sure we are not the only ones who wish to support you (Simon and Martina) with your health goals. I work in a supermarket in the U.S., and I’m sure I could get some items for you if you needed them, whatever they may be. If you need anything at all, I hope you would feel comfortable to let all of us fans know, because I, for one, would be super excited to be able to help you guys out in whatever way I possibly could. There is a box in my room slowly accumulating items for our dearest kimchi couple, but I’m afraid all the sweets that were there (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Ranch Doritos) somehow found their way onto the collective frame of my entire family…..sorry…and….you’re welcome(?). Lol. But if you guys need health food stuffs or whatever, that certainly won’t be something my family will find and devour. :P

  74. Hello Martina and Simon!!
    How often is it that people see kpop idols and/or famous people around or in big cities? I know in NYC you always see cameras around. Is the paparazzi as bad as it is in North America or is it more controlled?
    Greetings from America!! :D (we love you!)

  75. So instead of junky candy, you want us to send coffee beans instead? Although that could just be trading one vice for the other. 

    Did the two of you also give up (fermented) soy products? Miso, gochujang, soy sauce and the like?  If not, I heartily recommend soy sauce eggs as a snack. Soy sauce (tamari works too), water, a little honey, and ginger. 

  76. What kind of oven do you guys use? Is it like those big electric conventional ovens? I noticed that korean kitchens are so small so I can’t imagine an oven inside your kitchen. 

  77. Lol I’m Asian and even though i grow up eating rice and all they are still bad for my weight. But i can’t say no to them! I actually get depressed and unlike sweets which gets more sensitive after abstaining. Rice actually gets more fragrant delicious?

  78. You guys have an oven? When I watched your apartment tour I don’t recall an oven in your kitchen. -__-

  79. Simon and Martina, cutting out all the carbs in your life isn’t good at all! Eating mostly protein will damage your kidneys and this is a fact. Do some research on that. Just a concerned fan here. :) 

    And yes, you guys are looking great~ keep up the good work!

  80. Can I ask a TL;DR question?
    Kpop is making its waves over in Japan – how about vice versa?

    How popular is Japanese music in Korea?

    I know Yamashita Tomohisa performed at M Countdown once, and I heard something about Perfume having a concert in Seoul….but other than that? Do Japanese songs get played in Korea? How big is the Jpop fanbase in Korea?

    PS. While I was typing this, I noticed an extremely relevant ad on the sidebar, lol. Looks like Junsu is gonna have stomach fat all his life :p

  81. In Malaysia, you can see rice EVERYWHERE! I eat tons of rice everyday, I think it’s because Asians have a different body type to Americans/Europeans etc. Considering that we’re like 2 heads shorter than regular Americans but my family have the tall/skinny genes and I was 160cm at 11. True Story. Back to the question, I eat tons of rice, with chicken, oily vegetables (bunch of em’ I SAY!) pork and a lot of unhealthy..stuff… But I never seem to even gain weight.

    But I’m the skinniest in class (blame my genes) and I eat like a lot, and MUST EAT EVERY HOUR. I think it’s because I’m a Malaysian Sooyoung sorta? But I do a lot of sports.
    Every once in a while, whenever I go to the canteen… “Woah! Why are you so skinny! Eat more!” “Your arms and legs are like bones! Eat more!” “Are you sure you’re not anorexic?”

    I don’t get people saying that I’m like a bamboo stick running in the field, I mean, I get it that I’m really skinny but don’t point it out >.< It's so annoying T^T 

  82. Well whatever you’re doing Simon & Martina, it’s working! I’ve noticed it over the past couple of weeks how great you two look. Metabolism processes are slightly different in Westerners compared to Asians (this is just due to evolution and genetics as rice has been a staple food in the Asian diet for a looong time) so it’s actually beneficial to cut down the carbs. If you’re craving for some noodles, there is such a thing as shirataki noodles that is just made of water and plant fibre – no carbs whatsoever. :)

  83. Your definitely onto something about having been raised with rice and being able to stay skinny. I remember growing up the local Chinese restaurant that we went to all the time told us we ate more rice then Chinese people. >.>  (FYI I’m not even remotely Asian. T_T) Keep up the good work and I know you’ll be able to shed those last pounds!

  84. LOL oh boy i haven’t heard fergalicious in ages……. now i must go add that to my work out playlist :P

  85. Pssshhh BEE ESS! White rice ain’t healthy, I mean it’s healthier than other “white food” equivalents, but if you’re on a diet white rice is your number one enemy in Korea just because you’re eating it practically with every meal. My Korean health coach told me that in order to lose weight I had to cut all rice and concentrate in protein and veggies; my relatives were always disconcerted about it and worried I’d pass out for not eating rice lolololol, lost 24 pounds in two months.

    I’m not sure how it is, I’m Korean but grew up in an American country, and rice (and other white carbs) are my number one enemy too, so it must definitely be something with eating it all the time, I don’t know, it’s crazy.

  86. This sounds really interesting! Do you have a book recommendation with receipts? Or did you find your information in the internet?

  87. Question for next TLDR- I know that when Martina sprained her ankle, you went to the hospital for that, but what do you do in Korea when you need other medical related tests/checkups/etc done? Do you go for checkups, eye exams, dental cleanings, etc in Korea, or do you do that when you go to Canada to visit? Are there a lot of English speaking medical facilities and is medical insurance an issue? Thank you. :)

  88. I would love to see a video of you guys perusing a health-food store(s) to show us the options in South Korea. I was very excited to see several of my favorite brands in this episode, and am curious to discover whether they have health food stores like North America with all-natural beauty care, essential oils, and what varieties of healthy ingredients.

  89. Dear Martina: Can you share the bread recipe?
    It would be a cool video as well !

  90. Before I read the post or watch the video I scrolled down here to make a statement. Which is that I will do EXACTLY as you did/are doing.

    SO… this better be good. lol.

  91. can’t martina post more cooking videos with little editing, cuz you guys are funny un-edited too and people usually watch cooking videos for the sake of a recipe anyway, on “open the happy’?

  92. What does it cost for you to ditch white substances from your diet here? Do you have to spend an extra because you’re buying so many vegetables? Do you opt to shop at the traditional markets over Home Plus and the other marts? Sorry for all of the questions. I’ve only been here about a month and a half, and I’m very curious because I didn’t eat grains much back home and I feel like a college kid that needs to rein himself in a bit. :)

  93. There are nutritionists in Korea?

  94. I’m majoring in nutrition and I think you shouldn’t stop eating carbs, they are very important to give energy, you just have to eat a portion that is not over than the energy that you spend in the day, you have to equilibrate.

  95. Good JOB!! Keep up the good work. I could give up everything but carbs, I LOVE ME SOME CARBS!! And I am an insane baker, my co-workers get the joy of my baking if not I can easily polish off a cake.. just call me Honey Sempai

  96. Oh man. I don’t know HOW you guys are doing this but MAJOR props! I’ve eaten rice with everything my whole life. All the dishes served at home needs rice like partner in crime. I love all these alternative recipes. It would be nice to eat something more healthier and in bigger portions cause the rice makes me full super fast that I don’t get to eat much of anything else. Definitely gotta try some out! Thank you!

  97. I have been confused about something for quite a while now. Could you give any insight on overt sexuality (for lack of better wording) in Korea? For example, in dramas women are often portrayed as being in their twenties and never been kissed or on a date. I have seen sex insinuated MAYBE 3 times, and when couples do kiss it is often AWKWARD. And apparently being an unwed mother is a big no-no.

    YET, there is sooooo much FARTING in Kpop videos. It boggles my mind.


    • There is certainly sex in Korean entertainment, but not on TV. I’ve seen some very realistic sex scenes in movies like Oldboy and Frozen Flower. Basically stuff targeted for viewers that aren’t under 18.

      •  Ah! I haven’t watched very many Korean movies yet. Of the few I have seen my experience has been the same as with dramas. I just noticed a lot of mention of man and women not sleeping in the same room before marriage, it’s strange for women and men to hug, etc.


        • irritablevowel

          Just like the US and other countries, Korean films have a ratings system.  Basically the movies you have seen would be rated to the equivalent of PG.  All the sex and violence are in movies with higher ratings.  Actually, they can get away with A LOT more in a Korean film than in an American film.  There are plenty of very popular and commercial Korean films that without a doubt would have been hit with an NC-17 rating in the U.S.  They do things that Tarantino can only wish he could get away with.  I really recommend watching some of the South Korean film output though.  There is some brilliant, brilliant stuff out there.    

  98. Would love to see some healthy cooking and baking videos!! And more info on the nerdy ingredients!

  99. So carbs from rice just doesn’t affect koreans because they’ve been eating it forever. So do you think you guys would eventually be unaffected by a korean diet if you continued to eat that way forever? 

  100. Awesome, I’m very happy for you guys. I’m also changing my lifestyle. I’m done with disliking my body and feeling down because of it all the time. Cheer for me :D

  101. That whole “White rice is good for you!” reminds me of my family (I’m Chinese). Every time I don’t get much rice because I want to eat more vegetables, she tells me I need to eat more rice and less vegetables. xD I eat about 3 bowls worth of white rice every dinner? And if I eat friend rice in the morning, it’s about two bowls worth. I’m thinking that statement you said about growing up eating white rice is true. ^_^;; /is below average in her BMI because she’s underweight/ ; _ ;

  102. For TLDR: If you had a friend who had never heard of Kpop, what would be the first girl group or boy group MV you would show them. Which MV would you NOT show?

  103. TLDR: First of all CONGRATS on the lifestyle change and weight loss! Im still trying to lose my baby weight from 14 months ago so thanx for the tips.
    Im curious, what are the differences you see in the way people raise their children in Korea vs in North America? And would you raise children there, or go back to Canada?

  104. lol the hand signal not to long ago I saw the video where you guys shows us what it means in Korea made me laugh so hard :-)

  105. Question: Do you guys eat brown rice and is it widely available in korea?

    My boyfriend and I want to send you guys a care package for thanksgiving (cause you’re awesome) and it’d be cool to have a health food themed one that you’ll actually use! (Maybe some homemade soap n stuff too oO0oOO0oooooo~

  106. How is the TV culture about foreign shows? Are the non-korean channels and their shows as watched/popular as the korean ones?

  107. I’m happy you guys are doing well with the new lifestyle! :D

    I’ve always eaten a LOOOT of sugar and actually I’m not fat, but sugar + gastritis = something you don’t want.
    So it wasn’t really my conscience, but my body 1 year ago just said “NO =D” and has made me feel sick everytime I eat some kinds of sugar (I just can’t eat cookies and candies anymore).
    Sometimes I get these cravings for sweets, but not like the ones I had before.
    And, yes, our taste changes a lot, right O_o I don’t even think it’s about getting used to not eat so much anymore, it looks more like “that’s not healthy/it’s poison to your body”…But I don’t know how you guys can live without eating so much carbs… I’m moved by carbs hahahah Can’t live without pasta <3 So I admire you for getting to do this! ^^

  108. My sister and I have a question for Simon, unrelated to dieting.  As fellow Skyrim players, we were wondering which K-Pop idol you would choose as a follower or housecarl.  We can see CL or G-Dragon yelling “I’ll kill you if I have to,” but Rain has all that fighting experience from Ninja Assassin. 

  109. irritablevowel

    A great rice alternative is quinoa (pronounced kee-nwah).  Whatever goes well with rice, goes well with quinoa.  In fact it cooks just like rice in the rice cooker, you don’t have to do anything different.  The difference is that it’s super high in protein.  It’s actually a complete protein, so it’s a fantastic protein source for vegetarians and vegans.  You can eat it with honey and nuts for breakfast, a lot of people like to make salads with it, there are a million and one side dishes you can make with it. The United Nations declared it a super food or something like that because of it’s nutritional value.  Unfortunately, since quinoa is a South American grain, I doubt it’s easy to obtain in Korea.  Somebody send them quinoa, so they can make quinoa kimbap!    

    •  Thanks for the quinoa tip! I love to eat rice with quite a few meals (I try not to but sometimes I cave in) so it’s nice to have an alternative. I’m gonna look into getting some and trying it :D

      • irritablevowel

        Yay for quinoa converts!  Just so you know, there are three main kinds of quinoa.  Red, gold and black.  Gold is the most “rice” like.  Red has a stronger nuttier flavor than gold, and tends to hold it’s shape so it’s good in salads and side dishes, but probably won’t stick very well in a rice roll situation like sushi or kimbap.  I’ve never tried black before, so I don’t know much about it, but the internets tell me that it’s very nutty like red.  

    • my husband is gluten free so we use all of the alternative flours and such.. and we love quinoa. we throw it in the rice cooker also. same measuring as rice and (on our rice cooker the brown rice start button) I recently started making quinoa pizza bites. very yummy and adaptable to various dietary needs. http://www.soveryblessed.com/2012/02/quinoa-pizza-bites.html
      I add a lot of choppe up veggies. but I live in the southern US so they are much cheaper and easier to be ha here. but you can put anything you want in it.   very fast and easy..  and we had already been using quinoa in our gimbap.. but then I tend to just throw anything I have in anyway. so its always a random thing. yall look great and remember! lift hose weights!! the more muscles you build the more fats you burn!! squats and lunges and hand weights and your dance parties will have yall all buff and stuff. for real!woo hoo! xoxo

  110. How do you manage your grocery shopping. People in Korea would know even at the supermarket, your choice is limited. Certain vegetables, spices, and ingredients. I mean broccoli is sooo expensive! Also how does shopping for 2 people differ from shopping for 1 person? Do you buy bulk? What kind of Bargains do you look for? 

  111. First I have to say…I superduper loooooooooooooooooooove your blog, and I really enjoy watching your videos =D, they make me happy. This one was amazaing as always…I’ve always wonder why some people I’ve met and that went to Korea they gaing weight!, and u have just told me the answer: a change of diet could go both ways, to gain or to lose weight, I guess if u like the food it’s going to be gaining hahahahaha. But u guys need to enjoy all the delicious food    we have in Mexico when you come ok?

  112. This might be a weird suggestion but you might want to look up your local Seventh Day Adventist church. They run vegetarian restaurants all over Korea and serve brown rice, They also sell health food so you might be able to buy stuff like brown rice and organic food that are not available at normal stores in Korea.

    They also sell healthy foodstuff here. (but it’s all in Korean ㅜㅜ) http://hannongmall.com/indexmain.php

  113. Is there no brown rice in korea? but then you’d want to cut out all carbs so it wouldn’t matter anyway. Im not Korean but in my house we eat rice with all of our meals, it somehow feels incomplete w/o it. I wouldnt have been able to cut it out.

  114. Hi guys, 

    I just recently came to Korea and am still adjusting to the jet lag and all, but while I am adjusting, I don’t want to just sit around and get fat. I mean, I am still adventuring, looking around at new places, and trying all sorts of cool new restaurants and cafes, but I don’t know exactly what will make you fat in Korea. You said rice has a lot of carbohydrates, but I was told that Kimbap and Bibimpap was healthy. I know, personally, that if I eat bread, crackers, noodles, ect. that I gain weight, but then what can I eat while I am here and where can I buy it?

  115. i think people will start sending you bags of brown rice and whole wheat noodles and stuff in your care packages now, after watching this video… :P

  116. soooo you guys are basically in ketosis! good job! <3 keep up the great work!

  117. I was eating Ho Hos while watching this.

  118. I am really excited about this TL:DR because it is exactly what I have been dealing with since I decided to change my lifestyle and eat right and exercise. You should see the look on people’s faces when I say, no thanks when they offer bread or candy, or when I go out to dinner and don’t eat the rice. I live in Barbados and food is a huge part of our culture so when I gave up eating those refined things, it was a ge deal for my friends. Now I don’t really drink when I go out, and if I do, it’s one drink that is not so sugar filled.
    The exercise was the biggest thing though. I have had injuries in the past and sometimes felt like it was futile but I started going to the gym with a special group and a trainer and I have been motivated. I am hoping that when school starts back ( I am a teacher) I will have my exercise routine so deeply ingrained that I will keep up with it. 25 pounds lost in 2 months!
    I am also motivated because I am planning to teach in Japan from next year and I want all these healthy habits instilled from now, so that when I do get there, I won’t have that weight gain that comes from living in a new culture with diffferent foods and eating habits. Here’s to saying no to white rice!

  119. arrgh i knowww u have to cut out carbs but they’re just so NUMMEH
    gotta have more self control like u guys lol

    and ive heard of that eggplant lasagna thingy before! it sounds good…

  120. Congratulations on your weight loss!  I need to cut down on carbs too.  But I’m obsessed w/ bread :P

  121. wow this sounds really cool, especially how it changed your lives, good luck to you guys with the projects <3 i think i need to try some of these tips :) 

  122. I suggest a video on working out just so you guys have an excuse to exercise :P

  123. Dear Simon and Martina :33
    What would yew guies do if yew werent youtubers in Korea :33
    <33 ~Love Cascia~ :33
    Pronounced like Kassia :P

  124. I love that I’m watching this while eating fried rice.

  125. Cool, I kindda follow the same principles (South Beach Diet, though rather loosely) cause I had put on weight was was difficult to shift, reached goal weight in like six months. It really is a lifestyle thingie, exercise is really really important though to keep the weight off. You guys look great and I was wondering if you were doing something as the difference is really evident.

  126. I am not to only one how this withe people gain wight from eating rice. I had the same expirience when i was in korea…. but when i told koreans they thought i am crazy.
    BTW a hurray form your heathy-life-style =)

  127. so, dancing really works!? wow, i should start learning kpop dances now haha! btw, you guys look awesome, you dont look fat now, congrats :D !

  128. Congrats guise!! I know how hard it can be change eating habits here in Korea. I agree with Alexandra below, you should totally do an Open the Happy about making eggplant lasagna!

    • I actually tried to make eggplant foods (only it wasn’t lasagna. It was ravioli). Anyways, it turned out horrible. Maybe it was my bad cooking skills but i don’t know. So i gave up on eggplant and moved on to cauliflower. 

      • mmm cauliflower sounds soo good. I haven’t had cauliflower in a long time. Ravioli is hard so at least you tried. I haven’t tried to make ravioli yet but I am dying for it. 

  129. To my understanding it is said that men lose more weight than woman, but in this case both people are doing great! So do what you do! 

  130. just to let you know….



    even small amounts can kill them. it’s also really not good for you. stick to the agave and honey, if anything.
    (plus, honey never goes bad ever….)

  131. Just be careful about the no carb thing.  I am a nutrition teacher and before I became a teacher I did the atkins diet.  On the Atkins diet I lost 65 POUNDS!  It sounds great but the problem was that when you go completely no carb, you force your body into a state of Ketosis which puts extra strain on your heart.  After I stopped the Atkins diet that weight came back REALLY fast, which also puts strain on the heart. 

    This year I tried following the USDA CHOOSEMYPLATE.GOV recommended nutrition guidelines as I’m a Foods and Nutrition teacher, I thought I should really try to put this into practice since I teach it.  So in January I incorporated some exercise, running on the elliptical and weights AND (my new passion) tai chi quan which is that slow style of kung fu you usually see old people doing.  Well, it really works and I’ll explain how I know that in a sec.  SO, like you, I decided to cut diet out of my vocab and go on a quest to change my lifestyle.  Back on the topic of carbs, forget the word carb.  We tend to associate carbs with fat packing evilness.  Think more in terms of whole grains.  Food should give you nutritional benefits not just fill you up.  So white flour noodles and white rice are bad because they aren’t made with the whole grain kernel (white bread is just 1/3 of the grain kernel, endosperm).  The whole grain stuff and brown rice are very good for you IN MODERATION of course but you get the whole kernel which is not only the endosperm, but most importantly germ and bran.  Whole grains give you many things such as protein and riboflavin and other stuff I can’t recall which are strictly in that germ and bran.  Most importantly it gives you many complex B vitamins that you need.  If the first ingredient on the nutrition label is enriched white flour, you’re eating a lie lol.  Seriously. *clears throat*

    Anywho, since January I have lost 70 POUNDS!!!  I’m doing better than I did on Atkins.  I’ve not only lost more weight but I’m actually fitting into smaller clothes.  I’m wearing sizes I NEVER thought I’d get into again.  And when I stray from my “lifestyle change” a bit, I don’t pack on the pounds really fast like what happens when you stray from the Atkins diet or similar low carb diets.  Also, I have SO much more energy than I did before.  I have more confidence.  And I’m happier and that’s not just from fitting into smaller clothes, it’s like the chemicals in my body are just working right now.  I feel like cutting out all that junk and replacing it with nutrient dense foods has cleansed my system.  Most of my success I place on eating healthy, eating whole grains, and making half my plate fruits and vegetables.  Another large portion of my success has to be the tai chi.  It gets me using muscles I don’t normally use and it really builds up my stamina.  And because I’m so focused on the forms, I completely forget all the crap that’s stressing me out.  Plus, I earn belts (I’m a yellow belt now), so I have some extrinsic motivation there which is good for me.

    Anywho, I think you guys are doing a lot of stuff right and your diet sounds good, just don’t neglect whole grains, those are very important.  Also, watch your sodium intake.  If you are consuming a lot of salty things and you aren’t drinking enough water, you will carry water weight.  I used to be a HUGE diet coke drinker and I’m proud that I’m quit that and RARELY drink pop now.  So just drink more water and cut the salts out.  Salt is one thing I don’t feel bad about cutting out of my food.  I almost never add it to my food because many processed foods have a lot of salt already used in it for preservation.  Anywho, Good luck and I would love to see another video update on what you’re doing nutritionally.

    • I agree with you here. I also cut out refined carbs and focused on whole grains and a change in lifestyle with exercise and I have lost 25 pounds in the last 2 months. The exercise is good for cardio development and building stamina and also tones you so you look firm and not all lose and flabby.

    • I am a nutritionist too… There is a thing called Krebs Cycle in your body (very scientific thing..) that needs glucose (which comes from carbs) to begin the cycle and give you energy. So… I would’t say to cut the carbs, but to change your refined carbs intake to while grains and good carbs.
      Also… a high intake of proteins can overcharge your kidney, if you have a pre-existing condition for renal diseases….

      As a professional, I think that the most good thing that you did for your weight loss was cutting of craps and increasing of exercise.

      So…. everybody… it is not just cutting carbs that will make you like super models.
      Cut the crap… exercise… put eatyourkimchi music mondays playlist mode and dance!

    because i’m in that same boat, too….
    i’d LOVE to wake up and not feel exhausted….

  133. FERGALICIOUS! i love you guys so much

  134. You guys are epic. Srsly.

    Talk about being huge role models for eating healthily on top of reviewing amazing K-Pop songs and trends.

    Simon and Martina, you guys are practically idols. *ish starstruckk* XD

  135. So Simon, no more ranch for you now?

  136. y’all probably know this, but standing up while working instead of sitting down can help a little bit :). i’m not sure how often you have the Super Epic Dance Partays, but I also heard it’s good to make sure you get up once every hour to walk around or WILE OUT!

    okay, so they didn’t say wile out, but that sounds more fun than walking around anyway.

  137. Are you sure white rice makes foreigners put on weight? There are at least a few overweight Koreans. It also depends on your body type (kapha, pitta or vata).

  138. you guys are part of my inspiration to lose weight! my college has a gym on campus and is free to students so i think i’m really gonna take advantage of that now. congrats on the changes you’ve made and good luck losing those last few pounds!

  139. I was reading this in Martina’s voice (in my head) and then all of sudden Simon interupted with crazy healthy baking lady. It threw me off. xDD

  140. Hi Simon and Martina :) I have a question for your next TL;DR~
    How has your relationship between your friends and family back home in Canada changed since you’ve moved to Korea? Has your own relationship changed at all?

  141. dear martina,can you post cooking videos on Open the happy?I would really like to see you cook :)

  142.  Hey I have a question for a TL:DR!!! :D

    How did you come up with your ingenious pet names? > < I LOVE MY MOM <3

  143. what ap are you using to keep track?

  144. I feel like I’m forced to rely on carbs as a huge part of my food just on the fact that I’m a vegetarian. Although I try to use brown rice and whole grain pastas, as well as using natural cane sugar, etc.

  145. Sascha_Wong

    Do you have a specific recipe you use for the bread made with cauliflower? I’d love to try it! 

  146. i never thought i would enjoy blogs mainly because i always saw blogs as people just talking about their problems or someone else’s problems, but you two have completely altered my thought on blogs. I love how you both have opinions but you guys don’t force them on to us. Also i feel that i learn a lot from you guys. Yes i know it’s kinda weird to put this on a TLDR which talks about weight loss but i honestly just wanted to say that you guys are awesome and really cheer me up. Thanks for being yourselves and totally inspiring me to try new things. I really look up to you guys so don’t do anything stupid like eating baby’s or killing idols or anyone for that matter. (which i hope you would never do.) Also you guys are really lucky to have each other. I am in college now as a freshmen so my hope is to find my own match like you two did. Thanks again for giving me something to aspire to.

  147. Guys, can you share some new recipes? Espcially the bread and the lasagne ones?…mmm…

  148. hey guys! my weight has yo-yo’ed (yo-yo-ed. yoyo’ed. argh) for ages. i’m finally figuring out how to stabilize it. some ways in which i’ve changed my diet:- i can’t live without rice! so i mix one bag (like the 2kg bags) of white rice with 1 bag of brown rice and store it in a big container. i only eat rice at dinner, and i’ll keep myself to one rice-bowlful.
    - quinoa and wheatberries: whole grains! wheatberries are amazing in salads. and when you’re making rice, make one part of rice (the white/brown mix) with one part quinoa. cook it in the rice cooker with the regular amount of water and you’ve got super-healthy rice time! don’t cook wheatberries with rice though – the texture is too weirdly sticky. quinoa and rice together are really good. or just eat quinoa instead of rice – it’s got tons of protein and is low on the glycemic index. cook it in the rice cooker – boom.
    - whole wheat pastry flour: baking with regular flour can make everything really heavy. using whole wheat pastry flour is almost just like baking with regular white flour. just make sure to sift. i just made banana bread…in the rice cooker…mmm.
    - baking: i found super-healthy baking to be tough. instead of completely replacing butter and sugar, i’ll cut their amounts in half, and replace the 1/2 butter with oil, and the 1/2 sugar with agave, maple syrup, whatever. for me, the ingredients weren’t so much the problem as the quantity of baked stuff i ate…baking with the whole wheat flour helps with that, it makes me fuller with a smaller quantity.
    - hummus: not sure if you guys have access to hummus/chickpeas in korea (if you have chickpeas, make hummus in the blender!). It sounds weird for breakfast, but whole wheat toast with hummus in the morning keeps me full, and keeps me from craving other snacky-nibblies between b-fast and lunch. or eat it as your snack after your awesome-sounding bfast salads!
    - snacks: nuts, cheese…you can take tomatoes and slow-roast them with olive oil and herbs for hours, keep them in the fridge for snacks…oh and i LOVE the small packets of korean seaweed sheets for snacks.
    that’s all i can think of for now. i love reaching that point in a diet change where you stop craving all of the not-so-great stuff you couldn’t live without before. best dinners out are korean, incidentally – all of the amazing grilled meat and veggies are good for the diet. :)

    •  All of that sounds very good, but white rice doesn’t really do anything for you nutritionally and it has more calories than brown rice.  I would recommend just using all brown rice.  BUT if you really have a hard time with brown rice or whole wheat bread then partial whole grains are a start.

      • oh, i’ve tried eating brown rice only and quinoa only – never tried mixing just brown rice and quinoa, though, i may try that…thing is i grew up eating white rice, it’s what literally makes me feel “full” – also eating home-cooking just isn’t the same if i don’t have rice to accompany it. :) bread, crackers, and baking, though? all whole wheat, all they way – i’m so happy i’ve discovered ww pastry flour, it’s delicious!

  149. It’s probably genetics because I’m Asian and the opposite. I can’t eat so much bread and pasta, but I can eat a lot of rice and noodles! You should cut out dairy products if you want to lost more weight. :)

    • Children 2 and under need whole milk for good development, but anyone older should be drinking skim milk.  It has all the same benefits of whole milk without the calories.  Greek yogurt is a great dairy and protein source.  I usually just eat one greek yogurt for breakfast and nothing else.  It’s very satisfying.  Cottage cheese is good for you too.  Eat a variety of foods in moderation and always go for the nutrient dense foods versus energy dense foods.

  150. Looks like your lifestyle change is going well and the proof is in the pudding because you two are looking great!

    When did you start this diet change and how long has it taken you to get from your start weight to your goal weight? I’ve tried to change my eating habits, but always fall of the wagon when I see a piece of cheesecake. :(

  151. Thank you, guys, that was really useful, actually! As I said in one of the previous comments, you really do look great now!
    I stopped eating rice and pasta several months ago, too, and amazingly, I just don’t want them anymore (I’m not even tempted by sushi!). 
    By the way, how did you actually plan your diet/lifestyle change – did you look for tips in books or on the Internet or did you just rely on…common knowledge?:) And also, do you have any favourite websites for healthy food recipes? 

  152. That’s awesome u guise! I just started to do the same thing.. changing my habits.. I need to lose like 15 pounds, and not only because of looks, I want to be healthier, and also because I’m a Nutriologist and you know… when every one asks me: “Hey, what did you study? What do you do?” I’m like…”AkadhI’manutriologistjhasga” hahahaha and you know.. they look at you like thinking “OMFG A FAT NUTRIOLOGIST!” hahahaha kind of embarrassing. Anyways… let’s all eat healthy~ fighting! 

    Greetings from Mexico!

    PS: Meemers is soooo cute! ~

  153. Congrats, you guise!  Lookin great. Is true about rice.  I’m Korean and even here (Stateside), they look at you a bit oddly if you say you don’t want to eat the rice/only a little.  If there are four of us, my mom will usually tell the lady to take back two of the rice containers–there’s a lotta rice in there!  They pack it in!  I think that not having grown up with rice might be equivalent of not having grown up with breads, with similar repercussions and similar temptations. Alas. Fighting!

  154. I’m hoping to be able to live in Korea in the next few years and I’m a type 2 diabetic. I’m not really familiar with Korean foods. How difficult do you think it’ll be to find quick, easy, cheap (because I don’t really like to cook much) foods that won’t destroy my diet?

    And I totally understand everything you’ve said about how tough it is to make those changes. ;.; I only found out I’m diabetic about 2 years ago. It’s been tough cutting out most (not all! NEVER! XD) carbs and sugars and how your tastes change. I used to hate yogurt, but now I absolutely love it! I don’t know if it’s because I’ve had to get used to foods that are a different kind of sweet than the usual super sugary?

  155. bigbangfosho

    Would you mind sharing a few recipes, in say a Open the happy? That bread sounds DELICOUS! I’ve been meaning to get healthier, and some recipies for what worked for you guys would be really appreciated.

  156. I’ve been living in Taiwan for about a week now, and I have to say I’ve been eating things that I wouldn’t normally eat! Back home in Canada (in a small town of less then 4000 people) I can pretty much control what I eat. Of course this last year I’ve started to earn money, and can now go out and buy my own snacks, where as before I wasn’t able to. So this last year was a lot of learning how to control what I eat, and picking healthy options. But here in Asia~ Woo! My first time in Asia and I have to try everything! It all looks so shiny and new! I’ve been kinda feeling guilty about it, because I know I have been over eating (I learned to control that this last year) and I haven’t been exercising (started doing that this last year, but I can’t find a gym for me to regularly go to yet!). So I’ve been enjoying so much my first week in Asia and trying out so many new things, WHILE feelings so guilty! So I just wanted to thank you guys for making me feel even more guilty xD~!!!!!! Maybe it’s a good thing tho, and it’ll be the kick in the pants I need to start eating better and exercising again. Hope so because I can already feel my heart rate speeding up from all the bad food I’ve been eating!

  157. I would love to see Martina do a cauliflower bread tutorial. I like eating cauliflower “mashed potatoes”. 

  158. kpopfan123

    Fighting guys!!!! (▼へ▼メ)(Itry to exercise in the morning…it gets me out of that sleepy state faster *not a morning person = . =*)

  159. Congratulations guys, you both look amazing!! I put on quite a bit of weight during my year in Korea, I lost it since I got back though and kept going. So far I’ve lost 39lbs but I’ve hit a bit of a rut. I’ve got to check out this cauliflower bread it sounds awesome. Cheers for the inspiration!

  160. Thats awesome and encouraging. I need to shed alot of lbs right now as well.

  161. you guys are amazing LOL. Martina we wanna know the geeky stuff!!!! 

  162. Do you guys know about bosintang? an horrible thing that is supposed to be dog stew? D: next year I’m going to korea and I’m terribly scared to eat something like this because apparently bositang can have different names in menu and I may end up ordering it without knowing. So I wanted to ask if it is something that is usually served in normal restaurant or small restaurant ? 

    • Dog stew is an uncommon dish not typically served in regular restaurants anymore. Generally speaking, you would have to seek out a dog-stew-restaurant specifically to find it. (Plus its generally the er…gentlement that are known for eating it? So I don’t think anyone will try to spring it on you :)

      After the olympics awhile back it fell out of favor and so don’t worry :)

  163. You guys look awesome. The other week I said to my husband, “Look at how good Martina looks now” and he came over to my laptop and looked………. then I was like “You can stop looking now.”

    And ugh the rice thing, I get in trouble sometimes for not finishing my rice but it’s so filling! I just cannot eat that much.

  164. Oh, while you talked about the things you don’t eat on a regular basis anymore (I think you said that you have one day in a week on which you just eat what you want?) , what is it that you guys eat in Korea? Both selfmade and in restaurants.

  165. I couldn’t live without eating pasta, rice, and potatoes… Since I don’t really eat a lot of meat I wouldn’t know what to eat to not be hungry, yes there a lots of salads, but I couldn’t eat that everyday. The biggest problem would probably be no sweets/snacks… If I cut all of that I wouldn’t be eating anything :D And probably have the weight of a regular Kpop idol…

  166. question for next TL:DR!!!!! 

    i’m not sure if this was asked before but in south korean schools what kind of events do they hold for the students?? like here in usa (when i was in HS) we have homecoming, prom, spirit week (where we dress up differently on different days like nerd day dress up like a nerd), prep rallies and mm can’t think of the other ones but stuff like that?????????? if not those things then do they do things that are similar??

  167. I’m guessing you guys gave up SOJU  as well…lol….because as far as I understand alcohol has  a ridiculous amount of carbs…and not the good kind of carbs…! I have a question: Do you guys indulge yourselves with something yummy once in a while? 

  168. how did you guys get spudgy?

  169. If you guys are eating eggs a lot, try to not eat the yolk…it has health benefits but there is this study that says yolks are worse for you than cigarettes in the long run. Yikes. But egg whites are a really good source of protein :)
    Martina, you’ve inspired me to change my eating habits for good! (I weigh the same as you used to..huu) my eating habits are on and off haha but it’s hard to lose weight for me..I play at a fairly elite level of sports and when I work out I lose fat but gain weight!!!! Such a win lose situation!! D=

  170. haha I get this exact reaction from my mother about white rice being an absolute essential.  I’m back in Korea this summer and recently cut out rice from my diet. I grew up with rice as a staple food, so this sudden change has made her worry for my sanity. she still always tries to sneak a spoonful on my plate (“without bab, you’re not eating!”)

    I appreciate how hard it must be to maintain a no-carb diet over here. I’ve found it pretty easy in europe but all these korean carbalicious temptations are coming back to me now.
    You both look great anyway :) keep it up! 

  171. i lost 20lbs recently and have really no clue how i did it. it shocked me one day when i had to use a belt to actually keep my pants on my body. it’s ironic too, cause i lost all the weight after i had quit going to the gym and seeing a trainer. 

  172. Your “lifestyle change” sounds very similar to the diet I’m on. It’s called 4 hour body. I think the only difference is that you would be cutting out fruit and cheese too AND you get a cheat day once a week where you can eat anything you want in order to shock your metabolism. (Cheat day is the best!)

  173. I’m guessing you guy gave up drinking SOJU as well…alcohol has ridiculous amount of carbs.!!! Question: Don’t you guys have like a day of the month to indulge yourselves with something yummy? I think that if you restrain your self from eating (not junk food but for example noodles) it can backfire you after a while…By the way…..You guys look great ..greetings from El Salvador, Central America!

  174. conratulation guys. you sure look great. I really appreciate that you say clearly it’s a lifestyle and not a ‘diet’. people often think it is to heavy to do it, but you basically can eat the ‘same meals’ like before just with few substitudes. I started with it 2 years ago when i turned 25 and can just agree with you 10000000000000000000000000000000000%

  175. If you want to get back to eating rice and noodles, the only thing you can do is start exercising regularly. Carbs are pure energy (essentially), but if you don’t exercise regularly, your body stores it as fat, which is unfortunately what happened to you guys.

    Just be careful of your low-carb diet, and make sure you’re eating enough fruits and vegetables because otherwise it can lead to complications.

    It’s good that you guys are feeling healthier. That’s all that matters. My dad’s a doctor, and he always says that if you look great, too, then that’s just the gravy on top. I hope you keep on. Kudos on making a lifestyle change instead of dieting. Hwaiting!

  176. I work in a bakery where we specialize in dietary-alternative desserts! (Basically, I am a food nerd who recognized all your “bizarre” cooking ingredients).  If I thought I could get away with it, I would absolutely send you some of the stuff I make. I think you would like the raw, vegan, gluten-free, macaroons which are sweetened with agave! They are amazing, and even better frozen (maybe I’ll email you the recipe?).

  177. I quit smoking 6 weeks ago and put on 9 pounds.  I might use some of these tips to help lose my extra baggage.

    By the way, you both look great!

  178. Thank you for sharing your weightloss regime. I’m very inspired. I live in Malaysia, where rice is also a staple, and I know a few people who have gone the less-carb route. I love rice and pasta too much to give it up entirely :) but I do think that the “caveman” diet (water, vegetables, fruits, fish and meat) is the way to go. My bro-in-law, who is diabetic, was recently in the hospital because he had some problems with one of his foot, so that was a wake-up call for my husband  who has a major sweet tooth. So he’s drinking more water now and really watching what he eats. So thanks again for sharing!

  179. FriedChickenOnew

    I do dance parties but for 15 minutes….it goes by fast! maybe try jogging with spudgy? he might scare away the locals so you don’t have to run around people hehe ;)

  180. So are there any healthy items that you would like to try with your new lifestyle that just aren’t available to you in Korea?

  181. I’ve always been curious if there’s an issue with anorexia in Korean idols because of the pressure they’re under to have a great body. It seems to be a common issue among young female western celebrities, but do K idols ever take their diets too far?

    • Yeah being skinny is kinda the it thing in Korea, I mean it’s considered normal to be 99lbs. allot of women, think they are overweight when they were actually under. I would say anorexia is big deal, even though many Korean are born with very small bodies and even with the whole rice and noddles they’re bodies are able to burn them better.

      Many Korean high schoolers are starving themselves, especially those who are bit on the heavier side once those kids hit puberty, they start feeling really horrible about themselves in appearance-obsessed Korea. Once they get into high school or college decide to lose weight for either work,sociaty or presure by others, by either starving themselves or the healthy way. There are actually facilities that teach girls to eat as little as possible. In Korea it’s considered beautiful if you have legs that don’t touch, so many women will get liposuction to achieve that look.

      So yeah I don’t think that idols starve themselves ,let’s not forget that many have they’re meals planned out by the companies. All idols have to eat otherwise dancing will become hard and they could pass out at anytime. IMany idols are put on hard workouts to lose weight before debut, but not anorexia because that could hurt they’re performing.

    • I read once an article about a doctor in Korea specialized in eating disorder and anorexia (one of the very few), who had to study in Japan because nobody knew what anorexia was in Korea when he started his specialization. I remember he said there was still a huge misinformation about eating disorders in South Korea and even that many nutritionists advise terribly unhealthy diets as healthy. Dieting in South Korea means “getting thin”, not “getting healthier”. Due to lack of general information and medical treatment, anorexia cases are severely underreported. However Korea Times posted an article that estimates one in five Korean women are undernourished.

      Considering K-pop nutritionists are paid to keep idols ‘thin’, healthy or not, it’s quite
      likely some idols, who are born with a different body type, might be suffering health issues later in life, if they keep this regime.

  182. PunkyPrincess92

    hahahahaha!!!! rice is the asian way of life!!!!! my mom can NOT go a day without rice!!!! and on a few rare days when we (me and my siblings) don’t eat rice for a meal she gets all worried like ‘oh my! you haven’t had rice all day, let me quickly make you all some rice!’ like we ain’t gonna survive or something!! i always laugh at her for it! (BUT I LOVE YOU MOM!!!) *ehem*….
    yeah…anyway if we told her we didn’t wanna eat rice any more she’d probably go all death glare on us!! 
    honestly though, i’m pretty sure i’d miss rice after a while if i did stop eating it seeing as i’ve been eating it my whole life!!

    i think you guys look good!! hope you get to your desired weight!!

  183. I saw it!!  Don’t take it….popped up on the screen…yeah its there….

  184. You guys look great! Does this mean you guys would like some low-carb care packages? Because I have an organic food store nearby… :D

  185. *applauds the lifestyle change* After my dad got diagnosed with pre-diabetes, I begged him to avoid white rice and eat brown rice, and it’s really hard on him (plus he cheats on some days by “sneakily” gorging on a bowl of noodles). But slowly he is getting healthier as I am sure S&M are and the commenters who are changing their lifestyles too. 

    Sudden change in topic!
    How are you guys with the typhoons in the area? I know Bolaven hit S.Korea, and Tenpin seems aimed for N.Korea.. I’m just wondering how you guys prepare for it.. if there is any preparations needed at all. 

  186. It’s really been working for you guys! You look so much healthier than before. I could never get rid of sugar or carbs XD I eat so much chocolate and rice all of the time… lolol

  187. Cauliflower bread cooking demo video? Plz?

  188. Simon, you mentioned Korean beer.  Did you quit drinking, or do you just swill so-jesus? 

  189.  while Martina is talking about storing rice in her ass  ” dont take it in the butt” pops up quickly! Too funny

  190. Ha, I could never give up rice or noodles even here Toronto (being a mix of two Asian backgrounds, I feel like I eat double the amount of rice, noodles and rice-noodles. So delicious, so carby). While watching this tl;dr, I tried to imagine how I’d live without rice/noodles, and the only thing I could picture is me crawling into a corner, sobbing into an empty rice bowl while listening to sad Elliott Smith songs…I think I’m addicted to carbs, you guise. D: But I try to balance things out with exercising.

    Kudos to you guys though for leading healthier lifestyles! Please post recipes!

  191. I guess I was lucky that growing up pasta and rice were a large part of almost every meal because I live on rice and ramen now along with veggies.  

  192. Here in Saudi Arabia I eat rice like EVERYDAY. and I can’t live without junk food,,, I don’t eat vegetables or fruits ever !!! 
    , knowing that I don’t exercise too ….. It’s kinda weird that I don’t gain weight !!!!

  193. I think it’s okay to drink milk, as long as it’s low fat milk or skimmed milk :)
    by the way, I agree that you should share the homemade eggplant lasagna recipe! or show how to make it in OpenTheHappy~

  194. What is your weight loss app? ^^

  195. I’d love to know more about this cauliflower bread :).  A recipe perhaps for all you new good dishes?  Have you made cauliflower rice yet, it’s one of my favorites.  And cauliflower mashed potatoes aren’t too bad either.

    I too noticed the extra weight rice was adding to my body after 2 years in Korea and several months ago made a lifestyle change just like you guys to avoid more carbs.  The trouble is they’re just my favorite ;)

    Do you find it difficult to get the products you need.  For example, I’d love some reduced fat cheese which is SO common in America but in Korea it’s non-existent.  Certain things like that make me frustrated as I adjust my eating habits but still have to accept a higher calorie food despite knowing others exist!

  196. I’m trying to change my lifestyle as well, but it’s horribly hard as my mom is the one who buys all the junk in the house. In the supermarkets, she wants to buy junk but I try to stop her from buying… ._.  At least I got the drink part away, i only drink water and rarely, lemonade ever since I was 10 years old.

  197. Congrats, guise, and best of luck on the whole change in lifestyle. ^^

    I’m so, SO glad that I was raised on rice, btw. xD

    My fatness comes from sugar and lazy – although I do exercise/DDR/play Just Dance several times a week to balance out the junk I eat. :P

    When I was successfully losing weight, I was keeping a journal of what/when I ate, when/how I exercised, and I stopped eating after 7:30pm (8 if it’s a weekend). The foods I ate didn’t even matter (assuming I wasn’t just gorging on stuff) because I was aware that I’d be typing it in, so I controlled how much of things I ate so as to not feel guilty later. What a coincidence that when I stopped keeping the journal that I gained ten pounds. Look at how shocked I am. o:

  198. Can we see a video of one of your dance parties??

  199. Hey! I didn’t use add blocker. Enjoy the monies honies (honeys?).

  200. Way to go, Simon and Martina!! :D Lifestyle changes are much harder than diets (cuz you can’t bribe yourself, haha)
    Your diet sounds similar to mine! Haha, I suddenly developed a gluten sensitivity in March/April. Goodbye all wheat type things (wtf. soy sauce has gluten in it.) I don’t eat much rice typically since I view it like a dessert, cuz it’s so tasty haha!
    Martina – would you be willing to share your cauliflower, egg, and cheese bread recipe?? It sounds really tasty!

  201. Bread out of cauliflower, egg and cheese? Sounds interesting for the next video. :) Btw, both of you do look great and healthier. Congratulations!

  202. You guys can eat brown rice rather than white rice. It has more nutrients! ^^

  203. What about dark chocolate? Eating that is good for you, especially the 80% cocoa stuff. And it’s delicious. And science has said if you eat more dark chocolate you weight less than others who don’t.

    If I totally could, I would send you a fan basket of fruits and veggies (my mom has a huge garden) but I don’t think they would make the trip. I also give you full props for giving up white flour. I love Italian food way too much to give it up. And recently, this summer, I tried udon for the first time in my life. And it was delicious.

    Good luck on losing those last couple pounds!

  204. I donno where should i ask this question..but i wonder, some idol endorse some school uniform company like skoolooks (beast), is school uniform are like fashion/ trend in korea..?? like raining boots…

  205. Rice is also a staple food in the Philippines, especially white rice. Brown rice is quite hard to find nowadays and sometimes it’s quite expensive too. I used to eat a lot of processed/junk/fast foods but now I try curb my intake as much as possible. I used to hate vegetables but I’m now very fond of them. Hypertension and diabetes is quite prevalent in our family, and I still want to live long and go on a world tour (that includes visiting South Korea hehe ^^) so I think it’s not yet too late to start eating and living healthy. I definitely understand how difficult it is to give up on some things, but you guys did an awesome job! Hope you can keep it up! :)

  206. For awhile now i’ve been watching your vids and thinking, “Hey, they look like they’ve lost weight!” Don’t give up and kudos for sticking to it! 

  207. I just love coconut oil, so many health benefits, and the best facial moisturiser bar none. I eat a teaspoon straight everyday. I’ve been giving up sugar too, and your tastes DO change, exactly like you guyz said. I find eating more *good* fats and protein keeps me fuller and I do crave  sweets less. Not a fan of white rice (prefer brown) so that’s not a problem, and my boyfriend and I discovered low carb gluten-free noodles which actually taste nice! In summer I might try zucchini noodles, but I have to buy the whizz bang gadget to make them first…

  208. I’m glad you guys are feeling healthy! ^____^ That’s the most important thing. It doesn’t hurt that you look fabulous, too. XD
    I’ve also been losing some weight with a low carb diet. The hardest thing for me is nigiri sushi that I can’t get sashimi style. OTL Other than that, I’ve been able to avoid white rice pretty easily!
    Do you guys eat a lot of fruit, or is it too expensive in Korea?

  209. I have celiac disease, so I’m gluten-free. I bake a lot with bob’s red mill GF stuff. Do you guys have a hard time finding those sorts of products in Korea?

  210. It’s an Asian thing to eat rice and carbs…..I don’t know why but we just do. I won’t feel full unless I eat rice. And congratulations for losing so much weight!!!

    p/s: I bet everyone who sent in those junk feel guilty. :P

  211. I can’t understand how can you cut off milk… It’s so cold~~! :D And healthy for your bones

  212. Ugh…I hate diets. I’m always on one (like now…I’m not eating meat and limit carbs and calories by a lot). The whole lifestyle thing…I’ve lost 70lbs by completely changing how I eat things but it took over a year to do it. I don’t eat fast food, fried food, I limit sweets to frozen yogurt only, I exercise (youtube exercise vids, dancing to kpop songs, Just Dance, walking, biking, weights, etc), and I mainly use Kpop as inspiration cause they are all so beautiful. Soo I diet to lose more weight. I still have a tons more weight to lose but this has inspired me to stick to my diet! 

    Old Food Weakness: Cake with butter creme icing, french fries
    New Food Weakness: broccoli, cabbage, carrots

    • FIGHTING~ We also have a technique to keep away from our most terrible weaknesses. We think of it as poison disguised as food.  Like if I want to eat a whole bunch of gummy candies, I look at the side panel and say, “corn syrup and glucose fructose” A-HAAAA! POISON! And then I bake something healthier but I cut the recipe until it’s only enough for portions for one or two people. Like a coconut blueberry muffins with coconut whipped cream, YUMMY and healthy. :D

    • Ohh.  Congrats.  I bought a treadmill and cut out lots and have lost 90 lbs so far..so I am right there with you.  However, luckily rice is something I can eat.  I too use Kpop as my muse and inspiration-so cool to find someone who has a similar mentality.  So Fighting!  May we both achieve our goals in good health.

  213. u didnt appear overweight at all to me before your diet

    dunno why you guys are trying so hard
    i understand if it is a health issue but appearance wise u guys were fine haha

  214. you guys are one of the few people who are eating correctly, having too many cards or sugars will raise your insulin levels, which will cause your body to store fat rather than burn it. Good stuff.

    •  Yay! That’s exactly why we’re cutting out certain sugars that spike our blood sugar and make us mopey.  We noticed a crazy energy difference after one week of starting this lifestyle change and I’ll never cook with white sugar again.

      • I am a bit jealous of people who can cut sugars out.  I have low blood sugar and usually have to drink juice or something that contains sugar to keep my levels up.  It is odd since everyone else in my family has the opposite problem.  It is making weight loss difficult but not impossible.  Any ideas from any Nasties as to how I can work around this more??

  215. Congats, you guys look really healthy and a lot thinner =D

  216. Gah, you guise, you’re breaking down my argument in favor of carbs! I’ve been on a mission for weight loss for about a year now, and it’s been a slow progress. I’ve been trying low fat, but I’ve been told to cut carbs out of my diet. Me=total and complete carb addiction
    Maybe seeing how amazing you guys look will encourage me to finally take that awful leap into healthy living :P
    But seriously, keep rocking it guys! You’re an inspiration to all of us unhealthy eaters!! :D

  217. Wow! Simon lost  a lot and Martina too but it is more noticeable on Martina than Simon! 

  218. I’m not even from an Asian country and we eat rice every day and it’s not even a side dish ;_; now I know why I’m fat…T^T

  219. I think in Asia it’s easier to lost weight, first because for breakfast it’s not cereal or bread or pancakes etc.. but it’s rice and vegetable with fish or chicken.. it’s better for healt and you don’t take weight lol

    After rice do make you get weight of course but nothing as cereal + milk + orange juice + something else lol Or pancakes with bacon with milk with something else lol

  220. How is that cauliflower bread? My nephew has a huge range of allergies that alienate a lot of alternative foods for him, so I’m always looking to try something new for him. :)

    You guys look awesome, btw. Glad your hard work is paying off!

  221. *flash* don’t take it in the but !!! love the SUJU references XD

  222. That eggplant lasagna sounds delicious! Would you mind sharing the recipe or posting an Open the Happy segment with instructions on how to prepare it? 

    I would love to make one of my own!

  223. Ausangel26

    Keep up the good work, both in ur lifestyle (food choices) and videos!

  224. Congrats! You guys look a lot healthier too. :D

  225. I think it’s great that you guys are making the changes. I was honestly shocked to hear your weights, I always thought you guys looked fine x_x. But I know what it’s like to want to lose weight in Korea. My first year there, I lost 25 pounds without really trying. It was just cutting back on everything and not eating as much in general. Then again, I have a lot more weight to lose than you guys (I’m 195)… x_x;; But then I went home to the US and gained most of the weight back. HOWEVER! I am going BACK to Korea a in a couple of days so hopefully I will lose the weight again, and then some. Yaaaay! Anyway, go weight loss! FIGHTING!

  226. Sounds awesome, congratulations on your weightloss guys ^^
    remember that eggs does contain quite a lot of cholesterol.. there is also a lot of “healthy” fat in nuts, so.. you can always eat these things.. but a good advice is to do it moderately ^^ 
    What about Coke? Do you guys drink that or cut that out as well?
    Btw. you guys look FAAAAAABOULUS!!!

    • No, no coke, no sodas.  Well, we sometimes use a diet Coke for a mixed drink, but we’re not really soda drinkers.  Just water, mostly :D

    •  Actually, eggs are quite healthy and the “whole eggs raise your cholesterol” thing is a myth.

      ” people with normal cholesterol
      levels and no family history of cardiovascular disease should not worry
      about eating one to two eggs a day. There’s more overall nutritional
      benefit than harm to be gained from eating “nutrient-dense” eggs — in
      moderation, he said. Egg contains a higher quality protein than protein found in meat, milk or fish.
      egg is a significant source of vitamins A and E, and B vitamins B-6,
      B-12 and folate, which are known to lower blood levels of homocysteine,
      an independent risk factor for heart disease.”

      (From: http://www.unisci.com/stories/20014/1029013.htm)

  227. Soon.. eat your kimchi will changes their name!!!! it shall be… EATYOURKIMCHI NOT YOUR RICE! XDDDD

  228. I eat so much rice a day. Like I can deal with two bowls per meal. Maybe if I stop too I can go from 45 to 40? ^^ /hopeful

  229. wow i should try this! you guys look much more fit and healthy and i envy you guys coz doing it together is much easier ><

  230. Oh wow i admire you guys for your determination o_o I grew up eating rice & noodles (i can’t live without rice) but i’m not skinny like the Koreans ㅠ_ㅠ

  231. citrics are also good fr loosing weight!! apparently, they speed up the metabolism!

  232. Did Simon have to cut out ranch on this diet as well? I love fatty salad dressing T^T

  233. You guys really do look wonderful I’m always gobsmacked at how freakin pretty Martina is and the handsome-ness of the Dothraki man warrior :)

  234. By reading other people comments… Seems the rice industry will go bankrupt! haha kidding ^^//

  235. I love you guys …..Congratulations

  236. I’m starting University in a few days(i haven’t packed anything yet O_O) and I’ve been wanting to loose weight for ages now, so I think I’ll try to do your no carbs diet too…let’s see if that works haha~

  237.  You guys inspire me to want to lost a little bit of weight! I would say I’m Martina’s level right now, but there’s just that LITTLE EXTRA, you know what I mean? So I’m going to stop eating the rice! XD LET’S WORK HARD TOGETHER! :)

  238. I’ve noticed how much weight you’ve lost in recent vids ^^ Congratulations 축하해~
    Basically, rice is important to most Asian countries, it’s like our way of life ^^ How you live without rice is beyond me o____o I will die if I don’t eat rice for a day! Anyways CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS *I don’t know what Korean they sing here* 축하합니다~

  239. Well for me both meal seems delicious !! So I wouldn’t care about a diet with you !

  240. I just started cutting down on carbs and for me, it’s been the most difficult step to take. I’m from Asia where rice is common (like in Korea) and i LOVE pasta and potatoes (I seriously love potatoes, like fries, mashed, baked, chopped, diced – you name it!). It’s been so hard to cut down but if you guys can cut it out totally then I guess I can too :D

  241. good job guys!! Keep on with the epic dance times

  242. You are both an inspiration to others no matter what you get up to. This is totally awesome. You both look great.

  243. I’m quite fine living fat and uncomfortable. If I only live to be 25, at least I’ll die eating whatever the hell I want.

    • We were at that point for a while.  When we were gaining weight, we just thought that we’d get snugglier as a result.  But we didn’t feel good, you know?  Not just aesthetically, but we didn’t feel healthy.  We FEEL a lot better now.  More energy, better rested, less bloated.  I think we’ve even been getting sick less.  Sure, we don’t eat whatever the hell we want anymore, but we kinda don’t want the things that we wanted before.  They taste different now!

      • its not just ‘feeling’. In fact you ARE healthier, since fat for example sticks on our veins after a time so they get tighter and less blood floats to the heart and so on and so on. But to be honest i used to think same.

  244. I’ve cut out most carbs from my diet too and it really works! Lost about 4-5kg. Of course I do cheat once in awhile, eating french fries, pasta, noodles, etc, but generally in smaller portions than previously. 
    It’s easier to eat healthier now cos it’s become a habit already.

  245. We eat rice everyday at my home :/

  246. Here in the Philippines, rice is also some sort of required food. Hahaha. I guess I’ll try that out. I gained 3 kilos since last year and I don’t wanna gain anymore XD Thanks you guys, and you do look great!! :)

  247. so, no white rice? I think I’m going to do that now.. gotta lose some fat.. XD thank you guys!

  248. Congrats on your weight loss.  My wife’s been doing the same thing more or less (though she does eat a little rice in the morning, but not in the evening).

    So how long ago did you start this diet/lifestyle change?  Just curious how long it took to take effect.

  249. you guys look great!! well done ^^

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