Now THIS is a question we get asked all the time. Really, at least once every two days. Especially if we start a Tumblr or Twitter chat session with people, the question always pops up of how we’re doing what we’re doing. Not that we’re annoyed with anyone for asking. Our families barely understand what we’re doing or how we’re doing it, and how it is that we haven’t starved to death shivering somewhere. Blogging for a living isn’t exactly a career that school prepares you for, and it’s not even a career that many people know exist.

It’s hard to even call this a career. Not that it technically isn’t. It’s just, well: when we grew up hearing the word “career” it came with images of people in suits commuting to work, probably downtown from 9-5. Very Mad Men-esque: just without the alcoholism, misogyny, and infidelity.

But we don’t “go” to work. We don’t have a dress code to follow. We don’t have a boss to speak to. There’s no threat of being fired if we mess up. There’s no water-cooler conversations. No team building exercises. We…just make videos and blog posts.

Some people have called us “entrepreneurs” which is something we’re also uncomfortable with. Entrepreneurs, in our minds, are people that have big dreams of starting a company, and then become a lean startup and hope to get funding from venture capitalists, and then they hire a bunch of staff to help their company grow, or something like that. We don’t fit into that category either, because neither of us ever dreamt of having our own business. It just sorta happened and we thought, “hey, can we make a living off just making videos and blog posts?”

Sure, there’s a lot more to “just” doing that. We don’t just whip out our cameras, fart around for a bit, click the magic edit and upload button, then dance around singing “YOUTUBE MONEY!”. Our work schedules are insane and all our close friends know how little free time we actually have. Prepping for a video means getting ready to be on camera (like, showering, for starters, putting on makeup and picking outfits to wear, buying new wigs and props to use in our videos), setting up the tripod, lights, focus, audio equipment, power cables, positioning in front of the camera, such and such. Once we’re all ready, talking in front of the camera is easy enough…or is it? You might have seen with our massive blooper collection, we spend a buttload of time messing up what we’re trying to say. OH! We didn’t even factor in the time that it takes for us to prepare what we have to say, especially with music videos: we watch them a whole lot of times, look for stuff, think about what we like and dislike about the videos, discuss with each other, create skits, head to the store and see if there are CDs to give away, read thousands of answers and pick a few for the giveaway, such and such.

The above paragraph is getting too beefy for me to want to carry on writing, both for fear of boring you and boring ourselves. Let’s just say we put A LOT of work into making these videos and maintaining this website beyond what just shows up in the final video.

The point of it all is this: some people might call us entrepreneurs for our work habits. Really, though, we’re just doing what we’re passionate about, which is why we’re so hesitant to call our work a career or ourselves entrepreneurs. We started out doing something just for fun, and by applying the work habits of people who take their jobs very seriously, we turned our hobby into an awesome paying job! Basically, you can say we’re just seriously having fun and are really happy doing what we’re doing! :D

We’re lucky enough that some of you like our site and our videos, which we’re extremely happy for, and we’re lucky enough to be making enough money to live off of our site, which we’re extremely happy for as well. We’ve been hesitant to answer this question for so long, because we’re worried that we’re jinxing it by saying anything about it. We’re still in a state of awe and extreme gratitude.

So, thank you, every one, for your support in watching our videos and visiting our site. We put in a lot of hours, days, and sleepless nights in getting these videos and posts up, but if it weren’t for you spending the minutes to watch our videos and leave us feedback and lovely comments, we’d definitely have stopped by now. We hope to be able to do more in the future, to get more segments and to start new shows, to get some people in on the videos with us, and to keep on adding fun stuff to the site. We have so many ideas, just not enough time or people-power to do it!

Thank you, ALL YOU NASTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

**edit: For those of you asking about why Simon stopped teaching, the answer is in the comments below**

  1. what for editing programme do you use? :3

  2. I just disabled adblock from your website
    And I feel better now.

  3. I disabled adblock for you website,
    I feel better now!

  4. I only just started using AdBlock, as I couldn’t stand the amount of stuff I was getting on other pages. It was actually effecting the download speed of pages I loaded.
    However, as soon as you mentioned that it was part of your revenue, I went and changed my settings just for your page. Even before I had AdBlock, I always found that the EYK page had subtler ads than a lot of others webpages that I have come across. The ease of the newer looking website on the eyes makes it a great experience, to go along with the brilliant videos

  5. I noticed you guys use copyrighted music and show music video clips on your YouTube videos. I was wondering how you get paid through those videos without getting in trouble with copyright infringement? Or does it apply to Fair Use?

  6. I spent half the video wondering whether you still make money off ads if I have my adblock on. And then you said no, and I felt bad and turned it off for this site. Keep making your amazing videos!

  7. Hey guys! Love your videos! I was born in Seoul but moved when I was little to the States. I love to see how it looks now. It’s totally different from when I was there. My hamoni lived a little outside the city where we would go to open air markets. It was so fun. I also remember eating roasted silkworms from a street vendor on the way home from dance/pagent class with my hadabaji. Have you guys tried those? So, are you two going to be living there indefinitly? I was just curious how much American influence is there such as radio stations and television programing. I also wanted to know what address we can send you all stuff. Keep up the good work! I truly appreciate it!!! :-)

  8. What kind of visa do you have, then? You’re both foreigners, but neither of you is employed by a Korean company. How is it you’re able to stay in Korea without working for a Korean company?

  9. I just turned Adblock off for eatyourkimchi.com. Feel special, you guys are the only website on my white list~ ♥

  10. Thank you Simon and Martina for posting these amazing videos

  11. i stopped the ad blocker for u guys. wish good luck in your company and more videos for me to watch

  12. You know, I will never complain about having to watch another damn political commercial ever again. We have it made here in the U.S that would be absolute torture…like having to smell smoked fish every night during the summer torture.

  13. I watched the video that got EYK a lot of hate comments and I just have to say it is HILARIOUS! I mean wow, I thought that was something people would only see on tv!

  14. I have been quite emotional recently so I might read this later and feel embarrassed but I would never regret my message which is just how much I want you both to succeed. I wasn’t there from the beginning, though a while now and watching this hobby become something so wonderful is just awe-inspiring. Like me, I am sure many other nasties didn’t know how hard it has been for you. Listening to your story, I was crying near the end and I just wanted to add my voice to the many here in encouraging you to follow your dreams.

    You are both so endearing and I love the crackling chemistry between you. Most of all, I love your sincerity and I think that is why people have responded with so much love and loyalty, not that I am trying to ‘inform’ you. I just wanted to affirm things for you, with all those other voices in times of doubt. You have a really unique style and honest voice as well as creative ideas and tons of natural charisma and talent. Please do not ever second guess yourself or listen to the voice of cynicism. I wish you prosperity at every curve and success upon success. Nasty for lyfe!

  15. I was kind of getting the impression that you (Simon) had some troubles with your teaching experience since that video you two did where you talked about how Martina always had the opportunity to participate in student events and outings while you had to stay behind your rainy window. :[

    After watching a variety of videos about teachers' experiences in Korea, it has sort of given me the impression that guys tend to get the short end of the stick; not that gender is always relevant, but it's definitely something they look at.

    Regardless, I'm glad you two found a way to continue to help and entertain people on such a massive scale in a way that makes you happy and allows you to be together. :]

  16. Literally just turned off my adblocker for eatyourkimchi.com so that Spudgy could eat. Whatever it takes, guys. Whatever it takes.

  17. i don’t know where the add is

  18. couldn’t you have gone to martina’s school afterwards?

  19. I went back this week and watched or re-watched and liked the 444 videos on your channel, that was fun. I’ll do the other channels and hidden vids some other WE.  :) 

  20. I realized I was lax so I went back this week and watched or re-watched and liked the 444 videos on your channel, that was fun.  I’ll do the other channels some other WE.  

  21. Hope things for you keep going well…I love your videos and keep being awesome!!!

  22. Dear Simon & Martina,


    I think Martina was born to teach, and she should only take a 1-year sabbatical or break from teaching to build-up an inventory of videos, which you do not release immediately. I think it is criminal that Martina is not teaching.


    Part of the appeal of your videos is that they are homevideos. If you start hiring people and focusing on technical improvements; they may become corporate videos.


    I would think Simon would be a good teacher too. One does need to speak Korean in order to be able to explain things to their students, who don’t speak English, and to be undistracted by the language to focus on creative, fun, lessons.


    It is impressive that you can make a living blogging full-time. I would be unable to accomplish that feat. However, even if you won the lottery; Martina should still teach school. If Michelangelo stopped painting, because he won the lottery at a young age; we would have missed out. I realize you cannot make a video without Martina. Simon should consider tutoring part-time or working part-time in a non-teaching job in Korea. One or both of
    you teaching; gives your videos their authenticity; their pizaz.


    Disney’s pinnacle of animation was “Snow White” when the company was small. The quality of Disney films began heading south, when the Disney Company became big and Walt went from 1-feature film per-year to three features per year. The hand-painted animation-cells of “Snow White” became the Xeroxed animation-cells of “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”.


    Women are delicate and mysterious. The wise husband keeps his wife genuinely happy. I think Martina is happiest teaching school.

  23. I wish you all the best, Simon and Martina. I know how hard and stressful it is to depend only on one source of money, which in case of adsense is pretty unreliable on top of that. I think this video was actually a very good thing to do, as many people – including me – turned off their adblocks for your website after watching it.
    Good luck guys, and stay positive :)

  24. Hi Simon and Martina… I’ve always been wondering how religion is regarded in Korea. I mean there are Christians, Buddists, atheists and Muslims (I think)… how do they interact together? is it like Canada and the US where it is multi cultural and multi religion community and its common to have friends from other religions? or is more like seperate groups sorta thing? and …Thank you for your amazing videos!

  25. I use Adblock, but after watching this I’ve disabled it on the eyk domain to help support you guys a little. :) Keep up the great work!

  26. well I hope you do get the visa! because I plan on going to Korea after I finish uni, and would apply to work for you lol and hope i get hired.

  27. Does it help you or give you more money if we click on the ads? I will click on every one every day if it get’s you more money! :) 

  28. You guys should get an intern. They can even do the videos you want to but never get around to making due to time constraints or vacation.
    Never miss a Music Monday again! =D

  29. im sorry to hear about your bad experiences, but im really glad that you decided to expand further! you have my full support! 

  30. simon and martina how do you teach a 4 week old kitten to use the restroom in the liter box?


    I WANT AND CAN FILM AND EDIT YOUR OSOM VIDEOS (thanks to my OSOM audiovisual lessons at my high school : 8hrs a week) BUT… I begin studies in September and that… for 2 years T_T’ (HOPEFULLY, it’s all about HTML muhaha! and computer graphics :D)

    Oh, I’ll pray for the next 2 years so that I’ll have a chance to work for and with you.. ! 
    I love you and you’re doing an osom job (HUM yes except your first videos KKK) !

  32. Hey guys! I was wondering what your opinions were of variety/reality~ish shows like We Got Married.  It seems like WGM is very popular in Korea, but to me, it just seems really weird and set up.  Do people in Korea feel the same way or is it just me?

  33. Greetings from England! We watch a lot of Korean dramas and were just wondering what’s the fascination with blood types? It seems that everyone knows their blood types and the personality they supposedly have. We don’t know what our height is, let alone our blood types! -Jess and Megan :)

  34. My dad works in art for a living, which you can guess, is not an easy thing to do. Other than my mom who helps the accounting and some schedule-managing, it’s basically just him doing all the work. He always jokes that he’s the only employee, only boss, and only janitor in his business. His studio in our house is probably just about the size of your living room and kitchen (from what I can tell form your videos, anyway). He’s also not the type of artist who just sits around waiting for galleries to make his paintings sell either. Up until a few years ago he was working to get portrait commissions at a shopping mall stand that you usually see selling overpriced cell phone cases. When I was a baby, he was sketching portraits for strangers at Central Park, rain or shine. Now, he sells his own paintings by driving around the country to various art fairs in many states. He’s driven as far as the Midwest for shows in his own cargo van loaded with his paintings and tent equipment, and I don’t get to see him for 2-3 months. Sometimes he has to get up as early as 4 AM to set up his tent, and all the storage for his paintings in his van are made by himself. It’s basically a one man army, but he still calls himself an entrepreneur with a small business of his own.

  35. Have you guys heard of 50 shades of grey? Haha what do you guys think about it?

  36. Ahhh Simon, you experienced first-hand of the biggest flaw of Korean education system. There’s a reason why Koreans score so high on tests, and that’s because they’re literally trained to do that. It’s not that it’s a bad way to teach, but it really stifles the creativity development of Korean kids. You can see this flaw in the whole Samsung vs. Apple lawsuit. Now I know software patents shouldn’t exist for various reasons, but the verdict is that Samsung copied a lot of Apple’s software code. Apple created many innovative products while Samsung copies them, but makes them slightly better. So yeah, Korean creativity is very low and the school system should change their methods, but doing so will get many conservative Koreans all riled up about being too similar to Western culture.

  37. Hi my name is Miyoun from S. Korea.
    I really like your videos and sometimes surprised because few things that you guys talked are absolutely normal for me. :D
    wanna meet you :)
    Have great time in Korea

  38. Props to you two! It really must be tough initially, I wonder how much you can earn from the ads though lol. As for China, they can’t view youtube so perhaps you want to upload to tudou or youku as well.

  39. now disabled adblock on your site. never really considered that it affected you guys *__*;

  40. I have sooo much respect for you guys now, waaay more respect than I did before, and I already respected you guys a lot.

  41. The reason your China viewers re-upload your videos to other sites is probably because YouTube is blocked by the Great Firewall and not viewable in China without a VPN. VPNs aren’t always reliable and the censors are discovering and blocking them all the time. Not sure if youku (China’s ‘youtube’) has the same partnership thing that youtube has though to go around the problem…

  42. Thats amazing i was planning on doing a vlog. I don’t like ad’s but for you guys i’ll watch with ad’s only you. :)

  43. Well I am a fan of your site, I come and enjoy contents you maid, so I thank you very much. I am not a vlogger but I did some video editing stuff (amateur of course), so I know how time consuming it is. Not exactly very hard, but it takes a lot of time… I thought somehow you have some ways to get sufficient money, I am very sorry to hear that you guys are having hard time. Best wishes for everything, and good luck for the business visa!

  44. hi, could you please do a video on dog and cat meat in Korea? I’m really confused about it in korea because I’ve heard that koreans eat dog and cat meat but I was wondering if you could go into more detail about it, because I don’t want to be misunderstanding anything! Thank you!

  45. How about making EYK an app? You can place adds before and after every video. The phone market is really growing all over the world, it makes sense that you guys can profit from this too.

  46. How about making a new video: “How to maximize S&M profits for dummies.” I would not mind giving you guys a 3 to 5 mins out of my day, specially after all you do for fans.

  47. Dear Martina,
     How do you cut your bangs? :D

  48. Hey, my TL;DR question is how does Korean food accommodate vegetarians, vegans, etc.. ? Because I’m a vegetarian (well, technically it is called “peskatarian” but I really, really, can’t stand the sound of that word) and when my family takes me out to some Asian restaurants there is little to no choice on the menu that is accommodating to me. I’m not as picky as some and I don’t really care if Ramen is made with a sort of broth, meat just upsets my stomach so I tend to pick it out; but I was just wondering do they not accommodate people with these needs/specifications and how do people response when “veg heads,” like myself, tell them that they are vegetarians?

  49. Dear Simon and Martina,
     I’m sure you heard about BEAST’s Junhyung and KARA’s Goo Hara dating. Can you tell us how you feel about this? :3

  50. Dear Simon and Martina,I’m sure you heard about BEAST’s Junhyung and KARA’s Goo Hara dating each other. Can you tell us how you feel about it? :3

  51. Why do we watch your videos? Especially those of us who have been around a while? Because we are boring nerds toooooooooo! Ok well, I am. o.O  So glad you guys got to work together and have a good job. Good luck with the biz license.

  52. I just watched the video you guys uploaded that made the korean educational system mad at you and this is my honest opinion.. i loosley use kinda know why that made them upset.. but dude im soo totally on your side .. In Puerto Rico they do that all the friggin time.. it does get annoying.. my condolences lol… i hope you guise are living a couple stories higher now. :)

  53. I see in a lot of doramas, people when they don’t have where to go, they sleep in the sauna, i think, is this common?? i am seeing ”I do I do”   and he is sleeping in the sauna, and there are a lot of people there, why???

  54. i loved your old videos….convenience store raid, your restaurant reviews…they were the best 

  55. Oh no, I had no idea about the ad blockers. I selected “Do not run on this page” so the ads will always show up when I visit the site from now on. :D

  56. I was always really interested in knowing how that had come about and I was a bit surprised when you mentioned what a tough year you had towards the end and how Martina missed her students, that was really touching! I’m glad you guys are doing much better now and everything has been working out thus far!! Good luck getting that business license! And I shall not close the ads! xD

  57. I really really really hate ads. I have an exception in ad-blocker for your site. That’s how I show my love for you guys. Bought a few t-shirts to make up for the time I had them blocked. Are we even? :D

  58. I have a question for your TL;DR. I know you both quit teaching to do full-time blogging. But what are some other careers besides that and teaching English that foreigners can do? I’ve heard that it’s nearly impossible to find any type of job besides teaching English, even if you’re fluent in Korean. Is this true? Do you have any friends who are foreigners that do something besides teaching over there? Thanks!

  59. you have the best job in the world, and omg, if editing a video takes like 2 days or something, how do you make kpop music mondays!? you must be fast, because the kpop charts close on sundays right? anyways, i love your videos :D

  60. het ad block, fu– hahaha oh simon such a potty mouth XD

  61. I . . . I feel terrible.  I always use ad blockers, because i hate ads, but i love this site. Ill find out how to ad exceptions.  Id hate to see that little blue fur ball be anything but happy. 

  62. I’m really glad you posted this! I really appreciate all the work and effort that you guys put in making videos every week. They really are amazing and I’m glad I found out about them. I think you do a fantastic job and I wish you all the best!!!

  63. Video-Editor here. (Though it’s a hobby.)
    YES. YES. YES.
    Edit a 3-min-vid? Okay, it takes you up to 8 hours (if it’s effect-heavy). IT. TAKES. SO. MUCH. TIME. EDITORS. NEED. MORE. RECOGNITION. I mean I cannot imagine how long it would take to edit a movie. OH GAWD.
    Okay. Anyway, I get what you guys mean. Rant over.

    • You know what’s funny? A lot of people think they can keep voting for [Kpop Music Mondays] until Monday, when the video is relased, because….it only takes 10 minutes to make the video right?
      WRONG. =_=

  64. Hey Simon ! BEST. SHIRT. EVAR !

  65. I don’t like advertising but i always watch it. I mean, now I know what scientology is… and, maybe someday it will be useful information… I think… (?)

  66. Curious- what visa are you guys under now?? Is it possible to stay in Korea without the school’s support?

  67. I can’t remember if I read this anywhere or not… but what camera do you guys use to record all the stuff you do? Me and my fiance are thinking of starting a gaming blog, but we have no idea where to even start as far as camcorders go…

  68. Keep going you two!!! You are the most inspiring  people i ever saw (well… kinda met by the videos too xD) Yay for Martina’s school who supported you Simon! I hope that you both will overcome all the obstacles on the road to eatyourkimchi’s happiness! Thinking about buying myself a t-shirt now =) I’m one of your most loyal fans! Lot’s of love and support!!!

  69. -takes adblock off- sorry guise i’ll make sure you feed your meemers :3

  70. I hope you keep making videos for a very long time, I really enjoy them, and I look forward to them every week:) I will be supporting you the best I can! Keep up the good work! :)

  71. I actually don’t know how to put and adblock on my internet, and for this I am actually glad ^^ But I’m not very computer savvy, so yeaaaah…
    Anyway, I love what you do, and I hope you keep it up ^^ Also, I am TOTALLY going to save up to buy a tee shirt because I really want one. 

  72. guys, i know how you feel. i’m broke and eating shin ramyun for 2 weeks now :*(

  73. Thank you guise for your hard work ! ^^ All of your videos are great and I really reaaaally appreciate all the time you put in them. Seriously, you two are so funny ! ^o^ I love watching your videos♥ Simon & Martina & Spudgy & Dr. Meemmersworth FIGHTING ! ouo♥

  74. mekko

    Are you guys thinking of ever partnering with other couples/people in Japan and/or China? Helping create a sister site of Eat Your Nori, or something like that, since it’s so evident that you’ve fallen in love with Korea, and probably aren’t going to be leaving any time soon? And thank you for all of your hard work. I just wish there were some people creating such informative, silly and pop culture oriented videos and blogs about other East Asian countries.

  75. hey simon and martina , can you guys make a TLDR about plastic/cosmetic surgery in Korea? I heard that the ads are everywhere, the surgeon clinic are everywhere..its has become a norm and common present.. would love to hear your personal opinion vs the mindset of the citizen.

  76. Guys Im so sorryyyyyyy. I Have had an addblock I and  I’ve been watching your videos all this time not knowing that your not getting suport if I have that on. Is it possible to get that way that I can choose wichs sites its on and wich off. I really want to support your work!!

  77. omg once your business goes up and you’re still looking for a video editor in like 3 years I’M SO YOUR GIRL!!! lol (currently college student) mm hmm mm hmm mm hmm!! (emperors new groove lol)

  78. I’m curious what visa you guys are on as well. I’m an editor and if I were to go freelance, I could really live anywhere. One of those destinations, in my hypothetical plans, is Korea. A three month visitor visa would be fine at first, but I’m curious what other options there are, and looking on the official site with all the visa info I’m  still not sure what visa would cover an independent self-employed worker who makes all her money out of the country.

  79. Oh dear i’m one of those who uses ad blocks hahaha. I shall disable the ad blocks for your site ^^

  80. LOVED this post!!!!!! You guys are awesome! Thanks for doing this! I send links to a friend who just moved to Korea to teach English, and he appreciates K-Crunch Indie particularly. 

  81. Thank you for your hard work <3
    I really love your videos :D They are all good, no matter how old/quality ^^
    I discovered your site and your videos in spring 2010 :)
    (I am NOT using any adblocker btw ^^)

    Editing videos is a time-muncher at its best. A friend who works for a construction company had to create a commercial for her company and we edited it (magix video deluxe is like suuuper slow to work with T___T) and added subs in English, French and Spanish. Finishing that few minutes of video took so long :/

    Do you guys have your macbooks to do all the work or do you also have a more powerful imac with 16gb or 32gb of RAM to do the most of editing/exporting?
    (my inner geek is soo curious, yeah :D) 
    An eatyourkimchi video-shooting-editing-studio-tour/a day in the life (like your 200th video) would be soooooooo awesome ^^

  82. As some others have mentioned, let us donate for you guys. :) I’m in no need for T-shirts at the moment, but I would absolutely wire some money to you.

    • Yeah, a couple of bucks a month or whenever is very affordable. 

      Just hold on a sec…let me just cut off the two kids I’m sponsoring in the Philippines. Alrighty, done. 

      Also, I wouldn’t even consider it donation. I feel like I’m receiving an “entertainment/education” service anyway. It’s nice to see a 5-10 minute high production video nearly everyday anyway.

  83.  As a fledgling blogger myself, I was wondering if you had any tips for how to get a blog going?
    how did it begin to become a source of income for you? Was it through ads, donations, both, or something different entirely?I’m a huge fan of you guys, you’re my heroes!

  84. From a comment I saw on Youtube, you guys should set up a Paypal account and add a button somewhere on your site so we can donate to you guys. 

  85. YES SIMON and MARTINA! I will Love you forever,
    and I love the ads that I hate, 
    Just for your sake! 

  86. i so love eatyourkimchi simonandmartina spudyandmeemers. God Bless this family i love you guise so much! more powers. eatyourkimchi forever!

  87. (to martina)
    Hey martina! :D,
    enjoying to beautiful u?  i am, cant wait for the next ep!
    anyway, cant wait for ur wank/fapfap :)

    ~kthxbye ^-^

  88. I spent (an incredibly brief) time teaching in Thailand a month or so a go, I too hated the administration but loved the kids (all 450 that I taught, except for maybe two hooligans!!) glad you pursued your dream, very inspiring :)

  89. i was just wondering if you guys arent teaching, how can you legally stay in Korea? Like what kind of visas do you have and how did you get them? ^^

  90. If you guys arent teaching how did you guys get your visas? Like how can you stay in Korea? ^^

  91. Does clicking on “Skip Ad” box that appears 5 seconds into some ads make difference in the fee you collect? If it does, I will stay away from it.

  92. After working at a cleantech startup for two years, I think you guys have every right to consider yourself entrepreneurs of mini-startup…essentially you both are redefining the model…*high five.* Working at a start-up requires countless hours of work (I have worked 48 hours straight without sleep….gaaah), tons of passion because otherwise why would you work so hard, and tons of creativity to make a break through. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of hours you both dedicate to your blog and youtube videos and sacrifices you have made in your personal lives, its obvious how passionate you are about the subject of kpop and living in Korea, and you sh@t (excuse the french) unicorns and rainbows worth of creativity and ingenuity to communicate the nuances of kpop and korean culture (I wish I had this same talent!!!). Basically to sum it up you both are amazing and found something the public wanted…kpop…and provide it to the public in such a brilliant and accesible manner tthat you both make it seem so effortlessly easy…like watching break dancers or walking on fire or olympic divers of 3m springboard. 
    We all can’t wait to see how you expand this into larger business and good luck on the business visa process…we are all cheering for you!!!

  93. i wish i did not know english and had simon as my english teacher….oh how fun school would be, surprisingly..

  94. not sure if you get paid extra if people click on the ads…but that is exactly what i just did. hope it helped :)

  95. You guys are AMAZING on making these videos and your site and we appreciate you’re hard work and time keep up the awesome job :D

  96. Just wondering how much to you make when Mnet uses your videos for Music Mondays? I have seen your videos on TV here in the US on Mnet and they use your video blogges alot

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    i’m teaching english in japan and, from what i understand, the situations are really similar. and it’s totally the luck of the draw whether you get to teach in an amazing school or a shitty one… but too often, foreigners who come here to teach english get used as “human text recorders” (all we do is read the textbook and have kids repeat our “native” pronunciation…) and i’ve experienced both, and the latter just sucks. but anyways, like you said, that wasn’t the subject of the post.

    well done on all fronts. i shall continue to be your devoted supporter and laugh at your dumb jokes, and tell all my friends about it. and i don’t have ad-blocker so please still love me!!!

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    I love your videos and I can really tell that you guys put an enormous amount of work into them. :)

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    What I’m trying to say is, thank you Simon and Martina. You’ve opened up a culture I previously had disdain for (I was all for Europe. Asia was backwater in my mind) and given me a good idea of what to expect. I don’t think life in Korea will be all rainbows and sunshine, but I have confidence that I will find joy in living there. You can’t imagine how big of an impact you’ve had on my life. Like seriously, a huge impact. I’m a Nasty 4 Lyfe and will never falter in my support for you guys.Okay, I’m done now. XD

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    Actually, I’m afraid that if you hire some people (I mean, depending on the
    “category” of work), your thoughts and style may get lost a little
    bit… like if you had another person to edit your videos.

    But I
    understand how it can be a little frustrating to have so many ideas and no time
    or malleability to put them into practise. The only thing I can think of is if
    you do the sections for some time, and then stop to do another section, like
    “oh, we’ve already made many FAPFAP videos and now maybe we can stop a
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    And since I’m already typing, I wanted to ask you guys this question:
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    • We’re here as tourists.  We’re in the process of getting a business visa here, though, and setting up EYK as a Korean business.

      • You’re never gonna move to Japan. I just know it. :(

        • Honestly, living in Japan is too expensive. I know a guy who lived there for 10 years, he even got married. Now he and his wife are starting a new life elsewhere. After all these years, he still had difficulties reading certain words. On top of that, it took him over a year just to find a new job there – it didnʻt last long.

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  147. Guys! I love your videos so much I told about your website to all of my friends at the university and back at home (so you might now have viewers in Ukraine, too:)). Your posts help me get through the lonely PhD days, and sometimes, when I’m working nights in the office I would just play them in the background – and I don’t feel so alone anymore. Thank you for your hard work! And for Simon – dziekuje!

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    I’m certain that EYK will keep its soul no matter what happens! Though it might be weird for cameramen to be following you on your WANKS, lol.

  153. I just wanna say that I’ve been watching your videos since the near beginning and I really enjoy them because you all are quirky, nerdy, and most importaintly, my family comes from Korea, so it’s really exciting to learn about it from a point of view that I understand.  In the U.S. there’s so much emphasis on spanish, french, and japanese that Korea is totally shoved to the way-side.  I’ve been looking for Korean Language Classes for what feels like forever, and all I’ve gotten in the way of it was a Korean/English dictionary so I can at least build up my vocab.  That’s why I like your videos so much.

  154. So, another question. It seems there are hardly any Taiwan blogs out there, and I’m going to taiwan one year from now (yay count-down!) and I was thinking of making a video blog once I get there. I think I’ll only have time for one video a week, but I would still like to have a nice opening sequence. How do you make all of your music and opening animations? 

    -monomonu from twitter. Sorry, I didn’t see that you had to sign in first and then it posted my comment ;A;

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  159. I disabled adblock for your site :) 

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  162. I will not say something like: OMG! Your videos are funny and made me love korean culture..
    I will say : I apreciate your work on doing videos, i know how hard is to make one video… and i also can relate to you guys because i was a teacher and i have great memories with the students but not with the administration except  for one school… 
    Every Monday i check my youtube channel to see if you have been posting a new video…. and is like every five seconds …
    in the end: i will suport your hard work by watching all of your videos and vote for KPOPCharts and so on..
    Thanks! and sorry for my bad grammar

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  164. I think it’s really terrible about what happened to you and the school.  What you do on your own free time shouldn’t be under scrutiny or be regulated by your employer!  I’m glad that you’re blogging full time and making this channel/website grow!  I learn a lot just from watching your videos and I’m glad that the rough days are over!  I’ll keep watching your videos and support you guys!

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    I’m sure a lot of cool (and I mean cool-cool) people also watch your videos, but for a dork like me, Eat Your Kimchi has really proven to be a home. It’s been almost 2 years since I started watching your videos and I don’t think a day have passed without me typing eatyourkimchi.com and checking your website. 

    I’ve even converted my sister into a Nasty (IS THIS THE FANCLUB NAME NOW?! HAHAHA.). There was a time when we like marathon-ed your videos and we had such a blast. My sister and I are such dorks too. 

    Good luck, you guys. It’s really nice to have found people I can relate to and laugh with, even if it’s just over the internet. :)

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  167. well, just call me when you need an employee. lol

  168. Guys, we watch your videos because we’re also nerdy and weird but you guys have actual important stuff to say. You take us to places most of us will never get to see or experience in real life. And you are never boring! We watch because it’s always entertaining and we love you.

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  171. You guys should do a video on “The Life of a EYK Video,” like how you did a “A Day in a Life in Korea.” Go through the process of setting up, recording, and editing. Just a thought!

    • You know, we’ve been talking about doing this, but – really – IT’S SO BORING!  How long can someone watch us sit in front of a computer, you know?  But if we can think of a way to execute it decently, then we’ll give it a shot :D

      • If you fly me over from Australia, I would be more than happy to film the entire thing for you. I might even bring a Nu’est member over with me, to hold the extra equipment. :p

  172. Why did Martina quit teaching???

  173. I love you so much I use unnecessary capitals. That’s a whole lot of love. 

  174. Couple of things. ^_^

    I used to be guilty of ad-block.  I was still living in the stone-age of dailup as everyone else was upgrading to DSL and cable.  At that time ad-block was self defence; if I didn’t use it, I would spend way longer than comfortable waiting for the average page to load.  Not pleasant.  I have, however, caught up to the current century, yay!  So no longer use ad-block. ^_^

    Second is a question, and if anyone at all has the answer I would be ever so grateful.  Is it really necessary to watch the entire pre-ad on youtube ir order for the channel (i.e. simonandmartina) to get paid?  Because some of those video ads are getting insane.  I saw a 6 minute one que up once and I said to myself ‘nope, not happening, el-skippo’.) I don’t mind a minute, or even two, but when the ad gets longer than the video I want to watch… shudder.

    Thx :)

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    Simon and Martina… I love you guys. Here, have some money. Ka-ching! <3

  177. Guys!! can i work for you when i move to korea n u have your own studio/bussiness?  I’m a fashion designer student. So i could make outfitts for u, be your stylist n if u guys want do make up and hair :P I never get sick of ur videos, someday i will send u 600 botles of ranch for u to enjoy:P love from montreal

  178. My husband and I want to start a vlog too, we love watching your videos! After we watched this we quickly removed adblock (we’ve only had it for 2 days) we support EYK!

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    I really love what you’re doing now, with the WANK and the FAPFAP videos, keep doing what you’re doing! o u o)b

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  181. I came to read about the part of Simon having a hard time at his old school. Where is that?

  182. Jonathan Jiménez Arguedas

    Now Adsense is going to screw you because you “asked ppl to click on your ads” lol

  183. You ask why i subscribed to you *looks offended* XD Lol i kid XP

    Seriously your videos help me get through long days like if Kpop Music Monday just disappeared…there would be nothing to look forward to every Monday after a long day of boring school! I subscribed to you guys because you are fun and dorky (hey i’m dorky and nerdy too so yay :D). Keep doing what you love ^^

    P.S. I just got a new computer and i’m not sure if i have adblock or not…so i’m going to click on some of the ads on your blog just in case :p

  184. Yeay! Thank you for fixing Disqus.
    You know, if you allowed us to donate money to support you, I’m sure it would actually increase your revenue. I’m not ashamed to say I use adblock, not on your site because your ads aren’t invading or popping up or porn-like, but I do use it on Youtube, so I don’t have to watch the video ads. Maybe it makes a difference but I won’t change this. However, if I could, I would totally give one euro for each video I watch (which is more than what ads can provide you, I think)
    What do you think of this idea? It would only cost you one more link at a corner of your site! I already saw that on several blogs, so I guess it’s not illegal or complicate!

    • Agreed! You guys have so many subscribers that even small donations from a proportion of your viewers could make a big difference. However, I’m not sure how this would work from a legal perspective (probably depends on how you set it up). 

  185. Step 1: Go to the EYK website
    Step 2: Go to your adblock extension (where ever it is visible right now)
    Step 3: Click on the “Don’t run on pages on this domain”
    Step 4: Refresh the pageStep 5: You see ads for only this website and Simon & Martina profit.

  186. First video I saw from you guys was Teaching in Korea, and Simon was playing a jeopardy game with his class… since then, I’ve never stopped watching! Simon and Martina hwaiting!

  187. I just excluded add block and pop ups block on eatyourkimchi domain : ) 

  188. I admire you both for taking a risk and sacrificing to do something you enjoy. (Especially that you were putting each other first! You are so supportive of each other, it’s wonderful! I love that you have a good and happy marriage; it’s awesome :) I enjoy your videos, I’ve learned a lot! Thanks for the hard work and keep it up! I wish you luck with the Visa (I’ve had experience, it can be a real pain) and all you endeavors. Yes, I will continue to support spudgy by watching add blocker free. :)

  189. Hey Simon and Martina! Is there a way to send donation at least for the pets food? :)

  190. 1970′s song?! Really?! Well, it was a good one too!

  191. Actually I’m editing a short film right now ^.^ (or not, because I’m watching you o.o )

    But sadly it takes more than just 10 hours, because we have to use the freakin’ Avid Media Composer >..<

    I'd love to edit the footage like yours though…..much more fun….but without stupid Avid of course……

  192. Thank You Simon and Martina for your AWESOME videos!

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  195. simon why did you have a
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  196. PunkyPrincess92

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    aaww i rememberer the first time i watched your video, it was SHINee’s Japanese Replay review and i thought you guys were hilarious and starting watching ever since!!
    oh don’t worry i don’t use adblock!!! ^^you guys should make a SOU UN DORITO top!! and i would totally buy it!!!

  197. I started to watch your videos around February 2012 when I saw you guys on hello pop. I’ve been addicted to your channel ever since. I really wish you the best and hope that your channel will flourish even more in the future and now. Thank you for creating such an amazing channel for lovers of kpop and korea. =)

  198. Oh and all the fans, don’t click on the ads too much or Google might think they are cheating by trying to get more funds so they could get charged I think. It’s just what I’ve heard, but I’m not quite sure what happens. Just click on all the ads once a day or so. :)

  199. I think you guys should still do team building exercises. “Team building exercise ’99!!!”

    I started a blog (drawing and writing, not videos) this year and my husband is in the process of starting one now (for Koreans traveling to Australia). I don’t make money off mine (maybe one day in the future) but I update every single day which seems to be paying off in terms of readers. What I really like about blogging is connecting with people from all around the world.

  200. Simon what happened which made you stop teaching? You really
    teased us only to leave us hanging! I’m teaching in Seoul right now but used to teach in Canada also and there are
    certainly tough days/weeks/months… So what was the problem?

  201. I want to know why Simon was having a hard time too… In any case, I’m glad it worked out for you guys! ^_^ I know adblock is tempting sometimes because some websites (looking at you Allkpop!) are really annoying with their ads and in America you get a lot of random popup ads. But I don’t have it mostly because of you guys! <3

    • You can enable it for some websites (which deserve it, because of their over-use of pop-up and other invading ads) and disable it for awesome websites which you want to support!

  202. Hey, congrats from Hong Kong (this is my first comment), I have a squishy faced dog too in the shape of a pug, I want to get the spudgy tshirt but is there a way to pay by paypal instead as I don’t have a credit card ! How much is shipping to Hong Kong ? Many thanks :D

  203. Oh! I didn’t know that :c Adblock is now disabled on your site. More money for you guisee! :D

  204. I disabled adblock, just for you guys. I will suffer through ads for my favourite couple to continue with what they love!!

  205. lol I just clicked on your ads about 30 times ^__^ I MAKE U RICHARR. & btw thank you so much for your videos/vlogs what so ever. It’s so much fun to watch you two. You are amazing! (I’ll send you a fanmail soon, so if you receive a package from Germany it’s probably from me c:)

    • Pretty sure that’s illegal. You should only click on an ad if you’re interested.  Clicking a lot just to generate money is considered fraud I believe, and actually probably looks pretty bad for Simon and Martina. 

      • oh no no c: I was just joking. I only clicked two times. Once because there was an ad for cheap flights to South Korea and once because of an ad for learning Korean in my area ^__^
        don’t worry!

  206. i still want to know why simon had a hard time teaching

  207. I started watching your channel in May 2012 and I am super grateful for your vlogs. There are people who can be quite butthurt and rude but you guys still continue doing what you do. You both have such thick skins and I respect that and that’s what keeps me coming back for more. Your vlogs are refreshing especially since I come from a country where we only focus on American and English culture and I’ve always been curious about East Asian cultures. Thank you so much Simon and Martina, you both have my complete respect.

  208. Have you guys thought of trying to start up a Kickstarter for the business visa? I feel like you guys have a large enough fan base that love you lots and would help you out…

  209. As much as I LOVE watching your videos guise, i always go your blog and read your posts! I love your random long posts <3
    You are making people happy guise!
    Thanks for existing!!!◦^⌣^◦

  210. My sister is a graphic designer with digital illustration background if you need lovely pictures made!! (and she cosplays) http://anime-twin27135.deviantart.com/ (For reference!)

  211. I am glad you mentioned about Adblock. I always had it on but didn’t realise, it is now disabled specially for your website. More food for Spudgy & Meemers!

  212. I’m still curious about what your legal status is in Korea exactly… it’s not like there’sa “video-blogging” VISA or whatever :) How did you guys sort out the legalities of changing from an E-2 VISA?

    • We’re in the process of getting a business Visa and setting up EYK as a Korean business. It’s taking quite a while, though!

      • So right now you’re just sneakily hanging out on a visitor’s permit or something? :P

        • I’m over here on a Visa but I know people that make “Visa Runs” to Japan or some place close. A visa run is where you exit Korea and then come back from your trip and the government reissues another 90 day visa. 

        • Yeah, I wondered about that – but I didn’t think you were allowed to make any money when you’re on a 90 day visa-exemption… maybe the fact that they’re getting paid by google ads etc means they’re not technically getting paid in Korea, so it’s okay or something?

        • William Bone

          That’s probably exactly it. They’re probably paid via their Canadian bank/Canadian address so technically they’re not working in Korea.  Plus for Canadians it’s 180 days visa-free entry so that’s a long time between visa runs.

        • Oh wow I didn’t know it was 180 days for Canadians, that’s awesome. I live in Korea and collect money through Adsense too. It’s hard starting a business here because foreigners who want to start a business here have to pay I think around a six figure (dollars) amount to the government just to be allowed to have a business here.    

        • Yea, actually the question i wanted answered most is what visa are you guys on right now? :)

  213. gahh…twitter not working for disqus!!

  214. I always thought you guys had a great time teaching….to hear that it wasn’t so good has made me nervous, because you guys inspired me to go to Uni next year and do a Bachelor of Arts at the UTAS here in Tasmania, Australia, then go to S.Korea to teach English just like you guys :/

    • Don’t be discouraged!  Teaching in Korea can be totally awesome.  Martina’s school was absolutely wonderful.  Really, really wonderful.  Mine wasn’t great, but we can’t negate the experiences of thousands of other teachers at thousands of other schools as a result! 

      We’d still recommend teaching in Korea if you’re passionate about teaching.  If you find a good school, then you’ll be immensely rewarded :D

  215. A big hooray for Simon and Martina~! :D (plus confetti – I love confetti)

    You guys are amazing and I am jealous of the guts it took for you to
    quit your jobs and start bloggin full-time. And putting up with eating
    “poor peoples” ramen for like a year :P

    Hope to see many more of your entertaining, funny and informative videos! ^__^

  216. I really suck with computer and until you mentionned it I didn’t know what adblock was, that I had it on my browser and that it was activated -I actually had to find a tutorial to learn how to desactivate it- now it’s done. I can peacefully watch your videos.

  217. Why i subscribe & Love?

    It;s because I really like the way you guys review videos very honestly in the beginning, you guys were saying things like “this is just a review, please do not get too serious about it”. That’s what makes me subbed to your channel.

    But I’ve felt that recently the reviews & misc videos comments are really filtered for the sake of some stupid people(which I do understand), which makes you guys looked like you make videos for the sake of pleasing some people.

    All the random videos from Open the Happy makes me happy!!!!

    Good luck guys & continue to be yourself! The almighty Simon & Kawaii Martina <3

    • I sympathise with what you’re saying – it’s something I’ve wondered about for a while, especially when I encounter those ‘stupid people’ commenting hereabouts. Personally, I would be more than happy to kick out all the immature butthurt fans, and have an exclusive group of Nasties who are fairly open-minded and won’t get offended by S&M’s opinions.
      But….there are too many arguments against doing that. One is uh, supercalifragimoneylisticexpialidocious – they didn’t actually tell me that, but it’s something I try to keep in mind, – another is the death threats they’d get as a result. Also, it’s different if they were intending to offend people (ie. I think pedophiles are sick, in a bad way, and if there are any pedophiles here and I offended you, then YAY because that was my intention!), but they’re not. Well, at least I think they’re not? Have to get them to clarify that themselves.
      Lastly, I don’t think anyone really wants to be a victim of hate by thousands of people. It just comes with being well-known, and it’s sad. If they’re gonna get haters no matter what they do, might as well try to reduce the percentage, no?

      And to quote my favourite actor, I know it’s a cliche but I never wanted to be famous. I don’t believe anybody wants to be famous. ~ Jeremy Renner. #ohjeremywhyareyousoperfect <3 <3

  218. You didn’t really say why you had a hard time teaching Simon! False advertisement! Haha.

    • I KNOW RIGHT!!! I actually went back to watch the video to check….yup….pretty sure he said he was gonna write about his troubles with teaching….hmmm….. *narrows eyes at Simon*

      On the other hand though, it’s gonna be hard to write that without potentially offending people. But since they offend people no matter what – might as well do it right? xD

    • Yeah, I started writing about it in the blog post but then cut it out. I didn’t want the post to have any of the feelings of frustration that I felt at my school. Instead, I wanted to talk about the site and how thankful we are to be where we are. I’ll answer the teaching part here:

      There were a few things that I had difficulty with at my school. The students were NOT one of them. They were wonderful, fun, lively, and the best part of being a teacher in Korea, which is why, when I left teaching, I made the video about why I love teaching in Korea:


      It was the administration I had a lot of difficulties with. If anyone remembers my old teaching videos from teaching in the classroom, I really tried to make a dynamic and fun environment for practicing English. I wanted students to walk away from class thinking that English is enjoyable, rather than something that they begrudgingly had to memorize for their exams.

      After a while, my school decided that exam scores are more important than a positive learning environment, and demanded that I change the format of the classes. By the end of it, they wanted me to walk into class, press play on the audio CD, and have the students listen and fill in the blanks, because those questions would show up on the exams later on. I felt undercut as a teacher, and became simply the white guy who makes you listen to audio CDs. There was no more input, no interaction. The most important part I liked about teaching, being able to interact with the students, was stripped from me.

      Another big issue with my former school: they hated the site and hated these movies. In fact, after one of the videos got a negative response from Korean netizens, my school tried to get me to sign a contract to never make another video again. While Martina’s school got together with her, apologized for the negative response and offered her support, my school told me how disgusted they were.

      I rejected the contract, and refused to let my classes become an exam cram session. So I quit, and put all of my energy into the dream of making Eat Your Kimchi something bigger.

      Yuck. I don’t like thinking about it too much, and I don’t like talking about it either. I had far more pleasant memories of my students than negative ones of my school, and it’s just oh so easy to let bad memories become the prominent ones, which wouldn’t be fair to the experience as a whole. Teaching in Korea is great if you have a good school, and I’d rather people think of Martina’s experiences as a teacher than my own.

      •  which video got a bad response from korean netizens? D:

        • This one: http://vimeo.com/12173802

        • guys. I love this video, it’s totally hilarious how simon start to stop the music. 
          but clearly, some poeple didn’t get the jokes. 

        • Simon, just wondering if you would recommend the f/1.8 50 mm? i have a canon 500d, or could you recommend me some others? i really liked the end image of this video, and that’s what i’m looking for, so.. some advise? :)

        • michelle gosse

          I love that video too, and I agree, that would drive me insane, all that music and noise

        •  hahahhaha love the video… I left Korea because I couldnt stand teaching anymore because of similar feelings about management.  I miss living there and often think I want to find another way to live there.  Its really unfortunate that there seems to be way to many managers there that seem to be overly sensitive and/or care what their employees do on their free time.  I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and Im so glad you stay true to your beliefs because I think it will make a better Korea to hear new opinions and not be so deaf to new ideas.  You have a unique position in Korea and as long as your respectful to the country, you will be part of a generation that helps Korea get better.  

        •  http://www.koreabang.com/2012/pictures/ladygate-foreign-manicure-girls-squat-subway-priority-seat.html  the people in this picture probably dont care but I bet Koreans are probably think this is a huge OMG moment  ;)

        • That website is terrible, OMG o.o’

        • :( i love that video, its  so funny

        • I remember this video, it’s awesome XD And the same effin thing happens here in Brazil during elections. Cars will go all over the city singing their jingles and making speeches, and several times they’ll stop in front of my apartment and leave the music going for hoooours until someone’d call the police. Ugh, so annoying OTL


        • THAT, is a hilarious video.  I don’t see why Koreans gave it a thumbs down.  It’s not dissing the voting process or anything, it’s a noise complaint that I bet almost all of them think of themselves!

        • oh.. you don’t want to mess with korean politics.. when even small segment of politic is involved, you might get in trouble. Besides, Simon in that video looks a little bit rude(no offense I love your vidz and you guys so much). Because obviously that politicians do not seem to understand what you’re saying.. if you really wanted to get your points acrossed, you should have spoken to him in Korean so that he can understand you. It’s true it’s really loud during election season but I have to say it should have been Koreans who should have stepped up to that politicians and told them to stop, not non-koreans..(seriously no offense.. it’s just how I feel..). In that video, that korean politicians just literally look dump for not understanding what you say.. 

        • Natalie Shaner

          It took me like 30 seconds to realize what was going on because of all the noise, and then I realized the whole video was about the NOISE!!!  XD
          And then I could literally NOT STOP LAUGHING until the END of the video.

          It was HILARIOUS!!!  And not even dissing anyone, just about noise…I don’t get why…they made such a big deal out of it.
          I guess the rules there are really just too strict to have any fun. :T

          Sorry that happened to you Simon, but happy that you guys are now pursuing your…hobby!  :D
          Plus, now I get to watch more videos.  :3

        • Although I respect your opinion, I can totally see how this video could cause offence and be seen as a little bit insensitive, and I don’t think you should have uploaded it for that reason.
          Still, your school went a bit far asking you to quit making videos. It would’ve been better for them to let you know why they were offended so you could learn from the experience, especially since I’m positive that was not your intention.I also think that’s another reason things on the internet can get blown out of proportion in Korea; since a lot of people don’t have a good grasp of English or Western humour, they have to rely on translations which can often lead to misinterpretations, especially where humour is involved.

          Anyway, I love your videos in general and I’m glad that you stuck to making videos and that you, Simon, managed to get out of the school that made you miserable and instead do something you’re passionate about! That really does suck that you had to leave your students behind like that though. :/

          I’ll visit this website every day now that I know you get payed for each hit! Even if I have nothing to particularly watch on it! Thank you so much Simon and Martina. And HWAITING! :)

        • Oh, phew, glad I wasn’t the only one feeling that way. While I did find it pretty funny, I was also feeling very uncomfortable at the same time. It was, uh, slightly disrespectful. I’m Eurasian and I’ve experienced a lot of different cultures, so I can understand where they’re coming from, but if I was Korean I’d be cringing too.

          Anyway, let bygones be bygones eh? They’ve come a long way since then, and I’m sure they learnt a lot from that experience. I’ve noticed they’ve been very culturally sensitive in all their videos since then (although you still get the odd offended viewer). Doing well, S&M. Doing well. ^^b

        • I totally agree. I’m an Asian American, so I’m westernized, with Asian ideals. And I did find this video to be funny, but it was also kinda offensive. I can see why Koreans would get offended, but for Simon’s school to tell him to sign a freakin’ contract to stop making videos is kinda pathetic. What is up with Korea and contracts? TT___TT But anyway, I love you guys’ videos minus the Kpop music mondays, and I hope you guys do well in the future. XD 

        • OMG Simon i laughed the whole way through that video thank you. those trucks parked outside of my apartment too and im on the 3rd floor. I KNOW YOUR PAIN!!!

        • it’s election time in holland right now and i’m REALLY happy that there’s no one standing in front of my apartment and playing crappy music hahaha.

          i don’t really understand why some koreans hate your vid but i bet there are a lot of them who agree with you.

        • hahahahahahah i have seen those type of campaigns before in guatemala i think 2 summers ago when we went and they had there election. we would hear those music trucks with there songs blaring and there commercial also on tv i thought the way they advertise was pretty funny! >.< but it also would get annoying..i even knew there jingles by memory :$

        • That seems like what happened similar to my last trip to the Philippines. My parents and I was visiting our relatives because it was the week of the town fiesta and we had to be there for a family reunion. When I got to the house we were staying at, after flying 18 hours from the US and 2 hour drive up the mountain. I settled down in the cozy bed room I stayed in, and snuggled in the bed, drifting off to sleep. The house I stayed in had only one level and I had a window facing the side street. Suddenly at 3am I heard a marching band starting to play John Philip Sousa’s “Starts and Stripes Forever” with sousaphones and loud cymbals crashes. The marching band was walking down the street, outside my bedroom window as loud as possible. I got up freaked out and did not know what to think about it. I ran to my parents room across the hall way and woke them up asking them what in the world was going on. They said it’s normal. Apparently the marching band parades around town, especially around the neighborhood for 24 hours playing non stop. So, I went back to my room, got my gummy earbuds and stuck them in my ears, placed a pillow on my head, and tried to get some sleep. They did come by the house about every hour and a half playing a marching band song, in full marching band uniform.    

        • the vid was HILARIOUS

        • well that totally makes sense why a bunch of people would hate you for that, LOL XDDD

        • haha i was singing to myself please don’t stop the music by rhianna…. sorry simon ^^

        • I will say that I utterly hated the music because as an afternoon teacher I usually didn’t get to bed until 11pm on a good night and them playing that darned music starting at 7am was not beautiful. I think the video was funny

        • warriorsarah

          I loved this. But it COULD be viewed as a tad insensitive… especially in Korea. In America, LOL everyone’s making fun of elections all the time. But in Korea they just don’t do that as much. And a heckuva lotta mistranslation goes on. Some people might’ve thought this was about the candidates being BAD or the elections or something, not about how irritating the music is. And I know how irritating it is, since I am a native Korean. I hated it. SO FREAKING MUCH. But the music changes EVERY ELECTION so you can get a NEW SONG stuck in your head! :P LOL.

        • I’m eurasian…I lived half of my life in Asia and the other half in Europe.From my point of view ,I really can’t see how it was offensive. Maybe they thought you were mocking the korean way to promote politicians? Sometimes I feel that if you’re a foreigner and you critique something about the country you’re living in,people get really defensive and think that you’re being ungrateful and disrespectful (even if you’re saying something true). This happens not only in Asia but also in in Europe.  p.s. I liked the video and I thought it was funny…keep making videos cause you guys are awesome :D

        • I am a Korean and I think that video is very true and hilarious. Too bad the majority of the Korean society can’t take a joke.

        • LOL. HILARIOUS.

          Oh motherland. You crack me up.

        • Yeah i remember hearing about it but i never found out which one it was…

      • I really love the video! :)

      • Oh Simon. I can totally feel you. I was a hagwon teacher. At first I enjoy teaching these kids and make them realize that learning English during their vacation is nor a torture but fun and enjoying. I even thought of my work as playtime for me. That’s how much I enjoy it. But then, my boss suddenly implemented this silly rule of completing 10 pages a day rule. So, just like you, what happened to me was just insert CD or play audio tape, ask them to listen and answer their books. No more interaction. No more rapport. It’s robotic. And I quit after that.

      • Thank you for sharing, Simon. Even if it was an unpleasant experience to go through, one that you’d rather not remember, it helped lead you to the awesomeness that the site is now experiencing. I love you guise and Spudgy and Meemersworth and all of your nerdy, lovely videos! Every time I come on this site, I get uber happy and I look forward to the site growing even more in popularity. : )

      • LOLOL just for the record, I thought the video was hilarious! I’m actually planning to become an English teacher in Korea myself after university, so I’ll definitely focus more on the positive aspects than on the negative. Thanks for the awesome videos! I always look forward to your videos every Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday :D (at least I think that’s what your schedule is… LOL)

        • Just saying in the next few years or so there is going to be a massive decline in foreign english teachers, in Seoul already many have lost their jobs, some are soon going to be deported because of budget cuts. If you plan on becoming one in the next 3 years or so that’s going to be hard my friend.

        • really?? i felt like they would always be needed because people leave or not many want to go to korea. im planning on going in the next year but thanks for the heads up.

      • omg simon the video js amazing i love it they look like nice kids i hope u keep in contact with them they love you. i feel bad that u had to leave them. but you guys are doing such a great jobs with your blog so keep it and ill support you all the way. “simon n martina fighting”

      • oh man.. I feel really bad for you! BUT: good thing you quit! (kinda..) because otherwise we couldn’t enjoy the glory of Eatyourkimchi! and btw: now I understand why most koreans don’t speak a single word of proper english (YES SM I’m looking at you!) if that’s how they teach them the language… 

      • people tends to look at numbers to measure but it doesnt apply to everything :)

      • Simon, I have mad respect for you.
        One of the biggest reasons why I moved to the U.S. from South Korea is because of the English teaching hagwons.
        I honestly didn’t learn anything because all we did was just workbooks.
        It was pure torture and thank God I left South Korea quite early!
        I honestly think their teaching method is sometimes wack (the fact that they ONLY study what is on their future exams rather than actually learning how to use it in life).
        I thank you for sharing your story with us!

      • Simon, I’ve been a teacher here for five years (also trained in Canada) and luckily I’ve had a great experience, but I can imagine how difficult that must have been for you, especially as a trained teacher back home.  I’ve watched this video a few times and it always chokes me up.  I’m glad you had a great time with your students, regardless of the administration issues.  

      • I really don’t understand why your school was “disgusted” as you put it. What’s wrong with this? Because you didn’t like the method the candidates were using to promote themselves? Is that really so bad? Regardless I thought it was funny and you expressed yourself in a way that really wasn’t disrespectful. I hope when I come to Korea to teach I wont work for a school like that. My plans are to be in Seoul, so I am sorta at peace knowing I wont work for the administration you did. 

        아자 아자 화팅!

        ps. I am so getting one of your shirts. Been looking at them for a couple of weeks now. Just gotta wait for pay day. :D

      • Yeah most of Asia is like that. In Hong Kong, my cousin’s use memorization instead of actually using what they know to figure something out. They even have memory classes just for these students and parents pay $1000 just to take starting in kindergarten school. As long as they produce good results in exams (and make the gov look good) then it’s ok. 
        A funny thing is that during a certain time (i think early 2000), they taught kids how to speak. Little kids would talk like adults but in a fake way. It sounded like they were acting or giving a speech. They would have fake emotions and be really dramatic. Idk if korea had that or not, but that goodness they stopped. I wanted to shut them up so badly.

        • Yes, in Asia the method of teaching is more or less the same: massive exams, a lot of extra school working, scores go first, etc..
          But one thing I’m sure of is that: HK people speak better english than Korean people due to their history with GB. When I traveled there, I know barely a word of catonese, I talked with people like saleman, policeman, radom people in the street, etc..they were able to answer my questions most of the time. I think that makes HK a unique and lovely place in Asia(their delicious food too LOL).

        • i tots agreee with you. people in china and hong kong are excellent english speakers, their methods must be good. so many of my chinese friends are great at english.

      • Simon thank you for not signing that stupid contract and going with what u truly enjoy doing! and in light of the entire blog post (i havent watched the video yet) THANK YOU TO BOTH OF U for being so diligent and working so hard to make these videos for us. Its true a lot of people dont realize how much work is actually put into this because we all just see the final product. i can say i understand u guys at least a little because a lot of times iv had to do video projects where i would have to make a 3-4 minute long video but edIting and filming takes FOREVER and sometimes i just feel like giving up. so if u guys have continued to do this and continued SO WELL u guys have mad respect from me. seriosuly u guize. U GUIZE. I LOVE YOU *group hug*

      • Eat Your Kimchi videos have actually replaced TV for me, and now I have far more time to read ^_^ thank you for brightening up my day I really look forward to your crazy antics, and can’t wait to teach in Korea myself.

      •  I respect you 10x more because of that response!
        I’ve had some good teachers but there are some teachers that don’t have any interest in being creative. I don’t think many people would try to be as creative as you wanted to be if they were in your place. Too bad your school wasn’t as understanding because you would be the most awesome teacher at my school (even though we already speak English…)!
        I know you don’t really think the word “career” and “youtuber” fit but i consider what you guys are doing to be a super interesting career! It’s hard work but good hard work since it is something you guys are working on together. I’d be happy in the future if i can have a job that i want to put my time into, even if it might be an all-nighter from time to time.

        Out of all the YouTube channels i regularly watch, Eat Your Kimchi its the most interesting to watch! I love every little bit of your videos, even the background music. It feels like I’m watching two k-pop loving friends that i’m close with  instead of just two people on YouTube. Did I already say I love you guys? :)

      •  I agree – the kids are awesome. It’s the administration that sucks the life out of most English teachers. The school that I’m teaching at right now has caused so many completely unnecessary problems by trying to change things for the better. I’ve actually gotten into fights with my co-teachers, who stare at me in confusion because it honestly never occurred to them that I’d be upset when they told me things like ‘I think you talk too much’ and ‘Just stand in the back of the room and maintain discipline’.

        Teaching English in Korea can be fun. I’ve never laughed so much on a job before, mostly because of the kids. But the education system in Korea and how they structure teaching and learning is backwards. There’s no emphasis placed on the individual child or different learning styles. Everybody’s expected to essentially become walking textbooks.

        In all fairness, however, my school has made an effort to understand why I’m upset. We’ve had several meetings between the Korean teachers and the English teachers trying to reach a reasonable solution to our conflicts. I can honestly say as frustrating as it is teaching at my school, I’m luckier than some of the other English teachers who receive no consideration from their schools.

        And the guilty confession is sometimes even when they tell me to make a stupid change, I don’t. Honestly, they don’t come to class and check on me and even if they did, I still wouldn’t do it. It may seem childish and immature, but the way I see it is I’m here to teach the kids, not cater to the whims of the faculty staff. As long as the kids are learning and enjoying the process of learning, even craving to learn more, I feel like I’ve done my job.

      • I think you two are absolutely inspirational, I’ve always considered teaching as a career but the thought of teaching in a foreign country had never crossed my mind. I was just wondering, was teaching the job that you two wanted to become from the start?

      •  I’m so sorry to hear that you had bad experiences like that Simon. The style of teaching they were trying to force you to do is why when Koreans come to Australia for a working holiday they can’t speak English to native speakers. They might have done years and years of English in school but when the point of it was for exam marks they struggle to actually have a real conversation. Many of them freak out when they realise how people really speak English and that there schooling did not prepare them for real life so they stick with only Koreans while here in Australia and miss out on many things.

        If more teachers taught the way you did, Koreans wouldn’t be so terrified to speak English out loud when they go to another country.

      • thank you for standing up for the students. Unfortunately, what you went through is universal in education. People (parents, administrators) want to see good grades and good grades = numbers. I could give my opinion  on why it is (I teach college and am happy with it) but won’t; I’ll just say congratulations on finding something that makes you happy.

      • You should be my English Teacher!! (I don’t complain about my former teachers either) I think I’m lucky because I had a very good teacher who always encourage us to speak at class and discuss important things about our daily days. She was really hard with grades tough, too many papers to due and so many grammar exercises as well that really polish my home made English (after watching so many hours of US TV Series) In the end, all that hard work and also enjoyable time made it trough and I got a really good grade for my English exam, I even improve my grades at school. I still have to keep studying English, need to work on my grammar and all, but I can speak English, and communicate with others and be understood!! I think grades are not that good if it doesn’t help you to speak, think and understand other cultures, so Simon, if you ever feel the need to teach again, what about teaching in Barcelona?. 
        Now your doing a great work teaching about a culture is completely different from mine, and yours, and you make me think that Korea is not that bad either (I watched a documentary about how many hours a day the students actually study, 14 or so, and I felt like a totally lazy, cause I never needed to spend that many hours in my education to get the best grades -I was a natural genius-just kidding). 
        You guys are amazing for doing this job.
        I unblock my adblock for your webpage only, so you can keep eating everyday. Thank you so much  and Ánimo (fighting, you know)

      • rele great choice and simon that was a right decision and good thinking u have loyalty and honesty and u prefered not to sign the contract ! good work guys ! and dont ever give up ! <3 <3 <3

      •  I understand this feeling so much ! I just got back from Korea where I was teaching and everytime I was trying to do something original or entertaining, like watching a funny movie (for exemple we watched Ice Age together) and asking questions to them about it to practice their understanding and their conversation skills, the management would tell me that they’re not working when they do that and give me some boring and extremely hard stories for their age (from 8 to 12) to read with the CDs and some questions to ask about it.

        I understand that by making them read harder stories they learn more but it was to a point that they couldn’t learn anything out of it cause it was jumping like 20 levels higher ! I went to talk to them about it like 5 or 6 times in 6 months… When I was trying to do something else that would be fun and that would make them assimilate more stuff they were complaining… I was feeling stressed all the time at the end cause I felt like they were always watching me just in case I would be trying to do something fun -.-

        I mean, they were going to school all day and then coming to the academy, they were already so tired… But at least there was something really funny at the end : they liked my games and my way of teaching but I explained to them that I couldn’t do it anymore because my boss didn’t like it, so they promised me that they wouldn’t talk to the other teachers about what we were doing and that they would keep the secret hehe ^^ That was so cute~   

      • Yeah…………. some of the schools in Korea can be like that.
        Since being accepted to a prestigeous universities like Seoul, Yonsei, etc is sooooo important in Korea, and the grades from school is one of the big determinants.
        Luckily, my experience of being taught in English Conversation class was very different. In class, we did interesting activities like watched movie or documenteries and talikng about them, or lots of discussing like what kind of people would we like to save from death at the end of the humanity lol. Actually, the grading system of that class was different from the other subjects. We did presentation and roleplaying for extra credits and individual interview as midterm and final exam.
        HMMMM, now that I’m rambling on and on about my old highschool, I don’t know for sure your teaching experience was verrrrrrry different from mine because I don’t know exactly what the systems were like in your school, but I’d like you to know that there are many schools like mine in Korea.

      • Yeah…………. some of the schools in Korea can be like that.
        Since being accepted to a prestigeous universities like Seoul, Yonsei, etc is sooooo important in Korea, and the grades from school is one of the big determinants.
        Luckily, my experience of being taught in English Conversation class was very different. In class, we did interesting activities like watched movie or documenteries and talikng about them, or lots of discussing like what kind of people would we like to save from death at the end of the humanity lol. Actually, the grading system of that class was different from the other subjects. We did presentation and roleplaying for extra credits and individual interview as midterm and final exam.
        HMMMM, now that I’m rambling on and on about my old highschool, I don’t know for sure your teaching experience was verrrrrrry different from mine because I don’t know exactly what the systems were like in your school, but I’d like you to know that there are many schools like mine in Korea.:)

      • I’m glad you were happy with your choice.
        However, I’ll have to say, were you teaching the students to learn English or teaching students to succeed academically in school? Because if you wanted to do the former, *helping* (not teaching) students who are interested via private tutoring or extracurriculars like an “English Club” would have been better because if your “teaching” methods don’t help them pass the exams, that’d render the administrators very unhappy and students very underachieving (which seem to have happened).

      • Totally agree, which ever party can stop with the harassment then I’ll vote for them. In the US, right now, its like ads, phone call, TV, text, and etc… it’s so annoying.

        You’ve your right as a person also to do whatever you wants with your video. I bet there are more videos out there that downcast election times, its not just you. That school is stupid. btw, :) I’ve never use AdsBlock because i know people use it to help their business, its only like a few second and i can just drink water instead of block it =)

        *run to buy t-shirt* Keep going guys, you’ve our full support, and best wishes on your future business visa!!!

      • Thanks Simon!  I have the same concern with how they teach here in my country. Or maybe it was just the school that I attended. Hehe.

        I had maybe 1 or 2 teachers during high school, and few more in college, that really taught me something that I can say stuck with me because they weren’t in it for the exams and was genuinely in it for the teaching us students.

        I don’t mean that my other teachers weren’t genuine with their teaching. Its just that it felt like they taught us the short cut; memorize this, this is the formula and this is the way you get this, not how you can get there or why things are like this.

        Its cool that you love teaching.

      • I wish I have english teacher like Simon back then at school~ English would be fun for me then… ^^

        But I understand why Korean School being like that. 
        Once my Korean teacher ever said to me… S.Korea doesn’t have nature resources so that’s why they compensate it by learning how to establish the resources into something new? develop?  *I don’t know which word to describe it in english sorry* 

        That means they have to study hard. 

      • can u guys teach b1a4 english.? i know the boys are keen to learn the language. we can see their interest from the lyrics of most of their title songs. though they’re not good in english but they still put their effort in using english in their songs. that’s sth praisable actually. please help em, will u guys.? they look so pitiful in the 4th episode of hello babyb season 6.

      • You guys are kings of fandom, to go where your readers/viewers ask even when it makes you a bit uncomfortable. I find this really admirable, but I really hope you don’t feel pressure from us. Beyond laughing at your jokes, I respect you for your positive image. To stand up for yourself and venture into a more dangerous career, that really inspires me so much. Thank you!

      •  *hugs* it’s okay, we all love you on here <3

      • Simon, I wanted to say thank you for being so candid and honest about your teaching experiences and the not so fun parts of working as an educator. I sympathize with you as I’ve just changed schools and positions after having a similar undercutting situation. It does hurt when you have to think about leaving students who mattered so much for such a long period of time. I invested 7yrs in teaching 4th graders and when the admins did not appreciate my student centered, hands on, group approach which created a bit of noise [albeit constructive learning noise] I began to feel like teaching was maybe not for me. The one thing I took away from my students on the last day of school, and one that I hope you know for sure about yourself, is that while the stuffy grown-ups didn’t share in my teaching experiences- the students certainly did and it is for them that we do what we do. I can bet that years from now, your former students will be in the middle of an English conversation and stop and think wow, Mr. Simon’s classes taught me a lot…FIGHTING!!!

        I’m sure you were a fantastic educator, and hey, if it’s any consolation you and Martina constantly teach me and the many others of us who follow you, a lot about Korean culture and K-pop….you still got it, teach!

      • Hi Martina! side note… Your goodbye video was beautiful and made me tear up. its embarrassing i know. Anywhozitz… 3 thumbs up.

      • Which video caused your school to sign a contract of not making more videos? Every video I’ve seen of you guys are awesome fun and entertaining I can’t imagine someone taking a negative offense to them

      • hey simon then you have just changed school!

      • i’m a korean student (and my SAT over last week! yeah!) and two teachers (one from england n the other from the states) also quitted teaching in our school last year, mainly for the same reason as yours. it was really upsetting for us, the students, because many many of us really appreciated all the efforts they made to make learning english a great great experience. i guess this is one many many chronic problems of Korea’s education system which is tottttaaaaaalllllly designed around SAT.

        Anyway thanx for another great video!!

      • I’m so gutted you guys aren’t teaching anymore – it would’ve been so eye-opening and refreshing for these kids to be encouraged to think outside the box and debate and B.E. creative! Though I feel a glimmer of hope knowing that some kids got a taste of Eat Your Kimchi awesomeness. Oh Captain, my Captain!

        But I’m also really glad you’re not teaching anymore because I get to have you allllll to myself via YouTube. Forever. O_O

  219. I think nerds/dorks just attract fellow nerd/dorks. *raises hand*

    What I’ve always wondered though, how do you manage to stay so…happy? If I had so little free time, working constantly under massive pressure in a job that has no ‘endpoint’ – as in you can keep improving it forever if you wanted to – I’d be really, really grumpy and burnt out by now. Wait a sec. That actually sounds really familiar. HEY STORY OF MY LIFE *DUN DUN DUN* T_T

    Is it cos….you have each other? *intoxication music* Does this mean if I get married, it’ll relieve a bit of my stress? Or does that only work for awesome couples like you two? :p

  220. Sounds so fun! Makes me envy you two ^^ Good luck in your wonderful work! We’ll support you!
    So your fans are called Nasties… The best fandom ever!)

  221. Aaaahhh, you took a big chance deciding to do this but you’ve made a lot of people happy for sure (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧ CUDDLES

  222. yeah we love you too

    Not that you need any help, but I’M A NERDY MCNERDY PANTS AND I UNDERSTANDDDDD (oh, yeah, and I’m also an English minor~~~ WHEEE).

  224. ey best of luck! i met the most awesome people because of youtubing and blogging. and see, i found you two!
    a change of career is always hmmm scary(?) but with that comes fun ^_^

  225. I beg to disagree. I absolutely love your old videos – they were EPIK.

    • hi! i really dont where to tell you this but nuest fans has problems. apparently we cannot enter the comments sec.
      its been 4 days now and its gonna be a big lost to us. i hope youn guys do something as nuest is such a small fandom we mostly rely on the comments to stay on top.
      thank you.

    • hell yeah, i still remember the dduk-bokkie video from years and years ago, and only came to the realization that it’s the same people after a long time. It was ghetto-tastic.

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