Now THIS is a question we get asked all the time. Really, at least once every two days. Especially if we start a Tumblr or Twitter chat session with people, the question always pops up of how we’re doing what we’re doing. Not that we’re annoyed with anyone for asking. Our families barely understand what we’re doing or how we’re doing it, and how it is that we haven’t starved to death shivering somewhere. Blogging for a living isn’t exactly a career that school prepares you for, and it’s not even a career that many people know exist.

It’s hard to even call this a career. Not that it technically isn’t. It’s just, well: when we grew up hearing the word “career” it came with images of people in suits commuting to work, probably downtown from 9-5. Very Mad Men-esque: just without the alcoholism, misogyny, and infidelity.

But we don’t “go” to work. We don’t have a dress code to follow. We don’t have a boss to speak to. There’s no threat of being fired if we mess up. There’s no water-cooler conversations. No team building exercises. We…just make videos and blog posts.

Some people have called us “entrepreneurs” which is something we’re also uncomfortable with. Entrepreneurs, in our minds, are people that have big dreams of starting a company, and then become a lean startup and hope to get funding from venture capitalists, and then they hire a bunch of staff to help their company grow, or something like that. We don’t fit into that category either, because neither of us ever dreamt of having our own business. It just sorta happened and we thought, “hey, can we make a living off just making videos and blog posts?”

Sure, there’s a lot more to “just” doing that. We don’t just whip out our cameras, fart around for a bit, click the magic edit and upload button, then dance around singing “YOUTUBE MONEY!”. Our work schedules are insane and all our close friends know how little free time we actually have. Prepping for a video means getting ready to be on camera (like, showering, for starters, putting on makeup and picking outfits to wear, buying new wigs and props to use in our videos), setting up the tripod, lights, focus, audio equipment, power cables, positioning in front of the camera, such and such. Once we’re all ready, talking in front of the camera is easy enough…or is it? You might have seen with our massive blooper collection, we spend a buttload of time messing up what we’re trying to say. OH! We didn’t even factor in the time that it takes for us to prepare what we have to say, especially with music videos: we watch them a whole lot of times, look for stuff, think about what we like and dislike about the videos, discuss with each other, create skits, head to the store and see if there are CDs to give away, read thousands of answers and pick a few for the giveaway, such and such.

The above paragraph is getting too beefy for me to want to carry on writing, both for fear of boring you and boring ourselves. Let’s just say we put A LOT of work into making these videos and maintaining this website beyond what just shows up in the final video.

The point of it all is this: some people might call us entrepreneurs for our work habits. Really, though, we’re just doing what we’re passionate about, which is why we’re so hesitant to call our work a career or ourselves entrepreneurs. We started out doing something just for fun, and by applying the work habits of people who take their jobs very seriously, we turned our hobby into an awesome paying job! Basically, you can say we’re just seriously having fun and are really happy doing what we’re doing! :D

We’re lucky enough that some of you like our site and our videos, which we’re extremely happy for, and we’re lucky enough to be making enough money to live off of our site, which we’re extremely happy for as well. We’ve been hesitant to answer this question for so long, because we’re worried that we’re jinxing it by saying anything about it. We’re still in a state of awe and extreme gratitude.

So, thank you, every one, for your support in watching our videos and visiting our site. We put in a lot of hours, days, and sleepless nights in getting these videos and posts up, but if it weren’t for you spending the minutes to watch our videos and leave us feedback and lovely comments, we’d definitely have stopped by now. We hope to be able to do more in the future, to get more segments and to start new shows, to get some people in on the videos with us, and to keep on adding fun stuff to the site. We have so many ideas, just not enough time or people-power to do it!

Thank you, ALL YOU NASTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

**edit: For those of you asking about why Simon stopped teaching, the answer is in the comments below**

  1. Hello, my name is AMF11235, and I…use ad block. But I turn it off for your domain because now I know. I’ve loved your videos and blog posts for a while now, but just saw this one. Personally, I don’t think you two ever stopped being teachers. As I’m sure you’re aware, not all classrooms have walls and students staring back at you. Beyond that, not all learning happens in classrooms. I think you’ve just changed how you deliver information and where you teach, but you truly do teach us more than you realize. :)

  2. I really wanna just thank you guise for your hard work and dedication!! :’) I have come to love your videos and posts so much and it has helped me a lot when it comes to understanding the Korean culture!

    Will support you guise till the end of time! Hwaiting!! Sending lots of love, hugs and kisses to the EYK crew (Spudgy and Meemers included) <3

  3. what for editing programme do you use? :3

  4. I just disabled adblock from your website
    And I feel better now.

  5. I disabled adblock for you website,
    I feel better now!

  6. I only just started using AdBlock, as I couldn’t stand the amount of stuff I was getting on other pages. It was actually effecting the download speed of pages I loaded.
    However, as soon as you mentioned that it was part of your revenue, I went and changed my settings just for your page. Even before I had AdBlock, I always found that the EYK page had subtler ads than a lot of others webpages that I have come across. The ease of the newer looking website on the eyes makes it a great experience, to go along with the brilliant videos

  7. I noticed you guys use copyrighted music and show music video clips on your YouTube videos. I was wondering how you get paid through those videos without getting in trouble with copyright infringement? Or does it apply to Fair Use?

  8. I spent half the video wondering whether you still make money off ads if I have my adblock on. And then you said no, and I felt bad and turned it off for this site. Keep making your amazing videos!

  9. Hey guys! Love your videos! I was born in Seoul but moved when I was little to the States. I love to see how it looks now. It’s totally different from when I was there. My hamoni lived a little outside the city where we would go to open air markets. It was so fun. I also remember eating roasted silkworms from a street vendor on the way home from dance/pagent class with my hadabaji. Have you guys tried those? So, are you two going to be living there indefinitly? I was just curious how much American influence is there such as radio stations and television programing. I also wanted to know what address we can send you all stuff. Keep up the good work! I truly appreciate it!!! :-)

  10. What kind of visa do you have, then? You’re both foreigners, but neither of you is employed by a Korean company. How is it you’re able to stay in Korea without working for a Korean company?

  11. I just turned Adblock off for eatyourkimchi.com. Feel special, you guys are the only website on my white list~ ♥

  12. Thank you Simon and Martina for posting these amazing videos

  13. i stopped the ad blocker for u guys. wish good luck in your company and more videos for me to watch

  14. You know, I will never complain about having to watch another damn political commercial ever again. We have it made here in the U.S that would be absolute torture…like having to smell smoked fish every night during the summer torture.

  15. I watched the video that got EYK a lot of hate comments and I just have to say it is HILARIOUS! I mean wow, I thought that was something people would only see on tv!

  16. I have been quite emotional recently so I might read this later and feel embarrassed but I would never regret my message which is just how much I want you both to succeed. I wasn’t there from the beginning, though a while now and watching this hobby become something so wonderful is just awe-inspiring. Like me, I am sure many other nasties didn’t know how hard it has been for you. Listening to your story, I was crying near the end and I just wanted to add my voice to the many here in encouraging you to follow your dreams.

    You are both so endearing and I love the crackling chemistry between you. Most of all, I love your sincerity and I think that is why people have responded with so much love and loyalty, not that I am trying to ‘inform’ you. I just wanted to affirm things for you, with all those other voices in times of doubt. You have a really unique style and honest voice as well as creative ideas and tons of natural charisma and talent. Please do not ever second guess yourself or listen to the voice of cynicism. I wish you prosperity at every curve and success upon success. Nasty for lyfe!

  17. I was kind of getting the impression that you (Simon) had some troubles with your teaching experience since that video you two did where you talked about how Martina always had the opportunity to participate in student events and outings while you had to stay behind your rainy window. :[

    After watching a variety of videos about teachers’ experiences in Korea, it has sort of given me the impression that guys tend to get the short end of the stick; not that gender is always relevant, but it’s definitely something they look at.

    Regardless, I’m glad you two found a way to continue to help and entertain people on such a massive scale in a way that makes you happy and allows you to be together. :]

  18. Literally just turned off my adblocker for eatyourkimchi.com so that Spudgy could eat. Whatever it takes, guys. Whatever it takes.

  19. i don’t know where the add is

  20. couldn’t you have gone to martina’s school afterwards?

  21. I went back this week and watched or re-watched and liked the 444 videos on your channel, that was fun. I’ll do the other channels and hidden vids some other WE.  :) 

  22. I realized I was lax so I went back this week and watched or re-watched and liked the 444 videos on your channel, that was fun.  I’ll do the other channels some other WE.  

  23. Hope things for you keep going well…I love your videos and keep being awesome!!!

  24. Dear Simon & Martina,


    I think Martina was born to teach, and she should only take a 1-year sabbatical or break from teaching to build-up an inventory of videos, which you do not release immediately. I think it is criminal that Martina is not teaching.


    Part of the appeal of your videos is that they are homevideos. If you start hiring people and focusing on technical improvements; they may become corporate videos.


    I would think Simon would be a good teacher too. One does need to speak Korean in order to be able to explain things to their students, who don’t speak English, and to be undistracted by the language to focus on creative, fun, lessons.


    It is impressive that you can make a living blogging full-time. I would be unable to accomplish that feat. However, even if you won the lottery; Martina should still teach school. If Michelangelo stopped painting, because he won the lottery at a young age; we would have missed out. I realize you cannot make a video without Martina. Simon should consider tutoring part-time or working part-time in a non-teaching job in Korea. One or both of
    you teaching; gives your videos their authenticity; their pizaz.


    Disney’s pinnacle of animation was “Snow White” when the company was small. The quality of Disney films began heading south, when the Disney Company became big and Walt went from 1-feature film per-year to three features per year. The hand-painted animation-cells of “Snow White” became the Xeroxed animation-cells of “One Hundred and One Dalmatians”.


    Women are delicate and mysterious. The wise husband keeps his wife genuinely happy. I think Martina is happiest teaching school.

  25. I wish you all the best, Simon and Martina. I know how hard and stressful it is to depend only on one source of money, which in case of adsense is pretty unreliable on top of that. I think this video was actually a very good thing to do, as many people – including me – turned off their adblocks for your website after watching it.
    Good luck guys, and stay positive :)

  26. Hi Simon and Martina… I’ve always been wondering how religion is regarded in Korea. I mean there are Christians, Buddists, atheists and Muslims (I think)… how do they interact together? is it like Canada and the US where it is multi cultural and multi religion community and its common to have friends from other religions? or is more like seperate groups sorta thing? and …Thank you for your amazing videos!

  27. I use Adblock, but after watching this I’ve disabled it on the eyk domain to help support you guys a little. :) Keep up the great work!

  28. well I hope you do get the visa! because I plan on going to Korea after I finish uni, and would apply to work for you lol and hope i get hired.

  29. Does it help you or give you more money if we click on the ads? I will click on every one every day if it get’s you more money! :) 

  30. You guys should get an intern. They can even do the videos you want to but never get around to making due to time constraints or vacation.
    Never miss a Music Monday again! =D

  31. im sorry to hear about your bad experiences, but im really glad that you decided to expand further! you have my full support! 

  32. simon and martina how do you teach a 4 week old kitten to use the restroom in the liter box?


    I WANT AND CAN FILM AND EDIT YOUR OSOM VIDEOS (thanks to my OSOM audiovisual lessons at my high school : 8hrs a week) BUT… I begin studies in September and that… for 2 years T_T’ (HOPEFULLY, it’s all about HTML muhaha! and computer graphics :D)

    Oh, I’ll pray for the next 2 years so that I’ll have a chance to work for and with you.. ! 
    I love you and you’re doing an osom job (HUM yes except your first videos KKK) !

  34. Hey guys! I was wondering what your opinions were of variety/reality~ish shows like We Got Married.  It seems like WGM is very popular in Korea, but to me, it just seems really weird and set up.  Do people in Korea feel the same way or is it just me?

  35. Greetings from England! We watch a lot of Korean dramas and were just wondering what’s the fascination with blood types? It seems that everyone knows their blood types and the personality they supposedly have. We don’t know what our height is, let alone our blood types! -Jess and Megan :)

  36. My dad works in art for a living, which you can guess, is not an easy thing to do. Other than my mom who helps the accounting and some schedule-managing, it’s basically just him doing all the work. He always jokes that he’s the only employee, only boss, and only janitor in his business. His studio in our house is probably just about the size of your living room and kitchen (from what I can tell form your videos, anyway). He’s also not the type of artist who just sits around waiting for galleries to make his paintings sell either. Up until a few years ago he was working to get portrait commissions at a shopping mall stand that you usually see selling overpriced cell phone cases. When I was a baby, he was sketching portraits for strangers at Central Park, rain or shine. Now, he sells his own paintings by driving around the country to various art fairs in many states. He’s driven as far as the Midwest for shows in his own cargo van loaded with his paintings and tent equipment, and I don’t get to see him for 2-3 months. Sometimes he has to get up as early as 4 AM to set up his tent, and all the storage for his paintings in his van are made by himself. It’s basically a one man army, but he still calls himself an entrepreneur with a small business of his own.

  37. Have you guys heard of 50 shades of grey? Haha what do you guys think about it?

  38. Ahhh Simon, you experienced first-hand of the biggest flaw of Korean education system. There’s a reason why Koreans score so high on tests, and that’s because they’re literally trained to do that. It’s not that it’s a bad way to teach, but it really stifles the creativity development of Korean kids. You can see this flaw in the whole Samsung vs. Apple lawsuit. Now I know software patents shouldn’t exist for various reasons, but the verdict is that Samsung copied a lot of Apple’s software code. Apple created many innovative products while Samsung copies them, but makes them slightly better. So yeah, Korean creativity is very low and the school system should change their methods, but doing so will get many conservative Koreans all riled up about being too similar to Western culture.

  39. Hi my name is Miyoun from S. Korea.
    I really like your videos and sometimes surprised because few things that you guys talked are absolutely normal for me. :D
    wanna meet you :)
    Have great time in Korea

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