A little bit of our back story if you’re new to EYK: we started a crowdfunding project to go toward the getting of a studio. You wonderful NASTIES contributed a boatload more than we expected. After a bit of a wait for us to get the money, we could finally start looking around for the studio. The footage you see here is the whole studio hunting experience.

Now, this is a lot more sloppy than our regular videos, because we couldn’t walk around with our tripod and studio lights. A lot of the time we had to sneakily bring out our camera to film stuff, because the people there didn’t want us filming. Hells yeah we were gonna film our studio hunt! What: you don’t want your ghost holes caught on camera? Side note: you know, that first ghost hole we saw? They tried to tell us that it was perfectly fine and not the result of water damage. So we asked them what the bucket was for, underneath the hole. Was it a ghost catching bucket? HELLS NO! That’s a bucket for catching water. I don’t like being lied to in order to make a sale. Especially since MAMA DIDN’T RAISE NO FOO!!!!

So after seeing around 8 different offices over a span of two weeks, we finally found an office that was just perfect for us! It was formally a “UCC” studio which is Korea’s buzzword for “User Created Content”: it’s a kind of Konglish word for vlogging or making content for the internet. The point of this is: AYO – WE ARE A UCC FACTORY! We make boatloads of UCC in Korea. This was destined to be our spot.

The studio is already equipped with sound proof rooms and even a lighting rail so we can hang our lights! HERRRMIIIGERRRD!!! It even has a blue screen! And – check this out – for a fire safety system, instead of water sprinklers it has a powder system to put out the fire and not soak your equipment. AWESOME!

It still requires some work, especially considering there is no air conditioning and we’re on the top floor (we will roast in the summer), and we need to clean it up in order to make it an acceptable place to conduct interviews. We really felt down for a while there because it felt like we couldn’t find a place to suit our needs, but the very last place we saw was the golden ticket!!! So the timeline is looking like it will be done around January 2013, so three to four weeks or so, and we will keep you all updated on the demolition and reconstruction of the place.

Last thing: we’re really sorry that we haven’t sent out the fundraiser perks. It took us a long time to actually RECEIVE the money after the fundraiser finished, and only then could we look for a studio. Plus we were in the process of applying for our business in Korea as well as our VISA’s, so we couldn’t actually buy a studio without getting approved as a Korean business! Vicious circle of waiting. Once we found one and signed everything, Martina’s grandfather fell ill and we had to fly out to Canada for almost two weeks. We just got back recently, and met with the construction and design team instantly so they could start getting to work on the place.

So, once the studio’s ready for us to finally use, we’ll order all the boxes, labels, polaroids, and goods to the studio so we can pack it all up in one or two days. We thought about doing it in our house, but hundreds of boxes + cat + dog = disaster. Meemers will chew on it all and Spudgy will pee on it all. Fact. Plus, we’re going to get a bunch of friends to help make a Perk Preparing Factory! Our course we will bribe them with coffee and pizza. So I know you couldn’t see the finished studio, but what do you all think of the basic layout? I love love love the white brick and exposed ceiling! Let us know!

Now, we don’t have bloopers for this video like we usually do, probably because the entire episode was a giant blooper. Poop to that. But here’s our apartment tour if you’re new (or if you haven’t seen the apartment tour!). It’s all related to our moving into Seoul and starting Eat Your Kimchi Incorporated, so it counts!


We’ll be showing you more footage of the studio as it develops. Not sure how much we can get in, but I know tomorrow we’re gonna try to get them demolishing the place. I wonder if they’ll have a hard hat for us? Regardless, we’ll put ourselves in the line of fire to get that footage!

  1. man.. i wasn’t using the internet for about a week and i can’t catch up with all the things that happened; so, 1)are you officially starting business as Eat Your Kimchi Incorporated 2) are you going to film all of your videos in your new studio?

  2. i am so excited for you guys!! :D i can’t wait to see how the office will be set up and when you guys will start filming there. What a great way to start the new year!!! Congrats!!!

  3. a dothraki man warrior who’s afraid of ghost holes…

  4. Can you guys do a WANK when you are showing how you and people in Korea celebrate New Years eve? ^_^ What places to go to and so on ^_^

  5. ok, simon, you got to tell me the truth. Where is location 2?

  6. if u dont mind me asking :S a room like this how much dose it cost a month?

  7. it would be super cool to work for eat your kimchi company!! i wish i could work with you guise! (best job eva!!!)

  8. that’s awesome you guys! I’m happy for you and I can’t wait to see your epicly awesome studio when its all cleaned up and design-i-fied! =D

  9. Alright, well, I just wanted to congradulate you, this is really a small step for Canada and a big one for you guys :)
    Wish you all the luck in the world!

  10. congratulations, you guises!!

    can’t wait to see the progress on this! ^^

  11. Simon&Martina I found your epic personal song, to bad it’s not korean XD Title: It’s nasty time! (Most used words are little kitty and nasty ^^)

  12. So… in the future, if you need any employees for your studio, will we be able to live in Korea working for you guys? :D

  13. I would suggest some awesome artistic fans that have sent you drawings be invited to do some wall murals. And perhaps a Nasty Wall where you can post the photos of the Nastiest

  14. i am so so so exited and happy for u guys sincerely from the bottom of my heart. The studio place looks nice n i love those doors for some reason. haha… good luck on the whole process. can’t wait for your next video guise~~~ *happy dance* (^o^)/

  15. soooo what your telling me is you got a Brohoho Brick Wall room? hahahah looks great!

  16. You guys are an inspiration!! The studio is really cool!! I wish you best of lucks!!

  17. Hi Simon and Martina!

    You had me at ”Soy un Dorito” ! It was the first time I saw you video ( I literally fell off my chair) and yes, I am a huge SHINee fan.
    I´m quite new to this site since I discovered k-pop just a couple of months ago.

    Congrats to you new studio! Really looking forward for some new videos:)

    I wanted to thank you for a great blog that helped me understand South-Korea’s culture and k-pop. You made my life richer in knowledge.
    I love you sense of humor and you 2 have such a unique personality. Adore it!!

    Keep up the good work!

  18. simon sounds like you’ve got a cold :( your studio looks pretty nice i’m sure you guys will decorate it to the T n it will look absolutely awesome. love martina’s hair and sweater in this vid :)

  19. So when you’re all set up will people (Nasties and tourists) be able to stop by your studio for a quick visit or tour?

    • We’re trying to think of a way to do this. We can’t have people just stop by and drop in anytime, because we’re working, right? It’s not like we can just stop working and start chatting with people, cuz then no videos would get made. But we’re trying to think of something…

      • Also if it’s a place for Kpop artists to come and interview, you cant just let everyone know where its located as there will be safety issues….. Unless the place has a secret back door for the artists to come in and out of…

  20. Thankyou for filming this video. Its pretty weird watching you guys get “bigger”, but I can’t help but feel like a proud parent!! EYK will only get better with this studio!!

  21. Omigod, I am so freaking happy! Seeing all of this is almost like we’re really there ourselves, going with you every step of the way. It’s so fun and makes me so happy!
    Those ghost holes were creepy. Why would they even show you a place with a giant-ass ghost hole? Did they assume “oh, they’re foreigners, maybe they won’t look up” or something? Weird, but the place you found is AAAWWWWESOME!!!
    You’re one step closer to becoming an epic EYK studio! We Nasties are cheering you on every step of the way!!!

  22. How exciting :) I look forward to all the awesomeness that you shall produce. OBTW I have gotten my MOTHER into your videos, yeah..3 generations of nasties :D

  23. Yay!!! You guys found a studio!! It’s ok that there are still adjustments and such that need to be made. You can always relocate later in your career. Use and build w/ what you have for now!! You guys are creative and capable of doing anything!! I feel so proud of you both!! You’re my inspiration =]b

    I actually dont mind waiting for the care packages. Take your time w/ them! I bought a bunch of Korean skin & lip products online. Im wondering how i’m going to find more room for newer products. Darn!! Why are they so cutely packaged and work so well on my skin? Esp. Tony Moly’s line of products… fruit shaped containers, coffee shaped containers, teardrop containers, cute cats and veggie shaped ones too!! xD

  24. I soooo feel you on the mold thing martina. Im allergic so I can tell where there’s mold just about anywhere, so when I smell it im like 0.0


    Congrats guys, really!! This is amazing… I’m starting something from scratch too, so I know exactly how you’re feeling right now.

    Well, now I know where I’m going to tour when I’m in South Korea… we prepared, us nasties will want to go and explore : D

  26. Glad to see you both again (catching up), and congradulations!!! Can’t wait for your new amazing videos from the studio.

  27. Congrats on finding your new studio! I’m excited to see how the final product will turn out. :)

  28. May I call this the Nasty Cave?

  29. Congratulations guys! I’m so happy for you. I really hope it would be open to visitors in the future. I would really love to drop by when I get the chance to visit South Korea. :) More power to you guys! From your fan in the Philippines. :)

  30. i remember looking B2ST up on itunes and running across your vlog because at the time itunes didn’t really have any kpop….oh have times have changed. Forever grateful to itunes for finding you guys 2 years ago.
    it’s kind of funny being a Fan of Fans but so great to have someone to spazz with. So happy that you’ll soon have the studio up and running.

  31. I personally can’t wait for your inaugural studio interview! I’m hoping for JYJ (Junsu at the very least!). I’m also super excited for segments on kdramas!

  32. I’m so excited!! > . . <


  33. Blue screen…. THIS BETTER MEAN YOU GUIZ SUPERIMPOSED IN MUSIC VIDEOS. Just a thought… love to see you guys frolicking around Mr Bro ho ho’s room for “reals”….

  34. KYAAAA this is so awesome!!! I can’t wait to see you work in it!!!
    I’m coming to Korea in August, I have bought my plane tickets already, do you think I could come and say hi?
    Anyhow i’m so excited for you!!!

  35. Wowza! Although you guys are talking as if this is taking a long time it all feels so damn fast, what have I done in the last 3 or 4 months…..hmmmmm…..not setting up an entire new business! Congrats, I am really delighted for ye and can’t wait to see what use you end up putting it to.

  36. Oh. My. GAWD.
    It’s AMAZING!!! *O*
    Congratulations, Simon and Martina!!!
    ….eeeek, I not-so-secretly want to work there. Real bad. *0*

  37. so excited for you guys and all the new eatyourkimchi shows!!!! :) Much blessings!!!

  38. Wow that moment where Martina hummed the theme to “Are you Afraid of the Dark” was super nostalgic. That show used to scare the piddle out of me. Congrats by the way ;)


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