A little bit of our back story if you’re new to EYK: we started a crowdfunding project to go toward the getting of a studio. You wonderful NASTIES contributed a boatload more than we expected. After a bit of a wait for us to get the money, we could finally start looking around for the studio. The footage you see here is the whole studio hunting experience.

Now, this is a lot more sloppy than our regular videos, because we couldn’t walk around with our tripod and studio lights. A lot of the time we had to sneakily bring out our camera to film stuff, because the people there didn’t want us filming. Hells yeah we were gonna film our studio hunt! What: you don’t want your ghost holes caught on camera? Side note: you know, that first ghost hole we saw? They tried to tell us that it was perfectly fine and not the result of water damage. So we asked them what the bucket was for, underneath the hole. Was it a ghost catching bucket? HELLS NO! That’s a bucket for catching water. I don’t like being lied to in order to make a sale. Especially since MAMA DIDN’T RAISE NO FOO!!!!

So after seeing around 8 different offices over a span of two weeks, we finally found an office that was just perfect for us! It was formally a “UCC” studio which is Korea’s buzzword for “User Created Content”: it’s a kind of Konglish word for vlogging or making content for the internet. The point of this is: AYO – WE ARE A UCC FACTORY! We make boatloads of UCC in Korea. This was destined to be our spot.

The studio is already equipped with sound proof rooms and even a lighting rail so we can hang our lights! HERRRMIIIGERRRD!!! It even has a blue screen! And – check this out – for a fire safety system, instead of water sprinklers it has a powder system to put out the fire and not soak your equipment. AWESOME!

It still requires some work, especially considering there is no air conditioning and we’re on the top floor (we will roast in the summer), and we need to clean it up in order to make it an acceptable place to conduct interviews. We really felt down for a while there because it felt like we couldn’t find a place to suit our needs, but the very last place we saw was the golden ticket!!! So the timeline is looking like it will be done around January 2013, so three to four weeks or so, and we will keep you all updated on the demolition and reconstruction of the place.

Last thing: we’re really sorry that we haven’t sent out the fundraiser perks. It took us a long time to actually RECEIVE the money after the fundraiser finished, and only then could we look for a studio. Plus we were in the process of applying for our business in Korea as well as our VISA’s, so we couldn’t actually buy a studio without getting approved as a Korean business! Vicious circle of waiting. Once we found one and signed everything, Martina’s grandfather fell ill and we had to fly out to Canada for almost two weeks. We just got back recently, and met with the construction and design team instantly so they could start getting to work on the place.

So, once the studio’s ready for us to finally use, we’ll order all the boxes, labels, polaroids, and goods to the studio so we can pack it all up in one or two days. We thought about doing it in our house, but hundreds of boxes + cat + dog = disaster. Meemers will chew on it all and Spudgy will pee on it all. Fact. Plus, we’re going to get a bunch of friends to help make a Perk Preparing Factory! Our course we will bribe them with coffee and pizza. So I know you couldn’t see the finished studio, but what do you all think of the basic layout? I love love love the white brick and exposed ceiling! Let us know!

Now, we don’t have bloopers for this video like we usually do, probably because the entire episode was a giant blooper. Poop to that. But here’s our apartment tour if you’re new (or if you haven’t seen the apartment tour!). It’s all related to our moving into Seoul and starting Eat Your Kimchi Incorporated, so it counts!


We’ll be showing you more footage of the studio as it develops. Not sure how much we can get in, but I know tomorrow we’re gonna try to get them demolishing the place. I wonder if they’ll have a hard hat for us? Regardless, we’ll put ourselves in the line of fire to get that footage!

  1. that’s awesome you guys! I’m happy for you and I can’t wait to see your epicly awesome studio when its all cleaned up and design-i-fied! =D

  2. congratulations, you guises!!

    can’t wait to see the progress on this! ^^

  3. How exciting :) I look forward to all the awesomeness that you shall produce. OBTW I have gotten my MOTHER into your videos, yeah..3 generations of nasties :D

  4. May I call this the Nasty Cave?

  5. I’m so excited!! > . . <


  6. No lie, I had the exact same reaction. Fitting Room= TOP approved. :-p

  7. It’s perfect! The doors look so cool the brick wall and the ceiling too. Paint the pipes a different colour! It would look so interesting XD

  8. Congratulations on finding the studio of your dreams. It looks and feels like you guys with the brick wall, windows and those sound proof doors. It just screams Simon and Martina or should I say Eat Your Kimchi :)

  9. you should use the brick room for one of mr brohoho skit

  10. i love that really old school thing on the wall in the main room of the studio… i feel like it belongs in a old USSR submarine going ~~bip bop boink squiggly sound~~ congratulations on finding a studio!!!!!!!

  11. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you guys, I was grinning like a fool during the video when you finally found the place that you liked. Your happiness was infectious! I totally understand the ju-ju’s you get when you find the place you were looking and hoping for. There is just something about a place that screams out to you when you’re house hunting/office hunting, you know almost straight away that its the one! And it sounds and looks fantastic, layout, location, sound proof room and an awesome fire system! You even have your own mini Brohoho prop! haha the brick wall looks like a perfect blank canvas for anything and everything. I can’t wait to see how you (mostly Martina xD) decorates the place! I hope everything goes well now and there are no hiccups in the process of re-fitting and setting the rest of the studio up. You deserve this and I’m so glad all of the nasties were so supportive and were able to help you get a studio! CONGRATS!

  12. oh my god!!!! i’m so freakin’ excited for you guys!!! WWAAAHH!!!!
    such an awesome place you found!! so happy for you guys!!!
    hey it’s that stamp stick thing!! i’ve seen it in dramas!!! don’t lose it or it might go into the hands of EVIL!!!!!!

  13. The place looks fantastic!!! The large window hole Simon jumped in through looks perfect for an electrochromic window (the ones that go from tinted to clear with a click of a button depending on your fancy)….I’ll admit I’m a bit bipartial to EC windows in offices since I work for an EC startup but it would look super slick.

  14. Future place of employment…I hope?! I’ll be a graduate in two and a half years, hopefully you’ll take employment applications by then!

  15. I’m so happy for you guys!!! Best of luck to you guys and your new studio!!

  16. Love it guise!!! Looks amazing! So happy for you and can’t wait to see the finished product!!!

  17. Yey! I am so excited to see what the studio will look like. I was laughing at the first real estate person totally ignoring everything you said. It was so awesome that you found someone else who would listen to your needs. It seems like this place was tailor made for you. I was especially excited about your EYK stamp. I knew that most Korean contracts are stamped, not signed, but did not know that there was a stamp for businesses too. So cool.

    Can’t wait to see the progress of work.

    • Who is the CEO by the way? Both of you? Is it possible?

    • I kinda hope that if I get to move to Japan next year that I will have to get one. It is completely dorky, but I would like to wave my magic stamp around just like Martina was.

      It is so freaky thinking of you two as CEOs. are Spudgy and Meemers your chaebol children now?

    • They use those same types of official seals/stamps in Japan. When I was there I needed to get one for my bank account. You know how one of the common ways Japanese is read is in columns, right to left? Well I had my name printed that way in katakana on my stamp, so it read ライサム, but you have to picture it like a square separated into four boxes: ‘ra’ was on the upper right, with ‘i’ below it, then ‘sa’ was on the upper left, with ‘mu’ below it, just like if you read it top to bottom and right to left. When I went to the bank, though, the clerks helping me squealed in excitement over my name because for whatever reason they read it top to bottom, but from left to right, so that it read サムライ, ha! As in 侍 (さむらい). So apparently I have the coolest seal ever for a foreigner. :D

  18. I have offically decided my dream career!
    Work for eatyourkimchi! :D
    ..no but seriously, I’d absolutely love that! haha I’m studying animation right now and teaching myself video editing to intern for my dads video editing company..but I’d much rather move to Korea and work with you guys! haha
    Anyway, the studio looks so cool! I’m so excited for you guys :]

  19. IT LOOKS AWESOME! I’m sure after the redesigning and all, it’ll be like a palace studio. I love your style, and I’m pretty sure it will be so darn awesome! I’m so so excited for you guys! URRUGUHGHGH!! I WANNA SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE AFTER! omg..this is SO AWESOME.

  20. CONGRATULATIONS :D :D im so glad you found a studio that you both loved :D yay for good ju ju’s :D

  21. Congratulations, guise! I expect those white walls will be covered with many-a-color when it’s all done. :3 Super excited for you!

  22. Really amazing. I sorta am having a mental image of foreign exchange students wanting to come to Korea and intern with you. Then I can see them passing out when all the kpop stars also come in. I honestly like the last place and I’m so happy that you guys were able to find this and that everything is going well for you gusy. I am wondering if they were taking to some of those places with problems because you guys aren’t Korean?

  23. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited for you guys! ^.^

  24. I really like the last place ^-^ can’t imagine why they would show a place with leaks and holes in walls and on ceilings -.- it really looked gross …
    Anyways, I am happy that you finaly found a place for your studio ^-^. Good luck ~

  25. Doesn’t shank mean to sexually force yourself onto someone?
    or maybe I’m thinking of something else lol
    That studio is totes adorbz, I just want to finish college and apply to work for you guys right now as whatever, a Korean translator, a coffee maker, an errand runner, an ANYTHING I WILL SERIOUSLY EVEN SLEEP IN THE CLOSET AND YOU ONLY HAVE TO PAY ME IN BULGOGI AND SOJU^^

  26. I’m so excited! The studio looks great, so I can’t wait to see it after the remodeling. I hope you guys include something that the groups/artists you interview there can sign & leave messages! :D Anyways, congrats on the studio!! I’M SO PUMPED~

  27. I’m so glad that you guys finally found your studio, I hope you’re very happy with it…good luck with your business :)

  28. So awesome! Can’t really say whether I like this place for a studio, it looks cool but I have no clue what sort of space a studio needs XD I’m sure the end result will blow my mind though!! Keep up the awesome nastiness ^^

  29. I’m so happy that you guys found a studio but then I realized there will be no more random cameo of Dr. Meemers or Spudgy… unless if you guys bring them to the studio too!!! :)

  30. Congratulations! Your studio looks really nice :) Can’t wait to see after reconstruction!

  31. While construction is going on could you maybe do a video of the area the studio is in… as in exploring nearby coffee shops and restaurants you might end up going to while editing or working or ordering in from… might be a fun FAPFAP/WANK type thing.
    Also when are you revealing the Nasty Hall of Fame with all the donors’ names?
    I figured you might do that earlier since it would just be on your website and all digital…
    so Spudgy can’t pee on it lol

    • One of our dreams is this: after a while, once we’ve been working in the studio and got a good workflow, we’ll set up a coffee shop on one of the floors below. We’ll call it the Nasty Coffee shop and sell the Nastiest Coffee!

      • Lol. I hope you know that only the brave would willingly drink that Nasty coffee and of course random Nasties. But then again people still try to visit that Coffee Prince shop and it isn’t that pleasant there. I am sure the Nasty coffee shop would be far nicer, better lit and superior in coffee taste to that.

  32. Smiles through the whole video. :D
    SO STOKED FOR YOU GUYS! God bless!

  33. Congrats guise!

    BTW, about the fire extinguishing system: if it’s a “dry chemical” type, it’s still not great for electronics – it’s a very corrosive fine powder that will get in everything. Better than water, but still not great. OTOH, if it’s halon, super awesome!


  34. I am so freaking excited! I don’t know if you guys can do this but it’ll be really cool if you can paint the exposed ceiling primary colors. It will make the ceiling pop out more.
    I can’t wait to see the end result!

  35. It’s amazing!!! It’s going to look so so cool!!!! Keep up tha great work, I’m so happy for you~~~~~ ^^
    FIGHTING!!! o/

  36. I am super excited. It also looks like such an awesome place. Now Big Bang can come and have a place to sit. it’s also awesome how the rooms are sound proof already. it would such if they wernt because you would have to pay for all of that. This way your not worrying about it. I am excited to see how everything is going to be and when you see up the desk. Now what you need is the Glass Name plates to show that your the presidents of the company. you have to get thoughts made up. I have seriously always wanted one of thoughts. when you get them you should video type it. You have your stamp and then your name plate all official-ness :P

  37. This is so awesome! It’s like you guys are slowly building THE EAT YOUR KIMCHI EMPIRE/INC./CORP./CO. (what else?!) and when that day comes I’d be talking to my future offspring and be like, “Listen, kids, this is how it all started…” Hahaha. So excited for you! Fighting!

    (Oh, and by the way, I would totally work and live in your studio! Just feed me with ramen and let me bring my cat. I will do whatever job you want me to do. I can babysit Meemers and Spudgy when you’re not around! Lol.)

  38. I hope I’ll get the opportunity to visit your studio next summer while I’m staying in Korea.

  39. I loved the little ‘Are you afraid of the dark?’ theme tune!! :D

  40. I’m so happy there is no ghost hole in your studio! *shiver*

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