Ok so this was shot aaages ago! Look at me without a beard! When I look back on those videos I feel like I look like a child. How did anyone ever serve me alcohol without ID’ing me? Eeepers. Now I look old and haggard. *chest thumps* UNGH!

Anyhow, baby me and adult Martina, along with Josh and Ollie from the ultra popular KoreanEnglishMan shot some videos with us. But first, a story:

See, Josh was the one that suggested eating Hongeo on video. Hongeo is quite possibly the worst thing I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. And this isn’t something I need to be afraid of saying. I know whenever we say something slightly negative about anything Korean the ultra-patriots come out and call us Yankees and say we should go home, but – for once – 99% of Koreans can agree with me: Hongeo isn’t tasty. It’s fermented stingray. It urinates through its skin. And it tastes like you’re eating a tire dipped in beach and spunk. It’s supposed to make your alcohol taste better, but SCREW THAT! No alcohol is worth going through the pain of eating Hongeo.

So, when he suggested we eat that, we suggested that we do something relevant: they’ll eat the ultra nasty (not in the nice, OOH YOU SO NASTY kinda way) and we’ll eat the ultra delicious. Namely, Softree Ice Cream. It’s really popular in Korea. Everyone’s ripped it off. It’s just basic softserve ice cream, but with a honeycomb on top. Two problems with the honeycombs: a) they’re not real honeycombs but flavoured wax and b) they’re all sold out from being so popular. That’s why you don’t see us eat the actual honeycomb. It’s just unavailable now, it’s that popular.

That’s it for our story about the ice cream. It’s a pretty lame story. We tried to get it but couldn’t. Our mics died. And we were rushed. So, the video’s not that great. Their video, though, is a lot better than ours, simply because it’s funnier at how bad our meal was.


Good god: so much stuff happened when eating Hongeo with them. For starters, we were the first group of white people the restaurant ever served. They told us that foreigners sometimes get dragged in by their coworkers, but not once, in the decade that they’ve been working, have a group of foreigners gone there of their own volition. Woohoo! The chef was so amazed that he decided it’d be best to share all the info he can on Hongeo. And so, on our table, as we barely ate and gagged profusely (it’s honestly that bad), the chef brings over a gotdamned bucket. Pops the lid off. Starts pulling out all the stingray carcasses he has on him. He’d point to different parts “See here! This is a female stingray! Here’s the vagina! I’ll make soup out of her ovaries!” It was so foul smelling, and the guy was so passionate, and we were so queasy and barely hanging in there, that I found it comedic. Hilarious. It was so bad and awkward and inappropriate that I couldn’t but find it hilarious.

Also, Ollie threw up while eating. It’s really that bad. He literally threw up while eating. Not for fun. Not to exaggerate. But you just can’t chew on the food. It’s so dense you can’t bite through it. We covered it up with a napkin as quickly as possible but…man. Try to keep on eating when someone upchucked on the table.

Momma didn’t raise no fool, though. I ate my first piece: my second piece I sneakily hid into my napkin. The hell I want to eat more than one piece for?!?! I just pretended to chew quickly and swallow. But it was a filthy, filthy lie. But at least I didn’t eat two pieces of it.

Yeah! So that’s it for this week. We’ve got some bloopers and extra scenes if you want to check out


We’ve been on a bit of a collaborative spree lately. We still have our videos with MyChonny and WongFu to edit. Hopefully those’ll be up soon. Don’t miss out on them by clicking on this pretty button below!

  1. victoria2000

    I’M AN ENGLISHMANN (well, girl) TOO! and that ice cream looks something like a toffee sundae from mcdonalds…sorry guys :D I bet the taste is different???!! uhum.

  2. Sapphire_Bryony

    Josh’s face at the 2:06 mark in the stingray challenge video is the single greatest face I’ve ever seen.

  3. Martina, I would love for you to do an Open the Happy tutorial on this big puffy bun hair do. I want to know how to make my hair do that! P.s. Loving the fushia!

  4. There’s actually yet another Korean Ice Cream + Honeycomb shop that recently opened in Koreatown called “Honeymee” that you may or may not have walked past during your recent trip to California.

  5. Recently, a question is raised in the TV show that is Food X File(먹거리X파일). Most of Honeycomb chips on the soft icecream use artificial mold. It is made of paraffin that is base material of candle. Many soft icecream chains refuted it. But, that’s why many soft icecream chains doesn’t deal with honeycomb these days.

  6. I was in Busan yesterday and I saw a Softtree shop and decided to eat it cos you guys had just talked about it! it was good, so thanks! ^_^

  7. Of all the things to watch while having some breakfast, that stingray video should not have been one of them :|! Poor Ollie! I really don’t know how you all did that, way braver than I am, and I’m a line cook that has eaten many strange things!!

  8. I was cringing like crazy watching you eat that fermented stingray, but when that guy whipped out the eggs I could barely go on. You guys are brave trying that stuff! I hate to say it, but I was very entertained by your suffering.

  9. Inspirit0000

    OH MY GOD! KoreanEnglishMan, Mychonny, AND Wongfu #Diesofawesomeness

  10. Loving these collabs – can’t wait to see more!

  11. Bakuwoman

    Wow… my mentality is usually I’ll try anything once (when it comes to food) but probably never going to eat that. Smell is 75% of taste!

  12. Should have put the take away Hongoe on the ice cream!

    Also, This ties in nicely with the post about animes! Moyasimon: Tales of Agriculture is all about fermented foods! watching it made me crave miso!

  13. You guys are such a brave people. Hongoe is even challenging for me and didn’t even tried until very recent days. 삼합samhap was nicer than I imagined and even tasty, but yet never tried sushi and stew, that you tasted before the 삼합samhap. I heard those tastes sexier and nastier. I really surprised that you guys chewing those only with sources. URaa… 고생하셨습니다.

  14. 홍어 tastes better with samgyeopsal and kimchi! sandwich it together and it is delicious
    its hard to eat at first but once you get used to it, you can taste the delicate(?) flavours behind the poision taste^^

  15. Why am I going on a 2 week family vacation when you’re going to upload more awesome collab videos ;_;

  16. Omg both videos were hilarious! Great to see more collabs, i havent heard of their channel so it introduces me to more videos :3 also, bilinguel people make me so jealous! (Especially when they arent from that languages country)

  17. SheathedSilence

    I actually watched a program on youtube about the weirdest food in South Korea and this stingray was on it. The guy said it was horrible and one of the worst things he’s ever had to eat on the show. I guess if I ever come to Korea, I’ll make sure not to eat it.
    But hey, at least you guys got ice cream :)

  18. dreaming_in_color

    I shall pause this video and go make myself a rootbeer float…be right back.

  19. Poor…poor Ollie. I can’t even imagine how you guys got through that but that you tried it at all just makes me respect you guys that much more. If I heard I was supposed to be eating something that even the locals find unappealing, I’d just say no.

    Anyway! The ice cream was happy looking! Glad everyone got to smile after dinner!

  20. YooHoo

    I enjoy watching you film with other friends, I can’t wait for chonny! : D

  21. Bethany

    Not gonna lie. When Josh said, ‘bears’, my boyfriend and I (we’re both Baylor students) both go, ‘Sic’em!’
    Then we laughed for like 20 minutes and had to rewind to watch the beginning again.

  22. abokado

    Hooooly crap. That stingray seems like the worst possible thing to put into your mouth. Kudos to you for actually eating any of it. Poor Ollie! Christ, I need some icecream now, I feel really disgusted.

    It did make for a great video. I’m sorry, but I laughed at your misery.

  23. Cyber_3

    Is hongeo some leftover from poorer times where you eat anything to survive? Like eating nettles and rue from the European middle ages? I can’t even imagine a historic tourist destination to eat stingray, fermented or not – bleaurgh! Not everything that won’t kill you is worth eating…..the only one of your food videos that just turned me off eating for a couple of hours rather than causing my mouth to water. Those Englishmen seem nice enough though. The ice cream video was good too but yeah, needed more sexy food porn. If you’ve ever eaten real honeycomb, you’ll know why they use fake ones: the real ones have the walls of the bee hive in them, which is sort of a papery/leafy thing (if you’ve seen the outside of a wasps’ nest, it’s similar) which doesn’t really taste like anything but the texture kind of kills the niceness of the honey somewhat. It’s an acquired taste and the cold of the ice cream can’t improve it. Is it just me or do Korean enjoy fad food a lot?

  24. I was watching an episode of Happy Together featuring foreigners and hongeo samhap was mentioned xD So that’s what I was reminded of as I watched the video. It does seem pretty disgusting and one foreigner (I think it was Robert Holley) actually liked it!

  25. Thank god that we don’t have smell-o-videos! Kudos for you guys especially Martina! Champ you are!

    When I had dinner with family at a Korean restaurant last year, I did eat a small piece of fermented boney skate. It was my first time eating it and it wasn’t’ bad at all, bit crunchy. However, the stuff on the video, I’d run away as fast as my two short legs will carry me. Seriously, 홍어 in this video looked terrifying.

    I love the collaboration, so keep them coming!

  26. So…I had to stop watching the fermented stingray challenge video. I am a sympathetic thrower-upper…and I was gagging pretty badly. Wow. It was rather funny though how entertaining you all tried to make it. Way to go!

  27. I could not watch all that eating of Sting-Ray, I felt sick to my stomach just watching! The two of you are very tough! Argh-the female one was the worst. :P

  28. Marina ate that like a champ! Supposedly there is something similar in Sweden that is a fermented shark, which has the same pungent smell.

  29. when I first looked at this I thought Simon shaved his beard

  30. Mariam

    I think stingray of any kind is just disgusting. We would eat a lot of dried fish in my village- which is really pungent and took some adjusting to eat. But then on a “special” occasion someone brought the family dried stingray. The most disgusting thing I have ever tasted. Elasmobranchs do not make for good eating.

  31. WOW! You guys totally ROCK for taking on that “Stingray Challenge”!!! That was Oh Sooooo NASTY…….

    I feel like I need to apologize to you guys from gaining pure enjoyment out of your pain! :(

  32. Martina! You ate the stingray LIKE A BOSS!!! THUMBS UP!

  33. Wow Martina’s the manliest man of them all. She can win the eating challenge in Survivor or Fear Factor.

  34. I would NEVER eat that stingray! Oh my god it looked gross! And from the video it looks like it smelled and tasted just as bad! I would probably upchuck all over the floor before reaching the table! Nope not for me! On the other hand Honeycomb Ice cream sounds good! Oh and Korean English men have a new fan! Yay!

  35. I’m a UK born bred girl who loves Korean culture so finding the Korean English men it’s awesome be great to hang out one day

  36. Oh, I loooooooooooove English men. I could listen to them all day.

  37. I have eaten my share of crazy foods when I went to Japan but this looks like it would top everything I ate there. Just the sight of the eggs in the video made me gag.

  38. Oh god the stingray looks so horrific >< I actually ate snake and grasshopper while I was in China :P

  39. A_719

    Even though I have almost throw up when I saw what you were eating, still I would try to eat that.

  40. I can’t stop laugh! It looks soooo disgusting… omg…

  41. PochaccoPWNShelloKitty

    XD Just watching the four of u eat that stingray made my stomach churn and laugh at the same time. AnywayZ, I remember that I watched a youtube vid on Jaejoong from JYJ and his friend from japan eat the stingray. And surprisingly jaejoong really enjoys eating it O.o and wanted to share it with his friend, oh and that friend had the same reaction like u guyz did (found it horribly disgusting). :D I would love to see S&M do the stingray challenge with JYJ someday (^_^)b or any other kpop stars.

  42. Here’s a little bit of background on hongeo for those of you who, like me, are confused about it:
    Currently, Hongeo is a popular dish in the Jeolla region of Korea, which is where a lot of these stingrays (apparently they’re called ‘skate fish’) can be caught. Hongeo is unique in that it basically doesn’t rot even if you leave it lying around- it just ferments by itself because of certain qualities in the stingray’s anatomy. Fishermen found out about this decades ago when there was no way to refrigerate the fish they had caught, and the stingrays would get all rancid by the time they had reached their destination. Unwilling to throw it all away, they tried eating it and found that, while the rancidness was something to get used to, there was a unique, underlying taste to the hongeo that makes it the traditional dish it is today. It’s served on special occasions in the Jeolla region.

    Apparently hongeo also has quite a lot of health benefits due to its strange qualities of not rotting- it’s supposed to be good for your digestive system and whatnot. Unless, of course, you can’t keep it down! Haha

  43. So did the ice cream actually get the taste of sad out of your mouth? too bad the the memory of the pain and awfulness out of your memories. well that is still one up on omg you ate that! list.

  44. Oh. My. Gosh. You guys have been my heroes for a long time, but today you reached a whooooole new level of heroism. Like Iliad and beyond. When he brought out the stingray eggs…. o_O Wow.

  45. RudeMinnesotan

    I watched their video… and ouch. I can only imagine. Your poor poor taste-buds.

    Wait, so there remain Koreans who like it enough to eat it often?

  47. Akira-Miyashi

    Why do Koreans even eat it if it’s that bad? :( I felt like throwing up when they showed the other parts in the container. Don’t they cook it? It’s eaten raw?

  48. Simon, for once I agree with your cheating ways! That stuff doesn’t belong in the human body, I nearly threw up just watching the video. Why did people want to eat this?! I guess if you’re starving it might taste good? O.o Lol. That ice cream looks good though, going through a heat wave so I’m sitting inside melting a bit.

  49. SHINeeUKShawol

    *drool* i’d like to try that cotton candy ice cream!!

    oh my goodness…that ‘girl’ part of the stingray…ahahaha
    EEEWWWWW that egg looked DISGUSTING!!!! like….a big booger!!

  50. Sounds pretty nasty there. Think I’ll never ever try this. Another food that I found out that was interesting is Shirako or fish sperm sacs …….A Japanese food. I don’t think I can take this anymore lol !

  51. Nic My Korean Husband

    When you guys told us this story I could not comprehend how bad it really was. Like I know it’s bad… I’ve never met a Korean that likes it… Hugh, who eats almost anything, completely puts his foot down when it comes to this. He refuses to ever eat it. But watching that footage, and actually seeing what you described… I almost threw up. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to actually smell it and taste it…

  52. HONGEOOOOO! My dad once got a big box of hongeo delivered from a “friend” (troll, more like) and even though it was double, triple, quadruple-packaged, the smell was leaking out- and then my mom (laughing, because WHAT DO WE DO WITH A BOX FULL OF HONGEO HAHAHA) opened Pandora’s box and whoa! I was defeated by the smell alone, I tell you!
    How did you manage to try SO MUCH hongeo nastiness? This isn’t food, it’s a CHALLENGE. And I love how Martina seems to be the manliest in that video. Go Martina!
    As for the ice cream- I get why they have sea salt in there- mixed properly, saltiness and sweetness are a great flavor combo (chocolate and sea salt can taste AMAZING together, Josh!)- but wait, flavored wax? Instead of actual honeycomb? I don’t….What?

  53. Omg… This was the hideously foul dinner you had eaten when we met going back to the studio :p bleeeuuurrggghhhhhh >.<

    Yeah, not suprised the sweets / fudge were better, they'd have to be FRIKKING RANK to be worse :/

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