One of the things we discussed before filming this topic was how impressed we were with the specificity of some of the qualities of an ideal man. Really, if you had to describe your ideal type, would you talk about his schooling and salary and job and work hours and habits? Isn’t it more like “I’d like someone tall and swarthy, maybe in a band, who loves cooking as much as I do.” Right? No? I’m not sure. Maybe your list of details is a bit longer than that, but probably not as long as this list here:

Now, let’s talk about this blog post before we give you Soo Zee’s translation of it: not everyone holds these standards, of course. This was a fairly popular blog post when it came out that satirizes how picky Korean girls can be. It both highlights the absurdity of these demands, but also the pressures that men face in meeting women’s expectations. Here’s a screenshot of the blog post. Now that I come to think of it, why didn’t I ask Soo Zee for the URL? I’ll ask her as soon as we get into the studio today.

And now for the list. Guys, even if this list is a parody, if you nail all of these qualities you’re pretty much the perfect man, regardless of what country you’re from. Girls here are looking for:

A guy who has salary of over 100million KRW, and is over 180cm tall. There must be no bald people in the family tree. He must like sports and has a buff body, as well as a great fashion sense. He must have a cheerful and bright personality. He must never loose his temper and be polite. Should have a charming smile and be great at sex. Should come from a wealthy family that has at least 3 billion KRW to their name. He must have graduated from SKY, and have a great job that starts at 9 and finishes at 6, only 5 days a week.

He should help out with the house chores. He should be able to drink more than 2 bottles of soju but also not enjoy drinking. Should be a great cook, enjoy music, and also be a great singer. Should be great at fixing stuff around the house. Should have a religion but not be too devoted, and drive very carefully and be neat and tidy.

His score should be higher than 850 in TOEIC, and he should also speak a bit of Japanese. Should have studied abroad for language, be the only child of his parents and his parents should live far from Seoul. The parents should occasionally visit, maybe once a year. The parents should also prefer lighter memorial services for their ancestors during Chuseok and Seollal.

He should give gifts on every anniversary, and have great taste. He should be honest and should be able to play both the piano and the guitar. He should be great with managing his finances and should listen to what women say. Should both like kids and be great with kids, should like reading books, like to go shopping with his wife and not mind being the driver, and should hold his wife’s shopping bags when they shop, then go to coffee shops together and gossip together and also read through women’s magazines together. Should also text and call often when they’re apart.

The guy should have female friends but know to drew the line between friends and women. Should like to travel. Don’t splurge, gamble, smoke, or be sickly. Should have gone to the army and have a great sense of humor. Should be romantic and be able to swim well, have 눈치 (which is a loaded Korean word for “awareness,” kinda). Should be a great writer and know how to paint. He should also be very humble, very social, and yet have leadership skills at the same time. He should be great with seniors and also have a bit of aegyo in him, while also being handsome, and also good to his inlaws and the rest of his wife’s family. He should also be kind and bold enough to dance naked if the wife says so. And he should forgive his wife IF she cheats on him.

Holy hell that was intense. I’m basing this off of SooZee’s translation, and I’m not sure if Soo Zee’s style was just jotting things down randomly, but the way that it’s written and not clearly organized into categories makes it seem so overwhelming, like “you should do this AND be this AND do this AND have done this AND do this ANDANDANDANDANDANDAND”.” Or maybe I’m just too busy English lit analyzing this. I don’t know. I was overwhelmed reading it.

Again, if men don’t meet these standards, it’s not like they’re outcasts and never get girls. Only so many people can get into the SKY universities. A LOT of men smoke. Not everyone has lived abroad. And I don’t know that many people pulling in over 100k a year while working reasonable hours. If everyone were held to these standards, then only, like, three people would be able to date.

But that’s also not to say that these standards are irrelevant. They do go into a lot of people’s considerations. We had a Korean friend who, when we asked her about her boyfriend and what he’s like, the first things she said was that he wasn’t very good looking, a bit overweight, but he has a stable job. When we asked her more info, like – say – how well do they get along, or what do they do together, or what do they have in common, she was just like “yeah, we get along alright.”

From our perspective, it seems like there’s a lot more emphasis on economic stability than what we’re used to. We never talk to our friends back home about how successful their significant others are, or where they graduated. Or is that just us? Are these topics of conversation you’re used to having with your friends?

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  1. In my understanding, your Korean friend would emphasize that her boyfriend “has” at least one condition of what people talk (as an ideal model of Korean man). It is a strong defense on her boyfriend from no matter what. This is how the list actually works to stop grading on her boyfriend.

    This may look like defending Korean culture, but I hate that list as well. Only somebody would like to literally follow those may be miserable. Mostly Korean sentences are not something literally directing meaning by itself. I read that it because Korean is pretty much verbal language while english is quiet literal language.(And constantly korean language is goring literal now.) Most of original Korean verbal sentences are not that literal.

    Soo Zee, I’m in art school. (If you couldn’t tell) Fist bump!
    By the way, the “charming smiles” made me nearly wee myself laughing.

  3. For me i am all about personalty and actually my ideal type is the art school type. Thats right i said it. So to all you art school students in korea i am waiting for you :P i do like artisy guys but really it doesn’t matter to me. I have to get along with him i know in the discution about ideal girls i said i would be a stay at home and want to. But seriously if i can’t it’s not the end of the world. I also i did say i would blind date and get married after 6 months to a year. however to all you korean guys i might agree to marry you after 6 months but remember this we are waiting a year like normal people. sorry to all the people who get married in 1 month or 2….. personally i think thats the dumbist thing you can do is get married and set up a wedding in one month. i find that totally impossible. My sister did it and i just looked at her like she was a nut case. She asked me to be in her wedding party and i wanted to but i just couldn’t get the money and time off work to go to Toronto and be at the wedding. So yea if i get married after knowing the guy for 6months to a year the person will have to wait at least another 6 months to a year before i say I DO thats my requirement for sure. other wise i like my skinny korean guys. :P

  4. Thanks for covering this topic.Now I see that it’s somewhat different in Korea than in Serbia:
    -one thing is kinda similar: women should look the best they can, men can look like short vine barrels , if they have money,or personality they can often pass. Women have to try harder.
    -women can work and raise kids,cook and clean beside 8 hours of work.
    -men can do all of those if they want to ,depending on the relationship,but overall are not expected to do anything beside work.
    -women are sometimes expected by their family not to divorce even if husband is violent ,drunkard or gambler,or all of it.Some still worry “what would neighbors think of it” if it happens.
    -there are gold-diggers as in any part of world
    -some women are still expected to be married around the age of 18.
    -men are mocked if woman is “the head of the family” and orders around/makes decisions
    -I believe that our saying “every hole finds it’s patch” is more or less accurate, because both rich and poor can find partner depending on how they act,are they clever enough or not,lazy or hardworking, etc. What university you graduated from may sound cool at first, but if you don’t earn enough for living and person you live with isn’t patient and/or don’t want to work,it’s a matter of time when you’ll be left/divorced. It can be all variety of situations because this country is a mix of many cultures,ethnicity, religions etc.
    -with the unemployment on the raise ,less people decide to get married and/or have kids.

  5. I know this list was a satire of what women want, but to publish it under the title ‘What’s the ideal Korean man’ because it was originally written in Korean is unfair. It’s what most woman want if they are a shallow and greedy!

    I don’t think it was fair to write one perspective based on ONE friend you have. As a Korean, I married my husband because we have similar interests and similar life outlooks. My parents who are strong traditional Koreans love my husband because he is a nice person, treats me well and sees how positive my life has become with him in it.

    Economic stability is not just a Korean phenomenon, just because you don’t recall talking to your friends about how successful their significant others are, or where they graduated. It may have just been that your social group did not discuss this or that they are not at that social stage to discuss these topics. There are heaps situations in movies (American, Australia etc) where people ask others which schools they went to and where they’re working, its a conversation starter for people to find similarity with each other!

    I don’t think you guys should make these types of posts, unless you make them light and short. There is a lot of bias in this, next time you should ask for opinions on the street and make a video. At least this way you’ll probably get a more accurate “Korean” outlook and a variety of answers, and not just from your limited experience that is shared with your 447k fans.

    No hate, just saying.

  6. This doesn’t sound like a husband but more like a robot.

    But isn’t it weird that the guys in dramas (not the lead guy but the “perfect guy” who never gets the girl) who have most of these qualities always end up alone? The girl never chooses the perfect guy but always the arrogant bad boy with the good heart.

  7. In the Netherlands, what you want to look for in a man or woman is skill in rescue swimming, as much of the country is below sealevel and when the dikes give this will come in handy.

  8. Makes me think of Austens Eliza Bennets comment “I am no longer surprised at your knowing only six accomplished women. I rather wonder now at your knowing any”

    HOW can any person expect to match up to that exhaustive list?? O_o

  9. Lets see if I can meet “The super ultra Korean ideal manly but gentle MAN” man qualifications (Imagine I’m in a coffee shop with a Korean girl and she gave me this list…)

    Makes over 100 Million KRW… Nope, sorry. Over 180cm tall… Yep. No bald people in the family tree… Check. Cheerful and bright personality… Kinda. Never lose temper and be polite… Yes on the later – depends on the former. Charming smile…*shrug* you decide. Great in the sack… Well that’s just something we’re gonna have to find out now… Wealthy family with a ridiculous pile of money… forget it. Graduated from SKY… nope. Great 9 to 6 job… nuh-uh, I work overnights hun (for now).

    Helps out around the house… of course! Able to drink 2 bottles of soju but not enjoy drinking… yep (I actually don’t like drinking too much) Great cook… I’m working on that :) Enjoy Music… Yes. Great Singer…. eh. Great at fixing stuff… as long as it has a manual, lol. Has religion but not too devoted… uhh, i’m agnostic. Drives carefully… I try. Neat and Tidy… yeah…sure…

    Higher than 850 in TOEIC… well I do speak english fluently, does that count? a bit of Japanese? What do you mean by a bit? Studied abroad for another language? Would love to (with you of course :) ) Only child… yeah. Parents live far away from Seoul? well, yeah, but they would sure love to visit. Lighter memorial services? I don’t know what that is but I’m pretty sure my parents are up for it.

    Gifting on our anniversary? (sets date in google cal…) Of course! I like to think I have good taste, I am talking to you of course… Am I Honest? Yes (She probably thinks I’m lying though…) Can play guitar/piano? oh hell no. Can manage finances? yes. Do I listen to what women say? Yes. Do I like kids? yeah, if they are my kids… lol… (I kid, I kid) Am I great with kids? ahhhh… pass… I do like reading books. I’d go shopping with my wife, and i’ll also drive, but do I really have to hold all those damn bags? (I’ll probably get that mean >_> look right about now). Coffee shop? Sure, when? Gossip? yeah, sure. Womens Mags? Yeah.. okay… I guess? Text and call often, of course!

    Does have female friends but draws the line. Yes. Loves to travel? Definitely a yes all the way! Splurge? only on you hun. Gamble? Nope. Smoke? Nope. Sickly? Nope (I hate germs, clean all the things!) Have gone to the army… I don’t think I can (more on that later) Great sense of humor? I’d like to think so. Romantic? yes (I’m a sucker for that to be honest). Able to swim well? yeah… sure. Has awareness? I guess? Great writer and painter? I can write but I’m sure as hell can’t paint for my life (unless we’re talking about finger painting, lol). Am I humble? (Well, I know this is a trick question, since if I do admit this, that may be seen as being arrogant. However, if I say no, she may think less of me…. hmm…) Well, I am doing this, right? Social? Kinda… I may need those 2 bottles of soju first. Leadership skills? Yeah. Good with seniors? Yes. Has aegyo whilst being handsome? (hmm…) *breaks off a peppro stick into two, puts the sticks in mouth like teeth and does the BUING BUING motion* Was that too much…? Good to his inlaws? yeah, of course.

    Able to be kind enough and bold enough to dance naked if the wife says so? Are you sure about that? *girl nods head* *sighs* well, not in public of course… but I may need that third bottle of soju just in case…

    Will I be able to forgive my wife IF she cheats on him? (Is she seriously asking me this question? Seriously? Not sure if trolling or serious… Quick Michael!… Say SOMETHING!) Nope… well okay, maybe… she’ll have to do something for me to gain my trust again. Something that really shows me that she is willing to be faithful and not do this to me again. Otherwise, forget it.

    Now with all that being said, there is something I do have to say… I’m actually not Korean…

    *Watches girl panic, grabs her purse and checks her phone. She texts her friend and suddenly gets a phone call. Watches her mumble some Korean and sees her put the phone down back into the purse*

    “OPPA! I have to go and uh… help my mom out… yeah, that!”
    But isn’t your mom overseas?
    “Oh, I mean my sister, yeah… my sister ^_^ … I’ll text you later, ANNYEONG!”
    *watches her bolt out of the coffee shop faster than ever…*

    Damn, not again… Maybe I should of left that last part out… *sigh* :(

  10. Because it is currently my favorite song, would it be appropriate for them to do a Korean men parody of Lily Allen’s ‘Hard out here’?

  11. Back home, if you are not married by 25, you are a spinster (all my classmates back home are either engaged, on their first baby or married). Im 26…. xD Im living in the US now, but right around this time is when I am asked why I dont have a boyfriend yet, since I am ‘next in line’ as the one that goes before me got a BF who’s already been introduced to the family xD GAH. The Pressure, but they just have to wait, ill be going to Uni next year, YEAH! ;).

    In that sense I am strict, I want someone with a steady foundation, at least a bachelors degree, but thats it. I dont have all these extremely unrealistic views on what my life will be. All I want is a man with a Bachelors Degree and im good. xD

    • are you korean? what you described sounds like my culture lol

      and i just don’t understand the importance of education (no offense to you! :) ).
      My mother is always like “You will finish university soon so your future husband must at least have a bacherlors degree” and i’m like “why? what if he is super nice but doesn’t have one” mom:”….are you kidding me? so you are saying that you would marry someone with a lower education EVEN THOUGH you finished university?” “eh..yes”
      lol i really don’t get it

      • Nope, not Korean, im from Central America and it custom over there to find your future Husband and Wife in University if you want to live at a middle class level too (or at least slightly better than everyone else, if you dont, then you are usually ‘dirt poor’).

        Customs aside, I guess it wouldnt matter if my bf doesnt have a degree, but its preferable if he wants to become husband material :P Itll be better in the long run, Ive been the sole breadwinner of my family once and HELL I know ill need help later on xD I dont want to be in that situation again.

  12. I have a topic for you guys to talk about: dancing in Korea!
    How are people dancing in Korea? Same as in Canada-USA-Europe or different?
    I’m a big salsa dancing fan and I saw on Youtube videos that there is salsa dancing bars and also big international salsa events.
    Is there any social dancing, how is it vied by korean? Should a man be able to dance like in latin america or it’s not so important?
    I’m not shure I’m in the wright place to be asking these questions, but hope you will read them!

  13. this is beyond stupid. Korean girls are not an entity (no matter how many people repeat that we shouldn’t generalize, I steal see loads of it in the comments) and being “tall, goodlooking, rich, smart” is just an universal ideal.

  14. My Bf is Vietnamese and I’m from El Salvador so a Latina….a couple days ago I went to his house and his mom called me practically ugly because I wasn’t what she considered her ideal type for her son. He defended me and walked with me and told me he didn’t care what his mom said =) i think that in general people have their own opinions on what is beautiful and what is a good quality to have but i don’t agree with that.

  15. dating a korean american….im hispanics !!!her parent hate me…weeee

  16. In my opinion any korean guy that has a cheerful personality and treats me well is great :P I really want a korean boyfriend but i have no idea how to do so

  17. Is Korea Eco-friendly? do they recycle and try to use “green energy” (solar panels,etc)? Plus, in Canadian schools we always have classes about how to stop pollution and how to be more aware of the environment, do they have that in Korean schools? I love u guys :D ^_^ <3

  18. *First time ever commenting on anything from EYK omgomgnervous*

    A lot of Asian countries try to imitate what they find ‘attractive’ as far as their image of Westerners goes(because foreigner-ish things are cool but sometimes being an actual foreigner isn’t?? That’s another thing though). Slender nose. Double eye-lids. Jawline. Height. Etc. I think the unrealistic ideals of what a guy should look like is compounded daily with what they see in the media(much like ANYWHERE else mind you). K-pop and the entertainment culture more or less revolves around aesthetics and looking appealing, which in turn means looking Asian with Western features. If you look at what typical Koreans look like and look at what their celebrity counterparts look like, their facial features don’t really look the same do they? (Not gonna name specifics cause I don’t wanna get bashed for being racist or anything, but being realistic, different ethnicities have different facial features common among themselves)

    Another commenter mentioned that the ideal that a man should be entirely financially stable and well off comes from older-times where the older generations remember what it was like to be dirt-poor and have to scrounge for /anything/. I think this mentality was simply passed down generations. Addition: And I think it’s generally a common thing for most parents to want their children to marry/be with someone who’s financially stable at the very least. While idealistically people want to always think, “if a couple is strong enough they can make it through anything!” But financial difficulties and strains seem to be one of the most strenuous types of strains a couple can undergo together. My partner and I have gone through a couple periods where we were financially ‘tight’ and it puts a damper on almost everything.

    Additional addition: Awkwardly accidentally up-voting my own post and then down-voting it to balance it out and then feeling awkward that I did it in the first place..

  19. OMG. This list is insanity. That is so much stress. I don’t even have words for that. I’m with Martina on this one, what happened to “Kind man, kind to me, has similar interests, sense of humor, parents don’t hate me etc”? Wow….I can’t math this one.
    What’s the equivalent for women? There’s NO WAY girls are getting out of this expectation nightmare.

  20. Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) per wiki

  21. I know simons my ideal man!!~~ :3 lol

  22. I grew up with the idea that the guy should not be abusive in any way and should love me for who I am not for what society expects me to be… I later also decided he should be hardworking and have a great personality, plus match up with at least some of my interests! I didn’t care about looks or weight or height because honestly I wouldn’t want them to care how I look, especially right after I role out of bed! HAHAHA

    Luckily the guy I am with now meets all my expectations AND MORE! I think he looks great, he is not much taller than I am so we are both a couple of shorties, we both love superheroes/villains, detective stories/shows, video games, pokemon, reading, and so much more. I am so lucky to have my boyfriend, just as I am sure Martina feels about Simon <3

  23. The parents are a BIG part of the whole dating and relationships thing in Korea. Parents are generally very involved with their children’s lives, even well into adulthood. Basically until a girl is married, she’s basically considered by her parents to still be a minor and it’s completely normal and acceptable to tell her what time she has to be home by, where she can go, whether she can move out or not and especially who she dates. I’m pretty sure my girlfriend’s dad still doesn’t know his daughter has a boyfriend, much less a white devil even though I’ve actually had dinner at her family’s house (I believe she and her mother told him I was her friend).

    We’re planning on moving to Australia together mid next year and it’s going to be interesting to see how her parents react and how she will deal with their reaction. Only time will tell.

    My point is: I believe in Korean society it’s the parents who ultimately decide on these things.

  24. Many of the Korean ideals are very similar to Chinese ideals, especially to the big international Chinese cities. However, China also emphasize in 门当户对. Which means the partner should be around the same social status, their family should come from the same educational level etc. In general, you should be marrying within the same social group. Of course, there are girls who want to marry ‘up’, but they are not put in a good light… They are called ‘Sparrow acting like phoenix’ or they are ‘fishing for that golden son in law’ etc.

  25. When I lived in Seoul, one of my elementary school students was getting growth hormone shots because he was shorter than most of his classmates. (He was also about 9 months younger). His mom told me that tall people are leaders, so his father said it was important for him to be tall. O_o

  26. In New Zealand our native people called “Maori” and your parents would most likely want their child to marry soneone with not alot of money but with alot of land. Im not saying they arrange their own children’s marriages but its just a key point in someone. But most ideal types in NZ is just personality. There’s not a standard, it just depends on who you fall in love with :)

    • Well the point of marrying someone with a lot of land was because land is a mark of position. And in most cases, land itself was more valuable than currency, if not currency itself. So it’s the same concept. “Marry someone well off.”

  27. Hi there!
    I’ll try my best with my rusted english, don’t hate me for my mistakes. LOL

    I’m shocked, seriously..
    Watching Korean dramas, idols interviews and random variety programs, I realize that the stereotypes were different, which is amazing, because our cultures are extremely different, but seeing this list I realize that maybe some Korean girls are too demanding? I know it’s not all of them, but somehow is the opposite of what I search, or like in a men..

    I’m from Argentina, and I’m aware that Latin-American stereotypes are a lot different, but I’ve been reading some comments, and I agree with a lot of them. It’s not all about money, or how you can get a good looking man, but it’s about how well you feel when you’re with him, and how love is blind, you know? Somehow I feel a bit sorry for the young Korean men and girls, because they have so much pressure to be a perfect husband or wife, it should be exhausting..

    Anyway, thanks Simon&Martina, you’re amazing! Loved the video, and the comments about it! Kisses from the end of the world ^^ ♥

  28. i swear this is bit of a description of Ok Taecyeon!

  29. So… I’m forever going to say so-gae-ting the “Jamaican” way.

  30. What about the ideal woman then?

  31. I’m Korean and I clearly think this list is just flat out WRONG! I mean how could women have so much expectations if we can’t be perfect? I’m 23 and I realized early on that I can’t expect much out of guys at my age. He might have an undergraduate degree and have hell of a loan to pay back but how could you expect to make 100+ million dollars right after you graduate? Of course, unless you are dating some son of wealthy CEO. But how many of the girls can actually date someone like this? Heck, I can’t even make much money right now with my job :/ I hope girls can see potential and capability in their loved ones, not measure them with unattainable things and outer appearances.

    P.s. I’m not being frustrated to any of you here haha! SM are awesome and I love watching their videos. I usually don’t say much in general, but this is one of the topics that always frustrates me .

  32. I do believe that the pressure on guys about their looks & height in Korea is quite big, because I have never met an European guy who has openly called himself ugly in a “just a random fact about me” way. I get that close people can tease each other about their looks and so on, but the first time I encountered this I was quite shocked, especially since the guy wasn’t ugly at all.

    I think that dating/marrying a man who fits all these requirements would be ridiculously boring. It might be stable but I way more prefer someone exciting, random and hilarious than spending my life with someone I simply “get along” with.

    I blame the existence of arranged marriage, because it seems that mostly in the countries were it exists (has existed for a long time) there are strict requirements so that you could show off to others, it’s never been a big thing in Western culture so we don’t really care about things like detailed family background, top education and so on.

    • Wow I hope you don’t think Korea is big on arranged marriages… I am Korean and I don’t know anyone who got arrange married.

      To say “Western culture …we don’t really care about things like detailed family background, top education and so on” is wrong. People in Western cultures do care about these things but maybe not to the same extremity, depending on your social group and where you are. In America THE colleges to go to are usually the Ivy league ones, especially if you live in the Northeast coast. Manhattan has one of the highest GDP’s in the world, you tell them there family background, top education and so on doesn’t matter.

    • I find the point of arranged marriages interesting. It brings a whole different perspective to the discussion and I think it’s something we should consider more as oppose to “dang, so superficial”. I would think all these ‘requirement suggestions’ are coming from the older generation down to the younger.

      Actually Western culture did care more in the past and a lot of people still do. It’s just not what is shown on TV. We ( i say we cause I’m a part of Western society), anyways…. We like to show a lot of fantasy type romeo and juliet, whirlwind romances in our media and turn a blind eye to a lot of the harsher realities. It ain’t called fiction for nothing.

  33. Here in Brazil, people usually describe the personality, and don’t care much about the appearance (of course there are people who do.. but not much) and I think it’s because we are a country with such a big racial diversity that you will never find a standard.. and about money.. a lot of girls care about it, but some (like me and my friends) just care if the guy is nice to her :D

    And oh … i wooould love to meet a guy who went to an Art School, people who like art are usually fun to be with ♥
    Like Korean girls (not all) are hard to please!!.. the things that they want from a guy never ever crossed my mind, like >how much he can drink<… like WTF? hehe

  34. Haha, on the parents living outside of the city thing, I once heard that the ideal distance to live from your in-laws is far enough that they don’t just stop by all the time, BUT close enough that when they do stop by, they don’t stay overnight. LOL

  35. In California I don’t really see an “ideal” type. I think everyone’s ideal are different. For me, the only thing I cared about when i was single, was “does he have a job?” “Is he responsible? ” “is he funny?” And for me personally, I’m attracted to Asian men.Scored on all these things and more with my hubby butt. But for my lady friends it’s all different. They oddly enough always would make fun of me foe my “type”. Lol am I the only one who thinks nerds are hot? I know I’m not alone when.it comes to my fellow nasties. Nerds over jocks for life. (*^﹏^*)

  36. Well, as Canadians yourselves I’m sure you already know this lol but I don’t feel like there’s quite so much emphasis on the schooling thing around here. Like if you say you’re going to university, that’s good enough. It shows that you aren’t just a lazy butt, and apparently that’s good enough for us Canadians xD I don’t really follow the cultural norm around here though so maybe I’m just bullsh*tting you without knowing it. Emphasis on height is a big thing though still. What girl likes it if the guy is shorter?

    I’d say that a big thing for females here would be that they like to be a socially stronger and more independent presence (for the most part) so all that grabby – pulling girls around by their arm – stuff wouldn’t really go over so well here. That’s not to say that we’re all extroverts, definitely not, but independence is stressed in Canada. As well as the fact that getting treated well by your man is important too. Interesting how different countries can have such different ideals!

    • I don’t agree with you. I don’t see an emphasis on height that much. Personally, I don’t care and I’m sure I’m not the only one. When I got into manga, I was shocked by the big emphasis on height. All couples had a clear height difference and the only couples where the guy was shorter than the girl, it was the main point of the story. Also, they only kissed when the guy was higher on stairs. That’s so sad in my opinion.

  37. it’s different from a person to another

  38. it’s more about who you are and who’s your family ..your manners and principle you believe in your background and your reputation ..but also how much you make is required ..image is important but not in the top of the list ..well

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