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The Importance of Community

The Importance of Community

Hi everyone,

We were really inspired to shoot this video today because we were touched by a package we received, and it made us think a lot about how important this community is and how much we should be reminding you all. It’s super sappy, and not much entertaining either, but we said “fuck it” we love this community so we shot this video.

Comments are really important to us. To the point that we try to give out internet comments in real life. We make something and put it online, and we’re just met with such nice responses. Why don’t we do that more often in real life? Why don’t we give compliments more often? When I go to a good restaurant, I think of something really nice to say, and I look the chef in the eyes when I tell them how much I enjoyed the meal. If a friend of mine does something they’ve worked hard on that I like, I make sure to let them know. Hell, we even had a friend this year who went through a lot of personal changes, and really grew to be a much better person, and I really looked them in the eye to let them know how well they’ve done. I’m inspired to do that because of you all.

If you have been following the world of YouTube lately, you might have heard about an absolutely terrible Youtuber named Logan Paul. We didn’t want to address this online because it just spurs more views to his channel and we didn’t want people to know about his existence, but little good did our silence do because everyone now knows that this awful human exists. Please don’t head over to his YouTube page and give him more views. We’ll talk about it in this week’s podcast to greater depth, but briefly, we thought we could at least address it to those of you taking the time to read our blog posts.

Logan Paul is just a vile piece of shit for so many reasons. He has no moral compass and he interacts with people as if they are disposable toys in his life. His actions while in Tokyo were so abhorrent, embarrassing, and totally thoughtless that they are going to have real life consequences for all foreigners living and visiting Japan. A few years ago a tourist licked a tuna in the fish market, and this one person’s actions caused all tours to be banned from that section. What Logan Paul has done ALL OVER TOKYO will create so many consequences that this silly selfish ass cannot comprehend. But we’ll address that more in our podcast.

Apart from that, he’s also making some people lose faith in YouTube, who are starting to malign it as a whole because of the actions of one. He’s big individually, but a small drop in the bucket in YouTube as a whole. He’s not representative of YouTube, nor are the people that watch his videos. There’s so much more out there.

He’s not relevant in YouTube Japan, or India, or many other parts of the world. In his own country he’s not relevant to anyone that’s read a hard book in their lives, anyone who has filed taxes, anyone who doesn’t have to get their report card signed. He’s the worst stereotype of an American tourist come to life. But just because he’s popular on the internet doesn’t mean he represents all of it. There are many great creators out there whose only commonality they have with Logan Paul is that they’re on YouTube. Here are a bunch of decent people we like:

Nerdwriter – The best visual essays I’ve seen on the internet, with a goddamned good voice to listen to. Some visual essays we watch just don’t have good delivery or cadence. But this guy, damn he’s smooth and he’s smart.

Kurzgesagt – Beautiful animations about science with a British narrator, and we like British accents.

Yuka Kinoshita – She’s an amazing competitive eater with a super sweet personality. And watching her eat makes me feel kinda satisfied when I want to binge eat something but know I shouldn’t.

VideoGameDunkey – Just absolutely hilarious gameplay videos and insightful commentary as well. I don’t watch any other gaming channel. I actually can barely stand any other gaming channel. But this guy, goddamn he’s great!

AsapScience – Ok we know these guys in real life and hung out with them a few times, but they’re just such good people with really smart videos about science as well with facts I actually remember afterwards.

Exploring Alternatives – I watch their videos when I think about what we’re going to do if we run away. Build a tiny house, live off the grid, and grow sweet potatoes. It also helps me remember that you don’t need to buy fancy shit in your life to be happy. Just four walls and my ducky.

Wong Fu – Ok we cheated again and these guys are friends as well but they’re just such solid people as well. And they make really gorgeous short videos, that aren’t just gorgeous but thoroughly entertaining as well. Love these guys.

If you like any of their videos, let them know. Leave them a comment. Send them a message. And, you know, you might just have a deep impact on someone else’s life as well :D

We’re off to start our vacation tomorrow, but we have a new video coming out in the morning, so stay tuned! Now, if you don’t mind, I’m gonna have a chat with you in the comments here while I drop a dookie.