Ok, this one made us laugh a lot. We saw it and knew we had to buy it. Yes, it isn’t as reflective of Korean culture as, say, Korean ear picks, but it’s still a Wonderful Treasure Find! And it’s not imported from Japan or anything like that. This had Korean writing on the packaging. So, yeah! Inappropriate hangers FTW!

Now, this product clearly takes itself as a joke, as can be clearly seen in the “HA!HA!HA!!” written on the packaging. But we think we’re missing out on another joke here. Quoting the package, it says

Hang your guitar safely and conveniently on the wall. The yoke on this guitar hanger adjusts to perfectly fit your instrument. The authentic hardwood block looks sleek and mounts firmly to the wall

Now, this is so nonsensical that we’re thinking this is a Google Translation of a Korean joke or phrase or idiom or something. Is there some Korean innuendo behind instruments and yokes? It kind of exists in English: “Johnny was caught playing with his instrument in Music class,” but the writing on the packaging here seems to suggest that there’s something more to it that we don’t understand quite yet. Does anyone have any guesses?

To be honest, we were really quite surprised when we saw this item. Korea is very conservative, and we don’t really see that many outwardly sexual jokes here, but that maybe because we’re in our foreigner-bubble and not fully engrossed in Korea and its culture, and we only see what’s on the surface. There could be a seedy underbelly that we just don’t know about. Anyhow, from what we’ve seen in Korea, stuff like this barely ever exists, as opposed to Japan, where it was so overt that we were appalled and shocked. We’re thinking that maybe this one just slipped through the inventory cracks somehow and made it to the shelves.

  1. I watched the bloopers and I feel pretty terrible that the part I laughed hardest at (no joke, for a good 10 minutes) was the “Johnny point to the doll where the man touched you” part. Oh My Lawd Simon, that was just too funny!

  2. My guess is that these hangers are for newly wed couples to help them, uh, want to make babies more? There’s a lot of those kinds of stuff in Korea. Hey, they have a sex garden in Jeju island with erection bushes and such (Jeju island is a popular honeymoon spot). 

  3. Ok – I’m clueless as you folks. What in the world is that? Yes, the manufacturer of the product probably had an English speaking marketing executive working on the development of this product. 

    Personally, I’ve never seen anything like it, and I’d say that the marketing executive is one clever dude. It probably didn’t sell well here in the United States. I wonder if it’s selling well in the motherland.

  4. I think the description on the back comes from an entirely different hanger. There are guitar hangers that work exactly as described and are made out of a “hardwood block” that you mount on the wall. I’ve seen many other examples in Korea where text is taken verbatim from another source, that is often unrelated.

  5. Martina, you have totally influenced the way I wear bandanas. I always love you hair accessories.

  6. If those hangers had sex would they make baby hangers? Not things to hang your baby on but hangers shaped like a baby. I wonder what the gestation period of a plastic hanger is…..

  7. OH MY!!! I loved Simon’s t-shirt!!
    It’s so cute!!! I’d love one.. :DD

  8. Lol i would be like O~o er i did not just see that at the super market O_O

  9. Haha thats realllly funny. Korean is so conservative! The description on the back….totaaallly korean. I remember I got a sweatshirt from Korean that said “Best friends forever stay true and love” and another one just said “Do unto others, before the undo you” lol Korean needs to work on their English! But I think “We always bring you happiness; just follow your feelings is best yet!” :]

  10. This would make the perfect gag gift! I wouldn’t be surprised if I found this in Spencer’s (an inappropriate store which USED to be rock-oriented, but things…changed)~ It’s funny how I always imagined Korea to be a very conservative country because of the morals and values taught to the children from the elderly (excluding the racist grandma show xD), but after talking to several of my Korean friends, never mind… Hah! They’re very inappropriate, and they changed my opinion of how conservative the teenage/young adult part of society is >.< Thanks for sharing this!

  11. Hey, eso es lo que yo uso en mi cuarto de baño también. Por lo general colgar mi jabón con una cadena de attacthed. Es un nuevo tipo de jabón que venden en im menos. Poco doesnt palo muy largo en la pared de mi cuarto de baño. ByeBye =]

  12. I don’t think it is that conservative of a culture.  I’m down in Jeollanamdo and the streets are littered with  business cards that have pictures of “call girls” in their panties.  The ads are very suggestive on TV and on the sides of buildings, and I wouldn’t show many K-pop videos in my elementary classroom.  I’d say it is as risque as the states, just differently so.  Girls may cover their shoulders, but I’ve seen more of the tops of their legs than I’d care to.  

  13. Anyone found them online? I need to buy some wedding gifts!

  14. -“Inconceivable!!!!” –
    -“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    Just had to quote that. 

  15. Well if it’s for the shower, you don’t have to worry about dropping the soap? XD

  16. I’m going to keep my eye out for these. I want some!


  17. guitar instruments… hm..
    did it mean 기타 도구? cause “기타” means “other” or “etc.”
    so it should say something like “hang various tools”
    they probably did use google translate XDD

  18. Hardwood block= a woody….. I’m onto you Korean company

  19. common simon if ur gonna do it, do it right

    (poop in their bedroom)

  20. LOVE IT~!! “Simon, secretly taking dumps in your living room since 2011″ LOL couldn’t stop laughing to that ^^

    • Hahahaha!  Yes!  That was a joke!

      A joke!

      It was a joke…

      *awkward silence*


      • A couple months ago I went to Kroger (grocery store around here) and I heard someone whimpering when I got to the bread section… I turn around and a Kroger employee was crouched in a corner cleaning something (I also started to notice a nasty smell). I asked what was wrong and she said,”Someone took a poo in this corner and I have to clean it up.”

        I felt so bad for her :( Not enough to help her clean it up…. but I still felt really bad :-/ 

  21. this is one of the best videos so far
    ……erm…..simon……pooping in people’s living room is inappropriate you poop in their bedroom!!

  22. This made my morning >< I just love the usage of English on Korean products, even clothing. Tons of my Korean friends here have clothes that they bought back home and the English on them is hilarious. :D

  23. i think they just took the english off of a english hook and didnt relize that it was a guitar hanger

  24. bahahaha…i love you korea. but it almost looks like the text about the instrument hanging and hardwood block is about a very different hanger and it got put on this packaging by mistake… who knows, maybe there’s a instrument hook out there that says something about hang your loofas on this bulging member and your hand towels from these full green breasts! ah….

  25. foreigner-bubble! you make it sound really fun LOOOL

    but yeah, definitely sounds pretty innuendo-y. especially the “HARDWOOD block… mounts firmly to the wall.” ahem ahem. LOL

    also, i have always found the word “loofah” funny, which is why i cracked up twice as hard this video. (simon, you use a loofah? like a man? :l :P )

  26.  Simmon you are getting chubbier….

  27. The funniest part is that I just recently watched a Korean Drama, and in one of the episodes, one of those plastic men were hanging on the wall. Not holding anything up, just hanging out. I can’t remember what was going on I was so shocked to see that in a Korean drama……

  28. O.O! I feel I need a shower after this ‘Wonderful Treasure Find’

  29. Not so much of a secret now you’ve told us all…if I find one piece of crap in my living room…

  30. I bet they just took that English description off of a product description for an actual guitar hanger and just used it for their loofah hanger-things.

  31. *whisper* you can’t say breasts on youtube..
    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA but he did say upward pointing nipples

  32. You’ve figured us all out, Simon. That’s how ALL women take showers. *nod nod*

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