Ok, this one made us laugh a lot. We saw it and knew we had to buy it. Yes, it isn’t as reflective of Korean culture as, say, Korean ear picks, but it’s still a Wonderful Treasure Find! And it’s not imported from Japan or anything like that. This had Korean writing on the packaging. So, yeah! Inappropriate hangers FTW!

Now, this product clearly takes itself as a joke, as can be clearly seen in the “HA!HA!HA!!” written on the packaging. But we think we’re missing out on another joke here. Quoting the package, it says

Hang your guitar safely and conveniently on the wall. The yoke on this guitar hanger adjusts to perfectly fit your instrument. The authentic hardwood block looks sleek and mounts firmly to the wall

Now, this is so nonsensical that we’re thinking this is a Google Translation of a Korean joke or phrase or idiom or something. Is there some Korean innuendo behind instruments and yokes? It kind of exists in English: “Johnny was caught playing with his instrument in Music class,” but the writing on the packaging here seems to suggest that there’s something more to it that we don’t understand quite yet. Does anyone have any guesses?

To be honest, we were really quite surprised when we saw this item. Korea is very conservative, and we don’t really see that many outwardly sexual jokes here, but that maybe because we’re in our foreigner-bubble and not fully engrossed in Korea and its culture, and we only see what’s on the surface. There could be a seedy underbelly that we just don’t know about. Anyhow, from what we’ve seen in Korea, stuff like this barely ever exists, as opposed to Japan, where it was so overt that we were appalled and shocked. We’re thinking that maybe this one just slipped through the inventory cracks somehow and made it to the shelves.

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