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Incheon Grand Park – WANK

July 27, 2012


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Whoa. It is so nasty hot outside. NASTY! OOH YOU SO NASTY MOTHER NATURE! Seriously nasty. The weather’s very bizarre here, because – for the past two weeks – every time we look on the iPhone weather app to see what the weather’s supposed to be like for the day, all we see is non-stop predictions of Thunderstorms. Understandable, being monsoon season. But for some reason it just won’t rain! Instead, we’ve got hot, muggy weather every day. We haven’t seen any rain at all. Maybe it is raining often: we’re not sure, because we’re indoors for the greater part of our lives (yay for editing videos!) but I doubt it.

So, with that being said, we decided that it’d be a great idea to go out and sweat incessantly for a WANK! Wahoo! Actually, we just wanted to get out of the house and play. Not sure what got over us, but we really felt like parks and frisbees and water guns and kites and stuff. But, being as hot as it was, we skipped out on the frisbees and water guns and kites, and settled for foamy slingshots. Still fun though! Just not as fun as it usually should be, since it was so ridiculously hot outside.

You know what was wicked good fun though? That two-person bike-mobile with the sun-roof on it. HO-LEE-SMOKES. That was awesome! Not only were we shaded by the roof, but the street was lined with trees, so barely any sun got through. The times that it did get through we hissed and pretended to be dying vampires, but that wasn’t too often. The bike costs $10 an hour as well. Not bad, I’d say. Am I right in thinking that’s a decent price? I don’t know. We’ve been in Korea for so long that our perceptions of what’s cheap and what’s expensive are totally skewed now. Ha!

Otherwise, what we found totally awesome about the park were all the concession stands around the place. Seriously. I don’t remember any parks in Canada having places for you to get bottles of water and food and snacks and stuff. Are there any? Even our park in Bucheon, Central Park, which is a lot smaller than Incheon Grand Park, has a couple of small convenience stores in it. Buy a bottle of water for a buck if you’re melting in the heat. We were super melting, so we bought, like, six. Ha!

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s fun and adventures. We’ve got a few bloopers this week as well, highlighting Martina’s gross cherry pit spitting skills, amongst other silliness, so check it out below!



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