Whoa. It is so nasty hot outside. NASTY! OOH YOU SO NASTY MOTHER NATURE! Seriously nasty. The weather’s very bizarre here, because – for the past two weeks – every time we look on the iPhone weather app to see what the weather’s supposed to be like for the day, all we see is non-stop predictions of Thunderstorms. Understandable, being monsoon season. But for some reason it just won’t rain! Instead, we’ve got hot, muggy weather every day. We haven’t seen any rain at all. Maybe it is raining often: we’re not sure, because we’re indoors for the greater part of our lives (yay for editing videos!) but I doubt it.

So, with that being said, we decided that it’d be a great idea to go out and sweat incessantly for a WANK! Wahoo! Actually, we just wanted to get out of the house and play. Not sure what got over us, but we really felt like parks and frisbees and water guns and kites and stuff. But, being as hot as it was, we skipped out on the frisbees and water guns and kites, and settled for foamy slingshots. Still fun though! Just not as fun as it usually should be, since it was so ridiculously hot outside.

You know what was wicked good fun though? That two-person bike-mobile with the sun-roof on it. HO-LEE-SMOKES. That was awesome! Not only were we shaded by the roof, but the street was lined with trees, so barely any sun got through. The times that it did get through we hissed and pretended to be dying vampires, but that wasn’t too often. The bike costs $10 an hour as well. Not bad, I’d say. Am I right in thinking that’s a decent price? I don’t know. We’ve been in Korea for so long that our perceptions of what’s cheap and what’s expensive are totally skewed now. Ha!

Otherwise, what we found totally awesome about the park were all the concession stands around the place. Seriously. I don’t remember any parks in Canada having places for you to get bottles of water and food and snacks and stuff. Are there any? Even our park in Bucheon, Central Park, which is a lot smaller than Incheon Grand Park, has a couple of small convenience stores in it. Buy a bottle of water for a buck if you’re melting in the heat. We were super melting, so we bought, like, six. Ha!

Yeah! So that’s it for this week’s fun and adventures. We’ve got a few bloopers this week as well, highlighting Martina’s gross cherry pit spitting skills, amongst other silliness, so check it out below!


  1. Sometimes I read your descriptions before watching your videos and it caught my eye how you said it’s reeeally hot and muggy while the news says its going to rain. I dont know exactly what happens with the air pressure but it always becomes hot and humid before it starts to rain. I know that because it happens here in Texas…happens A LOT!!! XD

  2. I saw one of your old old OLD video inside a Homeplus store~~
    How about a WANK episode for Homeplus VIRTUAL store inside the subway stations next?? =D
    Apparently that’s the first virtual store in the world!
    shopping with a mobile phone when you wait for the subway~~ that sounds soooo cool!!!

  3. bahahaha simon you’re awesome XD “are you gonna use your mouth for any of these calls or just your ass?”

  4. oohhh Martina you can talk Duck?? you could totally have a good convo with Onew!!!

  5. Epic hilarious video guys! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  6. LOL i went to ilsan the other day and my aunt was all “its going to rain” but it didnt and me and my bro melted… i feel yur pain guys.

  7. This video makes me want to listen to “Nightcall” over and over again!

  8. When you guys say $10, are you guys referring to 10 USD, 10 CAD, or do you mean 10 KRW? I watched your watermelon carrier video and saw that the watermelons were “10 dollars” too and have since been wondering what currency you guys mean when you say “dollars” ^__^;

    • It’s $10 CAN/US (the currencies are essentially equal but the US dollar is slightly higher right now) which is ₩10,000. These are all rough numbers because it’s more like $9-something but it’s easier to think like this. :P

  9. Hey Martina, i have the same allergic reaction with most sunscreens. Most sunscreens are chemical sunscreens, which contain many nasty chemicals and can be irritating on the skin.
    Try using physical sunscreens, which contain only titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and work just as well, but are less harsh on the skin. Just look under the “medical ingredients” for sunscreen that contain just those two ingredients. Most sunscreens that are labled for babies or sensitive skin are physical sunscreens. Hope this helps!

  10. ahhh i should’ve visited there instead of sticking in my room.. I live in the military, which is next to the park T_T I DO hope to see you two somewhere in Bucheon or Incheon sometime ;)

  11. I rode the same bike when I was at the Seoul Olympic Park a couple years ago, it’s so much fun! And I’m diggin the handheld fans (:

  12. Simon and Martina, thank you so much for doing these WANKS for us, despite the heat and punishments etc. I admit I pretty much became interested in South Korea because of K-pop at first, but I now love so much more about it because of videos such as yours. My sister and I are definitely going to try and do stuff like this when we go to Korea.

  13. You guys are brilliant haha I lol’d…

  14. The weather in Korea seems like the weather in South Carolina, hot, humid, and burning!

  15. I am so jealous of the weather you have over there!
    here in Germany, is has been around 15°C the whole summer and it’s raining a lot and it feels like the weather just skips summer and is going right away to autumn instead.
    for the last few days it finally was at least a little over 20°C and I had breakfast on the veranda this morning and now its noon and…it’s cloudy again. and I’m here watching you guys complain about the heat and the sun. I feel depressed now. T__T

  16. Martina is getting prettier by the video ;3

    And Simon is… still a Dothraki warrior ;D

  17. You guys should WANK at the Bucheon Art festival next Saturday!

  18. You two are hilarious, I LOVE IT!! “Pedal woman!” “we’re off” “are you going to use your mouth for any of those calls or just your ass?” haha and what the hell was up with the mat? Seriously made my day :) Keep up the good work guys!!

  19. Wow, this park is like Ibirapuera’s Park here in São Paulo/Brazil.
    But Ibirapuera is a LOT more crowded, and the stands aren’t so pretty and we don’t have these fountains (though we have the lake and some other cool places like the marquee full with skaters xD).
    But here at Ibirapuera we do have a lot of stands. Not just the cafés/ice cream places at the marquee, but a looot of these… drinks/ice cream carts? I don’t know the name hahaha
    But I just loved this bike-mobile, totally awesome!
    I have no idea about the price too… we don’t have those at Ibirapuera’s Park, but to rent a bike is about 3 dollars/hour, if I’m right.

    Martina, you should have drinked both bottles of water from the punishment! The punishment was to buy them, not to bring them full, right? ;D

    I’m just curious… how much degree is doing there in Korea now?
    My skin must be as white as Martina’s, but I can stand hot weathers xD (yay for taking crowded buses being like 35°C outside)

  20. Haha! You guys sound really Canadian when you bicker. (And by that I mean your accents are really, really heavy. “You’re nuttier than a Tim Horton’s Maple Log!”)

  21. Thank you so much!!!! I’ve been having a really crappy time lately, but this video seriously made me smile! I can’t wait to go to Korea (some day) and I hope I find a best friend and marry him and do crazy fun stuff like you guys~ You seriously make me smile when I need it most, so thank you!

  22. :-P WE HAVE YOUR RAIN! Out in the west Texas town of El Paso, where it almost never rains in the summer and is usually 100+ degrees all starting in May and lasting till September. Yet I almost got flooded off the free driving home on the freeway from my new job. That is twice in two weeks I almost got washed away by rain. Otherwise rain in the desert is beautiful.

    Poor Martina you were turning all pink by the end, so was Simon’s nose. You should never visit my town, you’ll be bright red in five minutes. My mom had fair skin like yours and she would lobster really fast. I turn pretty pink and red also, but my Hispanic skin tone swallows it up some how after about half an hour.

  23. It would have been hilarious if you guys have walked around Gangnam style.

  24. It’s been so hot here in Wisconsin too. It’s been high 90s to over 100 deg F everyday. Today I actually wore pants and 3/4 length sleeves because it felt cooler today. Then I saw a thermometer and it read 87 F! most summers that is killer hot.

  25. It looks like the weather there is as crazy as the weather over here… Michigan has been crazy hot for months now. Like global warming is totally kicking in and kicking everyone’s ass… it’s been around 100 deg. an awful lot here… you should know how unusual that is since Toronto gets about the same kind of weather as Detroit does…

  26. Those little couple fans were so cute!!! The part with the wi-fi killed me though xD

  27. Poor S&M, must be hard to WANK in hot weather *squiggly eyebrows*

  28. Poor Martina! It was really hot and her legs look Casper white!

  29. We’re suffering a severe drought in Illinois (and the midwest in general). Usually 3 days of 90+ heat is surprising, but we’ve been getting the kind of summer normally seen in the south, and the infrastructure just isn’t prepared to handle it. By that I mean roads are buckling, trains derailing, etc. It’s a mess.

  30. Were you guys making those dodo dodo sounds to B2STs Fiction? cuz it really sounded like it

  31. Here in Germany it rains the whole time for about a week and it’s sooooooooo cold (for summer xD) and then the whole weather turns and there are a few days on which i get the feeling i’m living in a desert or so…. And with the heat comes thunder and lightning, which turn back into rain and freaking coldness…This kind of summer is called Schaukelsommer and it really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! /(>~< )

  32. So, umm, you made me really curious about how hot it actually was, so I looked it up. And…yeah….90F/33C was the highest temp for July. That’s a mild summer where I live (US), even with the extreme humidity. ;)

  33. Well, in San Francisco, we don’t really have any seasons… Sometimes it will be super foggy during the summer. Then in the winter, it will be super cold one day then hot the next. SF, y u so

    • it’s so frustrating how in sf it’s not hot in the summer, like a nice, warm, happy time sunshine sunny, but it is in the fall when school starts it is……..then i’m like, it’s great for school and all, but where was this when it was ACTUALLY SUMMERRRRRR?! -_______-

  34. You have an iphone! pfft, with all the ridiculous amount of cool phones available in Asia I wouldn’t even THINK about having an iphone xD

  35. I don’t know if this is happening for other people but a lot of videos on here when I go to watch them the video shifts to the right so part of the video is cut off, I think it has something to do with one of the ads that pop up on the videos.

    • try updating your Abode video reader thingy (I know that didn’t sound like tech support at all but try it). I think some ppl were saying it’s also because of new encrypting, but I get it too, even when I’m supposedly updated but when I tried downloading Abode the problem went away. Hope this works for you

  36. haha.. Martina! your donald duck language was amazing! super impressed

  37. What happened with the idol challenge ?

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