So, this is something we’ve wanted to do with TL;DRs for a while now. There are a lot of topics we’d like to cover, but we just lack the experience in talking about them. The topic about being an international student in Korea is one of those topics. It’s relevant to a bunch of you, I’m sure, who want to come to Korea to be students, so hopefully you found this video a bit useful. We’re also experimenting with the idea of having other people in our videos, though we know it isn’t easy, because we have a style when we’re on camera, and we’re not sure if other people can match that style, you know? We think Leigh’s a good fit. She’s very much like us. Anyhow, let us know what you think!

Leigh sent us more detailed info as well about school life, namely, the amount of money you’re gonna be spending. Mind you, not all schools charge the same. These are just Leigh’s figures. Hopefully they’ll give you a sense of what it’s like. Here’s what we got:

Cost of Being A Student in Korea

Tuition Fees in Korea

    – Tuition for intensive language programs is usually $1,400ish per 10 week term
    – Tuition for non-intensive language programs is usually $600ish per 8 week term
    – Undergraduate tuition is anywhere from $4,000-$7,000 per term, depending on your school and major
    – Graduate tuition is usually $6,000-9,000 per term, depending on your school and major

Residence Fees in Korea

    – On-campus dorm fees are really cheap, usually $600 per term
    – Off-campus dorm fees (goshiwon) are similar, usually $100-300 per month, depending on quality of location and amenities (some have private bathrooms, some have shared facilities)
    – Studio apartments require large security deposits, starting at $20,000 with a rent of $750 per month, but the higher the security deposit, the lower the rent

Miscellaneous Fees in Korea

    – Campus food is usually only available for breakfast and lunch, but an average meal is $2.50
    – Off-campus food is usually $7 per Korean meal, $12 at a restaurant style
    – Mobile phone fees are usually $85/month with a two year contract, and smartphones are the same price as flip phones
    – A single bus or subway ride will cost you $1.50
    – A short taxi ride is about $7, a longer taxi ride is $12, a taxi ride during peak traffic is about $26

Umm…so…yeah! That’s about all we can say about the topic, really. Leigh’s more than open to fielding more questions for topics for future TL;DRs if you’re interested! There were a lot of questions that you asked her on Twitter that we didn’t get to go through. If this video gets a good enough response we’d love to do more in the future :D

Also, I realize some of you might not know a lot about Leigh. She’s actually a full-time student here in Korea. She’s not a staffer here at Eatyourkimchi, but she interns with us, and helps a lot with video editing for a few of our segments. We’d love to hire her once she’s done studying, though, but that’ll be a while…

In a relevant note, we went to Leigh’s university, Ewha University, a long time ago for a WANK. Check it out if you want to see what a University is like in Korea. We should probably check out some other universities as well, I’d say…


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  1. Somebody can help me? What’s “$600ish per 8 week term” means?? The total cost of 8 weeks is $ 600? or every week costs $ 600? Please help me! Thank you soooo much!

  2. Does anyone know if you can get a part time job on a D-4 Visa. The visa officer seemed just as confused on the matter and told me all they do is distribute the visa, that it is up to the school whether I can work to cover expenses or not. I just need to know if I can or not.

  3. I have a quick question.. I’m actually trying to teach myself Korean bc I want to get an Asian language under my belt but it’s really hard to get the pronunciation right. So I was considering a program in Korea. How would I go about doing so if I’m not currently in a college environment?

  4. Thanks for sharing tuition fees in Korea. Students can easily get imformation about fees.
    Find Private Tutor

  5. so like i have a serious question: If you are a full time student meaning you’re not working to earn money at all…how does that work out for you thou? do you receive scholarships, allowance from parents? or did you paid off everything in the first place already?
    I’m planning to study in Korea but I’m an independent so im a bit worry ._.

  6. Hiii ^_^, How are you? I was wondering whether it is difficult to get into the dorm as a Korean language student or is it more or less guaranteed to get a place there, please? Thank youuuu ^^

  7. Hi!
    I’m wondering if one want’s to do the masters in S.Korea is it very difficult? maybe a new TL;DR on uni stuff would be awesome! thanx!

  8. Sounds like attending a university in Korea is cheaper than America lol

  9. Exactly how did you get the chance to study abroad? I’m a senior in High school and am very interested in becoming an international student hopefully in Korea but just in general what was the process you went through?

  10. Does any one know if Ewha accepts GED diplomas?

  11. Dang… I was really hoping for some more information this topic in the text post like how meals go, how are extracurricular activities, if I got lonely and wanted to speak english is their a support program or even just a heavy english speaking area, what is the gaming culture like in university, how does housing work during an intensive language program, and finally and most importantly what is life after the intensive language learning program.

    Really what jobs could I get just by knowing English and Korean in either Korea, America or abroad otherwise?

    A college senior exploring potential options

  12. I’d like to know if it was hard to get into that university ~ were the requirements really high ? And if you take that language program….what opportunities do you have after you are done with it ?

  13. I’m very interested in why Leigh came to Korea and what she plannes to do . Like….after she finishes the language program…is she going to study something or korean or become a teacher or what ?

  14. I would really like to enroll in the intensive program, but I’m having trouble finding information on it, that or I’m over looking it. Can anyone lead me to where I need to go?

  15. Do you have to have realllllllyyyyy good grades to be able to do the intensive language program??

  16. omg! I read Harry Potter in Korean too to prep myself up for the Advanced TOPIK exam! I was in the same Advanced TOPIK preparatory class as you, Leigh, in Edae last year! hehehe I was the girl from malaysia ^^;;

  17. Could someone explain the application process to Ewha to me. I went on the website and it was a little confusing. Any help will be appreciated.

  18. Leigh, Thanks for this amazing video. I would like to know did you go to Korea from the college languages programs….or did you just decide to pack your bags and go to Korea. If you did go with the college program did you get financial aid or did you have to pay for everything yourself. And finally, was it worth it?

  19. Leigh I’m thinking of going to study Korean at this college but I was wondering how long does it take to graduate the entire course, get me?

  20. But how does one become an international student? :o

  21. I have a question, that most people probably have as well. This one is directed to Leigh, where do you get the money from to pay for these 4 years of school? Did you save it all up before coming to Korea, or do you currently have a job in Korea that helps you pay for school? Really hope to get an answer for this.

  22. What made you decide to leave and go somewhere where you knew no one, didn’t know anybody living there and had no understanding of Korean culture? What was the motivation/goal at first? I’m sure there was an initial goal since you made the decision to move thousands of miles away from your home. Were you prepared to go to Korea or was it not so much prepared as following your instincts/intuition, which lead to learning the Korean language?

  23. Hello
    Im Korean and was born in California and been here all my life, I grew up in a Korean family but I would say my Korean is a bit basic and want to fully learn and understand. I would love to study abroad in Korea but my transcript is not the best. How hard is it to be accepted? and Can you apply any time or is there a certian season? also Do you recieve financial aid? For 4 hours of learning Korean do you also study other subjects? Or is it only Korean? Is there a final exam at the end and how fast does it take to finish the program ( or does it depend on speed and knowlege alread?)

  24. Hi, Im also taking an intensive Korean language course right now and my class is also 4 hours a day. However im doing it in the U.S. That seems to be the standard in most places, 4 Hours is really not that bad. I had so much free time i got a job. Regarding the sleeping, my friend who is also in my class does take those long naps…but cause she has nothing to do either. So for anyone sacred that an intensive program may be too hard don’t worry too much about it.

  25. I was wondering what Visa Liegh has. I’m looking at going to Korea next year to study, but not as an exchange student—i plan to enroll as an actual student in Yonsei University. So I was wondering what sort of visa a Liegh has that let her go to school and work/intern with EYK. I wanted to possibly get a part time job while I’m in Korea, after a few semesters of the langauage program at Yonsei. (I’m coming from America, by the way, just in case that matters)
    Thanks guys!!

  26. how do you sign up for the language class?

  27. Does Ewha University offer any types of scholarships?

  28. Next year i’m going to go to a university in Sweden where I will study economics and then for my last year I wanna go to korea and study korean but I also want to continue economics, do you think thats possible?

  29. Another way to come to Korea as an international student is “Exchange Student Program”. Actually many international students prefer this program to the intensive language course. They are not supposed to learn Korean and can enjoy their life in Korea for a semester or a year without putting off their graduation. As English is the common language among them thier experience is a little different from yours and not all of them come to Korea since they have been interested in the Korean culture. What about making a video regarding exchange students? I can give you some ideas if you want.

  30. leigh should do a video answering lots of these questions with random input from Simon and Martina here and there.

  31. does Ehwa have a program for students wanting to study abroad for a year or so?

  32. Soozee and Leigh should do a draw-my-life! :D

  33. I love the fact that you guys include your staff members into your TLDRs and WANKs and other videos. That is soo cool. I’d love to work for you guys, but…..I don’t got the skillz…kekeke.

  34. Dear Leigh, Ewha University has become of interest to me as my college of choice, but one thing I’m concerned about is the tuition. How much does it cost for a foreigner to go to Ewha University?

  35. Simon and Martina, how did you two meet leigh and sozee?

  36. I went to SNU (Seoul National University) this year. I did the evening program, it’s a non intensive program, around 60 hours during 10 weeks. It’s not that much but it’s pretty good if you are an exchange student at SNU already because you don’t have that much time since you really have to go to all your classes or your fail because attendance. My experience was really good: I knew nothing about Korean, so I started with level 1. It gave all the basic skills I needed to move around Korea. Buying at the street markets, asking for more side dishes, describing my routine… We were only 12 people at class and that really helped, we all knew English: people from Germany, France, Netherlands, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, China. Surprisingly no Japanese in our class. I survived 3 months with 800 Euro, around 1,100 dollars and the program fee was around 400 Euro (560,000 won). I had almost all my meals at home, since I like cooking. On campus coffee is cheap and not bad, I already had many Korean friends and they buy me meals! I think is harder to go to Korea knowing no one, that having already friends, which was my case and Why I decided to study at SNU. You just have to push yourself to go to Language meetings and make some friends.

  37. i planned to go to le cordon bleu korea next year , but then i realize that i should take language class first and surely i dont know what to take where and which one is good , can someone help me ? >.<

  38. Leigh, how old we’re you when you decided to move to Korea as a student?

  39. So I was wondering, could u transfer from a 2 year american community college into a korean university?

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