So, this is something we’ve wanted to do with TL;DRs for a while now. There are a lot of topics we’d like to cover, but we just lack the experience in talking about them. The topic about being an international student in Korea is one of those topics. It’s relevant to a bunch of you, I’m sure, who want to come to Korea to be students, so hopefully you found this video a bit useful. We’re also experimenting with the idea of having other people in our videos, though we know it isn’t easy, because we have a style when we’re on camera, and we’re not sure if other people can match that style, you know? We think Leigh’s a good fit. She’s very much like us. Anyhow, let us know what you think!

Leigh sent us more detailed info as well about school life, namely, the amount of money you’re gonna be spending. Mind you, not all schools charge the same. These are just Leigh’s figures. Hopefully they’ll give you a sense of what it’s like. Here’s what we got:

Cost of Being A Student in Korea

Tuition Fees in Korea

    - Tuition for intensive language programs is usually $1,400ish per 10 week term
    - Tuition for non-intensive language programs is usually $600ish per 8 week term
    - Undergraduate tuition is anywhere from $4,000-$7,000 per term, depending on your school and major
    - Graduate tuition is usually $6,000-9,000 per term, depending on your school and major

Residence Fees in Korea

    - On-campus dorm fees are really cheap, usually $600 per term
    - Off-campus dorm fees (goshiwon) are similar, usually $100-300 per month, depending on quality of location and amenities (some have private bathrooms, some have shared facilities)
    - Studio apartments require large security deposits, starting at $20,000 with a rent of $750 per month, but the higher the security deposit, the lower the rent

Miscellaneous Fees in Korea

    - Campus food is usually only available for breakfast and lunch, but an average meal is $2.50
    - Off-campus food is usually $7 per Korean meal, $12 at a restaurant style
    - Mobile phone fees are usually $85/month with a two year contract, and smartphones are the same price as flip phones
    - A single bus or subway ride will cost you $1.50
    - A short taxi ride is about $7, a longer taxi ride is $12, a taxi ride during peak traffic is about $26

Umm…so…yeah! That’s about all we can say about the topic, really. Leigh’s more than open to fielding more questions for topics for future TL;DRs if you’re interested! There were a lot of questions that you asked her on Twitter that we didn’t get to go through. If this video gets a good enough response we’d love to do more in the future :D

Also, I realize some of you might not know a lot about Leigh. She’s actually a full-time student here in Korea. She’s not a staffer here at Eatyourkimchi, but she interns with us, and helps a lot with video editing for a few of our segments. We’d love to hire her once she’s done studying, though, but that’ll be a while…

In a relevant note, we went to Leigh’s university, Ewha University, a long time ago for a WANK. Check it out if you want to see what a University is like in Korea. We should probably check out some other universities as well, I’d say…


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  1. Marvic

    Somebody can help me? What’s “$600ish per 8 week term” means?? The total cost of 8 weeks is $ 600? or every week costs $ 600? Please help me! Thank you soooo much!

  2. Does anyone know if you can get a part time job on a D-4 Visa. The visa officer seemed just as confused on the matter and told me all they do is distribute the visa, that it is up to the school whether I can work to cover expenses or not. I just need to know if I can or not.

  3. I have a quick question.. I’m actually trying to teach myself Korean bc I want to get an Asian language under my belt but it’s really hard to get the pronunciation right. So I was considering a program in Korea. How would I go about doing so if I’m not currently in a college environment?

  4. Thanks for sharing tuition fees in Korea. Students can easily get imformation about fees.
    Find Private Tutor

  5. so like i have a serious question: If you are a full time student meaning you’re not working to earn money at all…how does that work out for you thou? do you receive scholarships, allowance from parents? or did you paid off everything in the first place already?
    I’m planning to study in Korea but I’m an independent so im a bit worry ._.

  6. Hiii ^_^, How are you? I was wondering whether it is difficult to get into the dorm as a Korean language student or is it more or less guaranteed to get a place there, please? Thank youuuu ^^

  7. Liisa

    I’m wondering if one want’s to do the masters in S.Korea is it very difficult? maybe a new TL;DR on uni stuff would be awesome! thanx!

  8. Sounds like attending a university in Korea is cheaper than America lol

  9. Exactly how did you get the chance to study abroad? I’m a senior in High school and am very interested in becoming an international student hopefully in Korea but just in general what was the process you went through?

  10. Does any one know if Ewha accepts GED diplomas?

  11. Dang… I was really hoping for some more information this topic in the text post like how meals go, how are extracurricular activities, if I got lonely and wanted to speak english is their a support program or even just a heavy english speaking area, what is the gaming culture like in university, how does housing work during an intensive language program, and finally and most importantly what is life after the intensive language learning program.

    Really what jobs could I get just by knowing English and Korean in either Korea, America or abroad otherwise?

    A college senior exploring potential options

  12. I’d like to know if it was hard to get into that university ~ were the requirements really high ? And if you take that language program….what opportunities do you have after you are done with it ?

  13. I’m very interested in why Leigh came to Korea and what she plannes to do . Like….after she finishes the language program…is she going to study something or korean or become a teacher or what ?

  14. A.J.

    I would really like to enroll in the intensive program, but I’m having trouble finding information on it, that or I’m over looking it. Can anyone lead me to where I need to go?

  15. Do you have to have realllllllyyyyy good grades to be able to do the intensive language program??

  16. omg! I read Harry Potter in Korean too to prep myself up for the Advanced TOPIK exam! I was in the same Advanced TOPIK preparatory class as you, Leigh, in Edae last year! hehehe I was the girl from malaysia ^^;;

  17. Billie Christine Beckstead

    Could someone explain the application process to Ewha to me. I went on the website and it was a little confusing. Any help will be appreciated.

  18. Leigh, Thanks for this amazing video. I would like to know did you go to Korea from the college languages programs….or did you just decide to pack your bags and go to Korea. If you did go with the college program did you get financial aid or did you have to pay for everything yourself. And finally, was it worth it?

  19. Leigh I’m thinking of going to study Korean at this college but I was wondering how long does it take to graduate the entire course, get me?

  20. But how does one become an international student? :o

  21. I have a question, that most people probably have as well. This one is directed to Leigh, where do you get the money from to pay for these 4 years of school? Did you save it all up before coming to Korea, or do you currently have a job in Korea that helps you pay for school? Really hope to get an answer for this.

  22. I love Leigh !!!!!

  23. What made you decide to leave and go somewhere where you knew no one, didn’t know anybody living there and had no understanding of Korean culture? What was the motivation/goal at first? I’m sure there was an initial goal since you made the decision to move thousands of miles away from your home. Were you prepared to go to Korea or was it not so much prepared as following your instincts/intuition, which lead to learning the Korean language?

  24. Hello
    Im Korean and was born in California and been here all my life, I grew up in a Korean family but I would say my Korean is a bit basic and want to fully learn and understand. I would love to study abroad in Korea but my transcript is not the best. How hard is it to be accepted? and Can you apply any time or is there a certian season? also Do you recieve financial aid? For 4 hours of learning Korean do you also study other subjects? Or is it only Korean? Is there a final exam at the end and how fast does it take to finish the program ( or does it depend on speed and knowlege alread?)

  25. Hi, Im also taking an intensive Korean language course right now and my class is also 4 hours a day. However im doing it in the U.S. That seems to be the standard in most places, 4 Hours is really not that bad. I had so much free time i got a job. Regarding the sleeping, my friend who is also in my class does take those long naps…but cause she has nothing to do either. So for anyone sacred that an intensive program may be too hard don’t worry too much about it.

  26. Holly Moehlman

    I was wondering what Visa Liegh has. I’m looking at going to Korea next year to study, but not as an exchange student—i plan to enroll as an actual student in Yonsei University. So I was wondering what sort of visa a Liegh has that let her go to school and work/intern with EYK. I wanted to possibly get a part time job while I’m in Korea, after a few semesters of the langauage program at Yonsei. (I’m coming from America, by the way, just in case that matters)
    Thanks guys!!

  27. how do you sign up for the language class?

  28. Does Ewha University offer any types of scholarships?

  29. Next year i’m going to go to a university in Sweden where I will study economics and then for my last year I wanna go to korea and study korean but I also want to continue economics, do you think thats possible?

  30. Another way to come to Korea as an international student is “Exchange Student Program”. Actually many international students prefer this program to the intensive language course. They are not supposed to learn Korean and can enjoy their life in Korea for a semester or a year without putting off their graduation. As English is the common language among them thier experience is a little different from yours and not all of them come to Korea since they have been interested in the Korean culture. What about making a video regarding exchange students? I can give you some ideas if you want.

  31. culture_crazy-btr_VIP

    leigh should do a video answering lots of these questions with random input from Simon and Martina here and there.

  32. culture_crazy-btr_VIP

    does Ehwa have a program for students wanting to study abroad for a year or so?

  33. Soozee and Leigh should do a draw-my-life! :D

  34. I love the fact that you guys include your staff members into your TLDRs and WANKs and other videos. That is soo cool. I’d love to work for you guys, but…..I don’t got the skillz…kekeke.

  35. ShimizuChiharu

    Dear Leigh, Ewha University has become of interest to me as my college of choice, but one thing I’m concerned about is the tuition. How much does it cost for a foreigner to go to Ewha University?

  36. Simon and Martina, how did you two meet leigh and sozee?

  37. I went to SNU (Seoul National University) this year. I did the evening program, it’s a non intensive program, around 60 hours during 10 weeks. It’s not that much but it’s pretty good if you are an exchange student at SNU already because you don’t have that much time since you really have to go to all your classes or your fail because attendance. My experience was really good: I knew nothing about Korean, so I started with level 1. It gave all the basic skills I needed to move around Korea. Buying at the street markets, asking for more side dishes, describing my routine… We were only 12 people at class and that really helped, we all knew English: people from Germany, France, Netherlands, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, China. Surprisingly no Japanese in our class. I survived 3 months with 800 Euro, around 1,100 dollars and the program fee was around 400 Euro (560,000 won). I had almost all my meals at home, since I like cooking. On campus coffee is cheap and not bad, I already had many Korean friends and they buy me meals! I think is harder to go to Korea knowing no one, that having already friends, which was my case and Why I decided to study at SNU. You just have to push yourself to go to Language meetings and make some friends.

  38. i planned to go to le cordon bleu korea next year , but then i realize that i should take language class first and surely i dont know what to take where and which one is good , can someone help me ? >.<

  39. Leigh, how old we’re you when you decided to move to Korea as a student?

  40. So I was wondering, could u transfer from a 2 year american community college into a korean university?

  41. This may be a stupid question but I am still going to ask.
    Do koreans wear school uniforms in all schools in Korea or are there schools which don’t have rules of wearing uniforms?
    ( I mean junior high schools / middle schools and high schools )

    • The majority have uniforms, but there are a few schools who don’t have them, but they still have outfit rules such as pants should end around the ankle and not too short or long, shorts prohibited.. etc. in short, the school’s opinion of neatness. Such rules make you think that having a uniform will be much better ;)

      • *lol* I don’t know since we had some similar rules but one could basicly wear what they wanted ( as long as it looked decent ).
        I remember that girls got sent to remove make-up in elementary school and in high-school no one cared about that much anymore.

  42. Wow! Even all the comments below are very insightful. It’s just the tuition is a killer for me! Great video! I would certainly appreciate more! =DD

  43. I really wanna know more about this topic since I am planning to do a study abroad to South Korea. Unfortunately, my university makes it impossible for me to do a full year, like I wanted to, so I can only go for a semester. Ah I have so many questions that I don’t even know where to start X_X (my university is useless in trying to help me >.<)

  44. Can we just have a video on like EVERYTHING Leigh mentioned in the end of the video?!?!?!

  45. Finally~ ^_^

  46. Hi Leigh! I was wondering how you paid for food and other stuff like that? Did you get a job there in Korea? If so, was it hard finding one? What types of jobs can foreigners get? Thanks!

  47. Does anyone know of a teen summer language program that would accept from England? Ive tried look but the only one I found said something about only overseas Koreans from america or something. I would really appreciate some help!

    • I doubt they would deny you when they accept american students, but some programs accept students from allied institutions only, so I would contact the program by email if I were you.

  48. Hi Leigh! I was wondering how you paid for food and all that other stuff. Did you get a job there in Korea? If so, was it hard finding one? What places can foreigners work at? Thanks!^^

  49. we need more Leigh!!

  50. matchacakes

    You guys are fantastic!!! This segment was amazing! I’ve been thinking about studying over in Seoul for a while so it’s nice to hear from the students perspective.

    Could you guys talk about living with diet restrictions? I recently found out that I’m celiac (I’m super allergic to gluten… So no more jjangmyeon for me TT TT). How difficult is it to live with food allergies/restrictions?

  51. Heggo Leigh! I haveth a questionth for chu and that is….
    Why did you choose to go to Ewha over other universitites?

  52. That’s so helpful TBH it was a dream to b studying in another country I want to ask how can you be come to b an international student and how can it be paid for do you have a scholarship or faniacial aid plz share with me ^_^

  53. do they teach in english?

  54. Did Leigh have classes other than language classes at Ewha? If so, at what point did you start taking them?

  55. Any advise of how or where to learn Korean?

    Maybe you can teach us the basics?

  56. This was very enjoyable, I would like to learn about Universities in Korea, Leigh did an excellent job and I look forward to more. The list of topics she spun off at the end of this vid would be a wonderful start! :)

  57. i want to hold your hand.

  58. Hi Leigh! I hope you see this. I’m wondering when in your schooling you did this intensive program. It sounds like that was the only schooling you were doing at the time, so was this after graduating university in the US, or was it related at all to a US university through a foreign exchange program? I am starting university in the fall and I would love to do an intensive program like yours someday! Thanks :)

  59. Hi :) I´m from Germany and i am really interested in this type of TL;DR, because i´m going to university in a month and i really want to study in Korea!
    So my question for Leigh is: how did u prepare for your first time in korea in terms of money, applications for universities, getting a job and all this kind of stuff?

    This would help me a lot!

  60. leigh I cannot stop replaying your ‘Foreigner card’ moment, it’s so funny !

  61. That’s a lot of money!! Is it possible to earn a scholarship for this??

  62. Curious as to why you picked to study Korean abroad? …

  63. Mobile phone fees are that expensive?!? o_O I thought in Québec we had expensive monthly fees for our mobile phone, but wow…

    • actually the cheapest you can get is around 12.000, I was also very surprised… and if you have the cheapest one the calling and messaging is not even included (you just pay for having the number) and then you pay extra for it. You can get something like credit based sim card (like you just charge it every month) but most of the companies don’t want to sell that. Also it’s sometimes difficult to even get a sim card since they want you to buy a mobile phone in their shop first. One of my worst experiences >.<

      • So, is it possible to buy a new mobile phone without having to sign a contract or stuff? Are there electronic markets which sell phones without phone plans/contracts, just the plain phone (with no simlock of course)?

        • Kate Marešová

          it is possible but it’s not so easy… usually you see phones on the streets which are sold by tele companies… but it’s, but maybe more expensive and then if you would want to buy a sim card in most of the places they will tell you that they can’t sell you a sim card only…

  64. Hey guys if you have some question just ask me :) I am studying a similar program in Korea now and I am sure I have more free time to answer than Leigh^^

  65. I found this really hepful! I actually know a few Korean students that
    go/went to EWHA because they were International students at my college. I
    was an ESL tutor so it helped me get to know many Koreans and I know
    some from EWHA and CUK. I really want to study at EWHA for at least a
    semester so this does help give an insight on what to expect for the
    most part. Though I always get really worried because I am mixed, I
    wonder how I will be looked at compared to people who are..lighter
    skinned? I am biracial Puerto Rican and African American, or blackarican
    as I like to call it, and so I have light tan skin, and so I always
    wonder if I will be looked at differently and talked to differently in
    Korea than maybe my Caucasian friends or something.

  66. I love the idea of having guest hosts for TL;DR, as this video was so informative and perfectly timed for incoming international students. It really helped settle my nerves a little bit as a American studying abroad in Seoul at Yonsei University for the next four months. Hopefully the lonely kimbap eating period won’t be in effect for my whole experience though! ^_^ Thanks Leigh and EYK!

  67. autumnwind

    I think Leigh fits well with you guys on camera =) It seems really natural and I would like more of these TL;DRs!

  68. I really like having other people talk about topics that they have experience with! Good job guise. :)

  69. Leigh, what year in college are you? I want to study abroad in korea but at my school ESL majors cannot study abroad unless its in the summer (I want to study abroad for a year).

  70. Simon and Martina! (and Leigh)! So…having lived in Korea, I was wondering how Koreans feel about half-Koreans? I’m half Korean, half white, and live in America. I look somewhat Korean and speak some, but I’ve heard that there’s a stigma against halfies, especially in the older generation. What is your take on this? Btw Martina I love your hair:P

  71. My mom keeps saying that it is to dangerous and doesnt want me to study abroad to south Korea… Any advise???

  72. When you went to Korea did you go as an undergraduate?? Did you take normal classes along with the intensive Korean classes? How long have you studied in Korea. Did you transfer from an American college, and if so how did that process go? As a foreign university student do you have the option of staying with a Korean host family? Thanks so much for this TL;DR it was really helpful and interesting!

  73. IT’S SO MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE *falls out of chair and cries forever*

  74. i cannot express in words how much i loved this tldr :D I loved how it was a casual back-and-forth conversation, and how martina acted like one of us if we’d get the chance to sit down with leigh and ask her a bunch of questions! Every week has been a POSITIVE surprise with the new approach to segments or new segments in general..awesome!!!

  75. Can you do a TLDR on what korean funeral’s are like. When we see a korean funeral in a kdrama or other parts of the media it looks more like a sit down meal with friends in front of a picture of the deceased, very different from the type you see in the west. In the western culture you tend to have a long service where people talk about their loved one, do they have a form of service in korea or is it like a korea wedding, where it’s very fast and efficient?

  76. Berenice 베레니세

    Hi guys … im a nasty fan from México and i found very interesting this video because my plan is to be an international student in korea ( do my MASTER) … really will be great if you could do a video from Hongik University and show us how the students life is there… BTW you gyes are awesome and i don´t miss any of your videos … please make more of Hongdae Area…✌&♥

    • Once you’ve been to Hongdae you’d never want to leave again… :’(…believe me!! I went to Seoul this summer for oonly 10 days!! And in that short time i even made so many friends there!! KOREAN friends!! I still think it’s unbelievable that i made so many…(like 5 friends)…considering my short stay there!! Now they’re just eagerly waiting for me to go study in korea!! like…some of them are even asking me every few days if i will go some time sooner, for vacation purposes, again…while i prepare to go study there…! :’) So if you’re planing on studying/living in the Hongdae or near it…you wont feel alone! ;)

  77. I love you for this! I want to go to school for Korean Language (I would go for full-out Korean Studies if there were more schools that were less expensive and closer to me that offered it…) and the school I am going to go to has a study abroad program for Junior and Senior years in Korea. This is so helpful!!!! :D I love you guys. <3

  78. This was one of the most informative TL;DR’s for me!
    Thanks Leigh <3

    Can you guys visit more universities?

  79. What kind of class is this “intensive course”? Is it solely a language course? Are there other classes? If I enrolled in a university like Ewha would I be able to get a full college education? I’ve never considered going abroad so I don’t know anything about it, does anyone have any recommendations of where to get more information? I can’t really ask all my random questions here…eep D:

  80. Dani

    are those costs in us dollars?

  81. All you young kids are lucky, hehe. I wish I had liked/know about Korean while I was studying. Ahh well..I guess I could do a graduate program. It seems more reasonable to just teach English there though since I like kids and English. ^^ I really hope too someday, the only thing that is stopping me is my husbands job.

  82. You guys should make a part 2 for this segment where Leigh talks about those stuff at the end of the video!!!!

  83. Hi! I was wondering on if there’s a certain age requirement? Like… Since there’s typically a school age difference in Korea compared to America. Aren’t 18 year old (international age speaking) students still in high school in Korea? That’s the typical age Americans graduate at, so I wasn’t quite sure. I haven’t graduated yet but I do in two years and I really wanna have plans set ahead, and studying abroad at Ehwa University sounds like what I wanna do. If anyone knows, could they reply? ^^’ Also, the price for college in Korea, could someone compare it to the average price of it in America?

    • I don’t think there are requirements. For our class the only requirement was to finish high school. We have 18 year old girl in our class

    • If you apply for some Scholarship then the age requirement will be that you must be under 25 when entering the program…

      I’m 21 (in a few months i will be 22) and by the time i’m entering the program (if i get the scholarship) i will be 23!! ^^

    • Shaw27

      Korea uses a different aging system than countries like the US. Rather than counting from 0 at birth, everyone starts at year 1. They usually add another year at the Lunar new year. So some people from America would be considered a year older in South Korea, while others would be considered two years older. It just depends on when your birthday is. They graduate high school at the same age as us, but they are 19. In the US they would be 17 or 18.

      Here is more info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Asian_age_reckoning

  84. I’m so glad that you guys did this video! I’m trying acquire all the information I can get about korean universities, programs, application, tuition, student life, etc. I really, really want to study abroad and and get in touch with Korean culture, so yeah… looking forward to it. But before that, I need to take the TOELF test since english is not my first language plus is a requirement. In the mean time, I’m gonna keep exposing myself to korean news, music, movies,etc. Just to be aware of whats going on in the society and minimise the culture shock. I don’t want to go there without any knowledge, so its easier if I start learning from now. Anyways, I have being watching your videos for a time now and I love them. It’s entertaining and educational. What else can I ask for? You guys are awesome!!! Please do more videos about University life, like housing and roommates, application process, tuition, and adapting as a foreigner and student. :D

    • Here’s a tip: Doing the TOEFL test is good but, depending on what program you’re applying, it’s even better if you do the TOPIK test could give you a higher chance even if you only go for the level 1 or 2 of the TOPIK test ;)

  85. Leigh fits right in the “eat your kimchi” style and “feel”… Leigh ur just lovely and i’m looking forward to your future video/ tl;dr… *thumbs up*

  86. Oh, and I definitely liked the format – Martina “interviewing” Leigh. It was nice to watch ^^

  87. Leigh, Leigh, you have to talk about all those things you listed at the end! I want to hear everythiiing! Why not sit down and make a TL;DR series about all of it! You seem to have a good idea about what topics you want to discuss :)

  88. I was wondering if you guys could talk about the Korean language itself, and why its so hard to English speakers!

  89. I totally approve of this new format of inviting others to talk about the subjects!
    Thank you Leigh for sharing your experiences~ ( you could have talked for an hour and I still would have watched the whole thing :D)

  90. Yeah, a bit of change on the screen! I enjoyed watching this, keep it up Leigh!

    One question remains, though: do you have a gun? :-p

  91. Also a question to Leigh: those 4 hours of class, is there a break in between? Most of the times I have 8 hours of classes with 3 breaks, 2 of 15 min and one of 45 min to 1 hour. So that means I’m at my campus from 8:30 am to 6 pm. I’m supposed to write reports and study after that but the library at my campus is already closed…

    • I want to know this as well. Any time I have a class that’s over 2 hours long, we always have a break in the middle. Even sometimes for the 2 hour long classes, there’s a break. It’ll only be like 5-10 minutes but it allows people to get up to use the toilet or just stretch because after so long of sitting there, people get distracted without a break. It’d be really hard to go through a 4 hour class without having to miss part of the lesson in order to use the bathroom >_<

      • Yeah that would be deadly for me! I do have laboratory/practical classes (how do you say this in English??) that are 4 hours without a break but you don’t really notice it because you’re busy with your experiments and such.

        • At my school, we call them labs if they have actual experiments and such, or recitation sessions if they don’t. I have 4 hour labs too but we are allowed to leave whenever we want to use the restroom and the lab instructors don’t care xD

        • Aah thank you very much (still learning english although I don’t have it anymore at school)! I have both too but when we have labs we have to ask the assistents to leave in case someone does something wrong and the place blows up. That’s what they said at least but now when I think about it that doesn’t make sense at all… well the rules are the rules ^_^

    • I am sure her classes are the same as mine… 4 hours of class means you have 4 lessons and there are 5-10 minutes brakes between them (so one lesson is about 50 minutes)

  92. Wow that’s actually really expensive… The mobile phone fees are crazy high! Only the food is cheap! :/
    What about scholar ships?

  93. I love this format! Even when it’s just Simon and Martina, you should try that thing with asking detailed questions. Really cool. It brings more life =)
    And Leigh is DEFINITELY a good fit. She is so lively and seems really smart! The chemistry between the four of you is wonderful!

  94. I’ve also gotten the “American” thing a lot. Like a lot.

    My favorite conversation went like this.
    Lady: When I first met you I thought you were British!
    Me: Why did you think that? (I definitely don’t have a British accent)
    Lady: Well you’re so nice and kind! American women are all selfish and rude.
    Me: Um, why do think all American women are selfish and rude?
    Lady: Just watch Gossip Girl! They’re terrible!
    Me: *facepalm*

    Another time I had a British lady tell me that she’d be too scared to live in the US because she’d get raped or murdered. I told her I’ve never been raped or murdered and I didn’t think the crime rate was quite that bad. She insisted that it’s a very scary place. Then just a few minutes later she started talking about how much she likes to watch CSI. Oh man.

    I shudder to think of the impact of Jersey Shore.

  95. In order to pay for your classes, did you work in Korea or take out a loan? Why did you decide to go to Korea in the first place? After the language course, what were you studying at the University? What do you want to do and why did you decide to go to Korea to do it? I’m so curious! (yeeeaaaah) I would love, love, love to go to Korea and learn about the culture and the language, but I just don’t know where to start? Where would you even start to become a full-time student in Korea?

    • ^^…Ask the Korean Embassy of your country about the possibilities you have…cause not every country has the same or all of the programs…

  96. Interesting! I’ll be waiting for more posts on this topic~ ^^

    About the tuition fees, is it for level 1-6 or just a level? :o

    • If you mean the university fees of you mayor…you can get a tuition discount for the first semester at some universities (10-50% range varies from university to university) depending on the level you are when entering the university…

  97. I’ve always wanted to study abroad somewhere in Asia but I’ve never really known how to go about it. Leigh has made me want to pursue this goal, even if there are difficult and lonely times

  98. Very interesting! Yeah, it’s definitely fun seeing the whole EYK family!

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    Lots more Leigh, please :)

  100. Annie

    Nice tldr, i actually like seeing more of Leigh and Soo Zee in the videos! Especially when you guys had gone for bubble tea, that was fun.

  101. This video is really good! Thank you sooo much! I will go to Yonsei’s 3 weeks language program in 2 weeks, so I was really excited for this TL:DR!
    Thank you for sharing Leigh! And you should absolutely make a video about all the stuff you said at the end, hehe!
    (Oh and I laugh so much at Simon’s interuption XD)
    Thank you Simon and Martina for doing so nice videos!

  102. Does anyone know about any study-abroad Korean language programs that are offered during SUMMER semesters? Any one have any experience with that? Also, would any one want to go with me if so??? :D

    • Lot of korean universities are doing summer school. You should check their website! Some of them have even programs in september.

      • Thanks, Shu&A! Do you know of universities that have good reviews as far as experiences go?
        (And there is another way I can contact you? email or youtube channel or something? So I can ask you more questions since you’re going to yonsei soon? XD)

        • My experience is pretty limited (it will my first time in Korea) but lot of my friends did go as exchange student for 1 semester. As I know there is Ewha, HUFS, Yonsei, Sogang and some others but I dont remember now :/
          I’m on twitter if you have questions :) (@shu_ask )

  103. Leigh could you do a international student segment every week <3 that would be great to answer everyone's questions! Plus your amazing!

  104. Are there any tips for a person who is shy/introverted and wants to go aboard?

  105. For me, it will be easier to get over the awkward touching because I’m a latino who lives in America.
    But I have to hug and kiss strangers for greetings and stuff so, it must be not that different.

  106. This is CAD right??

  107. I vote for a leigh student life segment. when other people started joining eyk I didn’t really want them to do videos but leigh and soo zee are awesome and fit perfectly with your style

  108. I really liked the video this week it was really helpful for me and I’m sure most of us who plan on studying a term in a Korean university. . I hope you guys do something like this again:)!

  109. $85 for cell phone plans??? And here I thought Canadian phone plans were expensive…..I mean, I guess since Korea hast the fastest networks…but still.

  110. Question, can you only study korean or do you have to be a full university student? Because I want to learn korean so badly… but i don’t have Abitur/A level to go on a German university to do an overseas semester.

    AAAAAAAAAAAND, I really want to hear more of Leighs funny or awkward experience^^

  111. PunkyPrincess92

    that was an awesome tl;dr!!

    O_O ahahahaha your Japanese friends!!!! and Simon barging in to join the convo was hilarious!!

  112. I am new here and you are awesome. Also it’s my first comment here. Here is my question: I am going to be scholarship student. Can you tell us more about scholarships and dorms? Especially what we will need when we get there and what we MUST take with us?

  113. Leigh, since you said you didn’t know anything about Korean culture or language before becoming an international student; what made you want to study abroad in Korea? :}

  114. I’d love to have a Part 2 or 3 or so, since there are so many questions you brought up in the end, which where super interesting.

  115. Hi I would really like to know what the education system is like in Korea.
    Is it really study-intensive and inflexible, like how Korean dramas make it seem? Are teachers really strict, and spoon-feed you and force you to do things like 100000 pages of homework as practice?

    • Just from my little bit of research, high schools are like that, but universities usually aren’t. I’ve heard people say that university in Korea is a lot easier than in their home country. Very few assignments, if any, and the tests come straight from the notes. (some people weren’t happy about the few assignments since they didn’t know what to practice, but still) However it also depends on which university or major. If you are in science/engineering majors, for example, it will be a lot of work.

  116. A question to Leigh, when you had classes in the beginner level, what language does the teacher use to teach the class? I mean u mentioned you didn’t speak any korean at all so how did you follow the classes, also would you recommend it?

    • Probably English, with tutors available for the students who don’t speak English, and the textbooks having multiple versions rather than just English. The textbook I use for self study has Japanese and Mandarin versions as well, for example (and in the reading textbook, it actually has english, japanese, and mandarin all together because most of it is in Korean and the other languages are just for the vocab) and it’s the textbook used at Yonsei University.

    • no way they are in English!! I also had beginner course and nobody could speak English at all… and still can’t. They expect you to know at least a little bit (alphabet, a few words, pronunciation)… it’s not so easy. It’s right thought that beginners books have a little bit of explanation (ours had it in the back)

  117. Hey Leigh, when you said all of the students in the class spoke a different language and they had to only use korean to speak with one another, how did the teacher teach? I’m sure she doesn’t know all of the languages in your classroom?

    Thank you so much!

  118. A question to Leigh, when you had classes in the beginner level, what language does the teacher use to teach the class? I mean u mentioned you didn’t speak any korean at all so how did you follow the classes?

  119. I’m determined to study abroad in Korea for my junior year, but my school doesn’t offer any programs. I have to find a way to go independently and I have absolutely no idea where to start. Are there any programs that you’ve heard of that I can look into? I would love to learn the language and take some history classes :)

    • it’s not about your University, you have to look alone, just search for scholarships in Korea or go to http://gha.mofa.go.kr/english/af/gha/main/index.jsp sometimes they put the offers there. Or search on individual pages of the Universities

      • I wanted to go with my University because it would be a lot cheaper than going independently. I actually found a program that works with my university that will allow me to use almost all of the scholarships and need based grants that I’ve been awarded. I’m officially going to be spending my junior year at Korea University in Seoul! :)

  120. I was just wondering how you become an international student? How did you, Leigh, get into it? I searched a lot, but I can’t seem to find anything about it ^^

  121. Hey Leigh!!! How was the application process for Ehwa University?Did you receive any financial help like scholarships or financial aid?

  122. Leigh did you take out any student loans like how were you able to survive.

  123. Good to know that Korea is really not that expensive to live in.

  124. Yes finding a Korean Boyfriend. Actually i want to know how do you sign up for this language program i would like to do it.

  125. Hi Intern Leigh! There are a couple things I’m curious about, why did you choose Korea to do your study abroad experience? Do you plan on staying in Korea after you finish your graduate program? Has that always been your plan?

  126. This is so helpful!!!!! I’m even more prepared and more excited to study in Korea now :D

  127. i’m currently a student studying abroad in japan at a language intensive program. there’s a lot of taiwan people in my class and we can only communicate with each other in japanese. i can totally relate to this and some of Leigh’s experiences

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  129. Hi Leigh, are your korean courses separate from your BA’s? and if so how is the workload?

    Would you say that it’s easy to get a part time job in Korea (even with minimal korean), and how do you think that a job works with the workload that you have?

    Also I would love to see more segments on being an international student in Korea, as the more information I get the more I can prepare myself and also help to settle my parents nerves on studying in such a different country.

    Simon and Martina, I would love to see you guys do a walk through Korea University ^^

    Also could you give Spuggy an extra special belly Rub from me ^//^, and all the best to ALL of the Eat Your Kimchi crew :3


  131. I loved this. Give us more of Leigh explaining student life in Korea :D

  132. This make me want to go to university in Korean

  133. Just a quick note, on something Leight said in the video.

    If you, unalike her, is not Western looking, say: born and raised by Asian parents abroad, adopted, way too many asian roots in your blood, the part of looking foreign certainly never applies at all times. This really comes from my experience of studying in China, but trust me. People will forget at times, even if you have told them. And it can get really awkward if you are not too familiar with the language yet.

  134. How do you earn money?
    Do you work or do you get “an educational grant”?

  135. Are phones any cheaper in Korea?

  136. The tuition fees as so cheap compared to American university, it makes me want to be an international student XD Anyway, thank you Leigh for this very insightful TL;DR. I’ve always wondered what it’s like being an international student anywhere (not just Korea, but I’ve wondered about places like Japan or the UK); it’s just so interesting to me!! Idk if I’ll ever become one because that’s a HUGE deal (I’ve only ventured outside the state I live in three times), but it’s nice to keep thine options open ^^

  137. More Leigh! She is fantastic on camera! Is she a longhorn? If so, me too! Hook ‘em!

  138. Hi :) I´m from Germany and i am really interested in this type of TL;DR, because i´m going to university in a month and i really want to study in Korea!
    So my question for Leigh is: how did u prepare for your first time in korea in terms of money, applications for universities, getting a job and all this kind of stuff?

    This would help me a lot!

  139. Hi! I’d be interested to know on how can I apply for a scholarship in Korean schools? :))


  141. Hey!

    May I ask how to BECOME a student in Korea, or go to University if you’re a foreigner?

    I know in Australia you have to achieve something called an ATAR score/rank that is based on your final exams in year 12 (last year of school).

    Are there any prerequisites or such things?

    • This I know depends on the Korean university. But it’s a LOT of paper work if you want to get into an undergraduate program (not a language program like Leigh’s). They indeed ask for your final exams (also grades in high school) and a lot of information about you and your parents. Check foreigner-friendly universities (with english websites) like Korea University, Yonsei University, Seoul National University etc etc.

      • Thanks a lot for your help! Much appreciated.
        I’ll look more into the things you’ve suggested, although I am also quite interested in the language programs and the prerequisites for those types of subjects.


  143. Akira Miyashi

    I’m currently in Korea for a summer exchange programme in Chung Ang University. So far it’s AWESOME!!! Might drop by your studio this week~ :D

  144. Hey guys:) I was wondering… I am planing to study engineering here in my country when I’m finnished with high school. And I know for a fact that the school I’m going to has an exchangeprogram to korea.. but I’m not sure how that would work. Are all the classes in english then or do you have to know korean? and is it possible to take language classes while going to school or is that to much stress / you don’t have enough time?
    Hope there is someone else who have studied something besides korean in Korea to help me out:)

    • okay, I am not sure but this is what I think. In our school we had to take one year course before going to undergraduate. So you will have to take it too. But my Korean friend studies engineering and he told me that the classes are usually in English (even they are all Koreans) and if not the classes then the books are. So if there will be no preparation Korean lessons then it will be in English. And you can always take Korean classes.

  145. This was a very informational video, thanks you guys for posting this. I was curious though, what is it like/how can a person apply for international internships from over sea’s? I’m from the states as well and I’ve been considering looking into some internships over sea’s. I’m majoring in Media and Communication at the University of Washington in Seattle. And since Leigh is a intern herself, I was wondering if she could talk about being an intern in Korea and if she knew of anyone of her friends who was an international student and got an internship in Seoul. As for other places I was considering applying to…other then to you guys of course…would be Korea’s hood a.k.a YG Entertainment. I know I sound like a complete nut job thinking I could score an internship there, but hey a girl can dream!

  146. There a lot of talking lately about this twerking group “Wassup”, so I wanted to know, is western culture shows in Korea? or Korea only goes with the asian culture and don’t let other habits of other cultures to get involved with their life style? It kinda hard for me to explain what I want to ask.. so in general, how big the western culture in Korea, what you think about it/your friends, and some cases or stories you had… if there any :D

  147. Lool Ai Ore reference there.. I always want to learn other languages thanks for the insight.

  148. Cyber_3

    I would like to know what is the point/goal/intention of being an
    international student? Is it simply to learn another language and
    culture or is there more to it than that? I have friends who’ve studied
    international commerce or are looking for a career in diplomacy but I’m
    not sure if there are other classes besides language. Are you studying
    film at university as well Leigh? An American friend of mine exposed me
    to several Korean independent films a few years ago (in America) and it
    seems as if there is an international circuit for independent Asian
    films, is this where you are going with your Korean knowledge? Or is film just a hobby?

  149. Cyber_3

    This was a great TL;DR. It was nice that Simon made a cameo (so funny!) but it was still in the same flavour as Simon and Martina but with more confidence on a subject. Sometimes I find the TL;DRs have a lot of disclaimers because there is no direct experience with the subject and it kind of makes me walk away wondering how useful the knowledge I just gained will be. There is absolutely no reason why TL;DR can’t have guests or guest-hosts, I think it ups the level of knowledge-imparted enormously if only from gaining the confidence factor without taking away the Simon-and-Martina-esque flavour. If it is not a member of the EYK crew, you could always do an interview style segment. Hahaha, of course when I say this, I tangent to thinking of an “interviewing people on the street” style of segment – oh my! that would be hilarious with S+M but perhaps not something that would work well on the streets of Korea.

  150. Whats dorm life like???!!

  151. Hi! I really enjoyed this video. I’m landing in Seoul in a week and a half and start my EPIK orientation (Teaching Bootcamp?). I am going to be out on Yeongdo Island in Busan, can’t wait! My question is: Could you guys tell me some useful phrases that I won’t find in my Korean phrasebook?

  152. I went to SKKU and it was one of the most affordable language programs and one of the top programs, and the curriculum and program itself was really well balanced and not extremely heavy for an intensive course, compared to Yonsei for example, even though Yonsei is one of the top programs in the country (and one of the most expensive ) they rely heavily in textbooks and self studying, they are also very heavy in grammar and vocabulary for the first two levels which isn’t the cup of tea for most students who are just getting into the language and have no background in japanese, chinese or korean. I did One term there and didn’t like it personally, but I guess if you come from an Asian country and are used to the work load (and can afford Yonsei lol) it could work for you. I suggest everyone to look into the programs and find people who have been there to get a first hand experience and see if it would work for you c:

    I had many friends who went to Ewha and they said the fees were very affordable and the classes were very fun and interactive, the teachers were really good too, the only think they seemed to not like much was the textbooks they were using.

    I can talk about SSKU and I think if you are/were a university student and are used to the workload and conference style classes you’d like it. If you are fresh out of high school or a freshmen in uni it might be a little too much for some.

  153. mihuru

    I’m thinking about going on exchange to Korea so this was really helpful! I’d love to know more about the dorm life too, and it’d be great if you’d do wanks on other universities in Korea. :)

  154. I’m a little scared becoming an international student in Korea, especially because of the group drinking thing. I don’t drink because of my religion. Would I be considered rude and showing disrespect to the older people for declining?

    • If you explain that you’re religion doesn’t allow you to drink, you shouldn’t have any problem. Of course, in gneeral, because you could found some jerk like in every country xD

      I think S&M mentioned this a couple of times in differents videos and I have talk about this (and drinking in general) with a korean friend. ^-^

  155. This was such a delight to watch and very insightful indeed to any wanting to take this path. =D

    I really liked how Martina helped guide Leigh, encourage her if you will, to explain certain parts when Leigh hinted at something more. Does that make sense? I hope so. Perhaps I should just say, Martina, you were great at conducting this interview-type-thing. Hmm, yes.
    I’ve really enjoyed all videos where Leigh and Soo Zee get to participate. It naturally gives another perspective on different topics in Korea. Plus when just one or both of the ladies take over a segment, it gives you, Simon and Martina, a small deserved break, no?

    *in Simon’s European accent* This was very nice!


    Oh, question to Leigh:
    If you did not know Korean before coming to Korea, do you perhaps have any silly or slightly awkward stories to tell, erm, from your early days there?

  156. hi there… Quick question are the price in USD or canadian dollars… FYI Here in belgium university classes can start (and do start) at 8AM…

  157. This was really interesting, thank you.
    I remember when I started college, I wanted to take part in a student program and go study somewhere else. My goal was to jump into cold water and go to Japan but, my college didn’t have any student programs at all. ( -.-* )
    Now they have some but it is based on european countries and they have some problems with points one gets after finishing a class at the end of the semester ( you can pass classes, let’s say, in Italy and come back and they will tell you that you have to re-do all of the classes again because they can’t accept the points you made in Italy. >.> bull**** ).
    Long story short, I never knew before that some colleges are so screwed up.

    Anyways, I took japanese classes ( not with college, it was like a hobby – had nothing to do with college ) for 2 years and I am glad I did that.
    Now, I want to start and learn korean but I’ve decided to do it on my own with the help of the internet.
    So, does anyone know any websites which can do that? I know one. I think it was talktomeinkorean or something…
    Are there any else?

  158. Leigh this is actually super helpful!! actually let me tell you a story backwards….or something like that. Right now I’m learning korean in my country because I want to go to Korea to study and my teacher is well, korean. She was telling me the other day that when she was send here six years ago (I’m from Costa Rica) she didn’t knew ANY SPANISH and if you might think that korean is hard to learn well spanish is even worst. Actually her biggest trouble in learning was that korean does not translate well in a very logical grammatical way in spanish, it is best if you directly translate korean to english, to her bad luck (or good luck depending on your point of view) not a lot of older people in Costa Rica speak english so she was put in the position of really having to learn kickly how to speak and write. She recalls those years as really depressing because she wasn’t able to communicate well and the few grammar that she could learned was through her daughter who was just starting school, but still to this day it is really difficult for her to mantain a fluid conversation with other people in spanish. Just a few days ago she asked me if we in spanish had a formal way of speaking like in korean, she ended up becoming scared because I told her that since Latin America has a lot of countries we all speak different spanish….so I think I traumatized her.
    Also last semester I was taking japanese classes in my university and they were 4 hour classes with attendance and everything you mention, actually a lot of professors in my university take attendace really seriously, to the point of failing the class if you miss it without a good logical explanation or a justification from a doctor. I actually thought that all colleges did this mmm. Well hopefully you could update on some other students info on the future!!

  159. What career does Leigh want in the future?

  160. Does anyone has any idea how to be an international student in korea, if you come from belgium? because here.. we got looooots of student programmes abroad, china, japan, thailand, philipinnes,… But korea….. nooooooooo TT___TT it’s like the biggest nightmare! so I got no idea how I can go to korea, is it possible to go to korea (for studying) without any organisation? but most likely, it will be much more expensive and difficult right? :(

  161. Leigh IS A NATURAL BEFORE THE CAMERA! (SiMar are not, they had to learn, they are still learning, esp Si)… I want to see her more, and i want to see her own style, not just her in SiMar world…. SiMar, yall have a treasure on your hands… I used to be a news anchor btw, nice to meet you!

  162. ugh omg 4 hour class? Noooo thank youuu. I burn out after an hour and a half of my art classes ; ^;

  163. i have a question, are the lessons between Intensive and regular program are the same??? Thanks^^

  164. Leigh, now that you are enrolled in a graduate program, what are you studying?
    I heard that it is really difficult for an English-speaking foreigner to get a non-teaching/translating job in South Korea, how would you (or Simon&Martina) go about finding a job in a different field? Thank you (:

  165. This come at such a great timing! I’m just about to consider going over to Korea for a language program. N possibly a graduate program too! Please do more of these TL DRs! Really love your TLDRs. For someone who’s not been to Korea or Japan ever, i’ve heard stories about them. And it would be awesome to actually learn things, good or bad, about Korea, before actually decide to go over >,< THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! SIMON MARTINA LEIGH SOOZEE!!!

  166. Thanks for doing this segment! It’s really helpful only because I’ve been thinking of going to Korea to study after I graduate (and I even got invited to go study so I got Korean seal of approval- OH YEAH!)

  167. U guys are awesome!!! U can be funny and very helpful at the same time!! Thnx a lot!! :D

  168. this is exactly my case, class from 9 to 1 every day, lots of homeworks, only asian classmates which I don’t understand, teachers take attendance and if you miss a class they immediately ask you what was wrong with you, if you took a pill or something, I am tired every day, I also don’t study at all XD Oh god, I didn’t know it’s the same exactly XD and about the weird questions… prepare that they will ask you if you have four seasons in your country, especially if you are not from Asia XD … haha guys I am just studying in one of those language programs so you can message me if you have a question :)

    • How do you fund your life there? Like, did you just have to save up
      loads before you went, or did you get some kinda of job or..? This
      really confuses me sorry!

      • that’s a little bit difficult. First of all, there are many different programs in Korea. There are programs which you have to pay for yourself (it costs like 1.000.000 won in a month and then living and food..), that’s really expensive. But then you have many programs where you are given a scholarship. I don’t know how it was in Leigh’s case but my case is like this: I get scholarship which means I don’t have to pay for the lessons and also I get extra 200.000 won every month. At first I thought it’s really good but as I’ve been here half a year I can’t say it’s so good. First of all you have to pay for your living (at first I lived in a dormitory which was like 180.000/month but it was really terrible, so I moved to an apartment which is for 230.000/month), then you would need a phone (around 15.000/month), then you would need to eat (one meal is around 5000 won) and everything else you need for living. Also you would need to buy some textbooks, pay for visa, pay for traveling and so on and so on…. you can get a job here (but the problem is that if you have a student visa you can only get a job after 6 months you live here), many students do it illegally. But part time jobs are not so highly payed. So for example I have a part time job and I get the scholarship so I can pay everything I need with that but if I want to do something extra (cinema, traveling, karaoke) I have to use my own savings… also if you plan on staying here more than 6 months there are more problems with visa and so on… so I would recommend you to choose a good scholarship (preferably the one which gives you a free living in a dorm or something) and then save a little bit (at least around 5.000.000) if you want to live comfortably.

  169. Hi, Simon & Martina ^^ I wanted to know what people in korean think about controverse between SM & JYJ ? Do they support JYJ or SM ? And, what do you think about this ? Do you think that JYJ will be on a show a day T^T ? Ps: JYJ have been excluded from concert lineup of Asian game (they are ambassador). I’m tired by this.

  170. I would love to hear more about everyone’s different experiences with other waygooks (American, Canadian, European, Australian, South African, etc) and their perspectives on teaching/working in Korea.

  171. OMG I think I this is the fifth time I have asked this but can you guys talk about korean hauntings/ ghost stories
    like here in america we have bloody mary, donkey lady, the devils dance, texas chainsaw massacre
    or how we americans make a lot of haunting movies, like the conjuring just came out based on true events stuff like that
    or in my mexican culture la llorona, about a weeping women who drowned her kids, and the story goes that if you hang by near lakes, river, etc.. you will here her crying out looking for her children
    but seriously, please let this be on the next TL;DR

    • Ooh yeah, ghost stories! xD That would be cool but I’m not sure that’s something many Koreans know about…

    • Just from what I know many people here believe in ghosts but I never heard about haunted place. It is said that there are many dead people in the Han river in Seoul though XD Also my Korean friend told me that it’s usual between high schoolers to try to summon a ghost (like with the desk with letters). There are also many korean comix books which are scary like that, they say they are based on real stories but I don’t know :D

  172. How convenient to post this video now! I’m going to be studying abroad at Yonsei for 2 semesters in two weeks! I will be taking semi-intensive Korean courses (2hr courses 5 days a week) in addition to 5 other classes (3 lecture, 2 dance, I want to add a 3rd dance class, but there’s no space)

    • I did that. I took Korean 1 from 8:00 to 10:45 AM from Monday to Thursday… It was… you will really need like 5 hours of nap time afterwards. But I also did these program with other classes and I was able to get a high GPA but it was hard work. Good luck! And you should definitely check out the Sinchon area! So many delicious foooods!

      • Luckily Korean is my last class of the day, and I’m used to having back to back (occasionally back to back to back language classes… I’m a language major studying 3 languages at the same time, well when I’m at my home university), so hopefully the transition won’t be that hard for me

  173. This is really awesome, thank you for the post Leigh! :D I’ve been wanting to learn Korean for a while now, but the ONLY university programme in Korean in Norway shut down a few years ago… so I ended up learning Chinese in the UK. And I’ll be going to China for A YEAR. Boom, twice the foreign student.
    Luckily when I get to China I will have studied Chinese for almost two year already so I won’t go there and be all lost…
    Impressive that you managed to keep up with your intense classes! Good luck on learning Korean in the future! :D

  174. A few questions:
    1. I’m a bit confused about the language program. Are there multiple terms you take (like a major)? Leigh mentioned 6 months, so is it like 2.5 terms?
    2. So do most people eat out on a daily basis? Is it not really accessible to home cook (I’m one of those people who actually like to cook, campus food bleh)
    I loved this! I’m not sure how much material there is, but it would be cool if being an international student was a whole mini-series or something.

    • 2. It depends on your living quarters. In Ewha’s International Dorm Building, they have a kitchen (newly installed last Spring Semester) which has a stove. You still have to buy your own pans and other utensils however. You can also buy microwavable rice and every floor has a kitchenette which has a sink, microwave and a water purifier for drinking :D

  175. Some things I wanted to say:
    1. Is it weird that I had the combined urge to laugh and cry when Leigh said kimbap has the taste of sadness and loneliness?.. Kimbap has been one of my favorite foods for a while..
    2. Is Leigh mixed? I hope no one takes that the wrong way and thinks I’m trying to be racist.
    3. DEFINITELY talk about all the stuff you said when the TL;DR was about to end (Korean boyfriend, before/after learning Korean, etc.)
    4. Like many have said before, LEIGH, WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND? YOU ARE SO FREAKIN’ COOL. Actually, I wanna meet all of the EYK crew.. SIMON, MARTINA, HOW DID YOU FIND LEIGH AND SOOZEE? I guess cool people just attract each other, huh?
    Note that I will be reading the blog post after I post this so I don’t lose these thoughts and I may or may not comment again.. hehe..

  176. Leigh. . .I was wondering, is it really hard to get accepted to Universities with those programs in Korea? Because I was thinking of studying abroad. Also, how do you talk in Korean so casually because I’m a very shy person and I can speak a little Korean but when I try to talk to a Korean, I tend to freeze up and not be able to speak ;^; I’ll be that lonely kid in the corner crying and sulking to herself with no friends ㅠㅠ Any advice to get over that? How do I not become the lonely person eating kimbap? ;^; Leigh please be my friend ;~;

  177. I think it would be great to include other people in your videos; not that I not perfectly happy with both of you but it would be interesting, also it would be neat to hear other people’s perspective and listen to their experiences. ^0^

    Also, I have a question for Leigh regarding school in Korea as an international student. I was wondering that if while you’re in the intensive language program or non-intensive program, are you only learning language? What I mean is are you learning Korean via the language program, while taking regular college classes in Korean, or do you just complete the language program and then you can take regular classes? Could you relate your experiences regarding this such as how that works, how are the regular classes, and is their any help or privileges provided for foreign students taking regular classes?

    Sorry if that is confusing! *~* I am curious as a prospective international student. :)

  178. Is there a loan system at Korean universities? Like how in the U.S. there is FAFSA for student loans.

  179. Do Korean universities have a loan system? Like how the USA has FAFSA for student loans.

  180. This is so awesome, cause i;m planning to come there next year :D

  181. can you do a segment in how to get in Korean universities and what to prepared like paper work etc

  182. I love how Leigh didn’t deny the “they hit you with sticks” thing, XD

  183. I also want to study in Korea, but I don’t know if I can afford all that – did Leigh get financial help with a scholarship or anything like that? Is it possible to get one. I really want to go to Korea and study, but I can’t afford all that :(

    • I actually funded almost all of my trip with financial aid :D But I did it with the exchange program in my school so you have to check your school about that.

  184. Leigh you rock. Its as simple as that.

  185. I definitely understand the questions! I live in Hong Kong and get asked lots of interesting questions and my friends are amazed at how easily I can talk to guys. To them, talking to men is difficult and they don’t understand what there could be to discuss with a guy but I’ve had many guy friends so for me, it’s easy to make friends with them. I got asked if it got hot here in the states because my friend thinks it doesn’t, and she asked if we had airconditioning. It’s very interesting, the differences between cultures. I also, apparently, speak too quickly.

  186. FREAKING AWESOME TL;DR!!!! Thanks so much Leigh!!!! I am coming to teach in Korea in about 2 weeks, and thinking about checking out graduate school programs while I am there. Please do another TL;DR about Korean Universities! Also, what’s so great about Seoul U? Everyone in the dramas freaks out when it is mentioned :p Thanks again!

  187. When I lived abroad, people asked me so many questions about America that I thought were so strange, like “Do most Americans have plastic surgery?”, “Are all the boys hot?”, “Is American high school like ‘Mean Girls’?”, “Do you know a lot of cowboys?” (because I live in Arizona), and of course the gun question. I think my classmates expected Americans to be loud and obnoxious as well, and I am extremely shy, so I didn’t really fit a lot of their ideas. It was so crazy for me to realize that people learn about the US the way we learn about other countries, through their movies and shows (which I guess should be obvious, but like I didn’t even get that until I got the ‘Mean Girls’ question).

  188. i would love to hear more about campus life in korea! im really interested in doing an exchange when in collage (art collage mind you…) and wanna know more about just general student life and stuff!

  189. I’m really interested to know how you learn korean with everyone speaking many languages. I personally don’t have any experience with that kind of environment. Every language course I’ve taken has been taught in english. I’ve been taking a beginner class in korean recently but it’s taught in english to a classroom who speaks english. I’m wondering if it would be more efficient to completely immerse oneself or if that would be more confusing.

  190. Thanks for doing a video on this guys! I attended Sogang University for their intensive summer language program last year and really felt like I learned a lot there. Most of the people in my class level were American with a few Europeans and one girl from Singapore. They were definitely long days but so much fun!
    After the summer program I went to Korea University Sejong for the semester and found that I had more time outside of class..or maybe more energy because my brain wasn’t so full of Korean language all the time. I was able to join different organizations and can relate to the MT stories ;p so much fun but we paid for it in the mornings…
    And now I’m finishing my application to go back to Korea to attend Ewha Women’s University next semester! I never would have thought I would be able to study there again but I’m so excited that I have gotten the opportunity again!!

    Please do more videos about University life, like housing and roommates, and adapting as a foreigner and student :D

  191. I totally want to go to Korea! I bet there are a lot of programms and scholarships for students that take care of some of these tuitions =)
    @Leigh: Is it hard to get an on-campus dorm?

  192. Leigh is so awesome! Since I want to go abroad when I enter Highschool to study a language(can’t decide between chinese and korean) I’ve already memorized the Korean alphabet and I have been studying basic words and sentences. I would want to know if you recommend any books, since I live in Mexico the closest thing I’ve got to studying Korean is being nice to the lady at the Korean restaurant and helping her explain stuff about food in Spanish.

    Also, are there any tests you need to take and is it possible to get a scholarship? And if so what are the requirements? Here since I’m going to enter my first year in highschool next year I need to get courses starting in October to the end of the school year, and even though I have a 9.9 average academic scholarships for private schools(in Mexico) are not given to students who just get good grades, they need at least 2 extra activities or to participate on contests(and actually win something). If you grades get low or the superiors aren’t pleased with how you’re doing they slowly take part of you scholarship away so that’s why I’m really concerned.

  193. Kahu Pohatu-campbell

    Soozee is my eat your kimchi bias but I don’t know… Leigh is sneaking her way up there. Watch out soozee you might get knocked out of first place.

  194. Isabel Ruby

    lol i’m doing ILP in japan right now, and some of our homework was to write 7 haikus in japanese… LOL appropriate videos

  195. I would love to do a language program~ If only if only~ studying korean alone with noone to talk to is hard…

  196. I LOVE this!! Leigh, this was awesome and you’re hilarious!

  197. I have a question, not sure if it’s been answered (pretty sure it hasn’t since i did a mini EYK marathon this week) but I want to know about the health insurance or health care for foreigners. Does it cost more or less to go visit a doctor in Korea than in North America?

    • Health care is much cheaper in South Korea. The same is true for most 1st world countries in comparison to the USA (I believe it’s cheaper in South Korea than Canada as well) due to our crappy “health care” system that rewards companies while making citizens pay a fortune. Here’s a discussion of it: http://askakorean.blogspot.com/2010/01/healthcare-system-in-korea.html

    • I don’t know how it is in America but for me it’s really expensive in Korea. For example last month I went to doctor (without insurance) and for the visit I payed 15.000 won and he told me to come again in two days (as doctor here just give you medicine for a day or two and then you have to come back) . I went there 4 times in total so I payed around 60.000 won. Also my friend had to go to a dentist (her teeth filling fell out) and she had to pay 1.000.000 won!! for one filling. I heard dentists are expensive in Korea but I didn’t know it’s this much. If you have an insurance here then it’s okay but insurances are not so good anyway, they pay back around 60-70% of your expenses only. If you are a student in Korea usually the school offers you some kind of insurance. For me I had to pay 500.000 won for 6 months (but I didn’t accept it since I had my own insurance in my country for studying abroad). Also there are some hospitals which offer basic health care for foreigners for free, but there are not many of them.

    • I don’t know how it is in America but for me it’s really expensive in Korea. For example last month I went to doctor (without insurance) and for the visit I paid 15.000 won and he told me to come again in two days (as doctor here just give you medicine for a day or two and then you have to come back) . I went there 4 times in total so I paid around 60.000 won. Also my friend had to go to a dentist (her teeth filling fell out) and she had to pay 1.000.000 won!! for one filling. I heard dentists are expensive in Korea but I didn’t know it’s this much. If you have an insurance here then it’s okay but insurances are not so good anyway, they pay back around 60-70% of your expenses only. If you are a student in Korea usually the school offers you some kind of insurance. For me I had to pay 500.000 won for 6 months (but I didn’t accept it since I had my own insurance in my country for studying abroad). Also there are some hospitals which offer basic health care for foreigners for free, but there are not many of them.

  198. Oh my god. When it got to the part where the person asked if Leigh owned a gun or shot anyone, I spit out my soda all over myself. Thank you, whoever asked that, and thank you Leigh for sharing! Lol.

    • That is exactly the reason why I stopped eating and drinking while watching EYK videos. You never know what is going to happen xD *lol*

      • There’s been funny moments before, but usually I refrain from drinking just before and during the parts I know will be funny. This, I totally expected weird questions, but not that. For whatever reason, I just… died laughing. lol. At least I didn’t get the Cherry Coke up my nose. ( Seriously, that shit hurts )

  199. George Wesley McClellan

    4 hour classes are like summer classes in the US. i had Calculus for 3 and a half hours a day just this semester XD

  200. I don’t know if anyone already asked this but… how, on the first place, get to go study in Korea? xD I know it sounds really dumb but I’m from Argentina -South America- and I have noooo idea how to apply to go there :D

    • Mee toooo XD

    • I’m from Peru and I moved to America after I graduated from High school to get into a university so my tip is: Know what school do you want to enroll learn what are the tuition fees for classes, fee of dorms. Contact the school and ask the requirements you should have in order to be accepted at their school (it’s about your grades and GPA) then if they accept your enrollment you’ll have to start all procedures to get a student visa and each country has it’s own different laws so you’d have to deal it with the country’s embassy that you are planning to go.

  201. I’ve got an Ewha specific question…or two. My friend told me that it’s a coed school, despite the name. Does Leigh (or anyone else:) know what the gender split is like there? Also, are the entrance requirements as tough if you’re only going for the intensive language course versus an undergrad program?

    • For Koreans, it’s girl only. However Ewha does have male exchanges so all the boys being exchange students, the gender split would be less than 10:1 most of the time.. It varies between classes though. Marketing course I took had 5 boys and 40 girls and in Communications class there was only one boy in the middle of at least 20 girls. Don’t know much about languages courses but http://elc.ewha.ac.kr/korean/en/template/intensive03.asp here it says you have to take placement test of some sort.

      • The placement test wasn’t that bad. It is just a way for them to check the level of Korean you have. I actually took it and got placed in a higher class because I knew the alphabet already and can read even though I have no idea what I was talking about.

  202. You should definitely do Yonsei University

  203. i love when you feature leigh and soozee in your videos and they get more screen time! they fit right in and are a welcome addition to the nasty crew :)

  204. Still gotta put the TL;DRs close to the top for your segments. Great video and so glad Leigh and Soozee are getting some screen time. Making me rip my hair out saving up for a language program.

  205. thank you for covering this topic!! it was really insightful and it kind of gave me hope i guess i would say. ^^

  206. Really interesting! Would love to hear more info on university life as an international student!

  207. I loved this video! I’m really hoping to study abroad one day but I’m curious as to why Leigh chose Korean. Is she a K-Pop fan(although this seems unlikely :P)? Was she fascinated by the culture?, etc.

  208. Definitely want to go to Korea to study thanks it helped a lot ❤

  209. Martina i’m sorry but if you have any pokadot outfits could you not wear them a lot ? because i have trypophobia and it really bothers me not that the dress you wore in this weeks TLDR bothered me it looked like stripes so it ok ….. its just that can you…yea…soo…bye..

    • You really can’t expect someone to not wear something just because of your phobia. Would you go up to a random person outside and tell them to not wear an outfit because of your phobia? o_O

      • I agree, It’s not all about you. I think pokadots looks great on Martina and she should continue wearing them. She looks great in actually anything, just don’t tell her what and what not to wear, it would be seen as “Selfish” Maybe you aren’t, but please consider others feelings

  210. Hey, can you guise talk about culture shock? How did you cope with it? What are tips that will make it easier? Thanks!

    • Just wanting to answer this since I just recently studied in Korea. The culture shock will differ from one person to person. If you grew up in a relatively “Asian” household, it won’t be as bad when you’re in Korea. I did grew up in an Asian household where respect is important but I am also American. The biggest culture shock for me is the respect culture (Importance of Age). There will be barriers there but you know what’s shocking? Korean people saying sorry after they bump you will almost never happen. This is actually one of the biggest shocks while I was there… Also, if you look really foreign, people (kids mostly) will stare at you.

      That’s the only thing I can think about right now but I also want to mention the traffic laws…. there are NO such thing in Korea. During my 5 months stay there, I was almost hit at least 5 times…

  211. Gah, you have no idea how happy I was to this video! I’ve been attempting to get into a school that would allow me to study abroad in Korea, but while that’s happening I’m attempting to teach myself some basic Hangul. I’m going to try taking Korean classes so I can be at least a little knowledgeable before I attempt to live abroad, and knowing this key information about what it takes to achieve this is such a gift.
    Thank you Leigh for sharing your experiences. I really hope you can enlighten us some more in future videos! ^^

  212. I’m glad you guys did this topic! I wish you went more into university life besides/after language courses, since Leigh is a full time student. (maybe a future TL;DR?) I’m going to be applying for graduate school next year (during my final semester as an undergraduate) in Korea and it is soooo hard to find info from other foreigners who have done this! Luckily I have time to prepare and the school I want to go to (KAIST) has an international facebook page where people can post questions about applying. I think I am more afraid of not getting accepted than I am afraid of the workload xD I’m not sure how different it is in Korea but I already spend most of my time doing assignments and studying when school is in session now. I also wondered about the language program, because for the scholarship I will be trying to get, we have to take 1 year of language training before we start our actual degree and we are expected to be at TOPIK 3 at the end of that year. I’m already able to just barely pass TOPIK 2 (based on self assessment using past TOPIK exams) but I still wondered how difficult it’d be to make the jump from TOPIK 2 to TOPIK 3 in a year. Knowing that Leigh was able to read Harry Potter after a year, starting with low Korean knowledge, is very reassuring *_*

    • I am doing this just now, I have a year of Korean course and then I will go to undergraduate studies. About the topik… if you are topik 2 then it wouldn’t be difficult for you to get to lvl 3 in one year, some people start here with absolutely no knowledge about Korean and they can do it. Also these one year trainings are pretty intensive so don’t worry about that. Anyway, KAIST is good, the only problem is that it’s in Daejeon which is such a boring city (I live there now). I think the most important thing if you want to get accepted is to write a good motivation letter (if it’s required).

      • Are you on the government scholarship which gives you a monthly allowance, pays your tuition, etc, requiring you to take 1 year of Korean before your actual studies start? If so, is there some way I can contact you if I have questions when I start going through the process myself (around January probably)? It might be a little different since I’m going for graduate rather than undergraduate but it’d be really nice to have someone to talk to about it ^^

        I’m fine with being in Daejeon because I have fallen in love with KAIST! Even if there isn’t much to do, Seoul is only a short subway ride away :P

        • Kate Marešová

          My scholarship is not from government but from the chosen school but it’s the same, I get monthly allowance, they pay my tuition and I am taking 1 year of Korean before the studies. Sure just find me on facebook (I am there under the same name as here).
          Oh so you will stay in the Soul campus? Since they have all campuses in Daejeon (which is like 2 hours by bus from Seoul) and only one in Seoul.

        • Nope, in Daejeon ^^ But I mean, it isn’t very expensive to travel to Seoul if you are bored and have free time. I’ll add you, my name is Sarah so that’s me :)

        • :O ME too!! I’m just waiting for the application process to start (for the Undergraduate program thought) with all of the papers already ready!! ^^ Thought my situation is somewhat complicated -.- because i have double nationality and the country i’m living in, does not have the scholarship…while my maternal one does…-___-’ so now i have to apply over that one…

          It wouldn’t such a hassle if i don’t need to fly over the atlantic ocean just to take part in the interview the embassy does…if i pass the paper screening at the embassy…!! Cause that interview does not mean you passed it…it’s just so they can see the applicants and hear about their motivation and so on. So if things go bad for me…then there goes a lot of money down the drain.. :’(…

          And if i want to do the topik test…i’d have to make a trip to one of our neighbored countries just for that!!

        • Good luck! There isn’t even an embassy in my state (I’m in the USA, I would have to drive for a while to get to another state that has one) but it’s not as far as yours I’m sure. I hope I don’t have to do an embassy interview, I haven’t read anything about one… If I do, it’d be a bit of a problem because I’m going to be applying while still in university so it’d be difficult to do so much traveling when I have class. We’ll see @_@ I hope it works out for you :) What school do you want to go to?

        • Thank you!!!
          The Interview thing varies from embassy to embassy…like…for example here in switzerland (where i live) they don’t do the interview…but the thing is that they only have the Graduate program.. :( that’s why i can’t apply from here.. -__-’

          I’m still deciding between my 3 faves… xD… Dongguk, Chung Ang and Sungkyunkwan…i like them all!

        • Sry for the late reply… :(

          I want to go to either Chung Ang or Dongguk University… :3

          In the meantime I got the results…I passed the first round but didn’t make it for the 2nd! :’( Oh well..now there’s only one thing I can do! WORK and SAVE up the money for one year xD…good thing is that because of my first profession I can earn some good money and if I reeally control my spendings I can save up ALL the money I’d need to pay all of the training costs PLUS living expenses in Korea for 5 years….so yeah…well…the only contra point is that I have to sacrifice 1 year for the money thing…that making be entering university when I become 24 years old…:S

          But it’s better than not to be able to do the things I like right?! ;)

        • Aww sucks that you didn’t make it in :( Good luck for the future :D

  213. I’m coming to study in Korea in 18 days (AHHHHH) and this was super helpful! Thanks Leigh :D

  214. Emilie

    How did you apply and get accepted into the language program? I’d love to do it sometime! Learning Korean is a life goal, and I see no better way to do it than being a student in Korea! :D

    • you can look up the universities on the web and they will all have english pages for the programs and details on applying and documents and all that fun mind melting government stuff. Good Luck

  215. The terms are spring, summer, fall, winter, right? But do other classes meet like 2-3 times a week instead of one day or everyday? And can you blog about the requirements/expectations when studying abroad (paper work etc.)? ^^

    • there are so many requirements… you have to go to lessons (you have to have 80% attendance), you have to do tons of homework (like we have grammar lessons, reading lessons, listening lessons and writing lessons and every day there are homework for each of these classes). One ‘semester’ (at least in the language course) is like 2 and half months. In that time you have mid term exams and final exams. For both of them you have to prepare something (like presentation, interview in pairs). Also they expect you to pay attention in every class (no phones, no games, no sleeping or eating). Also there are occasional presentations in class, sudden tests and so one…

  216. I’m kinda wondering what Leigh is majoring in right now. haha but I love TLDR’S !! :)

  217. YAY Ewha Girls! We actually have Korean “buddies”, like peace buddies, for the students who take language program in Ewha so no one will suffer from lonely lunch or being alone anymore! And there are more English speakers and French speakers on campus.

    • Peace Buddies are the best :D

    • Cyber_3

      Peace buddies? Is that someone to walk you home at night so you feel safe?

      • Nope, It’s group of students who volunteers to help exchange/foreign students out when they need someone fluent in multiple languages or students who just wants to be friends with exchanges.

    • do you know how you get into the program?

    • Eeerrmegawd why does this comment keep disappearing?! You can find pretty much about registration and courses on Ewha Language Center webpage! I don’t know much about the language programs because I never took them but since I graduated Ewha, I can tell you about campus if you have any questions and help if random Korean pops up in that website:)

      I wish “BEGG” could see this! I tried replying right back to you but couldn’t! the comment kept disappearing!

      • this is me……:( for some reason, my comments kept disappearing….

        • Hi, Disqus marked your comment as spam because you began the post with a link. If you include it at the end of the comment, it usually works.

          And then after that you posted nearly identical comments, like, 20 times in a row, so they all got marked as spam.

          I’ve un-spam-ed your first comment, so it should be fine now.

        • Min Danica Kim

          Thanks so much! I had no idea why it kept getting deleted….

  218. Such an awesome video! This will make so many people happy. I know so many people who want to study in Korea.

    Question for Leigh about the lack of personal space and touching…. do you ever ask them not to or do you just go along with it?

    I experience that a lot when in my husband’s home town down south in a rural part of Korea. But I can’t really tell people to not touch me like that. The ahjummas that want to touch me – I just grin and bear it. My sister-in-law always wanted to hold my hand while we were out and more and my husband would try to explain to her that it made me feel a bit uncomfortable, but it took her a long time to understand that. Do you find if you’ve explained that you sometimes feel uncomfortable that because it’s such a different concept to them that someone doesn’t want to be touched – that they just keep doing it anyway?

  219. Maryam مريم 마리얌

    YAAY this is really helpful. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I want to ask Leigh if she knew anything about the summer 3-week intensive program? I’m planning to apply and I’m between Ewha and Yonsei. I wonder if she knows anything about it or anyone who tried it. THANK YOU again :D

  220. Love Leigh, I could watch more of her! And Suzy too. I totally dig the idea of having other people in your videos too! Then you can talk about topics of which you might not have first hand experience but want to provide the information.

    On a side note, I’m studying in a Korean language program right now. I’m currently on level 3 and I’m studying in Dongguk University. I totally agree with Leigh about all she said. And in our school there are like a couple of other westerners/English-speaking people but it feels like they try to not put us in the same classes, so it’s kind of lonely at times. In our school most people are from China. There are like gazillion Chinese people and maybe 10 or so people from other countries. So it can be quite lonely with all the Chinese people speaking Chinese with each other, but I feel like the further you get on your studies the easier it gets. I can now actually hold conversations in Korean, which is pretty cool. Can’t wait to get to the University!

  221. Thank you so much for this ! Many of my friends are going to Korea for travelling and since I’ve only travelled to Korea in the past, and have only studied in Canada and HK, I cant answer these questions exactly.
    I’ve also thought about doing intensive programs for language learning so seeing the Korean factor is amazing.
    Also, would LOVE to hear about dorm life! Haha

  222. Leigh, I’d be interested to know how you all learned Korean from scratch since all of your classmates spoke different languages, I’ve never heard of a language class like that.

    Also do you know of any other good universities with an intensive language program that you could recommend?


    • I went to Ewha as well and took the Korean class they offer. However, I didn’t take the intensive program that Leigh did but I just did the regular Korean. I was actually the only fluent English speaker (from an English speaking country) in the whole class but the Korean teachers (we had two) taught in English. My classmates are actually pretty good in English too. The textbooks were another story though. I’m pretty sure they have an English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Japanese versions. So basically the teacher was there to actually just reinforce the idea (grammars,etc) and the book can further explain it to the students.

    • Leigh how do you sign up for these programs and what are they called

  223. Wow, this was soooo informative! Makes me wish I had done such a program when I was in college, though I don’t think education majors can do much studying abroad if they are hoping to be teachers in the states. Nevertheless, this was great and good luck to you, Leigh! BTdubs, did you declare a major at a stateside university?

  224. This was helpful! Thank you!
    I’m (finally) going to Korea in about 20 days *___* and will be attending HU for one semester (though I wish I had gone for Ehwa T_T)… so this is kind of perfect timing, really!

  225. I love this!! Leigh do have a similar style than you guys, it fits really good, please make more videos like these!

  226. Haha, Leigh is so adorable!

  227. CJ Bonto

    Hey Leigh, I’m super interested in being an international student and Korea is very high on that particular list, so for your study abroad program did that program have a scholarship or any kind of finanical aid to help you pay for it?

  228. So, the best I can figure out is first two levels of intensive language = curling up in to a ball rocking back and forth?
    This was really worth staying up and keeping an eye out for, every entertaining and very informative

  229. Is Intern Leigh in graduate school or undergrad???

  230. Sonia

    I don’t know if there are any good pastry schools in South Korea, but in case I go back to wanting to go into linguistics and foreign languages, this’ll be helpful :)

    I’m always happy to see more Leigh and Soo Zee in your videos (even though you know I love you two, right?)

  231. I would love to have 4 hour classes compared to my 6 Hour kitchen labs. (Culinary Arts Yay!) But this was really insightful thanks so much Leigh!

    • Simon and Martina here: we both REALLY want to do Culinary Arts. Not because we want to open a restaurant or anything like that. We just want to know all that stuff. WHOA SO JEALOUS!

    • Are you studying Culinary Arts in Korea? what school? :)

    • OH GOSH YES! when I was in culinary arts I hated the 6 hour times! T.T varied from 2-4-6, I love cooking though ;)

    • I remember those kitchen labs. @_@
      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the classes, “ppfft! Only four hours?!”

      • Four hours is a lot. Seriously. I don’t think a person fully understands how much energy your brain uses up when learning a new language from scratch until you’ve done it. I was learning Polish in Krakow and it was EXHAUSTING. I completely agree with Leigh when it comes to sleeping – I have never slept so much!

      • But a lab is different from a class. I have regularly four hour labs (there are rumours of a particular lab module that takes 8 hours….at the crime scene house…while we’re in those horrible bunny suits, digging around dead pig bodies. That’s going to be LOVELY….) and classes that are either 1.5 hours (twice a week) or 3 hours (once a week), and the labs go by SO FAST. Classes, on the other hand…even the 1.5 hour ones drag on forever.

        In labs, you’re actively doing something; in class, you’re listening and taking notes. Compare it to a day at work where you’re fairly busy (lab) to a day where there’s nothing to do (class).

  232. Loved it! I would love to see more videos like this (:

  233. Definitely talk about getting a Korean boyfriend!!!!!

    • IKR?? I’ve been so curious!

    • IKR? I’ve been so CURIOUS!

    • Sonia

      1. Don’t weird them out by thinking they’re any more special or different than other men anywhere else on the planet
      2. Get introduced to/meet somehow a Korean guy
      3. See if there is mutual attraction
      4. Commence usual courting rituals (may differ culturally/personally, they’ve talked about these before)
      5. Be together???

    • Be yourself because that person should love you the way you are and accept your differences and flaws; If it fails and you keep waiting for so long but still don’t have a Korean boyfriend then you should try being a different person. Just kidding, your boyfriend doesn’t have to be korean to be considered the-only-kind-of-man that you should date with.

    • That’s like getting a boyfriend from any other country. Chemistry and and compatibility. Korean guys are guys, they’re not some special breed of man just because they’re Korean.

    • First of all… Before being Korean, they’re men. And just by that I’m pretty sure the ways of getting a Korean boyfriend are exactly the same as getting a boyfriend of any nationality.

      • I have to disagree a little bit here. There are things that definitely help and every culture has their own rules for dating and love. There are things that are absolutely fine to do with an Australian man (I’m an Australian woman) that I did with a Korean guy- the first time I dated a Korean guy and it caused problems. I wish I had known more about Korean culture at that point so I knew what things may cause offence.

        People don’t grow up in a bubble. The country we grow up in affects the way we act and think and when dating someone from another culture the more we understand about that culture the easier it will be to form a romantic relationship.

        • Interesting… things such as…?

        • Many many things. The first time dated a Korean guy I had no idea about Korean culture. A bunch of Koreans were staying in my hometown (rural Australia) and I became friends with them and started dating a guy. It was a rollercoaster of drama that could have been helped if we both just knew a bit more about each other’s culture and dating. I didn’t understand the hierarchy in Korea, I caused offence many times, I didn’t understand his position as an older male in the group of Koreans and did things that embarrassed him. Things as simple as playfully patting his face in front of a group of people, what I saw as a sign of affection was actually really disrespectful and he stormed out while I was left bewildered as the Korean girls explained I shouldn’t do that. Another big thing that comes to mind is inviting him my house where my parents are. Koreans only introduce a bf or gf to their parents if they plan on getting married, so that freaked him out. In the end there was a dramatic breakup mostly because of language difficulties and cultural differences on both sides.

          By the time I met my husband years later I knew a lot more about Korean culture and it was so much smoother but there are still things that need to be negotiated and talked about. You need that open dialogue about cultural things that is not needed if I was with an Australian man. Even though by that time I knew much more about Korean culture and my husband knew about Western culture at the start of our relationship there was this problem of labelling our relationship. In Korean culture you are either not dating at all or you are boyfriend and girlfriend. But in Australian culture there is more of an accepted in-between stage and if I say to my Australian friends “we are just seeing each other, and we’ll see what happens” they understand that. Our Korean friends had a harder time understanding that. You are either a couple or you aren’t. It caused a lot of stress for my husband in those early days because I wasn’t ready to be labelled a couple and wanted to just wait and see how things went. He had friends harassing about whether we were a couple or not and inadvertently my more casual western attitude caused him a lot of stress.

          I know from experience that when I approached dating a Korean guy the same way as dating any other guy I had many problems because of that. Even just “getting” a Korean guy is different from Western culture. Koreans don’t tend to approach random strangers and ask for numbers, so doing that to a Korean guy may freak him out, even if he is interested. Simon and Martina have talked a bit about this in one of their videos. About how you need to be introduced usually or be with a group of friends and meeting another group. This is why Koreans who are single and want to date someone or get married are constantly asking their friends “Do you know anyone? Can I you introduce me to someone?”

          And then from dating – wedding culture is very different from many other cultures. Simon and Martina did a video on how different weddings are, but also the engagement stage is different. For example, my Australian best friend is engaged and her fiancé did the big proposal and they are having the big engagement party and the wedding isn’t until 2015. Everyone now knows she is an engaged woman. My husband’s sister has a boyfriend and they are planning on getting married when they go back to Korea, but there is no big engagement announcement. They’ll announce their wedding only a few months before and that’s it. People are often surprised when K-pop stars suddenly get married, but it’s not unusual in Korean culture. There isn’t that big lead up that is in a lot of other cultures.

        • Wow, thank you for sharing your personal experiences. I’m sure a lot of girls here may found them useful. Yeah you’re right; Of course it’s not exactly the same as I said, seeing as cultural differences tend to influence, but the basics are.

          Anyhow, I’ll share with you a blog post that I read a long time ago (I googled it again for you) from a very good blogger that calls himself “The Korean”, he covers many topics, generally related to Korean culture or Korean stuff, and the blog posts are mostly based around questions he recieves on his mail. And the question “How do I get a Korean boyfriend” and similars literally FLOODS his inbox.


          And again, thank you for sharing your personal experiences.

        • Yeah I’ve seen that blog before. Some stuff is relevant but can’t say I always agree with everything he says, or his anger at people who are just looking for help in their relationships. On my blog I get emails from people who need help in their relationships or just need advice and I try to reply as thoughtfully as possible. My husband gets a lot of questions as well and even though the first thing he will say is “everyone is different” there are some things he can help with.

    • Leigh, I want to know more too. Personal stories please.

    • Race fetishism isn’t cool.

    • As a Korean, I don’t see why some of you guys want “Korean” boyfriend. AND I’m just so curious! Why are you interested in Korean boys in particular? Can anyone tell me? Is this because of all the K-drama and handsome romantic boys in it?

      • Not necessarily that but more like how to overcome a language barrier, if they would object to dating a foreigner, different dating styles and dates of there (Korea) vs North America.

      • Some people want to be fully submerged into a culture and language and that include dating someone from that culture. In my experience, I do not find(many) white guys nor Australians (I’m Australian) attractive due to cultural reasons and as well as looks. Finally white babies are ugly.

  234. I have a question for intern leigh. How did u get the visa for korea. Like i am living in u.s.a but i would like to go for graduate school. So how does the procedure work? Can u tell me a little bit about it? Thank you.

    • it depends on the type of visa you need to apply for. I think you’ll need a D-2 Visa… unless you are in some way Korean then you may be able to get the almighty F-4 Visa. Anyway, here is a page with some info: http://www.studyinkorea.go.kr/en/sub/overseas_info/guide/guide_visa.do

    • You will need a D-2 Visa but you also must be fluent in Korean. When I applied for my visa I was looking at the requirements to apply for graduate school in Korea and they mention about being fluent in Korean…

      • Not always. For example, KAIST is an English language school, and you don’t have to speak Korean to go there, even for graduate school. I’ve looked into application processes because I want to go there and they never ask for Korean language test scores, only English (exemptions made for people from native English speaking countries). There are also scholarship programs that will allow you to take Korean language classes for 1 year before you start your major, which can help especially for schools that do have language requirements. In most cases it’s necessary because the classes are taught in Korean so you won’t understand anything without knowing the language, but you have to look at it on an individual basis because it varies depending on the school.

        • Oh yeah but I was looking at the student handbook in the Immigration Office and they did mention it. But it does depend on the program :D Thanks for clarifying.


  236. Yes you should go visit more universities! My cousin was doing a year long study abroad session at Yonsei (but just came back a week ago) and she was hoping she could run into you guys as you guys were filming or maybe visited another campus. Shame. Haha.

    And I think having other people in your videos is fine as long as they are helpful with the subject or whatever it is. But of course you guys are the main stars of your own channel :) Like this one, obviously Leigh has more knowledge about the school system so yeah. I guess just as long as one of you guys are also in the video as well, so like how Martina is doing, sharing ideas or other questions and jokes along the way. Cuz it’s like an interview/chat in a way

  237. Yesh 1st!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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