Ok, so this is a Special WANK. A SPANK, if you will. Wait: no. SPANK is “Spudgy Adventure Now Korea.” We can’t use that same term here. Well, this is a WANK with an Interview, so let’s call this a WANK-erview. Yeah. That sounds about right.

Anyhow, even though this isn’t our traditional kind of “let’s go out and see cool things in Korea and play around kinda thing,” it still does kinda fall into that category. We got to go to The Jung Saem Mool makeup, hair, and spa studio in Chungdam-Dong, which is located in a ridiculously affluent part of Gangnam, and sit down to interview three makeup artists. How can we express how affluent this area is? Like, that’s the street that SM Town is on, as well as a Rolls Royce building, a Gucci building, Louis Vitton building, and a whole bunch of other giant buildings full of ridiculously overpriced stuff that we wouldn’t pay for even if we had a bagillion dollars. Unless there was a Hello Kitty building… *enter shopping spree music*

Anyhow, the point of talking about the area the studio is located in, is to express just how incredibly successful and important these ladies are, and so we were really happy to be invited over to the Jung Saem Mool studio. We had a chance to meet three amazing makeup artists: Saemmool Jung, Juhee Sohn, and Sunghee Hong. The Jung Saem Mool studio is A HUGE DEAL. This is where actors, actress, and Kpop idols go to get their makeup done. This is real deal, super awesome makeup-ing! They’ve done the makeup of Miss A, Tae Kim, Wonder Girls, BoA, Lee Hyori, KARA, Kim Yuna, and many more. In fact, while we were there filming, BoA was casually arriving to get her makeup done (sorry, we have no footage of it). So we were totally honoured to be able to sit with them for an hour and to ask them questions about makeup and the makeup industry.

Before we arrived, I was actually feeling worried about going: will they be friendly? Will they have a snobby attitudes? But I was worried for NOTHING, because they were SO SWEET and HUMBLE, and just awesome. I got such good vibes from talking with them, and even though they were super duper busy that day, they still calmly spent time with us and even played around with the introduction posing concept with lots of laughter. It makes me really happy when you meet people who are incredibly talented and famous but still down to earth and lovely.

After we finished the video, they gave me a gift bag filled with amazing makeup products from their personal makeup brand, MULE (Make Your Own Rule)! WAHHHHHH!!!!! Makeup bonanza! I’m sure I’ll post a tutorial up on our Openthehappy channel of me attempting to use the makeup correctly.

Martina's Makeup Grab

So, I’ve been watching her tutorials to get an understanding of what all the products do, because as you all know I’m new to the makeup world too, but so far I’m loving the blusher cream and the artist curve puff. I asked them where you can find these products, and it seems ebay and gmarket are the best choices for people living overseas, but if you live in Korea, you can visit the Jungsaemool shop (there is one in Myeongdong on the 10F of Lotte Department Store).

Here is Saemmool Jung’s youtube channel. She posts makeup tutorials, with Korean and English subtitles. Woot! Here is an example video of her doing the makeup she did for Hyori:


I hope you found this as cool as we do, it isn’t often we get the chance to show you a Korean person’s perspective on life (since we’re not Korean, in case you weren’t sure…hahaha) and this perspective is especially exciting since their jobs are so unique and amazing!

Make sure to check out their Facebook page for more pictures of artists they’ve worked with, and head on over to their official website as well!

  1. Is getting a hair cut at this place super duper expensive??? This place looks sooo awesome….>v<

  2. Can you guys provide the direction to the studio ? I really want to go there :]

  3. Call it a SWANK: Special Wonderful Adventure Now Korea!

  4. This was such a thrill to watch! As someone who plans on applying to a cosmetology program next month, this was so much fun to see and made me want to purpose cosmetology even more! :)

  5. That make-up is very expensive!!gosh..i love Jung Saem Mol..she is very talented!
    You’re freaking lucky Martinaa~

  6. Living in Seoul now will present TONS of opportunities for better content and better people.

    A lot different from Buchun.

  7. WOW I CANT BELIEBE YOU JUST GOT THE OPPORTUNITY TO MEET HER!! :D she is really famous, i knew about her even before i got into kpop.
    Martina: that makeuo is expensive xD and amazing, enjoy it as hell!

  8. Martina looks extra pretty in this vid. And ooooh make ups! Dear Martina, try watching Michelle Phan’s make up tutorial vids if you haven’t, they’re so keewwwwl. And then make a kewler one. Hihihi. I almost forget you’re already in Seoul.

  9. This is sooo cool. Being a make-up artist for Kpop idols is like my dream job :D

  10. i want the mule compass eyeliner…but i cant find it TT^TT

  11. cool steam punk glasses! man i want them

  12. This was such a fun wank..for the girls…maybe the boys too…makeup should be gender neutral. I learned so much and it was great to see the passion/inspirations for people who work behind the scenes in Kpop…and taught us a few tricks so we can look glamorous!!! Can’t wait to try it out. Thanks!!!

  13. I wish i can get the compass eyeliner !!!

  14. this is so far, one of my most fav WANK ever ;DDDD
    ok i lied..i say it to every of your WANK videos <3 ^^~~~~

  15. Wow your Korean is pretty fluent if you could understand what the women were saying and then translated for us. Or was there a translator present? If do the women understand English, but just can’t speak it fluently?

  16. oh my gosh i absolutely love watching jung saem mool’s tutorials! you guys are so lucky to have been able to visit the studio! and you even received a gift bag wow really lucky T_T the mule line is quite expensive~

  17. awesome! I really enjoyed this WANK. :)

  18. That eyeliner is awesome, I always endup making one side look completely different then the other.

  19. What the eyeliner compass name in korean? Help us out Martina. Btw, you´re getting skinner..

  20. couldn’t find the eyeliner compass on ebay. Help us out Martina. By the way, you are getting skinner

  21. Loved the interview and wow what a fun place to hang out with those women and ALL that make-up! I’m sure they were busy, but what fun you could have if they were not. Anyhoodle, regarding your last question in the interview about doing make-up on males v. females. I just read an article in The Washington Post “Foundations for Success” and it discussed the “disturbing trend” of Korean males wearing make-up. They are wearing it for an edge in their career and for romance. Have you seen men, in general/as you WANK, wearing make-up? Perhaps they are applying it really well and you cannot tell? Would you find this trend “disturbing”? Just curious.

  22. Amazing intreview, i really loved it…useful tips as well and nice to see them so friendly and down to earth. Martina you looked very pretty as always, more toned down yet chic and lovely.

  23. That was amazing. I did not expect this kind of WANK at all, but it just shows the diversity of Eat Your Kimchi.
    Great job! Can’t wait for what you’ll do next!

  24. aww… I wish they gave Martina a little make-up treatment, that’d be great ^-^

  25. Omg I like her tutorials specially when you want to do a makeup that looks natural. I really and getting good ideas from her videos and S+M you guys are like celebrities already. If more than 1000 people know your name and what you do everyday that means you are famous sirs.

  26. Thank you for the special WANK ^-^ it was interesting ^-^

    I like make-up but, I presonaly don’t use make-up since my skin reacts to it in a bad way -.-
    Well, I do use lip-gloss if that counts *lol*

  27. That was totally awesome! I loved the artists and everything they said was super interesting.

  28. Thank you for this ^^. It’s interesting to hear about the experience of make-up artists and how much hard work goes into the make-up of kpop stars.

  29. I loved this interview. Nice to see and hear about their experience as makeupartists. Even for me who don’t wear makeup on everyday basis found it really interessting and it got me a lot of ideas^^ Please do more interviews of different jobs if possible in the future. its fun to see

  30. PunkyPrincess92

    ohhh~ Cheongdam-dong area is where Taemin bought his parents a house!!!
    wow she did the makeup for BoA’s Energetic?? i loved that look!!! she looked way beautiful!!!!

  31. This might sound odd but I’m glad that the people you interviewed spoke in Korean. It seems from some of the interviews you’ve done in the past that the interviewees shy away if they can’t speak english well and we have less opportunity to hear from them.
    OAN: The eye shadow color pallette for the fall, *drool* I wants one too!!

  32. I’m a guy and never really knew why some ladies spend so much time with their make-up/looks. Because of this video i understand it’s some kind of rocket science which takes time to perfect it. Respect.

  33. REALLY COOL video and post. Its really awesome to see you guys expanding what exactly you guys do and cover. Keeps things fresh and its entertaining as always. I love seeing you guys interacting with others rather than you guys just observing in your ‘foreigner bubble’

  34. I would love to see you guys do more interviews with the people who work behind the scenes of K-pop! It’s cool to get an insider look at the people us fans don’t normally get exposed to. I hope to see more of this sort of thing in the future! So much work goes into creating the idol image beyond the idols themselves.

  35. I must say I really loved this interview.It would be great if you guys could access other areas of kpop,i.e. not only the stars but the ones who support them.It was a very inspiring interview. Thank you so muchand keep the great work you’ve been doing!

  36. I love your wank-videos! and thank you so much for this episode, omg I
    really want that transparent mascara-fix thingie! Martina, (or anyone else that lives in korea that might read this), do you prefer korean make up brands? I mean, if you feel that they have better quality and maybe there are products there that can´t be found outside of korea? Just got curious since I´ve ordered two different BB-creams from korea and I love them both, and here in Sweden bb-creams are very rare. Maybe it would be worth to try other products from korea aswell?

  37. Really cool that they’ve done make ups for some kpop artist!!
    but i’m wondering how did you guys understand what were they saying and put subtitles~
    so i’m sure your korean is really good rn! n_n

  38. Simon and Martina: I thoroughly enjoyed this WANK! Although makeup is not a topic I naturally gravitate to, the manner in which you carried out this interview won me over. I got a definite sense of sincerity in your conversation with the ladies of Jung Saem Mool. In my opinion, interviews targeted towards a foreign audience (regarding kpop, korean culture, etc.) lack a connection between interviewer and subject — especially when the interview is conducted in two different languages. I feel like I witnessed an actual conversation and not a forgettable interview with stale, formulaic questions and expected answers. Keep up the great work!! :)

  39. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay MAKE-UP!! *shakes head*

    I’ll be waiting over here doing MANLY things for MEN like throw ROCKS at WALLS and putting CAPS on WORDS for strong EFFECT!!!

  40. Wouldn’t it be a SWANK? Ooooooh, you so SWANK-y.

  41. OMG, did you guys get a chance to say anything to BoA?!! :D

  42. Thank you Simon and Martina!!!!! <3

  43. Wow!!! This was very enjoyable and one of the most professional videos I’ve seen you do. Your interviewing skills skyrocketed quickly.

    How did get this chance to interview them?

  44. This was awesome. I have to tell you two that I nearly forgot I was driving when Gangnam Style came on my local radio station. I flipped out. The last time I heard a non-English song on the radio was when Selena was topping the charts…

  45. When I saw the title, I thought the name looked familiar and it dawned on me that I have followed her youtube channel for over a year. I found it randomly and LOVE how the tutorials are done. Thank you for this!

  46. KATHyphenTUN


  47. wow martina lost so much weight and simon as well :D so proud of them!! they look amazing. anyway omg thats so cool i swea rive seen this place before somewhere in a show o_O

  48. Oh my gosh I am so happy you posted this! I really want to get into make-up artistry and would really like to get into it in Korea, so it is nice to see what their job is like and what their work entails! They are so talented!

  49. thanks martina and simon…. we know who is behind those looks now!

  50. whoa, I was excited with the title of this article, this kind of article is what I’ve been waiting that you would put on your site. It’s super interesting to know this kind of stuff of korea. I’m looking forward for upcoming “wonderful adventure now korea” segment.

    anyway, great jobs guys!

  51. This was great! Any links to purchasing products? Looked online, not finding much.

  52. I have a question, is her salon open to everyone or do she only serve celebrities etc? When I visit Korea I really want to go to her salon and get my makeup done, I think I could learn alot just by watching them so I’m curious about the price. But I know it will probably depend on what type of makeup you’re getting too.

    Btw that eyeliner, is that from her MULE makeup collection? I really want to try that one:o

  53. Loved this WANK! I gave a totally new perspective on the kpop world. All that behind the scenes work is really fun to watch! Oh and I was kinda hoping that they would try a look on Martina…although she does a great job on doing her own makeup!!

  54. omg omg omg. freaked out as soon as i saw jung saem mool on the title. i’m addicted to her videos. i can’t believe you’re interviewing her! okay, off to watch first. haha.

    • Okay, I probably said OMG and ohmygod like 500 times while watching this. My little fangirl heart is still in a freak out mode.

      I can’t believe how sweet they are! I’ve been watching Jung Saem Mool’s videos for a long time now and I thought she would be incredibly artist-ish. You know, silent and serious. But she’s so sweet and she seems really down to earth. I so envy you, Martina! You’re living my dream life! You’re really lucky. Er, Simon, you’re also really lucky, you know. Lol.
      Thank you so much for this video. This made my day. I’m off to watch it again! :)

  55. Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh, I had a little freak out moment when I saw this. I LOVE MAKEUP!!!!!!!! Recently I have been thinking if I should head into this field, but I am a little scared. But this is SOOOOOOOOO cool. You are so super uber duper lucky Martina. It must have been heaven in there. Wow, *sigh*. I wish.

  56. I’ve been following in Jung’s Youtube channel for years! that’s really nice you guys meet. Why didn’t Martina get a makeover though? =)

  57. wow this ladies are REALLY talented, they make kpop idols look awesome, they are like the puppet masters of kpop beauty haha :D

  58. Martina, you look FANTASTIC as always~ I bet this was a dream come true for you~ Lucky you getting all that amazing makeup~!

  59. What Lovely Ladies. They are so poised and professional, yet they seem warm as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. Kudos to the Ladies & You. <3

  60. OMG soo jealous that you got to go to the studio!! :O

  61. this is amazing. It makes me want to wear make-up but i don’t really to even thought i don’t like make-up that much

  62. I also would like to know how to fix make-up or reapply them the best and one question I would ask, “If by accident the make-up was mess up, how do you fix it? By reapplying or wash it off and do again?

  63. that eyeliner compass thing is AWESOME!!! i want~~ since the only makeup i usually wear is eyeliner this would be great to have :D

  64. thisisjustforfunval

    Does anyone know a good way to keep eyeshadow from smearing. By mid-day my eyeshadow has smeared up into my eye crease and I have to smooth it out or reapply it. Same with under edge of the eye, my make-up just loves to smear and my eyes look sunk in. The tutorial makes me want to conquer my make-up application issues.

    • well i am not an expert or anything but i can try to help… I have had this issue with cream eye shadow or when it is hot/muggy outside. what I do is add an eye primer b4 i put the makeup on ( Ignore if you dont use cream eye shaddow: and sometimes set it with a bit powder (usually a powder eye shadow that is a similar in color))… it seems to last me a bit longer …. But it could be different for different people. Eye primer is a base for your eyeshadow it helps bring out the pigment a bit and also helps it stay on longer. I hope i helped and i also hope this will work for you…

      • thisisjustforfunval

        Thank you for your helpful suggestions :) I will look into eye primer, I’ve never heard of it before. There are so many make-up products out there I don’t even know where to begin half the time. I still have a hard time finding foundations and powders that go good with my skin tone, topped by my sensitive skin.

        • I use white Aqua Cream from Make Up Forever as my eyeshadow base, and it keeps your makeup from moving an inch off your face! It’s waterproof and you can seriously dive in a pool and swim and your makeup looks perfect. Also, it lasts FOREVER. This is clearly Martina. ^^

        • thisisjustforfunval

          THANK YOU SO MUCH MARTINA ^_^ But I still clearly believe this is Simon lol jk.

          I will start searching the net and my city to find some and try it out. I will throw a personal dance party if my makeup will just stay in place nicely for one day, especially in my city’s 100+ spring/summer days. Thank you again :D

  65. I’ve got a hunch that Simon wrote this blog post….it was you, wasn’t it? HEHEHEHE :D
    I mean, “so far I’m loving the blusher cream and the artist curve puff” -> That’s such a Simon quote, no? xD

    This interview was so cool!! I was expecting alternating close up shots of Martina’s face and the person talking, but it wasn’t boring at all :D I loved all the artsy-fartsy shots of the shop and the makeup equipment. Overall it looked very professional. I’m sure if they watch this video, they’d be more than satisfied ^^b
    And those cartoon stills of Martina introducing the 3 ladies was really funny XD
    lol at Martina checking Saem Mool Jung’s make up :p

  66. Great WANK. I love beauty tuts and ALL TEH MAKEUP THINGS. I’m specifically interested in the magical eyeliner perfection contraption thingamajiggy as well as the base they use. Well, pretty much everything lol. Any info (this goes to anyone that might know) as to where I might be able to order and if they ship to the U.S.? Preferably a site in English? My Hangul is a bit rusty– like to the point of non-existent haha :3 HALP!

  67. waaa the interview was awesome! I love how much they love their work :) On the other hand that makeup tutorial vid..so cool. so subtle but takes so much work! Gah I’m hopeless with makeup.

  68. OMG those brown eyeshadows that one of the women showed, I HAVE THOSE!! You can get them at WalMart here! YAYYYY I HAVE MAKEUP KPOP IDOLS USE!

  69. Just wow!! I’m not that much of a “put lots of make-up on” person since I feel and maybe look a bit weird when I put more stuff than my usual eyeliner, mascara and not-so-colorful lip gloss, but seeing how skilled they are was quite inspiring, it really shows all the dedication they put into their work, making every one of their clients look good and satisfied :) It is indeed an art!
    You guise are really lucky, you are becoming more and more popular/recognized even outside of the internets!! I’m so glad all your hardwork is paying off now more than ever before :D

  70. omg same thing happens to me! i can do one eye perfectly and then the other looks like i took a black sharpie marker to it….in the dark….while drunk lol XD

  71. that compass eyeliner….. DAEBAK!!!!! uugh i can never get two perfect cat’s eyes in a row……. i really enjoyed this wank. definitely different from your others, but super informative (for those who care about make up)…… you should have gotten seungria a make over :3

  72. I wanted to buy the products but its like over a hundred if i buy it online n get it shipped to the us

  73. thisisjustforfunval

    I officially need to invest in way more make-up. I own about 1/16 of the stuff used in that tutorial. All those ladies were so wonderful and funny. The are incredibly talented in their craft.

  74. I loved those introduction poses! I wish I knew more about makeup, so hearing about their favourite products was especially interesting — where can I get one of those cool eyeliner compass thingies!?
    Also, fun Goth Hello Kitty tutorial! Maybe teal and black would make a good combo? (I suggest this mostly because teal is one of the few eyeshadow colours I actually own… :P)

  75. Could also call it a WANKI. Like a WANK but shorter because of interview?

  76. OMG! I have never use make-up in my life and after seeing this video I realize that most of the make-up artist do not wear make-up! So I am not the only one! (Only one!)

  77. I loved this week’s edition! I need to get that eyeliner in my life.

  78. BOA EUNNIE?!?!?!?! you guys are SOOO lucky! btw, i loved the interview! i asked my godmother(cuz she has worked in salons since she went to college for and works in this field) about this stuff, and apparently we have the stuff she showed you in the U.S.! pretty cool! i really enjoyed this! get some rest you two!

  79. AWESOME ..adventures…love it….thanks for the tour …. yeaaaaa

  80. thisisjustforfunval

    I’m still waiting for the whole video to load, but I have to state my feels. Simon, I’m not hating on you, but I just so don’t like v-neck shirts on men with hair chests. I had to stare at a co-worker who sat next to me for a year who had a mega hairy chest compared to yours who wore even lower v-cut shirt and super tight suffocate your testicles off pants every day. I think I’m scared. He also looked like Simon Pegg, so Simon Pegg has been corrupted for me as well. So I will just look over at Martina.

    • Regardless of my personal thoughts, I was wondering how the Korean ladies would take it. Since I’m guessing Korean guys don’t have much chest hair, and if they do, it’s not really….shown….
      That said, my dad is the hairiest thing on the planet, so I’m totally used to it :p

      • thisisjustforfunval

        I’m curious about that as well, how Korean ladies react to Dothraki hairy man chest. I believe I should add an amendment to my statement. I actually really chest hair on men. I had an ex who was hairy like Sasquatch and its sounds funny but it was nice petting him. XD It is just the combo v-neck shirt with hairy chest that I seem by scared by.

  81. One of my favourite things in general is to hear people talk about something they are passionate about or highly skilled at. So, although I’m not a make up girl at all I found this video really enjoyable to watch. The thought they put into creating the right look for each situation is amazing and much more than I thought.

    Also, kudos to the Jung Saem Mool crew for all looking properly cool but in a simplistic way. Lots of little fashion touches that made me even more aware of how closely they keep their finger to the pulse. They made you guys look pretty plain or maybe dorky… Which is meant as a compliment to them and not as an insult to you.

  82. Yes I am a Guy! BUT…I worked in Theater for a long time and had to learn about make-up, its always just a bit harder than anyone thinks. I enjoyed this wank-erview.
    Just one quest…..actually 2 questions 10 How did this idea come up? 2) did they make suggestions for Simon’s on air Make-up?

    • Oh you’re like Jeremy Renner (my celebrity crush) – he was a make up artist too :D

      2) I would like to recommend Simon not shaving for a few days, and then rubbing his face with grime. I think it would achieve a good, rough, manly look :p

      Wankerview = Exhibitionist? >.>

    • Ha! Didn’t get any suggestions for 2. As for how the idea came up: we know someone in common, and they set this up :D

  83. I’m not really a girly-girl and I don’t really want anything to do with make-up, but I actually really liked this W.A.N.K. :D

  84. I watched the video now! Its really cool. I thought they would just be all professional but they seemed like they were real artists that had inspirations and really think about the composition of makeup they give to people.

  85. OMG Martina, I’m glad to see you admit that the cat-eye is hard for you too. I thought I was the only one who messed up on the second eye!

    Also is it bad that I was hoping for a makeup giveaway? ;A;

  86. Wow, that was a great WANK!!! And you guys are getting invited to a lot of places =)

  87. Yeah seing actual korean stars is so cool! You are so lucky! I want your job now.

  88. Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing with us! I can’t believe you saw BoA O:

  89. OMG SOOOO COOL! It seems like you guys are getting invited to a lot of stuff now huh? I wish i could have seen the cool makeup ladies ad got free makeup too…. oh well I’m happy you got to go Martina.
    How did Simon feel about thee makeup adventure?
    Im posting this after only reading the bio because i have to switch computers to see the video so if that already got answered I’m sorry….

    • Weird that I’m replying to myself but after watching the video I’m amazed at how much of an artist they all are. They have to create something from inspiration… it seems a lot harder than i thought it would be.

    • We’ve been really quite lucky lately in the opportunities that are presenting themselves to us. We’ve got more cool stuff in the works, potentially: just gotta try to find the time to film them all!

  90. Jung Saem Mool does amaing makeup, i found her on youtube and love her looks soo much! 1,000,000 thanks for interviewing her and her fellow makeup artists and sharing her talents with all your fans~!

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