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Special WANK: Interview with Makeup Artists at Jung Saem Mool

September 28, 2012


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Ok, so this is a Special WANK. A SPANK, if you will. Wait: no. SPANK is “Spudgy Adventure Now Korea.” We can’t use that same term here. Well, this is a WANK with an Interview, so let’s call this a WANK-erview. Yeah. That sounds about right.

Anyhow, even though this isn’t our traditional kind of “let’s go out and see cool things in Korea and play around kinda thing,” it still does kinda fall into that category. We got to go to The Jung Saem Mool makeup, hair, and spa studio in Chungdam-Dong, which is located in a ridiculously affluent part of Gangnam, and sit down to interview three makeup artists. How can we express how affluent this area is? Like, that’s the street that SM Town is on, as well as a Rolls Royce building, a Gucci building, Louis Vitton building, and a whole bunch of other giant buildings full of ridiculously overpriced stuff that we wouldn’t pay for even if we had a bagillion dollars. Unless there was a Hello Kitty building… *enter shopping spree music*

Anyhow, the point of talking about the area the studio is located in, is to express just how incredibly successful and important these ladies are, and so we were really happy to be invited over to the Jung Saem Mool studio. We had a chance to meet three amazing makeup artists: Saemmool Jung, Juhee Sohn, and Sunghee Hong. The Jung Saem Mool studio is A HUGE DEAL. This is where actors, actress, and Kpop idols go to get their makeup done. This is real deal, super awesome makeup-ing! They’ve done the makeup of Miss A, Tae Kim, Wonder Girls, BoA, Lee Hyori, KARA, Kim Yuna, and many more. In fact, while we were there filming, BoA was casually arriving to get her makeup done (sorry, we have no footage of it). So we were totally honoured to be able to sit with them for an hour and to ask them questions about makeup and the makeup industry.

Before we arrived, I was actually feeling worried about going: will they be friendly? Will they have a snobby attitudes? But I was worried for NOTHING, because they were SO SWEET and HUMBLE, and just awesome. I got such good vibes from talking with them, and even though they were super duper busy that day, they still calmly spent time with us and even played around with the introduction posing concept with lots of laughter. It makes me really happy when you meet people who are incredibly talented and famous but still down to earth and lovely.

After we finished the video, they gave me a gift bag filled with amazing makeup products from their personal makeup brand, MULE (Make Your Own Rule)! WAHHHHHH!!!!! Makeup bonanza! I’m sure I’ll post a tutorial up on our Openthehappy channel of me attempting to use the makeup correctly.

Martina's Makeup Grab

So, I’ve been watching her tutorials to get an understanding of what all the products do, because as you all know I’m new to the makeup world too, but so far I’m loving the blusher cream and the artist curve puff. I asked them where you can find these products, and it seems ebay and gmarket are the best choices for people living overseas, but if you live in Korea, you can visit the Jungsaemool shop (there is one in Myeongdong on the 10F of Lotte Department Store).

Here is Saemmool Jung’s youtube channel. She posts makeup tutorials, with Korean and English subtitles. Woot! Here is an example video of her doing the makeup she did for Hyori:

I hope you found this as cool as we do, it isn’t often we get the chance to show you a Korean person’s perspective on life (since we’re not Korean, in case you weren’t sure…hahaha) and this perspective is especially exciting since their jobs are so unique and amazing!

Make sure to check out their Facebook page for more pictures of artists they’ve worked with, and head on over to their official website as well!



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