Ok, so we’re stupidly excited about this. We’ve been thinking about getting a kitten for a very long time now. Back in Canada, I (Simon here) had four cats in the house. I didn’t bring any of the cats with to Korea, though. Instead, we got a dog (an awesome dog, mind you. His name is Spudgy. You might have seen him in some of our videos!).

Now, even though we love our dog to bits, as you know, we’ve always wanted to have a kitten. We go to the coffee shop across the street from us, even though there’s a perfectly good coffee shop a lot closer, because the former coffee shop has two cats in it. We go there all the time and play with the kitties non stop. Well, this madness has to come to an end! We need to have our own cat!

We were worried for a while if Spudgy would get along with a cat. And so, we put him through extensive training. We brought him to the kitty coffee shop with us all the time, and he’s perfectly comfortable with those cats. We even babysat our friend’s cat for a month, just to see if Spudgy would be cool with it, and he was. He’s got no issue sharing the house with a kitty, so long as we continue to touch its tummy.

So, yeah! That’s our cat. Oh, and I know you might be wondering about its name. Dr. Meemersworth? Really? Is it actually a certified doctor? What’s its degree in? What’s its first name? What’s its gender, for that matter (it’s a girl, by the way!). Don’t worry: we’ll answer all of these questions in due time. But first, some extra footage of our kitten being bloody ridiculously cute!

Here’s Dr. Meemersworth nibbling a box:


Here’s Dr. Meemersworth playing with a strap:


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  1. I will suggest something overlooked by most cat owners- practice putting your kitty in her carrier. I never did this with my kitty and boy I regret it. She hates getting into her crate. But apparently I learned that it is a behavior easily avoided by random putting your cats in the crate when they are kittens. Or leaving their crate on the floor at all times for her to crawl in and out of when she feels like it. And when she does get vaccinated, it is good idea to make kitty play dates or human play dates. Then she will think crate equals FUN! Not just crate equals VET! Or new home… which my cat hates the two.

  2. She’s so cute! Congratulations on your new little kitty. :3 And a Doctor, too! :P


  4. She’s so cute! >w< She's so fluffy!~

  5. Your the coolest for that big bang theory reference
    I agree too adorable

  6. She so cute its stupid and hurts. Spudgy is an older brother! Congrats!

  7. The name is too friggin’ looooooong xD
    I’ll call her Meemee from now on=^.^=

  8. I never really found Scottish Fold cats to be adorable, but Dr. Meemersworth is so adorable. Also, my boyfriend and I are planning on getting a Corgi one day and we we’re going to name it Meemers. Now, I must think of a new name. Lol~

  9. aaaahhhhhhh so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously i just wanna squish your cat!!!!
    so cute i can’t handle it!!!!!!
    and i love the BGM!!!!!

  10. are you guys planning on dyeing her hair at all like spudgy’s :) ??

  11. HER EARS D:

    IIIII LOST MY MIIIIND 너를 처음 만났을 때~~

  12. how cute!!!! Scottish folds are so hard to come by. I’ve been looking for one myself for over a year! You two probably have the cutest one of all time! Please tell us where you got the Mr! ;)

  13. omg, she’s soooooooo cute XD *dies of cuteness overdose*

  14. What an adorable kitten!! it’s so small^-^<3 reminds me of when my cats Nini and Joonie were little. (Yeah Joonie is named after LeeJoon XD) Now they are all grown up and Joonie is just as silly as Lee joon lols don't tell him I said that :P

  15. Everybody says this but: OMG, she’s so C U T E! <3
    So is Spudgy, too!

  16. Yes, you were right… I’m not really a cat person, but that most definitely is an extremely cute little kitten… :)

    I loved Spudgy’s shocked face though… Like “what is this bizarre creature doing in my territory?! Oh my god, I don’t know how to feel about this! Why is it so weird looking?!”. Good job there Spudgy, very solid performance. :)

  17. Don’t you have a nickname for her? Like Mimi or something? :D

  18. It’s so puffy ike a marshamllow or a cloud or my grandma’s old wig for church… but t’s 100000000000000000 times cuter!

  19. Since you have Spudgy voice, you would have a Dr. Meemersworth voice too!


  21. I once had a kitty named mr tinklesworth

  22. Big Bang Theory!! They should totally feature Dr. Meemersworth in one of their episodes :D

  23. Oh my gosh she’s so cute~!!!! She’s so fluffy too~! >w<

  24. JYJ Junsu has got Scottish too! Have u seen how ridiculously cute and fat is his cat?^^ Hope urs grow up as cutely as her Oppa :D She’s rly sweet btw – like mother like daughter keke :D

  25. hope the kitten will be ok with you. in my experience 6 weeks is far too early to separate a kitten from their mother/siblings. and scottish folds sometimes have bone problems, cause the ears are caused by a defective gene, which also at times affects the bone structure. hope all goes well and she’ll grow into a wonderful family member

  26. I’ve been having one of the most exhausting day EVER, and then I saw Dr.Meemersworth’s video and somehow its all better. :D

    Thank you for the happy :)

  27. Omagah it’s so flufeehhh~ :3 will Dr. Meemersworth appear in Kpop Music Mondays too? like during the “Take it away Spudgy~” small corner at the end? :3 meeww~

  28. omigad she’s adorable!!! I’m sure she’s way cuter than the coffee shop cats!

  29. OMG!!! She is sooooo cuteeeee~~ me want her~~ LOL~ ><

  30. 6 weeks old! It’s a good age so you guys can teach her how to play and stuff. I got my cat when she was 4 years old and now at 12 she’s lazy as hell =.=

    but yes! Freaking cute.to.the.max. =3

  31. omgggggggggg how cute ;~~~~~~;

  32. OMG. She’s the cutest kitty I ever saw >u< So adorable!!♥

  33. i thought that Martina is alergic to cats?

  34. Maru is a one-trick pony. Dr. Meemersworth will show her vast arrays of talents in the future!

  35. I really thought u guys were having a baby! It’s okay the kitten is super cute too.

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