Ok, so we’re stupidly excited about this. We’ve been thinking about getting a kitten for a very long time now. Back in Canada, I (Simon here) had four cats in the house. I didn’t bring any of the cats with to Korea, though. Instead, we got a dog (an awesome dog, mind you. His name is Spudgy. You might have seen him in some of our videos!).

Now, even though we love our dog to bits, as you know, we’ve always wanted to have a kitten. We go to the coffee shop across the street from us, even though there’s a perfectly good coffee shop a lot closer, because the former coffee shop has two cats in it. We go there all the time and play with the kitties non stop. Well, this madness has to come to an end! We need to have our own cat!

We were worried for a while if Spudgy would get along with a cat. And so, we put him through extensive training. We brought him to the kitty coffee shop with us all the time, and he’s perfectly comfortable with those cats. We even babysat our friend’s cat for a month, just to see if Spudgy would be cool with it, and he was. He’s got no issue sharing the house with a kitty, so long as we continue to touch its tummy.

So, yeah! That’s our cat. Oh, and I know you might be wondering about its name. Dr. Meemersworth? Really? Is it actually a certified doctor? What’s its degree in? What’s its first name? What’s its gender, for that matter (it’s a girl, by the way!). Don’t worry: we’ll answer all of these questions in due time. But first, some extra footage of our kitten being bloody ridiculously cute!

Here’s Dr. Meemersworth nibbling a box:


Here’s Dr. Meemersworth playing with a strap:


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  1. Ahh, yeah. Random videos and pictures of a cat doing cat stuff. Welcome to being an owner of a kitty, that is just the beginning. My sis has 2 usb sticks full with pictures of our cat only and a bunch of folders on her computer.

  2. I would scream!

    *runs outside and screams lungs out*

    *gets back in*


    I seriously NEED to cuddle her <3<3<3

  3. FDFHJNKDXJIKEJ I wish I had a cat too TT.TT AH, you make me so jellies

  4. What happened to its momma? :C poor kitty should still be with her.

  5. I wanna watch another Dr.Meemersworth video. I am going to die cuz of her XD How cute she is. when I watch videos I scream 꺄아아아아아악 Please share her video more.

  6. guys I love your pets but you need a BABY before you got a zoo !! hahahaah you’re awesome =P

  7. so so cute! Dr Meemersworth has come up in conversation during dinner time here… I drew a comic about it too… http://www.mykoreanhusband.com/simon-and-martina/
    And I agree with others, she needs a really awesome voice too!

  8. omo so cute ^^ happy that you guys got a kitten :] and looking forward to seeing her in your videos ;D

  9. I just watched your WTF Forearm Chalkboard Protector Bloopers and I was like I KNEW YOUR CAT’S NAME SOUNDED FAMILIAR!!! :DD

  10. Oh man, I am so jealous. ;~; I ADORE Scottish fold cats to pieces! ;~;

  11. i so officially hate you right now :*( I want that kitty…boohoo. its so cute its unfair… you have awesome prince spudgykins and now dr. meemersworth. lol.One day i want to find a cat with a black ring around his eye like a monocle, and name him Dr. Doom…lol

  12. Oh my god I love you guys even more now that you got a kitty !! You absolutely must keep posting videos of her as a kitty.

    Reminds me of when my kitties were that small They are all old grannies now but love them still. Got a total of seven now and I couldn’t keep the camera off them when they were that small.

  13. You guys should make a tl:dr or something about where/how to get cats/kittens in Korea. Only info about dogs is in FAQ.

  14. Awww! she’s a sweetie pie xD Now you guise will dominate youtube cute kitty videos +boobs= social media exposure plus! You’ve already got like a million likes on
    facebook on these vids alone, smooth move :)

  15. Oh my gosh. I always wanted a scottish fold. :3

  16. he should have a british accent!

  17. :3 i can tell she will be totally spoiled xDDD
    guys she’s SO pretty/cute/asdasd and whatnot: congratulations!!!

  18. OMG cuteness overload!! does that mean we can send you cat foooood now too and toys?!!

  19. D’aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww. She is just perfect! I want her. Why are Scottish Folds so popular in Asia? Do they not mind living indoors or something? Wouldn’t be surprised, given the typical weather in Scotland…

  20. so,in which color will u color Dr. Meemersworth?hehehe

    p.s. love the name!

  21. you should give her a nickname, like dr. mimi or just mimi.

  22. lol I love Spudgys face in this video. I died! I have a cat named Andy and he brings so much happiness into my life! I believe all animals do. I also believe they all have different personalities as well. Andy for example will flop and play dead if you stand over him. He is the first cat I have had to do this. He also loves tummy rubs! :) Welcome to EYK DR. Meemersworth

  23. Your cat is so cute! Its like Junsu’s cat Leo!

  24. OMG OMG OMG *dies of overdose cuteness*(∪。∪) チュッ☆

  25. oh gosh, i’m a kitty lover <3 and that kitty is sooo lovable and adorable and and rainbows and unicornnn!!!

  26. She’s so cute! Congratulations on your new little kitty. :3 And a Doctor, too! :P

  27. Did you bought it or adopt it ? Omg you guys are tempting me to get a pet dog/cat >”<

  28. Is it just me, or does she remind you of JYJ’s Junsu? >.<

  29. I love that when she’s playing with the strap even her hind feet go up so you can see all four of her widdle pink paw pads <3

  30. I’m dying…the cuteness overload. I can’t wait to hear her “voice”.

  31. she’s so fluffy I’m gonna die~~~! O.O

  32. and where is the video of Spudgy interacting with Meemersworth? WHEERE????

  33. Omg so cute! i hope spudgy doesn’t get jealous though!

  34. Oh my god, she is the cutest damn thing EVER!!

  35. She is one of the cutest kittens ever!!! We want lots of videos of her doing the sweet kitty things. She’s so tiny and adorable.

  36. Simon and Martina, Dr. Meemersworth is really cute! =^.^= I’m sure she is lucky to have both of you and Spudgy, of course, by her side! Best wishes! ^^V

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