Ok, so we’re stupidly excited about this. We’ve been thinking about getting a kitten for a very long time now. Back in Canada, I (Simon here) had four cats in the house. I didn’t bring any of the cats with to Korea, though. Instead, we got a dog (an awesome dog, mind you. His name is Spudgy. You might have seen him in some of our videos!).

Now, even though we love our dog to bits, as you know, we’ve always wanted to have a kitten. We go to the coffee shop across the street from us, even though there’s a perfectly good coffee shop a lot closer, because the former coffee shop has two cats in it. We go there all the time and play with the kitties non stop. Well, this madness has to come to an end! We need to have our own cat!

We were worried for a while if Spudgy would get along with a cat. And so, we put him through extensive training. We brought him to the kitty coffee shop with us all the time, and he’s perfectly comfortable with those cats. We even babysat our friend’s cat for a month, just to see if Spudgy would be cool with it, and he was. He’s got no issue sharing the house with a kitty, so long as we continue to touch its tummy.

So, yeah! That’s our cat. Oh, and I know you might be wondering about its name. Dr. Meemersworth? Really? Is it actually a certified doctor? What’s its degree in? What’s its first name? What’s its gender, for that matter (it’s a girl, by the way!). Don’t worry: we’ll answer all of these questions in due time. But first, some extra footage of our kitten being bloody ridiculously cute!

Here’s Dr. Meemersworth nibbling a box:


Here’s Dr. Meemersworth playing with a strap:


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  1. Ahh, yeah. Random videos and pictures of a cat doing cat stuff. Welcome to being an owner of a kitty, that is just the beginning. My sis has 2 usb sticks full with pictures of our cat only and a bunch of folders on her computer.

  2. I would scream!

    *runs outside and screams lungs out*

    *gets back in*


    I seriously NEED to cuddle her <3<3<3

  3. FDFHJNKDXJIKEJ I wish I had a cat too TT.TT AH, you make me so jellies

  4. What happened to its momma? :C poor kitty should still be with her.

  5. I wanna watch another Dr.Meemersworth video. I am going to die cuz of her XD How cute she is. when I watch videos I scream 꺄아아아아아악 Please share her video more.

  6. guys I love your pets but you need a BABY before you got a zoo !! hahahaah you’re awesome =P

  7. so so cute! Dr Meemersworth has come up in conversation during dinner time here… I drew a comic about it too… http://www.mykoreanhusband.com/simon-and-martina/
    And I agree with others, she needs a really awesome voice too!

  8. omo so cute ^^ happy that you guys got a kitten :] and looking forward to seeing her in your videos ;D

  9. I just watched your WTF Forearm Chalkboard Protector Bloopers and I was like I KNEW YOUR CAT’S NAME SOUNDED FAMILIAR!!! :DD

  10. Oh man, I am so jealous. ;~; I ADORE Scottish fold cats to pieces! ;~;

  11. i so officially hate you right now :*( I want that kitty…boohoo. its so cute its unfair… you have awesome prince spudgykins and now dr. meemersworth. lol.One day i want to find a cat with a black ring around his eye like a monocle, and name him Dr. Doom…lol

  12. Oh my god I love you guys even more now that you got a kitty !! You absolutely must keep posting videos of her as a kitty.

    Reminds me of when my kitties were that small They are all old grannies now but love them still. Got a total of seven now and I couldn’t keep the camera off them when they were that small.

  13. You guys should make a tl:dr or something about where/how to get cats/kittens in Korea. Only info about dogs is in FAQ.

  14. Awww! she’s a sweetie pie xD Now you guise will dominate youtube cute kitty videos +boobs= social media exposure plus! You’ve already got like a million likes on
    facebook on these vids alone, smooth move :)

  15. Oh my gosh. I always wanted a scottish fold. :3

  16. he should have a british accent!

  17. :3 i can tell she will be totally spoiled xDDD
    guys she’s SO pretty/cute/asdasd and whatnot: congratulations!!!

  18. OMG cuteness overload!! does that mean we can send you cat foooood now too and toys?!!

  19. D’aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww. She is just perfect! I want her. Why are Scottish Folds so popular in Asia? Do they not mind living indoors or something? Wouldn’t be surprised, given the typical weather in Scotland…

  20. so,in which color will u color Dr. Meemersworth?hehehe

    p.s. love the name!

  21. you should give her a nickname, like dr. mimi or just mimi.

  22. lol I love Spudgys face in this video. I died! I have a cat named Andy and he brings so much happiness into my life! I believe all animals do. I also believe they all have different personalities as well. Andy for example will flop and play dead if you stand over him. He is the first cat I have had to do this. He also loves tummy rubs! :) Welcome to EYK DR. Meemersworth

  23. Your cat is so cute! Its like Junsu’s cat Leo!

  24. OMG OMG OMG *dies of overdose cuteness*(∪。∪) チュッ☆

  25. oh gosh, i’m a kitty lover <3 and that kitty is sooo lovable and adorable and and rainbows and unicornnn!!!

  26. She’s so cute! Congratulations on your new little kitty. :3 And a Doctor, too! :P

  27. Did you bought it or adopt it ? Omg you guys are tempting me to get a pet dog/cat >”<

  28. Is it just me, or does she remind you of JYJ’s Junsu? >.<

  29. I love that when she’s playing with the strap even her hind feet go up so you can see all four of her widdle pink paw pads <3

  30. I’m dying…the cuteness overload. I can’t wait to hear her “voice”.

  31. she’s so fluffy I’m gonna die~~~! O.O

  32. and where is the video of Spudgy interacting with Meemersworth? WHEERE????

  33. Omg so cute! i hope spudgy doesn’t get jealous though!

  34. Oh my god, she is the cutest damn thing EVER!!

  35. She is one of the cutest kittens ever!!! We want lots of videos of her doing the sweet kitty things. She’s so tiny and adorable.

  36. Simon and Martina, Dr. Meemersworth is really cute! =^.^= I’m sure she is lucky to have both of you and Spudgy, of course, by her side! Best wishes! ^^V

  37. OH god. The amount of excitement I contain is not healthy.

  38. Awwhhh so cute, did you guys adopt her??????

  39. She’s so cute! >w< She's so fluffy!~

  40. Your kitten is the cutest!

    Is she gonna speak tooooo?

  42. I fell in love <3 cuteeeeeeeeeeeee~

  43. you can have a t-shirt with her face and saying trust me I´m a doctor lol

  44. HOMFG SO MUCH FEELS ! ! ! SHE IS ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE ! ! All happy/cute memories of my cats when they wer tiny have flooded in my head~ YOU GUYS BETTER TAKE AS MANY VIDS AS POSSIBLE NOW THAT SHE’S TINY LIKE THAT ! ! They grow in size so fast ; w ; Or in my case they did LOL And I love Spudgy’s face when you guys were feeding AHAHHAHAHA <3<3<3 SO MANY FEELS *AAAAA*

  45. but hey, you guys~~i love meemsy and all, but i always got flu-like symptoms from my pets~~it’ll go away, but it makes sense that Martina, and now Simon “got sick” the same week you got the adorable addition to the family!

  46. Dr. meemersworth is our new idol in S.M. Productions Entertainment.

    Spudgy was their first break through idol.


  47. that’s the cutest thing ever!!!! and I’m not a cat person.. I just fell in love with Dr. Meemersworth!

  48. Welcome to the eatyourkimchi family, Dr. Meemersworth!
    I want to see her and Spudgy playing with each other! :o That would be double extra cuteness overload for me @w@

  49. I saw something lol about Dr Meemersworth in tumblr. CREDIT: dubu-dubu

  50. O my, she’s adorable! I wished we were allowed to have pets in this appartment…

  51. With your permission, I wanna call her Dr. Meemie. Because somehow her name easily becomes Meemzworth for me =/ Plus, I think Meemie rhymes with Spudgy ^^


    SO CUTE.
    ;n; Now I’m sad, because our cat is sick….He’s been hiding all day under the bed. (got him out a while ago and got him to drink some water and eat a little bit.)
    On a happier note,
    I wonder if your kitty will grow up to be super silly like Maru. (The cat on youtube…And I say that because Maru is also a scottish fold. )

  54. Oh Dr. Meemersworth, you are a Reddit karma gold mine. Well played, Simon and Martina, well played. ^_^

  55. She has a degree in cuteness…duh! XD So awesome! Congratulations guys~ ^^

  56. since she has a heart on her side, i was thinking you should die her grey spots like a shade of red, would be so awwesomme XD

  57. OMG, she’s too cute for words. I’m a dog person, but your videos make me really want a kitty right now. You guys have the cutest dog and the cutest kitten ever!.

  58. Aaaw so cute~ Post tons of videos of her, because my kitten died, and this is helping me feel better.

  59. Oh my god THAT IS SO CUTE!!!

  60. Will Bilasa conquer Dr. Meemersworth?

  61. OMG fhwohfhf Mental breakdown from too much cuteness!!! That is seriously adorable.I’ve never seen that kind of cat before but its super cute.

  62. Ahhh what a cute addition to the family!!! Dr. Meemersworth is sooo adorable and fluffy!!! hehe

  63. aww ~ she is so cute =(^-^)= kittens are always cute and cats are the best XD
    Have fun with your kitty and looking forward to see her in the videos ( of course Spudgy aswell ^-^ )

    Anyways, if you want to know more about the Scottish fold ( I assume you researched beforehand but, oh well XD ):

  64. Sascha_Wong

    Cuteness overload! >.<

  65. How can something this cute exist ????*A*

  66. Hey guys, I’ve had a lot of cats but I always just pet them normally and didn’t do much with them, so they just acted like normal, boring cats. But once, I got one that I really liked a lot, so I wanted him to get attached to me. When he was a baby, I would pick him up a LOT and call his name and I came up with a hand thing to do for him to come over or hop on my lap. He lets me do anything – I can hold him like a baby, I can make him dance, I can stretch him all out and pet him. He’s not a normal cat, he’s different and he’s way easier to take care of because he’s like a person. Really, I think I taught him to become a human. I suggest doing that to Dr. Meemersworth00 too! ^^

  67. Wow…if you guise ever do have a child it will be the most videoed, documented child on the face of the planet…lol. Congrats on your new edition, I love kittens and am enjoying your complete an utter fawning.

  68. viva la spudgy… sounds really cool
    but viva la Dr. Meemersworth… it’s sound a little… hmmm…

  69. awww dr meeersworth is so cute!!! The playlistmode is really handy but yur video about Dr. Meem was very soft so I turned up the volume xD unfortunately your coffee prince wank came after it xD and it scared the ** out of me xD hahaha didn’t expect that haha
    I hope to see your little doctor in many more vids :D together with spudgy ofcourse :D

  70. She’s so cute! But arent kittens supposed to be separated from their mom at 12 weeks age?

  71. She is the sweetest baby kitty I have ever seen!

  72. She is already pretty big.

    Thats gonna be one BIG KITTY later

  73. KITTEN dlkhakjghalkjdhakl so cute! this makes me want to get another cat but then I’ll be sad because I can’t take it to college with me.

  74. AWWW, AWWWw,AWWW so cute!!! She soooo catdorable. Just makes me wanna cuddle her. I love cats, so it makes my heart jump around like crazy when I see kittens and cats. :D KYAAAA >.<!! <3 she will make y'all smile with her silly actions when your feeling down guys.

  75. Not sure if you guys listen to deadmau5 (a fellow Canadian, though!), but he has an adorable tuxedo cat named Professor Meowingtons, and he posts videos of him on youtube. As epic a name as Dr. Meemersworth, I think.

  76. Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the cutest thing ever:X:X (i hope spudgy won´t see this message:P )

  77. She…is…SO CUTE !! OMG !!! i miss my cat doing this :(

    hehehe… ”she’s so …zazzy” :D

  78. aww… so adorable! little button nose. i want to see Dr. Meemersworth and Spudgy’s interactions with each other.

  79. I demand more matrial for caturday *_*, she’s just too cute!!!

  80. She’s so adorable! I want one! Don’t dye her hair, she’s already too cute

  81. I just can’t right now with these kitten feels. Soooo cute an’ chubby an’ fluffay an’ nice. Your cat has made me lose the ability to can. I laaaiiiike it.

  82. Dear Simon and Martina,
    As a fellow cat lover and owner of 3 rescue cats I’d like to give you some very important pieces of advice if you would like to have Dr. Meemersworth grow to be a well mannered cat. I know not if you have had cats yourselves but these are things many years of raising cats has taught me and it holds true for most of the cats I have and have had in the past. (I’ve raised, rescued, and fostered over 32 cats in the past 8 years).
    1. Do not use your hands, fingers, or toes to play with her as she will grow to think they are toys and claw/bite at them in adulthood.
    2. stroke her fur twice daily for approximately 10 minutes to reduce shedding and improve the luster of her fur.
    3. I see that you are using cleaning wipes on her so I would suggest that you buy Kitten Wipes and not regular wipes as her self grooming will cause her to swallow the chemicals.
    and lastly, 4. if you’d like her to be more people friendly I would take her EVERYWHERE with you and while your holding her let as many people pet her as possible. If you would like to let other carry her do but by all means DO NOT LET CHILDREN carry her as they can be rough and cause her to fear being carried.

    I hope you take may advice to heart and that she grows to be a wonderful puss.

    • Thank you so much for the great advice! Simon’s family had 4 rescue cats growing up, but only one of them was a kitten (found abandoned in a park). As for me, Martina, this is my very first kitten, but second cat!

      Advice number one is GOLDEN! Simon told me his little feral kitten grew up to be a hunter because he trained her to “fight” by playing with her with his hands/fingers, so we’re sticking by num that rule BIG time. Also, don’t worry, those were 100% not cleaning wipes! It was just paper towel dipped in warm water! We were trying to imitate mom cat by “licking” her so she would feel happy and groom herself.

      Okay, question about #4: should we start cat socializing her now? Our local coffee shop has two very friendly cats that have cats visiting them all the time, so they’re well socialized. Have you socialized your kittens before at such a young age? :o

      • Yes! Socializing them at a young age is good and works much better before they set in habits! My cats are actually leash trained too (sounds weird) but they LOVE to go on walks around the house!

      • Sorry for butting in, but as a cat owner I would like to add just one thing. This kitten is still very young, to be honest it should be with it’s mother for a few more weeks, but since she’s with you now, please don’t bring her out or in contact with other cats till she gets vaccinated (you can vaccinate kittens when they about 8-10 weeks old). Just wait till she gets a little bigger and is safe from the nasty cat diseases :)
        Uściski z Polski

      • I will suggest something overlooked by most cat owners- practice putting your kitty in her carrier. I never did this with my kitty and boy I regret it. She hates getting into her crate. But apparently I learned that it is a behavior easily avoided by random putting your cats in the crate when they are kittens. Or leaving their crate on the floor at all times for her to crawl in and out of when she feels like it. And when she does get vaccinated, it is good idea to make kitty play dates or human play dates. Then she will think crate equals FUN! Not just crate equals VET! Or new home… which my cat hates the two.

  83. I WANT THIS KITTAH!!!! I’ve always wanted a kitten in my life and this kitty ASSURED it

  84. @simonandmartina:disqus I’ve been wondering for ages when you guys were gonna get a cat. It was always obvious in your past videos that you guys also love cats (cat cafe episodes). I just died of cuteness overload. Dont WANK, dont TLDR anymore. Just cat videos. haha.

  85. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee so cuteeeee!!!!!!!! can i pet it’s paw pads??? ^^

  86. OMG ITS SOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *nosebleed*

  87. Awwww, isn’t she sweet! I love cats! My cat’s name is Long John Silver (after the pirate) because he is silver colored (obviously) and one of his eyes is partially closed (he could totally rock an eye patch).

  88. Bwaaaaa~ Videos like these always make me a-sad for living in a pet-free apartment building. D:
    But she is SUPER ADORABLE~!

  89. congratulations on the new addition to the family. i love the name! i think pets deserve cool names since we can’t walk around with names like that. (i once named a goldfish king henry~ :D) enjoy your kitty. he totally is ridiculously cute~!!!! :)

  90. OMG guise, I just got a new kitten too! My life has quite suddenly been filled with adorable kittehs! :’D

  91. Sooo cuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeee XD

  92. Cutest thing EVER. Love her little ears :D

  93. Dr. Meemersworth is so adorable. I love kittens so much but my parents won’t let me have on ;( Spudgy will have someone to play with.

  94. I can’t deal with the cuteness, I started hugging my cat while watching your kitten, lol.

  95. She so cute its stupid and hurts. Spudgy is an older brother! Congrats!

  96. The name is too friggin’ looooooong xD
    I’ll call her Meemee from now on=^.^=

  97. I never really found Scottish Fold cats to be adorable, but Dr. Meemersworth is so adorable. Also, my boyfriend and I are planning on getting a Corgi one day and we we’re going to name it Meemers. Now, I must think of a new name. Lol~

  98. PunkyPrincess92

    aaaahhhhhhh so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! seriously i just wanna squish your cat!!!!
    so cute i can’t handle it!!!!!!
    and i love the BGM!!!!!

  99. OMGGGGGGGGG!!!! TOO MUCH CUTENESS GOING ON!!!! WELCOME TO THE EYK FAMILY, DR. MEEMERSWORTH!!! YOU ARE SOOOOOO KYOOOOOOT!!!! >3< I wanna put you in my pocket! Kkkk~ Hope we can see her & Spudgy interacting. ^___^

  100. are you guys planning on dyeing her hair at all like spudgy’s :) ??

  101. aigoo! so cute!! Dr.Meemersworth is such a little puff ball! She makes me want to get another kitteh! ( i already have 6, so that’s definitely out of the question)
    have fun with your new kitteh, she is really adorable! :3

  102. aHHHHHHHHHH she is so freaking adorable!!!!!!!! aahhhhhhhh oh my god she has little eyeliner just like Martina. aws she is so cute. you guys make me want to get another kitten …. but i have 6 cats already …

  103. HER EARS D:

    IIIII LOST MY MIIIIND 너를 처음 만났을 때~~

  104. how cute!!!! Scottish folds are so hard to come by. I’ve been looking for one myself for over a year! You two probably have the cutest one of all time! Please tell us where you got the Mr! ;)

  105. kawaii_candie

    omg, she’s soooooooo cute XD *dies of cuteness overdose*


  107. What an adorable kitten!! it’s so small^-^<3 reminds me of when my cats Nini and Joonie were little. (Yeah Joonie is named after LeeJoon XD) Now they are all grown up and Joonie is just as silly as Lee joon lols don't tell him I said that :P

  108. Everybody says this but: OMG, she’s so C U T E! <3
    So is Spudgy, too!

  109. Wahh! She’s so freaking cute and adorable!! <3 X3

  110. OHMERGERD!! SO CUUTE! *dies from cuteness overload*

  111. Im a cat person. i own 5 cats.. and this is soooo coool!! you guys have a kitten! XD

  112. Yes, you were right… I’m not really a cat person, but that most definitely is an extremely cute little kitten… :)

    I loved Spudgy’s shocked face though… Like “what is this bizarre creature doing in my territory?! Oh my god, I don’t know how to feel about this! Why is it so weird looking?!”. Good job there Spudgy, very solid performance. :)

  113. Don’t you have a nickname for her? Like Mimi or something? :D

  114. It’s so puffy ike a marshamllow or a cloud or my grandma’s old wig for church… but t’s 100000000000000000 times cuter!

  115. Since you have Spudgy voice, you would have a Dr. Meemersworth voice too!


  117. I once had a kitty named mr tinklesworth

  118. Oh my gosh she’s so cute~!!!! She’s so fluffy too~! >w<

  119. JYJ Junsu has got Scottish too! Have u seen how ridiculously cute and fat is his cat?^^ Hope urs grow up as cutely as her Oppa :D She’s rly sweet btw – like mother like daughter keke :D

  120. Nice kitten. Also, every time I think Simon’s hair can’t go any more “Revenge of Dr. Tonsorial” – boom! The out-there needle nudges a bit further past the red zone. Good work, sir. Nicely coiffed.

  121. hope the kitten will be ok with you. in my experience 6 weeks is far too early to separate a kitten from their mother/siblings. and scottish folds sometimes have bone problems, cause the ears are caused by a defective gene, which also at times affects the bone structure. hope all goes well and she’ll grow into a wonderful family member

  122. I’ve been having one of the most exhausting day EVER, and then I saw Dr.Meemersworth’s video and somehow its all better. :D

    Thank you for the happy :)

  123. Disgusting……LY CUTE.

  124. That kitten is all kinds of adorable. Just make sure it’s getting the right nutrients. I got one of my cats when it was 6 weeks too and found that she wasn’t ready for solid kitten food yet. According to my mother-in-law who used to breed cats, kittens should stay with their moms until 8 weeks. I had to bottle feed my kitten with kitten milk fomula (then switched to goats milk since it’s cheaper and was told they can tolerate that.) My cat is 12 now and is one of those cats from hell for strangers but super sweet to me and the hus. I think those first few weeks of bottlefeeding is what started it. Meemersworth looks like she ate the food so she may have been weaned early and can eat solid foods fine. Just wanted to give you unsolicited advice just in case. :)

  125. 21anis

    Omagah it’s so flufeehhh~ :3 will Dr. Meemersworth appear in Kpop Music Mondays too? like during the “Take it away Spudgy~” small corner at the end? :3 meeww~

  126. aww I love her already~~ <3 CUTENESS OVERLOAD, seriously going insane at how FLUFFY and CUDDLY she is. T___T Can't wait to see her participate in Kpop music Mondays and can't wait for you guys to give her a voice too. *w*


    Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur~
    Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr~

    (=^エ^=) Ugh too cuteeeee!

  128. omigad she’s adorable!!! I’m sure she’s way cuter than the coffee shop cats!

  129. OMG!!! She is sooooo cuteeeee~~ me want her~~ LOL~ ><

  130. 6 weeks old! It’s a good age so you guys can teach her how to play and stuff. I got my cat when she was 4 years old and now at 12 she’s lazy as hell =.=

    but yes! Freaking cute.to.the.max. =3

  131. Are korean kittys cuter or is it just Dr. Meemersworth? ^_^

  132. omgggggggggg how cute ;~~~~~~;

  133. OMG. She’s the cutest kitty I ever saw >u< So adorable!!♥

  134. i thought that Martina is alergic to cats?

  135. It’s so fluffy i’m gonna dieeeeee :3

  136. awww…. cute little bundle of joy….

  137. Oh god she is adorable! Congrats! I love Scottish Fold kitties :)

  138. Kawaii!!!!
    First Spudgy now Dr Meemersworth…you guys have the most adorable pets!!
    I want a kitten now too…..

  139. I really thought u guys were having a baby! It’s okay the kitten is super cute too.

  140. OMG~Dr.Meemersworth is SO CUTEEEEE!!! Do u guys know Maru, the very famous japanese scottish fold??? OMG~ I can totally see your cat be exactly as famous XD~

  141. I have just died and gone to fluff heaven

  142. pretty much died when I saw spudgy giving dr m crazy eyes…

  143. You should’ve gotten one of the cats with the short stubby legs like in the cat cafes. haha

  144. cuteness overload !!!!!

  145. Aaaaaaaaaaah so cute! I wish I could have a cat right now. I really miss having one. May Dr. Meemesworth become as famous as Maru, the Japanese star :P .

  146. this cuuuuute kitteh just made my day! Thank you~^^

  147. Meemersworth is so cute! Makes me want a kitten!

  148. i ♥ scottish folds SO much!! OH MY GOODNESS SOFREAKINCUTE!!!!!!!!


  149. The Dr is in the house! AND SHE’S ADORABLE! You have my envy as I’ve always wanted a Scottish Fold. It’s lovely to see you guys be such a loving and happy family with your 2 kids *squee!*

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