Ok, so we’re stupidly excited about this. We’ve been thinking about getting a kitten for a very long time now. Back in Canada, I (Simon here) had four cats in the house. I didn’t bring any of the cats with to Korea, though. Instead, we got a dog (an awesome dog, mind you. His name is Spudgy. You might have seen him in some of our videos!).

Now, even though we love our dog to bits, as you know, we’ve always wanted to have a kitten. We go to the coffee shop across the street from us, even though there’s a perfectly good coffee shop a lot closer, because the former coffee shop has two cats in it. We go there all the time and play with the kitties non stop. Well, this madness has to come to an end! We need to have our own cat!

We were worried for a while if Spudgy would get along with a cat. And so, we put him through extensive training. We brought him to the kitty coffee shop with us all the time, and he’s perfectly comfortable with those cats. We even babysat our friend’s cat for a month, just to see if Spudgy would be cool with it, and he was. He’s got no issue sharing the house with a kitty, so long as we continue to touch its tummy.

So, yeah! That’s our cat. Oh, and I know you might be wondering about its name. Dr. Meemersworth? Really? Is it actually a certified doctor? What’s its degree in? What’s its first name? What’s its gender, for that matter (it’s a girl, by the way!). Don’t worry: we’ll answer all of these questions in due time. But first, some extra footage of our kitten being bloody ridiculously cute!

Here’s Dr. Meemersworth nibbling a box:


Here’s Dr. Meemersworth playing with a strap:


Just remember kids – Eatyourkimchi: not only a source of Kpop and Korean info, but also nice feels.

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