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Introducing the Eatyourkimchi Nasty Studio!

January 6, 2013


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Woohoo! It’s finally here! Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce to you the Eatyourkimchi (Nasty) Studio! It’s not totally finished, but we’re too damn excited to wait any longer. The filming must begin immediately!!!!

It’s taken a while to get here. We started our fundraiser early September. We we totally blown away with everyone’s overwhelming support and how our goal was almost tripled. TRIPLED! It took a while for the fundraiser to finish, though, and a bit longer for the funds to actually make it to Korea, but as soon as it did, we started hunting for our studio right away, and once we found it we started building it right afterwards and designing it on the spot as well. As soon as it was semi-presentable, we started filming in it with the EYKAs. Now, it’s 90% done, and we’re ready to show you where all of your money has gone!

(PS, I realize how many links were in that last post. We normally don’t link bomb like that, but we wanted to show you the outline of the whole process, especially if you’re new to the Eatyourkimchi family! We promise not to put in that many links again!).

So here it is! The studio is done-ish! We’re here everyday, working in it, filming, planning new things, preparing our staff, developing a new workflow, and just brainstorming ideas for the future. Yes, it is where we work now, and it’s not our home, but we did our absolute best to make this place as homely as possible. We don’t want a sterile work environment. We want something fun and homely, cozy, and funky, nothing like a traditional studio or office. We don’t want fake set rooms with non-functional kitchens that are used just for show, we want a real live place with a super positive vibe to it so that anyone we hire loves waking up and coming to work. The Eatyourkimchi Crew will be so happy and chipper with each other it will make you vomit rainbows and we all link hands and skip down the street filming together. We need a plethora of matching clothing! IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

Also, one thing that we never want to forget is how important you Nasties are to us. This studio would not exist if it wasn’t for you. We will never forget that, EVAR!!! You guise made this studio happen for us. We want to make videos for you. We included you in our sign outside the building. Check it:

Eat Your Kimchi Studio Sign

Note: we didn’t want to just call it Nasty Studios because it sounds like a place to make pornoz. We don’t make pornoz.

Also, one of the most important parts of the studio is the Nasty Wall of Fame. We had the wall designed to have the names of all of the people who donated to the fundraiser. We see it every day. We’ll always remember it. In a special, cheesy kind of way, you guise are the wall holding up the studio. Does that sound lame? Don’t laugh at us. We’re sentimental! *Martina and Simon run away crying* We’re just really thankful for all that you’ve done for us, for getting this studio for us, and we want you to know how thankful we are.

Thanks guise. We love you Nasties, and we’re gonna work so hard to try to do more and do better. Thank you for being there with us. GROUP HUG!!!! Hey…who’s touching my butt…



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