Woohoo! It’s finally here! Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce to you the Eatyourkimchi (Nasty) Studio! It’s not totally finished, but we’re too damn excited to wait any longer. The filming must begin immediately!!!!

It’s taken a while to get here. We started our fundraiser early September. We we totally blown away with everyone’s overwhelming support and how our goal was almost tripled. TRIPLED! It took a while for the fundraiser to finish, though, and a bit longer for the funds to actually make it to Korea, but as soon as it did, we started hunting for our studio right away, and once we found it we started building it right afterwards and designing it on the spot as well. As soon as it was semi-presentable, we started filming in it with the EYKAs. Now, it’s 90% done, and we’re ready to show you where all of your money has gone!

(PS, I realize how many links were in that last post. We normally don’t link bomb like that, but we wanted to show you the outline of the whole process, especially if you’re new to the Eatyourkimchi family! We promise not to put in that many links again!).

So here it is! The studio is done-ish! We’re here everyday, working in it, filming, planning new things, preparing our staff, developing a new workflow, and just brainstorming ideas for the future. Yes, it is where we work now, and it’s not our home, but we did our absolute best to make this place as homely as possible. We don’t want a sterile work environment. We want something fun and homely, cozy, and funky, nothing like a traditional studio or office. We don’t want fake set rooms with non-functional kitchens that are used just for show, we want a real live place with a super positive vibe to it so that anyone we hire loves waking up and coming to work. The Eatyourkimchi Crew will be so happy and chipper with each other it will make you vomit rainbows and we all link hands and skip down the street filming together. We need a plethora of matching clothing! IT WILL HAPPEN!!!

Also, one thing that we never want to forget is how important you Nasties are to us. This studio would not exist if it wasn’t for you. We will never forget that, EVAR!!! You guise made this studio happen for us. We want to make videos for you. We included you in our sign outside the building. Check it:

Eat Your Kimchi Studio Sign

Note: we didn’t want to just call it Nasty Studios because it sounds like a place to make pornoz. We don’t make pornoz.

Also, one of the most important parts of the studio is the Nasty Wall of Fame. We had the wall designed to have the names of all of the people who donated to the fundraiser. We see it every day. We’ll always remember it. In a special, cheesy kind of way, you guise are the wall holding up the studio. Does that sound lame? Don’t laugh at us. We’re sentimental! *Martina and Simon run away crying* We’re just really thankful for all that you’ve done for us, for getting this studio for us, and we want you to know how thankful we are.

Thanks guise. We love you Nasties, and we’re gonna work so hard to try to do more and do better. Thank you for being there with us. GROUP HUG!!!! Hey…who’s touching my butt…

  1. So… can anyone explain the evil door to me?

  2. Hi Simon and Martina, I just want to start by saying I LOVE your videos! You guys are soo hilarious and genuine! But I’m confused about why you named your studio “Nasty,” and why do you call fans that you encounter “Nasty?” Is it an acronym? Does it have a background story, like SONES? Thank you!

  3. tell us abt the haunted room….im so curious yeahhhh…………

  4. just thought i should share this with you ! lmafo

  5. Amazing studio Guys!! is your studio open to the public for visits and stuff??

  6. OMGEEE how do you get the luck of getting a studio next to (i think) teddys cafe, IMMM SOOO JEELLLY. You guys gotta get interviews from all the yg and other idols going in there.

  7. Wow studio looks great ! Wish you the best of luck ! AND PLEASE MORE AWESOME VIDEOS !

  8. So, is that one room haunted or something? You say something scary happens every time someone goes into it, and thats the first thing I can think of >.<
    But oh my god! I feel sooo excited for you guys! Get to have your own company studio and even have an employee, and different rooms for different things, and its just soo awesome :D Can't wait to see how it looks with the furniture and other stuff to fill up the space :)
    You guys have worked sooo hard for this moment to come and you so deserve it! :D

  9. I donated to you guys and I wanted the Polaroid thingy cuz I donated like 25.00 I think but I never got a Polaroid :'(

  10. Is the Open The Happy room actually used for anything?

  11. Love You Guys sooo much!!! You studio was worth every penny. And although I’m stunned and happy and thankful that two made that wall of fame for everyone…I feel really bad because my roommate and I sent our donation in jointly. I made the account so only my name appears.

    She claims that he 20 dollars went towards the robot Spudgy on your wall and that’s her mark.

  12. i almost cried when i saw the nasty wall of fame. i love you guys so much and im so happy i was able to make a contribution towards such an amazing place.

  13. Taemin NEEEEDS to wear that hat. And the anticipation of the haunted room is killing me…. NARNIA?? :D
    Your studio is awesome and I hope one day I’ll get to visit :) I only wish I could have donated money… I’ll slip you some coins when I visit ehe.

  14. I’m excited about Leigh, as she seems pretty chill. But I thought you guys couldn’t hire a “foreigner” until you hired 5(?) Korean employees first? Or is she considered a Korean citizen? just curious c:

  15. also, you guys are looking fantastic. damn u dropped those lbs really quick!

  16. hey are you guys hiring??? or finished hiring??

  17. …Who needs matching pajamas? If anything, those animal onsies you two danced in pjs? She needs her own animal onsie!

  18. Congratulations on your new studio. For some reason, I feel so proud.

  19. Oh, I forgot to mention that hour-long EYK stuff is THE BEST, and I adore watching stuff like this, and to be able to spend a bunch of time watching you guys just casually. ^_^ I’m just chilling at a Starbucks and trying to get away from normal real life, and this cheered me up for a NICE LONG TIME! :D

    The studio sign is amaaaaaaazing~!

  20. The wall of fame. ;_; So wonderful.

    I found out about the fundraiser about a week after it closed, so I am not on there, but it is SO SWEET and symbolic and WONDERFUL.

  21. If they sell space heaters in Korea, and if the bathroom has an outlet, you could put one in the bathroom to make it less cold :D we have one in our kitchen, which gets SUPER cold in the winter because there are great big windows and really crappy insulation under the floor… it doesn’t actually heat up the entire space because our entire main level, including the kitchen, is really open, but in a small enclosed space like the bathroom it could really make a difference. No more peeing in the cold!!

  22. So I hate to be “that commenter,” but the word you’re looking for is “homey”–meaning like a home, or cozy. “Homely” means plain and unattractive.

    Also, do you post somewhere on this site about when live chats are going to be? If so, where is it? And if not, could you please? It’s so easy to miss the posts about it when they’re only on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    And last, the studio looks fantastic!!! I can’t believe you actually put “Nasty” on the huge sign out front! :-)

  23. You should film reality TV show segments in your studio (Family Outing, Heroes, Happy Together) even with random people you invite from the street. That would be so funny. Great studio! Keep up the good work.

  24. Congratulations Simon and Martina!!! Its been amazing to watch how Eat Your Kimchi has expanded into its very own start-up. Can’t wait to see how it all evolves.

  25. SImon and Martina! Congrats on your new studio! it looks amazing especially with “Nasty” on it!! :D do you allow visitors to come by at your studio?

  26. Let me start off by saying how proud I am of you two. All of us fans donated knowing that something magical was going to happen, and I’m sure I speak for everyone by saying you never disappoint. And also, thank you for being so open about this whole process. Your transparency not only lets us know how our support is creating awesome realities, but it also lets us get a behind the scenes peek at all of the work you guys do, how hard it is to create such awesome videos, and all of your marvelous plans for the future. So, thanks Simon and Martina, for making such awesome videos, and for showing us that life is what you make of it, and always remember to have fun.

    On a side note, this video reminds me that I’m still eagerly awaiting that EYK polaroid from the fundraiser, haha. I’m just messing with you. I would’ve donated even if there was no “perk”. Simon and Martina FIGHTING!

  27. Ive only been following EYK since August but i went back and watched all the kpop music modays ect. and i already miss the old bucheon kpop music mondays :/ excited for the new studio though

  28. The studio looks so great! So happy for you guys! :D

  29. Guys… really… REALLY… that’s the sweetest gesture ever… I’m sure that every single Nasty that donated it’s in tears right now watching that. Really… it’s so amazing.

  30. I would love to work at EYK Studios ^^

  31. I wanted to see LEE. whats lee’s full name?

  32. Intern Leigh was my favorite part of stream. INTERN LEIGH!!!! (im your fan.)

  33. i love the studio! can’t wait to see an interview done there :)

  34. I have the idea for those multiple frames… [I hope i was original enough with this idea]

    Taking pictures of you celeb guest and putting them in as a memory. Or just the important ones and stick the rest in a box~. B-]

    P.S. Let no one touch that hat but TaeMin~. Pwease~~~!
    p.s.s. I would love to see you make some celeb climb that wall in the hall!!
    p.s.s.s. I love youu~.

  35. Hey you guys should get some throw blankets made, like fluffy ones with EYK on them for when you interview female idols because i’ve noticed they always cover their legs when they sit down for interviews. And you can put them in a storage ottoman and use them for snuggles when idols aren’t around.
    Also if you put the Flaxton street sign up properly you can film stuff with that as a background, even when idols come by they can do an intro video against it or something before moving to the interview.
    Also one last suggestion maybe you can have the autographs of people you interview in the empty picture frames! Or pictures of you and them, for special memories.
    One day I shall come to the studio and find my name… I hope its not up high because i’m short…

    EDIT: I just realized… is the building YG bought nearby the cafe Teddy is opening? Twosome+ Studio?

    • The blankets are a really good idea. Female idols need them on talk shows for when they sit down because they’re usually wearing short skirts or dresses. As a girl who has tried to sit comfortably in a dress that is on the shorter side, I fully support this idea.

  36. The studio looks super amazing! A much more exciting environment to be in than where I work LOL Can’t wait until you invite guests to the Nasty Studio for interviews :)

  37. That was great and I love the studio, but you didn’t finish with the kitchen and I want to know what is so weird about the window?

  38. I actually follow the Tumblr of one of the girls who stopped you walking Spudgy. She posted pictures. It’s like I know someone who knows someone.

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