Hey guise,

So, this is something we’ve been working on for quite a while now. It’s something we’ve always thought about, and today’s the day we’re finally going live with it. This is many months in the works. Allow us to introduce to you: the Eatyourkimchi Premium Nasty!

Here’s what’s up: we know that the community here on Eatyourkimchi is the strongest community we have. The conversations that happen in the comments here, the discussions between yourselves and even with us, are really inspiring. The comments are oftentimes much longer than the blog posts we write, and most of the time more insightful. The value you all bring to the community here is in many ways better than what we bring here ourselves. We don’t really view this as our site, but as yours, and you just let us post here :D

So, we’ve been trying to make things better for the site here. We recently moved to a new server. We just added some features to speed the site up. We’ve been cleaning up the code as much as we could. And now, we want to offer a bunch of new features, starting with the most important feature:

New Commenting System

Disqus is great in many ways, but for a long time now, it hasn’t been loading for a lot of people. For all of the features and bells and whistles it has, that doesn’t matter if you all can’t load the comments. Well, that’s an issue no more. We’ve switched back to WordPress default comments. They now load instantly, with the page. No delay at all. Anyone can comment if they have an account on the site. It’s that easy. It’s not as feature heavy as Disqus, but we’re going to be adding more features bit by bit. It’s coming. It took us a long time just to get to a default commenting system that looked not half bad.

The commenting system is for everyone to use. No strings attached. No obligations. The next features, however, are purely up to you if you want to use them or not:

Eatyourkimchi: Ad Free

Let’s be honest: running a web site that gets a lot of traffic incurs a lot of costs on servers. Seriously: our server bill every month is stupid high. The only way to make up for these costs, unfortunately, is to display ads on our site. It’s just a part of the media world. It’s how magazines run, it’s how TV runs, and it’s how the internet runs. It gets in the way for a lot of people, we know, and we thank all of you who have kept your AdBlock off for us, but we want to offer you a cleaner way out.

So, we’ve made a version of the site that’s ad free. No obtrusive ads. Instantly faster load time. You just get video, content, comments. Boom. A much cleaner experience. We hope you like it.

It’s up to you if you want to use the ad-free version of the site. To do so, we’ve built a premium membership model. Buy a premium membership if you want to go this route. And we’re not even asking you for a set price. It’s not $100 a year. It’s not $1000 a year. It’s whatever you want to pay. Whatever value you find in this site, it’s up to you. $1, $10, or whatever you feel good about.

But, that’s not all! We’re offering one more really cool thing as well. We’re really excited about this last one:

Mobile Eatyourkimchi Version!

Have an iPad? iPhone? Samsung phone? Whatever device you have, we made a mobile-responsive site that resizes the page according to your device. Commenting is easier, reading is easier. Navigating, all made easier in the mobile version of the site. This took a lot of time and development juice to build. It’s yours to have in the Eatyourkimchi Premium version, for however much you think it’s worth. Here’s what it looks like!

And, we’ve got one last tiny thing:

Premium Nasty Badge

Nasty Badge

Just to thank you for being so awesome, Premium members will get a Nasty badge added to their names when they comment. Show the commenters how lovely you are. Shout out your Nastiness to everyone, with this big Nasty badge. It’s not as cool a feature as the others, but hopefully you like it.

Yeah! So, that’s it. We hope you like these changes, and the many more we plan on adding in the upcoming months. Let us know if there are other features that you’d like to add to the site, different changes you’d like to see. And even if you don’t want to partake in the Premium Nasty account, we’re just honoured that you’re here hanging out with us to begin with. Thank you for your continual awesomeness :D

  1. My first time logging in as a P Nasty! Soooo good. Appreciate the upgrades guise. May I say…I’m tot obessed w History’s Pyscho:) ok ok just dropping a hint in case u haven’t seen….Red Region was thrilled to see our Easter and other box opened recently. How come it’s so much fun watching u guise get stuff?! EYK just keeps getting better. Best of luck w Coffee Shop, mobile EYK etc

  2. I was wondering are you going to be coming up with an App??

  3. I really like that you have this. As you can see I just subceribed. I like that there is no adds with this and i also like that you let us pick how much to pay. Some places you want to suppost but feel like it’s a lot of money.

  4. How does the ad/money thing work for EYK? Is an add a flat rate? Based on the number of users who see it or just those who click on it? I always use AdBlock, but if it interferes with your revenue I would definitely turn it off for you guys – I love this site :)

  5. Yay for mobile friendly version! I have a question, is there any chance you’ll introduce a kind of gift system where we can buy other people membership? I had to log into my friend’s account and used my info to get him his membership since he didn’t have a credit card. I just think it’ll be a bit easier if we can buy it for other people. Also, I only paid a little for a whole year of membership (WOW!) now that I have an income, I can afford to help out more, so donation

  6. I love it! Great program guys! Oh and Martina, I heard the Sailor Moon remake is going to be more focused on the manga in terms of the story AND the drawings. I’m excited for it ^^

  7. So….Is anyone else having a payment problem that isn’t using Paypal? I’m trying to put in my billing address-the same one I’ve used for the last 16 years-and it’s telling me my combination of City, State, and Zip Code are incorrect. Also, how in the world do I get my profile pic not to upload sideways?

    • NVm, turns out Paypal doesn’t know there’s technically supposed to be a dash in my City’s name…. But YAY!!! I’ve got a sexy Nasty badge! It’s worth any amount just to be able to access the site from my phone, plus all the other cool stuff, too.

  8. Some timing here! I finally get back and look what’s happened. Great job on the website guys, and glad to be a premium nasty! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some catching up to do <3

  9. how to become a premium nasty? i just registered but i cant find it

  10. I just became a Premium Nasty. Waddup!

  11. YAYYY FOR SIMON AND MARTINA!!!! :) Super excited about the new update to your website! How do I get the mobile version onto my iPod?

  12. Cindy

    Wonderful! When I have the money I will totally do it!

  13. Lullaby

    So happy I can finally comment. I could never comment because it never loaded for me no matter what I did or which browser I was on. And I will definitely partake in the premium nasties once… I get… More money… Vixx kind of made me broke.

  14. Jacqui

    I wanted to be a premium but like all good things I as a high school sophomore don’t have a credit card *sigh* (/\)

  15. I’m so excited for the mobile version. I love your website..my devices sometimes not so much :P YAY for premium Nastiness!

  16. lee isaac

    I was so excited when I heard about the mobile version. Definitely getting premium.

  17. Awesome Simon and Martina~! Those are great way to improve the Nasty community on here, and I’m loving that you’re introducing a mobile friendly version of EYK, since it was a bit hard to browse through on my iPhone previously. Love these changes a lot, and can’t wait for the other features that are coming the upcoming months! ^^ Btw: Also LOVING my Nasty! badge beside my bias Onew in the comment section, woop! ♥

  18. Great idea! Just when you think EYK can’t get any better, it does! Btw, I just made your dwenjang jjigae—YUM!

  19. NASTAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Checking out how my badge looks in a comment. :D

  20. i just paid and i am happy to contribute to you guys even though its not much its all i can afford right now

  21. Proud to be a Nasty!!!!!!

  22. llamagon


  23. RudeMinnesotan

    I totally want a membership; it will be totally great for when viewing on my ipad (because sometimes. I just can’t be bothered to open up my laptop!)
    Somehow I will figure out how to get my Korean money to work online and then I will be able to give you monies for this.
    Some how. Some day. … Soon. I hope.

  24. I just think of it as another way to support a site I like. If you can give, why not? It helps keep everything going. I don’t mind ads. Also GO US NASTY GREEN!

  25. Glad to support you, guise!

  26. Oooh so nasty! Can we get some nasty shirts up in here for us nasties to buy? It’d be awesome to be able to find some nasties out in the wild!

  27. Proud to be a Nasty :D

  28. I’m part of the nasties and proud of it ! o/

  29. Its good to be nasty! I agree with others, you should give an option for monthly as well. :)

  30. crayonpopper1

    i dont have money

  31. live_love_laugh

    I can’t wait to download the app! This is exciting and I have been waiting for this! Yay! I love you guys so much!

  32. I hope you guys get a chance to do allllll sorts of fantastic things :D

  33. YAY!! Finally membership!! :) Boyyaaa!! Happy? YES!!!
    Question – can you have an monthly payment to?? Would gladly create a “monthly” membership as a nasty!! :D

  34. That’s awesome! Finally some membershipnastiness.

  35. Silver_Futon

    i would go premium if i had a paypal account ;A;

  36. Binkey_thecat

    Finally able to comment!!!!! :D

  37. So excited to be a premium nasty!

  38. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome!!!!!!

  39. 0330VIP

    When I first saw “Nasties”, I thought it was a new sort of fan club for U-KISS’ Eli fans. XD Maybe I’ve been listening to Quit Playing too much. Haha!

  40. Anyway I can support you guys I’ll gladly participate and to be officially confirmed as “nasty” makes me wanna roll down my sexy window and buy everyone a drink! Keep up the awesome work guise loving the mobile site looks great on all my devices!

  41. The new mobile site is awesome, well made ^^

  42. It’s FANTASTIC!!

  43. Luna

    I demand a Sailor Moon live chat day! When the new series comes out we all have to watch it and eat delicious onigiri and more of Makoto`s (Lita) food!


  45. Look at my badge look at it! yes there isn’t a badge :’( *sit’s in the corner and cries*

  46. yaaay this is so exciting! :D

  47. awesome news!!!!

  48. THANK YOU!!!! I can finally comment! seriously guise, i’ve been reading the comments section for about a year now without being able to participate.

  49. Hooray! Finally! I can actually comment! The comment section hasn’t loaded for me for ages so this is great news ^^ right, off to become a premium nasty now hehe

  50. You guys have truly helped me in my move to Seoul, which is in less than two weeks! The least I could do is provide some cash in kind. Official Nasty incoming, and I hope to meet you guys at the coffee shop one day.

  51. Hooray, I’m officially NASTY!\(n_n)/

  52. I’m officially a “true” nasty as well :D! BOOYAH :D!!! To all nasties who don’t have the means to support EYK at the moment: Lemme hug you and squeeze the worry and sadness right outta ya :).

    • Sachi

      It’s a little offensive to say you’re a “true” Nasty. Some of us don’t have even $1 we can spare to be a premium member. As much as I love EYK, I simply can’t spare anything. My last dollar goes towards food, and only food I can survive with for a time ( noodles, refried beans, sometimes ramen, etc ). As smart as really awesome as I think a premium membership is, it’s a little disheartening for the rest of us in a situation like mine. Saying you’re a “true” Nasty really doesn’t make it any better.

      • some are just priviliged enough to be able to give money, but that doesn’t mean you’re any less of a fan than someone who is able to afford a premium membership. my heart goes out to you, and I hope it’ll get better soon. I know it’s really hard to be so short on necessities. I don’t know how many times I was afraid of ending up on the streets because we couldn’t be the bills anymore. But it got better, and it will get better for you! :)

  53. Yay, now I’m officially, for the whole world to see NASTY :)

  54. *sitting around, one person in a sea of nasty badges* *starts singing lonely*

  55. I’m loving the new comments and the mobile version ^^ I’m like an earlier Christmas present for all of us… thus my late NewYear rezolution: be more active @ the eyk site^^

  56. I will become definitely a nasty, after my first salary is paid. :D My new employer will send me to Korea in July and I have to save all my money for spending it in Korea. >..< And after many new years you can make a second edition or an application "EYK Trip Advisor" for smartphones.

    • Sorry the most of my message was deleted in the middle.And I already an nasty know. :) But I can not delete the old comment. :/ So here is the whole one:
      My new employer will send me to Korea in July and I have to save all my money for spending it in Korea. >.< Why don't you make a book about your experiences in form of a trip advisor for foreigners. I will come to Korea to work there only for 3 weeks. T.T But I want to see all the things you showed us, like the studio, the hairdresser JUNO, the princess cafe, the nasty icecream and so on (Seriously you need a map for this!!) If there would be a trip advisor with your style, I would definitely buy it. And after many new years you can make a second edition or an application "EYK Trip Advisor" for smartphones. (Hope this time works. ;))

      • This is kind of a brilliant idea! Simon and Martina, I think you should actually consider this. Because you guise tend to go do stuff that isn’t considered “touristy,” a trip advisor book would be really cool for not only the Nasties but in general. The EYK Trip Advisor for smartphones can be updated with new locations as you go them. SUCH a great idea CUTEPANDA!!

        • I agree with BETHRADD – Its a great idea CUTEPANDA! :D
          Planning to travel to Seoul next year – and woah would I need a EYK Trip Advisor for that!! We want to visit every place youve visited. :D Simon and Martina – go for it!!!

        • I am glad you like it and I hope they read about the idea. :) Because it will not be my last time going to korea. There will be many vacation days and I don’t want to experience Korea as “common tourist”. I want to do crazy an extraordinary stuff. ;) Thats why: YES go for it!!!!

  57. Oh yeah, look at this nastyyy badge.
    I think this was a very nice idea, sorry I am so poor! Haha.

  58. Yay! I am super-duper happy to support!!
    I would like to apologize in advance for the sappy paragraph to come, and deeply apologize if I seem like I am overtly flattering you.
    EYK has truly taught me so much about Korean culture and Korean music. I began watching all of the videos after a classmate introduced me to Korean culture. Then, I kept watching and re-watching videos as a way to cure my homesickness and loneliness. Back then the channel was still called SimonandMartina, so when I was watching SimonandMartina, my sister would say that I am ‘on a date with SimonandMartina again.’ Overall, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the wonderful videos. I am super proud to be a Nasty! Thank you <3

  59. PochaccoPWNShelloKitty

    @W@ erhmahgawd~! EYK crew is pretty awesome =D I’m not much of a commenter but more of a read-others’-comments type of gal X3 so yeah, you won’t be seeing me very much in the comments section (like I always have :p).

  60. Yay i’m officially a Nasty!!! :) Now i just need the hat to match. Love you Eat Your Kimchi <3

  61. Always been nasty, but now I can show it off. Woot! Hope to see you guise in Vancouver someday

  62. I was only able to donate a little (just graduated college… SO MANY LOANS TO PAY BACK…!!), but I’m glad to be able to support you guys at least a bit as well as get rid of the ads, get a nice mobile version, AND get an awesome Nasty badge~! I don’t even know how long I’ve been a subscriber at this point (maybe 3 years?), and I’m so happy to see your site and your popularity grow! Love you guys~ <3

  63. I feel so nasty with a premium membership (;

  64. KATHyphenTUN

    First, omg I’ve been gone for so long and I miss everyone here so much!! *opens arms for a nasty hug*
    Second, wow! a lot has happened in my absence!! o.O
    I love the new commenting system, and am excited to use this on my phone now! But for now I must sleep and then marathon all the rest off your videos tomorrow to catch back up XD
    Stay Nasty!!<3

  65. the new commenting system looks awesome, i love it! but I feel unsure about the premium membership though. i really don’t know what benefits you more, me seeing the ads or paying a one time fee (I’m broke as hell as well btw) and I don’t want you guys to starve :( I wish there was like an EYK bank account that I could give money to everytime I can afford it, you guys deserve so much more

  66. New member :-) New Fan and now a New Premium Nasty! Found Martina and Simon just over 2 months ago looking for some research on South Korea as we are in the process of adoption (South Korean child). Just waiting on South Korea to approve the adoption and we are flying over as fast as we can… he’s 20 months old so we’re looking at getting him when he’s about 3 years old :-(

    Thanks you Martina and Simon for being… just you! It’s heartwarming to see the Great side of Humanity. You guise are AWESOME! I’m glad you went ahead with the Premium Nasties!

    And when we come over to pick up our son… we’ll have a few days to find you and thank you in person.

    • Ah! I remember you! We emailed you before, yes? Thank you for your support! And best of luck with your adoption :D

      • Yes! A few times :-)
        A few questions and stuff… You guise are so helpful – thanks for answering my silly questions on travel, etc to South Korea.
        Thanks (adoption)! We’re just waiting for our little one. Just got a few pictures of him!!! With him holding our picture!!!

        Love to take you out to a nice dinner when we’re in town… but it really feels like I have been to dinner with you guise so much watching all your videos… lol (except I’m not eating all the goodies).

  67. Finally!!! I’ve been waiting for this :-D I really wanted to support you guise, but I hate ads with a flaming passion. Thank you for this opportunity to tell you that we love you!

  68. I always hated Disqus because I was never able to make an account and comment but now I can! This is a great idea and I love how flexible the payment is. I’m sure anyone can afford a $1 and I’m also sure there’s many who are willing to just pay more because of your lovely informative videos. Keep up the nasty work guise!

  69. xoxoyulandsicaxoxo

    if they make an app,they need someone who can make an application from scratch…and it is not easy

  70. YAY! You guise have no idea how lonely it has been not being to comment as much as I want to here! I will buy a membership right after this comment here! I don’t really mind the ads, but I want to show you how naaaastyyy I am in my heart for you <3 Good work guise! I really like this new style, it looks good and is easy! And woo woo for being able to use it on my phone as well!

  71. Hey Simon and Martina!! I’m really glad that I get to support you this way (I missed out on the kickstarter for the EYK Nasty Studio). But I am really happy that I get help out now :D I’m not a big commenter but I love watching your videos whenever I get the chance. Thanks for being so awesome!
    P.S. I live about 10 minutes away from Bedford, Nova Scotia, Martina!! You should come and visit soon :D

  72. EpicBioHazard

    So happy I get to comment again! *_* I missed talking to you guise!
    Disqus was NOT Google Chrome friendly. :C Which made me super sad. So glad this is up and running now! Now to wait for payday to get premium Nastiness~! ^_^

  73. TarraAshley

    When I heard about this i signed up right away! the comment section looks a lot nicer than the last one and it is better formated. this is exciting, now I can comment because I couldn’t with disqus even though I had an account!

  74. thatssumgoodcurry

    OH AHM GEE! You guise!!! This is awesome! I’m so happy with the new changes, and I’m so excited to become a premium member! (But because I’m a poor college student I may actually opt for the dollar a month option ^^’) I have to admit, I don’t mind the ads, but really, supporting you guys would make me really happy. Really, I only know Kpop because of you. My friends showed me your videos back in 2010, and I’ve been watching ever since. I had no idea what Kpop was before watching your “How to Dance Kpop 2009″ video, and it’s opened up a whole new world for me. I’ve discovered awesome music, an entire culture that I didn’t know a thing about before, and made some awesome friends because of Kpop, and that’s because of you. One of those friends I made through Kpop is actually my girlfriend now, and that honestly could have never happened had I not first discovered eatyourkimchi. So thanks you guys, for doing what you do. Your dedication to making videos and exposing Kpop and Korean culture for people worldwide is really an amazing thing, and I, and all other Nasties I’m sure, really appreciate what you do. You’re awesome!

  75. Hey guys! I’ve been a loyal follower on Youtube for over a year now, but this is probably my first comment on the EYK website! I’ve heard great things about the community so I decided now would be the best time to join! Simon and Martina, thank you both for all you do for us Nasties! We love and support you~ The commenting system looks great, the premium option is top notch, and I can’t wait to see what more your travels and videos have in store!!


  76. Blissfullygone

    For some reason it wont take my card. :(

  77. Yay! I’m a Premium Nasty! (And I figured out how to get a profile on here!)

  78. You guys should do an app!!!!

  79. Yeoreum

    Talk about woooow, I love the commenting system because while disqus sometimes worked for me, most of the time it didn’t and I wasn’t even able to look at the comments, let alone comment.

    • Yeoreum

      Pssst, it’d be cool if you could add in a deletion or editing system for the comments because I accidentally just made a bloop by replying to someone when I meant to comment on the page. (>v<;)

  80. bigbangfosho

    oooo love the new features, too bad I don’t have a means of paying for premium :( Anyway, I thought of a few things you guys might like to add to the new commenting system. You guys have probably already thought of many of these though:
    -upvoting (maybe not downvoting)
    -collapsing long comments with a lot of replies
    -adding URLs
    -uploading pictures
    -mentioning other people
    -hashtags(? not to fond of this myself actually, just an idea)
    -video responses (since youtube got rid of them)

    Just a few things I thought of :) dunno how plausible any of these are and I have no clue how hard it is to code for any of these. Love the new commenting system as is right now too!

  81. yay! my pw came! lol anywho! you guys should get an app!!

  82. I definitely don’t mind the ads on this site- as a broke college student, it’s the only way I can help out a website I visit so much. I’m totally excited for the mobile version, though! I’m always on my phone, so now I can look at EYK so much easier on the go!

  83. Ooh, this looks quite spiffy on my phone.

  84. To repeat what everyone else has said… LOVE the new commenting system! I felt so out-of-touch after Disqus stopped loading for me, and I couldn’t read anyone’s comments or make a comment anymore. Thank you also for giving me a way to contribute to the site. As much as I love the designs of your T-shirts and hats, I can’t justify purchasing them because 1) I don’t normally wear either, and 2) I move every couple of years, so I try to minimize my “stuff”. Really happy to be able to witness your successes. :)

  85. YAY I CAN COMMENT. It took forever and a day for the email to come with my password (well not exactly forever and a day but it was quite a few hours before I could log in) And now I get here and everyone is a super Nasty and I can’t get a premium. I totally would though, I can afford at least a dollar

  86. iloveshinee

    This is so awesome you guys. Thank you. It was SUPER annoying not being able to comment. I can’t wait to try the website on my phone too!

  87. This is awesome!!! Love the new comments section!!!!

  88. I didn’t mind the ads. I still love to show my support

  89. I honestly didn’t mind the ads, but I want to show my Nasty support!

  90. Yay! It looks so nice on my phone! :)

  91. Yey! So awesome guise. Also I am happy to see that the comments are now sorted newest first. Phew.

    Martuna! also am interested in the new Sailor Moon Crystal. I think they are redoing the entire sailor moon series from the start. I have no idea how it will be. It apparently was being shown on Hulu or something like that which is unavailable in my region * tears* why Usagi! why!?

    Anyhoodledoodles. It looks great.

    • They are also streaming all the episodes of the original Sailor Moon series on http://www.viz.com/sailormoon AND releasing all the series on DVD and Bluray with a new dub! Squee I’m so excited <3

      Also I'd be great if maybe you could bundle this with the merch options? Like buy a Shirt and get premium free?

  92. BeckyandEsah

    Can I get the membership and keep the ads, I kind of like looking at tofebuary and Gmarket?

  93. Agent Midnight

    Love the idea, but there’s one thing I’m worried about. Can you guys lose money like this? Like if everyone just gave you a dollar? I want to contribute to you guys as much as possible, and if that means having ads, then I’ll take it.

    • BabyBMommy

      I wondered the exact same thing. Of course the ads will still be on the regular version of the site, but with so many switching over to the premium that will cut down on TONS of ad views, so I worry that the sponsors may cut down on their compensations. I mean I’m sure they thought of all this before they went ahead with it – maybe even with decreased sponsorship they will break even if all their registered users were to give $1? I don’t know but I’m sure they did some serious math before making the decision. I never really minded the ads myself. I may never have found ToFebruary if it weren’t for the ads on EYK.

  94. Wow. I never thought this day coming when I would become a certified Nasty♥♥♥♥ #USNasties

  95. New design is beautiful guys!! Love it!!

  96. Danique Welmer

    The comment section looks beautiful! Really well done guys!

  97. Well, finally! I wanted a way to contribute more, and this was just the perfect thing for me to do that! While i was at it, i figured that i might aswell purchase myself a cat bowler hat, and A believe in your dreams T-shirt, because why not? I’ve wanted a cat hat and another T-shirt for a while now!

    Anyhow, i really enjoy the site and the content you upload, and i wish i could’ve afforded to pay more for this membership, since Eat Your Kimchi is really my main source for Korea related things.
    Any hoodledoodlepoodle! I’m now a premium nasty. Hooray! Hope to see that things are still going well in the future, too~

    PS: Love the new comment system. Disqus just didn’t load for me on anything but my cellphone. So for a long period of time i couldn’t comment. I prefer commenting on this site, than on youtube, due to the whole Google+ business, and it sort of feels a bit more intimate, y’know?

    Anywas, enough of my ramble!

  98. Although I am not a big commenter on things, I will become a Premium Nasty. All for you guys.

  99. Yay! the new commenting system is great, it’s way better than disquis.

    P.S. This sounds dumb, but where can i pay to be premium?

  100. Shut up and take my money! Keep up the good work. 수고해요!

  101. Best dollar I ever spent, no lie. Haha once I get a job I’ll pay you guys more next year, because you’re amazing and I want to help support you guys. I’ve never been more proud to be a nasty haha I think it’s good that you guys have the option to pay whatever you want because sometimes people just can’t swing something for a premium subscription thingy. The site looks better already and I think this is going to be an even more awesome place to be. Ooooooooh~ you so nasty~!

  102. YAY A MOBILE VERSION! My iPad and the EYK website can finally be friends!
    Awesome, keep it up.

  103. The new mobile version is sooooo nice. It is super easy to use. Worth every penny I spent. Thanks guys!


  105. Am happy and proud to join the Premium Nasty Meemership. Congratulations and good luck guys!

    Perhaps you might like to point out that the donation is in US dollars. ₩10,000 and $10,000 USD are very different!

  106. Lula

    Whoah! This looks really different.

  107. just_dari

    I need to put money on my card because i want to be premium nasty=)

  108. Is there any way I’d be able to send more money when I get more? I wanna send you guys money every once in a while for all the hard work and dedication you guys put into not only showing off Korea but making everything fun and easy for your fans/followers! <3 I LOVE YOU GUYS! OOOOO YOU SO NASTAY~
    Also, Martina, you do not even know my feels about the new Sailor Moon comeback in July. JULY 5TH YO!

  109. My computer and your server do not like each other 8( I just had my comments written out and I posted, when the server failed to find your site… Hope it’s just a fluke… Anyways, to shorten my previous (failed) comment, you guys are awesome. Been watching you since 2009 as a silent stalker, but I shall no longer keep quiet.

  110. Woooo! Amazing step forward for EYK! Will definitely be subscribing to the premium and loving the new comment system, I could never comment in the past!

  111. So happy about the new commenting system! There were loads of times I wanted to leave comments on videos and the comment box would not load. :)

  112. When I get paid, I’m coming for you!

  113. Yeah Premium Nasty FTW :D I just got my new credit card today and what better way to spend my first bucks off of it than becoming a premium nasty and buying the meemers totebag :D As a photographer or creative entrepreneur (ooh that sounds so fancy) myself I know how much work and energy goes into what you two & your team are doing and I really appreciate it! The amount I was able to spend isn’t the amount I would give you for what Eat you Kimchi is worth to me. If I could I would have given you 1000$ :D *Shut up and take my money*
    Keep being awesome and continue doing what feels right to you ♡ Lots of nasty love from Switzerland :D

  114. inesfaria

    it looks much nicer than before :) good job guys *-*

  115. This is so awesome! I just upgraded my nastiness. I feel like such a bum not paying you guys a whole lot cos you honestly deserve it! But one day I’ll make you an epic package! Ah! Also, I’m seriously hoping you’re coming to Hallyucon cos I got a ticket!! It would be the second time cos I’ve been to the meeting in Amsterdam and honestly you were so nice and it was such a happy happy day! :D Let’s be friends forever!! ♥ ;)

  116. Youse guise are so awesome for adding this feature! The one thing that really made me say OH YEAH? The mobile site! Now I can watch your videos at work on my lunch break! Schweet! Also, pay what you want? Omg yes. I barely have available money at the moment, as it’s being saved for an anime con on Friday but I love the pay what you want idea. :) And for a whole year?! You guys are the BEE EE ESS TEE! Bomratatatatatatatatata~ <3

  117. Thanks for the awesome site. *shutupandtakemymoney* :3

  118. After much discussion with my dog, Samson (aka EatAllTheThings), we decided that we had to show our support and declare our EYK addiction with a Nasty! badge :D
    (And then my dog got into the fridge and ate the last of the kimchi. -_-’ )

  119. Ooh a nasty sticker, a nice little gift for both me and you on my Birthday! ^^

  120. I don’t think I could ever truly tell you how much you guys have changed my life. I only wish I could’ve given even more to express my wuv, tru wuv, for you guys. :]

  121. Yay. I got my premium. I always check you out on mobile so this is great.

  122. MissPricilla

    Yeaaah the comment section is totally great! Good job guys!!!!! :)

  123. I’m a premium Nasty!

  124. Awesome! I gave a prime number of dollars because you guys are the prime reason I feel so NASTY!

  125. Paid what was left on my card. When I get more money I will definitely buy more and a shirt.

  126. Just got my membership. This little stamp is so cute! (/ ‘ 0 ‘)/ <3

  127. Just got premiu-fied and wow, huge improvement with the page on phone. Now I don’t have to zoom out every time, so much better! Now everyone knows I’m ooohh, so NASTY!

  128. Considering the amount of time I spend watching your videos, I have no problem giving back a bit. Plus, now no one can dispute my NASTY!

  129. I feel that Eatyourkimchi premium is really worth it! So I’ll have to get it later today after I get paid :D

  130. Dr.Spudgiesworth1st

    This is Awesome you guise! Keep the nastiness coming. Since you change the commenting section I’m happier cause before i couldn’t make a comment an when i did i got blocked again…now is SUPER NASTY! I will see how much i have to suscribe for the whole year ^^…DR. SPUDGIESWORTH I ! PEACE!

  131. Just called my husband and told him I needed a dollar on his card and he was like “WHY?,” I told him NO QUESTIONS I NEED IT! He finally relented :D

  132. Im a little confused. Is the payment a regular thing, like you pay a certain amount like once a month or is it a one off payment? T

  133. Did anyone else have a HUGEANTIC problem with the old Discus comment system where it NEVER loaded?

  134. Premium nastiness wahoo! Now to convince my husband lol

  135. So if we don’t have the Premium we can’t get the mobile?? I personally don’t mind the ads and it would be easier just to keep off adblocker. I guess I’m confused because this makes it feel like some Nasties are better than other Nasties?

  136. IvanaM

    first of all… NO ADS! yeeeeey!
    second this commenting system is so much mre user friendly. I didn’t comment so much when it was the old one it was too complicated. Now you are gonna see much more of my name here.

  137. Well I was already dubbed an epic nasty by other nasties after k con cause of the bloopers with my spudgy dog that was part of my costume to dress up like and opposite martina, ended up being almost the whole bloopers. Why am I so broke. next time guies. also seriously what happened to that fur-real spudgy I gave you?did he end up left in a hotel garbage?

  138. You guide are awesome you really treasure your fans. :)

  139. abokado

    Oh, wow! I was starting to get worried by this, but then I watched the video and it’s totally awesome! The pay-what-you-want model is really great and awesome and is the best option as not to exclude any members. Before I buy the membership (I actually don’t mind the ads at all, so it would be purely to support you which I definitely love to do without having to buy shirts!), I wanted to ask, is it possible to change the amount later on? I’m a bit broke right now, but I would definitely drop a few more bucks next month or so, but I would wait if it’s a done deal if you buy it.

    • I’m in the same boat as you on this (y’argh nasty pirates!) and although I can’t afford much at the moment I would like to be able to donate more when I can. I guess we could always just buy a t-shirt or something when we have more of the shiny and papery goodness? That still contributes after all. I think. It does, right? Right?!

  140. This is why you guise are totally awesome! I have never followed youtubers before, but you guise keep it real and really create an EYK family, which makes me totally stoked to support the site.

  141. I’m lovin’ this new system! :D Super cool way to support you guise whenever an whereever we are located. I was also having lots of troubles with that Disqus(ting) thing MANY times, so I’m truly greatful for the effort you have put into this :) I’m gonna keep on supporting you guise this way, so even if i can’t afford a T-shirt (or 3) then I can still support what you do by updating this membership. That equals to so much NASTINESS that words aren’t enough <3

  142. Note the Nasty next to my name. I am now officially cool. Or Nasty, one of the two.

  143. Kyle Cargill

    Tbh i don’t mind the Ads as i get super-fast broadband here ;D (oh you so jelly jelly, oh you so jelly jelly) my site pop up quick as a flash so can hold of for a little longer to become a premium nasty :D

  144. Kyle Cargill

    Really loving, the new site and of course the comment system :D Would love to contribute, but as of now. . . . I be a poor student who studies Korean . . . but hopefully will be able to contribute in future, maybe when i visit your guys new coffee shop :D cannot wait for that. Well done Simon and Martina i look forward to all your amazing adventures in the future. Love you both. And of course love to the Meems, Spudgy, Soozee and Leigh <3

  145. Wait, can you see how much we pay? Cos I tried to think up a nerdy amount. Or does it automatically convert into Won? Oh no!! My special numbers!!

    The ‘pay what you want’ is super cool. Best idea ever. You guys totally outdid yourselves with that, I really didn’t see it coming. Yah.

    • Nic My Korean Husband

      Hugh and I were wondering this! Like if we paid the smallest amount possible and then saw Simon and Martina and they were like “Soooooooo you cheapskates paid the lowest amount possible!” So then we made sure we paid more than that haha.

    • Nicoll (EYK Dictionary)

      It’s in US dollars (and judging by the badge, you figured that out quickly). Haha I couldn’t bring myself to pay as little as possible so I put in a few more dollars.

  146. Yeah! Premium Nasty! Now it’s easier on my iPhone! While I couldn’t pay much because I am a poor college student. I did pay more than $1.00, just because I love you guys. <3

  147. Oh congrats on new commenting section (love it) and heck yeah i want to be a premium nasty! I just need to wait a few days until my paycheck arrives but then! *heroic pose* I will join this league of nastiness!! moahahaah moahahaah moAHAHAHAHAHAH *erhem*^^

  148. Nic My Korean Husband

    Woo hoo! I remember when you talked about this last year and now it’s all happening!

  149. Oh no why this week lol, after BAP concert a month ago and now so many comebacks it has left my bank account a bit on the broke side, premium nastiness will have to wait a couple of weeks hehe :P

  150. After discussing with my 4 cats, they decided to chip in what little allowance they have for the membership. Thanks to them, I am a premium nasty. =D

  151. Really excited about the mobile version. I was just thinking the other day “Eyo (GD voice), where’s my mobile version??”

  152. -has to wait for her parents to get up to use their paypal details- CURSE YOU LACK OF INDEPENDENCE!

  153. I wasn’t going to get the premium because I don’t mind adds or need the special things that come with it, but you guys literally made the nicest request for it I could possibly think of and I can tell you guys are trying really hard to make eyk a great place for anyone interested in Korea. Even though I’m not huge on kpop, your videos have certainly helped me settle in for my summer abroad here and helped me get to know more about Korea and especially K-indie, so I guess my payment is just a thank you from me <3

  154. All set! That was a good idea :)

  155. Daphosmilesx

    Its wonderful that you guys are giving us Nasties the option of “pay what you can”! It must be super nerve racking for you guys, but we’ll continue to support :D

    -runs off to find some moneys-

  156. Oh my goodness, I can finally comment. This makes me happy.
    And congratulations on how far you’ve come! I really hope that I’ll be able to visit Korea one day and see you guys while I’m there :D

  157. This is awesome! At first I was sure I wasn’t going to get the premium membership, but that changed when you said we can choose the amount ourselves. For some reason, even though I may or may not have payed more than a standard membership would have cost, I feel like I’m showing my appreciation for your site and hard work by paying a little bit, rather than “having to pay for certain features”. Um well anyway, I appreciate it! You’re awesome :3

  158. Been watching you guys for so long, just so glad we Nasty’s get another oportunity to return some of the love you guys are always sharing with us! And I’m going to be honest as much as the ads are important to you guys for your revenue, and I click and watch them as often as I could bear and ad free site is so nice!!!!!!!

  159. Thank you so much for the ad-free version ! I’ve always wanted to support you guise, so I let the ads but I hate that… Finally I have an easy way to support you directly, without feeding an over-consumption system !

  160. vipbanaangel


    So now I just need money, tape, rope and some nails.

  161. Good idea! I don’t really post or interact much on your site, but I really love the stuff you guys do, so it was a no-brainer to sign up so you can continue to make MOAR AWESOMER STUFFZ! PS: Loving the EYK radio on PopAsia! Now I just have to make sure I get home on time on Fridays to listen in! :)

  162. I was super nervous when I saw this post. I’m a Masters student with no job at the minute and life’s a bit crap. I come to your site to cheer me up and my heart just sank when I saw this. But it really shows how flexible and appreciative you are of your fans by taking on a ‘pay-as-you-can’ model. I can safely say that, while I’ll be starting off my premium nasty life pretty cheaply, I’ll definitely be upping my payment once I’ve got myself a job. Thank you for being so considerate. It means a lot to me!

  163. Nicoll (EYK Dictionary)

    Yay!! It sucked not being able to comment for ages, and having AdBlock on for a bit because the site was buggy also made me a bit sad but now with the paid option… Imma so happy ^^ Thanks for all the work you guise have done, and keep doing behind the scenes for us Nasties!

  164. The ultimate nastination is complete!!!!

  165. I am super excited about this! You guys just seem to be on an amazing run of great Ideas and all your hard work paying off! Rock out bros and Kick life in the ass!

  166. DuchessRhea

    Oooh, I’m excited! Mobile version? SOLD! Ad free? SOLD!

  167. Oh! I am really exited for the mobile version! I have had a lot of trouble loading and watching your videos on my mobile phone and this will really help. And the new commenting system is rather nice as well! I can really feel the love and energy you guys always puts in to make your fans experiences to be even better. Love you guys, keep up the good work!

  168. Akira-Miyashi

    Truly happy for you guys to have come really really far from just a couple teaching in Korea to what you guys are today. ^^

  169. When I saw the title of this post I got a feeling of dread because premium usually means pay for previously free content but I’m so happy and proud that you went with the pay-what-you-feel-it’s-worth system! I disabled my adblock for you and I totally understand that running this webiste costs money for you. So fair enough! EYK means a lot to me. Kpop idols are called idols but you two are my real idols. I talk about you and mentioned you to the people around you as if you were friends of mine. I’ve learned a lot from the experiences you’ve shared with us and a lot of what you say makes me think about how I live my life and what the world should be like. No, seriously. I said this in the letter I sent with my package from Costa Rica last year: every country and every culture should have its Simon&Martina and the world is a better place with people like you in it. Thank you for being you.

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