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Introducing: Eatyourkimchi Premium Nasties

June 3, 2014


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Hey guise,

So, this is something we’ve been working on for quite a while now. It’s something we’ve always thought about, and today’s the day we’re finally going live with it. This is many months in the works. Allow us to introduce to you: the Eatyourkimchi Premium Nasty!

Here’s what’s up: we know that the community here on Eatyourkimchi is the strongest community we have. The conversations that happen in the comments here, the discussions between yourselves and even with us, are really inspiring. The comments are oftentimes much longer than the blog posts we write, and most of the time more insightful. The value you all bring to the community here is in many ways better than what we bring here ourselves. We don’t really view this as our site, but as yours, and you just let us post here :D

So, we’ve been trying to make things better for the site here. We recently moved to a new server. We just added some features to speed the site up. We’ve been cleaning up the code as much as we could. And now, we want to offer a bunch of new features, starting with the most important feature:

New Commenting System

Disqus is great in many ways, but for a long time now, it hasn’t been loading for a lot of people. For all of the features and bells and whistles it has, that doesn’t matter if you all can’t load the comments. Well, that’s an issue no more. We’ve switched back to WordPress default comments. They now load instantly, with the page. No delay at all. Anyone can comment if they have an account on the site. It’s that easy. It’s not as feature heavy as Disqus, but we’re going to be adding more features bit by bit. It’s coming. It took us a long time just to get to a default commenting system that looked not half bad.

The commenting system is for everyone to use. No strings attached. No obligations. The next features, however, are purely up to you if you want to use them or not:

Eatyourkimchi: Ad Free

Let’s be honest: running a web site that gets a lot of traffic incurs a lot of costs on servers. Seriously: our server bill every month is stupid high. The only way to make up for these costs, unfortunately, is to display ads on our site. It’s just a part of the media world. It’s how magazines run, it’s how TV runs, and it’s how the internet runs. It gets in the way for a lot of people, we know, and we thank all of you who have kept your AdBlock off for us, but we want to offer you a cleaner way out.

So, we’ve made a version of the site that’s ad free. No obtrusive ads. Instantly faster load time. You just get video, content, comments. Boom. A much cleaner experience. We hope you like it.

It’s up to you if you want to use the ad-free version of the site. To do so, we’ve built a premium membership model. Buy a premium membership if you want to go this route. And we’re not even asking you for a set price. It’s not $100 a year. It’s not $1000 a year. It’s whatever you want to pay. Whatever value you find in this site, it’s up to you. $1, $10, or whatever you feel good about.

But, that’s not all! We’re offering one more really cool thing as well. We’re really excited about this last one:

Mobile Eatyourkimchi Version!

Have an iPad? iPhone? Samsung phone? Whatever device you have, we made a mobile-responsive site that resizes the page according to your device. Commenting is easier, reading is easier. Navigating, all made easier in the mobile version of the site. This took a lot of time and development juice to build. It’s yours to have in the Eatyourkimchi Premium version, for however much you think it’s worth. Here’s what it looks like!

And, we’ve got one last tiny thing:

Premium Nasty Badge

Nasty Badge

Just to thank you for being so awesome, Premium members will get a Nasty badge added to their names when they comment. Show the commenters how lovely you are. Shout out your Nastiness to everyone, with this big Nasty badge. It’s not as cool a feature as the others, but hopefully you like it.

Yeah! So, that’s it. We hope you like these changes, and the many more we plan on adding in the upcoming months. Let us know if there are other features that you’d like to add to the site, different changes you’d like to see. And even if you don’t want to partake in the Premium Nasty account, we’re just honoured that you’re here hanging out with us to begin with. Thank you for your continual awesomeness :D



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